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Sign Up Eternal Sleep [Mature Content 15+]


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[color=teal][i] Green eyes glinting in the moonlight, her red hair falls to her shoulders lightly, the purple highlights in her hair catching the moonlight, giving an enchanted aura about her.

The trees rustle in the wind, the knee-high grasses sway gently,
Her footsteps make almost o noise as she walks silently, her long slender ears twitch lightly as a tear rolls down her cheek.

Reaching a clearing she pauses, looking at the glass coffin, the moonlight seeming to shine only on it.

Her silent tears stream down her cheeks, her white silken dress billowing behind her gently..

Upon reaching the coffin she kneels, her hands folding as she pulls them to her chest, then lowering her head...[/i]

[b]Eve:[/b] Oh sir...please my your soul rest in peace...Great King Serenol, I promise to take care of your son..my brother..

[b]???:[/b] Yes, sure you will....Manatsu No Eve...

[I] Eve turned and looked upon the face of someone she hadn't seen in five long years....[/i]

[B]Eve:[/B] Bleed.... you die!

[b]Bleed:[/B] Wrong my dear...very wrong..

[I] Eve's scream echoed throughout the forest, Valen's ears perking up recognizing it instantly....[/i]

Well I must admit it has been a bit since I did my favorite kind of RPG. The ones involving my main chars. This is another prequal to Siege of the necromancer, a fantastic Rpg that was done here on Ob a long time ago, and this is a sequal to beginning of the end. Also a good Ob rpg. I hope of the people from both the sequal and prequal will join up as well as a few new friends to play in future sequals. Here's what I will need:

[B]Age:[/B] (EVERYONE is within the 12-16 age range, no matter your age, just ur char's age MUST be 12-16]
[B]Decription:[/B] (Include height eye color hair color ect. BE DETAILED!!]
[b]Weapons and or belongings:[/B]

Heres Mine:

[B]name:[/b]Manatsu No Eve
[b]Age[/b] (143) Appears 15
[b]Race:[/B] Dark High Elf
[B]Decription:[/B] 5'3 Red hair with purple highlights, hates dresses, usually wears a black leather tunic that comes down to her knees, a leather belt hung semi-loose about her waist, a think Eleven sword dubbed tinker hanging in its scabbard at her side, Knee-high brown boots and a silver (color changing) hooded Cloak strewn about her shoulders.
[B]Bio:[/B] Read Beginning of the End rpg. It?s very short but gives full bio.
[B]Weapons:[/b] She Carries Shinkoru, and a pack under her cloak holding a box of throwing stars a dagger or two and numbers glass bottles containing potions and various herbs.

Well Happy hunting!! :)[/color]
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[b]Name:[/b] Valen

[b]Age:[/b] Appears 15

[b]Race:[/b] High Elven Archmage

Eye color: Icy Blue
Height: 5'7"
Appearance: My attire consists of a midnight cloak hanging from my shoulders covering my black, skin-tight shirt and black jeans. My shoes are what humans would call Combat boots. My hair is silver and flows onto the back of my cloak to about halfwa down my back.

[b]Bio:[/b] See Beginning of the End RPG.

[b]Weapons and or belongings:[/b] Isis Katana, leather pouch with eight precious stones, and a High Elf Staff with a crimson orb synthesized into it.
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[color=009966][b]Name:[/b] Liiryis Tynthaan, but she goes by "Iris" for short.

[b]Age:[/b] 14

[b]Race:[/b] human

[b]Decription:[/b] midnight-blue eyes with specks of gold; long brown hair that she keeps tied back in a loose braid; pale skin; slender build; stands at about 5'4"; she wears a black dress (lined with silver runes and a Mandarin-style collar) that stops about four inches above her knees; ankle-high black boots; emerald-green cloak

[b]Bio:[/b] Iris grew up as an orphan until she was adopted by an old sorceress named Chrysani. She was taught how to conduct several spells, create healing remedies, and she was even allowed to learn a bit of swordplay---literally, a [i]bit.[/i] She's very sloppy with a sword, so she prefers to use daggers. Chrysani died of old age just a few weeks ago, so Iris left home for training, hoping that she might one day become a mercenary or something of the sort. That has been hopeless though, mainly due to the fact that everyone considered her a "child," so now she's trying to train herself.

[b]Weapons/Belongings:[/b] weapons: three or four daggers and a slender longsword that she hardly uses
belongings: a spellbook that Chrysani left her, a few vials, and a flute[/color]

[E D I T] And by special request, I'll also post Elsyan's sign-up. ;)

[color=teal][b]Name:[/b] Elsyan Eglaannûn

[b]Age:[/b] appears 15

[b]Race:[/b] High Elf

[b]Decription:[/b] summer-skyblue eyes; short brown hair with silver streaks; slender; stands at about 5'5"; she wears a blood-red tunic and black pants; knee-high black boots and a grey cloak

[b]Bio:[/b] Elsyan has always been a warrior, even before the battle against Nilothakir. In recent years she's been traveling around doing mercenary work with her small blue dragon companion Runeth, not staying in one place for too long. (*note* Runeth can expand from 12 inches tall to about 24 feet tall)

[b]Weapons/Belongings:[/b] leather armor, a mystical sword called Nevloria, and a small brown leather bag that she sometimes uses to carry Runeth in when traveling becomes dangerous.[/color]
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Name: Barra Maral
Age: (121) Appears 14
Race: Dark Elf
Description: [i]Dark geen eyes, with long black hair hanging down past his shoulders. Upon first glance, one would think he is a bit .... evil, but fear not, he is indeed allied with good. His height kind of balances out his somewhat largeness, at 6 foot 3 inches.
He often wears dark clothes, like what he is wearing now, a black tee shirt, black long pants, and a very long black cloak.[/i]
Bio: [i]He grew up..... or thinks he grew up in a forest that was swarming with wild animals. His mother died when he was at the wee age of 3, though he isnt sure how, so he doesnt remember much about her, just that she was said to be very beautiful. His father was killed in a great war between dark elves and the village folk near the forest he and his family inhabited. These events have caused him to act on the outside as a loner, but he really enjoys being with others(secretly).[/i]
Weapons: Barra carries around the long sword that his father was using when he was killed. He has become quite skilled with it and has defeated many a foe with it.
Belongings: There is one thing Barra has to remember his mother by, it is a ring that his aunt had given to him, it was his mothers.[/COLOR]
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[b]Name:[/b] crewger
[b]Age:[/b] 15
[b]Race:[/b] human/elf
[b]Decription:[/b] blue eyes, 7" 6' , green hair, red shirt, black pants, orange vest, boots, gauntlets, purple earings, black belt with red crosses, sand colored cloak
[b]Bio:[/b] Crewger didn't lead a normale life like others becuase his mother was an elf and his father was human. He was mostly taught about using spells, things about nature and fighting skills. He travels alot to improve his skills. He can tell if some ones a demon, elf, fairy or human. He likes to hunt down demons but the only other thing that he likes more than hunting demons is getting treasure or money. When ever he gets in trouble he some how manages to get out. Most people say he's just lucky or it was a fluke but he just says it's his skills that gets him out of trouble.
[b]Weapons and belongings:[/b] double sided spear with red jewels at the base of the blades, purple earings that will increase most spells he uses, pouchs and viels of spells that he keeps on his belt
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[font=gothic][color=indigo][B]Name:[/B] Leorik Vendirahc
[B]Age:[/B] 16
[B]Race:[/B] Rauhvat Barbarian. Which is to say only part human, given the Rauhvat's belief that the blood of greater beings makes the race stronger. And given the Rauhvat's rather surivival based ideals, bigger is better. The tribe is these days more giant than human these days, which explains a lot about Leorik.
[B]Bio[/B] (This is being done first deliberately, just so it makes more sense): Leorik is unfortuantely, in the tribe's view anyway, only a couple of inches above nine foot tall. Now, anyone under ten foot tall is considered something of a runt, and is expected to become a shaman. Unfortunately, while Leorik learnt his lessons well, and was actually rather intelligent for one of his tribe, he showed little aptitude for the magical arts. Oh, there was another problem. He's an albino. They were willing to give him a chance because of his parentage though... His father was a Storm Giant, the greatest of the races of giants asiding the Titans, and his mother was a verbeeg, a giant race averaging nine feet tall. Leorik has his mother's height, and his father's broad frame. He's not unproportioned, but he's certainly bulky. He also his the legendary melancholia of the Storm Giants, who believe themselves responsible for the age old Fall of the giant race, when they attempted to displace the Titans for means of their own supremacy, thus throwing all Giants into war, and allowing the lesser races to take over. So basically, we have an overly melancholy, deformed runt who can't access the tribe's mystic heritage. What do you do? You exile him. Exiled from the frozen north, Leorik made his way down south. After all, there wasn't much else to go, and his instilled sense of honour made lingering unthinkable.

Of course, a nine foot tall giant didn't really fit in well with the other races, especially given his Storm Giant heritage. All races, even other giants, are rather wary of them...Except for the Fire Giants. But that's another matter. Anyway, Storm Giants have a long standing preference of solitude, and defend it viciously. Leorik showed most of these tendancies, which didn't help. Anyway, he doesn't really have anything to do with himself, and a Storm Giant's longevity to look forward to. So he's rather laconic. Something interesting should come up.

Description: As stated, he's about nine foot three, and built like a mountain. He used to arm wrestle giants, for god's sake. His skin and hair are pure white, his hair falling past his shoulders, in the typical wild, Norse appearing mass. He wears white leathers, well, you could call them leathers, even if they're made from remorhaz (polar worm) hide. So they're remarkably touth, and resistant to cold. A bonus where he comes from. His face is perpetually melancholy, his deep eyes with red irises reflecting an age old sorrow carried by an entire race. The wisdom contained there belies his huge form, and is probably the only thing allowing him to continue with all the prejudice he faces. After all, he knows very well he could drop basically any of them where they stood...

Weapons: Asiding his leathers, he carries a typical Storm Giant axe. Nearly seven feet tall, it's a single bladed monster with a head the size of a human warrior's shield. It's gone through a few of those too. [/font][/color]
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Oooooow keewl. :) Wow Flynn u really outsid yourselif I love it.
Ron your in Corey your in Flynn ur in too and T Man dunno what it is bout u but something appeals to me, your in . Samantha I love ur sign up but c'm on ur in an ES Rpg u were in Seige and Elsyan isn't even gonna grace us with her presence?? :)

Ok Samantha needs to post her double sign up, shes in, and will be playing 2 chars.
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Decription: long blond hair, green eyes has a tatoo on her left sholder that has 3 black stars, her hight is about 5'4, and her ears are pearced 4 times on her left and none on the other. Side ways pink hat,black tight shirt with holes ripped in wile a white tank top is under it, blue pants, blact steal star on her necklase.
Bio:Lilix was raised by her mother and tought her self to fight with wepons and her fists. She was not to popular at school and would let no one walk on her. This created a bit of a problem she was sent to her gran parents house and occasionaly stayed in her room or snuck out. She speakes her mind mostly...lets just say a lot. She has been tought some old magic from her grandfather.
Weapons and or belongings:Red and black Sais, Her earings (when taken out) Can transform in to blades, Elushions (sp?)
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Guest Balerax
Name: Balerax

Age: 150 (looks 16)

Race: Drow

Description: Long waist- length white hair, pulled back by a simple black band, built and muscular for a teen, Crystal blue eyes full of intelligence and skill. Wearing a tight black sleeveless shirt adorned by a long flowing cloak that tends to stay strewn about his shoulders, Loosely fitting brow pants held on by a pure silver belt, passed down through his family. And Plane Black Boots. He also wears a Celtic shield upon a necklace, it was given to him long ago by his grandfather...

Bio: A strong and well-bred background gives his family a tight lineage. In the great war of the Drow clans many years back, the same war that exiled the great Lacroix, Left his town in ruins. All that?s left are a few survivors like himself, and the ruins of the town, now reduced to debris, miles and miles underground, as are most drow villages. He was just finishing his training, drows being master swordsman and a swift knack for melting with the shadows, very few can master the drow arts.

Weapons and or belongings: Sword dubbed Masamune, and a back up sword, carried hidden under his cloak dubbed Murusame. Both Made by Elves, their strength is only surpassed by their think lightness, surprising considering how touch they are. He also carries a pack that holds a few mementos and different odds and ends.
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Otay well yesh thats all Balerax erm Robert ur in duah. That all and no offence inugirl i dont want humans much for this rpg. Well thats it closed for business.
Ron Corey Flynn T man Samantha and Robert. All in I'll start it either tonite or tomorow evening. Thanks bunches!
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[color=teal]What about me, sis? And Ron, hurry up and post our RPG....

[b]Name:[/b]Serenol Ashenmyst Muirin (Hunter or Fox to his friends and family)

[b]Age:[/b]157 (Appears 16)

[b]Race:[/b]Half High-elf, half angelic being (See bio)

[b]Hair:[/b]Platinum silver

[b]Eyes:[/b]Due to a recent change, one eye remains its natural emerald, the other is silver.

[b]Description:[/b] Emerald wings expanding from his shoulder blades, Hunter stands about 6'6", tall for an elf, but his frame is thin and supple. Muscles ripple under his pale white skin, and untold agility lies within his elven capabilities. He wears white leather armor, a longsleeve forest green undershirt, and a pale green cloak on his upper body, though it changes according to his mood (in rare cases, he's been seen in nothing but jeans and boots), and his lower body is clothed in shadow-black jeans and a pair of thigh-length boots. When not in this attire, h wears a pair of jeans, which are of a strong material called denim (he learned of this when the great change in him occured. See bio.) His hair falls to his waist, usually in a ponytail or a braid. He has two "antennae" that sweep first upward fro a couple of inches, then downward to his chest.

[b]Bio:[/b]Born of High-elven royalty, Serenol Muirin was trained in the finest arts of battle until his seventy-fifth birthday, at which point a grave incidence occured. He had just received from his sister, Manatsu no Eve, a blade named Alaris. But Serenol's life was stolen from him by a sorcerer named Nilothakir, a fellow student in magic under Serenol's father, Lord Muirin of Ashenhyre. Hunter found himself at the gates of Heaven, but a young child for an elf, and was told his time was not yet to die. He was tested witha quest through Hell to retrieve powers of divinity. The quest took him nearly a hundred and fifty years, but he accomplished it and became a Holy Knight. He returns now to Ashenhyre, the missing prince everyone in the city of Ashrenia had spent years looking for. His blade, Alaris, the only tie to his sister (who made a promise to take care of him though their father was dead, and knew Serenol was coming back), was blessed by divine powers as he searched for the home he once knew. Numerous scars trace his back and arms, and one of his eyes has changed from its natural emerald to a glowing silver, as his hair went from black to silver. He also achieved emerald wings that enable him to fly and cast certain spells. He can hide them at will within his body. Another fortunate side-effect of his journey into Hell is his ability to transform into a wolflike being with a muscular torso and razor-sharp claws.


[b]Alaris:[/b]Hunter's most trusted weapon. A holy blade cpable of slashing through any material, be it flesh or steel.

[i][b]Claws:[/b][/i]When in wolf form, Hunter slashes visiously with his clawed hands. So sharp, they've left marks to remember on even dragonscales. He's broken through a brick wall with his brute strength.

[b]Rai:[/b]A small silver dagger, it holds powerful attack strength. It always returns to Hunter's hand after he throws it.

[b]Collapsible longbow:[/b]A bow that can be folded down to fit in a small bow sheath attached to Hunter's upper thigh, Hunter is perfectly accurate when shooting his bow, even while flying at high-speeds or running.

[b]Leathern armor:[/b]Actually, it's the hides of numerous white demons stitched perfectly to be leather armor. Tough and resilient, it takes more than a crossbow to pierce this armor. When damaged, Hunter focuses hard on the armor so that it becomes whole again. He does this only under moonlight.

[b]Laquered boots:[/b]Actual leather this time, the boots have many pockets for equipment and goods. They stretch all the way up Hunter's legs to his thighs.


[b]Wing Slash:[/b]Hunter's trademark technique, he focuses the air around his wings into a deadly blade that can severley damage his opponent. The attack is augmented by stealing the air from within an opponent's body if the opponent has open wounds in the area of the chest.

[b]Moonshade:[/b]Hunter becomes a walking, talking werewolf capable of tearing through brick walls and enemy ranks.

[b]Vorpal Slash:[/b]A powerful attack that lands a thousand hits upon an opponent in a single second, sapping life-force from both Hunter and the target. Useful only against an opponent with less life-force than Serenol, as both lose an equal amount of life-force during the attack.


Did I leave anything out, Dani? If so, PM me.[/color]
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flynn darling the sign up threds are for questions about the rpg and he was asking a legitimate question..Stephi said she wnated to join but yett again I fall in last place when it comes to who matters most ot her...and yeah john u know ur in lmao.
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[font=gothic][color=indigo]Relevant questions about the rpg are things such as "Is this allowed?" et al. Is so and so signing up can be handled by PM, because it's unlikely to a question multiple people want answered, which is why questions appear in sign up threads. That post, and response, don't count as relevant to a questionable facet of the rpg. I would hope that clears some things up.

So don't try and tell me how to do my job.[/font][/color]
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Name: Ilythirtar Nailo
Age: 17
Race: Elf
Bio: Ilythirtar, a perpetual dark-dweller. He is elven, but with a few perks. His father was an act-in henchman/dark doer. This inspired Ilythirtar at a young age when he was forced to move to the capitol. There he met Eve?

Description: Ilythirtar, nomadic by nature, looks the part. His casual crimson tunic fits snugly around his body as a waist guard clamps down around the tops of his breeches. His face slender and almost grim as his pale grey eyes shadow his puffy eyelids. He carries a small dagger shaped like a tanto as he is quite limited in his abilities non melee. A vertical scar, his only mar, rests on his left shoulder blade, out of sight and without cause. His only distinct characteristics are his incredibly short stature which can almost lure those who expect a pushover.
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Name: Alriy
Age: Unknown
Race: Human Dhampir(by birth)
Decription: Alriy is a tall and strangely handsome man for his palor skin and lithe looking form. though he looked thin he is quite dense in mass weighing about 210lbs looking only about 150lbs. He has long white hair pulled intoa poney tail that goes over half down his back and brillian crimson colored eyes. His clothing consists of all black average quality travelling clothes slightly worn through and frayed and a long black cloak and hood. An unusual clasp holds the cloak around his neck. it's made of obsidian and has a gem that resembles a crimson skull in it.
Bio: Days before Alriy was born his mother was bitten by a vampire, As she died in childbirth her curse was partially passed on to her child. His father sensed the curse upon him and fled leaving him to be raised in an orphanage. He had to escape from there at the age of 7 because of an incident where he frenzied and drained one of the other children of their blood. From there he grew up on the streets learning much about the things that go bump in the night. THis is the transition in which he will be learing of such things as the black market and darker magics which he hasn't learned yet. currently his "class" would be considered vampiric warrior.
Weapons and or belongings: Silver long sword masterwork quality, padded leather armor, skull clasp(slight fear invocation enchantment), everlasting torch.
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