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[color=#707875][size=1]Welcome one and all to [b][i]The Treasures of Monkey Island[/b][/i], to anyone who signed up, you may now post away to your hearts content and to make yoursleves ready for the voyage. As I have said the [i]"main character"[/i] is on the Island looking for couragous sailors to join him on a voyage, where you and he meet is completly up to you as he is an NPC.

[b][i]Van Ambrose: Melee Island Harbour 8:00 PM[/b]

Down by the docks, an old sailor sat against a post watching the ships come in from a hard days work. He wished he could get out to see once again and to test his fortune against the rough Caribbean seas and the dangerous priates who lurked beyond each wave. He turned round to find a chap poking him in the back with a particularly rusty looking sword and grinning idiocially. Van drew his own and asked if the young man knew who he was, "Some old sea goat I imagine, well past his best at swordsplay". Van laughed and knocked the cutlass from the boy's hand with a simple flick of his wrist, the young man was astounded and looked up in fear as Van now pointed the end of his blade to the young man's chest.[/i]

[b]Van:[/b] I fancy ye have treasure, hand it over before I run ye through.

[b]Boy:[/b] Fine take it, I didn't want it anyway it's got that horrible curse.

[b]Van:[/b] I'll just bring it to the Voodoo Lady then [i]Laughs[/i].

[b]Boy:[/b] WHAT ?, Damn it, I should'a though o' that.

[i]The young boy threw Van a bag that chimed with gold and jewels, not a bad catach for today thought Van as he strolled over to the Voodoo Shop, he walked inside and called for the Voodoo Lady to show herself. As usual she popped up from sumwhere and scared the living crap out of Van as he turned to face her. He tossed her over the bag and asked her if it was cursed or not. She lookred at the coins and replied that they would turn the owner into a Skink if they touched his hands. She laughed took a liquid from the counter and muttered something as she poured it over the coins. She tossed him the bag back and told him that they were fixed now and that he could use them.

As per usual he asked what she wanted in return for her service, and as usual she said that she wanted Van to play his accordion for her for a few minutes while she worked. He took it out of his bag and began to play it for her, she began to tidy as she worked while humming the same tune Van was playing. after a few mintues Van was finished and walked out of the shop, head first into someone, that someone dropped his buttons and looked up in surprise.[/i]

[b]Van:[/b] Sorry about that, wans't watching what I was doing.

[b]Damario:[/b] It's ok

[i]Van helped the man pick up the buttons he'd dropped and conversation continued......[/i][/size][/color]
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[COLOR=green]As he walked down the winding cobblestone street, which served as the business district of Melee Island, Jedgar Nieta watched all of the shopkeeper's count their hard earned profits. All of them besides the Voodoo lady of course. Nobody knew exactly how she financed her operation, since she rarely asked for valuables in return for her services. Then again, nobody really cared so long as she kept removing various curses, spells and other defects from their property.

In fact, that seemed to be the general motto of the street. They wont ask you where you get your money, and you don?t ask them where they get their merchandise. Everyone was dishonest...

He reached his objective, the shop of the Voodoo Lady, and was surprised to find a small crowd gathering around the entrance. As he stepped closer, it was apparent that someone had dropped buttons. Several hundred buttons of all shapes, sizes, designs and colors. Bending down, he scooped up and handful and deposited them in a pocket deep within his robes.

[B]Damario[/B]: "Er, Sir excuse me... You see, those buttons are mi-"

[B]Van[/B]: "They're his, unhand them immediately."

Jedgar eyed both of them, and reached his hand inside his cloak, withdrawing a weather-beaten leather pouch.

[B]Jedgar[/B]: "How much for a handful of assorted buttons?"

[B]Damario[/B]: "Depends on the buttons."

[B]Jedgar[/B]: "Interesting..."

He reaches into the pouch, and withdraws a large golden coin, stamped with the image of a large sailing ship. Then he tosses the coin to Damario. The coin was obviously worth much more than a handful of buttons, and seemed to be very old.

[B]Jedgar[/B]: "I hope that will do."

[B]Van[/B]: "Where did you get such treasure; such coins are highly unusual..."

[B]Jedgar[/B]: "That is none of your concern."

He walked past the two men and into the Voodoo lady's shop. Looking around, and noticing her conspicuous absence, he waited for her to appear. Sure enough, she popped out of a cabinet, her hands busy forcing what looked like a wisp of smoke into a bottle.

[B]Voodoo lady[/B]: "How may I help you...?"

[B]Jedgar[/B]: "The usual."

[B]Voodoo Lady[/B]: "It is about time I suppose, hand me the bag."

He withdrew the leather bag from his robes for a second time, and placed it on the counter. There, the Voodoo lady filled it with a swirling golden liquid, which vanished as soon as it entered the bag.

[B]Voodoo Lady[/B]: "You have another seven full moons until you must return."

[B]Jedgar[/B]: "Excellent. Your fee?"

[B]Voodoo Lady[/B]: "Your life story, from start to finish."

[B]Jedgar[/B]: "You know that's off limits. Change your fee, or I might be tempted to reveal your secret..."

[B]Voodoo Lady[/B]: "Fine, fine. How about bringing me another of those unusual snake skins..."

[B]Jedgar[/B]: "It's a deal."

With that, he walked from the shop. Noticing the two men were still there, engaged in conversation, he stepped closer to listen in...[/COLOR]
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Jordan sat idly in a darkened corner of the Scum bar, his stylishly booted feet propped up on the crude wooden table before him. Whistling slightly to himself he leaned back in his chair, dozing softly as he listened to the bustle of the bar. This sure was more relaxing than learning lines or rehersing, which is what he would have been doing right now if he'd stayed on Plunder island. Smiling to himself he closed his eyes, nodding off to sleep.

*THUD* A heavy jolt ran through the table, knocking Jordan's feet from their pirch. Unfortunately the only thing keeping him upright as he leant back was his feet, precariously pirched on the table. Opening his eyes in a comical expression Jordan tipped backwards, rolling heel over headout of the chair. Now sprawled on the wooden floor he blinked up at the cieling, a dazed expression visible on his face. A blurred shape wove in and out of his swirling vision a dull sound accompianing it's movements. Blinking rapidly Jordan turned his head in the direction of the shape only to see the face of a young gangly man staring at him rather worriedly.

"Are you okay sir? Sorry, about that." The youth appologised profusely as he attempted to help Jordan to his feet. Accepting the boy's help Jordan quickly regained his composure and dusted himself off.

"Why Sirrah, thou art a clumsy fool and if I weren't a better man I would have ye in a duel quicker than a grease coated chicken." Setting his chair upright he seated himself once more at his table, keeping an eye on the young man looking nervously towards him.
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Tartly, Esmarelda Gumply made her appearence, one hand balencing a tray of grog glasses against her shoulder, and the other taking profuse swats at the youth conversing with Jordan. "What in monkey's name are you trying to do?!" Sharply, the blonde waitress set her tray on the table, and made shooing motions in George's direction, sending the youth scuttling off behind the bar.
"I'm so sorry Sir," she said, gesturing grandly to illustrate her apparent distress. "George is new Sir, and a clumbsy oaf at that Sir! I'll be makin' sure he gets told off for that Sir, don' ye worry 'bout that!"
"Thou art too kind..." started Jordan, a little wide eyed at the blonde's [i]enthusiasm[/i], "but I..."
"No buts!" she declared sharply. "No buts at all!"
"But I..."
"No buts! He shall be dealt with!" Tartly she put her hands on her hips, almost daring Jordan to contradict her.[/color]
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Jordan blinked at this woman who stood before him, completely overriding his attempts at polite decline. Running his fingers through his hair absently he he stood from his seat and stood in front of her. Making a sweeping bow he took her hand and placed a chaste kiss upon it.

"Thou art truly wonderful for coming to mine aid, I am truly thankful."

He watched as a small blush crept across the woman's cheeks. Waving her hand dismissivly in his direction she flustered momentarily.

"Of course..urm...not a problem.." Jordan chuckled slightly and seated himself once more at his table, righting the bottle and candle that had tumbled off in the previous display of acrobatics. Indicating the try Esmerelda, grasped it and turned to leave. "I'll get you another drink sir, free of charge for your inconveinience."

Nodding Jordan waved nonchalantly.

"Thou art too kind my dear, far too kind."
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[COLOR=green]It was now beginning to grow dark, and the Streets of Melee Island began to slowly empty. For the dockworkers however, work had just begun.

Very few legitimate shippers came to Melee Island, and those who did arrived during the day. Under the cover of darkness, the pirate vessels would arrive to acquire supplies and allow their sailors to spend their plunder.

Jedgar walked towards a seedy looking bar where he often sat and thought, occasionally getting into brief and bloody fights.

After entering the place, he sat down in a shadowy corner booth and slipped the waitress a coin. He had learned long ago that those no longer eating or drinking weren?t welcome in establishments such as these.

As he sat silently in the corner, observing the other patrons of the bar go about their business, he noticed a man sitting in the bar's opposite corner. The man's face and upper body was obscured in shadow, but he could tell that this man wasn't from around here. He was talking much too loud, and he was much too free with his money...[/COLOR]
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Bucket Face walked up to the Scumm Bar with his usual "I'm a sailor and if you don't like it, bug off you waddle-dee freeloader" gait. He walked into the bar, sat down at a table in a far corner and waited for the waitress to come to him.

Upon the waitress coming to him, he ordered a drink, giving her a coin enough for 5-6 drinks. She knew he would be drinking them as well. When she returned with his drink, he took a long swallow and sighed. Things were so boring on the merchant ships. He wished a pirate ship would roll in, asking anyone willing to join the crew, for loot, plunder, jokes, and a lot of sea-rolling fun.

"Eh, Oi jus cen't seem teh get any break these deys," sighed Bucket Face to himself. He leaned back in his chair, deciding to drink his ale the night through, and see what was to happen.
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[size=1][color=#707875][I]Van had picked up the last of Damario's buttons before finally leaving his comrade, he began to walk the streets of Melee in the dark night, who he would run into and what he would do were things that he was unsure of at the moment. The cobblestoned street clacked under his shoes as he turned and headed in the direction of the Scumm Bar, an establishment that was usually filled to bursting with pirates or pirates in training. He pushed past the large wooden door and took a seat at the bar, he noticed a particular sailor seated at the end of the bar looking towards the door in the hope that someone, or something would drag him out of the rut he had obviously become dangled in. Van took his drink and walked casually over to the man as he sat seated at the table, he bore a strange shape about his face, like a ring or something, and the man's feet were draped over the remaining chair. Van politely, with his finger resting on his pistol asked if he could sit with him.[/I]

[b]Van:[/b] Is this seat taken my good man, you seem to be a bit lonely.

[b]Bucket Face:[/b] [I]Staring at pistol[/I] I don't suppose I have much of a choice in the matter, [I]Lifts legs of chair[/I] please, sit down and have a drink with me.

[b]Van:[/b] [I]Smiling[/I] Thank you good sir, no what is it that is troubling you....

[I]Van gazed as a particularly clumsy looking individual made his way towards them, he was dressed like a man of the sea, but gave no such air about him. His blue over coat was in desperate need of new buttons and his boots were covered in mud, this was most certainly the worst looking pirate he'd ever seen. The boy as he was quite young walked up to Van and his accomplice, who name he had not yet asked and wished to join them for a drink. He reached over and pulled a chair from the next table, he had no drink and it appeared as though he had something he wanted to ask, although as Van was about to speak another man entered the bar, this one he knew, it was Damario the Button man. Van saluted him and asked whether on not he wanted to join them, he nodded and ordered a drink to the table they were seated at. Van also noticed the man named Jedgar Nieta in a table on the other side of the bar, there were rumours about Jedgar although Van had dealing with him before and found him a good man but a little too quiet for his liking.

He nodded towards Jedgar and indicated that he wished to speak with him, Jedgar nodded back and was about to move when a particularly vile bunch of men entered the Bar, skeleton pirates, which meant only one thing.... [b]Le Chuck was back[/b]. Van well knew about Le Chuck and had even had personal dealing with him in a manner of speaking, his ship had once been boarded and her crew slaughtered although Van himself had been able to fight off the undead attackers. That was before Le Chuck had let loose his cannons and blown the ship to smithereens and left Van floating back towards Melee. The intruders seemed to be looking for someone, that was until they laid eyes on the clumsy looking pirate sitting with Van, Damario and Frederick[/I]

[b]Skeleton Pirates:[/b] That's him, kill them all and take him..

[I]A fight was going to occur and Van knew it, he shot the first skeleton in the face and drew his sword to fight the next one, something told him that this boy was no ordinary pirate...[/I][/size][/color]
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OOC: Okay, this is like the third bar fight I've had in as many weeks *sighs* lol
Jordan stared, wide eyed at the mass of skeleton pirates who entered the bar. Over turning tables in their attempts to get at the gangly youth they started trashing the bar. Startled customers either rushed for the tavern exit or unsheathed their swords and pistols. Pushing himself back from the table at which he sat he stumbled backwards and sought to unsheath his own weapon. The sound of gunfire filled the air, followed by the strangled cries of human and skeleton alike. Diving over an up turned chair, freed blade held firmly in his hand, he was barely able to avoid the dagger that came whistling past his head. Coming up on one knee he glared at the undead who had thrown it, pausing to tug at the lace that came out of the cuffs of his coat.

"Careful in thy aim hellspawn, violence breeds violence and thou woudst not see me mad."

The skeletal pirate guffawed loudly at his fanciful statement, drawing his marred and chipped cutlass with a flourish.

"Arr, I'll run ye through and ye'll have yer fancy words on a tombstone!"

Jordan chuckled softly at this and held his rapier at the ready in a classic fighting stance. It seemed that these ruthless creatures were after one person in particular, and not a very remarkable person at that. Still, it was and interesting event if nothing else. Not worth the insulting words he would use in a normal duel he advanced, rather thankful that fencing had been a promenant feature in his acting career.
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[color=orangered]Elda watched, almost dumbly, as the brawl broke out in the bar. What was she supposed to do now?

Then, deciding with a sudden flourish, she dropped the tray containing about five empty glasses to the floor with a crash and reached both behind her to brandish a pair of pistols. "Don'cha know 'tisn't right to brawl in front o' a lady?!"
One of the skeletons, attracted by her very un-feminine bellow. With a sudden rattle of old bones, it lunged towards her. "Come 'ere, Precious!"
Unflinching, she cocked one of the pistols, holding it steady. "Value your life, Scum?"
"We'll 'ave some fun, will we?"
Narrowing her gaze, Elda let the shot ring out, shattering the skeleton's skull. "How'd ye plan on 'at, eh?" she murmured, half to herself. Then, sharply, she brought up the other as another shot rang out, felling another of the boney pirates.
"Wastin' good bullets, this is."

Then, with a shriek she ducked as a skeleton corpse was thrown over her by someone else with a hefty throw. "By monkeys! This is awful!" she called, letting off another two shots at the already disabled corpse.[/color]
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Knocking the head from another unfortunate skeleton's shoulders Jordan laughed heartily, dodging a glass that smashed on the far wall behind him. Swiping at a flailing sword he leapt onto the surface of a table that was still the right way up.

"Haha, have that ye wretched hellions." Jordan thundered with theatrical enthusiasm. Skipping over a blade aimed to take his legs he booted the guilty pirate hard in the face, it's skeletal features holding a transfixed look of surprise as it sailed across the room like a party balloon. Taking time to strike a daring looking pose on the table, Jordan jumped slightly as several gunshots exploded in his general direction. Spinning to where the sounds came from he spotted the young lady who had served him before surrounded by no less than five grinning undead, their cutlasses held aloft.

Feeling the need to be a hero come over him Jordan leaped from his perch, landing in a crouch a few meters from where Esmerelda stood. Charging forward he impaled one of the hoard on his rapier, shouldering his way through to the lady. "Fear not my lady, thou hast my sword to protect thee." Turning to the the mass that surrounded them Jordan lashed forward. "Draw thy sword! That, if my speech offend a noble heart, thy arm may do thee justice: here is mine.*"

Standing in front of Esmerelda he lashed out with his sword, causing those in front to step back warily. Behind him he could not see the lady roll her eyes and look to the ceiling, flipping her pistol to hold it by the nozzle. Rapping Jordan hard on the head with the butt of her gun she stepped forward and brandished them both, firing shots into the crowd. Looking back at the dazed young man she smirked.

"Don't ye be heroin' me laddy. Get back to yer preenin'"

Jordan gave her an injured glance, rubbing his head where she had clobbered him.

"Come not between the dragon and her wrath.**" he murmered softly before once more entering the fray.
*King Lear - Act 5 Scene 3
**King Lear - Act 1 Scene 2 (slightly amended from [i]his[/i] to [i]her[/i])
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Bucket Face smiled with glee at what was unfolding before him. "Oi! It's aboot time ye chicken-livers thought teh fight!"

Bucket Face parried his opponents blow, kicked him roughly in the mid-section and buried his cutlass in the things skull. "Now that's whut Oi call a splittin' 'eadache!" Bucket Face then guffawed loudly and ran towards another Skeleton Pirate. Drawing his pistol he shot it in the head and blocked the blow of an incoming cutlass.

"Ye will have teh do better 'en 'at matey!" Bucket Face twirled about, flipped his blade over, as if to give the Skeleton Pirate his sword. The Pirate look around a moment, confused as to why this man was going to give up his sword to him. That was all the time Bucket Face needed. With a yell and a whoop, Bucket Face charged at his opponent, picking him up and lifting him high above his head, and threw him out of the window. "Hit teh road Jack!"

Bucket Face unsheathed his cutlass once more, and went after some of the last remaining pirates, noting that the strangers who approached him, and that weird man from the corner, along with that waitress who was an excellent fighter for a woman, were still alive.

"I'll have at all of ye, ye old mop-bucket drinkin seamtress'!"
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