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RPG Eternal Sleep [RPG]


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[color=teal]OOC: ok well were all big people here we know who's in and who's not. Ron, Robert, Corey, Samantha, Flynn, John, T man, Randy, Mike. :) 2 of who as of yett have not signed up but are going to so yeash.

Green eyes glinting in the moonlight, her red hair falls to her shoulders lightly, the purple highlights in her hair catching the moonlight, giving an enchanted aura about her.

The trees rustle in the wind, the knee-high grasses sway gently,
Her footsteps make almost o noise as she walks silently, her long slender ears twitch lightly as a tear rolls down her cheek.

Reaching a clearing she pauses, looking at the glass coffin, the moonlight seeming to shine only on it.

Her silent tears stream down her cheeks, her white silken dress billowing behind her gently..

Upon reaching the coffin she kneels, her hands folding as she pulls them to her chest, then lowering her head...

Eve: Oh sir...please my your soul rest in peace...Great King Serenol, I promise to take care of your son..my brother..

???: Yes, sure you will....Manatsu No Eve...

Eve turned and looked upon the face of someone she hadn't seen in five long years....

Eve: Bleed.... you die!

Bleed: Wrong my dear...very wrong..

Eve's scream echoed throughout the forest, Valen's ears perking up recognizing it instantly....


The first thing Eve noticed as her eyes opened was the severing pain in her arms, second she noticed her arms were straight up above her chained to a cold stone wall. Then she noticed the throbbing pain in her head and waist, and that her ankles had thick clamps around them connected to chains that connected to the wall.

She groaned and leaned away from the wall,, the moment she did a sharp pain shot up her arms. She leaned back agisnt the wall again, then she noticed her outfit, her dress was tattenr and torn, like she'd been drug thru thorns, seconds later she saw the gladd spred across the floor.

She mumbled to herself "He never changes does he?"

Her eyes tried to focus but stayed a blurry mess, all she saw was red everywhere, lots and lots of red, the dried blood matted in her hair...[/i]

[b]Eve:[/B] *chokes* ..help me...brother..[/color]
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Crewger was walking through a forest looking for some demons to fight. He hadn't found any sign of them for days. If there wasn't any demons around for him to fight he would have to go treasure hunting untill he felt like leaveing but there wasn't any around. Well atleast none that he knew of.

"I've been in this area for awhile but I haven't found a single sign of a demon or any treasure" crewger thought hanging his head down.

As he walked he heared a rustleing in the bushes next to him. He took his spear off of his back becuase his sences were telling him that it was a demon. The demon jumped from the bushes and crewger swung cutting its head off. He knelt down next to it and sighed. The demon was about his size if it still had its head on.

"Darn it was a small fry. I was hoping for some thing bigger and stronger" crewger thought getting up.

He looked around to see if there was any more demons around but didn't find any thing.

"Maybe i'll find some thing stronger later" crewger thought as he put his spear back and started on his way again.
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Illythirtar had spent the better part of a week in the bush, alone. Part of his cleansing duty was to ?live it up? in the wilderness, and that wasn?t really a problem given his origins. He was scruffy and unkempt but oh so proud. His graying eyes glistened in the blowing wind, tears forming from the gusts as his body swings up onto a nearby branch.

Sitting, he took the time to wonder about things, about life, and most of all about Eve. She was kind of his obsession ever since she saved his ass when he was real young. I wonder, he smiled, pondering where his next meal would come from.

He pulled out the small blade in his pocket and examined it, wiping it down with a spell he had recently learned. It was a simple emulation of silk, and it worked perfectly on a blade. Once the spell was in place, the silk would form a barrier on the blade so that whenever blood would touch it, the silk would clean it. It really made for quite a display of flying blood when attacking.

He leaned back and looked up, through the canopy of the dense forest, loving the godly rays of light which managed to trickle through the canopy down on the underbrush. His tunic was matte black with dried mud and his face was unrecognizable but his elvish good looks projected far beyond the ugly stench of his bathless body.
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[font=gothic][color=indigo][i]At the moment, there was very little that could aggravate Leorik more than the idiot in front of him...

...He checked that statement as the idiot behind him decided to take a bash at him with a stool. Of course, the stool shattered, hell, it would have shattered striking the remorhaz leathers, much less his body. Leorik half spun towards his attacker, unloading a thunderous backhand that, given Leorik had had to angle sharply downwards to make up for the fact that man was three feet shorter than him, drove him straight into the ground, probably with a broken neck. He certainly didn't bother to groan, anyway. Leorik returned his gaze down onto the first person to accost him, his watery red eyes typical of an albino seeming almost incendiary. His voice a whispered earth quake, he informed the man of his intention to get out his axe in a second. The man took that second to do something as far away as possible. Leorik turned to the barkeep, his voice regaining a normal tone, though still sounding like northen thunder.[/i]

Leorik: Do I get that drink now?

[i]The barkeep hurriedly snapped his fingers to the stableboys, who had hauled in a hogshead of water. Leorik inclined his thanks, and devoured the water. A spray of small coins on the bar marked his departure.

Well, that had been remarkably easy. The small town of Halven's Point had only been a few leagues from Leorik's current abode, and travel had been simple. Once there, he'd immediately strode into the second largest building, his entrance spoiled by having to stoop a rather long way to get inside. Thankfully the roof inside was high enough.

Sure enough, this building was the tavern, which, interestingly enough, was where he had aimed for. Not for any express reason, just that it would be easier to take on a hoard of people if they were quasi-inebriated. He didn't really expect outright violence, but he knew he could count on hostility. Sure enough, the moment he'd entered, there'd been shouts of fear and surprise, and an off-duty guardsmen's steel had flown free with a warning scream. As that blade arced upwards to spill Leorik's blood, without any benefit of doubt, Leorik knew that this probably wasn't going to work. He sighed, and flicked his shoulder forward, his leathers catching the point of the blade and forcing it slide off without even scratching. It took far more than natural steel to get past a remorhaz's defences. Leorik's hand shot up with a speed that belied its huge size, and snapped the blade at the hilt.

He'd taken two steps forward, no more, when the man startled fumbling for his dagger. Leorik had stated he didn't want a fight, of course, but likely no one had even heard that deep voice over the other shouts. Then he'd been hit with the chair.

His original plan was to hire himself out as something of a tavern guard. It was a useful post. Halven's Point, while small, was along the only pass between a range of mountians that separated a rocky, storm tossed waste from verdant forest. Something of a freak of geography itself, foolhardy frontier merchants were common, and with a tavern's guards experience, and his sheer size as credentials, he could have found work as a caravan guard easily. That, however, seemed rather unlikely, given everybody's refusal to listen to reason where nine foot six giants who carried axes bigger than most humans were concerned. Leorik wasn't really surprised, he'd met this response more than enough times before. Having come from a tribe of demihumans that was mostly bigger than himself, he didn't think much of it...

An hour's brisk travel had him back on the secluded ridge, on the storm tossed rocky waste side of the mountain of course, that he currently abided in. It galled him a moment, that he should have to squat in a cave like his brutish hill and stone giants cousins, rather than his father's cold, immense ice palace at the roof of the world like all other Storm Giants, or even the long hall of his tribe. But that life denied to him, he swallowed any bitterness, and gave thanks he had some kind of shelter.

The cave itself was about 10 feet across at the opening, and twice that high. It widened out further into the rock face, and went for a depth of about 60 feet. Small fare for a creature of Leorik's size...Or the size of the seven foot at the shoulder dire bear he'd chased out of the place to get it. Of course, the thing had come back a day later, rather surprised to find him still there, and promptly ignored him, moving to the back of the cave and lying down to sleep. Given that it wasn't the begininng of winter, he assumed the thing would be gone by the time he got back. He was wrong. It was awake, and lying there, not particularly concerned when he walked into the cave. Leorik was willing to ignore it as long as it ignored him, anyway. Close aquaintance with winter wolves made him rather blind to most of the irrational fear of animals. He leant the massive axe against the wall, and sat on the tree stump he'd uproot, leaning back against the hard wall.

Truly told, it wasn't all that bad. After all, food and water was easily obtainable, even without having to raid taverns for it, he certainly wasn't threatened by anything, the cave faced a sky and sea constantly storm wracked and pure grey, something he found rather fitting given his heritage, and something he rather liked the site of anyway, and apparently he had a rather large watchdog, one that probably wouldn't chew on his leg while he was asleep. Of course, you could never really be certain.

Given that he didn't want to test it at the moment, and that walking along the twenty or so metres of exposed rock flat being stung by the spray wasn't that inviting at the moment, the only thing to do was forage. He'd probably better bring something back for the bear as well, just so it didn't get jealous...Or something. He wasn't an expert on ursine behaviour. Still, it didn't hurt to take chances.

The irrelevant weight of his axe again on his back, he was slowly traversing the steep slope downwards when a grinding noise behind and above him caught his attention. He turned around, widened his eyes, then dived sideways, as the tree stump he dragged up was summarily pushed back down. He stood up, wincing as all sorts of nasty echoes redoubled off the noise made by the falling piece of wood, and brushed himself up, glaring upwards. The bear looked down at him, rather smugly he thought. As the thing unhurriedly turned away and waddled back inside, it gave out a snorting Leorik would swear was laughter. Damn bear. Not the Leorik minded, it didn't seem to be throwing the rest of his possessions out. It just hadn't liked the stump for some reason. Damn bear...

Leorik sighed, and started downslope again, assuredly some big hairy creature with some kind of meat on it would present itself.[/font][/color][/i]
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[color=teal][b]???:[/b][i]Your mission has been accomplished, young Savior. Go now, back to your home. Your family surely awaits you, Child of the Blessed Race.[/i]

[b]Hunter:[/b]I thank you, my Lord. Are you sure my days as your protector are over?

[b]???:[/b][i]Yes. I shall no longer walk where there is danger. Until you join me for good, my Child, I shall stay peacefully inclined. Take with you what you may, and may the powers granted upon you shine on you in your time of need.[/i]

[b]Hunter:[/b]I thank you, Father Corellon! May the rains never cease to fall under your reign!

[i]A flash of bright light engulfed the figure of Serenol Muirin, whose new-grown wings had already accustomed themselves to Hunter's body. The winds of travel surrounded him...he closed his eyes, feeling the embrace of a light he'd not known for decades.

Sunlight. He sighed to take in the air of his home world, then set off towards his home city......

He stopped. He felt it, a spasm of pain in his midsection. He heard her cry for him. The pain was unbearable. He looked to the sky, towards the realm where pain had been somewhat of a mystery for five years. His head then fell to the ground, where similar pains had been felt, then multiplied. He'd been through both worlds. Now he was home, and his sister needed him. He drew the Alaris, begging it to tell him the direction where his sister lay. The blade pointed him north, and Hunter flew. He continued on for some time, until his feet grew restless and his wings grew bored. He alighted....in the middle of a camp of orcs. Hunter simply grinned, barely flicking his wings as his blade came down upon numerous skulls, cleaving helms and parrying blades. The evil creatures had been planning on pillaging AshenHyre, he knew. He set this small victory aside in his mind, setting off again for his sister's silent cries for help. He marched many miles, he blade never faltering. Until sundown.[/i]

[b]???:[/b]So, where've you been, [i]Prince[/i]?

[i]Hunter turned, his cloak falling away. Nobody knew he'd returned, and surely couldn't have recogonized him if they had. He looked up, and old "friend" having given the sarcastic greeting. He recognized the old friend immediately. He'd seen the face before him many a time at his father's castle.[/i]

[b]Hunter:[/b]Bleed. How nice.

[b]Bleed:[/b]Why, Hunter, you cut me to the quick! No "Sorry i've been gone so long"? No "Hi, how've you been"? Nice hair, by the way. And I love what Heaven did to your eye.

[b]Hunter:[/b]I've been busy.

[b]Blees:[/b]Oh, yes, I know all about your exploits, old [i]friend[/i]. Protecting a god, destroying demons, etcetera, etcetera. I've been up to a few things of my own. Like your sister. If only you'd been there, even with your primitive spells, she might be here today. With you.

[b]Hunter:[/b]WHERE IS SHE?!?!?!

[b]Bleed:[/b]You know it isn't you she calls for. It's Valen.

[b]Hunter:[/b] Be it me or Valen, i will save her. Even if I have to die again.

[b]Bleed:[/b]Try. I. Dare. You. She's in my keep, a mile north of here. Watch out though. I've a few surprises you won't like.

[i]He vanished. King Muirin's old subject had vanished faster than Hunter could bead him.[/i]

[b]Hunter:[/b]I can't believe that....[i]thing[/i]was ever a member of my father's court. Why did Eve have to see anything in him? Why wasn't I THERE?!?!?!?! I should have saved her. i should have....

[i]The sobs came. His anger gave way to grief as he realized his sister was in danger because he'd not been there. She had promised to care for him, though he had been dead at the time. Why hadn't he given up on his training and just come back home?

He fought his way to the keep. When he arrived, he hated what he saw. A black dragon. And Hunter's dragon-form was out of commission until he got his heartstone from his rooms in the castle....[/i][/color]
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The week had come to an end and with it?s end, marked Ilythirtar?s ability to rejoin civilization. For all it was worth, he was doing better without anyone else besides, being alone was unifying himself with his own spiritual self.

At dawn he had searched for and found a nice, quiet spring. The springs were warm and like an inferno to his caked skin. Soon however, the soaking began to ease the dirt off his skin. Once clean, Ilythirtar instinctively scanned his surroundings, sensing nothing in particular, though he knew something was watching him. It wasn?t a problem because he had his trousers up and black steel in hand within a second but to his dismay it was only a feral hound re-claiming his ground. Obviously Ilythirtar?s apparent stench had driven the mutt wild with jealousy.

Once fully clothed, and cleaned he began his trek for the nearest village; Halven?s Point.
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Guest Balerax
[COLOR=darkblue] [i] Another day of silent meditation.. or so it seemed. Many years have passed since Balerax's village was overrun.. left in ruin with him and a few others being the only survivors..He has sworn to get revenge on whoever had lead the attack, and will not stop until they are dead..[/COLOR] [/i]

[color=darkblue] [i] He had not seen the likes of any civilization in many months.. training vigorously in the mountains.. completing the training that his father could not. So vigorous that he was able to emit claps of thunder from clear skies and create whirlwinds that could surely dessimate an enitre town. Although the purpose was not for that reason... He was a master-swordsman, a very swift and agile one at that. He carried his enchanted Elven sword, known as Masamune, over his shoulder. In first seeing this, you would imagine it to be very hard to weild.. but to a Drow, this sword can be deadly to anyone it touches. He is able to swing it at massive speeds with little or no problems at all. He also weilds another, shorter sword known as Murusame.. which is usually left in it's hilt under his long, black cape.[/color] [/i]

[color=darkblue] [i] One day, as Bal was meditating in the forest...He couldn't help but notice a disturbance in his thoughts.. As if.. a silent scream.. not able to be heard by normal means. He was unable to determine the exact location of this.. but he knew the direction in which it came. While all this was happening.. a few Orcs decided to come behind Bal.. trying for an ambush. Bal immediately got up and turned around.. as the Orcs were just about to inflict a deadly blow. The Drow raised one hand.. freezing them in place.. then slowly talking.. saying.. " If you want your miserable lives, I suggest you turn and leave.. or else you shall never see a day again.." With this being said he lowered his hand, letting the grip he had on them withdraw.. Obviously being orcs.. one could not understand the importance of Bal's words.. so they charged him. " Foolish.." With one sweep of the hand, the drow had emitted a wave of feirce winds.. knocking the Orcs into the air to never be seen again. " Now.." he thought, " To whom does this scream belong to? And why am I able to hear it? Hmm, it seems to be the voice of a woman.. Father this is no coincidence... is it not..? " [/color] [/i]

[color=darkblue] [i] Being rid of the Orcs.. Bal turns into the direction of the scream and begins his journey, to find and help this soul.. unknowing of the journey that layeth ahead of him.. meeting many new people and many hardships, that would change his life forever..[/color] [/i]
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Crewger had been walking through the forest but hadn't found any thing interesting. He then got a sence of some one needing help. He also senced that a dragon was around.

"It's no demon but it'll have to do" crewger thought smilling as he started running.

As he ran he heard a roaring sound. He came to a clearing and found a black dragon fighting another person. The dragon fired a fire ball. Crewger took a vile from his belt and cast a spell sending out a wave of water. The water hit the fire and put it out.

"Do you mind if I join in" crewger asked walking into the clearing.

"Sure why not. I'll probaply need the help" the guy said.

Crewger nodded and took out his spear and got ready to fight.
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[color=teal][i] Eve's eyes opened once again to find her amr bands undone but her ankel braces still in tact. She sighed.

"Not this again.. well I am not as helpless as I once was...but I'll sie without fresh air.. I'm not dead though..there must be a draft..or window someplace.."

Eve stood and looked around by the hardest, the throbbing pain in her head worsening by the moment.

She almost fell when she noticed a small ray of lightthat did not come from the candles on the wall. She walked to it and saw it, a verry small circulr window..

"Wind, bearer of life, come to me.."

She held up her hand to the window, even then it lie a good eight feet above her. In moment a small gust blew in and circled her hand, filling her body with warmth.. She nodded.

"Thank you my friend..please..send this message to all who may listen.."

She knelt and clasped her hands togather in a praying position. Wispering gently she let the wind carry her words far and wide to all whom may hear.

"Dark and alone, trapped and improsioned I call to thee, be my saviour and come to my aid..please find my brother.."

Once her words, wishing she had her flute.

Getting an idear she looked around. Just then a single solitary feather floted down from the tiny window... black as night and soft as downy...

She teared and grabbed the feather.

"Raven..come to me....Raven...come to my aid.. aletaru cantin shatou, matesou Manatsu no Eve....Raven..coem to my aid."

Moment later a bright white light surounded Eve, and the form of a boy with brillant black wings appeared before her. The Boy knelt and grasped Eve tightly.[/i]

[B]Raven:[/B] Eve..forgive me, but I cannot stay, you know that. Your lucky Iwas able to come to you now, but I come bearing a small gift, to keep you company and provide hope for you in these darkening days. Eve rember I love you..

[i] Leaning down he kissed her lips softly and vanished, a wake of black feathers, amist the pile of feathers a small red for shook and cried out. A baby dragon poped his head from the mass of feathers.. Eve smiled softly and scooped it up.

"Little dragon, you shall keep me company.. little Ryuu..."

Eve's tears fell onto the back of the small creature, she held it close as she wept, salty tears falling to the ground, the wind carrying her sobbs for miles and miles..[/i][/color]
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At that point in time, there wasn?t too much that could sway Ilythirtar from entering the Tavern. He had known about the settlement for a while and knew their harshness to those who are different. Even so, he wanted to get something into him.

The glances were short and sweet. After all, his human composition was near perfect with his ears tucked away under his flowing crimson hair. He didn?t want to start anything so he kept as discreet as any of his race.
The barkeep didn?t notice his heritage and so the grog and mushy bowl of what felt and tasted like a mixture of cow intestines and chicken broth was served quite quickly.
At that moment Ilythirtar overheard two scraggy little creatures whispering. At first this set him off, wondering if they caught on. He than consumed his incredibly disgusting soup and even more useless liquor.
It was than that he realized they were talking about an ?ogre?.

?The bloody twit musta been ten feets high! If wasn?t for me and my ?panion here. He woulda tore the place to bits!?

Shouts followed and so did the cheers. Ilythirtar was suspicious as he knew that ogres don?t associate with humans on the best of occasions and least of all the two buffoons who were claiming they beat it.
His eyes looked at the barkeep?s nervous eyes. He was hiding something and Ilythirtar knew it, he?d have to be a complete dipshit not to.

?So, was he a titan? What kind of giant??

The gaze changed from nervous to petrified in a second.

?I?un?oh boy, but youse best keep way from that monster. Is his eyes, they like yours?but..red. Ee, also wore white. His hair.. chrah des pinvoy eskabluar.?

Ilythirtar almost broke out laughing as he got up and tossed some coins to the barkeep.

?Which way was he heading??
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[color=009966]ooc: I had no idea that you started this already. My apologies.


Iris: "What do you mean?! I killed those bandits that were stealing from your shop. What about our agreement?"

[i]The shopkeeper grinned hugely as he looked down at Iris. The gang of bandits that she had referred to had been scaring off his customers for months and stealing what they could. He had hired many people to try and stop them, but the bandit leader had a few magical powers. No mercenary could stop him, and if one fortunate warrior had escaped alive, he was wounded severely. The shopkeeper's hopes rose again when he found Iris, a mage-in-training. He promised that if she would kill the gang of pests he would give her 15 silver coins. Now that the job was done, he was trying to back out of it with his excuses.[/i]

Shopkeeper: "A little girl like you? There's no way you could've killed them all by yourself. You obviously had help. But....I guess I can give you [i]five[/i] coins for your efforts."

[i]Iris started to protest, but the shopkeeper was obviously more confident now.[/i]

Shopkeeper: "Now GET LOST before I call the guards!"

[i]Iris walked away casting dark looks at him over her shoulder. That jerk! It was the same with every person. Iris often wondered why she even bothered. Her hand went to the hilt of her dagger. Perhaps later that night she could settle her score with him....

She looked up suddenly as she heard a voice in the wind.[/i]

"Dark and alone, trapped and improsioned, I call to thee...."

[i]Iris looked around, trying to find who had spoken. No one seemed to have even heard it! [/i]

"Be my saviour and come to my aid....Please find my brother...."

[i]She took one last look around the streets. People were still walking along unperturbed. Iris shrugged and set off in the direction from which the voice had come. She could settle things with the shopkeeper later....[/i][/color]

Runeth: "I'm telling you, Elsyan. Something's not right! I can sense it!"

[i]Runeth sat perched on her shoulder, sniffing the air with his nose. Elsyan poked him teasingly.[/i]

Elsyan: "Runeth, you always say that."

Runeth: "Have I ever been wrong?"

[i]Elsyan raised her eyebrow and looked at him. Runeth flexed his small wings uncomfortably.[/i]

Runeth: "Okay, so I've been wrong before. But I'm [i]sure[/i] this time!"

[i]Elsyan opened her mouth to speak when her keen elven ears picked up the same message.[/i]

Elsyan: "That sounded like Eve!"

Runeth: "I told you that something was wrong...."

[i]Elsyan and Runeth turned around and started following the voice. If they had recieved it, then chances were that her old friends as well had recieved it. This would be an odd reunion...[/i][/color]
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[color=#3300cc][i]Valen's ears picked up on the message, but he was somewhat busy at the moment...[/i]

[b]Valen:[/b] ...We'll settle this later. I have something I need to take care of.

[b]Kid:[/b] ...Chicken.

[i]Valen hit the kid that he was practicing with in the field when he heard Eve's call. He followed the message as closely as he could when he was interrupted by the small kid chasing after him. He turned to see what the little brat wanted so badly.[/i]

[b]Valen:[/b] What do you want?!

[b]Kid:[/b] I wanna come!

[b]Valen:[/b] ... ... ...No... ... ... Good bye.

[i]With that Valen ran through the field, his hair and cloak flapping behind him as he passed a forest that he hadn't noticed in quite some time. Rather strange really, but he payed it no mind. He continued until he was stopped by a menacing figure standing in front of him. It was his buddy Bleed.[/i]

[b]Bleed:[/b] Hey Val! So I see you've finally lost Eve eh? Such a shame really... Last I heard of her was she was in trouble again.

[b]Valen:[/b] Shove it, Bleed. I'm busy.

[b]Bleed:[/b] Well I've missed you too. Oh, and Valen... You'll never find her this time.

[b]Valen:[/b] ...?

[i]With that said from Bleed, and Valen catching on that this was most likely Bleed's doing, Bleed disappeared into the nothingness. Valen continued on, a certain hope of meeting a familiar face that wasn't out to get Eve or himself.[/i][/color]
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[font=gothic][color=indigo][i]Now, normally Leorik was an even tempered young lad who didn't spin around and take out a huge oldgrowth oak with a single swipe when people spoke behind him, but normally he wasn't alone in an oldgrowth oak forest, and normally he didn't have one of the largest axes in existance in his hands, and normally the voices didn't echo out of empty space behind his ear, which was normally too high up for whispering except by something his own size which he would have heard crashing around, and normally he wasn't expecting one of the largest bears in existance to suddenly try to gnaw on his shoulder blades.

He checked that thought a second later, waited until his ears stopped ringing from the huge noise the falling tree made, waited another thirty second while he swore in various dialects about the what had probably happened to his axe, waited a further ten second while he realised the axe was fine, then finally went through with the thought....The bear wouldn't whisper first. He'd be tempted to say they couldn't, but he'd only been around bears his whole life, which was less than a score of years, so it probably wasn't enough experience to fully rule it out. Which was a point he'd debate a few minutes later, once well away from this site. He wasn't aware of the general habitation of the forest, so the possibility of elves, sprites, dryads and other tree-loving, well meaning, generally giant and anything else wielding and axe hating creatures was another one that was entirely plausible, and he wasn't willing to rule out. Who knows, maybe even the bear wouldn't be happy about it. Although...new stump...

He waved that away, and hefted his axe. It was probably the damn bear, but the snuffling that now emanated from somewhere in front of him was getting rather loud. What was more unfortuante was the slight flick he caught each time with it. Which meant something reptillian. And given the fact that it was damn cold, it probably wasn't happy. It probably couldn't move, but given his current clothing, Leorik wasn't willing to take that chance.

A couple of large, less than furtive steps forward revealed the source: a rather large, prehistoric looking thing, all spines and scales. And decidedly unhappy. It wasn't draconic though, which wa enough for Leorik. It craned a long neck at him, blinked a couple of times, and sprayed blood all over Leorik and the clearing as it's head sheared off.[/i]

"Such avid bloodlust...But not that, nor your strength nor your axe, will help you with Eve."

[i]Different voice, same jumpiness. This time, Leorik turned around slowly, his axe over his shoulder, at a 45 degree angle downwards. Which meant he had the maximum leverage for an overhand slice, while still appearing casual. Besides, he had no idea who this person was, nor who Eve might be.[/i]

Leorik: The wrong person perhaps, spook.

"You don't remember your old friend Bleed Lac...."

[i]Suddenly seemed to realise he was looking in a rather upwards direction to reach Leorik's eyes, not straight ahead... Why the size wasn't evident earlier wasn't obvious to Leorik. He caught a muttered "What the... Strength? Axe?" then it disappeared. Whoever Lac... was, Leorik didn't really care. He'd seen enough spiteful spirits before, in his Shaman's tent, to really care what another one had to say. Besides, he had a very large lizard to drag uphill.

And, of course, once he got there, the bear wanted some. Damn...[/font][/color][/i]
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[color=teal] [i]The disturbance in the air pressure made Eve's elegant semi-long think ears shoot straight back, she turned, shifting Ryuu behind her. Bleed stood before her, she scuffled behind her a pile of feathers over Ryuu and she stood. bringing her left hand in front her, her right hand holding a sharper peice of the glass scattered on the floor. She lunged ta him and took a good swipe, catching him across the face, a deep gash appeared but no blood, somethign dead cannot bleed.

The moment her had was pulling back he grabbed her wrist.[/i]

[b]Bleed:[/b] STUPID WHORE!

[i] He flung Eve back aginst the fathest stone wall, her head hit hard, sending another wave of sharp pains throug her body, but strugging feircely she stood, her once elegant dress now more bloodied and tattered, ripped in numerous places.[/i]

[B]Eve:[/B] I'm..not that weakling you knew over fifty years ago...

[b]Bleed:[/B] No, I can see that, your even weaker.

[i] Eve mumbled somethign along the lines of bastard and she rushed him again. His arm shot out to grab her but her swiftness had kicked in, her head ducked under his arm as she delivered a blow to this side. Bleed yelled out in anger and twisted, catching her by the throught.

She coughed and struggled, her hands going up to his hand that was rapidly chokeing her. She tried to gasph but the more she struggled the tighter he squeesed.

After a few minuted Eve fell limp, he tossed her aside and made to walk out. Down on the ground one of her eyes opened and she grinned slightly, grabbing her shard she lunged. Seconds before she would have hithim he spun again, catching her around the waist.[/i]

[b]Bleed:[/B] Little whore never learns...

[i] He tosseds her hard into the ground and leaned over on top of her, straddlign her.[/i]

[B]Bleed:[/b] Must I show you again what I can make you do.

[i] Tears streamed from Eve's eyes as she grabbed ehr shard and held it to her own throught.[/i]

[b]Eve:[/B] I'de rather die than that happen again.

[i]Bleed laughed and grabbed her ankles. moveing himself inbetween her knees, She struggled and he laughed, making bloodied marks in her legs where he was holding her to tightly. She looked at him, fear stren across her eyes, pure terror glistened in her raidaint gree eyes.

She screamed, it echoes for miles on loud and of pure terror, not one living soul did not hear it within a fifty mile raidus..[/i][/color]

OOC: To be continued....
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Crewger heard the sound of some one scream as he fired an energy blast at the dragon. The dragon stumbled back becuase the blast hit in the head. Crewger spun his spear and sent out a wave of lighting stunning the dragon.

"If we're going to bring it down we might as well do it now" crewger said to the guy he was working with.

The guy nodded as crewgers spear blades glowed. They both charged at the dragon. They swung there weapons making a larg X in the dragons chest. The dragon fell as it lost blood. He looked in the direction the scream came from and senced some thing was there and he wouldn't like what it was.

"Thanks for you help and i'm hunter" hunter said.

"Your welcome. I'm crewger. I get the feeling we'll be both heading towards that scream so why don't he team up for awhile" crewger said sticking out his hand.

Hunter nodded as he shook crewgwers hand. They both put back there weapons and headed in the direction the scream came from.
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Ilythirtar hadn?t thought about anything so serious in so long. His trained elven mind seemed to take leisure in hearing things, all varieties of things. Whispers, screams, haunting voices, cackling death but now all he could hear was silence. Nothing.

His physical senses were fine, but who?s wouldn?t be when tracking a giant? Leorik had only a few hours lead.
Ilythirtar?s motives were anything but violent. His father had told him once that giants aren?t as stereotypical as one would think. The only one?s he had been warned about were the Storm Giants. Ilythirtar laughed, knowing he wouldn?t find one of them, not this far south.

With a laugh, Ilythirtar began to ponder his chances in fighting one of those. Well first off they aren?t shy about fighting; they are almost like drow with size. Typically they are cumbrously slow but if alive, and this far south, he?d have to be fast or else he wouldn?t have too much to exhibit. He?d also have to be exiled for one reason or another. Is he a miniature? Likely.

He smiled, loving the surroundings. His reverie doesn?t last long as he slams headlong into a tree which he could have swore wasn?t there a fraction of a second ago. When he regained a sense of direction he looked at the tree.

?hmm? what is this??

Moving closer, he started to read the inscription on the bark.

?She is in trouble??

He laughed; not understanding it, the only thing that he was worried about now was getting home safe and sound. Belly full and ready to sleep. He simply refused to let anything get to him, than he heard the scream. He sighed under his breath and muttered something like ?overacting drama queen? and looked up.

?Well I hadn?t practiced this stupid amphorication for nothing.?

An instant later he was at the top of the highest tree in sight, his body simply shifting through the shadows, materializing on the branch. From his current vantage he could see the path which his giant friend must have followed and he smiled, taking his time, leaping from branch to branch until he reached the planes.

?I had seriously wanted to meet that giant, its rare. I should consult my liege on his eye color; he would know most definitely the breed.?

In haste, Ilythirtar began a serious session of amphorication, stopping at ever field as the shadows are limited and he just wasn?t good enough yet, so he ran, ran as fast as he could. And eventually, he came to the forest of which brethren bonds had made him entwined with his companions, bound to uphold protective positions for any who may be hurt, even the damsel, Eve. Pity that Bleed wasn?t more creative. Ilythirtar felt like dying of boredom. He continued to walk towards the screams like everyone else. Eve?s screams were so attractive and appealing. Everyone who hears them mindlessly drones forth into a perfect story of an evolutionary being. The story is of Eve and everything surrounds her and everything adores her and it almost sickens him to think so cruelly.

Anyway, not on his own accord, as he is caught up in his thoughts, Ilythirtar runs smack into hunter just like he did the tree.

?Bloody twit! Oooh its you, Serenol. Oh mighty savior? help your sister?

?I sense your sarcasm. Will you ever grow up??

?Not as long as your self-righteous, no.?

?Than you will never grow up!!!?


Ilythirtar laughed and pulled his cloak from his rucksack, donning it to his shoulders and so he disappears. But his voice leads.

?Are we going to save her or just let Bleed keep goin? Sooner we get this done the better.. I cant stand the nagging!?
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Guest Balerax
[color=darkblue] [i] After many miles trekking through the woods, waiting for another call from this mysterious voice.. Bal was awarded with yet another message.. "Dark and alone, trapped and imprisoned I call to thee, be my saviour and come to my aid..please find my brother.." Bal yet again shifted his direction to the call and was on his way yet again. For whom was she speaking of.. and who was this person's brother? These plus many other thoughts ran thru his head as another set of Orcs stumbled out into the clearing.. noticing Bal. " What is it with these creatures?" Bal thought, as he waisted no time in drawing out his blade and decapitating both Orcs. " More important things have come to my attention than to try and talk sense into you buffoons..."[/color] [/i]

[color=darkblue] [i] No sooner had he said that than a shriek of pain ran through his head. Moving his head in the direction it came.. he decided that he must not waste any more time.. he must find this person and help them. For why would they call to me... and why was I able to hear it? Bal began to run faster than before, passing trees.. fields, and streams in blurs...He happened to look to his right.. noticing a figure running from a frield into the forest. He began to slow down and think... " Perhaps... this person has heard these calls as well?" " I shall ask him.."
Bal slowed to a steady walk as he came closer to this figure..[/color] [/i]

[color=darkblue] [i] The person, having taken notice of Bal, stopped and withdrew his sword.[/color] [/i]

[color=darkblue] [b] Cloaked figure: [/b] Who goes there?![/color]

[color=darkblue] [b] Bal: [/b] My name is Balerax, I mean you no harm.. Who might you be? [/color]

[color=darkblue] [b] Cloaked figure: [/b] My name is.. Valen. [/color]

[color=darkblue] [b] Bal: [/b] Have you heard some cries for help by a female, Valen? [/color]

[color=darkblue] [i] Withdrawing his sword. [/i] [b] Valen: [/b] Yes.. I have.. and those cries are from my sister.. her name is Eve. I suppose you have heard them as well? [/color]

[color=darkblue] [b] Bal: [/b] I have... would you mine if I accompany you on your journey? I will lend my services to helping you and your sister, by any means necessary. I do not know why I am able to hear these messages, therefor I am curious. I am also on a journey myself.. I am searching for the person behind destroying my village many years ago.. killing my father and most of my friends..so, what say you? [/color]

[color=darkblue] [b] Valen: [/b] Very well, you may join me. And also I may have some answer to your questions, but nonetheless hurry along.. for I fear for my sister... We will talk on our way there..[/color]

[color=darkblue] [i] The two set off together walking thru the clearing of forest, introducing themselves more thoroughly.. allthough unknowing of their destination, or the many fears that lay ahead of them...[/color] [/i]
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[color=teal][b]Hunter:[/b]Damned reckless and impetuous jackass.

[b]Ilythiirtar:[/b]I heard that!

[b]Hunter:[/b]Good! I'm outta here. Keep up if you can.

[i]Hunter extended his wings from their hiding place in his back as he launched himself into the air with enough leg force to push a two-story brick wall. He heard the loud, involuntary gasp of awe from Crewger as he experienced first-hand the flight of a Holy Knight. Hunter chuckled softly as he heard Ilythiirtar's awed whisper.[/i]

[b]Ilythiirtar:[/b]Damn, I didn't know he was THAT self-righteous. Wings and all, huh? Where'd he go for fifty years?

[i]Hunterr swept towards the castle, flying as fast as his wings would carry him towards the now-visible tower in which Eve was barely discernible.[/i]


[b]Bleed:[/b]Eve, your brother is foolish enough to storm my castle by air. The scream must have awakened his backbone.

[b]Eve:[/b]Raven is no coward!

[b]Bleed:[/b]I did not mean Raven. It's Serenol.

[b]Eve:[/b]Hunter?!?! You lie! He's dead!

[b]Bleed:[/b]Certainly, he was dead. And shall be again! Alraune!


[i]Hunter's flight towards the tower was impeded by a swarm of bats. As he battled through the cloud of squeaking winged mammals, he failed to notice the half-plant, half-woman climbing on top of the keep's tower. It was Alraune, daughter of the purest evil in the world. A throny vine lashed out from her waist, slashing Hunter across his chest. Hunter flinched in pain, silvery blood pouring from the huge gash. He fell to the tower, prepared for a close-in battle. Alraune wouldn't let it happen. She kept him at bay with her vines and thorns, lashing him until he was silver all over from his own blood. He fell to the tower, prostrate. Alraune laughed her victory, failing to notice the position of Hunter's hands, and the chant he was uttering, his mouth not visible. Her laughter turned to a scream of unfettered agony as a well of fire engulfed her weak, flammable body. Hunter stood, the minorest of the wounds healing, but the gash across his chest barely mended. He focused his mind, and his armor and clothes repaired themselves. He'd look after the gash after he was through with Bleed.[/i]

[b]Hunter:[/b]It's been only four decades and they've already forgotten my father's teachings on basic elemental principles? Artea, to me!

[i]The dragonling that had been gifted to him from Corellon's daughter appeared on his shoulder, crooning sadly for his wounds.[/i]

[b]Hunter:[/b]Not now, Artea. I'll be fine. Go to Eve, tell her I am well and shall be there soon. As soon as I break this roof of the tower!

[i]Artea chirruped and blinked out as Hunter transformed and began to beat his way through the hard mortar....[/i][/color]
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[i]The two came upon a somewhat tattered fortress that Valen knew all too well. The walls looked to be centuries old, and the keep looked like it was about to collapse.

After a few moments of observing the fortress, a shriek came from the window of the keep.

"EVE!" Valen shouted toward the Keep, only to be cut short by Bal.

"...Something is not right." Bal noticed that one of the walls were thinner than they should have been for a fortress. "This is quite odd, though. This wall is not as the others are."

Valen noticed what Bal was speaking of. "I see... I don't know what I see..." He walked into the citadel, in hopes of finding something. Bal followed.

There was a slight noise of a branch breaking in the courtyard area of the fortress. "Valen! Watch out! This isn't a fortress!" Bal yelled to Valen, noticing that the courtyard had no trees.

The winds picked up behind Bal and a figure appeared, or so it seemed. "Very preceptive, lad. Heh, did you think it would be that easy? I don't think so." The figure said.

"...Bleed...." Valen whispered as he withdrew his blade and charged at the figure. He leapt with the katana above his head and came crashing down through the figure. As the katana hit, the figure disappeared. "...What...The...?!" Valen wondered as he stayed in his jump-slash position.

"An Astral Image...." Bal confirmed as the entire fortress disappeared. The trees began to show themselves once again, and as they did, they revealed an elven villiage.[/i]
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Crewger ran to the doors of the caslte but didn't see a way in other than the front door.

"In a place like this they got to have some treasure" crewger thought as he walked to the front door.

He tried pushing it open but it was locked. He took out his spear. One of the blades glowed as he jumped. He put the blade between the door and brought it down. Once he landed the door opened. He came in as he herd the sound of some one coming.

"Yes. There are some demons in here" crewgwer thought as a bunch of demons came out of the shadows.

Crewger started slashing them down as he went farther into the castle. As he went through the halls demons came to face him. Most of them but up a pretty good fight but didn't last long against him.

"The faster I beat these guys that faster I can raid the place of any thing valuable" crewger thought as he went farther into the castle.
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[color=teal][i]Hunter stopped slashing at the rooftop when Artea reappeared and chirruped the news that Eve was waiting, and that Valen and some others were assaulting the gates as well, though Valen and an unknown were trapped in a mirage of Hunter's home. Hunter nodded and pulled out a pair of small gems. He pressed one into Artea's clawed talons.[/i]

[b]Hunter:[/b]This is a teleport gem. Give it to Valen and tell him it will warp him to the location of the other jewel. I will go on ahead into the room where Eve and Bleed are. Be quick, be safe.

[i]Artea crooned and chirruped as Hunter kissed her head gently, at which note she vanished again, leaving the wolfen Hunter to continue breaking into the demon's lair. A glimmer of green was present near the steeple, where Hunter had left the other jewel...[/i]


[b]Bleed:[/b]WHY IS HE NOT DEAD YET?!?!?! It does not matter. he shall be soon. As shall be those fools in the "forest", lost in Hunter's hometown. Such a simple spell, and they know not that they are trapped in a mirage. BUT I WANT THE WHITE KNIGHT DEAD!!!!!

[i]Bleed pounded the wall, sending a spider-web of cracks all the way to the ceiling by accident. A further accident of this action was that a half-formed hole on the roof caved in, dropping Hunter, who'd expected such a thing to happen when he felt the impact, into the hall.[/i]

[b]Bleed:[/b]Serenol....you persistent, clueless, self-righteous prick.

[b]Hunter:[/b]Shut up. I'm tired of your games. Just give Eve back. I have enough mortal energy to leave you bloody on the floor.

[b]Bleed:[/b]As if a mere elf would be capapble of such a thing. And what a form!

[i]Eve, who did not know of Hunter's wolfen form, stared wildly as if Serenol were another of Bleed's minions. Until she saw the blade strapped to Hunter's back. Alaris.[/i]

[b]Eve:[/b]HUNTER! How...what....IS IT REALLY YOU?!?!

[i]The wolfen Hunter grimaced, then began to shift back to his elven self. From under a lock of silver hair, his one emerald eye sparkled in the torchlight. He drew out the Alaris, swinging it the way his sister had taught him, their secret greeting. Her happiness was brief, as Bleed swept down upon Hunter, driving him into the wall. Hunter stood, his wings -Since when did he have WINGS?!?!, thought Eve- flared. Alaris began to glow a bright silver.[/i]

[b]Hunter:[/b]Now, you feel the wrath of heaven! VORPAL SLASH!

[i]Hunter vanished, but Eve saw thousands of slashes appearing on Bleed's body. She saw the pain in Bleed's eyes, heard the agony in his cries. He collapsed, and Hunter reappeared. Before Eve ran to him, she vaguely felt aware that Hunter had the exact same slashes that Bleed now had. She cradled Hunter, blood seeping out of the corner of his mouth. He smiled briefly, gave Eve a thumbs-up, and then fell unconscious, but alive. Artea appeared at that instant, trilling loudly as she saw her master in such a state. She nestled against his breast, breathing rapidly. Eve was preoccupied with her brother, who was wounded but way too alive, too busy to notice that Bleed was standing up again, fully healed.....[/i][/color]
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[i]Bal heard a noise that sounded like a falcon call. He instinctively turned around after alerting Valen of the incoming bird. Valen turned around only to see an old friend. "ARTEA! What a surprise! How's Hunter?"

Artea dropped the fine green jewel into Valen's palm and crooned. Valen nodded and was ready. "Tell Hunter I'll be there shortly.... Come, Bal... TO BLEED!" Valen's katana was raised high above his head as he said that.

"What is it, Val? ...and who was that?" Bal inquired with a slight look of confusion on his face.

"Oh, that was just Artea. Come now, we must FLY!....Erm... well, teleport."

"Teleport? ....You have lost it. There is no way we can--" Before Bal could finish his sentence, Valen had already clutched the jewel and willed the two to be teleported to the other jewel.[/i]
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Crewger kept slashing demons as he went. He was either looking for a way to the persion who had scream or was looking for some kind of treasure that he could take. As he came to another hall he saw another demon. This one was a lot bigger than the others and was guarding a door. Crewger came running up then jumped. He spun his blade around and stabbed it in its skull. He pulled out his spear as it started falling back wards. He jumped as it hit the door and broke it open. Crewger looked in and smiled. The room was loaded with piles of treasure.

"Some of this stuff should be able to hold me for a while" crewger thought running into the room.

He started grabbing any thing valuable or any thing he liked in sight. Once he got a full bag he got out of the room and started running as he slung the bag over his shoulder.

"If this place is here later i'll come back for the rest of it when no ones around" crewger thought smiling.

He started searching for hunter but didn't see any sign of him. As he walked he felt some strong presence around. He didn't know why but he started running towards it. He came to a room and opened it a bit. He saw hunter with a girl and what looked like baby dragons. He also saw a guy take a sword out to strike them.

Crewger came in and did a thunder spell hitting the guy in the back. Sparks of energy could be seen as the guy started getting paralized The guy looked at him then disappeared.

"Is he o.k" crewger asked as he ran up to them as he removed a veil.

"He's very wounded but he's alive. Who are you and what's that your caring on your back" the girl asked.

"I'm crewger and this is no time to talk" crewger said changing the subject.

He pored the veil into hunters mouth. His wounds started healing. Crewger picked up hunter and jumped out of the hole he made. Crewger picked up the girl as the dragons flew out. They looked around and saw two more people show up.
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[color=teal][i]Hunter awakened as Crewger was jumping out of the hole. He twisted from Crewger's grip, unfurling his wings and leaping back towards it.[/i]

[b]Crewger:[/b]What the hell is wrong with you, man?!

[i]Hunter pointed at Eve, who wasn't Eve anymore. It was Bleed. Hunter dove downward, into the hole, to where Valen and the other person were standing around Eve's unconscious form. Bleed had knocked her unconscious and subtituted himself for her in the instant of the thunder spell. Hunter, being EVe's brother, knew of the switch as soon as he woke up.[/i]

[b]Crewger:[/b]Whoa! Damn, man, you're stupid. I'm outta here!

[i]Hunter merely grunted assent as he dove down, shifting into his wolfen form and grappling bare-handed with Bleed, valen and the other person reviving Eve.[/i]

[b]Hunter:[/b]I killed you once, long ago.

[b]Bleed:[/b]Nilothakir killed you once, long ago as well.

[b]Hunter:[/b]How'd you come back?!?!

[b]Bleed:[/b]Same way you did! I appealed to my superior. I had a vendetta to fulfill. You see, Hunter? You and I are not so different. I have my vengeance against Eve, you against Nilothakir. We are the same!

[b]Hunter:[/b]If you think I'm the same as you, you're crazier than I thought. Adios, Bleed. tell Satan I said his son was a wimp!

[b]Bleed:[/b]You killed Khoryu?!?!

[b]Hunter:[/b]Yeah. And here's how!

[i]Hunter's claws began to glow a bright emerald, the light engulfing the whole room.[/i]

[b]Hunter:[/b]MOONSHADE SLASH!!!

[i]Two powerful claw swipes impaled Bleed to the whole, extremely long claws pinning his now-fading form to the wall. Eve, now awake, embraced Valen and then went to examine the claws that Hunter ejected and regrew.[/i]

[b]Eve:[/b]They're...they're pure silver. Hunter....how...

[i]She walkked up to him and hugged him, then smacked him as hard as he could.[/i]

[b]Eve:[/b]Where the hell where you!?!?!


[b]Eve:[/b]You just said it. Hell. And Heaven, but that only explains the wings. Come on, let's get out of here. Before jackass comes back. And why the hell hasn't Ilythiirtar shown up y-

[i]The door to the chamber burst off it's hinges, and Hunter barely glimpsed the blade of Ilythiirtar's sword to realize where he was.[/i]

[b]Ilythiirtar:[/b]What? Damn, I'm too late?

[b]Hunter:[/b]Yes, you are. now let's leave before he comes back, as I KNOW he will. It's a bad habit all of Satan's favored have. Let's get to the Crystal Forest Inn. I sense an old friend thereabouts. There, I can tell you all about what happened to me.....and get my Heartstone from Mother.

[b]Valen:[/b]Dude, what's wrong with your eye?

[i]Artea violently chirruped at Valen, expressing something along the lines of "I like his eye, it looks very mystique! It makes him look handsomer, and if Bunni has a problem with it, well then, more Hunter for me!".[/i]

[b]valen:[/b]Ok, ok. I get the message. Speaking of Bunni, have you been to see her yet?

[b]Hunter:[/b]No. Not yet.

[b]Valen:[/b]Why? Afraid Artea'd get pissed at the competition?!?

[i]Everyone laughed as they descended the tower, Hunter introducing himself to Bal, Artea to Ryuu and Bal, and his hair to something called a mirror, gel, and a comb......[/i][/color]
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[font=gothic][color=indigo][i]Well, at least the bear was happy. The damn thing, as he was becoming quite fond of referring to it as, had probably eaten two thirds of the carcass he'd carried back up the slope, grinned toothily at him, then gone back to sleep. Leorik had sighed, walked back done to the forest, and dragged some deadfall up. He made a point of lighting the fire outside the cave, simply to keep himself from setting his ursine companion on fire.

The meal was typically tough, and less than pleasing, but it was food, and it was better than eating donkeys. Which he hadn't done of course, but his entire tribe held donkeys in contempt, for some unknown reason. Some traditions he did indeed carry on.

From his vantage point, someways up above the ridgeline, he was able to, if he craned his neck, see the forest side of the peaks as well as the preferably side. And from what he could see, the forest didn't look very pleasant at the moment. At least, through his albino eyes, things were flickering, and they probably shouldn't be. At least, even if they did flicker physically, they shouldn't damn well flicker when he squinted at them out of the corner of his eyes. That normally signified something strange was going on...And Leorik wasn't interested at the moment. Enough idiot humans and aggravating tree sprites, damn pixies, for one day. Or week, for that matter.

Leorik stood up, and kicked the still smouldering remains off the cliff...If he started a conflagration, he'd live. He wandered back up the cave, and dragged the single pack he carried out. He wasn't really sure why he bothered, but he had the feeling that being here any longer would be somehow detrimental to his health, and probably not because of the bear. That aggravating premonition in hand, and a vague notion of what to do next, he decided to keep out of the forest...Just in case it burnt down around him.[/font][/color][/i]
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