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Sign Up War in the Shadows: A New Battle


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It is a known fact, that every animal has its natural enemy. And that is no exception with humanity. For ever since the begging of humanity, there has been vampires as there natural enemy. Vampires always had the upper hand. The early humans had no defence against them and had no clue what there weaknesses were. That is, until the introduction of Christianity. The vampires finally had a weakness, The Blessing of the Christian Preists. A bloody war began as the vampires fought against the Christians, but for years, the Christians lacked numbers as Christianity wasn't a popular relegion. The vampires countiued there slaughters and hunting for many years to come......

Then he came...King Charlemaine of the Franks. King Charlemain popularized christianity among Europe, there for increasing the numbers of the Christian vampire slayers. And so the war began again, and this time, the vampires didn't come on top. For years, small wars waged agaisnt the vampires and the human slayer guilds. But the humans still lacked the vampires physical ability. Then a new invention came...The Fire arm. This is what the humans needed. The battles became even bloodier and now the playing feild was leveled slightely. The wars countiued for hundreds of years......

Organizations were formed with the advancment of civilization. The queen of England, Elizabeth, formed together with the monarchs of the other European countires to create a mutual alliance of warriors to combat hostile vampires, hoping to minimize the casualties and form a peaceful world with the vampires. They called themselves "The Alliance of Vampiric Defense".

A more velegant organization was formed by devote slayers who's family line was filled with slayers. They were called the "Lowendove Brotherhood", named after their founder, Father Alistair Lownedove, a powerful vampire slayer and Chatolic Arch Preist to the Holy Vatican of the Roman Catholic Church. They were formed to completely terminate the race known as Vampire with any force necessary.

Then there was the organization for purely vampires. Called the "Councel of Vampiric Alligance". They were formed to defend vampires and insure that they have blood and defense from the Lowendove Brotherhood. They are not a hostile organization, peaceful, but will kill and slaughter humans in the event of a blood shortage, in which they receive from the AVD.

For years, these Organizations have been in progress. The main threat being the war between the Lownedove and the CVA. The AVD have acted as peace keepers, although the Lowendove look down upon them for the use of Vampire agents. And so the war is more lop-sided.

But recentely the streets have been painted with blood. Blood of the AVD, CVA, and Lowedove. The perpertraitors are unknown. But there is something organized is in the works. Then they got a letter....

[I]"We, the Organization of Vampire Dominance, are the ones who have shed the blood. We are the ones that killed you soldiers, for our cause. The cause of Vampires place at the top of the chain! Too take our place as the dominant species and race. We shall not lose. We shall be triumphant in our cause! And so beware. You will all die or disperse as a new era of Earth comes. The era of the VAMPIRES!"[/I]

And now the war countiues, but with a new party. A new enemy. Things have turned for the worse as more blood shall be spilt on the battlefeild on the streets of London. God save humanity....


The organizations:

The AVD are the neutral good guys. They have vampires, humans, and genetically altered humans as their agents.

The Lowendove are a organzation of super slayers. They are the bad guys that fight thinking they are the good guys. They have technology of genetic inhancment that allows them to reach the same level of physical ability as the vampires.

The CVA are not evil, but not good. They do not mass murder and try for peace, but often times find themselves killing humans for blood and lust of killing.

The OVD are rebels. Rag tag, but somewhat organized, and very strong in numbers. They are the primary bad guys of the story along with the Lowendove.


[U]Sign Ups[/U]


Alias: if any



Age: (Humans may be a bit old, but the genetic technology has only been in existance for a short while, so not too old.)


Allaince: (no humans in the CVA or OVD, vice versa with Lowendove)

Weapon: (two max, no exception and be creative. Original)


Bio: (make it good, and long.)

I will sign up later. You will be accepted depending on your sign up, so make it good. And follow the rules of the Adventure Arena to the DOT!

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[color=violet]Heh, nice to see that you still want to continue but start anew. Good, very good. I will keep the same character, of course....

Name: Le'aoni Nagayo

Alias: Niai

Race: Vampire

Age: 80

Gender: Female

Alliance: CVA

Appeaence: [img]http://img.villagephotos.com/p/2003-8/363173/mature321.jpg[/img]

Weapon: Besides vamp skills that she uses{i.e. hypnosis and temp. transparency}, she wields rather large silver bladed fans.

Nationality: Japanese/English

Personality: Tempermental, seductive, brave, talkative, comedic, impatient

Bio: Born to a Japanese immigrant mother and a rich English
scientist, Le'aoni grew up seldom seeing her "father". At age 7, she began working in the sweat shops with her mother and others, sowing and knitting fabrics together to make a living. She was satisfied with life, because she was so young, and she loved her mother dearly.

When she turned 15, the workers' employer, who visited her mother daily, began to take a liking to Le'aoni. He sent her little tokens, like boxes of chocolates and extra bottles of milk in the morning. Soon he talked to her mother, who couldn't say no to him...for that would prove dangerous in the future. He cornered Le'aoni one evening after work and had his way with her. After that, she left her mother, being that the boss had her docked off to England, her father's homeland. Soon after, she worked in a bordello, often seeing the sweat-shop owner.

One night, she just happened to see her father, who was one of her customers. She spoke to him in a darken alleyway, of her trials and tribulations of her life. He asked her if she would rather have a new life...and she said yes. From that day forward, she was a vampire, daughter and a successor to him.

She is one of the top agents in the CVA, being that her father has trained her and he wouldn't expect anything less from her.


He he...I'm back...and hopefully, I get in. Crap...I'm the only one representing CVA. [/color]
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[b][size=2]NOTE: Major Editing![/b][/size][color=indigo][b][size=1][i]

Name: [/b]Yelena Zaitsev

[b]Alias[/b]: Reaper

[b]Race[/b]: Russian

[b]Species[/b]: Vampire

[b]Age[/b]: 666 (physical appearance looks 26)

[b]Gender[/b]: Female

[b]Appearance[/b]: [url]http://www.psycko-manga.com/gallery/babe/53-2.htm[/url] *Imagine a short black skirt, that way she's not in her underwear. Yelena stands at a short 5'3" and weighs 115lbs.*

[b]Allaince[/b]: AVD

[b]Weapons: {Natural vampiric abilities, however, due to her history, they are greatly advanced. Everything is tripled.}

[u]Blade of Elecrophoresis[/b][/u]- The sword is an electroplated, titanium alloy that is very light and durable, unbreakable and incredibly strong. Electroplating is basically a covering or coating of electrons over metal, thus, only adding strength to the blade. This electroplating gives an electric field for charged colloidal particles or molecules to migrate and create high volts of searing electricity. When the opponent is stabbed or sliced with the sword, the high powered volts of electricity shoot throughout the body and burn the opponent inside-out.

[u][b]Electrolysis' Slash[/b][/u]- Electrolysis is the chemical change or decomposition, produced in an electrolyte by an electronic current. This happens because the reinforced steel wires, enterweaved in the fibers of the whip-like cord, are coated with the same electroplating as the blade. When the opponent is whipped, the elecrtonic current of the wires begin to destroy the skin tissue. If the cut is deep, the electrolytes from the electronic current enter the blood stream and begin to destroy the internal muscles and organs, then begin to decay. The cord is 12' long and wraps around Yelena's left arm and the upper half of her body.

[b]Personality[/b]: Sadistic, witty, stubborn, cold, and remains calm during battle. Her face usually carries no expression. If she is smiling, I will advise that you run.

[b]Bio[/b]: Yelena has no memory of anything before the past one forty-five years. She tries to remember, but recollects nothing. All she remembers is the laboratory she escaped from. Since then, she's been on her own.

The laboratory was owned by a prostigious scientist. He was known for his twisted creations and his sick mentality. Yelena came in his grasps after she'd already become a vampire, or was she already a vampire? Yelena had no idea, but this scientist captured Yelena and performed experiments and tests on her. He then altered her genes and enhanced her vampire abilities.

Yelena woke after two decades of chryogenic sleep and killed all of the scientists in the lab. She escaped from the laboratory and set out into the changed world. Because of her enhanced DNA, Yelena quickly adapted to the new world. Her lust for blood was stronger, sending her to prowl the countries for her food. She started to investigate her history, but found nothing. This search for herself went on for years and the dead end sent Yelena into insanity.

She became very sadistic and psychotic, slaughtering men and women, never a child. For unexplained reasons, Yelena could not bring herself to kill a child. Perhaps it was because of the day Yelena escaped. She stumbled into a small town, naked, cold, lost, confused, wounded from gun shots, and frightened. A young boy took her into his home and gave her clothes and the warmth of a stove. He helped Yelena learn how to speak English, he helped her to heal her wounds, he helped her to gain a sense of comfort.

Yelena became attatched to this young boy. Something she'd never experienced. She began to develop human-like feelings of love and affection, she cared for the boy as if he were her child. One day, Yelena came back to the boys house to find his body slaughtered and delimbed. He lay in a puddle of his own blood, along with his loving parents. Yelena knew it was vampires and her heart turned cold and vengeful. She set out to avenge her young friend and brutally murdered every vampire in sight. To the vampires, she became known as "Reaper".

Recently, Reaper has been chased and hunted by the AVD, Lowendove, and other organizations. The result, Reaper joined the OVD. However, she soon finds out that the OVD were using her. Furious at this betrayal, Reaper approached the AVD and swore her alligiance. Eventhough the AVD are mostly neutral, Reaper is still filled with anger and loathes the OVD, and she does not hesitate to kill a vampire of the OVD.
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[b]Name:[/b] Onmyouji Gen

[b]Alias:[/b] Shito

[b]Race:[/b] Human

[b]Age:[/b] 78

[b]Gender:[/b] Male

[b]Allaince:[/b] Lowendove Brotherhood

[b]Race:[/b] Japanese


[b]Onmyouji Houjyou:[/b] Onmyouji is an ancient temple located in the deepest depths of the mountains of Japan. Rumor abounds that the temple is not guarded by a human, but the past spirits of monks that lived and died there. Of course, getting in or getting out is impossible for any worthless human being, much less creatures that inhabit the night and prey on them. In the deepest sanctums of the Temple, there lies an ancient staff from the ages past, its surface etched with the spells and seals from the rich heritage of monks that lived and trained there. The staff is a ward, a wall, a fortress against any and all forces that threaten its owner, the descendent of the Onmyouji Clan, and is free from any corrupting forces.

[b]Fuda no Ihn:[/b] A piece of paper with powerful sealing enchantments placed upon it, only created by the most powerful of monks that study Buddhism. Gen's creations are a bit different, as it is a mixture of Buddhist seals as well as some Christian incantations written on it. The mixture serves him incredibly well, the Christian seal immobilizing the creature, and the Buddhist incantation stripping the creature of its energy.

[b]Personality:[/b] Calm, Silent, Vindictive, Secretive, Indifferent,

[b]Bio:[/b] Onmyouji, a fabled temple only existant in the legends and rumors of ancient Japan, is the longest surviving lineage of demon slayers in Japan. The only descendant left is Onmyouji Gen, who goes by the name of 'Shito', which usually signifies 'Disciple'. The Temple was abandoned long before, though the Temple is guarded strictly and effectively by the spirits and enchantments of the past warrior monks that resided there.

Gen is the last surviving member of the Onmyouji Clan, and he is at once the Enlightened and the Fallen. During his early age, Gen left the Temple and travelled to England where he studied how the Christian Religion fought and banished Daemons. Interested to say the least and 'corrupted' from his parents' view, Gen was quickly labeled a traitor by the remnants of the Onmyouji Clan, for mingling with a heathen religion.

Angered by the narrow minded reaction of his parents', Gen challenged his parents to what could be likened to a 'race' where they would compete on how many Daemons they could slay within the year. A hefty number of Daemons lost their lives that year, on one side tallying up to roughly 150, and the other side up to 159. Gen won. Though his parents were still averse to Gen's new path and still hated him deeply for it, they were by custom required to hand over the Treasured Staff and the enchantments for creating the Seals. That was all Gen wanted. He took the staff and left the Temple, searching for his own way of slaying the creatures that preyed on Human Beings.

Years later, his parents died, and Gen became the only surviving member of the once famous Onmyouji Clan. Gen was not worried about protecting his home Temple since he knew that his ancestors will look to that. Instead, he wandered about, and while wandering, noted the creatures called 'vampires', which to him seemed to be the most dangerous of all. Though he was able to slay them, he became worried. Ultimately, he concluded that in order for the Human Race to avoid extinction, they needed to be rid of the Vampiric menace forever.

To this end, he travelled to Europe where Vampire Slaying was the most common and advanced, and joined the Lowendove Brotherhood. He is an oddball with his Japanese ancestry, but his knowledge of the Asian arts of combatting Daemons mixed with the Lowendove Brotherhood's training makes him a formidable slayer indeed.

His alias, 'Shito', does not mean what it seems to mean, which is Disciple. Nay, Shito, in his case, means the Fallen Followers, 'Shi' meaning 'Dead' and 'To' meaning 'Followers'. This, in essence, means that he is a fallen follower of Buddhism for his dabbling with Christianity, and the vice versa.

[b]Appearance:[/b] A Yamabushi outfit commonly seen in Japan, which is similar to a Ninja's costume except it is neatly accentuated by white and black cloth. The face is covered by a broad brimmed hat that monks in travel tend to wear, his visage under it indistinguishable. There are four narrow vertical slits on the hat for the eyes. He is an easy figure to spot in the European populace.


[size=1][color=maroon]Quick Explanation on why I changed my beloved Warrington. Almost everyone in here is using poison as part of their weapons. It's redundant. I scrapped Warrington simply because he was also a poison user. [/size][/color]
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[b]Name:[/b] Dorigen Slew

[b]Alias:[/b] Willow

[b]Race:[/b] Caucasian (French)

[b]Species:[/b] Vampire

[b]Age:[/b] Approximately 40. Physically, she appears to be a young girl of 17.

[b]Gender:[/b] Female

[b]Alliance:[/b] OVD

[b]Weapon:[/b] Her main weapon is her mind. Her physical strength is fairly average (at least compared to others of her kind), but her telepathic and telekinetic powers, which she had even before becoming a vampire, allow her to defeat most enemies. Dorigen also wields poisoned shurikens with incredible speed and accuracy.

[b]Personality:[/b] She initially seems to be a nonthreatening, soft-spoken girl, but she believes in the vampires' right to dominate with a fervor that startles even her closest allies. Her personality is comparable to that of Soujirou (from Rurouni Kenshin) in the sense that she has essentially lost her ability to experience emotion, and even enjoys killing. Dorigen is oddly affectionate (as in touchy-feely) with her OVD comrades, particularly the women. Some of them find this endearing, others unsettling. Though she does not actively hate humans, she certainly looks down on them.

[b]Bio:[/b] Because of her psychic abilities, Dorigen had a thoroughly miserable childhood. Her parents, both devout Christians, thought that the young girl was possessed, and subjected her to numerous attempts at exorcism. When that failed, they placed her into a mental asylum, where powerful new drugs were successful in suppressing her innate powers, although they also rendered her a complete vegetable.

At the age of 17, she finally managed to break free. After not having seen her mother and father for over ten years, she tracked them down, killed them, and promptly fled into the heart of the city. A wandering vampire happened to encounter the blood-covered Dorigen, and would have slain her immediately, had she not attacked him first. Realizing that the girl was heavily drugged and borderline insane, he erased her memory and changed her into one of her kind.

Fortunately for her, she possessed the mental stamina and inner strength required to endure the painful transformation, and was later accepted into the OVD. As the youngest member of the OVD, Dorigen receives greater protection than many of the older and stronger vampires. She is a follower, not a leader, and is well liked for her obedience and gentle courtesy. As a side note, Dorigen is bilingual--she speaks both English and French fluently.

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Name: Clive Gallows

Alias: Neo Helsing

Race: Spainish american

Species: Cyberneticly & geneticly enhanced human

Age: Unknown, yet he appears to be around his 30's

Gender: Male

Alliance: AVD


Redemption- A cybernetic blade connected to his also cybernetic arm and wrist. When activated, the blade juts next to his fore-arm. Just by will he can flip it up next to his hand and back, like a quill. The metal is a mix of silver and titanium, it is strictly experimental.

Hellura-Fal-ginuma Needles- When looked upon these thin quills of metal seem just to be inlarged sewing needles, But when placed in any suface they explode within seconds. The explosion isnt big but it still gives its share in damage.

Personality: Calm, wreckless, highly inteligent, and witty.

Bio: Heh, it's actually a funny story. I was a scientist, a damn good scientist. Some of the genetic enhancement on humans were due to me, thank you. I also took some of the enhancements for myself. Longer life, advanced agility, and hightened senses, etc. Anyway, I was astounded by the vampiric species. So, I studied heavily into them. I found out so much....maybe a little too much. I became consumed into their world. I started to experiment with dead vampires, I was getting nowhere.

Then my lab....MY LAB! Was attacked and taken over by a bunch of men. Vampires or human, I dont know. Frankly, I was dead....well almost dead, but my brother had found me and saved my life. I lost 25% of my body, but due to the genetics, I was able to live. My brother and I rebuilt the lost 25% of my body in another lab. He was part of the Lowendove, geez he was seriously pissed.Well at this point I am a damned cyborg. My whole left arm, left shin, and right eye.

After that, my brother and I were close. He killed the vamps, I disected them. He took me on a mission once and we ran into this female vampire. She was calm at first, actually if she didn't try to kill me, I would be interested in her. She finally attacked my brother and I, and bit him and myself. We caught her and I began to work on a serum. I failed to save my brother, but I injected myself. The serum making me look younger than I really am. The only downfall is my memory is now damaged. So, I keep a journal. My memory is still fading. I don't remember my age, and with all these changes to my body, I cant even tell anymore.

The Lowendove scientists experimented on the vampire girl. They were pretty much killing her, so was I. Until I developed a New elixer created from her DNA. It was hard a painfull, for her and myself. I used her blood and nullified the vampiric gene, then injected it into myself. I didn't want to kill The girl, so I let her free...oops...she escaped, and so did I. Personally, I think the Lowendove are crazy. All I needed a lab,heh....

Now all I need is to be alone, but that's not going to happen until this damn war is over. The Lowendove think I'm dead. I ended up joining the AVD. My joining the AVD is another long, boring story. I don't think you want to hear.
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OOC: Made a few big changes.

Name: Vincent Ashford
Alias: Padre
Race: British
Species: Vampire
Age: He is about 500 years old, but looks 27
Gender: Male
Alliance: OVD

Appearance: Red eyes, short silver hair, pale skin, wears all black suit, gloves, and shoes. Also wears gray trenchcoat. Has a crucifix through his heart. Also has several scars on his body. Has his weapon strapped on his back.

Weapon: Normal vampirific abilities, but due to his old age he is more stronger then most vampires.

Cross of Redemption: A simple wooden staff in the shape of a cross where the bottom is spiked, so he uses it like a pike. It is mostly used as a finishing move as he makes the soul of the body that is stabbed become purged, then destroyed. They say that crosses are one of a vampire?s weakness, but this cross makes humans weaker.

Personality: Most of the time he is quiet, but becomes a complete psycho in the presence of blood or in the heat of battle. He is also arrogant, impatient, and acts religious.

Bio: Vincent has no recollection of his past life but only up to the point of his death and that he was a priest. All he remembers of his death is that a group of vampires ambushed him and killed him in a church. He then woke up, and found himself impaled on a cross, and a crucifix stabbed through his heart, which remains today.

Even though he is a vampire, he still remained a priest, for he believed that both God and Satan had given him a new life, and a new purpose. Ever since then he has killed humans and vampires alike, including the very same group of vampires who killed him. How he killed was interesting. Before he would kill he would ask his victim if they had any sins to confess. Once they did, he would stab them with the Cross of Redemption, and purge their souls so they could be led to Heaven, while those who didn?t confess were instantly killed, and taken to Hell.

Soon Vincent was given the name ?Priest of Death? by humans and vampires. He is feared throughout Europe and is constantly hunted down by the AVD, Lowendove, and CVD, so he would remain hidden time and time again. Even though he has killed for hundreds of years he has never really fought in battles of the war between humans and vampires, but only witnessed them.

Now that the war has reached a new turning point, Vincent and a group of other vampires have formed the OVD, to prove that vampires are the dominant species. He is called "Padre" by members of the OVD for he is a priest.
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Name: Kyo Kyashin
Alias: Kyo no Ryu
Race: Japanese
Species: vampire
Age: 122 but looks 19
Gender: male
Appearance: Kyo has fuzzy black hair and large freaky purple eyes. He has a freaky smile, and wears a blue TaiKwon Do gi.
Alliance: AVD
Weapon: a glaive with a silver handle and flag
Personality: freaky. Very freaky.
Bio: Kyo has been through a lot in his 122 years of pure war. He joined the AVD 50 years ago and ishoping this whole wat ends, though after living through it for 122 years, he doubts an end is possible. He actually saw the letter from the new organization and was somewhat deligted, he couldnt wait to show these idiots what horrors war brings, so they wont be so cocky.
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Name: Zebias Mercuth


Race: Native American (Passamoquoddy Indian)

Species: Vampire...part of the OVD

Age: 169 (appears to be 22)

Gender: Male

Allaince: The OVD

Weapon: exploding stars-Shape is like the nazi symbol except, curved. Stars of Destruction is a set...there are four in the set. They are throwing stars. These stars begin in a ball, when the right piece is pushed the blades pop out-it is then ready for action. The user throws at intended target (mind you the user must have good aim) and once the star has hit the target it then burrows deeper and deeper into it. Once fully inside, the Star shoots out so much energy that target object explodes(almost as if a bomb was eaten then exploded in the stomach)

Personality: He has a reality vs. appearance thing going on. He appears to be happy and satisfied with life but on the inside he can be really dark and twisted. He is somewhat of a flirt when he wants to be.
Bio: Zebias started off as a happy, normal, human being. He was happily married to his beautiful wife Enya, he had two children: a boy and a girl, identical twins the age of 12. Zebias had a great job working as a vetrenarian...he loved animals. Every night he would arrive home from work to a nice family dinner, but one night was different, that one night changed his entire life.
He had walked in as usual and put his keys and jacket down...he remembered that he had called to his wife and kids. When he had walked into the kitchen, he had expected them to be sitting there smiling, waiting for him. He arrived to something completely different, he arrived to a group of vampires threatening to kill his wife and children. At the time he did not understand what it was all about. What had he ever done to them? Because of his love for his wife and children he sacrificed himself...he did not expect this idea to work, after all he was only one person. To his surprise the vampires agreed, he said his goodbye's to his wife and children expecting to never see them again. The vampires took him to a secret underground layer and showed him their secrets. Told him of the war. He still wondered why he had been chosen, and asked about it. One of the vampires told him because it was his destiny, and he still did not understand. He had not been killed yet either at this point....he asked about that, this is when he recieved his bite. After that bite, he did not remember anything at all. The vampires that stole him away gave him a created memory...about how he is in the OVD and how he has been for years and he is fighting for the right side in the whole war. It seemed as if he had just woke up from a long dream that he only had vague memories of. He would go on midnight strolls to try to recover whatever it is he could not think of, all the time on his walks he would find himself drawn to one house. One night he watched the house, watched a beautiful woman play with her two children, he could not shake the feeling that he knew them, he felt somehow connected. He has worked with the OVD ever since he was bitten and is still working with them, fighting for dominance, fighting to rule.
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Name: Dr. Adolph Denagen

Alias: Doc

Race: German

Species: Cybernetically Enhanced Human

Age: 40

Gender: Male

Allaince: Lowendove Brotherhood

Appearance: [img]http://www.freewebs.com/dmitri_dragoon/evil.JPG[/img]

Weapon: His enhanced strength, and his pet. (Included in the Picture)

Personality: Doc is mostly sad, after the accident, which is explained in his Bio, he keeps to himself. As was said, he is sad most of the time, and filled with anger.

Bio: Adolph Denagen, born of Thomas and Olga Denagen. As a child he heard stories of his parents vampire slaying. From them he also heard about his ancestors vampire slaying days. He knew what this meant to, he would be a slayer when he became old enough.

When he graduated from school, he went on to college recieved his Doctorate in Cyber Technology. He was brilliant in this field and surpassed many other scientists that were much older than he.

His first experiment, was the creation of another species. It was a small, rodent like creature with very sharp teeth, capable of tearing through most any material, especially bone. The creatures are grey colored, with small, yet piercing eyes. They also have very large ears, and a long tail, with a point on it. Much like the stereotypical devil. He named this creation, [i]Teufel Kind[/i], or Devil Child. He created twenty of the creatures, with the intention of breeding them, and distributing them among the Lowendove Brotherhood.

But then the accident happened. A small team from the OVD infiltraited his laboratory, and destroyed it, with him and his creations in it. Somehow, he was able to survive, as was one of the Teufel Kind. Eventhough he survived, his body was destroyed. He had no use of his legs, and part of his face was so scarred he was barely able to talk, and his eyes were almost completely blinded.

That's when he decided to create his suit. For three years he worked on it, and finally it was completed. With the help of his colleages, he was put into the suit, but that wasn't all. The next step, was to fuse the suit, and his biological body together. Turning him into a cyborg.

After five days of work, he was walking, talking, and seeing perfectly again. But his appearence was something that struck fear into many, including friends.

Doc's new body, gave him extraordinary strength, matching, and even possibly surpassing the strength of a vampire. His hands, are now made of a silver and titanium alloy, renduring them indestructable.

His face, is now mostly metallic as well. His eyes are no longer human, they enable him to see in five modes. Normal human vision, Vampiric vision, Infrared, Heat, and Nightvision.

Before the transformation into his new self, Doc stood at a simple 5'8". Now he stand over a foot taller, at 6'11". He is one formidable person.

The last remaining Teufel Kind, is his pet, partner, and weapon. He has named it Demon, and it accompanies him where ever he goes, usually wrapped around his neck or arms. Together the two are an almost unstoppable force.
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