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Art The Wonders of PaintShop Pro


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Third and final time...last time...I am making a banner thread...*insert readers sweatdropping here*
Like the title says, I make all my banners in Paint Shop Pro 8. I downloaded Photoshop once and was extremly confused. :sleep:
My banners (so far), in all their glory *random person laughs* HEY! GET BACK HERE! *runs after (insert name here)*

Fruits Basket: (requested by stun gun Milly)
[size=1]Three background guys are affected with sepia tone.[/size]

Knives: (JoyKaiba asked me to make this for her brother)

Vash: (feeling happy and messing around with random happy-Vash images, which ended up being for my bud, .h4ck)

Jenna: (GS: The Lost Age; made for fun)
[size=1]I wanted to add "I can only go to a world that exceeds expectations", but I couldn't find a good font color.[/size]


Various White Haired Dudes: (for Azure_Skies)

Zero and Bakunetsumaru: (requested but never used...)

Vash and Wolfwood: (made out of complete fun)
[size=1]Wah, I forgot to put "the 3rd"...[/size]
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Hey Katana!!! I really like this batch. ^^ I think I have seen some of them before.

Fruits & Baskets one: yah kno, I have never seen that one. I heard of it, but I have never seen it. Oh well. My only complaint is the chick in the middle and to the right. She is brighter than everybody else.

The ones of Knives and Vash are soooo good. I don't quite like teh background for the Knives one, but it is still pretty.

the Jenna one. . . . . WOW!!!!!!!! I love it exactly the way it is. I love the two contrasting sides to it. So good! Nice jorb!

And since i am lazy I will skip all of the rest until you get to the last one. . . .THAT IS THE FUNNIEST THING I HAVE EVER SEEN!!! did you like replay that part a million adn 5 times or something? I don't think the color of the font is too great, but the pictures are so good. The look on both of their faces is hilarious. *chuckles* I love it.

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Well, the FB one is suppossed to be like that...I wanted to tell the difference between the three guys and the girl...uhh....
Hehe, most of these banners are from my [strike]earlier[/strike] days of PSP, so I didn't know very much, and to tell the truth, I added the text in Paint because I couldn't figure it out in PSP. :sweat:
The last one? I thought the font was good, but the steps were:
1.) Get image. Split them so that I can have space in the center.
2.) Erase the stuff around the images. What was that? I CAN'T CROP!!! *gasp*
3.) Add color.
4.) Go to Up In Smoke. Put cursor over thumbnail. Read the text, which shows Vash's "name". Write down name. ^^
5.) Copy and past to Paint and add text.
6.) Save and show to people. Read Haze's "whoa" post. ^^;;[/size]

I thought this would be fun....here's a banner I made for Hacker Kite in PAINT! That's right, Paint. It was horrible. I had to cut the images at once, I couldn't do it bit by bit....
It's bad...really bad... :bawl:

And now, the improved version! ^^
Okay, so the bottom text needs to be changed, but it's quite the improvment, neh? ^_~

Thanks for posting! I realllllllllllllll *five days later* llllllly appreciated it!

[strike]PS: I'm on an extreme caffeine high. I'm very hyper.[/strike]
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[size=1][color=darkblue]Wow, nice Katana! ^^ You sure can make some good ones! I've really taken a liking to the Jenna one. It is very nice, if I didn't love the banner I have now, I would need to steal it! ^_~
I always love what you do with backgrounds. Always so full of color. You always have pretty good quality of pictures to, but sometimes you don't always manage to get off all the access stuff off the edges and it makes it look a little sloppy.
Otherwise, I don't have any complaints! ^^ Keep it up![/color][/size]
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I don't mind. You can have it. ^^

Inspired by .h4ck, I made a DN Angel banner...I think. ^^; I liked the imaged a lot, so I just erased the background and pasted it on. Yah!
And with the bright backgrounds...alllll of the backgrounds I have ever made come from me and the paintbrushes. And I like the bright colors because everything else here seemed to be so...depressing...
Banner in sig:


Banner I made a few weeks ago for Artemis. ^^ She wanted a warrior girl banner, so I chose these two images. I thought they were really cool. The only problem was the second image didn't show the sword when it was at a decent size, so I split both of the images in half.
The result:

Dum dum dum dum!!! ^^;;
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[size=1][color=chocolate]Katana, you make some wonderful banners.
Out of all of them, I like the Knives one. The background is great, and the font is great too. Second would be the Jenna one. It also rocks.

Yes, and the new and improved banner is better then the last one. Yes, bottom text need to be changed, but maybe using white color for the font on "Helba." Otherwise, I like your banners a lot.
P.S. The one you just put up is good too! Relates to me a bunch! :)[/size][/color]
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nice! *claps till hands fall off* oops were they supposed to do that? o well. i had psp 7 never could figure it out but tha fact that you could work psp8 well lets give you a hand! *picks up hand off the floor* some were a little sloppy the text was odd colored. and it was badly cut. (some) but other then those minor *coughNotReallycough* difficulties greate! but what can i say? yours are bettter then min! *wink*
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Thank you, thank you, thanks all around. You may not know it, but I get totally embarassed when people are [strike]over[/strike]enthusiastic about the stuff I make. Me be happy. ^.^;;
As the sucject title says, the theme for this moment is Golden Sun, with the character being Sheba! I plan on doing a few more like these, so if you like the GS games, stay tuned! :D

Grid Sheba:
[size=1]I figured out how to make grids! Yay! *sweatdrop*[/size]

Bronze Sheba:

I'd also like to note that all of these banners can be used by you here at the boards, except those with names on them (duh). Also, please give me credit if you do. ^^
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[color=teal]*Mod-approved double post. Post above was spam and was deleted. -Syk3[/color]

Okay...uh...thanks? (What do you want me to do with your image?)
Latest banner. Like I said, I'm featuring various Golden Sun people, and up next was Piers! ^^ He's my favorite...think he's cute...*more readers sweatdropping*

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[color=teal]*Mod-approved double post. Post above was spam and was deleted. -Syk3[/color]

Gomen, sorry for not updating in a bit. ^^; I've been tied up with the Christmas banner contest and holiday shopping, and tonight I'm going to a Christmas party, which explains the banner.
Shippo Greetings! Yay! I found this cute image and decided to make it into a banner. ^^
PS: Red is the offical color of X-mas, not red and green, so don't critisize me for not using green. :shifty:

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[color=darkblue][b]Keep in mind [/b][i]I'm not the best commenter on the planet.[/i][/color]
The first batch of banner felt a bit too crowded for my liking, but I am also very fussy about what I like and not like ^_^

[color=darkblue]The "[b]Sheba[/b]" banners were astoundingly pretty. [/color]
The grids on the first one made it feel very dimensional.
The second one sparked interest, "[i]what's going on there ?[/i]" [insert suspenseful music]
Also overall nice/pretty. I like what you've done with the border [i]*nods*[/i]

Those are my [i]*counts*[/i]... how many cents does that make ?.....

- Mimmi[/COLOR]
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(Ish slightly confused, but that's okay)
That's okay. ^^ It's good to have someone who doesn't like something or something. I like making my banners busy and full, not empty. I like happy and fun stuff. ^^
I made this one about a mouth or so ago. I like it alot. Very plain and simple, yet strong, I suppose.


A Question for PaintShop Pro Users: Okay, does anybody besides me use those spiffy little picture frames that make the banner "curel" or have make the image have slashed edges? I seem to be the only one that uses those...
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[size=1][color=darkblue]Great, just great. I love your background styles, those are what mainly catch my attention, but the way you put it all together makes it rather spiffy. I can always enjoy some part about your banners. As while I normally have the same styles, you like to explore, and I always love to see what you come up with! ^^
The Piers one is nice, I love the background on that one. I like you recent entry too, very nice. GOD! >.< I wish I could make those backgrounds! If you would be so kind as to tell me what you use, I would be oh so grateful.
Keep up the awsome work, I can't wait to see more! ^^
Oh yes, I couldn't see your Sheba banners, I really wanted to see them. If you have some way to send them to me, I would be once again ever so grateful! ^^[/color][/size]
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^^ Um...the one on the previous banner is from a website. It's a graphic they made. :sweat:
Yay, more GS banners, this time being a character from the first game. Her name's Mia and, like Piers, she's a Water Adept.


Kinda liked how it turned out. Initially, I had tried to make it so that every image cast a shadow due to the sunlight, but it didn't quite work out....*nervous laugh*
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[color=teal]*Mod-approved double post. Post above was spam and was deleted. -Syk3[/color]

^^ I will explain later. I'm feeling kinda lazy (and I have to study for my Constitution test...~_~)
Yeah. I made this because I really did feel like like it. Um...yeah. I just thought up this quote while I was looking through my hardrive and saw a Sai Saici image. "Never underestimate the power of an idiot!"
Hehe, isn't it cute? ^^
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heh. That is the best. I love the shades picture! I really like the background. Goes well with his face. I think. . . . . anyways. I like the Shippo one too. It is soooo cute! I miss Kareoke Kenshin though. *sniffle* ^__^ Very nice work. The backgrounds are fun and moving. They go very well with the pictures you use.

P.S. As a Paint Shop Pro user I can honestly say that I have never used either of those effects. Don't know why though. I guess I have never thought of it. heh.
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Yayyy! Thanks!
Okey, I'm all set for New Years! ^^ I found this really great website with Inuyasha images, the ones that aren't from the anime but have funny themes or something.



Poor Shippo (avi). I thought it was hilarious though. ^^;
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[color=teal]*Mod-approved double post. Post above was spam and was deleted. -Syk3[/color]

Thanks Isus. Yeah, I know I made your banner. ^^ That was back in the day when I didn't belive in borders. *sweatdrop*
(Edit: Buh bye, sad D-Day banner. ^^)
I made this one last night for Leh...she wanted a Digimon banner and boy, I haven't made one of those in a lonnnnnnnnng time. It's too bad she didn't choose mine...darn you Hack Helba! >.<
I think the background turned out pretty spiffy...and Leh said to "surprise" her. Hehe. I told her it was shocking, neh?
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[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by AnonymousSource [/i]
[B]Haha...that's cool...I love the third one!
You're good, keep it up
(k, I'm not a good critique, I just thought that one was cool) [/B][/QUOTE]
[color=teal]Clearly..you arn't one to constructively critique. If this is the case, simply don't post; otherwise, follow the rules we set up in the stickies at the top of this forum.[/color]

[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by Ryu_Sakura [/i]
[B]how do you make grids? and would you amke one for me? i have and image. pm me. please. and nice job on those two. although who in h-e double hockey sticks is she? and the pic is below. [/B][/QUOTE]
[color=teal]You really need to improve your posts, Ryu_Sakura. Not only because the grammar and spelling could use some work, but because you are not discussing the art at hand. If you have any personal questions for Katana, please do so through PM.[/color]

[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by Isus [/i]
[B]hey Katana!! you cant forget the one you made for me!!!
i like the others too! good job!!1 [/B][/QUOTE]
[color=teal]Basically, you fall under the same category as the other two posts I just dealt with. If you want them to post up your banner, please PM them and ask. As for saying that you like the banner, you have to [i]go into detail.[/i][/color]
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How do you make grids, and what program do you use? I hate it When I don't know somthing. And nice job on those two. I'm in love with your backgrounds. I never could figure out how to do it. *sob* I can't contorl my mouse so i have trouble with stuff like that. Where did you get the insiration, I lost the little I have for the next month.

1. I think the digimon one is really good, but the background colors don't match. Try orange insted of red, or green insted of blue.
2. The shippo avi is really funny, I love it! The inu-yasha festival banner is so neat. But the font color is kind of odd, it would look better with red.
3. YAY! Sai Saici!!! Sai Saici is so cool I LOVE the quote and it's totally true. (A friend said that.)
4. The Mia one is well, blue. I love the color blue, and i envy you and your ability to be able to do decent sun shines (well, whatever they are thats what I call them.) The only thing is you should make the name stand out more.

And Syk3, I'm sorry if the other post was messy... that day my sister spilled crackers all over it, and I didn't know until after I posted. Then after I got it cleaned I forgot about that post and never edited it. Sorry, please forgive me. *sad face* :bawl: My sister is so crule. *looks at the 2 broken speakers and wimpers*
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Read my sig to find out my problem...but for now, I'll post up some old banners to keep this thing alive.

First Banner for Inuluvr1:

Second Banner:

Legendary Super Saiyans (didn't turn out too spiffy >.<):

[color=blue]Note: Okay, I'm really mad at how many people have spammed in this thead. On the first page, people spammed so much that I had a triple post! >.< Also, I orginally had two of my banners on the first page on the second page but, again, because of spam, they were moved to the first. (Thanks for the help Syk)
Thankie, Conna and Haze, for helping me out. Oh, and Mimmi too. And thanks, Ryu_Sakura, for having a good post. Byes![/color]
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