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Sign Up War of The Vampires II: The Ties That Bind {warning: contains very adult content}

Inuyasha Fandom

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okay, this new story has begun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! please post your identity here. If you were in it before and are still alive, you can still be that character.
[i][COLOR=red]You cannot use a character that was created by someone else unless you were given permission.[/COLOR] [/i]
I am still Aruzan

here is a small summary:

Seven weeks ago, Aruzan Lucas, dunpeal son of the king of pureblood vampires,met with his now bride, Chinkan, daughter of the demon of white flames and a vampire. Thay have married, but before we get to that, we must go into depth about the story.

Before Chinkan and Aruzan met, Chinkan was in love with Aruzan's older pureblood brother, Orin, but she knew him as Thomas.They one day parted, promising to meet later. Chinkan went to the meeting place, but Orin never showed.

Like Chinkan, Aruzan too knew love, he had lost his heart to a mortal woman. He left her to protect her, but fate was as cruel to him as it was to Chinkan. Shana was her name, and she was a kind soul. When Aruxzan left, she was heartbroken, and when she met another vampire, she chose to become an immortal, to seek revenge on Aruzan for breaking her heart. She then set out to torment Aruzan as long as he lived. Yet, Aruzan never fell in love again. Untill he met Chinkan, that is.

Several centuries later, Aruzan and Chinkan met, and they hit it off. They were at first just enigmas to one another. Aruzan and Chinka were a perfect match, both in a fight and in bed. They were well suited to one another, and Chinkan was able to set the ice of Aruzan's heart on fire! He fell in love with her, not wanting to admit it. Yet, he did, and then too did Chinkan admit her feelings fo him, and eventually, and the two love birds became engaged.

They discovered that they were united by destiny, as they had found that they had both known Orin, but that he was dead. Aruzan had buried Orin himself, or so he thought. Then they met Miazmodon, a quiet vampire.

Then they met the lively girls Carmize and Hakira. Hakira was a geneticlly engineered vampire/neko mix, and Carmize was a yakasha-born vampire girl. This led to some fun in the sun. These fates were to be twisted by the evil and tormented Ryu, who became a dark dementia who was eventually defeated. Hakira had gone over to his side, and was terribly saddened by his death. Yet, Ryu wasn't dead, not really. He hid from the happy couple of Aruzan and Chinkan.

Shana had been kiled, and to Aruzan, she was at peace. Yet Shana would come to Chinkan, and give her information, in an attempt to repent. She still wanders this mortal coil, wandering untill she can repent for what she has done.

Aruzan now have a new enemy, one that has plans for conquest anbd death. And for it's plan to succeed, it must have blood of special individuals.....One can only question if anyone is strong enough to defeat what can't be defeated........
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[color=green]Inuyasha Fandom, if you're starting an RPG with adult content, you should know you'll now be held to "adult" standards of post quality. Hence, multiple examples of multiple exclamation points will probably be frowned upon.

Even though this RPG is building on another one, you should still post a back story and signup sheet. Please edit your first post accordingly.[/color]
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Like this?

/Name/ Hakira Tsukinara

/Age/ Almost a year

/Race/ Bio-Engineered Neko(former Neko-vampyre)

/Appearance/ She has dark brown hair and fair skin. Her eyes are large and emerald now because she became human, they once were orangish-red. In her first appearance she wears nothing but a large white lab coat, and from then on she just wears what people give to her, or what she has stolen. Hakira has a long, dark and poofy tail the same colour as her hair and ears. She no longer has fangs and no other vampyric traits, except for the venom scent inside of her that still fools even vampyres of what she truly is. She appears to be about fifteen now, though when she first entered the rpg she appeared to be about thirteen . . .

/Bio/ I suggest you read the original BIO first, then continue on with this. [url]http://www.otakuboards.com/showthread.php?s=&threadid=31686[/url]. Hakira had found no real satisfaction traveling with Aruzan and the others so she took off for a new life. She had found out being a Minion of Luna(evil form of Ryu) was very pleasing so she stayed with him until his death. She had thought she'd fallen in love with Luna, that's why she had stayed. Later, after his death she had found out she were truly in love with Ryu and had cried the first human tears she'd ever experience. As a result, she became human. All of her vampyric traits had disappeared except for the scent of venom that lies in her blood. Now left depressed and alone with Chinkan, Carmize and Aruzan at Dracula's castle. She is often found sitting on Chinkan's windowsill, staring out at the mass of city before her, dreaming of the days that once were. If one were to get inside of her head they were think she were insane when what it truly is, is death. Her heart died that day. The day that was supposed to make peace between vampyres and humans.
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[color=indigo][b][size=1]C'mon Inu Fandom, if we were planning on having new recruits, you know that there should have been a sign-up sheet :p..

I'm still Chinkan, but her appearance has changed, and I'm giving her a last name..

Name: Chinkan Torra, Daughter of the White Flammed Demon

Age: over 700 years

Gender: Female

Race: Half Demon, Half vampire.

Appearance: 5'5", 125lbs, tanned skin. Her hair is silky and thick, pearly white is soft gold highlights. Her eyes are soft gold with a thicker gold rimming her iris. On her face, she has golden strips that frame her eyes and swirl up her temples. She wears a tight white T-shirt that stops above her belly button, a pair of black soft leather pants, black high heeled boots (the heal is 1in thick and 2in high). Eventhough she is said to be over 700 years old, Chinkan appears to look in her early 20's.

Bio: It is a very long story that Chinkan would rather put behind her....(I might come back to do this..Some of her Bio was explained in the summary..If anyone really wants to know, look up the original sign up or the first few pages of the first story...I don't have time nor the will to write out a bio at the moment)[/color][/b][/size]
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[i][color=lightpink][b]Name:[/b] Carmize Nikolai

[b]Age:[/b] 17 (203)

[b]Race:[/b] Yaksha

[b]Gender:[/b] Female

[b]Description:[/b] She is a 5'5" girl, only wieghing to 90 lbs, but truely she isn't and very naive at times. She had a black minischool girl skirt on with a tight black button up shirt, that cut just a bit too low. She has lavender eyes, and long curly black hair, that reaches down to her thighs, she'll normally have it ina small bun or braided.

[b]Personallity:[/b] She is mean at times, but she does pretty well with killing things, she is ruthless to the core.[/color][/i]
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Name:Dante Aluocious
age: 1000 years
Ailas: no alias
Race: half breed
Apperance: He wears a black wardrobe but has a white cape on the hood is blood red he has a medium skin tone he has black hair but it is cut short
Height/weight:6'2/209 lbs.
Weapons/powers/skills: He has a sword and a whip which are cursed and have the blood of everything he has ever killed running down it
Bio: He awoke 10 years ago and walks the earth alone, He ventures to join azuran to fight this new enemy and destroy him. He has never been accepted in the society of vampires because before he slept he was a vampire hunter and now he has changed . He has one love but knowone knows what originally happened to her but it is said she died before he woke up killed by someone who destroyed his hometown. So now all he has left is nobody but himself. He soon began his journey.
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Name: Ryu
Age: Unknown
Gender: Male
Description: Completely black shirt, pants, boots, and gloves, all designed for fighting. (face looks like Saburo from kikaider) Black helmet that hides his face and protects him from the sun.

Bio: Ryu was once a gunnie pig for experaments, particularly enfusing a Luna's arm onto his body, twisting their genes and blood. Ryu was struck with amnesia shortly after, and wandered for a period, going on killing sprees that he had no control over. After a fight with Chinkan that ended in a draw, he was healed and took over a Radio tower which he used as a castle, the luna part of him now in full control.

He made a broadcast to the nation, that told all of the next great war and the rise of vampires. To add to this, he destroyed a bergade of troops who came to arrest him with his own version of an EMP, shortly before he and the Luna split, Ryu running into the daylight and presumably dying. But in truth, he was saved by the corpiration that enfused him with the Luna, and stayed there for a while as he slowly healed.

The Luna, and his new ally Hakira, created a new undead army from the corpses of the dead, and the Luna went out on his new plot. After secretly taking blood from Azuran, Miazmodon, and Hakira, he absorbed their energies into his own being, becoming amazingly powerful, and destroying the golden gate brige with only a ball of his own energy.

When Chinkan came to challenge him, he had sealed Azuran under a control spell to fight her. He was unhypnotized, and grew to enourmus power from necessity. After sealing Azuran in the death dimension, and being tooken there himself along with Chinkan and Hakira, and defeated by Chinkan.

At this point, Ryu manedged to release them from the Death Dimension with a portal. After revealing his identity, he set off to destroy all of the Luna's followers, which he found to be quite more numerous than expected, and may not be able to handle...

Weapon: Sleek katana

Personality: Silent, serious, critical, and haunted with guilt.
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I finally found a Picture of Hakira!! I wish to add it to my profile, but I'm not too sure it will be noticed so..

or [url]http://img.villagephotos.com/p/2003-11/479870/HakiraHeadphones.jpg[/url]
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Name: Dregen Croft


Appearance: Dregen has updated his look to go unnoticed. He still wears his leather red trench coat, With a black long sleeve t shirt, black leather pants, withblack leather boots that mid calf cut. inside the coat there many hidden pockets for dregens small daggers.
hight/weight/hair color/ skin color:6'2/ 200/ His hair comes down to his shoulders it is dyed jet black with a streak of red on the right side./ Brown skin

This is the coat

Weapons/powers/skills: Dregen carries two .45 mm pistols and two .09 mm pistols on him he also carries daggers in his hidden pocets and one and both boots, he has a Kodachi at his waist, and carries a 14th century sword (Katana) owned by his father.vampiric mental and physical strengths, and extradinary supernatural senses. He has the ability to call forth the spirits of the five great magic?s. These spirits endow him with there magic.

Race: Human/Vampire

Bio: Dregen recently awoke to this new world after being sentenced to sleep until the High Counsil of vampires had a use for him.he awoke do to a fight that Chinkin and Ryu had. Since he was fresh to this nw age he didn't know who to help or who to fight. Following Chinkin and Azuron around he has been chareged with protecting the weak and opposeing the currupt. His father was a General in the service of Dracula. His mother was a spirit charmer for the council.

Personality: Dregen is a kind hearted person but he is ruthless in battle the only person to ever overcide his power in battle is his brother and Azuron. He is down for what ever

"Aku soku zan" "Slay evil immediately", [/COLOR]
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Guest HumaniodTyphoon
Name: Liam
Age: Not telling, looks 29
Gender: Male

Description: Wears baggy black pants with a white tanktop; when in battle wears the mask of the vampire

Bio: After learning of his familiy's grusome murder by a masked vampire Liam, at the time the 16 year old Irish son of an English nobleman, charged in with his father's rapier and killed all the vampires but the masked vampire escaped.
He searched for that vampire. Liam cornered the vampire in a French chateux where he fought the masked vampire to Liam's own transformation. But when he came back to life as the undead he slew his family's murderer and claimed the mask.

Weapon: Fencing Rapier

Personality: Think Legato Bluesummers from Trigun
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[COLOR=teal][size=1] Sounds fun, but I?m not sure what time and stuff this is occurring in so just let me know if I got it wrong. It wouldn?t hurt to go back and edit the starting post either you know?

[b] Title:[/b] Athen, Lord of Darkness.

[b] Age:[/b] 6,357

[b] Gender:[/b] Male

[b] Appearance:[/b] Athen stands at 6?3? with broad shoulders and a perpetual sneer on his face. With white hair kept at shoulder length and long slender arms this ancient vampire gives off a sinister aura strong enough to shatter the confidence in most mortals.
Wearing black robes and a long cape Athen conceals his armor well. Below the flowing intricacies of the ancient robes (just read his bio) is a pure black set of heavy full-plate, so dark it seems to absorb the light around it.

[b] Weapons:[/b] The legendary broadsword known as Rharimmir. This weapon is truly massive, at 5?2?, and takes considerable skill to wield it; few have been powerful enough to use the magic of the sword. Athen also carries a set of punching daggers, which are built into the master-crafted armor he wears. These daggers retract into the gauntlets when they are not needed.

[b] Bio:[/b] Athen?s story is far too long to recount here so I will put just the important stuff and reveal it more as I post. The first union of vampires (I?ll leave them nameless as this is not my plot.) resulted in Athen?s birth; he was the first ?pureblood? and considers those younger than him to be unworthy of such a title. Living through the many ages of man Athen has seen the rise and fall of vast empires, he has defeated legions of men thrown upon him and conquered much of the old world.
Wielding an ancient blade known as the Rharimmir Athen raised vast legions into undeath and set his might against the world. At the age of 324 he lead the biggest campaign history has ever seen and leveled the empires of man. With all but a few under his dominion Athen turned his attentions to his heart and fell in love with a young half caste vampire, Katherine Tatyana.
Athen?s first generation parents forbid such a mismatch union and turned against Athen, he was forced to kill his parents and begun the pursuit of the young beauty. Vanity claimed the Lord and his vast empire as his obsession grew. The commands coming from his once great and highly looked upon fortress began to grow few and the generals of his forces fell into civil war.
With the vampires fighting amongst themselves the race of man began to grow in strength and number. The fledgling people united what little they had and set about a counter assault on the Lord of the Darkness? armies, still inattentive and obsessed with his unattainable maiden Athen grew weary of his legions and bade them look after themselves, the forces of darkness fell again to man for the first time.
Athen himself was defeated by a captain of his army, furious with his Lords incompetence the Captain marched his force into Athen?s weakly held fortress and engaged the proud vampire in combat. Realizing that he had little chance of defeating Athen if he possessed the legendary blade the Captain brought with him a powerful artifact, the Stones of Helishmer.
These stones had the ability to disarm and seal the mightiest of evils away below the earth, however they required the sacrifice of twelve ?pureblood? vampires to activate them. Using what little of Athen?s forces remained the Captain gathered together the vampires and carried them bound into the stronghold of the Lord of Darkness.
An incredible battle ensued, for many long days the vampires battled against each other, until finally the Captain revealed the Helishmer and the ashes of his freshly slain vampires.
The power of the stone ruptured Athens will and sealed his wounded body deep inside the earth, trapping him between the planes themselves. The mighty blade Rharimmir was lost, sealed between the folds of time and space as Athen used the last of his strength to call upon the powers issuing from the Helishmer to hide the powerful blade. Laying in wait, healing his wounds and building his power, Athen bided his time; eventually he would be able to strike back at the traitor that had cost him dearly.

That time has come. With darkness rising through the world once again Athen?s powers have grown, recently he was able to break free from his prison and travel back to the realms of man. After retrieving the Stone of Helishmer from it?s long forgotten resting place Athen now moves to find twelve ?pureblood? vampires and use the power of the stone to regain the possession of the Rharimmir and wreak revenge upon the bloodline of the Captain who betrayed him, the bloodline of Aruzan?

Ok, I hope I get in, this storyline seems like it could be some real fun. Oh and just PMe if I need to edit any of that.

PS My average post length is this long, just so you know.[/size][/COLOR]
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