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Inuyasha and Kagome had Quadrouplets two of them along with Inuyasha and Kagome perished by Naraku's hands. Naraku killed those who were in his way before. The Shicon(sp?) Jewel is missing. Meteo who is Inuyasha's and Kagome's son and his sister to get there revenge and reclaim the Shicon Jewel.
(Note this is 25 years later in the Fuedal age.)
Special abilities:
Weapons:Tetsaiaga and masamune
Bio: Meteo is a rouge partial Demon who is searching throughout the world looking for Naraku. Meteo has not stopped until he has found the killer. (Note He looks like his dad.)
Special abillities:Poison Claws like his uncle Seshomaru, enhanced hearing, partial demon strength, and Partial demon Speed.
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[b]Name:[/b] Kurumi
[b]Age:[/b] 19
[b]Weapons:[/b] Long bow and arrows and a katana called the Demon Sword.
[b]Bio:[/b] Kurumi is a quiet, but rather violent demon. She is a young cat demon. Kurumi has chesnut ears and tail. She normally wears a red tunic, black cape, black boots, and lets her chesnut hair flow freely. Kurumi was from a village of cat demons, which was destroyed my Naraku and now searches for him with only one thing in mind, revenge.
[b]Special abillities:[/b] Kurumi has many abillities with her claws, but she has also been blessed with water powers and the abillity to control it.[/b]
Hope that's good! ^^
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Weapon(s): Depok,a sword paced down in her family line and her claws.
Bio:She comes from a wolf demon tribe in the mountains.Her grandfather is an Elder of the Wolf Tribes(just in case you didn't know an Elders are the leaders of wolf trbes).Her father trained her to fight in all condesations.Naraku killed her father right in front of her eyes when she was 12.She was raised by her grandfather since that day.Any time she counld sneak away she would train,but her grandfather always sent gardes to bring her back.She hated the Elders Place becaues she had to stay there.She trained her wolfs to tell her if any of the gardes where in the area.She ran away in the dead of the night to get revenge for her father.She wears black fur pants and a red shirt and black nigh high boots.Has shoulder lenth black hair.
Special abilities:Can talk to wolfs and run with extodnary speed.Can fight in any contication.Has great traking skills and hearing.
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Name: Mary
Age: 21
Weapons: Bow and Arrows, and a small dagger hidden away
Bio: Mary is Meteo's twin sister, and daughter of InuYasha and Kagome. At a young age, Mary was taught by her mother about the Shikon Jewel, and it's powers. She trained hard and became a preistess of her great-grandfathers temple (back in the regular time line) She searches with ther brother, hoping to find the evil villian that stole her family away from her. While her brother seeks for revenge, she seeks for the jewel to get rid of all evil in the world.
Appearence: Just like her mother.
Powers: She has the ability to sense the shards of the jewel, and her arrows pack quite a punch behind them. She also has the ability to heal, and control the wind so her brother can catch the smell easier.

(I hope that's ok, i can change if you want me too!)
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Am I too late. If I am tell me.

Name: Kay

Age: about 24

Weapons: her claws and a short sword

Bio: Kay is the daughter of Kouga. The wolf demon tribe wanted to kill her just because she was a girl and she was half-human, but Kouga wouldn't hear of it. He protected her with his life. She was taught how to fight by her father. In fact everything she knows, she learned from her father. Her wolf like speed and strength is oddly more powerful then a averge wolf demon. She has witnessed many murders, but only one got to her. The murder of her father tore her a part. She has now vowed to hunt down Kouga's murder.

Apperence: She looks a lot like her father, but she has blonde hair and white fur.

Powers: She has intense hearing, smell, sight, speed, and strength. She can see strange auras. She can easily tell if someone's a demon. She also has control of her wolf tribe.

I hope this is ok. ^_^
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*Jumps up and down furiously*

Ohhhhhhh!!!! I just Love Shippo! I wanna be his daughter!!
*Runs in circles happily*
But what about Kouga-kun?
Can I be Kouga's daughter instead or no??
if not i'll change the sign up later...

Name: Kitzume...does he have a last name??
Age: 25
Weapon(s): A katana and throwing daggers
Bio: Kitzume is one of Kouga's daughters. Her life was rough from the very start when her tribe wanted her dead because she and her sister were girls. Kouga did the best he could to take care of her till she could go on her own. No female wolves are allowed in Kouga's tribe (have you seen any? Didn't think so...). Kouga was killed not too long ago right before her and her sister's eyes.
Special abilities:An expert swordswoman. Uses a plain, ordinary, has-only-killed-about-one-hundred-demons-or-so, sword.
If I can only be shippou's daugter i'll change it...
AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH!!! You stole the Masamune from Chrono Cross!!!!!!!!
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Can I still join? Can I be kind of...bad? like, sorta evil?

Name: Fye
Age: 12
Gender: female

Bio: She is the human Onigumo's daughter, from before his accident and paralysis, and his transformation. Fye is also half-human, and has been picked up by Naraku for his evil purposes. She accepts the fact that she is his daughter, and goes out on many of his missions. In fact, many times he uses her as a puppet, and just channels his power through her. Her birthday is soon, and as soon as she becomes a teen there will be a transformation in her powers.

Description: Fye has the same long, wavy black hair of Naraku. She has a delicate look about her, but more warm than her father. Usually she wears a plain, working kimono. If you haven't experienced her in battle, you probably wouldn't even know that she's evil. She's in fact very cheerful and friendly, and able to put people at ease immediately. She has no knowledge of things such as trust and loyalty to others, except to Naraku, because he commands it. She's kind of naive, but cheerfully so. So basically, if she befriended someone, and then Naraku ordered her to kill the friend, Fye would do it because she doesn't really know any better. So she's kind of an innocent evil. Fye is also really unable to feel remorse. It's always only happiness and fun to her.

Weapon: If she has to, then she will use her legion of demons to carry out commands, and she also has the powers of deception like Naraku. But usually she's just a channel for Naraku to put his power through. So he's usually actually the one doing the fighting. For self-defense Fye carries a small dirk on her hip, which also has the poisonous darkness of demons.
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Is it already too late to join Up? I'd like to be the child of Shippo!!!

Name: Shadow

Age: 18

Gender: Male

Weapon: None

Bio: Shadow is the child of Shippo (obiously). He is about the size of his father and is in a fox form as him. Shadow is a traveler and goes from place to place finding adventure, he does not like to fight unless he need to to help or defend someone. Shadow ia a calm fox unless he is angered, then he can be quite a hassle to control. Shadow studied some magic attackes from his father but went up to the mountain to train a bit, sometimes Shadow can be a little cocky and rude sometime because of his arrogance and youth (sp).

Special Abilities: Fire ball, flare attack(blinding attack), curaga (healing), thunder, blizzara, speed (makes allies faster in battle), and sheild.

(Hope its not too late to join, this sounds like its gonna be real fun!!)
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(Hope it's not to late to join.)

Name: Dregen


Weapon(s): He carries a sword made by Totousai. It looks like a plain Katana but it has both the power of Tetsusaiga and the Tenseiga. He also has his mothers Boomerang.

Bio: Dregen is the son of Sango The demon slayer, he's the spitting image of her younger brother Kohaku. He was born in a village that Sango created after the group parted ways. Te village was made to replace the village Naraku destroyed 25 years ago. He was trained by his mother, She also sent him around Japan and to other parts of the world. When he returned to the place of his birth he found it destroyed. His mothers last words were find Inuyasha, tell him the enemy has arisen once more....

Special abilities: Martial arts, ability to control fire.
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