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Art Random Banner Contest


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Welcome to the Random Banner Contest! there are only a few rules, and requirments. The award to 1st place/best quility/most creative/best placed/runner-up is a banner made pesonaly by me. If you have any questions please pm me. Also if you do win you may request three deitails you want on it, no more then that, because I will be very busy doing other's banners too.

Ruby, the expriened banner/avi maker, and a good critque
T-Man the good eye. (he looks more for mistakes, i'm not taking any junk)

5 entries max
Anime themed
If you are a judge you may not enter
Please include a quote/name, preferably quote
Be nice
You are not permitted to make rude remarks, or compliments to other contestents, its so people can't hurt others feeling or boost others confidence
Nothing rated 13 or over. (simple fact that i don't wanna get in trouble)

[B]Jugding System[/B]
[I]Based on all factors[/I]

Grainyness of image 5 points
Positioning 5 points
Color of font 10 points
Font legibility 10 points
Phrase 5 points
Creativity 10 points
Eye chatching 5 points
Motion (does it have some sence of movemnt? like is the sword suspended in air, with flames from friction or is it at the side? and size 10 points
Border/without boarder (this depends on whether it need one or not.) 5 points
Obediance (did you follow the rules?) 5 points

In total should equal 70 points or about my adding well that forget it...

End time: December 24, is the last time you can put your banner in. No ecxeptions, unless you have pm-ed me a decent reason. like you need to fix something but you have to go to the hospital because your mom is sick. But i will only make a MAX of 2 exceptions.

Thats pretty much it. And like I said any quesions pm, if you think I'm missing something pm too.

[I]Dark DragonGirl: you did it right, and in ordanance with the rulse i cna't give you a complament or critasism. but i would. but i can't. but thats what you do to get it on your banner page. thats what i do. you can see my banner thread on: [url]http://www.otakuboards.com/showthread.php?threadid=34617[/url] that should be the right url...[/I]
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It's attached tell me if it works please, I tried to do what you said to do Ryu_Sakura but your instructions were a little confusing.

(If it does work) It's not the best, but It is the best I have ever made. It could have been a little better but my mouse hates me right now....
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Hmmm... which to enter...

How about... this one:


And this one:

And... hmm... how about this one:


this one:


And this one:


Don't open the attatchment, it's BMP. I just put it there so I could upload it. The site I usually upload on only allows 5 uploads per day, so I had to attatch it.
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um... sorry but i don't consiede pokemon and anime. try "americanized tv show" from japan. please if its not to much trouble pick another of your banner, (i know you have alot!) and i also know that acording to the rules you lose points for no quote... *refers to rule book* yes i am correct... i'm not sure about sonic, i love the show, (sonic, sonic x, sonic the hedgehog ect...) but i really don't know...
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W-T-F... It's extremely hard to understand what the hell you are trying to say... Clear up the grammar mate. But quite simply pokemon is anime whether you want it to be or not -_-. Also could you please clear up and sort the different things you are grading the banners on into different lines/paragraphs o_- ... The thought of entering passed through my mind for a split second or two...
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um... sorry but i don't consiede pokemon and anime. try "americanized tv show" from japan
0_o;; So then what exactly is your definition of [i]anime[/i]?

Anyway, I guess rules are rules 0_o And if your not excepting that banner then so be-it. *sighs*

And, um, just a question...Why exactly does there have to be a quote? Because I really don't get why it should. Quotes usually tend to clutter the banner up, so I try my best to avoid them, unless someone I am making a banner for request's it.

Anywhoo, if your not accepting it. Here is the banner Ill be using.


Yea, and I don't mind if you take off points for no quote. LoL, I can't think of any >.<
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[color=midnightblue]Well, I'll enter. It's okay to use banners you have posted elsewhere, I presume?

If so, here are my entries.. I have three that I think are my best right here.
That's an Excel Saga one I made.. I really should have lowered the amount of Sepia Toning I did.. It looks to bland to me now. But the second and third ones are really my top two favorites.
I scanned in an image from my Evangelion manga and colorized it here.. That's not such a commonly found idea, and I like how this one turned out. The border kind of makes it look like a comic book frame, to an extent.
Yeah, the third one is certainly my favorite. It took me the longest, and I think it came out very easy on the eyes.

Those are my entries, if there are any problems with my work, simply notify me and I will change what is wrong with them.

EDIT: Oh, and I feel that the banners speak for themselves and need no real phrases or quotes.[/color]
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wonderful! we have lotsa entries, (hey, who can brake their own rules? at least till judging!) but i'm just curious what does that say? *points to Otakusennen's 1'st banner* i can't see, it very well, but it's my sisters com, and it's moniter is REALLY bad. (my com is screwed up. ::sigh:: )
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I hope you all know you can enter more than one banner, up to five actually. And if this wasn't my contest I would enter this, I was so bord...

What I would enter:


I'm thinking of making a club to go with that banner do you think anyone would join? pm your answers, if you have DO NOT post it here, I don't wanna have this thread closed for getting of topic.
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A quick recommendation for those of you who can't think of something to put on the banner. As in the quote part for the contest ruling. Look around and find what character on the banner says the most. Or a line they've stated that you think really means something.

@ Ryu Sakura, not to intrude...But Pok'emon is considered an anime. As is Kirby, and others of the such. That'd also be a nice banner to enter, if it wasn't your contest. Anyway.

I see many great banners here. Not only are the banners that have been entered pleasing to the eyes, and great clarity. But they're also of some of the most aspiring banner makers. Great job every one. This will be a close call...
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Okay, here're all 5 of my entries. (You said we could have 5 max.)






Thats all for me :D
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Alot of these are pretty good except the rules state there are supposed to be some qoutes. Since it's my job to spot some of the problems i'll do my best.

dark_dragongirl: your the letering in your picture is a bit blurry.

Kieko: your fourth banner is blurry to.

OtakuSennen: you're banners are good except there aren't any quots and try not to use japaness. Not every one can read it.

MrSonic: you need to of used some better pictures but other than that you have a good quote.
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[i]T man originally wrote:[/i]
[b]OtakuSennen: you're banners are good except there aren't any quots and try not to use japaness. Not every one can read it.[/b]

[color=midnightblue]Japanese cartoons tend to have Japanese logos. Besides, it just says "Excel Saga". If I must, I'll edit my previous post right now to clarify..

Plus in the .hack banner we clearly have the .hack logo. Now, .hack is pronounced "Dot hack" when spoken. And, by Ryu Sakura's logic as displayed in her "1 word = not a quote, 2 words is" theory, that would count. Of course, both of them are phrases, not quotes. But do as you wish.

And, because I feel banners can speak for themselves and explain their purpose when properly executed, I will not be modifying the Rei banner any time soon. Exclude it from if you must. Heck, if you're gonna maintain such a mentality, exclude all of them. [/color][color=white]By the way, it's spelled Japanese...[/color]
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