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Hello otakuers!Like always,we have a great issue!Why am I wasting time going on for!get readin!


Not much has happened during games and stories, but i can tell you this.....

There is a Resident Evil RPG coming out soon durng this week, emcew gave me word of it, I highly reccomend it that you join because it will be packed with suspense and horrifting monsters.

Another exciting thing that many have been wandering....Pan, a serious membewr of Dating Game Extreme, exclaims to herself....."What happened to all my posts?!!"Well i'll tell you what happened guys, if you post alot in a single thread and that thread gets deleted,then all of your posts that you posted will be deleted also which deducts those from your post count, so I suggest that you should change your Avatar once you reach 500.

Post Count Hallofame: Forte-1000

See you all tomarrow!


We interveiwed a couple mods,very interesting!

Forte: First Question....

Forte: How did you become a mod?

Cloud: That's a tough one... well, Once, a long long time ago (like 8 months) they need a moderator for the dbz forum. The old one went away. Well i was a good person then and well, i never spammed or anything and just abbout everyone liked me. So adam just picked me and ever since i've moderated one forum or another...

Forte: Next Question....

Forte: How long have you been on the boards?

Cloud: 14 months, 3rd longest person

[COLOR=blue]Forte: Next and Final Question....

Forte: How much time do you spend on the boards

Cloud: roughly 2 and a half hours a day.

Forte: thats all for today

Forte: Thanx For You Time and Have a Great Day!

interveiw with james

We interveiwed James over IM to get an inside look at the life of an otaku mod.This is what he had to say:

PixieSparkles822: this is stardust,I wanna interveiw you for the daily otaku,k??
James: ohh ok. I didn't expect you to interview me lol
James: but you can interview who you want
James: :-)
James: btw, good job with your newspaper :-)
PixieSparkles822: okie dokie,1st question:
PixieSparkles822: what's it like being a mod?
James: Being a mod can be tough, especially when you have a lot of spam to clean up! :-) And sometimes mods get blamed for things they don't have control over...but mostly it's a pretty rewarding job for people I think.
PixieSparkles822: ok,do u like being a mod?
James: Well I'm not really a mod as such...and sometimes I am a bit too busy to mod all the time. But mostly it's good because I can help people with their problems
PixieSparkles822: how often would you say you're on otaku?
James: Oh, I'm here at least once a day.
PixieSparkles822: ok,would you say being a mod is hard?does it take lots of responsibility?
James: ah sorry, I lost my connection for a moment.
James: Being a mod can be difficult, yeah. It does take a lot of responsibility
PixieSparkles822: great,what was your reaction when you found out you were picked as a mod?
James: Well at that time I wasn't really active on the boards. So I wasn't really "chosen" to be a mod, I requested to Adam that I be given admin-level powers because at the time I was a senior staff member at theOtaku.com
PixieSparkles822: how long have you been on otaku??
James: I'm not sure exactly how long, but I would say that I've been around in some form since the end of last year.
PixieSparkles822: ok,thank you,you've been great!Any thing you'd like to close with?
James: Hmm..
James:[COLOR=red]Adam and I have a surprise for everyone at Christmas this year. [/COLOR]
James: :-)
PixieSparkles822: ooooohhhhhhh........ok,thanx,look for our interview in tommorow daily otaku!!
James: no problem

that's very interseting huh?

[COLOR=limegreen]GUNDAM REPORT[/COLOR] By,DuoGodofDeath

Mainly polls are going on in the section right now. Here are some of the results.

On "What is your Fsv. Gunam Series?" started by Yuri
08th Ms Team-3
Gundam Wing (including Endless Waltz)-2
Gundam X-1
Stardust Memmorie-0
Gundam F91-0

On "Best Gundam"-Single H and "fav. Gundam"-Dark Sephiroth combined.
Wing Zero-9
Master Gundam-1
Devil Gundam-1
God Gundam-1
Dragon Gundam-1
Heavy Arms-1
Tall Geese-1
Hydra Gundam-1
Amuro Ray's RX-93 Nu Gundam-1

And a big story going around is the new schedule on toonami. On how by popular demand Gundam is back at 5/4c w/ Gundam 08th Ms Team.

:ball: [COLOR=darkblue]POKEMON REPORT[/COLOR] By,stardust:ball:

Is pokemon dying?Will2x asks that.Go to the pokemon forunm and see what it's all about.Please also post your opinions

:flaming: [SIZE=3]SPECIAL ANNONCEMENT[/SIZE] :flaming:

ATTENTION!Just a reminder,this upcoming monday,I'll be going to Mohican.I will be there until 2:00 my time on the 19th.During which time,my co=creator forte will be taking over the daily otaku.So,all my reporters must mail their reports to forte,don't worry,I'll send my reporters special instructions on what to do during that week.That is all!
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You kinda messed up on the interviews with the colors....I shoulda asked more..Ill do it next time. BTW another nice paper! Ill do my best when you leave....:D
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Sadly right now there isn't much action in the nintendo forum, I will make a really big report on the weekend, so bye than I hope there will be more posts, also if any of you are interested in the gamecube check out the nintendo forum, you will see a thread called Cube Club, it has good information on some of the games and stuff.
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