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Gundam Wing: Legends Revived [R for gore, language, and inuendos]


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[COLOR=darkblue][SIZE=1][i]In the year After Colony 306, the original five gundam pilots have taken up residence in the L3 colony vicinity except for Quatre. And for now it would have appeared that everything was at peace, but everytime something is at peace, something is always causing trouble.

A man by the name of [u]Zachary Une[/u] has taken action and has amassed an immense standing army and an even larger Mobile Suit force and a large space fleet as well. He has done this so that he may conquer all of the colonies that do not bow before him. As the year progresses into AC 307 Une has captured or destroyed 10 colonies. Now on December 10, AC 307 Une has focused his attention onto Colonly [u]VX-28791[/u].

A little history on Zachary Une before this happened; the man is a brilliant military strategist, though his peacekeeping unit was held by a peacekeeping tribunal for the cause of the [u]Marlblanc incident[/u]. But he was luckily not held accountable and was released. But that was a large mistake for the tribunal court to do because as soon was he was released Une started a global Coup` de Tat and he proceeded to murder the [u]U.E.C. President[/u]. As soon as that task was comepleted he then declared himself a global dictator.

Once this happened representatives from all the colonies showed up at the U.E.C. Headquarters on Mars since the terraforming was comeplete. Here they discussed a plan of action against Une, several representatives suggested evacuating two colonies and then dropping those colonies onto Earth, in an attempt to destroy large amounts of land, but that idea was quickly killed on the U.E.C. floor before the representatives. Then finally amongst the bickering of the beaurocratic old men a young blonde haired man of about 21 stood up and took the floor, here is what he said,[/i]

"Ladies and Gentlemen of the U.E.C., I Raul Winner, grandson of Quatre Winner suggest that we make five ultimate mobile suits. I'm talking about building five Gundams. We then send these gundams to earth, of course we give them our full support that is." [i]People were surprised by this turn of events, usually the Winner family, since the war had resorted to making items of peace etc. But this idea was greatly accepted and the plans for the gundams was passed.

The plans were headed by Raul, since he had such a vast amount of money. But bad luck found Raul Winner, just as the last gundam had been finished Une's forces attacked his factory, but thankfully Winner loaded the gundams into his personal transport ship, which managed to outrun Une's ships. But Winner knew he couldn't hide in space for long, so he headed for VX-28791 and has been in hiding there, this is why Une has turned his attention on the colony, which in all faces is a neutral colony and has been so because of the fact that its the biggest commerce colony.[/i]

"This adventure has just begun, no turning back. This is the time to fight! It doesn't matter if you thought this would be easy, it isn't."

Here are my requirements.

Name: Please be realistic.

Age: 15-17

Description: A picture please

Description of Personality: Minimum of 2 paragraphs

Short Biography: Minimum of 2 paragraphs

Gundam: Wing is mine

These are the availible gundams and here are their pictures

Deathscythe: Annie's gundam

Heavy Arms: Metatron's Gundam

Shenlong: Arcadia's Gundam

Sandrock: G.D. Ryoko's Gundam

And here is mine, which is Wing.


I hope you all enjoy this.

Okay for those who want a background on Zachary Une here it is.

His background really isn't that well known, records though supposedly indicate that he is in fact the son of the infamous Lady Une who served under Treize Kushrinada, but once he was killed and peace followed she became the leader of the protectors. But Zachary is a total maniac, he has delusions of grandur and people bowing before him and following his every whim. He truly is crazy.[/COLOR][/SIZE]
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[color=indigo][size=1][i][b]Eh, why not, I love Gundam Wing..

Name:[/b] Tanya Maxwell

[b]Age:[/b] 17

[b]Description:[/b] [url=http://www.psycko-manga.com/gallery/babe/38-7.htm]Tanya Maxwell[/url] [b]Note:[/b] She only wears the suit when in space travel..She normally wears a pair of tight fitting blue jeans, a white tank that stops just above her belly button, a pair of brown leather boots, and a brown leather jacket.

[b]Description of Personality:[/b] Tanya is the type of person you want to be around. She is sexy, happy, irresistable, and addicting. You get attatched to her and don't know why. When it comes to fighting, Tanya is a completely different person. She becomes cold, rutheless, and merciless. She is very protective of her friends and loved ones, and stops at nothing to defeat her opponent. One time, a man tried to force himself on her mother. Tanya found out and approached this man, she put him in the hospital with a coma for 3 months. So in otherwords, don't piss her off.

[b]Short Biography:[/b] Tanya was born to Joseph and Marion Maxwell. Joseph is, as you may have guessed, son of Duo Maxwell. So Tanya's childhood was a happy one. She spent most of her time with her grandfather. Duo taught Tanya all she knows about fighting and mechs. Tanya was sent to military school and learned fighting tactics and she studied to be a pilot.

At the age of 14, Tanya piloted her first mobile suit and assisted in a small mobile relocation mission. Tanya was Lt. Cmdr. of the school's JROTC (Junior Reserves Officer Training Corps). Tanya knows nothing on Raul Winner, but has heard a great deal about his mission and applied for a position. Her feelings opposing Une are great and wants nothing more than to help taking him down.

Now at the age of 17, Tanya was approached by Raul Winner's associates to pilot a gundam in the mission to Earth. She gratefully took this mission with optimism and hope. Her first day on the job proved to be the start of an intense adventure. While helping Raul load the Gundams, Une attacked. Tanya gave enough cover to provide Raul with a little more time to load the last Gundam. In returning to the ship, Tanya's mech was knocked down and she stumbled to climb out. She was shot in the side and Raul drug her into the ship and took off to the colony. What lies in store? They are yet to find out..

[b]Gundam:[/b] Keeping the family pride..[b]Deathscythe[/b]..

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OOC: I meant to add this in the first post but it was extremely late last night when I finally got this up. I really don't want everyone's char to have been approached by Raul or his associates, most of the pilot candidates (except for Annie's char) died when Une attacked Winner's factory.

Anyways, now for my sign up.

[COLOR=darkblue]Name: Alexander (Alex for short)

Age: 17

Description: [url=http://www.animeshrine.com/gallery.php?series=warofgenesis&image=9]Minus the swords[/url]

Personality: Alex tends to be the odd one out or rather he prefers it. He has a cold, rough-around-the-edges side because of what happened to him, but he also tends to have a naieve childish side when he loosens up around people he really trusts.

Though he can come off as a jerk most times Alex always sticks up for the inoccent and helpless, he also has a spot for kids.

Bios: [i]Raised on earth, Alex had it all. Parents, money, and friends. But on Alex's fourteenth birthday he and his parents went to VX-28791 just for fun, plus Alex had begged to go to a colony for a long time.

After arriving on the colony Alex and his family visited all sorts of places, like the docks for all the famous spaceships throughout all of Earth's history, the vast theme parks, and then finally the museum of Mobile Suits he even got to see replicas of the original five gundams. But tragedy struck Alex, as they were leaving the museum a small riot had ensued outside the museum steps, and a peacekeeping force had been sent in, except they didn't keep the peace. They simply slaughtered all of the people on the steps of the museum, including Alex's parents, somehow though the boy had managed to hide from the shooting, but he soon found his parents lying in a pool of their own blood, their eyes glazed over and with paniced looks on their faces. Alex ran over to them and sat next to his now dead mother and wept. The commander of this team was none other than Zachary Une, he was checking for any survivors so that he could kill them and hide all evidence, he found the young boy weeping next to his dead mother, he cocked his rifle and aimed at the boy's head, but Alex had heard the gun clicking, he turned around, looked the man dead in the face and said,[/i] "If I ever see you again I swear I will kill you." [i]And with those words Une aimed at the boy's leg and fired a single shot, the pain was immense and Alex passed out.

A few days later Alex came to in the hospital, his leg had been saved but his parents were dead. After leaving the hospital Alex struggled to make a living for himself, he soon found a job working for a mechanic, who just happened to be an expert teacher too. But when he turned sixteen the mechanic had to close down his buisness and go into another profession.

As Alex wandered from job to job he met another teen about his age named Chris, unfortunately he was a very sickly friend, he had some sort of disease that couldn't be cured yet, and he only had a few months at best. On the month of Alex's birthday Chris died and Alex had to bury his best friend on the day of his birthday when he turned seventeen.

Now at this young age Alex had enrolled for military training, and is about to leave his house when Une's forces attack VX-28791.[/i]

Gundam: Wing Gundam


OOC: Also, if you want a background on the Marlblanc incident just PM me and I'll PM you back with the details.
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[size=1][b]Name:[/b] Anya Gilcreste

[b]Age:[/b] 17

[b]Description:[/b] See attachment

[b]Description of Personality:[/b] Anya is normally a very reserved, quiet girl, and prefers to work alone. She's also a very passionate girl, however, and once set on something only death can stop her from carrying it through. Stubborn, indifferent, and rather cynical, Anya finds politics rather disgusting. She doesn't fight because she agrees with Raul Winner or because she despises Une and his terrorist tactics - she fights solely for Wufei and [i]his[/i] ideals. He was her only true friend and was something of a father-figure to her, and her greatest goal is to make him proud.

Though she may seem it at times, Anya's not completely heartless. She just has a lot to learn. Despite her apparent indifference, she's very loyal to Wufei, and thus the cause, and will shed blood, sweat, and tears to make sure that it is successful and that [i]justice[/i] is served. ^_~

[b]Short Biography:[/b] Like many other children in the colonies, Anya was sent to boarding school at an early age. Her family wasn't very close-knit, and she frankly didn't care. Definitely one of those loner types, and she learned that at an early age. She also learned early on that she didn't like to play by anybody's rules but her own - something that got her in trouble quite a lot.

As it happened, she had slipped out of class one afternoon - a feat for a girl of 12, as the boarding schools were always tight with security - and wandered back along the old roads that led into the country. Eventually, she came to small, secluded little house, and thinking that it was abandoned, decided to explore. It took her no time at all to discover a glass cabinet, filled with various different swords and other such weapons. She was enthralled by them, and thus wasn't paying attention to her surroundings, hence the blade against her neck.

Anya was surprised, as she usually heard people coming, but she wasn't the only one - the house she happened to find belonged to one Chang Wufei, and the Chinese man was a bit miffed that a mere child had managed to sneak into his home. However awkward the situation seemed, quite a lot of good arose from it. Anya immediately took to the older man and questioned him about all the weapons and things he had in his house. Wufei, for one, didn't mind the occasional discussion. After all, he was still a scholar at heart.

So as it became, the Chinese pilot began to teach Anya about not only the art of swordplay, but also about the gundams and their history. For once, Anya felt as though she'd finally found somewhere she belonged. She still went to school, but only because if she didn't, Wufei wouldn't teach her anything - that was her motivation for many years.

Over the last few years, however, talk of Raul Winner and Zachary Une and the plan to stop him had caught Wufei's attention and he began to switch Anya's training towards a new direction - towards the gundams. Luckily he was a rich old bastard and it was rather easy to set her up within one of the top training facilities in the area. She excelled and spent all her extra hours studying anything she could get her hands on. Eventually she dropped out of school completely to learn all that Wufei and those associated with the rebirth of the gundams could teach her and focus on perfecting her talents with a blade and with a mobile suit.

Now, at 17, it has been decided that when the time comes, the gundam Shenlong will be hers to pilot.

[b]Gundam:[/b] Shenlong

Okay... hope that works nicely.[/size]
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[b]Name:[/b] Gen Kotomi

[b]Age:[/b] 16

[b]Description:[/b] [url]http://www.purlace.net/eva/other-ch/kaworu-177.jpg[/url]

[b]Description of Personality:[/b] A calm, sarcastic person in general, Gen is one person who you know not to trust and who will not trust you in return. He has no sense of honor and will pull the trigger on you should you be careless enough to turn your back. The only motto present in him seems to be 'The End justifies the Means', something which he believes to be wise. He is calculating to the extreme and it is a known fact never to challenge him in any strategic games because he will beat you down no contest. The only positive aspect of him seems to be his clear-minded coolness, never too excited but suitably confident and relaxed in the worst situations.

[b]Short Biography:[/b] A broken individual, or at least so believed since his enrollment into the military academy in one of the colonies, Gen has been the isolated weirdo, the one you would never approach in your right mind. Of course some believed that he could be cured of his ?madness?, but to no avail. A vicious retaliation, usually resorting to physical violence, was the common result of such a patronizing approach. The sole reason of his presence in the academy is his absolute supremacy over his peers in every aspect of training, even rivaling some of the instructors.

He was kept under strict observance due to his erratic nature with a hidden security camera placed in and around his room. He was also trailed by security on every step, never allowed out of the academy grounds. Despite his psychotic nature, he never went picking for a fight so the matter was simple; just make sure no one accosts him. Such measures were taken for Gen?s presence during his stay at the academy, and like a genius he was said to be, he graduated two years earlier than the average cadets of the academy.

After he left the academy he really didn?t do much military related, only running odd jobs here and there just enough for survival, but now with the attack on the colony VX-28791, his former instructors have called him back, remembering his unmatched skills especially in the region of mobile suit piloting. These days his life has been pretty dull, and Gen accepted.

[b]Gundam:[/b] [img]http://www.mahq.net/mecha/gundam/katoki/xxxg-01h.jpg[/img]
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Name:Naomi Miyazawa

Age: 16

Description:see attachment

Description of Personality:Naomi is very mysterious. She enjoys keeping to herself. She is facinated by computers and technology and can be found messing with computers. She enjoys good conversations when she does open up to others.

Short Biography:Naomi was born on the L2 colony she was born to a daughter of one of Quatre`s sisters and a scientist father. She was accepted into a technology boarding school. She learned about weaponds and computers and other technology that interested her.

At the age of 13, she became interested in designing and studing moble suits. She always wanted one. She began to study about moble suits and got a part time job at a junk yard to look for moble suit parts.

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[COLOR=darkblue]Okay this concludes the sign ups for the pilots. Lalaith Ril will be joining us shortly with a post. And ladies and gentlemen he will be playing as our psycotic baddie. Zachary Une. So once he signs up I shall commence the rpg! ^______^[/COLOR]
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[COLOR=indigo][b]Name-[/b] Zachary Une

[b]Age-[/b] 26

[b]Appearance-[/b] [url=http://www.animeshrine.com/gallery.php?series=warofgenesis&image=1] Zachary (Fuir) Une[/URL]

[b]Personality-[/b] Fuir Une (as he is known by is subordinates) accepts one thing, and one thing alone, and that is complete and utter success. He will not tolerate failure nor let you live after you have achieved such a dis-honorable status.

Know by his peers for his determination and perserveerance Fuir Une is not one to take lightly. When he tells you to do something he means for it to be done. Despite all of this seriousness when he is not working on global domination or exacting revenge on the hated Quatre association Fuir Une can and is a rather modest and quiet man.

He believes in honor and lives by the code. There are few things that can calm down Fuir Une, yet the fine arts such as classical music seem to sooth even his savage heart.

With the sharpness of a sword Une only seeks one thing, revenge. He wishes to avenge his mother and her one time lover. Despite his upbringing during the time of peace he has become and excellent fighter, pilot, as well as military tactician.

[b]Biography-[/b] Raised by the fair Lady Une, Zachary learned the feeling of hate and revenege at an early age. As soon as he was able to comprehend the worlds that were said Lady Une poisoned his mind putting the story into a "true" perspective.

Fuir Une never knew what the Gundams were truly all about, all he knew was that those bastards had killed his mothers love. Those bastards had stolen away his mothers life and essentially ruined her future.

When he was twelve Lady Une began to teach him the art of war planting the seeds into his mind that would later on corrupt him enough to destroy the peace that he had once admired.

Through the propoganda that he had begun to believe Fuir Une soon became a corrupted empty shell that knew only two feelings. Revenge and hate. He became a robot bent on one thing, to avenge his dear mother. To avenge the death of an innocent man and the crumbling of an innocent womens life.

Une's attack on the colonies left him frustrated and had ensured the deaths of any who had possibly failed in the mission. He would not tolerate so many errors on such an important task and would make it entirely clear to his orginization. He would not accept less than what he desired....


^----Mecha Armor Mode
^----Beam Rifle and Beam Saber combo

[b]Gundam Specs-[/b]
Unit type: transformable mobile suit
Head height: 23.5 meters
Base weight: 17.8 tons
Armor: gundanium alloy
Armament (mobile suit mode): beam bayonet (beam rifle/beam saber) x 1, A.S. planet defenser x 1, 10-tube chest micro-missile launcher x 1, 10-tube shoulder micro-missile launcher x 2
Armament (mobile armor mode): beam bayonet x 2, heat rod x 1

Hope thats good....
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