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Zoids, New Century Zero: A New Era


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[CENTER][COLOR=CRIMSON][B][U]Zoids New Century Zero: A New Era[/U][/B][/COLOR][/CENTER]
[COLOR=TEAL][SIZE=1][B]Welcome to the world of Zi. A world where living combat machines known as Zoids are used by the humans of Planet Zi. At the current stage in the history of Zi the Zoids are used by various teams all compeating in the 'Zoids Championships' attempting to get into the class A divison and challenge the reigning champion and his, or her, team.
Well come my friends to my new RPG. As you can see it's Zoids NCZ. It's set after the Neo-Backdraft war, but the Zoids created during that war are still avalible for pilots to use. The Blitz Team, Backdraft Group and all the old teams are gone and their members either retired or are dead. I'll give profiles of the main teams now, take a gander ;).
[U]Strike Fighter Team[/U]
The current champions of Zi and the Zoids Championship. Lead by Tai Highven they have been in the Championship for many years, and so are experts when it comes to Zoids. The Zoid that Tai pilots is the Gun Sniper BOAS (Black Orpheus - Assault Style) and has been heavily customised to suit his battle style. In the new league of the Championships the SF Team have chosen to renounce their place as Champions and prove to people that they can still defeat all enemys to reclaim their place as the Champions. They feel that the only real threats to them are the Soul Flyers and the Sabre Flash Teams, and it helps not that Tai, Alexandria and Keegen used to be the best of friends until they came of age and became Zoid pilots

[U]Soul Flyers Team[/U]
The Soul Flyers, as their name suggests, are best in air style combat and prefer to use flying Zoids, though if they have to they will use ground Zoids to win a battle. Lead by the beautiful and talented Alexandria Stril they have only recently entered the Leage and are prepared to face the ST Team for the place of Champions. Though young members of the league, they are by no means weaklings, understanding many things of Zoids and the Zoid Battles. It is said by other teams that Alexandria is a deadly on the battle field as she is beautiful, so other teams had better watch themselves when facing the Soul Flyers.

[U]Sabre Flash Team[/U]
The tactic of the Sabre Flash is the same as their lifestyle, quick, furious and decisive. They love to live on the edge and their leader, Keegan Adran, is the fastest pilot on the face of the planet. He has a history with Tai and Alexandria and will go to any ends to defeat either of them in a battle, even if it means cheating. The Sabre Flash are an amazing mix of honour and evil meaning that they will use dirty tricks if need be to win the battles but they know when they are beaten and will not press the matter with the Zoids Battle Commisson if they lose a battle. Keegan lives a strict code of honour, but with the new League it seems that the code has became very flexable when it comes to winning.
Those are the main teams, I have left out Alexandrias and Keegans Zoids because I want the people who choose to play them to select their own Zoids that they like, but I have given a basic guide line as to what their Zoids are. Sorry but those are the only teams so to stop confusion with other teams, I'll let three or four people in the teams [Plus leaders]. I'll give you the Zoid restrictions now:

Death Saurer | Mad Thunder | Ultra Saurus | Death Stinger | Elephander

The above Zoids have been ruled unusable by the ZBC and nobody, and that mean nobody, is allowed to use them in a Zoid battle with the penelty of losing tha match, fined and being evicted from the Zoids Battle League. Also, Zoids that have been bonded with an Organoid, or 'Ultimate Xs', have also been ruled out, these include the Liger Zero, Liger Zero X and Geno Breaker Jet. But if an Organoid bonds with a Zoid already licensed by the ZBC then the Zoid is allowed to continue battling under the ZBC rules.
I think thats about everything for that part of the RPG, so now I'll give to you the application info. [I]As with my Lord of the Rings RPG main characters still have to fit their info in with the application sheet[/I]
[I][U]Application Sheet[/U][/I]




[U]Appearance:[/U] No less than a paragraph


[U]Team Rank:[/U] Leader or Member

[U]Zoid:[/U] [You can find info on a lot of zoids at [URL=http://www.metalmachinemusic.com/zoids.php]Metal Machine Music[/URL]]

[U]Zoid Appearance:[/U] Picture or attachment

[U]Zoid Weapons:[/U]

[U]Personality:[/U] No less than a paragraph

[U]Biography:[/U] No less than a paragraph
Simple enough to understand I hope, all characters and teams must fill this application sheet in if they wish to take part in this RPG. As stated, I'll allow around 3-4 members per team.
[I][U]My Character[/U][/I]

[U]Name:[/U] Tai Highven

[U]Age:[/U] 19

[U]Gender:[/U] Male

[U]Appearance:[/U] Tai is about 5' 8", has hazel eyes and dark brown hair. He was a very smooth and youthfull face for his age and is, to the ladys, very hansom. He generally wears what he calls the team 'Uniform' which is a blue top with two virtical white stripes going across and 'StFi' within a spiked ring between then and black trousers with two red stripes going down either side and black shoes. He normally wears a red/gold band around his head to keep his hair up. He is quite muscular because of the training he does between battle, he also wears a pair of orange tinted sun-glasses to match the colour of a Zoid's Cockpit.

His hair is usually unkept and he often has to tie the back up in the pony tail style. He also wears red fingerless golves which have leather palms, making it easier for him to handle the controls of his Gun Sniper. He always wears a digital com-watch which he can link into the Gun Snipers com-system and talk with the team easier when in battle.

[U]Team:[/U] Strike Fighter Team

[U]Team Rank:[/U] Leader

[U]Zoid:[/U] Gun Sniper Black Orpheus - Assault Style

[U]Zoid Appearance:[/U] [IMG]http://www.metalmachinemusic.com/zoids/zimages/BOAS.jpg[/IMG]

[U]Zoid Weapons:[/U] 80mm Cannon (Foreward Facing) Twin Dual AZ60mm Cannons (Wrist-mounted), Twin Dual AZ144mm Chain Cannons (Mounted to Wild Weasel Unit base), Dual 8-shot Mortar Launchers (back-mounted), 4-Shot Rocket Launcher (In between Mortar Launchers)

[U]Personality:[/U] Before he and the other main team leaders became Zoid piots Tai has a caring and sentative person and liked to mess around and help out his friends. That has all changed now, after the three friends founded their own Zoid Teams a bitter rivalry sprang up between them. Who used to be a kind person has become a person driven toward Zoid piloting and winning a battle at all costs, aside from cheating. He has lost much of his kindness and caring to the Zoid battle-field, some say that the Gun Sniper BOAS has changed him, but others dismiss that as fantasy. The only time his eyes show a hint of human compasion are when he is with the person he loves, but she doesn't know this and sees no difference in him. When not on the battle field he regains some of his former self and is kind and caring toward his team-mates and Zoids, but on the battle field, the young boy has been lost.

[U]Biography:[/U] Born in what used to be know as the Guylos Empire Tai has grown up with Zoids almost his whole life. His farther was a member of the ZBC and so Tai sometimes went with him on tours of the teams cargo bays and look at all the Zoids the various team used. But when he wasn't with his farther he was with his two best friends, Alexandria and Keegan. The three were always together, playing out mock Zoid battles and dreaming what it would be like to be Zoid Pilots and join their own team, or even make one. But when they did become pilots, things quickly changed. At first they were made their own team which they all lead and fought in along side each other, but when Keegan start suggesting they use other tactics, he was out.

So it was left to Alexandria and Tai. But she quickly saw that Tai was chaning and was not the person she had grown up with and become close friends with him, she hated what he had become and quickly left as well. So know, along with his team mates and Gun Sniper Tai sets out to take back his rightfull place as the Zoids Champion, and one day he hopes he and his friends can settle things, but he is to proud to say so.
[U]The Catches[/U]

1. I want to have good RPGers in my RPG, not people who punctuate evey sentence with many '!!!!' and litter their posts with incorrect spelling.

2. Any person who wishes to play one of the Main Character must have a detailed Personality and Description which mirriors the personal history I provided for Tai (sorry).

3. As usual, I expect regular posting on your part, good spelling and grammer and each post will have three paragraphs or more. Anyone who's quality and/or post will be given one warning, if it continues they are out of the RPG.

4. I have the right to accept or reject anyone who I feel does not come to the standards set out by the previous rules.

5. Have fun with the RPG :D.[/B][/SIZE][/COLOR]
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[COLOR=darkblue][b]Name:[/b] Kari Sanai

[b]Age:[/b] 17

[b]Gender:[/b] Female

[b]Appearance:[/b] Kari has shoulder-length auburn hair and vibrant emerald eyes but they're hardly seen because she usually wears a pair of silver, reflective, custom made sunglasses over her eyes. Kari wears a blue, waterproof, hooded jacket unzipped with a white t-shirt inside ,navy blue pants and blue and white joggers.

[b]Team:[/b] Strike Fighter Team

[b]Team Rank:[/b] Member

[b]Zoid:[/b] Blade Liger AE

[b]Zoid Appearance:[/b] See attachment. The whole of it's body Blue with black streaks including the tail. The legs are still black.

[b]Zoid Weapons:
[u]Dual Impact Cannon:[/u][/b] Underneath the Liger's mane, in between its front legs lie this unsuspecting yet incredibly powerful weapon. The Dual Impact cannon fires standard cannon shells at an exceedingly high and powerful rate. At close range; this weapon is deadly, able to take off a Zoid's armor in one or two shots. The DIC can be fired singularly, or from both barrels at once.

[b][u]Dual Hardened Alloy Laser Blades:[/u][/b] The mark of the Blade Liger and the origin of its name. On either side of the Liger's midsection is a hinged razor-sharp cutting blade. Normally, they rest on the Liger's back but have a great range of motion and can be turned upward, rotated out to the sides, or then pointed forward for a variety of cutting angles. The blades can be used either charged or uncharged (More about that below: See Blade Attack + HI-Blade Attack). Keep in mind though, their usefulness is greatly decreased if uncharged.

[b][u]Hardened Alloy Claws and Teeth:[/u][/b] The most basic of all Zoid Weaponry. Deadly-sharp fangs and rows of equally sharp teeth adorn the Liger's mouth while its paws contain nasty, nasty claws of their own. Used for up-close-and-personal combat, in the dirtiest; most feral type of combat known. Good for ripping and shredding away all of your opponent's unwanted armor.

[b][u]2 Pulse Beam Cannons:[/b][/u] Concealed in both of the Attack Boosters is a stream-lined new generation beam cannon. To be used, the Attack Boosters must be rotated forward, from that position, the beam cannons will flip out from the now underbelly of the booster and be ready to fire. This semi-automatic weapon works by firing volleys of spherical beam energy at their target greater in dimension than any cannon shell; making for quite a powerful attack.

[b]Support Systems:
[u]Frontal Force Shield:[/u][/b] Like its predecesser, the Shield Liger, the Blade Liger is outfitted with a defensive force shield system. The shield is activated by the opening of both the top and bottom panels of the Liger's mane. Upon activation, the Force Shield can deflect most beam weapons and cannon shells. However, it does not hold up well against projectile weapons such as missiles and grenades, nor charged particle blasts. The shield can also be used as a battering ram.

[b][u]High-Intensity Shield:[/b][/u] Works in the same manner as the standard shield. However, the energy used for the Laser Blades is re-directed through the force shield mechanism to increase output and raise the shield's power. As such, the High-Intensity Shield is capable of taking even a charged particle blast without a problem. The down-side is that this requires an intense amount of energy so can only be used once per battle. Additionally, when using the HI Shield, the Blade Liger must remain completely still. The blades are unusable for one round after the Hi-Shield is used and the frontal force shield must recharge for three rounds.

[u]Infra-Red Scanner:[/u][/b] It can pinpoint an enemy from 20 miles away,even if underground,underwater,invisible etc.

[b][u]Stealth:[/u][/b] There's a small red button inside the cockpit that when pushed,makes Shadow invisible,faster and untraceable because it lowers the heat so it can't be caught by infra red scanners but is still able to move around.Mika often uses Stealth in battle and to escape.

[b]Personality:[/b] Kari is kind, caring and considerate. She's someone you can come to talk to easily without caring if she'll judge you or not. She loves to help people and she'll do anything to help her friends when they're in trouble, danger or if they just need a shoulder to lean on. Kari loves to make friends with people and is always willing to give people a chance to become her friend. One of her favourite quotes is the classic, "Never judge a Book by it's Cover." Kari is also strong minded. She never gives up and hates to admit to defeat, she goes by a Second quote too, "Quitters never Win and Winners never Quit." But besides that, she's very serious when it comes to Zoid Battles.

[b]Biography:[/b] Kari was introduced to Zoids when she was a little child. Her father was a Zoid pilot and he taught her about them whenever he had time, which really meant whenever he wasn't with his team or fighting in a Zoid battle. She was always sad when her dad left. Kari would always sit with her mother and watch the Zoid battles. They cheered for him and they were always excited when he came back. But one day he was in a battle and they were versing a well known destructive team. They injured his team badly but since her father was the leader he had gotten the most damage. Kari and her mother watched in horror as the team slaughtered her father's team. After the battle they had to call in the medics and Kari and her mother rushed to hospital to see him.

When they arrived Kari's father was very weak. They both ran to him and hugged him tightly. The medics said there was nothing they could do. There was serious internal bleeding and he wouldn't last the night. Kari talked privately with her father. Of course she was still very young at that time so she was in tears.
"Don't go daddy. You can't leave me now." she cried softly.
"I'm sorry Kari. But I have to go. They'll be transporting Slash back to our house ok? You can do what you want with it. It's badly damaged."
"Ok..." at that time Kari made up her mind. She would become a great Zoid pilot and revenge her father. As they finished their talk the heart rate monitor beeped long and loudly. Everyone knew that he was gone. They pulled a sheet over his head and Kari and her mother left crying.

A few weeks later it was the funeral. They had seen Slash. He was badly damaged as her father had said but she was stubborn and set to fixing it on her own without anyone's help. She had become a zoid prodidgy by all the teachings so she set to work asking her mother to order new parts to fix it up. Kari's mother was glad to help because she thought that it was good of her to be so loyal to her father. Her mother continued to order in new parts and Kari would install them. After about a year it was done and Kari ordered the final item she would need. She ordered a battle chip. She had installed everything except the battle systems. When the parts arrived a day later Kari immediately set to install them. Her mother had helped her through the whole of the re-building and re-modelling of Slash. "Thanks mom." She whispered quietly but her mother heard and smiled.

After about a fortnight they were done and Kari was ready to become a Zoid pilot. When the day arrived Kari had collected things in her backpack. Her mother had packed it with food and other such necessities. She hugged her mother before getting into Slash and she piloted it out of the holding place.She had renamed the Zoid, Shadow.

Kari got some experience in Zoid battles before deciding to join a team. Kari visited the Zoid Battle Commision Center and looked at the possible teams to join. 3 Teams immediately took her attention. The Strike Fighters, The Soul Flyers and the Sabre Flash Team. Kari looked over them and looked at each of their stats. Kari looked over them several more times. Then she decided to join the Strike Fighters Team. Kari signed up and soon she met up with the leader, and only member of the Strike Fighters. He turned out to be named Tai Highven. They soon became friends and he made her Co-Leader of the Team, seeing as she was first to join. Kari asked about the other 2 teams because they were up at the same time and were slightly alike. Tai told her about it and everything, Kari just listened and accepted it. He seemed a bit reluctant to sharing about his past so she didn't ask anything else. They soon became close friends and trust each other in battles.[/COLOR]
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[size=1][color=teal]I have to go, but I'll get everything else up later
[b]Name[/b]: Adam Took

[b]Age[/b]: 18

[b]Gender[/b]: Male

[b]Appearance[/b]: **just with out the sword. Gold hair and dark blue eyes as well** [img]http://myimages.fourvalve.com/kkc/RP01.gif[/img] [URL=http://myimages.fourvalve.com/kkc/RP01.gif]Or click here[/URL]

[b]Team[/b]: Strike Fighter team

[b]Team Rank[/b]: member

[b]Zoid[/b]: Shadow Fox

[b]Zoid Appearance[/b]: [img]http://www.angelfire.com/anime4/darkzoids/images/zoidsc249.jpg[/img]

[b]Zoid Weapons:[/b]
Omni-direction 30mm Laser Vulcan Gun (On the back), AZ70mm Electromagnetic Net Gun (On tail), Multi-Sensor (Scanning eqipment), Smoke Dischargers (Top of each leg), Strike Laser Claw (Front claws), Optical Stealth Camoflauge (Stealth equipment), AD Scrubbers (On each paw), Sound Baffle System (Comunication system), Leg Anchors (Back of each foot)

[b]Personality[/b]: Adam is a very laid back open-minded person. He is usually very active except for during the morning, when he is usually out on a nice peaceful "run" with his zoid. He is also a bit wierd, and makes odd motions and comments. Adam is very curious (which can be a bad thing) and doesn't always look before he leaps. He can be very competitive at times and is usually cocky during battle. He mainly pilots zoids for the fun of it and sometimes wishes the team wasn't so great so that challenges would be more fun. He always trys to make people smile even though his jokes arn't very good. He can be very strange sometimes and slips from reality every once and awhile, but the team is used to it.

[b]Biography:[/b] Adam really doesn't know much about his past until he was 12. He just woke up in the middle of the desert with a serious head ache and the Shadow Fox was badly damaged. He was stranded with a broke down zoid that he could barely pilot. He eventually started to slip from reality from the heat and lack of water in the desert. He was rescued by an old man who was traveling through with his Gustav. Luckily, Adam recovered, but because of the sanity he had lost earlier, he still would have some odd mood swings.

The old man ended up being a former zoid pilot and took Adam in as his own and taught him how to be the best zoid pilot he could be. Adam, oddly, learned very quickly. The old man suspected that before he lost his memory he was a very yound zoid pilot who was probably taught by a strong zoid warrior. When Adam turned 14 he left the old man with only a zoid, a backpack, and a new last name and headed out to discover what happened to him and what his past was about. He started his own team, because no one would take him in, but he ended up being the only member and didn't win many battles, but did become much stronger. He eventually met up with Tai who offered him a job with the Strike Fighter Team. Adam accepted grateful that he was part of a team and has been with them ever sense. [/size][/color]
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Name: Galen Cox

Age: 23

Gender: Male

Appearance: 5' 10". Short, dark blonde hair and green eyes. Has a short beard on his chin, which he keeps well trimmed. There is a small scar running down the right side of his face. When outside of a zoid he wears a crimson T-shirt, blue jeans, and a pair of tan "hiking" shoes. While piloting his zoid he puts on a black jumpsuit over his T-shirt and jeans, and also wears a pair of black boots and gloves.

Team: Soul Flyers

Team Rank: Member

Zoid: Stealth Storm Sworder (Triple S)

Zoid Appearance: [COLOR=blue][URL=http://www.metalmachinemusic.com/zoids.php?section=triples]http://www.metalmachinemusic.com/zoids.php?section=triples[/URL][/COLOR]

Zoid Weapons:

--[i]40mm cannons[/i]: two in each wing

--[i]Wing Blades and Forehead Blade[/i]

--[i]NARC Missile Beacon Launcher[/i]: Missile pod with a magnetic beacon inside. Attaches to target and provides a better lock for any missiles lauched at the target zoid. Two missile pods on each side of lower engine.

--[i]Long Range Missiles[/i]: Three mounted on each wing.

--[i]Radar Absorbant Paint and Low Heat Thrusters[/i]: Not really weapons, but they make the zoid harder to locate and lock onto at longer ranges.

Personality: A very upbeat person. Galen preferes the company of his teammates, but has no problem making friends with others (generally). Often he will sit back in a crowd and listen to others instead of talking himself. This skill is part of what allows him to patiently hide in battle, only to strike when no one expects it. His personality changes greatly when piloting a zoid. He suddenly becomes very quiet and calm when behind the controls of his "Triple S." He is very protective of his zoid, and preferes to perform all of the repairs.

Biography: Growing up around zoids has given Galen a love of everything about them. He has not only learned to pilot and repair them, but to show respect for the power they hold. He also was taught to respect other pilots, and shows this by painting red symbols next to his cockpit for each zoid he takes down (a bird symbolizes air-based zoids, and a wolf symbolizes ground-based), he also collects small pieces of zoid armor from pilots that provide him with the best battles. Because of his patience in battle he works as his team's scout/strike expert. He is usually the first one to strike, using the NARC beacons, and then hammers away with the long range missiles while the rest of his team keeps the opponents busy
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Name:Patrick Tener



Appearance:Is about five feet eleven inches tall. A karate style headband keeps his medium length hair hair up in an almost spiky fashion.Brown eyes full of warmth. Has an almost hispanic look but not quite, has a nice tan.

Team:Sabre Flash Team

Team Rank:Member

Zoid:Slash Liger

Zoid Appearance: see attachment, balck and red instead of purple and turqoise

Zoid Weapons:Trinity Impact cannon, Hardened alloy laser baldes, hardened alloy tail blade, hardened alloy claws and teeth

Personality:Is very carefree and is often refered by other Zoid combatants as a fool. Acts as if he doesn't care about anything but is known to be serious on rare occasions.

Biography:Was introduced to zoids at the young age of 8 by his older brother Kyle, a pilot. Kyle trained Patrick to pilot zoids wich he seemed to have a knack for. He then joined his older brothers team until it disbanded 5 years later. He was then 18 years old, he met up with the Sabre Flash Team who were impressed with his extrordinary piloting, they invited him into the team and he happily accepted.

awwwww poo
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[COLOR=TEAL][SIZE=1][B]Okay, going good [Better than most of my RPGs lately], and now the usual Run down of those in and those out:

[I]Patrick Tener[/I]

[I]Galen Cox[/I]

[I]Adam Took[/I]

[I]Kari Sanai[/I]

[I]N/B: Just a note here, the Sabre Fang leader has been reserved for Outcast and I only want one more member of the Strike Fighter Team please, thanks.[/I][/B][/SIZE][/COLOR]
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[color=darkblue]Name: Alexandria Stril

Age: 21

Gender: Female

Appearance: Alexandria stands at about 5'10" and cuts a slender figure. Her long brown hair is usually left hanging, but is pulled back in combat. She has deep blue eyes, and usually wears a black tank with black capris and a white duster. She also wears deep brow ladies' boots and a silver bracelet on her left arm.

Team: Soul Flyers Team

Team Rank: Leader

Zoid: Raynos

Zoid Appearance: See attachment

Zoid Weapons: Two 40mm AMD Machineguns (Tail mounted), Three 30mm Beam Cannons (Forward Facing), Alloy Wing Claws and Talons

Personality: Alexandria is a complicated person in terms of personality. At most times, she tends to be a very sweet person and is willing to help anyone out. But once someone makes her angry (usually someone trying to pick her up) she does a complete 180 and becomes a total banshee. She's also tends to be vioent when she goes into one of these little fits, not at all helped by the training she does everyday.

Biography: Alexandria had always been fasinated with the sky ever since she was little. She was often found looking out her bedroom window at the sky at all the birds and dreamed of flying just like them. Fortunately enough, as Alexandria grew up, she also took an interest in Zoids. As she learned all about aerial Zoids from an old pilot she met, she became infatuated with the Raynos. Though it was labeled a stunt flier by most, she still wanted to be able to pilot one. Her friend saw her interest, and one day, as a surprise, gave her an old Raynos he had. It needed a lot of work, but together, they got it done.

Alexandria quickly became one of the best Raynos pilots in the world, training every day. She learned how to use both the weapons system and the Raynos' amazing speed and manuverability to it's maximum and started to make a name for herself in little one-on-one battles.

Eventually, she decided that her skills were good enough so that she could perhaps start a team. Finding a few other Zoid pilots as adamant about flying as her, the Soul Flyers team was born.[/color]
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[COLOR=TEAL][SIZE=1][B]Okay, as I do with most of my RPGs just gonna do an accept-reject thing here:
[U]Lady Katana[/U]
[I]Alexandria Stril[/I]

[I]Keegan Adran[/I]
*Finish the sign-up soon*

[I]Galen Cox[/I]

[I]Adam Took[/I]

[I]Kari Sanai[/I]
Side Note: I'd like to have at least one member for the Sabre Flash team but if not I'll start it sometime this week.[/B][/SIZE][/COLOR]
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[b]Name:[/b] Matt Peregyn

[b]Age:[/b] 19

[b]Gender:[/b] Male


[b]Team:[/b] Soul Flyers Team

[b]Team Rank:[/b] Member

[b]Zoid:[/b] Storm Sworder

[b]Zoid Appearance:[/b]

[b]Zoid Weapons:[/b]
Twin Dual 40mm Pulse Laser Cannons: On each wing.
Twin Hardened Alloy Laser Swords: On each wing.
Hardened Alloy Forehead Spike: The head.
Aerial Sword Attack(special ability)

[b]Personality:[/b] Matt is a real carefree guy who cares for his Zoid all the time. He trats it as a pet. Matt loves to hang with his fellow teammates and be himself... which is the life of the party. But he will do anything to make someone feel good or save his friends. There's only one thing that he hates about himself, revenge. If someone makes him angry or does something really bad he won't be able to control his anger.

[b]Biography:[/b] As a young child, Matt was always trying to find some way to fly. Rather jumping out of a tree or gluing feathers on his back. His dad was an Airplane pilot and this interested Matt so much. He even studied it in school alot.

As he grew older, that dream was still with him. That's when he saw a Zoid battle on TV and decided to go to a tournament. He watched them battle and was amazed, but he wished he could make one fly insetead of move along the ground. That's when he saw it, a Raynos. He knew there must be more of them and looked into.

He bought an old Storm Sworder and with the help of some friends he whipped it into shape. He's been training with it for several years now and decided to join a team. He noticed there was a team called the "Soul Flyers" and looked into it. Turned out all the members have flying zoids. He joined and voila.[/color]
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[Color=#707875][Font=tahoma]Ahh here we go, one Saber Flash Leader sign up done and dusted.

[b]Name:[/b] Keegan Adran

[b]Age:[/b] 19

[b]Gender:[/b] Male

[b]Appearance:[/b] Keegan has longish, dark, chestnut brown hair that has grown down to his ears, he keeps his hair well trimmed and looking well although his fringe sometimes get in the way of his eyes when he is reading and has his head tilted down. He has watery dark blue eyes that seem to shimmer with an intelligence and an understanding of the world that does not match his physical age. Keegan stands just over 6'1" in height and weighs just over 150 lbs. and has quite a lean and athletic body which most girls find very attractive. In terms of clothing Keegan likes to keep them light and loose, a pair of jeans and tan colored t-shirt cover his body along with a pair of black leather boots and sunglasses over his eyes.

[b]Team:[/b] Saber Flash

[b]Team Rank:[/b] Leader

[b]Zoid:[/b] Blade Liger AE, nicknamed [b]Jazz[/b] by Keegan

[b]Zoid Appearance:[/b] [img]http://www.metalmachinemusic.com/zoids/zimages/ligerAE.jpg[/img]

[b]Zoid Weapons:[/b] Dual Impact Cannon, Dual Hyper Alloy Laser Blades, Claws and Teeth, Two Pulse Beam Cannons, Excalibur's Wraith, Dracula's Kiss, Dual Strike Laser Claws

[b]Personality:[/b] A good man by any account, Keegan has the will of a warrior and is only at true peace on the battlefield. He is calm, honest and quite confident in his own abilities and sees this as the year where the Saber Flash team will take their rightful prize as Champions. Behind his sometimes fierce appearance lies a very kind caring heart that still bears a lot of love for his two friends that he left behind. Although he has been accused of using foul methods in battle such a thing would be unheard of in Keegan's nature.

[b]Biography:[/b] Pride and Honour, these word have been in Keegan's heart since he was a young child. He has lived in Guygalos since he was born and has always been fascinated Zoids and their inherent fighting abilities, though it may not show but Keegan has a great interest in History as well as Zoid Mechanics and Zoid Combat. From a young age he befriended two people who would later grow to be his greatest adversaries: Alexandria Stril and Tai Highven, when they were young these three were the best of friends and hardly separable. For hours they would play mock Zoid battles and dream of their own Zoids and Teams.

When the time came to form their own team, Keegan found himself in conflict with Tai over leadership of their team. But also over his attraction towards it's other member Alexandria, when he could no longer take the conflict he decided to leave and asked Alexandria to join him in his new team. However she decided otherwise and this struck a deep cord within Keegan and even though he still bears quite strong feeling for her he will never show them first.

With the announcement of the Strike Fighter's decision to relinquish their title Keegan sees this as an opportunity he cannot pass up....[/color][/font]
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Name: Ikaga Shingetsu

Age: 17

Gender: Male

Appearance: Ikaga has short black hair that has bluish silver streaks within them and blue crystal colored eyes. He wears a light blue short sleeveless jacket, under this a short sleeved black shirt. Pants are light blue and he wears a pair of martial arts slippers (shoes), on his hands he wears fingerless black gloves with a character standing for Hiyruu (Flying dragon) implemented on it. Going down the front and back of his pants are stripes of clothing, which have the design of a dragon flying in the sky. (So basically it?s like an updated Chinese Gi!)

Team: Saber Flash

Team Rank: Member

Zoid: Lightning Saix D+

Zoid Appearance:

Zoid Weapons:
Stream-lined 30mm Laser Vulcan Gun:
The new main weapon of the Lightning Saix. Unlike the Laser Vulcan Gun of the Shadow Fox; this newer model includes only three barrels as opposed to four and unfortunately doesn't feature the same 360 degree rotation; this is due to it being attached to the Communication Array (more on that below). However, it is hinged to allow full movement either up or down. Rather than firing standard cannon shells, the Laser Vulcan fires small energized laser bolts at a rate of 3,000 rounds per minute. The unit is powered by an internal battery pack so unless the weapon itself is destroyed, the Saix doesn't have to worry about reloading.

Hardened Alloy Fangs, Teeth, and Claws:
Base weapons on any Zoid; the Lightning Saix can use its razor sharp teeth and claws for biting and ripping away at opposing Zoids for some really, really nasty up-close damage.

Multi-Purpose Communications Array:
Hooked up to the laser vulcan, is a specialized communication array that can execute a wide variety of functions at the pilot's command. The unit is capable of jamming enemy transmissions, breaking enemy frequencies to listen in on enemy radio transmissions, boosting comms. transmissions between friendly units; and relaying enemy transmissions back to friendly command posts. Additionally, the unit has been built to operate on a rotating frequency so as to avoid being disrupted by jamming arrays like those found on the Gator. Overall; the unit has an effective range of 20 miles.

Personality: An honorable boy who always seems calm no matter what happens, he doesn?t rush into anything without some sort of tactic or plan. The type of person, who?d think before speaking, is known for having a sharp tongue at times. But other than this, he is a kind-hearted person, whose words may cheer a person up. The determination that lies within this boy is boundless; he?s not the type to quit when in a tough situation.

Biography: Ikaga grew up standing next to his father, who was of course a zoid pilot, well, that?s what Ikaga would call him. In reality his father was a semi-zoid pilot on a team, most of the time he would always sit back and tell his group members what to do. A tactical man, who had passed most all of his knowledge to his only child, Ikaga. When his father and his group would go into battles, Ikaga and his mother would always attend to cheer him on. The only problem with this was, his opponent were always more skilled than they were, and thus his father would lose more than half the battles he won.

Disliking this, Ikaga would always write down the tactics his father made, then easily find the flaws. Once, he had gone up to his father and spoke to him about the tactics and formations he would have his team do. Then showed him the flaws of what they had done, keeping in mind that he was only around 10, his father would laugh and basically ignore what he had to say. Not much of a good person eh? This was what triggered the thought of himself being a zoid pilot, so one day HE would join and group and show them his tactics.

6 years had passed now, Ikaga being 16, and within those years he would get some experience in zoid battling. Leaving his family behind, he traveled around aimlessly watching zoid battles and collecting data on different zoids. His aimless wandering only lasted a year before he was found in a snowy field by a man known as Keegan. Taking him in, he would find that Keegan was the leader of a Zoid Team. After Ikaga told him what he was all about (his past, etc.) he was soon accepted and now battles by his side. [/color]
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