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[i][color=lightpink][center][b]-Rated R for Violence, Sexual Situation, and course language.-[/b]

I hope this goes great. I plan it on being very good!

I need Annie and Arcadia post first about them getting out. Then we'll go from there.


Zsuzsanna smiled to herself looking up at the doctors, planning quickly on what she had in mind. She was planning to kill the doctors before they gave her the schedualed medication and breaking out.


The Headmaster and Herr of Rosenkreuz, Schultz, stood there watching the doctors head into the cell where Zsuzsanna was assigned. She sat there in a straight jacket, having a dagger in the sleve right where she could pull her arm out and grab it, looking up at them and her eyes widened when she saw the shot they were going to give her. She really didn't like shots and deathly afraid of needles. No matter what even though she couldn't feel pain, she still always somehow felt the needles.

"No...stop!" Zsuzsanna cried out some, backing up into the corner, trying to get away from the doctors and the medication shot.

"It will only hurt for a moment my dear." The doctor said to her getting ready to put it in but heard her saying no to him, smacking her across the face with the back of his hand. The ring he hand on his finger cut her cheek as it connected, going in pretty deep. A blood trail went down her cheek and left several red spots on her white straight jacket.

Now she was mad and aroused in a way to fight since she smelled blood. Looking up at him with hurt eyes, letting him come closer to her body, to put the medication in her thigh. Though the doctor didn't notice, Zsuzsanna had gotten free and held the dagger in her right, free from her bindings, grabbing the back of the doctors hair gripping it tightly so he couldn't move. Zsuzsanna slashed the dagger across the doctors neck quickly, slitting his throat open. She dropped him onto the ground, sliding off the blood covered straight jacket, putting it over the doctors upper neck. She was covering up the evidence, wiping the dagger off onto the straight jacket, slipping out of the cell quickly.

She knew it was the perfect time for her escape, it was midnight and none of the other doctors were in to check on the patients. She was the last one to be checked and given medication. Walking out of the mental institution quickly, heading out to the girls dorms, needing to find Vedette and Kala quickly so they can get out as well. She only hoped they would get out successfully and alive. [/color][/i]
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[color=indigo][i][size=1]Zsuzsanna searched frantically for the number to Vedette's door. Her eyes wide and shifting wildly, her breath quick and sharp. Her heart beat furiously, the blood surging through her veins. The panic intensified as she heard yelling from the school officials. They approached Zsuzsanna with their guns, aimed deathly at her forehead and chest. A shot rang out...
[center][b]Thump, thump, thump[/b][/center]

[b]"Zsuszanna!!"[/b] Kala jolted, her head and heart throbbing in pain, anxiety, and her adrenaline pumped madly.

Beads of sweat sopped Kala's dark hair and forced strands to plaster against her flushed and hot face. Kala rose from her bed, trembling from the cool temperature of the room smacking her burning skin. Her vision blurred and she saw Zsuzsanna again, bloodied and laying face down in a pool of her own blood. Kala's stomach churned, she rushed over to the waste basket and vomitted. She sat up and coughed.

[b]"Hold on, my friend. I am on my way,"[/b] Kala wiped her mouth with a random shirt and slipped on a pair of blue jeans, black boots, and a heavy knitted, grey sweatshirt that was a size too large and the neck hung around one shoulder.

She walked over to her dresser, pulled open a drawer and lifted the bottom to reveal a secret compartment. She took out her .45 Colts and slid them into the waist line of her jeans, she pulled her sweater over and looked to the clock. 12:23 A.M. An unbelievable pain shot through Kala's head, she fell to her knees and clutched her head. The vision of Zsuzsanna getting shot flashed before Kala's eyes.

[b]"Zsu.zsanna...."[/b] Kala staggered to her feet and quietly opened her oak door.

Peering down the halls, Kala deemed it safe and exited her room. Tip-toeing down the halls, Kala's breath was heavy and dense. Her body trembled lightly, fear arousing her senses. She often wished that she did not have precognative abilities, for it made her a worrisome person, sometimes too worried. She slowly made her way down the hall. Zsuzsanna's cries of pain stung Kala's heart. Kala began to cry. She reached the entrance to the dorm and peered out of the doors. She saw Zsuzsanna treding down the courtyard grounds.

[b]"Psst..Zsuzsanna..over here.."[/b] Kala whispered out.[/color][/i][/size]
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[size=1]Vedette hadn't really had a good day. Although, every day at Rosenkreuz sucked, so it wasn't much of a surprise. As it was, she was currently walking back from a little scolding. Actually, more like limping, though she did her best to hide it. But it hadn't been pleasant at all - not only had he hit her, he hit [i]on[/i] her. Though most of the instructors had strict warnings not to take things too far, some of them still did. The instructor punishing her did, and she retaliated. And now she was heading in no particular direction as fast as her legs would carry her, wincing slightly as pain shot up her leg from her ankle.

As she got to the courtyard, she noted that it was rather empty. Though night was falling, so that was probably the best explanation - not many of the students ventured outside at night, and especially not alone. Vedette didn't really have a choice at this point, but she didn't really mind. Most people stayed away from her anyway. [i]Most[/i] people.

Vedette rounded a corner and nearly bumped into somebody. Upon closer look, she realized it was Zsuzsanna. A very tired, flustered looking Zsuzsanna. Sighing in slight relief, Vedette put her hands on the other girl's shoulders, "You scared the shit out of me, Zsu."

Zsuzsanna gave a half-hearted laugh, glancing around herself carefully. "I thought you'd be a..." Her voice trailed off and she shook her head then. Vedette suddenly felt very wary.

"Zsu, did something happen?"

But just then, a quiet hiss made both of them turn their heads towards the dorm entrance a few yards away. There was Kala, peeking out the doors carefully, gesturing for them to approach her rather hastily. Vedette raised her eyebrows, one of her hands still on Zsu's arm protectively, before heading towards the Russian. [she's Russian, right? ^_^;;] [i]"Diable est-il ceci?"[/i]*

As they neared the door, Kala reached out and pulled them the rest of the way in, sighing in relief once the doors closed behind them. "Thank goodness," she muttered, rubbing her forehead as though she were trying to ward off an on-coming headache.

Taking a moment to rub her ankle gingerly, Vedette glanced to Zsu, then to Kala, pursing her lips slightly. "[i]Mes copines[/i]*, is there something wrong?"

*What the hell is this?
*My friends (feminine)[/size]
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[i][color=lightpink]Zsuzsanna looked at Kala and nodded to each other, then Zsuzsanna speaking softly to Vedette. "We are getting out of here and we want you to come along. We can do it with all 3 of us. And I know where to go exactly. Do you remember Brad Crawford, Schuldig and them?"

"Oui..." Vedette spoke quietly, trying to not be caught at all.

"Well we are going to Japan and asking for their help. For them to protect us from this awful place. And I'm personally sick of all of the personal favors Herr Schultz asks me to do. Yes I am insane and all but it will work and we have to go now! So are you comming iwth me or not?" Zsuzsanna explained quickly and quietly, she really wanted both of them to come with her.[/color][/i]
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[size=1]Vedette couldn't say she was surprised - it was actually an idea that Zsu had brought up a lot, lately. In their company, anyway. And it was definitely something that she'd been aching to do for quite some time. All of them had - the school was just hell, anyway you thought about it.

She nodded slowly then, and said firmly, "Yes, of course I'm coming. You girls aren't going to have all the fun."

Zsuzsanna grinned and threw her arms around Vedette then, "Wonderful! I couldn't leave you behind in this horrible place!"

[i]"Oh mon dieu,"[/i] Vedette just sighed, and then as Zsu pulled back, glanced between her and Kala. "So there is a plan then, yes?"

Kala nodded, then glanced over her shoulder warily. "Let's head back to my room and talk. This isn't a good spot for this," she murmured carefully, before gesturing for them to follow. It was a familiar pattern, though - multiple times a week they'd all disappear into one of their rooms, whispering about the horrors of the day, planning and dreaming and doing whatever would basically keep them sane. Relatively, anyway.

They hurriedly walked down the corridor, and during the small silence, Vedette took the time to think back to what Zsu had said about Crawford and the others. So this would involve them somehow... definitely something to think about. Especially since she had suspicions about the relations between them all.

Kala unlocked the door then stepped to the side, allowing them entrance. "Right, so that plan.."[/size]
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[i][color=lightpink] Zsuzsanna nodded to both of them, more to Vedette to verify the plan. "Yes we are. And we need to leave before morning comes...I killed that doctor guy and they'll find him in the other doctors will find him in the morning." she explained quickly as her german accent was comming back.

"You what...?" Kala said quickly and quietly, unsure if she heard Zsuzsanna correctly.

"Yes...I killed the doctor...so...he was going to give me a shot. And most likely have Schultz rape me...while I can't move..." Zsuzsanna really wanted something to hit now, being pretty pissed off when she said that. "So get your valuable stuff and nothing to big. We need to leave." [/color][/i]
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[color=orangered]OOC: Well, I'm really not sure when I'm to poke my head in - but I'll run something alongside you guys - just to get Schwarz started off, okay? ^_~

Nagi was restless. For a long time now, Schwarz had been biding their time, doing next to nothing. And as calm he outwardly appeared, it was driving him absolutely insane.
He looked up to Schuldig, who was leaning absently against the wall at the other side of the room. "Ah," he said suddenly, "[i]Nachricht[/i]..." At Nagi's questionning glance he repeated himself. "News."
"Finally." Then, as though on cue, Bradley Crawford's footsteps could be heard approaching. As he entered, Nagi's words were almost in the tone of an attack. "Well?"
"Well, what?" came the even reply.
"Any news?"
"You seem to be expecting some," Crawford murmured after a pause, watching the Japanese youth quietly.
"Hoping, more like," grumbled Nagi quietly.[/color]
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Crawford pressed a finger against the rim of his glasses, pushing the fram further up the bridge of his nose. Clasping his hands behind his back he trod the floor slowly with contemplating steps.

"News, I'm afraid, is what we're rather short of." His voice was calm as always, prefering to remain expressionless. Schuldig shot him an irritated glance, his orange brows knitted in a frown.

"Well you're supposed to be the Oracle, oracle something!" The feisty German barked in annoyance. Bradly chuckled and shook his head slightly, as if chiding a small child who asked a stupid question.

"It doesn't work like th..." Crawford stopped mid sentence, images suddenly coming to him like a flicking picture book.

[i]"Yes we are. And we need to leave before morning comes...I killed that doctor guy and they'll find him in the other doctors will find him in the morning."[/i]

Raising a dark eyebrow he removed his glasses and proceeded to clean them on a handkerchief he produced from his jacket pocket. "It appears we have news after all."
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[size=1][color=999999][i]A quiet loomed over Terran's room as she meditated by herself. The dark room showed signs of silhouettes from outside. Suddenly, her eyes opened wide and she exited the room.

Looking down the hall, she stepped out and looked around. She searched for Gen, the psychotic male being in Rosenkreuz. She walked down the halls and looked into rooms and such. She then came to the stairs. She heard distant talking and she teleported herself there.

Standing in front of her now, was Gen and her father. She looked to the two and wondered what they were discussing of. She then heard footsteps tapping against pavement. She looked to the direction and tried to listen for the sounds. She shook her head, but it didn't go away. Someone was running.[/i]

"Someone's running away. Sounds to be the Mystiker girls."

[B]OOC:[/B] I'm changing my picture. See the attachment below! Just take the goggles off and put her hair down to about shoulder length, and then she will wear black pants, with a black tank top. There! That's my person.[/size][/color]
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[color=indigo][i][size=1][b]"Take what you need,"[/b] Zsuzsanna headed out with Vedette, [b]"Then meet us in the chapel."[/b]

[b]"Right, be careful Zsu. Vedette,''[/b] Kala grabbed Vedette's wrist,[b] "Do not let her out of your sight. I had horrid visions...''[/b] Kala stopped.

A picture of Vedette being raped, Zsuzsanna as well, was vivid in Kala's mind, [b]"You know what you two..just stay in your room Vedette, I'll come to you."[/b]

The two girls nodded and quietly exited the room. Kala hurriedly gathered her belongings that she thought she'd need. Clips for her Colts, all of the documents of herself, her laptop, cell phone, medical kit, her private stash of money, and some clothes. She looked about her room to make sure she didn't miss anything. Turning towards the door, another vision flashed in Kala's eyes. It was a man, tall, strong, intelligent, cool, and handsome. He was with a couple of other men, conversing deeply. Kala blinked and squinted her eyes. She could her voices, they were talking about the school..about..Zsuzsanna..how were they going to....Kala's mind went blank.

She cautiously exited her room and quickly made her way to Vedette's room. She knocked lightly, Vedette met Kala with a knife. Once she saw it was Kala, Vedette lowered her blade and breathed out heavy. Kala entered and sat down on the bed.

[b]"I saw him..Brad Crawford..and Schuldig..I'm not quite sure who the other was, my mind went blank.."[/b] Kala set her duffle bag by her feet.

[b]"Schuldig?"[/b] Zsuzsanna looked at Kala, confused and fascinated.

[b]"Yes, and they were talking about your break out..they were starting to form a plan, of which I did not recieve...I have got enough money for us to get pretty far.....Anyhow, we must hurry. I can see the guards searching the asylum...some are slowly making their way here...''[/b] Kala looked towards the window, overlooking the courtyard, panic seized her mind.


[b]"Crawford? Snap out of it,"[/b] Nagi waved at Brad.

[b]"Wha? Oh, I'm sorry...Where were we?"[/b] Brad rubbed his forehead with his index and middle fingers.

He began to recieve more visions of the three girls..the guards Kala was talking about grew closer every second..Brad breathed a little faster, his heart pounding in anxiety and panic.

[b]"Bradley Crawford! Could you pay attention?! What is your problem?"[/b] Schuldig's stern, German accent rolled over Brad.

[b]"I-I am truely sorry..The cognative Russian, Kala Crustov, is being overrun with fear. She's losing control of her ability..Her mind is connecting with mine, so I'm feeling what she's feeling.."[/b] Brad sat down in a high back, leather chair.

[b]"Can you not help her to relax? You are more powerful than she,"[/b] Nagi quirked.

Brad shook his head, [b]"No, I cannot. I am precog like her, not telopathic."[/b]

Back at the school....

[b]"Are we ready?"[/b] Kala stood, wringing her hands on her jacket.[/color][/i][/size]
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[size=1]Vedette had grown quite used to Kala stopping mid-sentence. The visions came without warning, as they always did, and they had all accepted that. And both she and Zsu had learned very quickly to trust Kala's precog abilities. Vedette, especially - once she ignored Kala's warning and the results of it still haunted her sleep. The French-American woman was pretty sure it was going to take quite a long time for her to get over that nightmare.

"Are we ready?"

Kala's voice broke into her thoughts and Vedette faultered a moment, before nodding, her eyes determined. "Never been more ready for anything in my life," she murmured, tucking her knife away. She had more useful weapons in mind.

Zsuzsanna climbed off the bed and stood straight, batting her hair out of her eyes. "Let's ditch this hell-hole."

The three girls shared a silent, brief moment before Kala nodded and turned, stopping by the door. Eyes closed in concentration, she checked the halls, listening for any sort of movement. Vedette and Zsuzsanna followed her out quietly, both keeping an eye out as well as they carefully made their way through the corridors. Though with Kala leading them, it wasn't exactly necessary.

After a long, silent walk towards the back of the dormitories, Kala motioned for them to stop. Vedette exhaled slowly, knowing that if they were to get through this successfully then she needed to be as calm as possible, and ready for anything. She adjusted her position so that Zsu stood between herself and Kala - after all, Zsu was the main one the guards would be after. She had to be protected, and Vedette would sure as hell make certain that the job was done to perfection.

Kala cursed under her breath then, balling her fists. "We're cutting this too close."

Vedette looked perfectly cool and collected, though her thoughts were just as frantic. "Well," she whispered evenly, "If we can't get around them, why not go through them?"[/size]
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[size=1][color=olive][i]Gen broke the conversation with the Head and looked at the intruder. His daughter. He bowed lightly at her, then left the two for their father to daughter talk, whatever it may be. His conversation with the Head wasn't exactly something desired, but it was acceptable especially when considering what usually happened in the dim corridors and the class rooms of the school. No complaints. It was just another duty imposed on him by the school, a type of a 'monitor' on the other students. The Head took notice of his strange ability, and decided to make use of it. Thus, he was the Gestapo police within the system from now on, his duty to prevent the escape of the other students or to track and hunt down the escaped rogue ones. Specific targets that he was ordered to keep an eye on included three girls, each by the name of Kala, Vedette, and Zsuzsanna. According to the curt words exchanged in the quick conversation, they supposed were to possess powers greater than the average students in the Rosenkreuz. With his new position, he decided to check up on the three. After all, he might as well make known to them of his presence.

A quick look in the schedules for the girls indicated that one of the girls, Zsuzsanna, was due for a check up and adminstering medications in the mental institutions. She should be there at the moment. A trip to the mental institution wasn't too long from his position, and within minutes Gen stepped before the cell where she was to be held. But nothing. He could hear slight breathing and the presence on other cells, but nothing from within. A nagging stench reminded him of blood. A thin smile formed on his lips, then he knocked politely for the sake of it and ushered himself into the room. As he thought. The doctors were dead and from the look on their eyes, pretty shocked in their final moments. A quick examination revealed their throats slashed apart in a gash probably created by an amateur to sharp objects. A dagger most likely. The smile widened a bit, then Gen stepped out of the cell quietly, then opened up a cell phone.

"Zsuzsanna's gone. Doctors are dead."

With the curt report, Gen clicked the cell phone shut and checked his watch. Dusk was coming. Pursuit in the darkness wasn't an attractive thought. Best get moving. With a faint chuckle, Gen stormed through the corridors to his private room, to retrieve his Watou for the hunt.[/size][/color][/i]
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[size=1][color=999999][i]Terran stood in the large corridor with her father. He had recieved new that Zsuzsanna was gone and the doctors had been killed. Her father looked to her and nodded. She understood immediately.

Turning to the stairs, she teleported herself to her room. Quickly, she walked to the weapons cabinet in her room. A wall pushed in to reveal a large cabinet of weapons. Guns on one side, blades in the middle, and large weapons on the right. In the small drawers were small weapons that Terran could carry.

Terran quickly drew her silver dual fans and her katanas. The 35" blade, cruved slightly at the tip with teeth cut into them, and intricate words embedded into the blades. She sheathed her blades and grabbed their scabbards and put them on her back in an X. She then twirled her fans and closed them before putting them in their rightful place.

Hearing sounds of pattering feet, Terran closed her cabinet and teleported herself through the shadows to where Gen would be. She stood there and waited for him.[/size][/color][/i]
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[color=indigo][i][size=1][b]"I do not want to draw any more attention to us, Vedette,"[/b] Kala sighed.

Visions flew before her eyes, three girls both being beaten and dragged to the headmaster. A blade's gleen, blood spraying, Kala stumbled back slightly into Zsuzsanna. Vedette grew a little impatient.

[b]"Then what do you suggest we do? If we go the other way, we'll run into the men in the courtyard. If we push through here, we'll escape scratched and bruised, but we'll be out of here,"[/b] Zsuzsanna helped Kala to stand.

Kala sighed and looked at Vedette. A plan formulated in her head. There wasn't very many guards in front of them.

[b]"Okay, we'll push our way through. We must do this fast and as quietly as possible,"[/b] Kala began as she drew her Colts from her waist.

Both Vedette and Zsuzsanna nodded and took their weapons. Kala motioned the girls to get against the wall. Kala inched her way closer to the corner and quickly glanced around. She turned back and whispered.

[b]"Okay, there is nine even. Three for each of us. Three are to my immediate right, three off to the center, and three behind them. Zsu, I want you to stay here right now. You are what they want. Vedette and I will attack the closest men, then you will come up behind us. Vedette, the ones in the center are yours, I'll clear your way. Ready?"[/b] Kala's voice grew with excitement.

Vedette and Zsuzsanna nodded. Kala took a deep breath then spun around the corner, Colts aimed and fired. The nine men pulled their semi automatics and began firing back. Kala turned back to recoperate and ran at the men, firing.

[b]"Vedette, now!"[/b] Kala swerved the men's bullets.[/color][/i][/size]
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[size=1]The next part happened so quickly that Vedette barely had time to smirk. Spinning around the corner, she sprinted after Kala and towards the firing men, dodging the first few bullets as well as she could. Her ankle screamed something horrible, but she ignored the pain - [i]nothing[/i] could stop them from getting out now. She skidded to a stop when one sliced through the skin on her arm, and spat a foreign curse at the men before throwing her hands up in front of her, eyes narrowing slightly. For a moment she was completely still, but it didn't last. As her hair began to blow past her shoulders, moved by some unseen force, a shockwave seemed to reverberate past her hands and towards the guards. The bullets in the air all slowed to a halt as she increased the pressure of the telekinetic blast before their momentum reversed and they were sent straight back into the men that shot them. Spurts of blood filled the air, taking the place of the bodies that had previously been standing.

"Nice, Vedette!" Kala picked off a few of the guards that where still up, while Vedette lodged her dagger home in another's skull. "Zsu, come on, this is it."

Zsuzsanna caught up with them quickly, only glancing at the broken, bleeding bodies around them as they ran. Vedette knelt down quickly as she passed the man who'd been struck by her small blade, wrenching the thing out of his forehead. Another inch or so of his skin had been split open, spraying blood on her legs in the process. She didn't flinch once.

"Let's hurry, we haven't got much time. Half the school must have heard that," Kala muttered, not sounding entirely pleased. But they were almost there - the realization of this was a much sweeter stimulant than any drug could ever hope to be.

They ran into a few more guards, but between the three of them, they were easy to pick off. Kala's brow was constantly creased in worry - who knows what awful visions plagued her every time she took a step. Vedette was certainly thankful that she hadn't been blessed with that particular gift of the mind.

"Almost there," Zsuzsanna whispered excitedly, a spark to her eyes. It was infectious and both Kala and Vedette returned it. But there were still so many things that could happen - that probably would happen. And while the three of them were quite powerful together, the darker-haired girl knew that there were many dark secrets about the school that could very well destroy them all.

She was really, really hoping that they stayed secret.

Reaching a small, shadowed spot by the last of the buildings, the three paused to catch their breaths and plan the next step. Shifting most of her weight onto her good ankle, Vedette raised her eyebrows at Kala and Zsuzsanna. "Okay, masterminds, what comes next?"[/size]
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[i][color=lightpink]Zsuzsanna leaned back against the wall, her clothes were covered with blood, and she was holding her upper left arm. She winced a bit when she moved it, realizing that she had come in contact with a bullet.

"Okay, masterminds, what comes next?" Vedette has asked directing it to Kala and Zsuzsanna.

Honestly, Zsuzsanna couldn't reconize this section of the building at all, then looks up and curses. They were standing infront of Herr Schultz's office and private quarters. "We...have to go...else where...like now...Not a good spot to stop at...." Zsuzsanna spoke softly to them really wanting to get away from this area quickly.[/color][/i]
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[color=indigo][i][size=1][b]"This way.."[/b] Kala whispered and lead the group down the hall.

They reached the emergency exit doors, carefully opening the doors, Kala peers out. She closes them softly and looks back at Zsuzsanna and Vedette. Kala smiled, it was safe. She could see clearly, her mind silent. She motioned the girls to follow and they walked out of the back gates of the school, free into the woods.

[b]"We did it!"[/b] Zsuzsanna whispered rather loud and jumped.

Kala smiled and breathed out, relief washed over her body and mind. Vedette smiled and followed, limping. Kala held out her hand and offered Vedette some help.

[b]"Really, Kala, I'm fine,"[/b] Vedette then began to try and walk better.

[b]"Suit yourself,"[/b] Kala shrugged and continued to walk beside her.

[b]"So, Zsuszanna, where exactly do we go from here?"[/b] Vedette broke the silence.


[b]"Schuldig, they are free,"[/b] Brad finally sat down.

[b]"Excellent,"[/b] Schuldig smiled.[/color][/size][/i]
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[i][color=lightpink]Zsuzsanna sighed some and looked around a bit. She shivered some and thought of what was next. They were out of the school and needed to get to Japan as soon as possible. "Ok we need to get to Tokyo. Schwarz is there." she spoke quiety starting off towards Berlin.

"What?!" Vedette and Kala said at the same tieme, being shocked. Not sure if they heard her correctly.

"We need to get to Tokyo, Japan as soon as possible. Please they are our only chance." Zsuzsanna pleaded with them, she really wanted to go to Tokyo and get in contact with Schwarz. It was the best thing that she thought up and she knew that they would keep them safe if they had heard what was going on now.[/color][/i]
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[size=1]"[i]Mon dieu[/i]," Vedette sighed and began limping after the girl, ignoring the pain that seized her ankle. Running on it probably wasn't one of the most brilliant things she'd done in her life, but when compared with what might have happened, she was willing to make the small sacrifice of comfort now. After all, it only meant more comfort later on - if things went according to plan. "Just how do we get to Tokyo? We can't very well [i]walk[/i] there.."

"Between the three of us, we'll figure something out," Zsuzsanna whispered back encouragingly. "Perhaps Schwarz will even come find us. Either way, we're safest in Tokyo."

"Schwarz. Do I know these 'Schwarz' people?" The Telekinetic asked, twisting her hair back over her shoulder.

Kala nodded, glancing at Zsu. "I'm sure you do. They were former students.." Her voice trailed off quietly and then she shrugged, carefully stepping over an overgrown root.

Vedette continued to play with her hair as she thought about that, before cursing a few times in French when she failed to raise her injured leg high enough over the same mischievous root. Her ankle throbbed in response and she paused, gritting her teeth before exhaling slowly. "[i]Zut..[/i]"

Kala glanced back at her, frowning slightly. "Vedette, don't push it - you'll only make it worse."

"I'll stop pushing once we get to Tokyo," Vedette replied, and then abruptly switched back to that conversation. "Is there anyway we can get in touch with them? Let them know?"

The Precog paused. "Well.."

Vedette added somberly, "We won't be the only ones in these woods for long. They're bound to send someone after us."

Glancing back at Kala, Zsuzsanna replied firmly, "We'll find a way. And if we run into any problems.. we'll take care of them."

They trudged forward in silence then, each girl probably shifting through her own thoughts of the evening so far. Vedette knew for one that she had quite a few misgivings about what lay ahead. Granted, anything was better than being back at Rosenkreuz. But she needed a plan. Something definite and reliable - not a [i]'I know a guy..'[/i] scenario. Vedette trusted her friends, no doubt about it. She just didn't trust anyone else, however, and that was where her problem began. That was where her problems [i]always[/i] began.[/size]
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[color=indigo][i][size=1]Kala sought in her mind a way to contact Schwartz. Walking behind Zsuzsanna and Vedette, Kala concentrated.

[b]Which one was telopathic? Naji I think....[/b] Kala stepped over a molded log, stopping shortly.

[b]"Kala, we must keep going,"[/b] Zsuzsanna pointed out.

[b]"I know how to get Schwartz's attention. There is a telopathic by the name of Schuldig. Surely he can hear us if we concentrate hard enough, channel our thoughts to him. We have to be calm and coherent,"[/b] Kala looked at the girls.

[b]"Well, what are we waiting for?"[/b] Vedette leaned on her better ankle.

Kala nodded and closed her eyes, the other two followed. Slowly and calmly, Kala focused her thoughts into one coherent transfer to Schuldig.

[b]...This is Kala Crustov..please, hear my thoughts. Zsuzsanna, Vedette, and I have just escaped from Rosenkruez...we need your help...[/b][/color][/size][/i]
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Crawford started as Schuldig pitched forward in his chair, clasping his head in his hands, with a pained cry. Striding forward Crawford kneeled down beside the telepath, a worried frown creasing his brow.

"What is it Schuldig?"

Schuldig gritted his teeth as he made a pained reply.

"It's them, it's the girls from Rosenkruez...so loud" concentrating his thoughts Schuldig managed to make a reply

[i]please, softer, quieter[/i] gasping for air Schuldig raised his head, smoothing his flame red hair back in a dignified motion.

"There, that's better"

Crawford rolled his eyes and pushed his glasses back up the bridge of his nose with one forefinger. Standing from his crouched position he folded his arms across his chest and loked down at Schuldig.

"What do they have to say? Do they tell us where they are?" Noting the look of concentration on his companion's face Crawford waited for a reply.
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It might sound odd, but Yohji had spent one of his summers at a magic camp. In fact, it [i]was[/i] odd, but his sleight of hand had ended up coming in handy.

"A beautiful flower for a beautiful lady," he murmured to the blonde behind the counter, seemingly pulling the rose from the back of her ear. Hey, it was a corny line, but sometimes the oldest traditions are the best.

Worked like a charm. The blonde giggled and looked down, almost pointedly at her cleavage. Yohji looked down too.

Unfortunately, it was at his belt, and the phone that was clipped on. It was beeping at him angrily. He really needed to change that ring tone to something more cheery. Like, I don't know, that American song, "Let's Make Love."

He picked up, nodding and smiling to the blonde apologetically. "What is it?" he hissed into the phone.

"The girls are free at Rosenkreuz. You might want to be there." The caller hung up without waiting for an answer.

Yohji cursed under his breath, turned his attention back to the girl for a moment.

The phone beeped again. "[i]Now,[/i]" read an accusatory text message, and Yohji sighed. His partners really knew him too well.
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[color=orangered]Nagi watched the exchange between Crawford and Schuldig silently. He was itching to just get out and [i]do[/i] something. They'd been waiting for too long, and besides all else Farfarello was starting to get on the Japanese youth's nerves.

Thinking of the Irishman made Nagi turn to see where he was. Knowing where Farfie was had always been one of Nagi's top priorities. And there he was, leaning against the wall, and pretending to take no heed of what was going on. But he was listening. Nagi could tell, and besides that there was rarely occasion when Farfie wasn't listening. Maybe he didn't [i]say[/i] all that much, but he listened plenty.

"Well?" murmured Nagi after a few seconds. "What's going on?"[/color]
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[color=lightpink][i]Zsuzsanna thought to Schuldig and heard him telling them to calm down and go one at a time. So she let Kala talk to him, knowing she would be at loss of words. Blushing as they had their eyes closed. She didn't know what they were going to do or if they were going to anything to get out of this awful country. She sounded sad and hurt when she had her turn to tell him something.

"Schuldich....please...help us. They'll get us within a couple hours...don't let them take us back. Not to Herr Schlutz..."[/color][/i]
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Schuldig look up at Crawford, a small frown creasing his brow.

"They're being persued, they need our assistence." At this Crawford stood and raised a hand to his face, removing his glasses and massaging the bridge of his nose. Nagi, so quite seated in the corner of the room voiced his opinion in a level voice.

"And how exactly are we to assist them? We are in Japan right now, if you had forgotten...they are in the Swiss Alps." Crawford pressed the heel of his hand against his forehead attempting to think of a suitable answer. Schuldig rose from his seated position with an irritated sigh, his frustration clear upon his face.

"There must be something we can do, we cannot leave them to Rosenkruez, it's a fate worse than death!" Crawford held his hand up for silence, closing his eyes tightly as flashes overtook his mind.

[i]A house, small but secluded...snow...basement, concealed..."[/i]

Looking up at Schuldig who stood before him, glaring in his direction expectantly.


"There is a small cabin not far from their position, it is secluded, hidden in the forest. If they hide there then the soldiers will not find them, I have seen it" Ushering the telepath to relay the message Crawford replaced his glasses and clasped his hands behind his back. Those girls would not return to that hell hole, not if he and his companions had any breath left in their bodies.
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