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Many people know the term "Super Humen". Super Humens are the thing of fantasies, and facts can be told about them, so they are not real. But the only reason these cases are true is that because Super Humens are rare, but that is change in this new era. Now Super Humens are being born more.

They are known as freaks if they are open to others about their powers, and most hide it from their family and friends. Some fear the power, and some abuse it. Goverments, even were they live, want that power no matter what for reasons that differ. They fight over the Super Humen race, but the Super Humens do not want to be slaves of normal men, just to be use a war toy. In New York City, America, the middle school Advent Middle, the Invisable War will start.

Shin walked up to the doors of his new school. He had moved over the summer to this area of New York, and had no lost friends. That may of been because of his power, or he had no time to make friends. All throughout sixth grade his parents moved him to area to area. He was grateful to them to understand it wasn't his fault he had this power. He looked at the doors of the school, and walked in like the rest of the students.

His grade was on the frist level of the school, with the eight graders and other classes. The sixith graders were on the second level, and a flight of stairs connected the two levels. He looked around to find Ms. Hall's class, and found it. He walked in and placed his bookbag on a desk at the back of the room. The teacher walked to him.

"Hello, Shin," she said nicely. They had meet at open house, a time in the summer where they meet their teachers. She handed him a piece of paper when he looked at the ground. This is your locker combonation, number, and classes."

"Thank you." he went to his locker, and opened it. He looked at the piece of paper to see what books he needed.

[i]"1st Period: Lang. Arts
2ed Period: Math
3rd: Lunch
4th: Tech. Ed
5th: Chours
6th: S.S
7th: Science[/i]

He took out his Math and Language Arts books, and tooked them to his desk. He placed them in his bookbag, and sat down. He eyed students comming in, and others sitting down ready for the day. Some were talking with friends from the sixith grade, but most were quiet.

Someone can meet my character if they wish in the same class. Please post if you have signed up, because I don't want this to die so soon.[/size]
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Ceris walked the familiar halls, apathetic towards returning to school. It was her third and last year at Advent Middle School. Familiar faces were everywhere, but there were new ones too. Too many to keep track of. But that was how Advent was - people coming and going without notice. Ceris didn't pay attention to them anymore. What was the use of getting to know new kids if they were just going to leave again?

She walked into her classroom, shrugging her backpack off her shoulders, and taking the seat closest to the door. Screw the seating charts. Slowly, the clock ticked, and the students filled the desks.

Ceris looked through the door and across the hall into the other classroom. It was a 7th grade classroom, and she could see kids talking and laughing. And there was one very nervous boy. She could instantly tell that he was new. It was in his posture, his attitude, as he sat and watched the others. He suddenly noticed Ceris looking at him, and his eyes widened with nervousness. She waved and smiled reassuringly, and then turned to her books.
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Matt came to the school doors. He was about to enter a new world. He pushed the doors open and saw a staircase and a hallway. He walked up the stairs knowing that they led to his class. He pulled out his timetable wishing there was a swimming class.

"[i]1st Period: Lang. Arts
2nd Period: Math
3rd: Lunch
4th: Swimming..[/i].. YES!" he yelped. He stopped there because at that moment a girl bumped into him.

"So sorry mister. Very..." she stopped and looked Matt in the eyes just before he bent down to pick up her stuff. She then blushed and ran with her stuff, leaving behind her papers.

"Umm you forgot your papers." he looked at them and saw she had swimming class at 4th period as well so he figured he could give them to her at that period.[/color]
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[COLOR=darkblue]Kari ran into the building and she looked around the halls for the right class. She rushed through the halls and bumped into a guy. She apologized quickly and ran off, she dropped some papers on her way too. She saw the labeled class and ran in. She saw that everyone were at their desks. Kari apologized for her tardiness to the teacher and took a seat next to a girl with short, dark-brown hair.

"Are you new here?" she asked.
"Yeah. My first day." Kari replied.
"Where are you from?"
"I'm from Japan, Tokyo. My name's Kari."
"Hi, I'm Ceris. Nice to meet you."
"Same. What subject are we in?" Kari asked taking out some books. She looked for her timetable.
"We're in Language Arts, next is Maths." Ceris said.

Kari cursed as she realised she must have dropped it when she bumped into that guy. The teacher started to write things on the board and they copied and answered question through the session. English and Language were her favourite subjects in Tokyo. Maths had to be her worst subject. She hoped whatever else she had was good.[/COLOR]

[B]OOC:[/B] Sorry it's short. Can't think. Hope you don't mind me bumping into you Lrb.
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James opened the front doors and walked in, yawning as he went. He was stopped suddenly by a short teacher who's face looked an uncomfterble lot like a toad. "Mister Leonheart!" She said in an ugly tone. "I presume you have your schedule already?"

"Must have slipped my mind." He grinned all knowingly. "I took the librety of getting it, just in case." She gave a smile to match his. "Oh boy." He said sarcasticly, snatching the schedule. The teacher walked away on her stubby little legs "Let's see...languege? I already speak english, so there's no point in going is there? PE, History, math, blah blah blah. Not a single one I like." He complained to himself.

The first bell rang, and he turned heel to walk out, but a stubby figure loomed in the doorway. "Going somewhere?"

"You stalking me?"

He sighed and found the English room. The teacher was scribbling frantically on the board. James stood in front of the board and looked it over. "Wow. Real interesting."

"Please be seated for roll call." The teacher said annoyed. "Yeah yeah, I'm goin'." He sat and kicked his feet up, waiting for a chance to beat it.
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Tr'shiel enter her room before the bus left that morning to take the group to school. She had some more clothes to drop off as well as some of her books. Luckily she had a little time before the bus acmme and she didn't have to run too far to get to where she needed to go. As she looked around her room once more she saw the bed close by had some new items on them.

"I must have a roomie now," she started looking at the items there. She quickly grapped up her main books and left the room. Using her powers to close the door behind her.

She rushed to the end of hallway and down the stairs. The house was becoming full and she had to slow down some as she got ready to exit the house.

She arrived at school on time, thanks to the bus, and walked slowly to the door. She mostly saw the folks she stayed with and spoke to them. The others she had yet met and she didn't talk to.

She was happy they decided to place her in her appropriate grade after much testing. She could have been placed in eight but the staff thought it better for 7th so that she may become totally adapted to the new system.

She checked her scheduleand walked to her first class. Not anaware of who just was about to bump into...

It was James one of her housmates. She hadn't gotten use to him just yeat and only spoke to him occassionally.

"Look where you're goin-" he looked down at her and moved aside.

"Better watch your step Tr'shiel," he said. "Dont wanna bump into anyone worse than me."

"Wow, you care, I didn't even know," her accent was strong from her hispanic influence but that was the first time she ahd cme at James so snappy, a bit rushed and not wanting to be late.

He turned away from her and began to walk away as nonchalantly as ever. "See if I ever help ya out again." he said trying to be just as short with her.

"Don't worry I'll be okay." She kept walking down the hallway and enter the language arts class right before the beel rang. James possibly going to his.
OOC: Squall I hope you don't mind that I bumped into your character B4 class so please make note of it. If its too much trouble let me know...TY!!![/SIZE][/COLOR]
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OOC: Meh. I don't care, Ohkami.
The birst bell went in 1 minute.. the slowest 1 minute of Matt's life. Finally after a long period of Poems by Shakespeare it rang. Half the class leaped up and darted out the door.

"Now what... hmm." he looked at his Timetable realizing that he still had 10 minutes between each period. So Matt decided to head down to the pool and see if it was a nice one.

He came to a window and looked through seeing the Swimming Area. It was a nice big pool so he was pleased with it and looked at his time table again. He figured he still had 7 minutes before math. Just enough time to find that girl and give her the time table.

"Hmm... she must be heading.. to Maths. Hey that's mine too!" so he figured that he could give it to her then.
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Tr' shiel tried her hardest to stay away in her language arts class. It was just her getting used to the slightly differentime schedule and she knew the next few days would kinda hard.

'Just one good nights sleep,' she thought listening to her teach just blah, blah, blah her way through the class. Un her mind the teacher sounded like the once from Charlie Brown and soon gave out a small giggle to herself as she heard the, honking of Charlies Brown'd teacher.

That little thought helped her to keep her mind a bit occupied. Well just enough to Get out her drawing pencil and do little doodles around her notes.

She didn't particulaylr like English and sa was happy when the class ended for that day. But then remembered she be right back in it tomorrow.

She began to look at her schedule once she got into the hall, she was a bit blown away with the activity of the school. None of the schools back home were as large or had a large student population, but she did attend a private school so that may be the main difference.

She ignored the people around her and glanced back her schedule making her way past her locker. She glanced at one of the people who lived in the house with her but couldn't remember who she was, she just remembered the face and kept goin....

'Hmm what class is next...
Lanquage Arts[/STRIKE] (done with that for the day)
Phys Ed.
Computer Tech.

She was looking forward to the rest of the day but kinda shittered at P.E. she was never really to god at sport but figrures. She better start somewhaere!!!

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Brandon bolted down the hallway as he entered the school with such a rush. At the same time he was tring to finish the peice of toast he has gulped down in a hurry.

(How could I be already late, why did abuela let me sleep in so late??? Didn't want to desturb me my foot!) thought Brandon as he looked in his bookbag for his schedual.

Language (missed)
Math (missed)

Brandon ran as fast as he could to get to History class, also trying not to hit the other people in the hallway as well. When he finally arrived to his seat and chair the bell had just rung, brandon was panting hevely as he tried to brush off the crumbes off from the toast he had. During history Brandon payed more attention to his schedual, he wasn't that good in english, but really loved to do experiments in Biology. When Brandon saw he had swimming as a class, be began to panic.

(I can't swim...e-everyone will see my bandages and ask me about it) thought Brandon as he felt his neck to feel bandeges under his turtle neck and began to breath hevey again. Now Brandon knew the rest of the day was going t be a bad one. But some how he'll have to make due with it, no matter how bad it is.
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Ceris closed her math book with a snap, causing the teacher to glare at her. She smiled back and waved.

She nudged the new girl next to her, "Hey, Kari, lunch is next. I'll show you what's contaminated."

Kari looked up, her eyes wide, "Contaminated?"

Ceris laughed, "I'm just kidding. Well, sort of. Let's just say that some of the food is...less than appetizing. But there's some good stuff. However, I strongly urge you to bring a cold lunch from now on. It's much safer." She winked, and the bell rang. They were the first out of the classroom, Ceris pulling Kari by her arm.

The lunchroom was already crowded, but Ceris slid to the front of the line. She did it so cunningly that no one even noticed.

Ceris grabbed them both trays, "Ok, just follow me, and you won't be throwing up in the water during swimming, k?" She winked again. Kari wanted to laugh at Ceris's impish grin. They went through the line, and sat down at one of the farther tables. Looking out the windows, they watched the cars go by. It had started to rain, and the clouds darkened the sky. The lunch hour went by quickly, and all too soon they were headed for their next class.

Kari and Ceris both went to the locker rooms, but since it was the first day, they didn't need to change into their bathing suits.
The teacher called them all down to beside the pool, and Ceris noticed that there were alot of new kids in the group. There were so many that she hardly saw a familiar face. One boy, someone with light, spiky yellow hair, kept looking at the water. She saw Kari staring at him, and she almost laughed.

Elbowing Kari, Ceris whispered, "Whp are you looking at so hard?" Kari blushed, and then stared at the ground, smiling wryly at Ceris.

The teacher, Mr. Smith, had noticed the disturbance, "Miss Opel, would you like to share with the class?"

Ceris smiled coolly, "I apologize Mr. Smith. And no, I wouldn't like to share with the class." Mr. Smith looked at her for another second, and then went on to explain the rules of the pool. Obvious to Kari, this teacher did not like Ceris very much.
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What period are we in?

James entered history class, late as usual. "Mr. Leonheart? You're late." He grinned. "yeah, and I forgot my books, apparently." The teacher frowned in response. "Please hurry to get them, and hurry back." He nodded and walked down the hall, paying no attention to his locker as he walked past. [i]Yeah, I'll come back. Sucker![/i] He walked out the front door, and looked at the ledge overhanging the door. It'd be a perfect place to catch some sleep, if he could get up there.

He grinned wildly and backed up, looking around. Nobody. He sprinted off towards the wall, and pulled with his mind towards the wall. His foot planted, and held as he ran up the wall. James broke off as he grasped the ledge and rolled on. His stomach was doing flips, he'd have to get used to that. But it worked, nonetheless. He layed back against the wall, and tried to get some sleep.
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Ruben woke at 6:00am to the sound of the Radio. 'Innocent Eyes' was playing.

Sighing, he rolled over and turned it off. Sitting up in his bed, his arms trembled, and he fall over backwards. Too tired. Ah well... he could play computer games later in the afternoon then. He turned the radio back on, and lay there for the next fifty minutes, listening to it, his mind in a haze.

At 6:50, his watch alarm went off, and he got up top make his lunch. Round and a half of peanut butter. Nice. Almost twelve minutes later to the dot, he finished making lunch, and proceeded to breakfast. Three pieces of toast. Then feed the fish, make his bed and half an hour of listening to music before the bus came. The blaring tones of Red Hot Chilli Peppers must have roused his father, so who should stumble blearily into the room at 7:45 than daddie dear himself?

"What the hell are you doing? It's a quarter to eight!"

"Yeah... and"

"Your bus comes at 7:40!"

Ten hurried minutes later, Ruben clung tightly to his seat as the small hatchback slipped between peak hour traffic. After all that... the tight corners and eveyrthing- he was Five minutes early to school. Fishing in his backpack, Ruben scrabbled around for the new timetable. Pulling it out, he checked what he had up first...

Computer Tech

The last two made him grin... computers were his love... and gym his passion.
Here, he was going to make a name for himself... he was not going to be the weak one anymore.

With a determined step, he headed for English, his mind lost in the haze of Techno pouring out of his earphones.

English was simple... and easy. Introduction activities, a few poems. Mainly Shakepseare, quite dreary, but not terribly difficult.

Math was next. Nobody had really paid any attention to him yet... Ah well. As an only child, he was used to it. Math was a breeze- something else he really enjoyed.

Heading out into the grounds for lunch, Ruben sat in a corner and half dozed. Luckliy today was a half decent day. Better than should be expected.

The bell rang. Swimming. Bleh. Not the most fun thing to do... but better than Society and Environment at least.

Heading into the change room, he yanked off his jeans and stuffed them into his bag. He already had his board shorts on underneath. All set.
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[COLOR=darkblue]Kari had enjoyed the day so far. Ceris was a fun person to be around and they had immediately clicked. When it was swimming time Kari saw the boy she had bumped into at the beginning of school. Kari had looked at him as he fidgetted and looked at the water. He looked as if he was about to dive in at any moment. Ceris had noticed that she was staring at him and she blushed. Ceris had been told off by Mr. Smith and she assumed that Mr. Smith didnt like Ceris. Kari listened boredly as Mr. Smith explained the rules of the pool.
'No splashing, no running, no diving, no playing around...blah blah blah.' Kari thought. She covered a yawn and saw that the boy was bored too. He still looked at the water. Then finally he finished lecturing them and gave them the last 10 minutes or so to play around in the water. At the moment he finished, the boy jumped straight in. He was an amazing swimmer. Kari watched him swim laps, just play around and just float. Kari had changed and just sat on the edge and dangled her feet in the water. Ceris was next to her.

"What's up with you and that guy?" Ceris asked.
"Nothing..." Kari said quietly, still watching him.
"Come on, Tell me the truth Kari." she said nudging her.
"I bumped into him this morning, and he's got such great skill..." Kari said, mezmerised. She sighed and kicked her feet lightly.

Matt swam up to her quickly. "Hi." he said cheerily.
"H-Hi...Sorry about this morning..." Kari stuttered.
"No problem. You dropped some of your papers though. I'll give them to you after class. We've got the same timetable." Matt said.
"Uh...Ok...Thanks." Kari said.
"I'll seeya later." Matt said swimming off.

Ceris nudged her and Kari glared at her, then she smiled and pushed Ceris in. Ceris gasped and pulled her in after her. They both sat at the side. Now they were wet. At least she'd changed into her bathers. Now the 2 girls talked in the pool.[/COLOR]
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The two girls started laughing as they splashed each other, and soon enough the whole pool had erupted into a giant water fight.

Mr. Smith could be heard over the laughter, "Stop! Stop this instant!" No one payed any attention.

"Hey, Kari, are you going to try out for the swim team?" Ceris asked as they retreated to the far (and calm) end of the pool.

"The swim team?" Kari asked.

"Yeah. Our team is pretty good. And I bet that boy *wink wink* will be on it too. He's got amazing skills in the water," Ceris added slyly. Kari blushed again, sinking into the water to hide her red cheeks.

Ceris laughed, "You're so funny! But you have to learn to not blush - it gives you totally away. But try out! It'll be fun! And usually everyone makes the cut. Of course, Mr. Smith is the teacher, but that's not too bad...usually."

"Have you been on the team before?" Kari asked.

Ceris nodded, "Yes, I've been on the team for three years. Last year I was captain, but since that new guy's here, I don't know. He's pretty good. Try out with me! It'll be awesome."

Kari was convinced, "Well, ok. When are tryouts?"

"Next week on Wednesday, right after school," Ceris answered. They got out of the pool, and went to change and dry off.
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Brandon swam around, mostly underwater so he couldn't hear the loudness above water. He had to pop up a couple of time to breath, then he relaxed by just letting the waves of the watter move him around. He saw a lot of people splashing and talking, and two girls talking to a guy.

"No running" yelled Mr. Smith as he saw a couple of girls ran and dove into the water. Obviously they didn't listen to him at all, Brandon snickered at that. At that time Brandon swam to the deep end of the pool and dove to the bottom and just stated in one spot, looking at all the feet and bellies swimming by above. The water made everything so calm and peaceful, it almost made Brandon feel like sleeping. When the bandages on brandon's neck were starting to come off, he immediatly swam to the top and got some air, then tried to go back into the lockeroom, but Mr. Smith did not allow it at all.

"You will wait until the class is over, you souldn't have been wearing that necklass bandage thing on anyways, stupid fashion" stated Mr. Smith. With that, Brandon was scared.....
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[color=green]Jedgar was in the deep end of the pool, swimming at the very bottom. He wasn?t much interesting in socializing with the others and was instead content to enjoy the weightless, carefree sensation that the water gave him. He watched the feet of the others kicking through the water, and splashing water this way and that. Also occupying his thoughts was the shadow of the instructor, which circled the pool menacingly. It reminded Jedgar of a shark, stalking his prey.

As he let his body drift upwards, he began to slowly release the air stored in his lungs. It bubbled to the surface, making the light shining through it separate into different colors as a prism would.

Then his head pierced the surface of the water, and his mouth gasped for air. After regaining his breath, he checked his watch. Only fifteen more minutes of swimming before they had to go change for next block. Better make the best of it.

Taking another deep breath of chlorine smelling air, Jedgar sunk back beneath the warm water.

This time, he experienced no peaceful feelings. Instead, it was if his whole body was lurching.

[I]Not now, he thought.[/I]

There was nothing he could do but hide in the very corner of the deep end and hope nobody noticed as his body convulsed in spasms of pain. After about ten seconds of excruciation, Jedgar?s body melted into a liquid. He oozed into the shadows of the pool, so that his silver color wouldn?t attract unwanted attention.

After nearly a minute, he reverted to his human form as suddenly as he had left it. Uncomfortably aware that his lungs were empty, Jedgar rocketed to the surface, praying he hadn?t been noticed.[/color]
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But someone had noticed. Ceris had watched as convulsions swept Jedgar's body. She had followed his liquid form through the water, and she was shivering with excitement. She wasn't alone anymore. She wasn't alone.
But there was no time to speak to Jedgar. The bell rang, and they were off to their next class, this time Kari pulling Ceris along. Ceris looked back, trying to catch another glimpse of the strange boy...
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[size=1]Shin sat in chours room with everyone else. Their teacher, Mrs. Kilth, talked about what they where going to learn, how they should act, what they will sing. She then looked at him and another student.

"Lets welcome Terra and Shin." she said. Shin looked at her with a large eyed glaced as everyone looked at him and Terra. He looked at Terra, and their eyes meet. Her hair was a golden blond, and her eyes where dull yellow. Shin smiled at her, and she smiled back.

The bell ringed, and he went to his next class. Shin had felt something in Terra that didn't seem normal.

[I]"Hi."[/I], a female voice said in his head. He screamed as he jumped in the hallway.
"W-What who that?!?" he said as he looked around. All he got was a bunch of stares. He started to blush as he calmed down. [I]"Who are you?"[/I], he thought.
[I]"Terra."[/I], the voice said. He knew it. He knew Terra was a Super Human like him, [I]"I want to meet at lunch tomorrow."[/I]
[I]"Okay."[/I] he walked to his Social Studies class, and stopped becuase something chaced his eye. It was a flyer for the extra classes they could join. He eyed the list, and found the Swim Team. He looked at when try outs where, and loacked it in his mind. He liked to swim. It made him feel wieghtless, and seemed to take away all the stress. He took the flyer and shoved it in his book bag. He entered his Social Studies class, and took out his books. Almost the end of the day, and he started to think of what he may do after school.[/size]
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OOC: In case anyone needs to know we are now in Period 6 of 7.
There were 2 minutes left until next period. Matt had already checked out when the swim team would start. It was today. Right after school in the pool area. Everyone who wanted to join would go, and then some would get cut and the people left would go and then more people would get cut leaving you with the team.

The bell rang. [i]Crap! I'm late for class![/i] thought Matt. He had just been in Science and had to hurry for Orchestra. Gah. It's right in front of him! He walked in the door. The teacher was still speaking.

"Nice of you to join us Mister Perrigry. Please take a seat." she said pointing to a spot next to the girl he had bumped into.

"Hi. I'm Matt" he said to her and her friend.

"I'm Kari and this is--"

"Ceris! My name's Ceris. You new?" said the 'other one'.

"Yea. It's been a rough day. You guys tryin' out for the Swim Team?" asked Matt. If they were then that would be great. He wouldn't be alone and might even have some friends developing.[/color]
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Brandon couldn't beleive what he had saw in the pool, that other boy doing something in the water. It was kind of exciting though, Brandon could not take notes anymore in his Biology class 'cause of that event.

"I wonder.... if i'm not the only one, and that other person isn't....there must be more!" The thought of that made Brandon smile with much joy, at that moment Brandon asked to be excused to go to the bathroom. Instead of that, he snuck into the computer lab and posted something on the school's job listings.

"This job would require someone "special" to aid our helpers. High pay and reasonable hours. There will will be an interview for these "special few", please apply by sending an e-mail to this address". At that moment Brandon put his e-mail address for his home just in case someone replies, although he thought it would be impossibe to find other people like him, it was worth the try. He heard the doornob of the computer lab turning, so Brandon signed off and phased through the wall into a tree outside the building.

"How embarrasing...." talking to himself,. He climed down hoping no one saw him.

"This year might even be better than I expected it to be" Brandon said as he ran inside the school to get back into class.
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[color=green]Nervous, intimidated and attempting to remain unnoticed, Jedgar sat in middle of the sea of desks that occupied the AP Civics room.

Every day he left swimming and proceeded to the main office, where he received his special pass to walk across the street to the highschool. There he would sign in at the front desk and endure the looks of the much older students as he walked towards his class. He felt like a midget in a sea of giants, barely coming up to the stomachs of most of the older kids. His only consolation being that he was much smarter than most of them anyway. A pity that this wouldn?t help him if he got beat up.

His mind returned to class as the bell rang and the teacher entered the room.

[B]Teacher[/B]: ?Good afternoon class. Today we will..?

[I]Jedgar phased out, his unseeing eyes looking at the teacher; his mind elsewhere.[/I]

He?d already written the notes for the class, in fact he?d taken notes on the entire book over the summer. Every last one of the section reviews was completed, all of the vocab words defined. He?d memorized most of the book. History was his favorite subject, Jedgar planned to major in it some day. Not many others found it interesting, but he could care less. His skills would be in greater demand that way?

Practicing his transformation was taking up most of his time these days, attempting to control when he morphed into that silver puddle was of the essence. He couldn?t hide it forever, especially if it was random. Concentrating hard, he focused on his left pinky finger. He visualized it changing from normal flesh to silver. Over and over he did this, until he felt a dull pain in his finger. Pretending to get something out f his back, he placed his left hand in his backpack so he could get a look at it without others seeing.

Sure enough, his finger was silver and aqueous. Jedgar concentrated again, and this time the finger reverted to normal rapidly. He was getting good at this.

Straightening up, he looked back up at the teacher before checking his watch. This block was moving slowly. He couldn?t wait for after school. This year his school actually had a swim team. He wanted to make the team so bad?

Swimming had become his favorite thing to do ever since he?d had his first transformation. After a few tries, making his hands and toes melt into the liquid had become easy. This allowed him to utilize the larger surface area to swim much faster than normal. Nobody was able to see his unusual hands through the swirling water and he simply reverted them to normal when he climbed out of the pool.

He snapped out of his daydream as the teacher asked him a question. After a brief moment of uncertainty, he launched himself into a long-winded answer. How he loved to befuddle annoying teachers?[/color]
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Ruben had seen it. He was in the pool, attempting to breastroke underwater from one side to the other. His vision enhanced eyes caught the glimmer in his peripheral vision. Turning to look at it straight on, Ruben had to remind himself not to yelp. There, in the corner, struggling to hide but stripped away of the shadows by Ruben's enhanced vision was a boy. A short one too, and he seemd to be in trouble, providing that turning into a silver blob was trouble for him. Ruben hung motionless in the water, as the silver blob slid down into the corner of the pool. Running out of breath, Ruben surfaced, and pretended to keep swimming, as if there was nothing out of the oridinary, though his eyes kept on being drawn back to that corner.

There were more of them. One in his very class even!

As the teacher blew the whistle, and the groaning kids hefted themselves out of the pool, Ruben hung back as much as he could. Seeing as he was almost on his own, and nobody was looking, Ruben front-flipped [i]out[/i] of the water onto the edge of the pool. As he headed into the changerooms, Ruben had a heady grin on his face. Doing that always gave him such a buzz.

Towelling himself off, Ruben dressed and hurried off to Computer Tech. He arrived moments before the teacher, and scrambled for the only available desk he could find- right at the front.

Barely did he have his butt on the seat than they were all heading off to the Computer Lab. Looking at the gaggle of kids all around him, Ruben wondered who else there was here. Were there more like him? How many were there?

Never before had he felt more at ease. He wasn't alone.
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James sighed deeply, waking up to the sound of the 6th period bell. "Man...this bites. Nothin' to do." He scooted to the edge and slid off the ledge, landing easily on his feet. He walked into the school and through the hallways, almost getting trampled by a late-exiting class. He walked through the halls and poked his head into the gym, seeing if the cost was clear. "Mr. Leonheart?" The gym teacher spotted him. "What are you doing here?"

James gave an innocent grin. "Just, er, trying to find my way to the next class. Which way is it to the A wing?"

"It's the third left down that hall. You want me to show you?"

"Uh, no thanks, I got it covered." He walked out and gave a sigh of relief, placing a toothpick in his mouth. "Well, scratch that plan. Ah well, I got nothin' better to do." He walked to the computor lab and tried to sneak in. "You're late, Mr. Leonheart."

"I know, but I couldn't find the place." The teacher didn't buy it, but obviously didn't have much choice but to comply, less she spend an hour arguing with him. "Take a seat, if you can find one." James nodded and sat at a computor in the back of the room.
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Ceris, Matt, and Kari were still speaking in orchestra class fifteen minutes after the bell rang.

"Students! Please take your seats. The bell rang fifteen minutes ago," the teacher said, holding her baton.

Ceris drew in a breath, "Fifteen minutes???" She swore, and then ran out of the classroom, yelling back that she would meet Kari and Matt after school by the pool. The teacher called her back, shouting about how not to use foul language, but Ceris didn't listen at all.

Jeez, Ceris had never been this late to class before. She hoped that the teacher would be lenient on the first day...she prayed harder as she ran through the halls, sprinting as fast as she could to the computer lab.

Another five minutes later, and she ran through the door, breathless, panting, and smiling saucily, "I'm sorry! I didn't notice the time."

The teacher sighed in annoyance, and then pointed, "Just go and sit over there! And don't bother me, or interrupt!" She went immediately back to explaining the thousands of rules for the computer lab.

Ceris shrugged, and then took a seat in the front, as close to the door as she could get. She waited a couple minutes, slowing her breathing and her hammering heart. The run had been exhilerating, and she almost laughed thinking about how she had sworn in front of the orchestra class. Suddenly, everyone was staring at her again, and she realized that she must have laughed out loud....

The teacher's eyes were blazing, "Is there something that you find funny?"

Ceris smiled. She felt that she had had enough of snotty teachers today, "No, not at all. Please continue; I find your lesson very...umm...dull. So please, continue. I'll be sure not to pay attention."

"That's it! I don't have to deal with this! Go to the office this instant!" the teacher shouted, her face becoming red as she lost control of her temper.
James laughed quietly as the teacher's face became a bright shade of beetroot, and then found himself kicked out of the class as well. The door slammed, and both he and Ceris were in the empty hall.
Ceris smiled, shook her head, and then started walking. James watched in humor, and then found himself reminded that he now had nothing to do...again... Nonchalantly, he caught up to her, feeling that as he had nothing better to do, he might as well hang out with this odd girl.

Ceris kept her face blank as she heard the boy follow her, and then watched as he came up beside her. Suddenly, her attention was held by a security guard coming up the hall. Obviously the snotty computer teacher had called him to 'escort' the two delinquents to the office.
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"Heads up. Pimple police." James said quietly. Ceris gave no hint of a laugh. James had nothing better to do, so he decided to show off. He walked towards the guard, a smirk sitting on his face. "How'd they rope you into this, tubby? Threaten the Pillsbury Diughboy?"

"Can it. C'mon, let's get going." They walked silenty down the hall. "That didn't seem too lady like back there." James said as they walked farther down the hall. "Bad day." Ceris replied tonelessly. "How so?" Ceris remained quiet. She seemed determined not to talk to him. "Cold shoulder, eh? Ah well, see ya later then." James made a sharp turn, and walked into another hall. He turned back, waving for Ceris to follow.
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