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Digimon: A New Evil


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Welcome to the good/evil Digimnon RPG!! I'll start my foirst post off with the brginning of the story as told from the evil side...

[color=dark red]It was dark inside the Shadow World, which separated the Real and Digital Worlds. There lived a virus Digimon named Virtualmon, the cause of this new evil force. He lived in darkness during the age of the Digispirited (Season 4). He was not used to change; he didn't like the idea of spirit evolution and the idea that evil always lost... He was lazy and held back with the evil Digimon forces before, but... noew he wasn't going to hold back. He was going to conquer the Real World and destroy the humans for good. Then the Digital world would take over, and everyone would fall under Virtualmon's control. Then digital life could prosper and evil could arise, for the Digital World would be destroyed along with the Real World, and the worlsd would be in darkness!

"I must order new Digimon to attack the Real World. I must not fail this time..." Virtualmon said in a squeaky voice. "Clair! Karanlik! You must start your conquest! Gypsymon, you go with them! StarPhantomon, you stay here."

[u]Type:[/u] Ghost Virus
[u]Side:[/u] Evil
[u]Attacks:[/u] ???
Not much is known about StarPhantomon at this point, except that he wanders the Shadow World and destroys everyone who dares to trespass it.[/i][/quote]

Gypsymon and Karanlik exited the Shadow World and entered the Real World, both going their separate directions.

Gypsymon walked down the streets, looking completely innocent but ready to strike at any moment. She seemed to be the only Digimon around so far, but she had to keep an eye out for the Digidestined; they were close by. She was no match for the Digidestined alone, but maybe if she Digivolved... Gypsymon tried not to think about Digivolving; she was slightly bored and didn't feel like a battle.

After walking around for a while, Gypgymon finally found a Digimon. It was Palmon! But it was no ordinary Palmon; it was blue instead of green and had a yellow flower. "Hi, I'm DarkPalmon, and I have no patience for Digimon like you." Gypsymon looked at her with a "this doesn't make sense" look. She asked, "Are you a good or a bad Digimon?" "Such bad questions are pointless," replied DarkPalmon with a sigh. She talked like a cross between a robot and a zombie. "Ah, I see," Gypsymon realized. "Yep, this whole world is pointless, the Digidestined are pointless especially..."
"Yes, they sure are."
"They shall be destroyed."
"Do you have any food?"
"Why are you changing topics so quickly? Are you autistic or something?"
"At least I talk to people."
"You're a weird little Digimon."
"So are you."
"Why... thank you."
"You're welcome."
"Wanna help me take over the world?"
"Wanna save the world?"
"You're not making any sense."
"Neither are you."
"I'm making perfect sense! Gypsymon shouted as she stomped off away from DarkPalmon. Suddenly...

"DARK POISON IVY!!" DarkPalmon declared. The attack trapped Gypsymon.
"Come, be my friend."
"No way!" And she fired a Psywave at DarkPalmon, who fainted. Gypsymon ran away and decided to explore the rest of town.[/color]
Well, now it's your turn. Have fun!
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A strange dark collored floppy eared bunny wandered the streets kicking things.. it was dark outside and she would occasionaly knock over a garbadge can or something to cause trouble. She was over all bored of this world yet bored with the other. Where to go where to go she thought to herself.

She turned the corner and noticed a fainted digimon that resembled a palmon but was indeen not one. The bunny like digimon scratched her ear and kept walking ignoring the other digimon. After all... who cared about the weak?

"Wonder who gave it a whopping... Aw who cares... main point is its weak." The digimon continued to walk... She kept out of sight of humans but kept on just wandering from place to place. This was one messed up world.

"I wonder what I, Lopmon, could do now... its sooo boring here."
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[COLOR=darkblue]Kari stared up at the clock above the whiteboard. It was the final period of the day, Mathematics, her worst subject. There were only a few minutes left of school but they felt like they were dragging on forever. When the bell finally rang, Kari was out the door and down the halls to her locker. She opened it and grabbed her inline skates. She removed her shoes and placed them in the locker before putting on her blades. She grabbed her blue helmet. She tucked it under her arm before blading out of the building. Kari did a trick as she jumped the stairs of the school building and skidded to a stop. She put her helmet on and grinned as she bladed away from the school. She was free for the weekend.

Kari bladed down the sidewalks and onto the roads and streets. She continued on her merry way and finally turned into her driveway. She unlocked the door quickly and bladed in. Her house had smooth, polished, wooden floorboards. She bladed into the house and closed the door, she removed her inline skates and ran upstairs to her room. She dumped her bag on her bed and headed back downstairs. Kari went to the fridge and pulled out a can of Lift. She pulled the tab with a hiss and took a gulp. She walked back upstairs and sat in her computer chair.

"Renamon." she called, taking another gulp.
"Yes Kari?" Renamon said, materialising.
"Report?" Kari asked her.
"I haven't seen anything unusual today." Renamon said, sitting on Kari's bed.
"Any Digital Fields or anything?" Kari asked.
"Nope." Renamon said laying down.
"Beep if you need me or anything." Kari said, unclipping her D-Ark.

Renamon just nodded and disappeared. Kari sighed and logged onto her computer. If she could contact her friends, maybe she could plan to play sports later and during the weekend.[/COLOR]
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(Karanlik had noticed Kari go by him, and he had seen her D-Arc. He had Spirit Evolved to Duskmon to keep up with her as he followed her to her home. Once there, he remained outside and returned to normal. He is currently hidden by the side of the house, watching)

Karanlik: (Thinking) For most of a year, I search for the guy who left me the D-Tector and Spirits, then when I find him, he turns out to be a compleate psycho. But I do owe him big, so I'll do this for him. I'll take out these-what did he call them? Tamers, that's it-for him, but then I'm done with all of this.
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Honra stood in front of a huge metal gate a box on the side of the gate spoke,"Welcome home Ms.Honra wait a minute and I'll open the gate".
"Don't bother I'm going for a walk".Honra spoke coldly.
"Don't be late miss".
"Thats what I inteed to do".Honra mumbled under her breath as she was walking away.She came to an abandned playground and sat down on one of the old swings with its chains rusting.A shadowey figure came out of the forest nearby but, she stared stragiht through it.
"So you found me Magemon".
"Yes I figured you would be hear".
"Oh look who's the smart one".
"What's that suppose to mean"?
"Nothing".Honru got up and walked down town Magemon followed her through the uncrowed and quite streets.
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Duke walked home from school with his buddy and best friend, Ken.
"So, what are you doing this weekend?" Ken asked.
Duke shrugged. "Nothing..guess we'll play some sports, maybe a card game if you want."
Ken looked around. "Where's Guilmon?"
Duke smiled. "In the park probably.. I'm going to go and say hello to him. See you."
"See you," Ken replied, turning down his street.

Duke walked to the park. He looked around and found Guilmon lying down in his favorite spot, between a clump of bushes.
"So Guilmon, what happened today?" he asked. "Nothing," he replied.

Duke just nodded and looked toward the sky. He had a feeling it wouldn't be that way for long.[/size]
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[COLOR=darkblue]Kari logged off the computer. She got up and padded downstairs. She threw her empty drink can in the bin and grabbed her helmet. She ran upstairs for her D-Arc and her deck of cards. She clipped her helmet on and put on her inline skates. She locked the door behind her as she took off again. She missed a strange black person following her.

Kari took off towards the park at a fast speed. She headed towards the clump of bushes and found Guilmon and Duke.

"Hey Guilmon, Hi Duke." Kari said cheerily.
Duke sat up. "Hi Kari. Renamon not with you?"

Just as he said that, Renamon appeared.

"I couldn't contact you at your house so I thought you'd be here." Kari said removing her helmet. "Wondering if you're up for a card game. I'm bored and we got a whole weekend." Kari said.
"Yeah sure." Duke said getting his deck.

Kari pulled her deck out of her pocket. They set it up and started playing for a while.

"Renamon digivolves to Kyuubimon, Hyper Speed Activate." Kari says laying down the cards.
"Guilmon digivolves to Growlmon, Snimon's Twin Sickles."

They kept going and the winner by a bit was Duke.

"The main reason I came to find you is to see if you wanna play some sports. We're meeting in 10." Kari said, getting to her feet.[/COLOR]
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Honra kicked a car down the street Magemon was floting in the air watching her.Magemon heard poeple talking and disapeared Honra looked up and saw that he wasn't there.
"What the"?She looked around and spotted a girl skating down the street.She skidded to a stop.
"Hi what are you doing here"?Kari asked.
"I should be asking you".Honra answered with a cold stare.
"Well I was going to find some of my friends and ask them if they wanted to play some sports".Kari said.
"Oh, I'm just walking".
"Hey do you play sports"?
"Sometimes why"?Honra asked her eyebrow raised.
"Well maybe you could play some games with me and my friend".
"I'll think about it".
"O.K if you do we'll be at the playground".
"Well see you later or not".
"If you do deside to come be there in 10".
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Lopmon wandered the streets still, going from shadow to shadow. Knocking things over and scattering trash out of boredness. She even messed up a street light but it wasnt as funny as she thought it would have been.

"Blazing Ice!" She opened her mouth and a bunch of ice shards flew from her mouth.

A layer of ice sat i nthe center of the road... Some of it was pure flat ice and there were shards after that. A car came by to the messed up four way green light system unknowing that there was a bunch of ice on the road. Lopmon watched from the sidewalk.

The car hit the ice and began to slide out of control. The car was spining now and once it hit the ice shards after the ice layer the tires poped. The owner of the car tried to control it but failed as the car spun into another car... resulting in a large mess in the intersection.

"That was amusing... Hmmm what defenseless human shall I mess with now?" Lopmon snuck around into an alley and laughed to herself at her ways of amusement. Oh how many idea she had but was clueless on who to use them on.

She glanced down the dark Alley and noticed a group of boxes, "Ah... I beleive it is normal for those without homes to live in cardboard boxes or something like that... Well i shall make the homeless even more homeless... Heh... Blazing Fire"

She opened her mouth again and this time fire shards and stuff shot out of her mouth. They flew at the group of boxes. A small couple not very old climbed out of the box to see what the noise was. Just then the sahrds hit the boxes lighting them up like the fourth of july sky. Lopmon couldnt help but laugh out loud at the looks on the couple's faces.

The couple looked at her and she realized she was seen. The couple's mouths were dropped open and the screams couldnt come for some reason..

"Aw no fun... Its only fun when you scream!" Lopmon kicked a small soda can and walked off. "Losers... Humans are such disgusting creatures."
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Matt was feeling un-easy right now. He was moving to a city in Japan called Shinjuku. It was one thing to move from a city to another city.. but a whole new country!? Insane. That was the word that kept crawling back into Matt's mind.

His eyes flashed open. He found himself on a bed in a totally different room with all his own stuff.

"Hi Honey" said his Mom, entering the room "You fell asleep and we have the whole house set up! That's what happens when you pull off an all nighter for 5 days. Why dont you explore the city a bit. There's a paaark. Make some friends. Bye bye." with that she left, leaving Matt in a confusing state. He shrugged and picked up his D-Arc and cards, wondering if anyone here had cards.

As he left outside he opened the garage and took out his skateboard.

"Put on your helmet, honey! Be back by siiix!" but Matt was already gone... or far enough to not hear his mom.

He came to a trail and saw a sign. 'Chiko's Sk8 Parc!! Open 24/7!!!' He guessed that this 'Chiko' was [i]trying[/i] to make it look cool by spelling it wrong. [i]It only works if you're a kid[/i] thought Matt.

Finally after riding around he realized he still had his basket-ball jersey and shorts on. "Meh." he said aloud.

"What?" he heard a voice. It was a girl's. She must've heard him.

"Heeey! You play basket-ball? You play any other sports?" she asked.

"Well yea! Of course. My name's Matt." exclaimed Matt. He was already making a friend!

"I'm Kari! Listen, my friends and I are gonna play some sports in 10. Wanna come? It's at this playground..." she looked straight in his eyes. Matt hated when any girl did this. It just weakened him to a pulp. His mom did it all the time. He couldn't resist!

"Alright! I'll be here waiting." he finished.[/color]
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[COLOR=darkblue]"You're new around here right?" Kari asked him, blading closer.
"Uh...Yeah. Todays my first day here in Shinjuku." Matt replied.
"Where're you from?"
"Oh wow. I want to go to Canada one day. So you don't know anyone yet do you?" Kari said.
"No...You're the first new person I've met here."
"We'll probably both be going to Shinjuku High so I'll see you there, but you'll make friends when we go play sports. Come on." Kari said pushing off with her foot. Matt shrugged and ran to keep up with her blading speed.

Kari led them to a large oval. There were already some people there. Kari stopped and changed into her joggers. She walked onto the field and dumped her bag with some of the others that were there.

"Hey guys! I found a new friend." Kari called to them.

Everyone turned around and saw Matt. They introduced themselves quickly.

"I hope you're a sporty kinda guy. We play for a long time." one of the guys said.
"Don't feel bad if you lose to Kari. She's a strange one...She has mystical powers.." another one joked. Kari hit him.

Matt laughed at the group's antics. Matt was sure he could be good friends with them.

"Come on, Let's stop the chatter and play!" Duke called.

Everyone agreed and they started to vote what game to play first.[/COLOR]
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Lopmon walked towards the a place with lots of voices, kids voices, and as she approched she noticed a group of kids playing basketball. Lopmon looked thrilled to ruin someone elses day... as she got a plan.

She watched them shoo the ball and make scores or miss shots.. Either way lopmon was about to make their fun turn to bits and pieces.

She watched and aimed carefully. She then shot a blast of ice at the basketball. The ball suddenly froze when the blast hit it... The ball fell fast.

"Yukio watch out" One guy said to his friend.

The ball hit the ground and shattered into many pieces. Lopmon couldnt help but laugh at the shocked faces of the kids. So she leapt from the bushes she was hiding in and used her ear as a hand. She bowed and waved goodby as she laughed.

Other groups of sport playing kids had witnessed the unfortunate event to take place but everyone seemed to not beleive the fact a furry brown bunny thing with three horns and long ears had leapt from the bushes after freezing a basketball.

"Have a good game... humans" She opened her ears and glided off into shadows again. "They may be disgusting but they are fun to play with... hah"
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[color=darkred]Gypsymon continued to wander around town. She came across no Digimon after DarkPalmon, making her restless. "Why are there no Digimon here?" she muttered grumpily. "I need someone other than DarkPalmon to attack..." Suddenly, a ball of Fractal Code had appeared next to Kari's house, and a shadowy figure emerged from it...

"Gypsymon!" the shadowy figure whispered loudly to her. "It's just me, Duskmon. I've found one of the Digidestined, and she has friends too. Will you help me attack them?" "Oh, it's you," Gypsymon whispered back. "Nah, their Digimon might be able to Digivolve to Champion by now, and I still can't... And they outnumber us three to two. We should find a Digidestined that is alone, or find a new ally." With that, Duskmon turned back into Karanlik. "I sort of agree," he said somberly. "But I kind of wish I could beat someone up now..." "I know how you feel," Gypsymon added.

Karanlik and Gypsymon went into town and into a nearby park. There they saw a boy with a birdlike Digimon... "What is that?" Karanlik asked as he pulled out his Digivice...

[quote][i]Warblemon. A Rookie-level birdlike Digimon. His attacks are a combination of air and fire, and he has amazing air speed.[/i][/quote]

"I heard of him," Gypsymon said to herself. "That's Falco, one of the Digidestined I heard about..." Karanlik heard her. "Should we attack now while his guard is down?" he asked, trying his best to keep quiet and hidden behind a tree." "Yeah, now!" Gypsymon declared. And with that, both of them dashed out of the tree and attacked...

"Execute!" Karanlik shouted. A ring of Fractal Code appeared around him. "Spirit Evolution!!" His body morphed, and bits of armor appeared on him, and he was completely surrounded by fractal code. Then he turned into an evil-looking Digimon. "...Duskmon!!!"

"Deadly Gaze!!" Duskmon shouted as he stared straight at Warblemon with all eyes fixed on him. Warblemon flew up and dodged the attack. "Psywave!!" Gypsymon shouted as she fired the psy blast, which hit Warblemon as he dodged Duskmon's attack. But then...
"Jet Ray!!!" Warblemon shouted as he fired the attack towards Duskmon, who absorbed it without damage. He tried again on Gypsymon, who was hit. Gypsymon tried to get up, wthinking about how unfairly strong Duskmon was compared to her... Suddenly, she glowed.

"Gypsymon Digivolve to..." She spun around a few times, and she glowed and morphed to another evil-looking Digimon...

"Poison Storm!!!" Witchmon shouted as the attack hit Warblemon, causing him to faint. At the same time, Duskmon reached over and snatched Falco's Digivice. "Noooo! That's mine!!!" Falco cried. "Give it back!!!" He sounded furious. "It's ours now," Witchmon chuckled as she picked up Warblemon and ran off with Duskmon. Warblemon wriggled around in Witchmon's arms and disappeared into a cloud of data, which Witchmon "secretly" absorbed. She laughed to herself as she ran.[/color]
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OOC: Karanlik is following Kari. When she left her house, he followed her. Also, he isn't the type that attacks people just for fun. He only fights when he has to.


(Karanlik is watching Kari and the others)

Karanlik: (Thinking) They all have Digivices, but they don't seem to realize that. And I don't see any Digimon, either. Perfect. This will be easier than I thought. I'll just take them out here, when they're without their Digimon and aren't expecting anything.
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[B]OOC:[/B] I'm going by Takuya's post, because in my post when I left my house I said he was following me. The post's bad but I can't help it.

[COLOR=darkblue]Kari looked at the shattered pieces of the basketball. Kari looked around for the Lopmon but she'd already left. Kari was about to ask them about something when Duskmon walked out of his cover. Everyone looked at him. Kari looked to Duke. They didn't know that Matt was a Digimon Tamer, and Matt didn't know they were Tamers. Kari took a step forward and decided to get it started before anything happened. Kari swiftly unclipped her D-Arc from her belt and held it out.

"Renamon!!" she called.

Renamon materialised out of no where and stood. She saw Duskmon and bared her teeth.

"Come on Duke!" Kari said.

He nodded and grabbed his D-Arc and called for Guilmon. Guilmon came running and stood with Renamon. And the thing that amazed them both was when Matt stepped up with his D-Arc and called for his digimon.

Kari looked at it and did a Digital Scan on it. It was Hoodmon.

"We didn't know you were a Digimon Tamer." Kari said to Matt.
"I didn't know you guys were Tamers either." Matt replied.

"Renamon!!Attack!!!" Kari called to her Fox digimon.
"Your pathetic Rookie digimon don't stand a chance." Duskmon laughed as he charged up his attack.[/COLOR]
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Lopmon turned around and ran back to the comotion. She saw Duskmon and three rookies facing him. The kids with the shattered basketball glared at her.

"What still sad about the basketball? Hey you win some and you lose some... And you lost it... I won... get over it!"

Suddenly a fireball went flying at her. She leapt out of the way and glided to a safer spot. She realized the Guilmon shot the fire ball at her. She glared and began to spin. "Party crasher... ill get you... TINY TIWSTER!" She sent off a mini tornadow full of dust and ice shards. It soared at Guilmon with much speed.

But before it hit... Renamon got in the way and took the hit. The ice shards caused renamon no harm but the wind and dust pushed her back into Guilmon anyways.

"You three sicken me! Duskmon is to powerfull for you... He has the power of two! He cant be taken down by mere rookies alone! Duskmon...hahah Hurt them!!!" Lopmon laughed keeping her space away from the three rookies AND Duskmon for lopmon wasnt even sure if he was going to hurt her or not. "You Humans Are Foul"

A girl sneered and yelled right back "Then why are you in OUR world!?!"

Lopmon glared but kept quiet.
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Duskmon: That is a very good question. If you hate us, then why are you in our world?

Kari: Us? What do you mean, us?

Duskmon: (Thinking) Shit. I screwed up. I should have acted like I was a Digimon. Well, I can't do anything about it now. Besides. it'll probably freak them out. (Out loud) I am not truly a Digimon. I can become one, but I am really a human.

Kari: That's not possible.

(Duskmon devolves)

Karanlik: And just why not?

Kari: Oh.

(Karanlik spirit evolves to Duskmon again)

Duskmon: Time to end this. Deadly Gaze! (The eyes on Duskmon's body all 'look' at Renamon and fire red energy beams. Renamon is knocked into one of the posts for the basketball hoops. Duskmon turns to see Guilmon charging him. He steps to the side and grabs Guilmon's tail as Guilmon runs by. Using Guilmon's momentum to aid him, Duskmon spins Guilmon around and throws him into Hoodmon. He then hits both of them with a Deadly Gaze) That was easy. (He turns to the humans) I don't have anything against you personally, but someone else wants you dead, and seeing as how he saved my life, I figured I'd kill you for him. Any last words?
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[COLOR=darkblue]"Yeah actually I do have some last words. DIGIMODIFY!! DIGIVOLUTION ACTIVATE!!" Kari yelled slashing her digivolution card.

Renamon glowed with light and was transformed to Kyuubimon.

"Fox Tail Inferno!!" Kyuubimon called as her tail tips glowed with blue fire.

Duskmon and Lopmon easily dodged the small flames.

"Why are you doing this if you're human?" Kari asked Duskmon.
"Because I have been chosen and I will do what has to be done." Duskmon replied sending another Deadly Gaze towards Kyuubimon.

"Then I must do what has to be done too. DIGIMODIFY!! HYPER SPEED ACTIVATE!!" Kari said slashing the card through her D-Arc.

Kyuubimon zipped out of the way and quickly did a Dragon Wheel.

Kari glared at the human-digimon that stood before her.
"I can't believe you. You've become a digimon to destroy us." Kari said angrily. Duskmon just smirked and charged another Deadly Gaze.[/COLOR]
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Matt stared in the amazement of the digivolved Renamon. Hoodmon couldn't do that yet. But it was worth a try! He pulled out a Digivolution card and swiped it through his D-Arc.

"Digi-Modify! Digivolution, activate!" yelled Matt. His D-Arc glowed a bright white and so did his digimon. It transformed into a Birdramon-like digimon.

"Falconmon!" yelled the digimon. It flew above the opposing Duskmon and fired to rockets from its underbelly. "Toe Rocket!" it yelled.

The rockets flew fast and hard but didn't seem to be enough.

"If this is my first day in the country I don't even want to think about my first day at school!" exclaimed Matt over the roaring explosions.[/color]
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Duskmon: This shouldn't prove too difficult. Lunar Plasma! (Duskmon leaps into the air. He is surrounded by some kind of energy, which flows into the sword-like weapons he carries. He falls to the ground, then jumps toward Falconmon, who meets him head-on. Duskmon strikes with his weapons, releasing the absorbed energy. Falconmon falls to the ground, and Duskmon lands beside him. Duskmon turns to face Matt) That was very easy. See, you and your Digimon are inexperianced, and it's clear that this is the first time that Hoodmon has digivolved. I saw it in the way you moved. You were uncertain about what you were doing. The difference between one who knows what he is doing and one who doesn't is quite obvious.

Kyuubimon: You still have me to deal with. Fox Tail Inferno!

(Duskmon jumps over yuubimon's attack)

Duskmon: You'll have to do better than that.
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Lopmon wasnt to surprised at the Human that turned to Duskmon. he looked at the newly digivolved digimon and rolled her eyes.

"I guess its my turn I sappose." Lopmon looked around but saw no chance. "Well this world sucks anyways... Duskmon your hoggin all the fun... Ill go find fun elsewere." With that Lopmon quickly dashed off into the shadows where she dissapered and began to search for more fun humans... Humans without partners.

"Its just no fun isnt it?" Asked a familliar voice

"What do you want? Get outta here you freak.."

"Now now... your the freak.. Im embarresed to say i was in the same freaking digiegg as you at one point in time... Ah well..."

"Just shut up... Go do your save the world thing while i do my.."

"Go destroy humans lives thing? Yeah exactly... thats why i bother you...."

"Just go away..."

The shadowy figure Lopmon's size walked off into the dark shadows. Lopmon knew who it was but anyone else would not have been able to figure out who it was. Lopmon was angery... She sat down and thought to herself...

"I wonder who... Who Duskmon was talking about... Maybe if i find that human again perhaps i can find out... Although her will probably turn me into Digidust... Well i dont have anything to lose... So its worth a try."
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[size=1]Duskmon swung his swords at Kyuubimon, who weaved around every slash. She spread out her tails. "[I]Fox Tail Inferno[/I]!" she shouted. Duskmon fired his Deadly Gaze, canceling th other attack.

"Guilmon, go and help out," said Duke, his eyes on the fight.
He nodded and ran forward, while Duke pulled out one of his favorite cards.

"[I]Digimodify! Strength, activate![/I]"
Guilmon gathered powerful flames in his mouth. "Pyro Sphere!"

Duskmon turned to the oncoming attack, which was much larger than it usually was. He held out his hands and caught it. Growling, he tossed it into the sky. He glanced at his hands and saw that they were burned.

Angrily he started towards the dinosaur, when something hit him from the side: Falconmon. It was the best hit anyone had gotten in on Duskmon all day. Stumbling backwards, he glared at Falconmon, who just grinned.

"Arrogant aren't you?" the bird said. "We'll take you out.. [I]Toe Rocket![/I]"
"[I]Fox Tail Inferno![/I]"
"[I]Pyro Sphere![/I]"
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"Lightning Kung-Fu" A voice out of nowhere shouts... as Kyuubimon is sent flying into a fence, disrupting her attack. A digimon appears. She stood on her hind legs and looked like a bunny with Gauntlet's on her hands. They were blades. "Its not nice to gang up on someone like that you know..."

"Who the heck are you?" Kari shouted

"Take a wild guess..." The creature said laughing.

"Ah so the bunny Digivolved..." Guilmon said quickly.

"Ah so you arent as stupid as you look." The rabbit said laughing, "I am Turuiemon..." Turuiemon laughed and dissapered again.

"Whered she go? She couldnt dissapere like that could she?" Kari said looking around.

"No I cant... But I'm fast... are any of you fast enough to keep up with me?" Turuiemon's laugh was hear but it echoed around the area.

Suddenly Guilmon went flying at Kyuubimon... Kyuubimon caught him carefully and set him back down on the ground.

"Aw you guys still arent any fun... Oh well..." Turuiemon appeared and was suddenly hit by a beam attack. "What the... Duskmon?"

"This was my job... Dont be interupting me!" He growled.

"Fine... Get destroyed... See if I care..." With that Turuiemon leapt up onto the top of the fence and over to the other side. Once there she jumped up onto a nearby building where she vanished.

[i] Im bored again...[/i] Turuiemon thought to herself, [i] I wonder why I sense digimon around yet cant seem to find them... I know its not that group i sense....[/i]

ooc : at a loss of ideas...lol
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Maria was in her room shutting down her computer. She looked out of the window and sighed.

"i've gotta get out more or i'll never make any friends".

Then a voice came from the top of her bed which made her turn around and look.
"Whats wrong Maria?"
On top of her bed was a small white digimon with purple spots on the back, purple tips on the ears and the digimon had spikey orange hair. Maria spoke to the digimon.
"Gomamon i need to get out of the house more you know? and make friends".

Gomamon smiled and jumped into her arms.

"Remember Maria. I'll will always be your friend"
Maria smiled, she knew she is very lucky to have a friend like him. And never wants anything awful happen to him.
She spoke to him.
"Come on Gomamon lets go and find more Digimon and tamers.
Maria ran down the stairs put on her jacket and ran out.
"Maria, where are you going"?
called her mum from the kitchen. Maria turned round.
"Uh... just to the park mum.
"Ok just be back in time for supper".

Maria was walking down the street with Gomamon at her side. She looked down at him.
"Gomamon if any adults ask something about you i'll tell them you are a rare breed of dog".
Gomamon looked up at her with a suprised look.
"I'm not a dog. I'm a seal".
Maria laughed then her digivice started to beep fast. She looked at it.
" Theres some more Digimon nearby. Come on lets go".
Maria and Gomamon ran to the location where the other digimon were. And noticed Duskmon having a fight with the other digimon.
"Those Digimon need help with that thing"
Maria said as she looked at Gomamon. Then Gomamon nodded at her.
"Alright Maria. I'll give it a try".
After that moment Gomamon ran as fast as he could in to the battle field.
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Honru walked down the street and noticed a digimon.
"Another human great"!Turuiemon laughed,"Lightning Kung-Fu".
Honru felt herself be lifted into the air and looked up it was Magemon he had saved her from the attack.He put her down on the ground out of firing range and turned to the digimon that had fired.
"You should not harm her".Magemon said angerly.
"I was just having fun".Turuiemon said.Honru walked off saying to Magemon,
"Don't fight you have no need to I'm not hurt".
"But".Magemon said.
"If you harm that thing you will not belong to me".
Turuiemon raised her brow in suspence and quickly hide in the ally.Honru wa in front of the iron gate and it creaked open.She had felt something following her but paid no attention to it.Turuiemon ran in to the gate after her keeping quite.
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