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Xeo[rated pg13/R}

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James Williams was a good child at the age of 12, but his family differed. They treated him like dirt. He then grew up hating his family, until they killed the one that he loved. He was furious, so he killed everyone in his family. Causing him to crack and become insane. Through the dark times of his teenage years, he was possessed by a demon. He became Xeo; he was bent on chaos and destruction. After five years, he became a hired gun killing for his own pleasure. This is his story how he ruled the world.

Cast: people you may choose from or you could make your own.But they still would need sign up. Plus below their pics is their skills


» Mumyou Jinpuu Ryuu Satsujin Ken (Dark Wind of God Murdering Sword Technique) - Main Technique
» Mizuchi (Dragon Strike) - Used after his main technique
» Shin (Death) - Used after his main technique
» Red Mirage
» Kaze no Koe (The Voice of the Wind)
» Suzaku - Used after his main technique
» Kaigan

» Silhouettes
» Ura Hassun

» Tenchigeneiken

» Tenkyo - Kyourin
» Tenmei Hokou (Gods Roar)

» Tenma Mukurode (Bone Hand of the Devil)


Mibu Kyoshiro
» The Cleansing Echo of The Divine Wind

» Muryou Saikyou Ryu (Ultimate Sword Style)
» Suiha Rugokutou

» Raikouken (Lightning Blade)
» Chibiya

» Renkonageki (Flame Tiger Strike)
» Kokko Rengokuchin (Tigers Purgatory Submission)

» Koi (Purity)
Sign up:

race:does not matter what it is
Descripation: must have a poc or very well detailed description
Job: such as bounty hunter, lawyer, etc.
Bio: make it interesting
Mental description:it is the way you act

Here is my character?s pic

this going to be the best rpg and if you like to give suggestions pm me
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Name: Clarence Wilkens
Description: He is 6'1 with brown eyes and black hair. He has a carefree personality and loves to spend time with others. He has a small scar on his face from a job he did a while ago as a training mission for Xeo. He usually wears a black t-shirt and a pair of black baggy pants to look like a ordinary guy with a black leather trench coat on where he sometimes hides his weapons.
Weapons: .357 Desert Eagle, 2 Mac 10 Uzis, and a 7 inch dagger.
Job: Bounty Hunter
Bio: Born in the South of the U.S. Clarence and his family moved up to the North while out searching for a job he came across a old building with a sign saying help wanted. Inside he saw a man who asked him to sit down thats when it all began he first started as a secretary for Xeo and taking his business calls, but soon he moved up and started getting his own jobs he became Xeo's partner in crime fellow bounty hunter and businessman.
Mental Description: Sane he is a kid in a mixed up world with no one to trust, but Xeo as a partner and friend. He is also one of the only people he can trust there are many shady people out there in the world.
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[color=blue][size=1]Name: Nikkie Amika

Age: 17

Gender: Female

Description: See attachment

Weapons: 24" Double-Sided Blade/Sword, 5" dagger, and throwing stars... except diamond shaped.

Job: Assasin

Bio: She was a quiet kid growing up. She never really 'rebelled', making her a perfect child in her parent's opinion. When she got in a fight at school at the age of 12, she wouldn't say anything. Not who started it, not why she did it, nothing. All anyone knew was that she killed the boy.

Her parents literally disowned her. She lived on the streets, stealing food and money from people. She didn't go to school anymore, but she didn't need it. She was a 12 year old going to college. After three years living like this, she was taken into the care of a thirty year old man's house with his wife. There she's stayed for the past two years.

They owned part of a major company, making them rich. The man was greedy and wanted the other owner to give up his half. When he denied, Nikkie was forced to assasinate him. She enjoyed it. The blood, the screams, the pain. She got the other half of the company and turned it over to the man in exchange for bail, if she was ever caught for the murder. Now, she is an assasin for hire. When her 'parents' need a person killed, or when a person comes to her in secret, she asks for about twenty thousand per kill.

Mental Description: Sane. Even though she enjoys killing, she's still not a psycho. She communicates with no one except her 'clients', shall we say, and her cat, Skipper. Her only true friend.

Okay, hope that's good. Sorry if the bio's a little long. I just like a detailed history on RP's like this.[/color][/size]
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I'll join up!

Man, I haven't done this in a while so forgive me if my post is a bit lacking hahaha!

Name: Zeddrick Kieler
Age: 19
Gender: Male
race:Human (what else? lol)
Descripation: See attachment ( Oh crap.....where is it!? ok ok its coming soon)
Weapon:Two short blades hidden in his sleeves as well as a large blade (one sided)
Job: Bodyguard
Bio: Zeddrick Never had a chance of a normal loveing childhood, His father was a successful business man and a very rude fellow. His mother was....to put it lightly a slut. She slept around alot but then so did his father.

He had just entered college and his life was starting to get on track. His father was begining to speak with him more. His mother who all his life as a boy, had hired maids to take care of him was starting to care for him.

he was on his way to see them at their request. He imagined they wanted to redem all of those lost years. He never met with his parents. His father lay strewn on the floor in various places, him mother had killed herself in the back room.

He snapped.......
Mental description: Very insane...he has at time lapses into sanity were he can be very calm and colected, as well as a very kind person. However, he is also a calm and calculated killer. He rarely kills out of pleasure, but he will kill out of just about anything else.

yeah that's right my bio could make a nice plot twist *wink wink* If you don't want it I can change it.
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NAme: Zack Wellious
Age: 20
Gender: Male
Weapon(s): Bo
Race: Human
Job: Bounty Hunter
Bio: Zack use to be a loose cannon, kolled anything and anyone that was in his way. He didn't even have a reason to, just for the fun of it. Although he grew up in a wealthy family and life, killing just seemed to be more fun will the the running and hiding etc. One day Zack tried to kill someone that was more powerful than him, Zack suffered head damage after the fight. When he woke up he was a new man, but wanted to die for killing so many innocent people. Zack too up the Bo and vowed to help people instead of killing them, he would protect them by becoming a bounty hunter.
Mental Description: It is very rare that Zack kills any of the poeple he arrests or fights, but dont put it past him not to. If Zak gets really mad he will crack and kick some a@#. But most of the time he is mellow and calm.

Hope this is ok and all
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o.O second character.....dude I've done that once before.....it gets too old for the participants, I suggest waitng it out a bit, definetly post after this one to keep this thread on the active list.

*edit* Oh and for you cast I'll take the top guy if he's free I think he looks psycotic enough if He is taken give me the fourth one down. I would prefer the top dude though and no, not because of his techs.:rolleyes:
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[color=orange][size=1]Sign up:

Name: Autumn Mage
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Race: Human
Description: [See Attachment]
Weapon: Brushfire Blades
Job: Bounty Hunter
Bio: Ever since Autumn was little she loved to manipulate things, toy with peoples minds, which often caused great distress in her town, she was eventually banished with only three possessions her Brushfire Blades, her Red Mage Cloak, and her Lyf Deck. Her Brushfire Blades are her only weapon; they set the victim on fire while slicing them into bits, removing the evidence. Her Red Mage Cloak is a simple cloak scented with rosemary. The Lyf Deck is one of a kind, it tells, the future, but Autumn can?t get it to work right and so she?s never told the future.
Mental description: Bad temper, Daring, slightly careful, and always out of place.

Hope this is OK.

By the way the image was done by: Sciros Darkblade on theotaku.com[/color][/size]
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Ok you have the guy at the top, but that character is a "bad"guy, and will be used alot in this rpg.

P.S does not matter who you pick because almost everyone is evil
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Let get one thing straight, Xeo is not crazy or a psycho. He not even that bad. He is just a darker form of James Willams(who will end up fighting the demon.) Xeo is neutral, but he does like to kill though.And I am about to start so if you want to join go ahead
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