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Digimon Lords


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OOC: Marcus, Arika, and Heezay, you still need to edit your sign-ups.


(It's night. A MagnaAngemon Flies into a region of the digital world that has recently earned the name of the Dead Zone, as no one who has entered it for the past few months has ever been seen or heard from again. Occasionally, he thinks he sees something, but when he takes a closer look, there isn't anything there. Eventually, he sees a very large DIgimon flying toward him. When it reaches him, it stops. MagnaAngemon can't clearly see the Digimon, as night in the digital world tends to be very dark)

Unknown Digimon: Why are you here?

MagnaAngemon: I was sent by LordMagnadramon to investigate the disapearances in this area. Do you know anything?

Unknown Digimon. You're here because LordMagnadramon is afraid. She is too afraid to come here herself. But soner or later, the Digimon Lords will have to come. But they will be coming into a trap.

MagnaAngemon: Who are you?

Unknown DIgimon: I'm the one responsable for the dissapearances.

MagnaAngemon: You... you killed them.

Unknown Digimon: A few. Most are under my control. As you soon will be.

MagnaAngemon: You will not take me.

(MagnaAngemon turns to leave, but is blocked by two Okuwamon, a Megadramon, and a Rosemon. MagnaAngemon turns to face the unknown Digimon)

Unknown Digimon: You will not be leaving. You will serve me from now on.

MagnaAngemon: Who are you?

Unknown Digimon: I am LordMegidramon.

MagnaAngemon: You lie! You can't be a Digimon Lord! It's not possible!

LordMegidramon: Yes, it is. (He reaches out and grabs MagnaAngemon. A dark glow surrounds MagnaAngemon for about a minute. When the glow dissapears, LordMegidramon releases him) I am through waiting for careless Digimon to enter this area. MagnaAngemon, you will take these four with you. Find Digimon near this area, and bring them to me by whatever means necessary. Just be sure to keep them alive.

MagnaAngemon: I will do so.

(MagnaAngemon leads the two Okuwamon, the Megadramon, and the Rosemon away)

LordMegidramon: (Thinking) With an increased number of dissapearances, sooner or later the Digimon Lords themselves will come to investigate. They'll come right into my trap.

(David walks through a hallway in the DIROne facility, followed by Guilmon. He enters the breifing room and takes a seat. The breifing room is small, designed for up to ten humans and their Digimon Partners in Rookie form. David takes a seat, and Guilmon waits behind him. The only other one in the room is a man named Brian, the man who gives briefings)

Brian: I knew you'd be here first.

David: I always am. Who else is coming?

Brian: Kenzi, Mika, Angel, and Tsai are on their way. And for some reason, a pair of our unwilling members will also be joining us, although probably not willingly.

David: What?! Why?

Brian: Because some dumbass ordered it. I don't like it, but I can't do anything about it. At least I'll get some amusement from their reactions when they realize that this is one government organization that actually knows what it's doing.

(They both laugh)

David: Well, this isn't your typical government organization. For one thing, we can't really be formal with each other all the time. After all, we all live here. We can't stay formal all the time. And if you're going to live with others, it's nice to be able to talk with those others.

Brian: Most government organizations think that that kind of thing hurts performance.

David: Well, they're a bunch of idiots. We do more than they ever could. (Pause) Where are the others, anyways?

Brian: Give them a little time. Not everyone gets here as quickly as you do.


OOC: In your first post, have your character enter the breifing room. The unwilling characters should be accompanied by DIROne guards, all of whom are intelligent(No dumb guards at this place) and competent.
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[COLOR=darkblue]Kenzi materialised in front of the DIROne Building with Renamon. At the entrance were a couple of guards. Kenzi quickly flashed her ID Card and walked through the doors.

Kenzi entered the large building and Renamon followed behind her. As she walked through the halls, Renamon's claws made clicking sounds through the silent building.

She walked through the familiar halls that she'd been doing for the past year and knew her way to where she was going from the back of her hand.

Kenzi reached a door and strode through it. She was in the Briefing Room and there was a man and a boy about her age with a Guilmon. Kenzi took a seat next to the boy. Renamon stood next to Guilmon.

"First here as usual, David?" Kenzi said.

David just looked at her.

"The others on their way?" Kenzi asked turning to the man.
"Yes. Mika, Angel, and Tsai are on their way. And for some reason, a pair of our unwilling members will also be joining us, although probably not willingly." Brian replied.
"What?!" Kenzi shouted taking off her sunglasses.
"That's what I said..." David commented.
"Someone ordered them to. I don't like it either but we don't have a choice." Brian stated.

Kenzi frowned, her stormy greyish, blue eyes flashed with anger and rebellion. Kenzi tucked her sunglasses into her jacket pocket and waited.

"Are the others getting here soon?" Kenzi asked impatiently.
"You two are very a like, did you know that?" Brian stated.

Kenzi and David both turned to glare at him. They didn't like to think they were similar to anyone, but the fact of the matter was that they were quite similar. They had known each other for the whole time that they'd been brought to the institution and matched evenly.[/COLOR]
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[color=teal]Mika was quickly running down one of DIROne?s massive hallways. Shadowmon was hanging on to Mika?s shoulder with all her might.

?I?m going to be late,? Mika said as she slid around a corner. Shadowmon flew to one side. She was about to jump off if Mika didn?t reach her destination soon.

?Are you almost there,? Shadowmon asked as she tightened her grip on Mika?s shirt. Suddenly Mika stopped in front of a room. Shadowmon let out a sigh of relieve as Mika walked into the briefing room. Mika spotted David and Kenzi. She let out a sigh.

?You two always beat me,? Mika said as she sat down on the other side of David. Both David and Kenzi turned and looked at Mika and Shadowmon. Shadowmon hadn?t bothered to jump off of Mika?s shoulder.

?Maybe if you get a reality check,? David joked, ?and stay away from those computers, you would get here faster.? Mika falsely laughed and looked at Brian. Brian looked at her.

?Are Angle and Tsai coming too,? Mika asked as she took Shadowmon off her shoulder. Brian nodded and let out a sigh. Mika wondered what had him worried.

?Yes,? Brian said calmly, ?and so are two unwilling members.? Mika looked outraged. She slammed her hands down on the table. David and Kenzi stared at her.

?You?ve got to be kidding,? Mika said as Shadowmon tried to look at Brian from Mika?s lap. Brian shook his head as sweat drop appeared on the side of his face. He was far from kidding. Mika leaned back in her chair.

?It?s okay,? David said with a slight smile, ?Kenzi and I feel the same way.? Mika looked at David and nodded. She still didn?t like the idea of two unwilling members coming to a briefing. [/color]
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(There is a ringing sound. Brian takes his cell phone out of his pocket and answers it)

Brian: This is Brian. (pause) He has? What about the other one? (Pause) Well, at least one's being replaced. Who's coming instead? (Pause) That's good. Anything else? (Pause) All right. Out. (He terminates the call) Well, that's good news.

David: What?

Brian: We're only getting one unwilling person. The other's been replaced

David: By who?

Brian: Vash.

David: That's definately good news. We're still getting the other unwilling person, I take it?

Brian: Yes. His name's Kantro, and his Digimon partner is Gabumon.

David: I've heard that name before. Isn't Kantro the one they had to sedate?

Brian: Yes. He was making quite a racket, apparently. He's also caused a few problems when they tried to do the analysis(sp?) on Gabumon. I don't know why he's coming, but I don't think he should be.

David: Well, we can't do anything about it.


OOC: In case you didn't pick it up, Marcus and Heezay, you're in. As for you, Arika, you still need to finish your sign-up.
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Vash walked as quickly as he could down DIROne's hallways with Terriermon clinging to his shoulder.

"You need to take it easy,"Terriermon complained."It won't be the end of the world if you arrive late."

"Yeah, I know, but I have to keep up my reputation. My salary is already slim enough." Replied Vash as he turned into the briefing room.
"Hello everbody," Vash and Terriermon said.
"Good, you're here. We're almost ready to start. Take a seat,"Brian said.

"Who's coming with us?" asked Vash as he slid into a chair.
"Angel, Tsai, and unfourtunately, 1 unwilling member."
"Oh, ok,"said Vash cheerfully as he leaned back in his chair. This earned stares from every human and Digimon in the room.

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David: You don't seem at all concerned that Kantro will be joining us.

Vash: Why should I be?

David: He's the one they had to sedate to bring here. he's also resonsable for several broken bones. He didn't like it when they tried to analyze his Digimon partner, Gabumon. And I don't think he'll want to go an a mission.

Vash: If he tries anything, I'm sure we can handle him.

David: I'm more worried about him doing something durring the mission. He might get us all killed.

Vash: If we're doing anything that dangerous.

Brian: You are. I don't want to say much until everyone's here-I'd just have to repeat myself-but i will say that you're on what's probably the most dangerous mission anyone's been on.
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[size=1][color=999999][i]Angel sighed and did not like the fact that she was going to a meeting. Meetings meant speaking, speaking meant people, and Angel was not a people person. She walked down the hall towards the briefing room. She could hear the voices of those inside the room. She picked out each of their voices and knew exactly who to expect and who was coming.

Entering the room, everyone looked to her. She gave a slight bow to them and walked to the farthest corner, away from all, and sat there. Kenzi and David walked to her. They were the only two that she felt that she could be with.[/i]

"Where's Ankokumon?" [i]Kenzi had asked.[/i]

[i]Out of the shadows, Ankokumon had appeared and she stood next to Angel. David and Kenzi sat with Angel, who was cracking her knuckles.[/i]

"You don't have to be here if you don't want to, Angel. We can always tell you what had happened later." [i]David had informed Angel, knowing she had problems with people.[/i]

[i]Angel took in a deep breath and let it out slowly. She looked to David and shook her head.[/i] "I'm fine. Just as long as no one bothers me, I'm good. If they do, so help me God, I will not be responsible for my actions."

[i]Kenzi and David began to laugh. They knew how Angel was. Angel knew the two at different times, but she was close to the two of them. They were her best friends. Kenzi was basically her sister.

Guilmon sat down and looked to Ankokumon, who crossed her arms and looked around at the other digimon. She was not particular with working with others. Ankokumon was created as a weapon of mass destruction, but was soon tamed by Angel. She and Angel were alike in a way, but Ankokumon was comfortable with other digimon, as Angel was not with humans. Angel snapped her fingers and Ankokumon disappeared.[/i]

"Where'd she go?" [i]Guilmon suddenly stood up and looked around the room.[/i] "Where'd she go?"

[i]Ankokumon suddenly appeared again with something in her hand. It had several items on a silver chain.[/i]

"Good. You may do what you want until the meeting begins." [i]Angel had told her digimon.[/i]

[i]Ankokumon nodded and she disappeared into the shadows. Angel put the necklace around her neck. It had a miniature dagger with a serpent wrapped around it, three vials- one empty, one with clear liquid, and another was unknown, a gold and silver yin-yang pendant, a chinese symbol meaning death, and finally a strange crystal orb that had some sort of energy within the center of it. David and Kenzi knew not to ask why she had kept those things, but others did not, which meant trouble.

Brian walked to Angel and crossed his arms. He stood comfortably against the wall as he looked at her.[/i]



[i]The two had greeted each other with a simple word, their names.[/i]

"Don't you want to know who's coming?"

"No. I'm not a people person and I already know who's coming."

[i]Brian looked to her with confusion his eyes.[/i]

[i]Angel sighed and looked into his eyes.[/i] "Tsai and Kantro."

"Yeah. That's right. You know who Kantro is, right?" [i]Brian questioned her.[/i]

"Oh. I believe he and I will know each other well. He was sedated because they had thought he was a psycho. That'll all change when he meets me." [i]A tone of pure cold came from Angel's voice.[/size][/color][/i]
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(The door opens, and Kantro walks in, followed by Gabumon. Three armed guards enter the room)

Brian: It's ok. You can go.

Guard 1: Are you sure? This guy's dangerous.

Brian: We can handle him.

Guard 1: All right. By the way, I told him the basics on the way here. {OOC: That refers to the information in the first Recruitment post, except the stuff about LordMegidramon, which nobody knows yet}

Brian: Good. (The guards leave. Tsai enters the room with her partner and takes a seat) All right. Now that everyone's here, we can get started.

Kantro: What's all this about?

Brian: For some reason, you've been assigned to this mission.

Kantro: Why should I agree to go on it?

Brian: Because you don't have a choice.

Kantro: Why do you need me, anyways?

Brian: Actually, I don't want you here. This is a very dangerous mission, and your presence will jepordize it. But unfortunately, it's not my decision. I'm going to start the briefing now, so you might want to shut up.

Kantro: Fine.

(Kantro takes a seat)

Brian: Good. (He walks over to a large screen and grabs the remote by it. He pushes a button, and a map of the digital world appears on the screen. He isolates a portion of the map and zooms in on it) This is a section of the digital world. It doesn't seem to reaaly be unlike any other section, and in the past, it hasn't been. But starting a few months ago, nobody who's entered this area has ever been seen or heard from again, earning it the name Dead Zone. The Digimon Lords have been trying to figure out what's going on, but they don't want to risk going there themselves. They think that whatever's behind this wants them to go there, so they aren't going to go. Instead, they've been sending other Digimon to investigate, none of which has returned. Yesterday, we were contacted.

Angel: By who?

David: I'm guessing one of the Digimon Lords. I told them how to contact this facility when I met them. That was about ten months ago.

Brian: And you're right. It was LordMagnadramon who contacted us. she asked us to send a team into the ead Zone. You were selected. (He zooms the display out a bit, them marks a spot south of the Dead Zone) You will enter the digital world here. You are to then enter the Dead Zone, and find out what's going on. Don't stay any longer than you have to. Once you know what's going on, or if you can't stay any longer for some reason, return to the entry point. We'll be watching that spot. When you're there, we'll bring you back. Head to the Command Center. There, you'll be given supplies. You will then be sent to the digital world. Any questions? (Pause) Good. Go now. (Everyone except Brian leaves the room. David leads the way to the Command Center)
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[COLOR=darkblue]Kenzi walked behind David. Renamon was somewhere at the back with the other digimon, Angel walked next to her.

They were talking about some random things and laughing through the halls. Kenzi took a look behind her and saw Mika walking behind Kenzi and Angel then Tsai and Vash and then Kantro. The digimon took up the rear and watched Kantro carefully. They didn't trust him.

Kenzi turned to the front and saw they were approaching a door. David stopped and opened the door. They all strode through and entered the room.

David and Kenzi stepped forward, being the most known to the systems in the Command Center. They programmed it quickly and finished.

David looked at the group and opened his mouth to say something...[/COLOR]

[b]OOC:[/b] I had to bring this back and I don't know what to post.
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David: I've programmed the entry point. We'll drop where we're supposed to.

Kenzi: I ran a check on the surrounding area. There are a couple Digimon near the the entry point, but I don't know which ones.

David: Supplies will be delivered in transit.

Kantro: What's that mean?

David: I won't bother trying to explain it to you, because you won't understand it, but basically, there will be some added data. When we emerge, that added data will become the supplies. In the digital world, everything's data. I've been trying to figure out the reason for that, but I haven't made much progress. But that doesn't matter. We enter now.

Kenzi: Systems report nominal status. We're go.

David: Let's do it. (Kenziactivates the portal, and everyone is transported to the digital world. On the ground beside them are several packs) We're here. And it looks like the supplies made it, too. Now, where are those digimon? (He looks around) There they are. Yep, they're heading this way. Two Kabuterimon and a Kuwagumon. I don't think they're here to say hello. (an electro Shocker attack passes overhead) I was right. Let's do it. Ready, Guilmon?

Guilmon: I'm ready.

(David pushes the top button on his digivice, triggering the digivolution process)

Guilmon digivolve to: Growlmon

David: Everyone, let's do it.
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[COLOR=darkblue]Kenzi looked over to the three digimon that were approaching. Renamon stood beside her.

"You ready Renamon?"

"I'm always ready." Renamon replied smuggly.

"That's what I like to here. Digivolve!!" Kenzi said as she pushed the top button on the digivice, triggering the digivolution process.

"Renamon digivolved to........Kyuubimon!!"

"Go Kyuubimon! Squash those bugs." Kenzi called.

"Go Growlmon!! Attack!" David said beside her.

Kyuubimon and Growlmon ran forward to meet the enemies head on.

The two digimon had known each other as long as their partners so they indicated to take out the two Kabuterimon before handling the Kuwagamon.

Kyuubimon ran towards the one on the left, Growlmon headed for the one on the right leaving the middle Kuwagamon to himself.

"Dragon Wheel!!!"
"Electro shocker!!" the two attacks cancelled each other.

Kenzi tried to see what was going on. She grabbed her mini binoculars from her bag and looked out into the distance.

"Fox Tail Inferno." Kyuubimon sneakily used the attack. She placed the flames around the Kabuterimon in a circle. She flicked her tails and the flames all attacked him from all sides and that left him open for a... "Dragon Wheel!!!"

He tried an Electro Shocker but it was too late. He was changed into data. Kyuubimon looked over to see how Growlmon was doing.[/COLOR]
[b]OOC:[/b] I know Kabuterimon's are stronger but who cares. And I didn't think we'd need all the digimon, besides, they're guarding Kantro.
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OOC: Your posts need to be longer. If you're going to post, put something worthwhile in the post. Otherwise, there's no reason to post.


David: Kantro, stay out of this.

Vash: Terriermon, go!

(Vash triggers the digivolution, and Terriermon digivolves to Gargomon, who joins the battle. David moves over to Kantro)

David: Look, I know you don't want to be here, and honestly, I don't want you here. But you're here, and we have to deal with that. ButI want you to do as little as possible.

Kantro: And why is that?

David: Because I don't trust you. ?You don't like us, and I have no reason to believe you won't have Gabumon attack one of us if he digivolves. So, until you've shown that we can trust you, don't do anything, and stay out of our way. Got it?
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[size=1][color=999999][i]Ankokumon crouched on a one of the sills and looked on with excitement. She would not fight unless Angel had permitted her to. Which was what Angel inteded to do. She nodded and Ankokumon jumped into battle as Angel took out her digivice.

Flipping it around, she executed the digivolution and Ankokumon had turned into Karumamon, who ran towards Kuwagumon at such a speed that she was nearly flying off of the ground and fire appeared around her. Suddenly, she was turning into a fire dragon.[/i]

"Dragon's Arrow!"

[i]Kuwagumon looked to Karumamon and was about to send an attack, but Karumamon hit him with her attack and it went righ through it.[/size][/color][/i]
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[color=teal]"Alright," Mika said as Shadowmon ran onto her arm, "it's your turn." Shadowmon jumped off of Mika's arm and started running toward the enemy Digimon. Mika grined and triggered Shadowmon's Digievolution.

"Shadowmon Digivolve to," Shadowmon said as she glowed purple, "DarkAngewomon." Mika threw her fist in the air as she watched DarkAngewomon joined the fight. She had confidence in her Digimon.

"She didn't have to Digivolve," Mika said softly, "but I don't want to take any chances of her getting hurt." David looked from the battle and looked at Mika. Mika had her arms crossed and a smug smirk on her face. David shook his head and looked back at the battle.[/color]
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There seemed to be only one Kuwagamon left. "Go help Growlmon out, Gargomon," stated Vash.

Gargomon readied his guns. "Gargo Laser!"
The attack slammed into the Kuwagamon, making him stagger backwards. "Dragon Slash!" shouted Growlmon. A gash appeared on the insectoid digimon's chest. It sent its scissor attack at Growlmon who dodged.

Kuwagamon gave a mighty scream as its data started to fragment. It seemed the two attacks had done it major harm. The data dispersed.

"We won!" stated Kenzi.

But something was wrong. The data came back together to form a much angrier, larger bug- Okuwamon!

"Oh no," shouted Mika, "it digivolved!"
"Not to worry."stated David. "If all our digimon unite together, they'll beat it."
[I]A chance to prove myself[/I],thought Kantro.
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David: (Thinking) This isn't supposed to happen. A Digimon can't digivolve when it's been destroyed. And it certainly can't reform itself. Something's not right here. Something's very wrong, and I don't like it. But that's not something to worry about now. We have to get rid of this thing, and I have a feeling that the longer it takes, the worse off we are. (Out loud) All right. Let's take care of this thing, and fast! The longer we stay here, the more likely it is that something more dangerous will find us. So let's take that thing out!
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Gabumon, ready?

Gabumon: Definitly!

*a blue data stream surrounded Gabumon as his body transformed and Digivovled to his Champion form, Garurumon*

Kantro: Takuya, trust me. If I hate someone, you'll know it! Garurumon, use Howling Blaster on that bug!

*a blue blast flew from Garurumons mouth heading at the Okuwamon. The blast hit directly, but only made the bug angrier*

Crap, it didn't even phase him! Everyone, stand back! I'll try something!

OOC: would non Digimon stuff appear in this RP? If not, I'll change what I'm gonna do on my next post.
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OOC: Only the supply packs. Anything else is still in the real world. And by the way, my character's name is David.


David: Kantro, stay out of this.

Kantro: I'm trying to help!

David: I don't know that. You might be, but I don't know that.

Kantro: Just give me a chance!

David: You have one chance. If whatever you're going to do doesn't work, then forget it. I won't give you another chance.

Kantro: One's all I need.
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[size=1][color=999999][i]Karumamon attacked with her allies as Angel watched their opponents weaken. A thin smile grew and she looked to the others. Karumamon stopped and flew back to her. She stood by her side. She knew that something would happen.[/i]

"David is just about to burst. I want you here so that you don't hurt anyone."

"It seems they're winning on their own."

"Yes. It does seem so. You can go back to Ankokumon."

[i]It was done. Karumamon devolved back to Ankokumon who leaped onto nothing and crouched there, watching the others fight. Angel was taking joy in watching David and Kantro argue. It wasn't everyday that she would see David explode in front of someone...or would he? He was a strange boy. In fact, Kenzi, Angel, and David were all strange. It was just a matter of time and emotion until one of the truly blew up.[/size][/color][/i]
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Tsai stepped in between the two fighting boys telling them to focus on the problem at hand.

Veemon jumped up to tap Tsai on the shoulder trying to tell them to something but the two guys were now trying to have a go at each other causing Tsai to step in between them once more to tell them to calm down.

Tsai turned on Veemon to order him to digivolve to Veedramon so that the last Kuwungamon would not get any ideas about backstabbing only as soon as Veemon digivolved he was plowed over by a very angry Okuwamon. Veemon grabbed onto the bugs leg and used the V-Nova Blast, catching it in the belly and causing Okuwamon to flail about angrily throwing Veedramon a foot into the ground.
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All right, here it goes!

*Kantro put his Digivice out in front of him with both hands, pointing at his Digimon. A blue light surrounded Garurumon as he was absorbed into the Digivice*


*The blue light grew brighter as it surrounded Kantro. As he stepped out of the light, a new body emerged. It was Lobomon*

Lets get rid of this thing!

*Lobomon pulled out his kendo saber and ran at the Okuwamon fireing his blaster at it to daze it. When he got to the enemy, he struck the digimon and sliced it in half with all his strength. WHen the data dissappeared, Lobomon fell to the ground as Gabumon and Kantro appeared, lying down and breathing hard as if they just ran a 3 day marathon*

Kantro: THAT...was a little trick...me and Gabumon developed.

*with that said, Kantro closed his eyes so he could rest for a few minutes*
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(All the Digimon devolve)

David: Where the hell did you learn that? (Kantro doesn't answer) Fine. rest for a bit. (He spots something on the ground where Okuwamon was, and walks over to it. It's a small stone slab with writing on it. david reads it out loud) "Seek not he who wants your lives. Seek instead he who wants your minds." What the hell is that supposed to mean?

Kenzi: Well, I think the first part means that we're not supposed to look for anyone who's trying to kill us. But the second part... I don't know.

David: Yes, the first part was obvious. But not the second part. True control over others isn't possible, not even in this world, so that's not it. It's probably some sort of metaphor, but I don't know what it's talking about.

Vash: How'd it get here? Who put it there?

David: I don't know. And as long as we're asking questions, how did whoever put it there know that we'd be here?

Kenzi: I don't know, but someone knows we're here.

David: that means we need to be somewhere else. As soon as Kantro and Gabumon can walk, we're moving out.
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*Kantro gets up despite the pain*

I think the second part means that there is someone that wants to...maybe use us to destroy the evil so we will be weakened so the new evil can then defeat us?

*grabs Gabumons limp body*

Well, I can make it for a while, but when we rest or sleep, I'll probably be a bit longer than you all. And by what David said, we better get amovin'!
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David: Let's go, then. We need to head north, which is this way. (He leads the others toward the Dead Zone) (Thinking) Kantro's theroy would make sense, but I don't think he's right. I think it has something to do with this assignment. I also have an idea of who left it there, but that doesn't make sense, either. If one of them left it there for us, then this mission would be a lot different. No, there's a fourth party involved in this. We just need to figure out who that fourth party is. (Soon, David stops, and everyone else also comes to a halt) (Out loud) I think this is it. We're about to enter the Dead Zone. Everyone, listen up. We don't know what's in there, so treat everything with suspicion. And don't go anywhere alone. Make sure you stay with the group. somewhere in there is what we're looking for, but there's also something in there that I don't think will like it that we're there. Be on your guard. Let's go. (They enter the Dead Zone)


OOC: The Dead Zone got its name from the fact that nobody who enters it ever comes back out. It doesn't look any different then the rest of the digital world.
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