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Best of HOUSE...Volume One>[Progressive House]

Phantasy Freak

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[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by Shyguy [/i]
[B]HOUSE? Is that the name of the band? I feel stupid, usually I know about music and stuff. [/B][/QUOTE]

No it different bands...
The Bands are:

Ian Van Dahl feat. Marsha
Zombie Nation
Mike Macaluso
Robbie Tronco
Da Hool
Johnny Vicious Presents
Mada & Moody
Space Frog
Plasmic Honey
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Ahh yes....

I listen to Progressive Trance and Goa alot... more so than house, but House and Trance really do sound exactly the same...

I've heard some of the groups before... SM Trax, Ian Van Dahl, Darude (I have his Sandstorm album), Zombie Nation, and Venga Boys... The others I've probably heard in one of my few hundred megamixes.... I have well over 20 gigs of just Trance/House/Rave/Techno music on my computer
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Guest Master O Beans
Vanessa Mae
DJ Mystik
DJ Assault
DJ Melody
DJ Spooky
DJ Shadow
Ian Van Dahl

These are all VERY good DJs...and they do all sorts of techno :P
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