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RPG The New Brotherhood of Mutants


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*The Island of Genosha. In 2004, it was a sprawling metropolis, with over 16 million mutants living there, over half the world's total population. In 2005, it was decimated in a sentinel attack. Suddenly, half the world?s mutant population was gone.*

*But now, the mutants are returning. At the decree of Gravitron, all those who are tired of the X-Men?s pacifist ideals have been invited to share in his view of violent resistance, inspired by the late emperor of Genosha, Magneto.*

*They gather in a large dome constructed in the middle of the destruction. With the radiation levels still dangerously high, the dome is there to protect the mutants. It was originally constructed by the X Men to search for survivors. But after they were sure that the island was empty, they abandoned the dome, leaving it open for Gravitron and his new followers to take over. Now Gravitron has gathered those who have followed his decree in a large meeting hall in the dome. He has decided to unveil his plan for mutant domination.*

Gravitron ? Brothers and Sisters. I have gathered you all here today because our world is in jeopardy. The humans who rule the world?s governments and those that inhabit them have turned a cold shoulder to us. They realize that we are the future, and they are afraid. Afraid of being replaced. They fight us in an invisible war to gain control of the world. They fight us in the cities, in the country, and everywhere in between. And now, it is time to fight back, just as any group would when attacked by an outside threat. We are now the mutant army. WE ARE THE BROTHERHOOD!

*Cheers erupt from the crowd gathered to listen to Gravitron speak. Though his words are not as fluid or refined as most human politicians, his charisma and spirit inspires those who listen to him.*

Gravitron - But in order to succeed, our army must be strong and smart. That is why we must recruit more soldiers. And were can we find to most mutant soldiers?

*The entire auditorium gasps. They all know what he?s going to say.*

Gravitron ? That?s right. We?re going after the X Men. There are hundreds of young mutants under Xavier?s care who doubt his pacifist ways. Even he has begun to doubt. However, even in their weakened state the X Men are a threat. Each one is highly trained, and able to crush an army of mutants if untrained. That is why I ask that only a select few of you volunteer to undergo extensive training before we go into battle. Now, who is willing to volunteer?.
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It was about 2:50 in the morning when everyone in the mansionwas called to the professors room for an important meeting. Jim slowly got up and streched for a bit, when he tried to put his slippers on he always missed so he walked bar foot. Everone was tired, but they knew if the professor woke everyone up this late it [I]had[/I] to be for a good reason, maybe even a mission somewhere! While Jim was Walking down the hall he saw Rouge in her Pj's and Zanth as well (they were all one room apart from eachother)

"Good morning" Jim said with sleepy tone in his voice as if he was about to fall asleep on the floor.

"Wonder whats Up" Zanth said as they all entered the professor's room. Everyone was there, the new members and old ones: Psylock, Cyclopes, Storm, Jubillee, Gambit, Beast, Jean Grey, Shadow Cat, Kurt (nightcrawler), Marrow, Colossus, and others both adult and teens. Later the Proffesor was wheeled in by Wolverine, none of them looked tohappy nor sad, just concered.

"I'm sorry to wake all of you but this is important, lately i've been using Seribro and I've picked a lot of Mutant activity down on...Genosha" Xavier said with a pause. Everyone gasped at the sound of that mutant slave area. "I know what your all feeling right now, but do not be alarmed...until we get any further information we wont do anything just yet. Now then, you may all get back to sleep...some of you have school tomorrow" The professor stated as everyone said "goodnight" and left his room to go to their's. Rouge, Jim, and Zanth all went to Zanth room to talk for a bit about the issue.

"Genosha's a rough place to be in" Rouge stated as they drank some coco from the kitchen. After an hour or so they started to leave.

"So are we still on for luch tomorrow after school?" Zanth asked. Jim and Rouge nodded as they went back to sleep.
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[COLOR=DarkRed]Alex looked out of the detection room window and saw that some students were already coming in the doors.She looked at the teacher in front of the room.Good he's asleep she got up and hunched down and walked to the door and slowly opened the door.She sneaked out and shut the door queitly.She walked down the hall and ran into a boy.
"Hey watch your going"!Alex said coldly and walked around him and to her locker.[/COLOR]
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Veil also nearly avoided the collision, neatly sidling by their little scuffle. She left them, her mind already occupied on other thoughts...like the meeting last night.

She had been in the back, behind all the others that were there. The original X-Men, the ones that Prof. Xavier really depended on, had all been there, and her heart had been thumping at the close proximity. She had heard so many stories from the other students and younger children at the school, about how many battles they had been in, how long they had been with the Prof., the extent of their powers. Really, they were like legends to her. She secretly wished that she were close to them, on friendly, close terms like some of the students were, able to randomly wave to them, or go and speak to them about daily things. But... no. She wasn't ready to. They were so...amazing. Why would they ever speak to her?

She was Prof. Xavier's "charity project," as some in the school already were calling her. Certain girls...were for some reason envious of her coloring. What was desirable about it? She'd much rather be normal, have brown hair, brown eyes...no powers. Well, her powers were ok - they weren't really noticeable anyway, unless...unless she got really carried away.

Veil sat in her seat, looking out the window to the grounds, green and flowering. Her thoughts remained on the meeting... [I]Genosha...now where have I heard of that? I mean, I know it's a slave island of mutants, but...what else do I know? I'll have to go to the library today to see if I can't find something on it... Or even better, why not go to Prof. Xavier? He's always so nice when I come to see him.[/I] She smiled. Yes, she would go see the Prof. today after school. She always enjoyed talking with him.. he always had such a calming presence...
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Zanith, Rogue, and Jim talked till 3:30 in the morning in Zanith's room. Both Zanith and Jim were in awe of the night's events. They wanted to talk more, but Rogue told them that they had school tomorrow and that they must get to bed. They finally did go to bed and Rogue slowly walked to her own room. Though she didn't show it, she was a bit nervous about what Professor X said. She couldn't stop thinking of what the Professor said. His words kept on playing over and over in her head.
She made it to her room and opened and closed the door behind her. After dressing into her black night gown, she plopped down on her twin sized bed and fell asleep.
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Jim was getting dressed for school, he had a term-exam today in his sophmore class today. After he finished getting dressed he phased through his door to see if Zanth had finished a long with Rouge. None of them had so he decided to phase through the floor to the kitchen, once le landed he scared Nighcrawler once to turned around.

"Dont do that" he said as he jumped a little in the air.

"Sorry about that Kurt" Jim replied as he sat at the table eating an apple and drinking milk. There was always a big buffet at the table like eggs, bacon, cerial, waffles, toast, etc. The Prof. made overy food time wonderful with a wide selection of different things, but Jim just usualy went for the fruits. After about 5 mins. Rouge flew into the kitchen and met up with Nighcrawler and Jim, Zanth came running after her. Once they finished breakfast Jim and Zanth had to get ready for school, Cyclops usually drove them in his nice car, but today they both decided to walk.

"So do you think we might go to Genosha?" Jim ased rouge, she was kinda surprised at the thought and spit her juice a little.

"This is a job for the senior x-men, i dont know if they'll let the second years go this time. Its too big of a job, but maybe they'll need your help" she smiled.

~After School~

Zanth, Jim, and Rouge went to the mall for some lunch and talked about what the prof. said last night.

"Genosha....thats scary" Zanth said as the others continued to talk.

*Sorry, g2g to class :D *
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Lyndis was standing against the auditorium door. Her white hair slopply standing up with her bangs aginst her face. The black-trench was covering her feet and she sighed.

Lyndis-This really bites.....I hate listening to insperiation coaches. They always have nothing so say.

As Lyndis picked up her staff she beagn to walk towards the exit. Another young mutant grabbed her hand.

Mutant-You....Gravitron is not finshed speaking! How dare you show such disrespect young girl.

Lyndis casually shrugged her shoulder releasing the mutants grip.

Lyndis-Let go....I am not little when I am angry.

The Mutant did not hesitate and he threw Lyndis in the middle of the crowd.

Mutant-Names Firestarter...I challange you brat.

Lyndis looked at firestarter and smiled.

Lyndis-Names Lectrix. Now....I hate to see u lose in front of your buddies but you annoyed me...It's time to die.

Gravitron watched the battle and noticed the girls supreme skill. She had not used her ability yet but he could see the metal starting to lift around her feet. It's began to levitate.


Lextrix grabbed Firestarter's arms and his body began to vibrate as the elctricity began to slowly disenegrate his skin Gravitron watched the anger in Lyndis's eyes.

Gravitron-She will be perfect.
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Kayna was listening to what was said but soon drifted off in to her own mind. "So he wants some one to fight the X-men, huh. I tried that peace thing they talk about once. I was for the x-mens ideas of peace. Look what I got for it put in a place where they experiment on mutants. Never again, never again." SHe thought but soon snaped back in to reality.

She heard a lot of yelling coming from the crowd and then sudden silients. Kanya walked through the crowd studying the mutants around her. SHe came closer to the door with each step but she didn't care. Soon she ran in to the two mutants fighting. " Not much of a fight." She thought as the fight continued.

Kanya smiled coldly as she continued moving closer to the circle that had formed around the two mutants. " Guess he took on more than he could handle." Her sliver eyes peered through the crowd. She walked out in to the big circle that the other mutants had formed around the fight.She took her head phones off. " I'll join you." she said emotinlessly." whats your reson for joining them your to wea-" Kanya shot one of the mutant a sharp glare and he grew quiet. " revenge." She shaid taking off her head phones.

Kanya turned to Gravitron." Sure about this Kanya?" one of her friends she came with asked." Why wouldn't I be" She responed waiting for a response from Gravitron.
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*Gravitron smiled. He could see that Lyndis was very skilled, and Kanya was full of the spirit of a warrior. Both would prove great additions to this new brotherhood. He raised his hand at the two.*

Gravitron - These two are the newest members of the Brotherhood. Come to me my children.

*The two began to levitate as Gravitron adjusted the magnetic fields, bringing them to the stage. He than went a shook both of their hands.*

Gravitron - However, three alone, no matter how powerful, cannot stand against the mighty X Men. Now, who else will join this new Brotherhood. For remember, we can either hang together, or hang seperatly!

*Both Lyndis Kanya gave Gravitron a peculiar stare behind his back.*
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[color=darkred][b][size=1] The room still stood fairly silent as they all looked back toward the stage. Loki was relieved that he wasn't the center of attention. Not now. From what people have told him, he is the spitting image of his father.

But, he knew this brief moment of anonymity wouldn't last long so he decided to go ahead with it. "I'll join you!" he yelled toward Gravitron.

"You!" a tall man to his left gasped. "Die, Wolverine."

"I'm not him, dumbass." Loki replied as he deflected a large stone that was hurled at him with the claws retracting from his fingertips. After he did so, he leapt on top of the one who threw the stone. When he landed, he began to slash at him. Then Loki began to think to himself, "He didn't throw a rock, he is a rock."

He swiftly performed a back-flip while kicking his adversary in the jaw and he landed gracefully in a crouched position. "Ha, ha. You're not going to hurt me with those things, little man."

"I see. Looks like I'll have to bring out the heavy artillery." Loki snarled.

"What the hell are you-"



The only sound now was a loud thunk as the torso of the rock man crashed to the ground. "I think that's quite enough." Gravitron chimed in as he willed Loki onto the stage with the rest. [/color][/b][/size]
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Emilio stood cornered in an alley way on the outside of the Capital of Genosha, cornered by five thugs.

Thug 1- Where do you think You be goin?

Emilio- And why would I tell a greasy slimeball like yourself?

Thug 2- You treadin on a thin line mutie!.

Thug 3- now hand over the dough unless you want Bruiser here to rearrange yer face.

Emilio- Well than I guess the muties gotta fight back, huh.
Emilio sent a bolt of flame into the nearest thugs stomach then, wheeled on his foot putting him into a leap that bought the next one within a metre. The thug swung with a bat which Emilio dodged the attack easily and countered with a fist lined with flame into the thugs face scorching the thugs face.

This was more than enough for the thugs who took off when Emilio knocked out their friend. Emilio picked up the still concious thug and asked where Gravitron could be found, The thug was more than happy to spill the beans.

Thug- who are you ..you ... psycho.

Emilio- I'm your worst nightmare, the diablo.

The thug fainted, granting Emilio a new path to his new life where he could get payback from the sentineils.
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Jim and the others left the resturant after an hour, Rouge and Zanth decided to head back while Jim wanted to go to the arcade and play some games. But before that he wanted to ake a quicker route..through some walls. When no one was looking Jim phased therough the mall as easy as that, before he went into the arcade thought he saw something imbedded into the wall of the mall. It was quite large in size and was even as tall as the mall, Jim only examined it for a little bit then headed off. About an hour later he started to walk back to the mansion through the souther exit of the mall, then he remembered smething that Rouge said to him and Zanth earlier:

(At Genosha, there are these huge robots called [I]Sentinals[/I] who capture mutants out of no where and even kill mutants if they ever try to leave Genosha. There really powerful and it'll take a lot of up to take down one of those things.)

He then realized....that was a SENTINAL! Before he could turn around the southern exit of the mall had been torn down by the same thing Jim saw, it was talking as it walked:

[I]"Do not be alarmes...I have detected mutant activity in the vicinity"[/I] it said as it walked arund scanning the area. Even though it didn't harm people, the shoppers ran around like crazy and scared of the thing. He was still stunned, one mutant against that thing..that was just crazy. The sentinal spotted Jim right off the bad and identified him as a mutant.

"Halt" it said as it pointed to him. Jim just ran the opposite direction, but he didn't get far when the sentinal cought Jim with one of its tenticles that was released from his hand.
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Veil looked around the corner, hiding from the sentinel. She hadn't been able to speak with the Prof. earlier; he had been busy, and she didn't want to bother him. Taking a stroll in the mall, she had suddenly come upon the Sentinel, but had hidden herself before it could detect her presence. Her mutant abilities were not so easily found. Now, however, she watched in horror as people screamed and started running away. Even normal humans didn't relish the thought of being close to Sentinels.

[I]What the heck is it doing?[/I] Veil thought to herself. [I]Doesn't it realize it's in a public area? What if it hurts the civilians?[/I] Then she saw the Sentinel's tentacles grab hold of Jim, and her breath caught in her throat. [I]I know him! He's in Prof. Xavier's school![/I] Her worried thoughts were no longer with the innocent bystanders, but instead with the mutant who was facing off with the Sentinel.

[I]Oh, shoot, I have to do something! But, what can I...?[/I] Veil stopped, worry on her face. She rubbed her hands together nervously, and then started to concentrate on the Sentinel... Jim was struggling to free himself. Veil kept her concentration focused on one spot Sentinel: its head and torso, keeping her power from touching Jim. Slowly...she saw the metal start to heat, and little whisps of smoke started coming off from the torso.

BOOM! Suddenly, an explosion, and the Sentinel's head and body were separated, the central circuits blown by the heat of Veil's power. Jim flew through the air, released by the tentacle, and landed hard on the ground. Smoke was everywhere, and people really were screaming and running everywhere. Veil could barely see through the smoke, but somehow found her way to Jim.

She grabbed his arm, "Come on! We have to get out of here! Let's go!" She pulled him along through the smoke.
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[COLOR=DarkRed]Thick tenciles wraped around Alex's waist.
"What the"!!Alex said trying to get out of the machines grasp.Alex noticed a boy and girl come out of the smoke.They stopped and looked at each other then at Alex.Damn Alex thought guess I'll have to dewire this thing.Alex moved her hands behind her and released her claws into the machines torso.It blew up sending ALex up in the air but,she landed crouched down with her claws still out.She stood up and drew her claws back into her fingers.Alex gave the two people a cold and hard look and turned on her heel and started to walk away.Alex wondred what that thing was and why did it grab her? [/COLOR]
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[COLOR=Navy][FONT=Comic Sans MS]Rogue, who was looking at clothes in Hot Topic, heard a commotion in the main hall towards one of the exits. She ran to where she heard the noise and there was a sentinel acting Jim and other students from the school. She quickly grabbed her cell phone out of her backpack and called Professor X. He picked up his phone and replied, "Hello?"

"Professor!! This is Rogue!! There are sentinels here at the mall attacking some of the students. I need help!!"

"Alright! I'll find someone to go there as soon as possible to assist you. In the meantime, try and hold those sentinels off."

"Yes professor, understood."

With that last sentence, Rogue hung up the call on her cell, and put it in her backpack. She ran towards the attacking sentinels to help her students and friends out till someone arrives to help her out.[/FONT][/COLOR]
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Jim and the girl who helped him ran away from the Sentinal as fast as they could, it looked like it was starting to get up again and...repair itself.

"You go to xavier's school right?" Jim asked the girl.

"Yes, my name is Veil" she replied. JIm then grabbed her hand and used his powers to phase through some of the people running around everywhere. At the end of the hallway they both spotted Rouge running towards them, JIm gave a smile and waved at her. They started to talk once they met up.

"I thought you left with Zanth already?" Jim questioned

"Nope, just went to the clothes and then i saw the scene. The professor is on the way with back up, so we have to keep any other sentinals occupied before then" Rouge stated. Suddenly another crash sound came from the mall, but from the norther exit..it was another Sentinal, and another one came through the west wing. Now they were up against two sentinals.

"Halt mutants" they both said at the same time

"How do they know we're mutants?" Veil asked Rouge

"They have scanners that detect us, and if one of them is destroyed then it is sent to another sentinal like e-mail" Rouge replied. But the sentinals didn't stop and launched their tenticals, they were preparing to fire their energy blasts (from their hands as well). Jim thought of an idea, he grabbed both Rouge's and Veils hand and made a chain so he can transfer his powers to them so they wont get hurt. Once they fired it directly hit the three, but they walked out fine and continued to run holding up the chain.

"Good idea...so now what?" Veil asked

"Beats me, this the only thing i could think of to help us out" Jim said as they continued to run away from the sentinals.
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Jim, Veil, and Rogue ran towards the East exit. The sentinals were not that far behind and they were calling out,"Halt Mutants!"

The sentinals also tried to grab Rogue and Veil with their tenticals. One of them actually grabbed Rogue by her ankle and pulled her down onto the floor. With not thinking, Rogue quickly pulled of her glove and grabbed the tentical that was latched tightly around her ankle and held on. The tentical was dragging her closer and closer to the sentinal's lasor. After thirty seconds of holding on to the tentical, her power finally kicked in. The tentical started to get slower as the grip on her ankle was get less and less. The sentinal finally let go of her leg. Rogue, after seeing this chance got up and flew back to Jim and Veil.

"C'mon!!! Let's go!!!" she said as they continued towards the East exit. After what seemed like a long time, they made it to the door. Veil tried to open it, but it was locked.

Jim went through the door and tried to open it from outside. No luck. He came back through to the inside were Rogue and Veil frantically tried to find a way out. The sentinals were getting closer.

"Guys, move away from the door....I have an idea. Let's pick up this bench and toss it through the door....since it is glass." said Rogue.

"Ok," said Jim and Veil together. They picked up the bench that was nearby along with the help of Rogue and threw it at the door. The glass broke easily. They rushed outside. By this time, the sentinals were just behind them.

A big rush of air rustled Rogue and Veil's hair. The X-Men jet arrived. It landed not too far away and the door opened. Someone started to come out...
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