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[color=RoyalBlue]Need any info? Go [url=http://otakuboards.com/showthread.php?t=37483]here[/url].
Kaisui looked up as a bird chirpped. She clutched the pencil in her hand, which was about to continue her essay on the slate in her left hand. She shrugged and turned towards her desk.
Beside Kaisui sat her sister Chi. She was also scribbling down an essay, except hers was longer, complex, and overall more thoughtout than her younger sister's. Chi looked over to see Kaisui slacking off again, she she hit her fingers with a ruler.
"Hey! Chi-" Kaisui started, which was cut off quickly from the mentor's cough. She made an 'urk' noise and went back to the essay.
"Five minutes," he said, making the girl panic. Chi grinned and held back a laugh as she watched her sister squabble over the report.

"So, what did you talk about?" Kaisui asked as she and Chi began their walk home. Leather bags slung across their chests held their school items.
"Free speech and why we should have it."
"That never stopped you before."
"Yeah, I know. But it would be nice to officaly have it. So, how about you?"
"Why girls should be able to become knights," Kaisui responded. "Not fair."
"Like I haven't heard that before," Chi said, laughing.
"Dahaha, very funny."
The two continued on, weaving through people, buildings, and carts, trying to get home. Things such as "ORANGES!" and "GET YOUR HORSES HERE!" were shouted out at them and the numerous other people in the streets. Clouds of dirt and dust scattered into the air as several children playing a game ran across the street, causing Kaisui to get into a coughing fit.
Chi squinted her eyes in an effort to see through the cloud. She held onto Kaisui, who was still coughing, and dragged her home.
"What's for dinner?" was the first thing they asked as they plopped their bags on the floor. There was no response.
"Mom must still be out shopping...Dad at work...and the boys are probably finishing some knight training," Chi said. "Looks like this place is all our's, for the moment, at least."
Kaisui nodded and sat down on a chair. She sighed and sank deeper into it, trying to relax herself.
"Want anything to eat?" Chi asked as she opened up the panty door.
"Yeah. Do we have any oranges left?"
"Um...I don't...know..." Chi searched the panty. "Ah! Here we go." She turned and tossed it to her sister, who caught it.
"What now?" Kaisui asked.
"What do you mean?"
"N-nothing. Never mind..."[/color]
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A young tenager galloped her horse down a feild. they stoped and galloped back the other way. After going back and forth about three times, the teenager stoped and tied they'r horse to a tree.

"There you go. Sorry I had to run you so hard. I'll be back in a bit." The teenager had a voice, just so deep that ther're gender was imposible to tell. the teen ran to a tree farther away and jumped up into it. They had black spikey hair and was wearing a long cape with leather underneath. The teen jumped back down out of the tree, running back to ther're horse, with an apple in they're mouth, and one in they're hand.

"There you go girl!" The teen handed the apple to the horse and took the other one out of her mouth. "God. I hope no one finds us here...that wouldn't go well...they might find out...that I'm a girl..." She lifted her hand to her chest, where she usually had a strap to keep her chest consealed.

"I look enough like a guy...but..." She held the apple for her horse while it bit into it. "poor girl. You were starving. Here have mine.." She handed over the apple she had in her mouth before.

"I look enough like a guy and sound enough like a guy. But I don't have my chest strap on right now.The guys would be able to tell. Oh well. I guess we should get back, aye girl? They'll get suspicious." She climbed back on her horse and rode off towrds the boys knight's school grounds. As she rode she thought to herself, [i]Why the name Mitzo? Why my mother's name? Mitzo. Mitzo Sakin.[/i]

"Yo! Sakin!" A voice yelled from across the grounds. "Your late for practice! Get your sword and get over here or you'll never be a knight!"

Mitzo Sakin slowly walked her horse over to the training grounds thinking, [i]women becoming knights. Thats my goal. Thats why I'm here.[/i]
sorry if the begining is a little counfusing ^^
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[COLOR=DarkOrchid]Kairi coughed, she was in no condition to fight. She was wounded, she could barely breathe from the dust, and from the first impact, and her lip was bleeding. ?Thugs? They always pick on me? I should be used to this.? She dodged an incoming punch, it missing her by only 2 inches. ?Hey leave me alone! I have nothing you want! I don?t even have enough cash for a meal!? Her stomach growled. ?I haven?t eaten for a while now, so leave me the (edited out) alone!? Her chest was pounding, and her breathing was harsh.

?Oh, we don?t want your money, we?re being paid far higher then you could ever have? Just to kill you. But why the person was so desperate to kill you is beyond me.? He snickered. ?Now, the final punch please, we?re hungry too, the only way we get paid is if your dead.? He walked over to her and punched her in the stomach, she cringed over. He smirked, ?Well, your done for, why don?t you just give up and die? Or shall we have to hurt you more??

?I-can?t?..give up? no won?t?.. give up?..? She collapsed on the ground and the thugs came over just to kick her, she played dead.

?Well, she?s dead, come ?on, let?s get paid.? The thugs walked off, leaving her ?dead? body on the ground. They vanished behind the trees.

?It?s going to take a lot more to kill me.? She wheezed, ?I can?t take this anymore.? She pushed herself up and onto her feet. She pushed herself along the path, until she stumbled onto a small town. Two nice looking girls just entered a building. ?Wait? For me?? She forced herself to get up to the door collapsing on the porch. She prayed someone heard her. ?I?m Fuji-iro?? she mumbled be fore she fell asleep.
Hope you cna understand it. :)
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Sakin limped slowly back to her room. She sat on her bed, in her small room and looked herself over. She had just come back from training. She got beaten bad in a drill.

"Damn." She said as she lifted off her shirt and unwrapped the chest band. She put her shirt back on and layed down on her bed. "That feels a bit better." She sighed and closed her eyes. She opened them a split second later to banning on her door.

"SAKIN!" A voice yelled from behind the door. It was the same person that yelled to her in the feild. "You forgot your sword Sakin." He said as he entered the room. Sakin stood up and slouched her shoulders over to hide her chest abit and grabbed the sword the man was holding out. "Also Sakin um I--" Sakin cut him off by closing the door and shutting him out. She held her sword and leaned up against the door.

An hour later she was walking her horse through the town, looking for something to do to keep her mind off her constant struggle to consel her gender. She lifeted her hand to her chest, now with a strap around her.

"okay...lets see. A pub maybe? hmm..." She tied her horse up in a stable out side of a small store building. "Maybe I'll find something worth while." She walked inside and saw mant costomers standing around looking for something nice to buy. But what stood out was two girls tending to the wounds of another girl. She walked up to them and snatched the cloth one was cleaning the wounds of another one.

"Don't rub the wound fool." The girls were abit taken aback. "You have to dab at it. So that you don't open the wound more." Sakin handed the cloth back to the girl. "Now take care of yourselfs please." As she walked away she snatched an orange on the table and stuckit in a pack.

"Stupid little girls." She said to herself.
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What ever is in [COLOR=Blue]blue is the thugs[/COLOR]... [COLOR=Red]whats in red is Abunai[/COLOR]

[I]Meanwhile Back In Abunai's Hideout[/I]

[I]The thugs who attacked Kairi return to bring the news of her death[/I]
[COLOR=Blue]"Sir we have takin care of the girl you ordered us to kill"[/COLOR]
[COLOR=Blue]"My lord... We Are Sorry... We Wont Fail You Again..."[/COLOR]
[COLOR=Red]"No you wont will you.. Well will have to make sure of that."[/COLOR]
[I]Abunai takes out his sword and quickly slashes the thugs taking them out in one hit[/I]
[COLOR=Red]"Foolish idiots.. No body fails me and lives."[/COLOR]

Sry it couldnt be more but im tired ill type more later
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As sakin walkd from the store, one of the girls followed her. "Exuse me mister!" Sakin turned around to face her.

"Yes? What?" Sakin looked down at the girl. She looked a bit younger then herself but not too much younger.

"Um...what do you know about dressing wounds?" The girl seemed a bit shy but confident.

"Put warm water over it with presure and she'll be fine." Sakin started to turn around.

"Oh! and...can we have that orange back?" The girl had obviously seen her take the orange.

"Oh fine...here." She held the orange out but pulled it back as the girl snatched for it. "Whats your name girl?" She asked, hinting a trade off of her name for the orange.

"Its Chi, sir." The girl said, holding out her hand for the orange. As Sakin gave the orange back, Chi had another question. "Are you a knight, sir?" Chi asked.

Sakin paused for a moment. "Yes. Well, I'm training to be one."

"Do you beleive in women becoming Knights, sir?" Chi asked.

Sakin again paused. "Yes." Was all she said before turning around, untieing her horse and galoping off. Chi went back inside with the orange.
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?Let?s go after her!? Chi and Kaisui gave Fuji-Iro confused looks.

?Are you OK? Do you have a fever?? Chi questioned.

?I?m fine! But didn?t you see? If you look closely you can tell she was wearing a chest strap? A girl trying to become a knight.? Fuji-Iro retorted.

?A girl trying to become a knight? Cool! Let?s go after her!? Kaisui yelled startling people nearby.

?Don?t you think we should treat her properly first?? Chi motioned to Fuji-Iro.

?My name?s not Her or She, it?s Fuji-Iro! Stupid?? Fuji-Iro mumbled. ?And I?m OK, I just needed to have a little treatment.? She grinned and pulled out two scrolls, one that has the Japanese symbols for ?Heal?, and one with the symbols for ?Revive?. She grinned she uttered a spell, healing the wounds and giving her back energy. After the spell was complete the scrolls disintegrated into fine white sand. ?Shall we go?? She motioned to the door.

[Sorry for the short-ish-ness, I couldn't think of what to put.]
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[color=RoyalBlue]Kaisui watched as she sprinted back to the house the orange grasped in her hand. She smilied.
"So, did you figure out their name?" Kaisui asked.
"Nope. He never told me. But I got the orange."
"...He took an orange?"
"Yeah. Didn't you see it?"
"Guess not."
Chi walked into the house and went over to the couch, where the girl who had been wounded was lying.
"What's your name?" Chi asked. "In return for the hospitality."
"Kairi," the girl replied weakly.
"You win a free orange!" Kaisui yelled, snatching the fruit from her sister's hand and putting it next to Kairi's head. She smilied.
"What are your names?" she asked softly.
"I'm Chi. My stupid little sister here is Kaisui."
"I'm - WHAT?" Kaisui began chasing after her sister. Kairi still lied on the couch as she watched the two fight. For a breef minute, she thought that had stopped. But than the two returned, each clutching long, heavy swords.
"You guys can [i]carry[/i] those things?" Kairi asked, watching in amazement as the two started clasing the blades. Despite the fact that the swords were meant for full grown men, and despite the fact that they were almost as tall as their wielders, the two girls swung them around with such speed, percision, and control that Kairi could've sworn they were boys.
A knock on the door stopped the two girls. Kaisui, being the closest to it, opened the door. On the porch stood the same knight-in-training that Chi had just finished talking to ten minutes ago.
"Yeah?" Kaisui asked rudely.
The knight looked at the sword in the girl's hand. "How...how large is that blade?"
"What? Oh this? Um..." Kaisui swung it up, slamming the metal part into her left hand. "Ah...four feet?"
The knight stuttered. "F-four feet?"
"Yup. My sis has one too. Her's is longer though."
Chi appeared by Kaisui's side. "Oh! It's you again! Sir Knight-in-Training. What brings you here?"[/color]
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"Well...first I must say...four feet...isn't quite...its kind of small don't you think?" Sakin asked.

"What?! I can barly hold this corectly! how is it small?!" Chi yelled.

"Well...compared to mine....." Sakin drew out her sword and held it infront of her as easy as it was a two foot blade, even though it was 5 1/2 feet.

"thats a....holly crap thats a big sword!" Kaisui shouted.

"Not really...I've weilded larger. But! Not why I'm here." She sliped the sword back into its sheath. "I must ask you girls something." Sakin shifted the weight on her feet. "What were you doing to get beat up that badly?"

?Uh? I really don?t know, this group of thugs attacked me and said they had to kill me to get paid? or something?? Fuji-Iro replied.
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Kantron walked along the dirt road of Kiasha, holding a new cloak close to him. He didn't want anyone to know of his blades or weapons. He was on his way to see Kaisui, which wasn't far away. He heard that a young girl that was attacked was there at that time and he wanted to get all the info he could, and maybe check up on Chi and Kaisui in the process. As he walked up to the door, he felt a strange presence apon him. He decided to shrug it off and knock.

"Hey is anyone in there?" He asked.
"Who is it?"
"Who else? The only katana weilding person you know!"
"Oh! It's Kantron!"

Kaisui opened the door as Kantron stepped inside. He set his cloak down on a nearby coat rack.

"So, how was school?"
"Hard!" Kaisui and Chi said in unison.
"Well, do you by chance have a girl who was attacked? I need to talk to her."
"Yeah, her names Kairi."
Kantron looks to Kairi. "Well, miss Kairi. May I ask you some quesions?"
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Hoichi dropped a few gold pieces on the diner's table as he left. The only reason he had decided to stop there in the first place was due to the lack of people, and the food told him why the diner was empty. As with so many towns before this one Hoichi had not learned anything about what his past. It did not help that most people in town kept to themselves, making it harder to find anyone who had visited his home town in the past.

Outside the diner the street was heavy with activity, being as it was midday this was of little surprise. Not wanting to be stuck in the crowd, Hoichi turned into the nearest alleyway he could find and walked to the edge, never entering the crowd. By now Hoichi would have decided to leave town, but something out of the ordinary caught his eye. It was not the two girls assisting an obviously injured third female, but instead the knight that was talking to them.

[i]Is that a woman? Can't be. The knights would never allow such a thing. Unless, they do not know.[/i] Hoichi was not surprised by the idea that someone would be able to trick the knights, since most sat too high on their thrones to believe it was possible, but by the fact that someone would try. It was no secret that the knights did not take kindly to being tricked, since most believed themselves to be near-gods. Hoichi remained hidden in the alleyway, keeping an eye on the scene. The thought that a knight's travels may have led to his village is what kept him from leaving, but the fact that one would be stupid to directly approach a knight stopped him from moving forward.
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"I grow tired of you idiots. Your master is gone, but he deserved what happened to him. If he hadn't decided to fight me he'd still be alive." Kayin was surrounded by his late master's students wielding their weapons. "Even if you all have completed your training, you can't win."

"Prove it tough guy! There's no way you can take us all on!" one of the pupils yelled out. The rest joined him, "Yeah!" Another pupil began to approach him slowly with a katana, "No more stalling! Let's get paid boys!" He began to charge Kayin and the rest did the same.

[I]Idiots![/I] He thought. If the attackers weren't simply evaded, they were knocked out. "Like I said you can't defeat me. Now, if you'll excuse me I have business in the town ahead. When you wake up, I suggest you train some more." [I]Why did they even try? I guess I better get to Kiasha.[/I]
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[I]Back In Abunai's Hideout[/I]

"Well I think its time to send some of my warriors to seek out the brats who can control the elements."
[I]Abunai go's to the barrack's to round up some warriors[/I]

"You twenty warriors, I have personaly assigned you to track down the Controlers of the elements and destroy them."
[COLOR=SeaGreen]"Yes master... Is there anything else you request?"[/COLOR]
"As a matter of fact Yes, I want you to have some fun so dont mind destroying the nearest towns and villages on your way there... Oh and tell them Abunai Teki Sent You."
[COLOR=SeaGreen]"As you command master... We will not fai..."[/COLOR]
"Whoa dont even say it, the last people who said that jinxed themselves."

[I]The warriors pack up and head out to locate and destroy the Elemental Controlers. They will arive by mid day tommarow[/I]


~By the way im once again sry its short but ive been studying for a test and im tired~
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[B]OOC:[/B] Sorry I haven't psoted sooner, I haven't been online.

[COLOR=Navy]Chi closed the door after Kantron had entered. She stood next to Kaisui and held her blade at her side. She was slightly concerned for other girls, there were people out there attacking women and leaving them for death.

An image flashed through her mind. Kaisui was on the streets, her clothes were torn and she was bleeding heavily in numerous places. She was crying as her sword lay by her side. They had used her own sword against her.

Chi snapped out of it with a shock.

"Are you ok?" Kaisui asked her.
"Yeah, I-I'm fine." Chi said sweating slightly.
'It wasn't real.' Chi said in her mind.

She looked around the room. There were several new people in it. Sakin, Kantron and Fuji-Iro. One of who had been attacked and two who were here to ask questions. Then there were the two that actually lived in the house, the two sisters. Chi hoped her parents or family didn't come back soon, they'd want to know what was going on and it wouldn't be easy to explain.

"Sure, ask away." Fuji-Iro said to Kantron.
"Do you know why they would attack you?" Kantron asked.

Chi walked away from the questioning room and headed towards her bedroom. She walked through the doorway and put her sword on the table before flopping on the bed. She spread her arms and sighed. She couldn't get the image out of her mind. What had happened? Chi would get to the bottom of it. She jumped up and picked up her sword and put the sheath on her back, she sheathed the sword and opened her window, she climbed out of the window and ran off down the street. She couldn't let that happen to anyone else, especially not Kaisui.[/COLOR]
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?Uh? No clue, I thought they wanted my money, but then they said something about their boss? So? I have no clue? But?? Fuji-Iro giggles, ?I?m lucky they didn?t kill me, an am also thankful I swiped those healing scrolls from this monk person a while ago.? She pointed to a little brown satchel, on her waist. ?Well, I have to go, I can?t stay here or I?ll never have any fun.? She looked around the room, wondering why in hell she was the center of attention, she hated it, and the only excuse she could use at this point was the no fun one. She picked up an orange and walked out. ?Bye!? After she was pout the door she got distracted by a big tree. ?A Tree! Yay!? She giggled and started to climb it; she hid in the top branches so no one could see her.

NOTE: Kairi is Fuji-Iro, DO NOT call her Kairi, she told them she was Fuji-Iro. Ok? Ok.
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.....wow........this RPG got far in the past 3 hours....lol
Sakin stood up and walked over to Kantron. "And who would you be, may I ask?"

Kantron looked her up and down. "Oh, A knight! I'm sorry I didn't see you we're a knight. I am Kantron."

"Oh? I know that all ready...Oh well. Kaisui...Chi........kantron....take care of yourselfs. I must take my leave now. And Chi...Kaisui.......you've noticed. and don't tell a soul. If it gets out to people like..." Sakin looked at Kantron. "that....I'll be out in the streets. So take care." Sakin opened the door and walked out. She walked inback of the horse to where she tied her horse.

"Come on. We'll see them again." Sakin said as she mounted her horse and rode off down the cobble streets. [i]I have to get back. And I have to tighten my chest band. Because I was careless they found out.[/i] She rode through a nearby feild and off to the knight's training camp.
......okay.................I think that should clear up a little bit...maybe...lol...^^
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"Hm? Where is she going?" She looks down to see Sakin riding off. "Well, here is my chance to have some fun." she grins and pulls out a wooden flute. "Hm... now what way?... North!" She plays the tune of the north, a wind starts to blow from the south. "Heh," she puts the flute away and jumps into the wind and if not for her powers would have fallen to her death. She glides along the wind, heading north at an increadible speed. "Almost there..." she gasps as the wind slows and she floats to the ground several feet behind Sakin. "Hey, Sakin, mind if I follow you for a while?"

"What? How did you catch up to me?" Sakin paused, "You look weak but your a good runner."

Sorry for the shortness, I just got an idea for a drawing.
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Sakin put her hand behind her back, her palm facing away from her back. "You're fast. But I cant match you're speed with tricks." Sakin closed her hand tightly and when she opened it a fireball flew from her palm and whacked Fijo-Iro [I think thats it] in the stomach. She fell from he air clutching her stomach. Sakin pulled her horse around and stopped it infront of Fijo-Iro.

"Oh stop that! That wasn't enough to hurt you!" Sakin said steadieing her restless horse. Fijo-Iro got up,

"Yeah. I guess your right. But you--" Sakin cut her off.

"Don't ask about me and I won't ask about you." Sakin said as she turned back around and flew down the road, closer to the knights training camp.

As she rode into the camp she heard a voice yet again calling her. "SAKIN! You're late! Your suposed to be in your quarters by 5 o' clock!" It was the general knight. "Your LATE!"

"I'm sorry sir." Was all she said before returning to her quarters.
..........you always have to get me in some kind of trouble dontcha?
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Fuji-Iro got up, "Bye." She started to wlak, looking for a tall tree. After a few minutes of walking she spotted one high enough, and climbed it. At the top she pulled out her flute and played the tune of the south, drawing a wind from the north. It was cold, she shivered and leaped onto it. A Few hours passed and she saw Chi looking for her. Fuji-Iro landed behind a tree. "Hi Chi." she smiled, "Sorry I was gone so long, I had to find somthing."

"Oh, Ok. Well, do you have a place to stay?" Chi asked.

"No. And I'm broke too." Fuji-Iro sighed, 'this always happens to me.'

"I'll ask if you can stay with us." Chi walked over to the door and motinded her in.
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Midnight. Sakin slowly walked down the dark abandonded streets. "I have to stop sneking out like this." She said to herself. Sakin walked close to the wall on the right side of the street. "Damn its dark."

She sat down in an ally she had entered. Sakin sighed heavily. "Well........I'm out...now I think I an--" Sakin was cut off by someone yelling in her ear.

"You!" The voice said. Sakin got up and looked down the ally to see a dark figure holding twin Katanas. "Your that knight that was with Chi and Kaisui! What are you doing out at this time of night?" The voice was that of Kantron's.

"Oh. You." Sakin said lowering her sword. "What do you care?" Sakin said re-sheathing her sword.

"Not that I do. Its just...odd." Kantron said, curiously.
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[B]OOC:[/B] I already left the house earlier on Page 1.

[COLOR=Navy]Chi had wandered the streets for the whole time, checking alleys and dark corners that anyone could be attacked in. So far, she had found no one.

It was darkening and it was even more dangerous at night so Chi hung around for a little longer, just in case anyone needed help.

She had taken a quick break in a café before getting along. She walked by a long dark alleyway and tried to remember if she had checked it earlier, she shrugged and sauntered in. She heard a piercing scream from deep within and sprinted into the darkness. Her glass sphere around her neck glowed a blood red. Her heart pounded and she heard blood pounding in her ears. She rounded a corner and saw the outlines of two figures. Chi unsheathed her sword and brandished it.

"Stop what you're doing at once!" Chi shouted.

The figure in front stood and turned, it held out a hand and a ball of light formed, making shadows in the dark alley. It was a man, cowering against the wall was a girl, she looked around the same age as Kaisui.

Chi glared at the man. "How does it help?! Picking on innocent girls, you're a disgrace to men!" she spat.

He smirked at her before running further back into the alley, distinguishing the light. Chi knew it was hopeless to try and chase after him. Instead she walked over to the girl and knelt beside her.

"Are you alright?" she asked softly, sheathing her sword again.
"Y-Yes...Thankyou, f-for what you did." the girl replied just as softly.
"Are you hurt?"
"Yes, but I'll be alright."
"No, I'll take you to my house. I can't leave you here hurt."
"No, no. you're done enough for me already. I'll get help in the morning." the girl protested.
"I'm taking you back to my house and that's final." Chi said.

She remembered that Kaisui was easy to pick up and carry, and anyways, she had practise with her sword. Chi bent down and wrapped her arms around the girl. She straightened and carried her out of the alley and back to her house.

Chi entered the door and saw Sakin had gone. Chi set the girl down on the couch and went to get the bandages. The girl just huddled on the couch. Chi came back with a blanket, some of Kaisui's clothes and the First-Aid kit. She helped remove the girl's torn clothes and bandaged her wounds before changing her into Kaisui's clothes and wrapped her in the blanket.

"Of, by the way, my name's Chi, what's yours?" she asked.
"Mai. Thankyou again for your kindness and hospitality." she replied.
"No problem. You can stay here for as long as you like. Have a good rest." Chi said.

Chi walked to Kaisui's room and looked in.

"We got another visitor." Chi said.
"I heard you. Fuji-Iro's staying here too, she's in the spare room." Kaisui said.
"Alright, I need some rest now." Chi said leaving.
"Where'd you go?" Kaisui called.
"Patrolling. Good thing I did too." Chi said entering her room.

Chi took off the sheath and fell to the bed, she was asleep before her head hit the pillow.[/COLOR]
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[I]In Abunai's Dungeon[/I]

"Well what an interesting suprise my bandits brought me, Two Humans."
[COLOR=DarkOrange]"what do you want with me and my wife?"[/COLOR]
"I want you to suffer knowing your daughters will be dead by mid day tommarow."
[COLOR=DarkOrange]*(Thinking) "No, not Chi and Kaisui"*[/COLOR]
"Oh, and dont worry you will die more slowly and painfull than your daughters."
[COLOR=DarkOrange]"Y-You MONSTER!"[/COLOR]

[I]Abunai laughs in an evil tone as he leaves back up to his hideout[/I]

Kaisui's Parents=[COLOR=DarkOrange]Dark Orange[/COLOR]

Sry it short my cat kept me up all night becouse she meows to much
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'Finally made it here. Unfortunately it's far too dark to see anything. But for some reason I sense a disturbance in the wind's movement coming from that area.' Kayin looked toward a fairly large house with candles lit within. 'It is definately coming from there. I thought I was the only one with control over wind.'

Kayin approached the door with caution and knocked. "Hello. Is anyone home?" Kayin asked quietly enough not to awaken other residences.

"Yes. Who's there?" a voice from other other side responded.

"I am Kayin, I need to ask something of you." Kayin responded.

"Do I know you?" she said.

"If you do I wouldn't know how but..." He stopped sensing that she had possessed the element of Water/Ice. "Are you aware of the elements?"

"What!?" she responded suprised and slightly opened the door. "How did you know?" She looked at him in curiousity.

He looked at the sleepy brown haired girl, "I possess the element of Wind, and I sense many traces of elements coming from this house. I originally wanted to ask about the girl who was attacked today, yet the traces of elements intrigue me much further."
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"I'm just curious..i'm the curious type anyway...why was your chest so large when we was over at Kaisui's?" Kantron said.

"....alright. If you won't tell me, I'll show you my secret."

Kantron turned around, letting his cloak fall to the ground. A long dragon tail emerged from a coiled position on his tailbone. "I'm not a human. I am an Andraen, the last of my kind. Please, don't tell anyone this."

Sakin stood there in awe at Kantrons tail. "Uhhhh...ok. I won't tell anyone. But...will you keep my secret?"
"You bet."
"Well....I'm a woman..."
"Don't yell so loud! You'll wake up everyone!"
"Oh, sorry. You are a girl, not a guy?"
"Yes. And I am a woman, not a girl, okay?"
"Okay....wait, I think I heard something!"

Kantron spun around to see someones shoulette, in which he couldnt see there intire face or body.
"Who's there!?" He said.
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Sakin drew her sword and stood in a fighting stance. As the figure stood there Sakin sighed. "Oh! Damn you scared me! She said lowering her sword. "God don't sneak up on me like that!" Sakin held her palm face up and a bright fire emerged from her hand. The light iluminated a young mans face, whom looked fairly tired.

"Hello Sakin." He said in a sleepy voice. "I'm leaving okay?"

Sakin walked up to him and gave him a hug, still holding the flame in her palm. "You're leaving now? Okay. Its probably for the best." Sakin gave him a kiss and he was off again as fast as he appeared.

"What the." Kantron said as Sakin turned to face him.

"Oops." Sakin said as the flame on her palm went out. "I forgot you were there. Uh. I was...Uh the flame...um..."

"Its okay." Kantron said. "I can do it too." He held out his palm and fire seared out of his hand. He put it out. "But who was that? Boyfriend?"

Sakin laughed a bit. "No. Brother. He was getting ready to leave for another town to look for something and I told him to tell me when he was going to leave. Thats all...sorry if he scared you."

Katron shook his head. "I wasn't scared! I was just--" A voice from behind them cut him off

"Suprised?" The voice said. Again it was to dark to see the figure fully, but the voice was a mans. "You were going to say suprised wernt you?"

"Another one of your friends?" Kantron asked holding his katana in front of him.

"Afraid not." Sakin said, drwing her sword out as well.
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