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[COLOR=DarkRed]Me and my boyfriend FirePheonix727 made this up.So hope you all like it!!
[I]A evil queen takes over the peaceful land of Junhimer.Demon swormed the land and killed people for no reason.A group of elite ninjas triend to stop her evil plans but,they fail and never return.A new group of ninjas hope to try there luck at it.The only difference is that they younger and there ninja in-trtaining.The queen has a partner and he's equally evil.The queen is from a different land where the people are trained since birth under all kinds of contidions.They're sent away to take over a colney and distroy all life there.[/I]

Name: simple
Age: any age
Apperance: pic. or word
Bio: short or long
Element: if your a good guy put the word light in front(ex.Light Water)if your bad put dark infront(ex.Dark Fire)
Personality:how your person acts
[U]The Cast[/U]
Light Water: Mai_Miase-Yuki Ayaki
Light Fire:
Light Earth:
Light Thunder*: Duorocks17-Kristen Cloud
Light Lighting*: Keiji-Kayin Cloud
Light Steel:
Dark Wind: Swordmaster13-Queen Clesia
Dark Fire: FirePheonix727-Jerid
Dark Water:
Dark Earth:
Dark Steel: SilpheedPilot-Ryo Ryuji
Dark Thunder*:
Dark Lighting*: Shikyo-Soul Taker
*I'd like Thunder and Lighting to be twins on the light side and on the dark side to just be siblings.One person can play both but,if someone else wants to be one of the siblings they can.If you be both put the one you want to be more first.
I'll post my sign-up later. has a spot resurvered so if you take the one he wants well you can't have it!!!!Well enjoy and have fun!!!!!!
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Let's all applaud swordmaster13!! er, anyway, on with it!

Name: Jerid ((yes, I am aware I spelled that wrong))

Age: 19

Gender: male

Appearance: [img]http://www.raine-tech.com/images/22688845.jpeg[/img] I know you like this pic Sm13! ^^

Bio: He comes from a land where people are raised as warriors and ninjas, through the most harsh conditions, and are filled with ut-most loyalty to their leader from birth. Jerid was born like any other resident, but was set apart by the Queen herself as someone special, though wether it was for fighting ability or just because she liked him, he doesn't know. They became like partners in crime, and soon traveled to Junhimer together.

Element: Dark Fire

Skills: He's good at hiding, and passing by un-noticed. He can evade an attack at up to nearly 60mph. Natural Ninjitsu there... ^^

Weapons: a short-sword, hidden in his clothing, and of course several shurikans.

Personality: ((you forgot this SM)) Jerid is childish and playful. He often makes smart-alek(sp?) remarks in the middle of the most important events. He loves to play jokes and illusions on others, and often incorperates that into his fighting style.
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Name: Kayin Cloud

Age: 19

Gender: Male

Appearance: [IMG]http://www.myimgs.com/data/THova/KayinCloud.jpg[/IMG]

Bio: Kayin was raised in learning the arts of Ninjitsu from the age of 11 (separated from his twin sister, Kristen, to study under a different master). He was a quick learner and first to surpass his master in a matter of 5 years. Upon surpassing him, he recieved the Shadow Katana and the hatred of his master for surpassing him. From 17 years old he continued to train himself alone in the forest. In his self-training year, he was confronted by his master once again for a final duel, when the fight was interrupted by a ninja attack. The ninjas defeated his master but Kayin was not defeated by these assassins, thanks to his own training. He now searches for Kristen to see how she has progressed in her training.

Element: Light Lightning

Skills: He can slash his sword at causing a violent movement in the air that can damage enemies from a distance. His slashes cannot always be seen from the speed of his motions. He can send lightning through any part of his body and can electrify his weapons.

Weapons: Shadow Katana (A medium sized Katana). Carries shuriken and kunai within his jacket.

Personality: Kayin is a very determined fighter and a very fast learner. He is very protective and gets along well with others. He is sometimes shy and does not always say what is on his mind. He likes to be serious but can have a sense of humor.
Do you mean the two lightning characters should be twins, or thunder and lightning on the same side should be?
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[COLOR=DarkRed]Thunder and Lighting on the GOOD side are twins.But ones on the DARK side can be which ever.
Here's my Sign up:
Name: Queen Clesia
Age: 21
Apperance: [IMG]http://www.otakuboards.com/attachment.php?attachmentid=17705&stc=1[/IMG]
Bio: Nimimi a far away land where the people are trained since birth under all kinds of contidions.She easily rose to the top like her parents exepeted her too.Her parents were King and Queen intill they died at an early age forcing her to take over the duties.She was favored by all that she ruled under for her evilness.A boy that she shared classes with,Jerid,roes to her favorites.He's skills where almost equll to hers.She figured that he would make a great King but,never told him this.
she also has a Wind Dragon that changes sizes.Sometimes he's small inof to rest on her shoulder and other times he's a normal sized dragon.
Element: Dark Wind
Skill(s): Can create Whirlwind Spells,Vacuum Charms,and Fog Illusions
Weapon(s): Wind Staff(Allows user to harness and control wind magic,read peoples minds,and heal),throwing stars and knives,and two twin swords.
Personality:Calm,pacient,mature and serious.She can also be ruthless and moddy.
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[font=Comic Sans MS][size=1][color=seagreen]Name: Yuki Ayaki
Age: 16
Apperance: [img]http://web.mit.edu/oraxia/www/ninjagirl.gif[/img] (replace the thing in her right hand with a sword and you got it)
Bio: She lived on a small island in the middle of a lake for her whole life.Ever since she was ten, though, her father has put her in trecherous training. At age 15, she perfected the arts of Ninjutsu. After that, she set out on her own, training in solitude.
Element: Light Water
Skills: She is able to create illusions of herself and can run extremly fast (about 40-50mph but it tires her out QUICKLY)
Weapons: A straight sword and a few hidden throwing knives
Personality:She is usually quiet, and doesn't speak unless spoken to. She's mostly serious but when she's not, she tends to act like a ten year old.[/color][/size][/font]
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[FONT=Century Gothic][COLOR=Blue][B]Name:[/B] Kristen Cloud
[B]Age: [/B] 19
[B]Gender:[/B] Female
[B]Appearence:[/B] Long green hair that, when it's down, goes all the way to her knees. She usually keeps it up in a pony tail, making it easier for her to fight. She is fit, and wears a tight-fitting green tank top, and black pants. She also wears black boots that go up to the calf.
[B]Bio:[/B] Kristen is the twin sister of Kayin. The two grew up together, and yet sepearated to study under different masters. Kristen went to seek out the wise man of the villege next to them, and there met a very saught after master of the arts. It was there that Kristen truely learned how to fight, using not only her strength and body, but her mind as well. Kristen searches for her brother to show him her new powers, and to contiune the cause that the old nijias once did, to defeat the evil.
[B]Element:[/B] Light Thunder
[B]Skills:[/B] is able to produce a huge sound wave, that can crush anything. Is fast on her feat, and also in the mind.
[B]Weapons:[/B] a long staff, which she uses to call on her power, that has a sword hidden inside of it just in case. Also, she as two trowing knives she keeps on the inside of her boots.
[B]Personality:[/B] Kristen is fun loving, and very smart. She usually uses her knowldege to get out of a sticky situation. She really doesn't like to fight, but will to save the world.
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Hello, Swordmaster! So this is that RPG you made that you were talking about. It looks interesting. I'd like to join (as Soul Taker), but do I really have to write all that description stuff? Soul Taker looks 21, but he's really 122 and that could take a long time to retell.
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Swordmaster managed to cram a "yes, you have to fill out the description" through her volley of insults she sent me (why does asking a question make me an evil *******?), so here's my info:
Name: Soul Taker (He abandoned his real name a century ago)
Age:122, appears 21 (which I've already said)
Gender: Male
Appearance: Brown eyes that turn the color of blood when he's angry, black hair, and he wears all black all the time (usually a ninja outfit).
Bio: Soul Taker was originally a normal person. He was a soldier until he got killed in battle. He was very skilled, so when he faced the Grim Reaper he was given two options: Hell or become a soul taker (they do the Grim Reaper's dirty work, taking the souls of the dead and the dying and returning them to the Grim Reaper). Obviously, he chose B. He gained immortality of age and began work, However, after a century, he got tired of that and quit. He wandered around a certain kingdom for a year, then became a mercenary and left to look for work.
Element: Dark Lightning
Skills: Controls lightning, gained the ability to take souls and raise zombies from the Grim Reaper.
Weapons: An amulet that takes souls, a sword that was soaked in demon blood to give it extra power, and shurikens with poisoned tips.
Personality: Normally not nice; as a mercenary he works for whoever pays him the most. However, he can be nice sometimes.
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Name: Joanne

Age: 13

Apperance: [url]http://www.advancedanime.com/pictures/angels/darkangel2.jpg[/url] Just she doen't have the wings. (If it doesn't work pm me and I'll uplaod it.)

Bio: She has no sob story, she was raised in a normal familly with an older brother and sister. Her mother and father passed away when she was a kid, she never knew them and never cared. She loves her brother and sucks up to him, well did unti he moved out of town. She doesn't like her sister that much so she stays out of the house as much as she can.

Element: Light Water

Skills:BubbleBoom: To make exploding bubbles, they are filled with water.
Bubble: To form bubbles and water that come out of her hand into a whip or beam.

Weapon(s): Water blade: A blade made out of water that for some reason is a tough as dimond (the strongest substance, meaning it tkaes alot to brake it) If it gets broken you just need to put water on it and it reforms what was lost.

Personality: She is a fun-loving teen, obsessed with well, fun and exciment, oh and she isn't afaid of anything no matter how "scary" it is.

hope it A.O.K.
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Wait for meeeeee!!!

[B]Name:[/B] Ryo Ryuji

[B]Age:[/B] 30

[B]Apperance:[/B] [IMG]http://www.tecmo.co.jp/product/doa3/jpg/brad00.jpg[/IMG]

[B]Bio:[/B] Was raised in a lone township in the Mountains, he was forced into Martial Arts but took great intrest into it, despite the hard training of Ninjitsu. When he became a tender age of 12 Ryo, changed his style of combat to that of a cross between Ninjitsu and a drunken style known as Zui Ba Xian Quan. He crossed these two and continued his training. Ryo is a very agile Ninja when he needs to be, otherwise he uses his Zui Ba Xian Quan style, which is a style focused on moves that are powerful, and movements that confuse the opponent, rather than instantly kill them as with Ninjitsu. He coming of an Elemental Prowess is still that of a mystery.

[B]Element:[/B] Dark Steel


[B]Steel Barrage:[/B] Ryo's fists shift into large steel blocks, this technique is suited for crushing opponents limbs and caving in thier skulls and chests.

[B]Vorpal Stun:[/B] Ryo spears the opponent in the chest with his hand that has assumed the form of a steel spike, the steel suddenly explodes away from Ryo's hand, tearing open the wound further. This move is a rare site, and cripples Ryo's hand for over and hour.

[B]Weapon(s):[/B] Usues his hands rather than weapons, but has a small Katana at his side if needed

[B]Personality:[/B] Ryo is kind of a lazy soul, he drinks quite alot of alchohol and lounges around. When the job needs done, it gets done. With little emotion.
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[U]Name[/U]: Oblivion
[U]Age[/U]: 4,500,000,000
[U]Appearance[/U]: No one actually knows what he looks like because all they can see is his blood red eyes through the darkness that his black cloak and robe with hood make come over him.
[U]Bio[/U]: Nobody knows anything about him except that he might have something to do with the Apocalypse.
[U]Element[/U]: Dark Thunder
Skills: Can call upon the power of thunder and lightning whenever he pleases.
[U]Weapon[/U]: A strange staff that has soom king of black gem on the top.
[U]Personality[/U]: Mysterious, quiet, and the purest of evil.
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[COLOR=DarkRed] Okibi Masurao finsh up your sign-up.Oh ya and another thing there are two Jacobs in this rpg. Shikyo and Okibi Masurao and they're both insane and go to my school.How weird is that? [/COLOR]
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[COLOR=DarkRed]Wow really that's just freaky!There must be this curse .THat any kid named Jacob is insane in some way.OH YA I'M UP AGAINST SHIKYO FOR THE TITLE OF INANSTY ON OUR TEAM AT SCHOOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!GO ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! [/COLOR]
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You see I had decided to add my own character with unknown elements and whatnot. You see I made him up to be a very mysterious character with unknown powers! And his age took forever to get because he has been around since the Earth was created. So I had to look all over the books in the library, and the Internet to find out that the Earth was 4.5 billion years old! But when I read this message you sent me to finish the sign-up I redid the sign-up so you would be happy. Because I knew that if this character was In your RPG without the sign-up complete you would be so TICKED!!! So I hope your happy now!!!
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[quote name='Swordmaster13][COLOR=DarkRed']Wow really that's just freaky!There must be this curse .THat any kid named Jacob is insane in some way.OH YA I'M UP AGAINST SHIKYO FOR THE TITLE OF INANSTY ON OUR TEAM AT SCHOOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!GO ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! [/COLOR][/quote]
Well you got some more competition! Because I bet that I can become more insane than you and shikyo with the right ingredients of INSANITY!!! But Im not doing it for a team, Im going SCHOOL WIDE!!!!! :blowup:
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