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[SIZE=3][U][CENTER]Final Fantasy:
When Worlds Collide[/U][/SIZE]
~~~[/CENTER]Centuries ago, when the world was dark and men lived in fear, a cataclysmic battle was underway. Eight great men, four of good, four of evil had been drawn together to defeat a cataclysmic evil that threatened all universes, drawn together by the powerful multi-dimensional God Paralax. A great battle was fought, and thousands died across all plains of existence, until the eight found themselves separated and each destroying one 'sector' of this evil. With noone to rely on, each of the men fell, and Paralax was bound by the great evil into the core of a small planet in the Terra Dimension.

Here paralax slept, until one day, during a great war on the planet's surface, he awoke, his slumber broken by the great evil's proximity to himself. Using the power he had gathered over the millenia, he called out to his champions once more, in an effort to destroy the great evil once and for all. the champions each woke, one by one, on the planet, alone except for their weapon.
Right, now we got that down, we decide how this is going to work. there is eight possible characters, all from FF7 through 10. We will assume they aren't possessing any spells (materia etc.) and they that are armed only with their default weapon. The characters to choose from are as follows:

[B]Cloud Strife[/B] - Broadsword: Taken by myself
[B]Sephiroth[/B] - Longsword: Keiji
[B]Squall Lionheart[/B] - Gunblade: G/S/B Master
[B]Seifer Almasy[/B] - Gunblade: Lord Rannos
[B]Zidane Tribal[/B] - Daggers: Mage 15
[B]Kuja[/B] - Spells (only basic to start with): Taken by... guess who? *grumbles*
[B]Tidus[/B] - Sword: Ohkami
[B]Seymour Guado[/B] - Spells (same as Kuja): inti

They will eventually find eachother, and will find their Ultimates as well (feel free to make one up for the evil dudes). Sign up sheet will look like this (you can get most infor from instruction manuals):

[I]Age[/I]: (unknown if isn't documented)
[I]Ultimate Weapon[/I]: (make one up if isn't documented)
[I]Limit[/I]: (make one up if isn't documented. Initial only)
[I]Job[/I]: (from the game)
[I]Appearance[/I]: Picture is acceptable
[I]Bio[/I]: Just a brief history of the character will do. You should assume that Paralax (the God) has taken them from their dimension AFTER the game, and ressurected the dead evil dues for his cause.
[I]Wakes Up where[/I]:

That should about do. This RPG will be as much about the interaction of the different characters and clashing of egos as well as the 'adventure' part. it will be run as missions (ie Meet up with other people). Getting around is your problem though. Intimidation or assasination? Its your choice. The Great Evil will eventually be revealed as Xalarap, Paralax' evil twin.

[I]Character[/I]: Cloud Strife
[I]Age[/I]: 21
[I]Ultimate Weapon[/I]: Ultima Weapon
[I]Limit[/I]: Braver
[I]Job[/I]: Mercenary
[I]Bio[/I]: Hero of FF7, Cloud was a mercenary who knew little of his past. Paralax plucked him out of his space in time shortly after combat with Sephiroth in the North Cave, and he has hated the God ever since. His Ultima Weapon was found within the heart of Ultimate Weapon, a beast of gargantuan propotions.
[I]Personality[/I]: Cold and arrogant. He opens up to those he trusts (even loves) but is known to have an anger problem and is prone to go on large revenge fuelled quests.
[I]Wakes Up Where[/I]: Tokyo, Japan
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Erm Sephy is Masemune and Tidus is a broadsword

[center]Character: Squall Lionheart
Age: 17
Ultimate Weapon: Lion Heart
Limit: Rough Divide/Renzokuken
Job: SeeD (Assassin, Mercenary ect.)
Appearance: [img]http://www.angelfire.com/ca4/DL0083/images/squall.jpg[/img]
Bio: The one hero from FFVIII. He had a bad childhood. He was very skilled with the keyblade and a graduated from SeeD. He was wiped out from existance in the FFVIII world shortly after that [spoiler]romantic kiss with Rinoa[/spoiler]. He misses everyone in his world but he is still willing to live in the new world that Paralax placed him in. His Lion heart was made from the most rarest of items and forged by a good weapon smith.
Personality: Stone cold. He keeps to himself and often silent. He rarely cheers people up. He has this behavior from his lonely childhood. Rinoa however, is the only person Squall truely loves.
Wakes Up where: Tokyo, Japan (Searchin for CLoud ~_^)[/center]
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[COLOR=Navy][B]Character:[/B] Tidus
[B]Age:[/B] 17
[B]Ultimate Weapon:[/B] [URL=http://www.ffonline.com/1_ff10gfx/weapon-sword7.gif]Caladbolg[/URL]
[B]Limit:[/B] Spiral Cut
[B]Job:[/B] Guardian/Star Player of the Zanarkand Abes
[B]Bio:[/B] Tidus [spoiler]had defeated Sin and he died. As he felt himself enter the Farplane,[/spoiler] Parlax pulled him out. Tidus wanted to stay there with people that would help him but he was unable to. But he was deeply angered when he discovered that Maester Seymour Guado had also been revived. He found his ultimate weapon on a path in the Calm Lands.
[B]Personality:[/B] Tidus is vibrant and energetic. He tries to make lots of friends and loves to play Blitzball. Sometimes he's troubled from a bad childhood, as his father continuously put him down. He often confided in Yuna about such things as she had known Sir Jecht. He usually tries to be an optimist and will do anything for his friends.
[B]Wakes Up where:[/B] Fremantle Harbour/Beach,Australia (Decided to keep him around Water)[/COLOR]
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There's no spots for females because there is really no female main characters/enemies in those games. Unless you count Ultimicea. But you don't really see enough of her to draw a conclusion as to her personality and so on. And my definition of a broadsword is a two handed weapon. Tidus quite clearly uses one.
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[b]Character:[/b] Seymour Guado

[b]Age:[/b] 28

[b]Ultimate Weapon[/b] [size=1][i]*Seymour briefly used a weapon when you had the chance to fight alongside him in a battle in Operation Mih'hen in FFX, so I'll branch off that*[/i][/size]:
~*~ Death Wand - a black rod with all of the symbols of Yevon inscribed into it. The symbols glow ice blue when in battle.

[b]Limit:[/b] Flare Blast - casts three non-elemental magic attacks.

[b]Job:[/b] Leader of the Guados, also a Maester of Yevon.

[b]Appearance:[/b] [url=http://pobladores.lycos.es/data/pobladores.com/ma/st/masticahue/channels/todofinalfantasy/images/2667925seymourlarge.jpg]Click Here[/url]

[b]Bio:[/b] Seymour was destroyed, by Tidus and the gang, whilst inside Sin itself. He felt himself slipping through the Farplane's fingers, and never made it there. He instead ended up waking his conscious thought into the black of the universe, where he thought about, and brooded over, the past events of - the now High Summoner - Yuna's pilgrimage. He made himself angry. Purposefully.
Seymour was thinking of a way to bring himself back into existence, when Paralax clicked its fingers and Seymour ended up unconscious in the Himalayas.

[b]Personality:[/b] Stuck up, slightly insane, fed up with all of the goody goodies everywhere (hates it when someone tries to be 'hero').

[b]Wakes Up where:[/b] In the Himalayas. Thinks he's still on Mt. Gagazet.

I know it's short and dodgy, so if you want me to expand on anything, please PM me.
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Name: Sephiroth

Age: Unknown

Ultimate Weapon: Masamune

Limit: Shadow Flare - Sephiroth casts a powerful spell for massive Non-Elemental damage

Job: Former leader of Shinra army

Appearance: [img]http://www.ffgurus.net/ff7/characters/sephiroth.jpg[/img]

Bio: Sephiroth is the former leader of the Shinra army. In his days as a Soldier, Cloud looked to Sephiroth as a leader and role model. Other than his faltered plans to destroy the Earth, his origins and destiny are unknown.

Personality: Power hungry, manipulative, merciless, Sephiroth is also seen as insane

Wakes Up where: Tokyo, Japan
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Character:Zidane Tribal
Age: 18?
Ultimate Weapon: Daggers
Limit: Spiral Dance-Spins around really fast and cuts about anything in the way
Job: Performer

Appearence: [url]http://www.devermore.net/surbrook/finalfantasy/ff9/zidane.jpg[/url]

Bio: Zidane was a performer on a ship with his friends until one day on a kidnapping mission he met up with the princess and helped her father fight her mothers empire. Afterwards Zidane traveled around looking for adventure wherever he may go to. Zidane still is in contact with his friends from the perfoming ship and from the palace.

Personality: Very active in any activity, brave to go out and fight to his best...a little perverted as well.
Wakes Up Where: London, England

*Hope this is ok and all, i dont have all the information since i havn't played FF9 in the longest*
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Character: Seifer Almasy

Age: 19

Ultimate Weapon: Gunblade

Limit: Flame Cross

Job: Sorceress' Knight

Appearance: [IMG]http://guidesmedia.ign.com/guides/3847/images/seifer.jpg[/IMG]

Bio: Was at Balamb Garden for most of his life--he followed the Sorceress Edea in her quest to find Ellone and kill all of the SeeDs. He was eventually defeated by Squall.

Personality: Rude and self-centered, he thinks he is the best and that everyone "Below" him doesn't even matter.

Wakes Up where: Tokyo, Japan
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Character: Kuja
Age: Unknown
Ultimate Weapon: Flare Storm
Limit: Trance form
Job: Mercenary
Appearance: [IMG]http://math.lfc.edu/~montobe/kuja.gif[/IMG]

Bio: Zidane's nemisis througout FF9, Kuja nearly destroyed Gaia in his quest for power. After dying at the end of FF9, he was ressurected by Paralax, but fell in battle also.
Personality: Insane and powerlusting.
Wakes Up Where: New York
Seeing as I was forced to play it I shall have it whatever quality I want so :p. Let start this sucka up.
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