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[CENTER][SIZE=4][FONT=chiller]Masters of The Zodiac[/SIZE][/FONT][/CENTER]

[SIZE=1]Since the other RPG of mine failed horribly, I'll try this:

[B]In the year 1895, a small group of children built a small treehouse in the deepest woods. It was just for fun at first, but as time went by they all found something about themselves. It seemed, each child there had a different Star Sign. Once they became aware of this, strange things began to happen.

Years on, when the group had spilt, all the strange things stopped happening to them. But something brought them all back to their old treehouse, and in somewhy, they learnt this:
"In the Medieval times years ago, a group of warriors just like them were said to have the power of the Zodiac. 2 of each sign. They were summoned one day to fight off an evil power, and the warriors won. Now after many years, the power had been sealed inside them. The evil power planning to take over the world was said to strike again in a few years time, in the 20th century. The people who had the power in them since 1895, have now got to find the true warriors, and get the true ones together."
So now in the year 2004, the time has come. The new Zodiac warriors, the true ones, will soon be warned by the childern from 1895, and hoopefully they can figure out what the evil is and stop it. But first, they must learn how to use the power, and become Masters.[/B]

Okay, you get the idea now. Classic RPG of Good vs Evil kinda. The Evil thing that has come back is just a dark wizard with the powers of dark creatures, who is from another realm but is coming to take over earth like he tried once in the Medieval times. He doesn't know that the new Zodiac warriors are ready for him, but we have to figure out how to defeat him, stop him and so on.

[U]Star Sign's:[/U]
[B]Picces-Water-Neptune[/B] - Callmegoddess04
[B]Aquarius-Air-Uranus[/B] - Ryu_Sakura
Saggitarius-Fire-Jupiter[/B] - KKC
Libra-Air-Venus[/B] - Swordmaster13
[B]Virgo-Earth-Mercury[/B] - Mage15
[B]Leo-Fire-Sun[/B] - Me
[B]Gemini-Air-Mercury[/B] - Duomax
[B]Taurus-Earth-Venus[/B] - Queen Asuka

Also, when signing-up, you must try to make your character different. Like have a strange personality, wacky appearance, strange biography, something that makes them stand out.


[U]Name:[/U] Second and last
[U]Age:[/U] Under 25
[U]Sign:[/U] Only one each
[U]Element:[/U] Comes with your star sign
[U]Special Powers:[/U] Related to your element
[U]Description:[/U] What your character looks like (Pics are fine)
[U]Personality:[/U] What they act like
[U]Biogrpahy:[/U] A small bio about your character
[U]Others:[/U] Anything else?


[B][U]Name:[/U] Kevin Kilin

[U]Age:[/U] 23

[U]Sign:[/U] Leo - Sun

[U]Element:[/U] Fire

[U]Special Powers:[/U] Kevin can create fire in his bare hands, he can turn things into fire when he touches them. He also has his signature move (since his father was a wrestler and he is) called the Robin's Bird, where he throws his enemies into the air, jumps up higher than them and crashes down on top of them with fire around his body.

[URL=http://yajima.pekori.to/2nd/ex/1016/4.jpg]The guy with the Mask on[/URL]
[URL=http://yajima.pekori.to/2nd/ex/1113/3.jpg]Blue masked guy[/URL]
[URL=http://yajima.pekori.to/2nd/ex/1211/1.gif]Without his coat on[/URL]
[URL=http://yajima.pekori.to/2nd/ex/724/7242.gif]Stood over a guy[/URL]
(^ Those are URL's, click 'em)

[U]Personality:[/U] Kevin hates to show his face, that's why he wears a mask. He is proud of himself, but he hates to show people his face and even talk. He has never taken his mask off in front of people, not because he can't trust them, just because he fears what will happen. Kevin will have a laugh sometimes with people he knows, but not many. He hates people who walk around thinking they're tough, and he isn't afraid to fight people. Kevin is fearless, but sometimes he will hide in shame.

[U]Biogrpahy:[/U] Kevin was born in England, and he's full English. His father was a masked wrestler, but never had time for his son. Kevin always worked hard at school, but all the time his father ranted on about becoming a famous wrestler like himself. Kevin had an agrument with his father, and decided to show him he coud train himself to be much better. Since he was 10, he used a Knights helmet to cover his face. Up until the age of 15, Kevin was extremely powerful, maybe because of his hidden Zodiac power. When his family had to move away, Kevin never had the chance to say goodbye to his friends.

Kevin became stronger and a better fighter than his father, but they didn't hate each other anymore. At the age of 20, Kevin entered a tournament for fighting, and beat every person with a few kicks. His father was proud of him, but Kevin never took his mask off. He couldn't even take it off in front of his family anymore.

His family was still rich, and at the age of 25, Kevin had gotten used to life under the mask.

[U]Others:[/U] His blue helmet that he never takes off (only when sleeping), and he's English.[/SIZE][/B]
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[color=indigo][size=1]T_T You took my Leo *sobs* Ok! Your description confuses the heck out of me! @[email protected]
[b]Name[/b]: Greg Sanders
[b]Age[/b]: 24
[b]Sign[/b]: Saggitarius - Jupiter
[b]Element[/b]: Fire
[b]Special Powers[/b]: Like the other two fire users, Greg is able to use fire power at his wish. Greg is able to send fire from his body to the surface. He is able to shoot blasts of fire from his hands and form them as balls, squares, anything. He is able to make the fire take form as an animal and then attack as a fire animal. His favorite is the flaming saggitarius.
[b]Description[/b]: [img]http://users.bigpond.com/mcdermott/eric/events/EMMYS-eric1.jpg[/img] He is a very casual guy. He wears a black t shirt that says "I didn't lose my mind, I sold it on eBay" , blue jeans, tennis shoes, and that's it. ^^
[b]Personality[/b]: Greg is a very laid back carefree kind of guy. He always goofs off, even during some of the most serious situations. For some odd reason, he can find some thing funny in almost any seen. He can get along with just about anyone and doesn't see any other people as weird cause he thinks he himself is one of the weirdest people on Earth. He loves to party and can always make someone laugh.
[b]Biogrpahy[/b]:Born in New York City, Greg has always been the up beat happy-go-lucky guy. Although he was the youngest of his 6 siblings he was always the one someone turned to be cheered up and was always the most curious, which led him into a lot of trouble. One day, while causing some trouble on the streets, Greg accendintally caught a cat on fire, but not just any cat, it was old lady Kengly's cat. Well, lets just say Greg got into a whole lot of trouble. From then on, Greg started to secretly practice his element abilities in his back yard. He soon learned that he was able to form fire into animals and shoot blasts of fire from his hands. If it hadn't been for his mother, Greg would have joined the circus instead of going to college where he became a great guitar player.
[b]Others[/b]: He always carries a guitar on his back, music has also been a huge part of his life.[/color][/size]
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This sounds fun.

[b]Name:[/b] Danalov Schedrin

[b]Age:[/b] 16

[b]Sign:[/b] Gemini-Jupiter

[b]Element:[/b] Air

[b]Special Powers:[/b] Danalov is able to use the powers of the air to make himself fly at will, and is able to summon powerful winds that can create a whirlwind around his enemies.

[b]Description:[/b] [url=http://www.angelfire.com/gundam/capanime/images/Quatre.jpg]Danalov[/url](Clicketh)

[b]Personality:[/b]Danalov is a shy boy, but damn is he stubborn. Once he gets an idea into his head, it takes something of monumental proportions to get him to change his mind.

[b]Biogrpahy:[/b] A full blooded RUssian, he was born in Saint Petersburg to an officer of the Tsar's army. When Danalov was 7, his father was implicated in a plot against the Tsar and the they were forced to flee the country.[Will add more later]
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[B]Name:[/B] Blaire Triforce
[B]Age:[/B] 15
[B]Sign:[/B] Aquarius-Mercury
[B]Element:[/B] Air
[B]Special Powers:[/B] Telekinesis, and illusions.
[URL=http://www.animeshrine.com/gallery.php?series=kohimeohse&image=29]Blaire about to fight aka kick butt[/URL]
[URL=http://www.animeshrine.com/gallery.php?series=kohimeohse&image=23]Blaire fighting[/URL]
[URL=http://www.animeshrine.com/gallery.php?series=kohimeohse&image=25]Blaire, the old Gemini, and the evil mage that killed her (the old Gemini) [/URL]
[URL=http://www.animeshrine.com/gallery.php?series=kohimeohse&image=22]The Thunder Sword (her sword)[/URL]
(Those are all links)
[B]Personality:[/B] She is quite and reserved until you get to know her, then she is really spunky.
[B]Biography:[/B] When she was little she was spoiled, then her family got bored of her and sent her to an orphanage in Russia. She ran away from there, but it was too cold? That?s when she discovered her powers, and used them to save herself.
[B]Others:[/B] She?s a lefty and has a photographic memory.[/COLOR]

(I'm out. No thanks, I DON'T want to be any others, Mercury is my all time fave, and there is no other Mercury-air is there? And, the only other one I would be is Leo. But I would be, if only it was air, and I'm far to lazy to correct you on your erros in this. You have quite a few.*pissed off right now* If you would kindly ignore me until I calm down I will be grateful and think about editing it.)

I think I might.
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[SIZE=1][B]Oh yeah, Ryu Sakura, one problem Gemini has already been taken, and the first warriors (Medieval ones) werethe only group of 24 who had 2 people per star sign, in this one it's only one per star sign, so... umm it'll be best if you changed it, there are other Air elements too ^_^[/SIZE][/B]
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[color=hotpink][size=1]Hopefully, other characters will communicate with mine. I'm really getting tired of that not happening...

[b]Name:[/b] Chastity Butler
[b]Age:[/b] 20
[b]Sign:[/b] Taurus-Venus
[b]Element:[/b] Earth
[b]Special Powers: [/b] Because she is very agile and limber, she is skilled in gymnastics and tumbling of all sorts. Her trademark moves are those that involve ground-shaking, but mostly her art comes from speed. Her special, the Fairy Dance, is a graceful dance sequence to confuses the enemy.
[b]Description: [/b] Very tall for a female, about 5'11". Long slender legs and long flowing blonde hair. She has pale green eyes and very full lips. She loves to wear revealing and trendy clothing, straight off the runway.
[b]Personality: [/b] Very passionate and stubborn, she always likes to take the lead in whatever she does. She has a very domineering personality and is very well respected by those around her. She's very generous and has a big heart.
[b]Biogrpahy:[/b] Chastity was born in London to a very beautiful retired model. Her father was a famous actor with his trophy supermodel wife, and Chastity couldn't help be caught up in the midst of it. The middle of three children, she takes on the appearance of her mother whereas her sisters look alot like their father. Not only did she inheret her mothers drop-dead gorgeous features, she also inhereted her runway prowess. Chastity is a very accomplished model who loves displaying the latest in trends and fashion. She is also working on her own clothing line and is becoming very sucessful very quick.
[b]Others:[/b] Chastity has only had one boyfriend, and he was a famous athlete. After her broke her heart, she vowed that she would only fall for those who were inconspicous to the real world. She wanted someone from humble origins who wouldn't be plastered all over the media.[/color][/size]
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[SIZE=1][B]So far everything seems good, oh and planets mean nothing by the way, they're just there, but the elements just do. Everyone is in now, but Ryu Sakura, do you want Aquarius, because I'll need to no soon.[/SIZE][/B]
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[U]Name:[/U] Alex Glosintien
[U]Age:[/U] 15
[U]Sign:[/U] Libra-Venus
[U]Element:[/U] Air
[U]Special Powers:[/U] Can control the wind
[U]Description:[/U] [URL=http://www.otakuboards.com/attachment.php?attachmentid=17870&stc=1]here[/URL]
[U]Personality:[/U] She likes solitude,but can be fun at times.She is also arrogent when times get rough.She is also very senstive on the inside but on the outside she's tough.She is cold-hearted and quite.
[U]Biogrpahy:[/U] She lived a life of soliude because her parents keep her away from the world.She read alot to pass time.has lived in riches sence she was born.She was trained in the art of battle and enjoys fighting.She likes to live the life of solitude and she can be arrgent.She is great at.She likes to hang out at the libary and has a rather large libray at her home.She has many books containing spells
[U]Others:[/U] She has a staff called the Wind Staff that allows her harness and control wind magic,read peoples minds,and heal.
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Name: Kea Moore
Age: 18
Sign: Pices-Neptune
Element: Water
Special Powers: Creates and controls water, talks to fishes, an excellent swimmer, and can hold her breath longer than most(10 minutes)
Description: [URL=http://www.animeshrine.com/gallery.php?series=seraphimcall&image=4]Kea ready for swimmin?![/URL]
[URL=http://www.animeshrine.com/gallery.php?series=seraphimcall&image=16]Kea getting ready for gym.[/url]
[url=http://www.animelab.com/anime.manga/pics/Seraphim_Call/0/20/bookcover.jpg]The girl to the bottom right in ?boy? clothes.[/url]

Personality: A bright bubbly person, very soft, can make people smile no matter WHAT mood they are in, laughs often, a very cool friend, and slightly defensive.
Biogrpahy: Kea developed quickly, and made friends often. She was very friendly as a child, and even though she was laughed at, she smiled all the time. Her dad was killed in a plane crash, and she lives with her mom, dog, three cats, and four tiger fish.
Others: She has a developing case of bisexuality.
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Name: Jim Mishima
Age: 16
Sign: Murcury-Virgo
Special Powers: Jim uses a pshycic connection with the Earth to make objects like spikes, bridges, weapons, barriers, and even a creature that Jim's desire. But it takes a toll on Jim's mind and he has to rest a bit after he uses his powers. He is still training to control it.

Description: [url]http://www.angelfire.com/anime5/jilmspalace/Backs/sendtoandew/outlawstar/JimHawking.jpg[/url]

Personality: Jim is very shy, but also helpful when the time comes or whenever he thinks he needs to be helpful. Not much of a figher, Jim mostly likes to avoid confruntations with other people when things get a bit rough. Although it doesn't hurt him to try and find a better solution to the problem before there is any trouble. So he's kinda a mix of a helpful person and also a scared one at times, but he doesn't mind at all.

Biogrpahy: When Jim use to live with his father in the mountains Jim use to wander off and go into different caves and ditches. He loved the earth ground that covered his home and played in it under the hot sun all day long, there wasn't a neighborhood near him since it was basically a remote area of the mountains. One night Jim snuck out of his house to go to his special cave area where he plays the most, but there were some people there and they didn't look too friendly at all. They were planning to dig in the area for some oil, even if they didn't get permission from the people who lived there because they would kill them no matter what. Jim got really scared and his emotions triggered his hidden power to use the rock around him. He acted fast and made a rock monster to scare off the mean people.

Jim studied for years to control his powers, his father sometimes trained with him to help him control it. Now Jim and his father live in the city area of Atlanta, Georga where there is little rocky area so Jim couldn't use his powers.
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[size=1][color=#999999][B]Name:[/B] Alandra "Talisman" Ansatsu

[B]Age:[/B] 18

[B]Sign:[/B] Cancer

[B]Element:[/B] Water

[B]Special Powers:[/B]
[U]Cancer:[/u] A powerful attack that summons a large blackish blue crab from the sea.
[U]Dragon Summoning:[/U] Can summon dragons associated with water
[U]Rising Storm:[/U] Can raise storms
[U]Ice Attack:[/U] An attack in which ice comes from her weapon
[U]Tsunami:[/U] An attack that can raise waves
[U]Whirlpool:[/U] A pillar of water is summoned anywhere and it can trap an enemy
[U]Breathe:[/U] Breathe underwater for long periods of time.
[U]Transformation:[/U] This is when Alandra transforms into her Water Goddess form.

[B]Description:[/B] see attachment....- Crave is her fighting form and Nypmh is her regular.

[B]Personality:[/B] Distant, yet longing to know. A burning desire to fight and to win.

[B]Biography:[/B] All that is known about Alandra is that she has powers associated with Cancer, Water, and the Moon. All else is a mystery.

[B]Others:[/B] She has a scythe made of some mystical steel. Her eyes are silver and change according to her moods and she dislikes being around people. There are times when she will be around people.[/size][/color]
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[b]Name:[/b] Danny Joelki

[b]Age:[/b] 19

[b]Sign:[/b] Scorpio-Pluto

[b]Element:[/b] Water

[b]Special Powers:[/b] Danny's most recognizable power is his speed and ability to dodge and feign attacks, but with his speed comes his lack of strength when it comes to straight on punching and kicking. His attacks, of course, deal with water and he mostly uses his element is controling rivers/lakes/ponds/etc. or ice. Danny can also control the tides of the ocean, but has not completely mastered this ability.

[b]Description:[/b] Danny is extremely lithe and a little taller over the average young men his age. [5? 10?] He is extremely skinny, and is literally almost nothing but bones and light muscles. His eyes are sharp and very deep blue, almost a glowing color. He was tremendously light blue hair, edging on the verge of gray, that parts two-thirds of the way across his forehead and flairs out a bit in the middle and then comes to an end at the nape of his neck. Danny wears usually black or blue-shaded clothing; mainly loose jeans and an overcoat or some sort.

[b]Personality:[/b] Danny is a very quick, intelligent thinker and is often called brilliant. It has unfortunately gone to his head, but only comes out in disgust for slower or stupider people. He mainly puts on a secretive and apathetic act when surrounded with people who he thinks are not with level, but then is incredibly open-minded, loyal, and humorous when with people he believes are ?worthy?. Even with these people he can still be very independent when he wants to, and despises people who cling to each other for support.

[b]Biography:[/b] Danny was born in San Francisco, California to an upper middle-class/wealthy family of a mother, father, and older brother, all living in a large condo by the ocean. Danny?s father was a successful businessman and his mother often went out with friends and did not spend much time at home. Danny?s only companion that he could enjoy spending time with was his older brother James. After James went off to college, Danny spent most of his time on the Internet writing various essays of current events and researching certain topics.

After graduating as valedictorian of his high school, he was accepted by all major Ivy League colleges but decided to go to Columbia University, where he currently resides. Danny still is a loner of sorts at even college, and refuses to talk to his roommate unless necessary. Ironically, he longs for acceptance.

[b]Others:[/b] Danny is also cynical towards love and relationships, and has only felt brotherly affection for his older brother. [/color]
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[SIZE=1][B]Aries and Capricorn are left, get signing-up people!

Even if we fill the last spots, I'm not going to be on much since I've been ill, so this is likely to start a little late, sorry guys.[/SIZE][/B]
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I don't have that much time for a sign up right now but this afternoon I will give you one.

Here's a partial one for right now.....

Name: Alexandra Martine
Age: 21
Sign:Aries - Mars
Element: Fire
Special Powers: Due to here use of the fire element, Alex's body temperature is higher than a normal persons, but with this ability she can use her body to warm up the air surrounding here and therfore can also warm her surrounding enviroment making it as warm or as hot as she likes. She also has the ability to withstand these very hot temperatures as well. Also she has the ability to control flames though she cannot make them. She relies on her trusty lighter, or Kevin for that.
Description:[IMG]http://www.otakuboards.com/attachment.php?attachmentid=16939 [/IMG]

Personality: She's overconfident and a bit cocky at times. Doesn't take too much of anything from people and can blow off at any moment.(take it literally too) She's easier to get along with once you've known her for a while and most people just get used to her or ignore her. Either way she doesn't really care.

Biography: Born in Miami Fl, this full blooded Latina give a whole new meaning to the word hot! She was the only child to a middle class family but had many cousins to hang out with and go party with. Since the age of 10 she really gained her hot personality with her talk and sassiness of a grown woman but alwyas respected older person in her families and those who knew her and she them. Besides that everyone had the right to get dissed or told off by this young woman. She had no respect for those who didn't respect her first.
After so much trouble with peers due to her nature she decided to learn how to fight in order to protect herself as she gotten older. As a teen people noticed that she was a bit hotter and I mean hot as in her temperature, but they never really allowed it to phase her. Soon her parents noticed it too when on the coldest day of the year she decided to wear shorts to school. Her body temperature was stated at 110 F and many of the doctors she saw after wards wondered how she was able to survise when the hottest a person can be was 108 and that was able to kill a person. They watched her for many months but she lived as normal and soon she was sought after b the scientific community for study. She and her family absolutely refused, but her life never went on as normal.

Now as a 23 yar old woman she still possesses that nature of hers and she has not slowed down yet. BUt little does she know, her true powers are about to reveal themselves!

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[SIZE=1][B]Right then, we have our Aries, and geeh... no one wants Capricorn? Geeh he's my star sign but I couldn't resist my favourite animal! Ehh... yeah...

So we have everyone looking good, I'm just waiting for the finished sign-up's, and the last person for Capricorn. But, if anyone sign's-up as Capricorn or not, this will start on friday or after it, since you may have noticed I'm not on much due to.... illness...[/SIZE][/B]
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Name: Hana Shinichirou
Age: 17
Sign: Capricorn - Saturn
Element: Earth
Special Powers: Creating anything she likes with plants. Her trademark is using vines or trailers to either whip or tie her opponent. She also likes to produce flowers from patches of earth, without any seeds planted.
Description: Hana loves playing with her long, dark-purple hair, doing little things like curling it or using cute and funny barrettes. Her deep-brown eyes are usually hidden behind a thick pair of glasses, and her smile, although rare, is beautiful to see. She only stands about 5'7".
Hana wears a thin silver choker with a small tag, marked "Kittyn" attached.
Her usual clothing is jeans, a t-shirt, and a hoodie, all in cool colors like green or blue, and her favorite accessory (besides her choker) is a barrette with a removable silk flower on top, which she changes to give messages.

Personality: Soft-spoken, and more than a little afraid of people, Hana believes in the philosophy of love and peace, and will try not to kill if it's at all possible. She's very kind, and will do anything to bring a smile to someone's face.

Biography: The daughter of a Japanese-American florist, Hana loved flowers from an early age (and in fact, her name means 'flower'). As she grew up, she worked with her father and mother in their flower shop, putting together bouquets and tending their backyard garden. When she left for college, she began working on the creation of a genetically engineered blue rose. Her scientific experiments with plants are well-known, and her backyard garden is a marvel, as it's nearly a perfect Japanese rock garden.

Others: Hana is currently single and plans to remain that way until her blue rose is perfected or she falls hopelessly in love, something she can't see happening any time soon. She is working on a Master's degree in Botany at the University of Northern Colorado.

I think that's it ^_^
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[SIZE=1][B]Okay, Sign-Up's are now... closed! No more is needed, since we have the final Capricorn. So... yeah... I'll still wait until Friday or late evening tomorrow, since some people have to finish their sign-up's. Thanks for joining, and I hope this goes well... *grins*[/SIZE]


(I like that font...)
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