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[B]Okay. If you saw the thread below mine-DBZ...or a Cinderella parody-you would've guessed the whole Bibbidy, Bopity, Boo thing(which ends up being written as Bibbity, Bobbity, Buu). But take a look at other coincidences. This goes past DBZ and into pokemon. Where do you think the names Abra, Kadabra, alakazam originated? Or how Arbok and Ekans are kobra and snake backwards? What about Valencia Island. It's an ACTUAL island in the Mediterranean Sea. Now, back to DBZ. Does FREEZa, King COLD, and Freeza's brother COOLER mean anything to you?:wigout: Tons of names originate from somewhere else[/B]
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ummmm yur just now figuring this out?
Bulma-teeny tiny japanese gym suit bottoms
Bra-garsh i wonder where that came from
Trunks-See above
Dr.Breifs-It's just not normal to name yur family after underpants
Goku-means something, i forget what
Gohan-:love: mah baby's name means.. rice... :love: oh well
Piccolo-If yu dunno this one.. then wow yur dumb, its an instrument
Videl-Devil mixed up
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this may be wrong but i read it somewhere...
the saiya-jins all have vegetable names:

vegeta--variation of vegetable (he's the head vegetable, heh, heh)
kakkarot--variation of carrot
radditz--variation of radish
nappa--japanese for lettuce, i think
bardock--i forgot but it was something vegetable
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