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[I] A evil queen takes over the peaceful land of Junhimer.Demon swormed the land and killed people for no reason.A group of elite ninjas triend to stop her evil plans but,they fail and never return.A new group of ninjas hope to try there luck at it.The only difference is that they younger and there ninja in-trtaining.The queen has a partner and he's equally evil.The queen is from a different land where the people are trained since birth under all kinds of contidions.They're sent away to take over a colney and distroy all life there.[/I]

A woman stood in the center of a dark forest.She shut her eyes,wind rising carring the snent of blood.She opened her eyes shocked to see a young man sitting in one of the now bare trees.
"What troubles you my Queen"?He asked.
"I smell blood in the wind.Fresh blood".
"That's a good thing.Isn't it".
"Normally yes,but it is the blood of a comrad."
"So we have a new enemy.Big deal we can beat them easily"!
"True but,it feels stronger than the other enemies".
"Maybe we can convice them to join us".
"I understand your desion,but why not try?"
"We are not here to make to allies Jerid".
"I know but,"
"But nothing,we are going back to the castle."
As she turned a small silvery white and grey dragon flew to her shoulder and wrapped its small body around Clesia's neck.It turned it's head toward Jerid and opened its small mouth reviling a row of sharp fangs and hissed at him.It turned and rubbed its tiny head against Clesia's cheek.

OOC: Well it has begun.Have fun!!!Any questions p.m me.[/COLOR]
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Kayin was dashing through the woods practicing his speed techniques. He was quickly approaching a tree head-on. He unsheathed his sword and made a slash before reaching the tree. Kayin had finally reached the tree and performed a flying kick knocking the tree over at its incision. [I]I've finally perfected that technique! I can't wait to see Kristen. It's been so long since we've been together. I hope she's progressed, yet I can already sense that she has...[/I]

Kayin began unleashing kunai and shuriken on the fallen over tree in one throw after electrocuting them. They all landed in a straight line making the log catch fire. From the ashes, an arrow appeared. [I]So she's this way...Better start now, or it'll take too long to find her. I'll also need her help against this evil I sense.[/I] Kayin took off in the direction the arrow displayed in hopes of finding his twin sister, Kristen.
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OOC: the funness has begun... :devil:

IC: Jerid was loyal to his queen, but he sometimes had to wonder... ah, well it's her choice, not his. Besides, she was good at that... sensing her enemies.

A time later, after returning to their veritable fortress, Jerid set out to take care of a resistance group that the raiders had been complaining about. He returned later, a small group of solders following his happy-go-lucky stride with two resistence leaders at their head.

"Who's that ideot?" muttered a guard to another standing next to him as Jerid and the others passed, Jerid skipping happily, and making silly little victory remarks to their two prisoners.

"I think he's the Queen's top leader..." said the other guard, also staring in disbeliefe.

"Some people..."

Jerid stepped into the "throne room", wich was more like a meeting hall for military advisors, wich there actualy weren't many of, so no one really knew why they met there anyway.

"We got two of the resistence leaders, my Queen." Jerid bowed slightly and motioned towards the restless rebels.

"Hm... very good, but we have no use for them... you may kill them." Clesia said dismissively. Jerid's childish smile faded a bit.

"Why go through all the trouble if we're just gonna kill 'em?"

"I said we don't need them... have the guards dispose of them."

"Yes, my Queen." Jerid bowed again and motioned for the solders to take the two prisoners outside and get rid of them. Such was the life of an overly happy master of distruction.
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[FONT=Century Gothic][COLOR=Blue]"Oh man..." Kristen said as she leaned on her staff at the top of a very high hill. "I could have sworn it said he was here."

Kristen flopped down on the grass. "All that walking for nothing."

[I]"Walking is good not only for your muscles, but for your mind[/I]." An old man's voice entered her head.

Kristen sighed as she used her staff to pull herself back up. "I guess your right old man. But I've been searching forever it seems." Kristen sighed again.

She looked up to the sky and closed her eyes, listening to the slight breeze that was blowing her long green hair off her back.

"This way," she said at last as she jumped off the hill, and contiuned her search for her brother.[/COLOR][/FONT]
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Kayin had made his way out of the woods. "Finally no more trees in the way. I also sense Kristen is very close. I'll finally see her again!" Kayin exclaimed. [I]I haven't been happy in a long time. The last time I was happy was when I finished my training under my master and recieved the Shadow Katana...[/I] he thought.

Kayin had been running blindly thinking about his past and hadn't realized until he ran into something. He recovered from his collision quickly. [I]Ah...my head...Wha...!?[/I] He realized that he ran into someone, not something. "I apologize. Are you okay?" he asked the girl as he helped her up from the ground.

"I'm fine, thanks," she said as she got up from the ground. The girl moved the hair from her face to see who she ran into. "Kayin?! Is it really you?" the girl asked as she saw who she thought was her brother.

"Kristen?! It is you!" Kayin exclaimed as he pulled his sister into his embrace. "How long has it been...8 years? It seems like it's been an eternity."
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Ryo laid under a tree, looking into the sky. He sighed and slowly stood up, he felt thier presence but thought nothing of it.

"What do you vagabond Ninjas want from poor 'ol me?" Ryo asked, crossing his arms, and leaning against the tree.

A voice wafted from the trees, apparently the leader.

"A bounty has been placed on your head, and we have come to collect...So, just make it easier on yourself and just..DIE!" the voice said, as the leaves on the trees suddenly fluttered and shadows darted from the branches.

Ryo shrugged his shoulders and pushed away from the tree. Hearing a sharp whistle, Ryo turned to his left and ducked quickly, snatching a shurkin out of the sky and sending it back into the neck of the ninja it came from. Ryo rolled to his right, and extended his his right leg as he rose, his foot connected with a ninjas stomach and he was sent into the trunk of a tree not far off. Ryo rolled backwards and as he stood he spun around and held his fist foward, a ninja caught glimps of the fist before it connected with his face, making the ninja do a backflip. Ryo leaped atop of the ninjas back, breaking it. A katana slash flew over Ryo's head, another flew by his right. Ryo turned to his right and grabbed the blade as it came for another pass.

"Wha?! How?!" the ninja exclaimed, trying to pry the blade from Ryo's hand. Ryo send his palm into the nose of the ninja, cramming it into his head. Ryo spun around and threw the blade at a large tree a ways away. The fleeing ninja was impaled by the thrown sword.

Ryo stood up and glanced around, he walked over to a nearby tree and sat down at the base. He fished around in a pouch at his side and pulled out a small waterskin canteen, he poped open the top and took a sip from it, he put it away and folded his arms behind his head, looking back into the sky.
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Joanne took a deep breath and leaped off the cliff. ?Yeah!? She flipped and splashed into that water, it was deep so she didn?t hurt herself. She got up and squeezed water out of her hair. ?Wet, wet, wet, wet??

She shook her head. ?Uh oh? Something doesn?t feel right, and my brother is a resistance leader so someone may be after me! ****!!!?

She took off at a run, leaping past trees tripping over a leg. ?What the?? She looked over and saw that there was a man, about 30, staring at her. ?Um? Hi?? She got up and brushed herself off. ?I?m sorry mister. But?? She heard it again. ?I have to go.?
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[COLOR=Blue][FONT=Century Gothic]"Brother?" Kristen said amazingly as she pushed the rest of her long green hair out of her eyes, and pulled away from his embrace. She looked at him. [I]Same hair....same eyes...same age...same look....It has to be him.[/I]
"Brother!" she said as she flinged herself around his neck. "You don't know how long I have been searching for you!" she said as a tear came down her cheek. "I've missed you sooo much!"

"I've missed you to sister. I have so much to show you! You'll never guess..." Kayin broke off as they heard the slight sound of steps behind them.

"I guess I was followed." Kristen said as she pulled her staff close and looked at her brother.

"No...i think it was me." he said as he stepped in front of Kristen in order to protect her from this unknown force. "I guess this is my chance to show you how much I've learned" he said as he smiled and drew his sword.[/FONT][/COLOR]
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OOC: I have nothing better to do, so time to crash the party!

IC: Jerid walked through the forest, wondering what to do today... and happened to stumble across Kayin and Kristen.

"Hmm..." Jerid said aloud, "Hello... I suppose you're resistence?"

They looked confused... "Who are you?" The man said.

"Well now, that depends on who YOU are!" Jerid replied, happy as ever.

The man seemed to consider this, and finaly said, "I am Kayin... this is my sister... now who are you?"

Were they resistence then? Eh, close enough for Jerid. "Well, I would happen to be Jerid, of the Queen's army... sorry, but I gotta kill you now." Both their jaws dropped... who was this guy to walk up so casualy and say he has to kill them? Of course, not many people in this land even knew the name of the Queen now invading, much less himself.

Too bad... they didn't look so tough.
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"You dare threaten me and especially my sister?! I cannot forgive you if you threaten to lay a finger on my sister. If you had a problem with me I would not have taken it personally but you've made a drastic error of intending to hurt her!" Kayin's eyes flared with rage. "Let's go!" Kayin unleashed a barrage of shuriken at the stranger from his jacket.

"I see..." Jerid deflected all of the shuriken away with his short sword. "Not bad...but I don't think it will save you."

Kayin couldn't believe that this stranger deflected all of his shuriken away. [I]Arrogant...Who is this guy?[/I] "Well, how do you do attacking then?" Kayin asked as he put his sword forward in a defensive stance.

"You really don't want to know...but I do enjoy a challenge." The stranger responded with his sword out.

"You're not fighting him alone, Kayin. Why do you think I did all that training? I'm fighting too!" Kristen exclaimed to Kayin.
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Ryo slowly sat up and looked at the girl.

"Whats the rush? Someone after you?" Ryo asked slowly standing. The girl nodded and turned, she darted off into the woods, leaving Ryo in the dust. Ryo scratched his head then saw ninjas fly by him, possibly after the girl he just saw. Ryo watched as the ninjas passed him and suddenly shot his hand out, grabbing a passing ninja by his garb.

"Where do you think you're going?" Ryo asked lifting the ninja off his feet, the ninja didn't take a chance and quickly unsheathed his sword and slashed at Ryo, his blade was caught by Ryos hand and then suddenly bent in half. Ryo shook the ninja and asked his question again.

"We're after someone...Thats all you need to know, now put me down or you'll regret what you have done." the ninja said, low, struggling to hold onto Ryos arm. He took in a breath, but suddenly let it out when Ryos fist came smashing into his stomach. Ryo pulled the ninja back, then slammed him into the tree behind him, a lound snap rang out, then Ryo dropped the ninja. He looked to his right and went after the girl who passed him not five minutes ago.
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"Hey, this is looking more interesting than I thought it would... who trained ya anyway?" Jerid said, as if it was a casual visit.

"That is none of your business!" The man called out angrily. Jerid wondered why everyone was so high-sturng around here...

The girl suddenly released another volley of shurikens, and the man drew his sword and darted around to Jerid's left. The shurikens were easily delt with... deflecting three, dogding two, and catching the last one to chuck at Kayin as he moved in.

Kayin ducked his head sideways just in time to avoid being skewerd by the shuriken, and met Jerid's balde with his own. Leaving no chance for counter attack, Jerid shoved the blade up, and jabbed low with his own.

Kayin jumped back, but Kristen now moved in. This is gunna be fun.
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OOC: FirePheonix---love the avi! The Beatles are awesome!!!

IC:[FONT=Century Gothic][COLOR=Blue]Kristen took a small step back as Kayin contiuned to fight this unknown enemy. "Let's see...there's two of us, and only one of him. If we keep attacking him and making him move, he'll run out of energy eventually, then we can get away. There's no reason to kill him. He hasn't really done anything wrong." she said to herself as she smiled at the new tricks her brother had learned.

"My turn," she said as she leaped into the battle and started to attack Jerid with the sword that had been hidden inside her staff. She threw her staff to the side, as she charged. The staff landed straight up in the ground. She thrusted with her sword. Jerid deflected the attack with a simple wave of his own sword. Kristen contiuned the attack.

[I]"Brother!" [/I] she yelled telepathically.

[I]"What is it sister?"[/I] Kayin said as he stopped his charge into the battle.

[I]"I have an idea! I'll create a diversion and then you charge at him full strength, but don't kill him!"[/I]

"[I]What kind of diversion,"[/I] Kayin asked as he looked sideways at his sister.

[I]"You'll see!"[/I] Kristen said as she smiled.

"What are you smiling about?" Jerid asked as he blocked another one of her attacks.

"This," Kristen said as she thrusted one more time, and then seemed to disappear.

"Your sister's pretty fast," Jerid said as he looked to Kayin and then started to look around. Then he caught a glimpse of her, holding her staff in the air.

"Too late!" she yelled as she slammed her staff into the ground. The sound of thunder pierced the air. The earth began to shake, and crack, causing a cloud of dust to rise into the air.
[I]"Now!" [/I] Kristen shouted telepathically again, as her brother charged in for the attack.[/COLOR][/FONT]
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"It's over!" Kayin electrified his Katana and hilt smashed the man, paralyzing him temporarily. "Let's go Kristen!" Kayin grabbed Kristen's hand and led her off. After they had reached a good distance from the attacker, they rested in the shade of a tree. "You have gotten a whole lot better since I had seen you last. That display of speed was amazing!" Kayin said as he rested his head on the ground next to Kristen. "Not to mention how well your Thunder technique has become."

"Well, it was all thanks to my training. And don't act like you haven't progressed either. You've gained control over your Lightning abilities almost completely. You even got yourself a new sword!" Kristen said as she looked down on her brother.

"Yeah, it's the Shadow Katana. It is a sword given to the first to surpass the master. I was the first in twenty-five years to do so. I tried to finish my training as fast as possible, so I'd be able to find you." Kayin said examining his sword. "I'm just glad that you're okay Kristen..."
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OOC: Thanks DR17... I've pledged my life to Beatles music ^^ well... kind of... nevermind...

IC: Jerid sat down in the grass, relaxing. Well now, this couldn't be aloud. They had made him angry now... though you wouldn't be able to tell by looking at him. It wasn't that hard to find them... there wasn't too many places they could go.

[I]Foouund yoouu...[/I]

Jerid tapped into his fire element... the forest was gonna be so fun to burn. In a veritable fit of rage, flames unleashed themselves upon the trees, and a stream of compressed fire shot forward at the two. Both of them instantly leaped aside, missing the searing funnel by mere inches.

"Ah-ah-ah... you made me angry... you don't run away from me." Jerid said playfully, yet with an undertone of pure malevolence.

"You don't give up do you?!" Kayin yelled over the sound of falling, burning trees.

"Nope." As the pair came at him, swords drawn, a fresh wave of oxygen ignited, and they were forced back by the pressure of the flames. The surrounding forest was now ablaze, and several trees had already been burnt to near ashes.

OOC: me pyro... me veeery happy with flamies... :twitch:
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[I]Crap![/I] , Soul Taker thought as he moved backwards. [I]That idiot almost set me on fire![/I] He had been watching those three fight for some time now, trying to decide who would make a better teammate. He had decided on the man who called himself Jerid. He had been fighting one-on-two, yet hardly seemed to be injured at all. He had also said he was the servant of a queen, which assured Soul Taker good pay, should he be hired.

Suddenly, Soul Taker noticed the tree he was hiding behind was falling. He quickly raised one hand and began to chant, disappearing right as the tree fell to the ground. He would come back when the fight was over. It didn't concern him yet.
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"[I]What's with this guy, Kayin? What is his grudge with us?[/I]" Kristen had contacted Kayin telepathically.

"[I]I don't know, but we need to put this fire out. We can summon a storm with our elements to extinguish the forest.[/I]" Kayin replied telepathically.

"[I]Right! It's worth a try at least.[/I]" Kristen responded.

Electricity began to surge around Kayin and Kristen was gathering energy. "What are you guys up to now? I'll give you a chance to tell me before I annhialate you." Jerid said smiling malevolently.

"You'll see...It'll just take a few more seconds. Have patience if you want to see...If not, you can always attack..." Kayin replied with a slight grin on his face still charging with electricity.

"Yes, I will keep that in mind...but I want to see what you two are up to first..."
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[font=Comic Sans MS][size=1][color=seagreen]Sorry I haven't posted, I haven't been on much...[/color][/size][/font]
[font=Comic Sans MS][size=1][color=#2e8b57]---------[/color][/size][/font]

[font=Comic Sans MS][size=1][color=#2e8b57]Yuki awoke to the smell of smoke and fire. She jumped up just in time to dodge a burning branch. She had fallen asleep in the forest after she was done training for the day. [i]Someone's been fighting. I can sense the tension and strength. Seems to be three people...[/i] She thought. She started running towards the source of the powerful energy, dodging falling trees and ashes.[/color][/size][/font]

[font=Comic Sans MS][size=1][color=#2e8b57]Soon she reacched a place where a boy and a girl were standing next to each other and another man was watching them. "Maybe I should stay out of it. If they need help, I'll help." She said to herself and found a non-fire area to sit and watch them.[/color][/size][/font]
[font=Comic Sans MS][size=1][color=#2e8b57]----------[/color][/size][/font]
[font=Comic Sans MS][size=1][color=#2e8b57]Sorry its so short.[/color][/size][/font]
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OOC: nooo problem...

IC: Perhaps Jerid would have sensed the presence of another, if his two opponents weren't charging their bodies to near thunder-storm level. He had to admit, it was quite a display. Though he knew it wasn't a smart move for any fight, he let them do this, eager to see the result.

As the electricity levels pinnaceled, bolts of thunder went careening into the sky, fast enough to appear they were going down. The charge gathered in the sky, collecting cloud mass. Before long, a storm-cloud had formed and drenched the area. Jerid could feel parts of his fire being extinguished. He hated that feeling... it was like having your soul doused in grease...

Rage flaring once again, Jerid ignited yet another ball of oxygeen, about eight yards in diameter. It surrounded him, and he could feel the heavy rain battering it's surface. He sent the orb flying around him, expanding in all directions.

The brother and sister turned and fled the flame's reach. But now the storm was taking it's toll, and Jerid felt himself losing grip on the soggy oxygen. Worse yet, the clouds charge seemed to be helping along the two electric elementals... this was not his day. He took one last look at them, gathering in as much detail as possible, and left at top speed, hardly a blur in the forest. An imense heat-haze was all that he left of his presence.

But he would be back for those two... they had pushed the line one inch too far.
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Kristen let out a sigh of relief as she watched Jerid disappear in a flame of fire. "He's pretty fast." she said as the rain contiuned to fall around her and her brother. Kristen looked straight up into the sky as she let the rain fall straight on her face. "The rain feels so good."

"It sure does," Kayin said as he walked over to her, making sure she was alright.

"This reminds me of when we where little." Kristen said as she looked over to Kayin. "We used to make storms like this all the time."

"Only it took us twice as long." Kayin said he he took her arm, and led her out of the fog that was now covering the forest.
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"Kristen are you cold?" Kayin asked as he bagan to remove his jacket.

"Kind of, thanks." Kristen replied as she put on his jacket. She felt that the coat was weighing her down. "Whoa! How many shuriken do you carry in here?!"

"Enough." Kayin said to her grinning. "I'm used to the weight though."

"Well, I can get used to it as easily as you did." Kristen said as she began to adjust to the added weight. "Kayin, was it just me or did you sense someone nearby when we were creating the storm?"

"I was just about to ask you that myself. No. I, too sensed someone's presence nearby. I still do actually..." Kayin responded looking around for the source of the unknown energy.
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[COLOR=DarkRed]Clesia stood at the gate of the castle seeing Jerid running toward her.
"I thought I told you to stay on the castle grounds."
"I know I'm sorry".
"Whatever just don't leave again.Or else you'll get in more trouble".Clesia walked to the back of the castle and noticed that Jerid was following her.
"What Jerid".
"I know this is a little inaporpate but what's your real name".
"It's Clesia.Now I have a meeting with a new partner his name is Soul Taker".
"Oh well see you later".
"Watch Torinte for me".Clesia said as she walked away.Her little dragon flew over to Jerid and landed on his shouldere looking very upset.[/COLOR]
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"Uhh... OK..." but Clesia had already gone. Jerid turned his head to the little dragon. "So little fella... what do you eat?" Torinte gave a little snort. "Okaay..." It was just his luck to be defeated by a couple of people ina forest, and return to be stuck baby-sitting a dragon. Oh well, such is life right?

Jerid walked off and sat on a high wall, overlooking a vast plain, with dots in the distance that must be towns. With Torinte on his shoulder, he got up and slid down the nearly vertical wall. Torinte gave a small growl of annoyance and let go of his shoulder, flying down after him. At the bottom, the little dragon perched itself again on Jerid's shoulder and poked him in the head with it's snout.

"Hey!" Jerid took a weak swipe at the dragon, but it flew off again. "Stupid animal..." Jerid was now at a lower level of the wall, with a rim sticking out for guards and archers to walk on. Pretty good view still.

Torinte landed a few yards away, obviously annoyed with him.
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[FONT=Century Gothic][COLOR=Blue]Kristen sighed as she easily found the source of the energy. "I just got my brother back! Why do people keep trying to fight us! Can't we ever get a break?"

"Let's just ignore it brother." Kristen said as she led Kayin in the opposite way.

"But why?" Kaying asked.

"Common sense." Kristen replied as she looked at her brother. "We just used up some of our energy battling that crazy dude. Its not very smart to face an unknown enemy with only a fraction of your full potential. I mean, what if this person is stronger that the fire guy? If he would have stayed around, he might have beated us."

"What are you talking about? We could have easily beat him! Your speed was so fast he couldn't even..."

"We can't get cocky if we're going to survive." Kristen said as she looked up. The rain was finally stopping. "I don't want to lose you again." she said as she leaned her head on Kayin's shoulder and contiuned walking.[/COLOR][/FONT]
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"I don't want to be separated from you again either..." Kayin said putting his arm around her shoulders, "I'm sorry. It's just that I hate to feel like I lost a battle. I haven't lost a battle since we were training and you beat me. Those were the last times I had lost."

Kristen stepped out in front of Kayin, "You were the last person I lost against, too. But that doesn't mean you can go being reckless." Kristen warned Kayin.

Kayin looked to the ground in shame, "I know...I'll try and be more tactful. I just got really mad because I felt I couldn't protect you for once..." Kayin looked back up at Kristen and walked toward Kristen. He placed his hands on her shoulders and embraced her. "I promised you, before we went our seperate ways, that I'd never let anything or anyone hurt you...even at the cost of my own life. I have to keep my promise to you, Kristen..."
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