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Masters of The Zodiac


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[SIZE=7][FONT=chiller][CENTER]Masters of The Zodiac[/CENTER][/SIZE][/FONT]

[SIZE=1][B]"The new Zodiac warriors, the true ones, will soon be warned by the childern from 1895, and hopefully they can figure out what the evil is and stop it. But first, they must learn how to use the power, and become Masters."[/B]

The time has now come...

[CENTER][U]Star Sign's:[/U]
[B]Picces-Water-Neptune[/B] - Callmegoddess04
[B]Aquarius-Air-Uranus[/B] - Ryu_Sakura
[B]Capricorn-Earth-Saturn[/B] - Balinese
[B]Saggitarius-Fire-Jupiter[/B] - KKC
[B]Scorpio-Water-Pluto[/B] - Maladjusted
[B]Libra-Air-Venus[/B] - Swordmaster13
[B]Virgo-Earth-Mercury[/B] - Mage15
[B]Leo-Fire-Sun[/B] - Me
[B]Cancer-Water-Moon[/B] - Arika
[B]Gemini-Air-Mercury[/B] - Duomax
[B]Taurus-Earth-Venus[/B] - Queen Asuka
[B]Aries-Fire-Mars[/B] - Sweetreyes[/CENTER]

[I]You may introduce your character anytime, you can even have other characters in your post as long as other people don't mind, but at some stage you have to meet a strange person who tells you everything, then later when I post we'll all meet. You have to post, first, for anything huge happening with you and the other characters. So... you all get the idea...[/I]

[B]The light shone through the dark room, lighting up everything. Everything, but right at the back of the room, a man hung from a metal bar almost touching the ceiling, the light failed to reach him. His face was darkness; in fact, all you could see was his gleaming yellow eyes and his blue Knights helmet. He hung from the metal bar with his arms crossed over his chest. His hair was a gold-ish colour, and he wore a back t-shirt. Under his shirt was his Armour, which you could see a little, and you could see his armour shins completely. His name was Kevin, and his room was full of ancient things, such as Knights armour and Roman weapons even. Kevin closed his eyes. He put his hands on the floor, and flipped onto his feet. He held out his hand, and a flame emerged in the palm of his hand. Kevin laughed lightly, and clenched his fist. The flame dissappeared. Kevin took his coat off the floor, and put it on. He raced over to his window and climbed out onto the tree branch. The sun almost blinded Kevin. He jumped off the tree branch and landed firmly on the floor. He ran across the driveway and took his keys out of his coat pocket, and jumped onto his Motorbike. It was blue, a little noises, but extremely fast. Kevin turned on the noisey engine which roared loudly and sped off down the road.

He soon came to a large cliff, and Kevin parked his bike under a tree, while he sat on a dusty rock at the top looking down through the trees. He crossed his arms over his chest and sighed.

"It's hot today isn't it?" A voice muttered behind him. Kevin didn't answer. He just stared ahead not knowing or caring who it was. "Though you're okay in this heat... you create your own..." Muttered the voice. Kevin jumped to his feet and spun around to see a man in a cloak, a dark man, Kevin couldn't even see his face.

"How do you know about my powers?" Kevin snapped.

"I have them too, problem is I'm not as powerful as you or the others, I'm simply a messanger." The man replied. Kevin folded his arms over his chest.

"Messanger of what?" He asked. "Who are you?"

"You don't know... but I do. I have the power of Leo, so do you. Years ago, a force known as the Masters of the Zodiac joined together to fight off an evil. They won ofcourse. Now, their power has been sent to you. There are 12 Masters, you, and some others. You have the power of Leo, explaining your fire power. The thing is, the evil has risen again, meaning you, and the other Zodiac Masters must train yourselves." Replied the man.

"....Ooooooo-kay...." Kevin said blankly. "It does explain a lot... but no way! I am NOT fighting something evil! You can't just turn up and except me to kill off some evil guy!" Kevin shouted.

"I don't," The old man muttered. "I want you and the others to train together, learn to use your powers, then fight for the world."

"I can control my powers... and to be honest... the world hates me, what's the point in saving it?" Kevin mumbled looking down.

"Your family...?" The old man replied.

"What family?" Kevin snapped. "I'll see you around... this conversation has come to an end..."[/SIZE][/B]
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?Go, girl, go!? Someone yelled. It was a tall blonde girl with green eyes, yelling from the side of the pool. Her name was Jessica, and she was cheering on her best bud, Kea. The girl was in a swimming race against a girl named Meagan, and made it to the other end. She flipped, and started back. Her cropped blue hair was plastered to her skull, and her brown eyes were glowing in anticipation. She made it to the other end, and waited for Meagan to get there.

Kea grinned. ?Beat you again, didn?t I?? She said, treading water as Meagan came up. The brunette rolled her eyes. ?Yeah, and? Its not as if this is to determine who rules the school. Cause we know its me.? The lanky girl levered herself out of the pool, and grabbed a towel. Kea also levered herself out, and Jessica handed her a towel.

Kea dried off, and grabbed her jacket. It was cold when she was wet, and her jacket was very warm. She shook her head, and water went everywhere.

?Hey, Kea, Jess, can you two come over and tutor?? A black haired girl looked expectantly at them. Kea shook her head again. ?Sorry, I?m a little busy.?

Kea slung the towel around her neck, and glanced at Jessica. ?Hey, Jess, I?m going home, okay?? Her blonde bud nodded. ?See you at the tournament.? The girls high-fived.

Kea walked to the locker room, and stuffed her school clothes in her gym bag. She was at the local YMCA, and was ready to go home.
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The young hispanic woman heard her name and walked to the front of the resteraunt. She was wearing a pair of capri khakis and a white sleeveless shirt that ony made her look young than what she was.

" Que pasa, mama?(Was up mom?) She asked going to her mom, who was standing behind the cash register taking money from a young hispanic male who eyes were directly cast on Alex.

"Ay dios mio, mama!(On my God, mom!)," she cried as soon as she saw the young man. His name was Ricardo and he was not only an aquaintance but and ex boyfriend as well. One that her mother always liked.

She could remember her mother saying to her. [I]Why did you leave Ricardo. He's such a fine young man, and he loved you alot you know. I mean he's in school, and he's going to become an accountant. I mean who wouldn't want a man like that.[/I]

Alex knew after a while that she didn't want a man like that. Besides him being a nice rich and handsome young man, he was also, stubborn, insecure and had no passion when it came to making love.

She turned away still raising a bit of a fuss as Ricardo came around and grabbed her arm.

"Escuchame, Alex.(Listen to me Alex.)"

"What do you want Ricardo?" She said gently pulling her arm back from his grip and stepping from behind the counter. She tried to walk away rom him and ignore him but he kept making a pest of himself.

"Please stop and listen to me," he said once more this time with a bit more urgency.

"Why should I listen! Huh?" She asked flaring her arms up then they automatically rested on her hips. "After that stunt you pulled I have nothing else to say to you."

He knew exactly what that stunt was and didn't tryied to had the fact that he cheated in her. That was the reason for their break up, his infidelity.

"Yes, Alex, I know that you don't want to speak with me, but I would appreciate a moment of your time."

She thought about it for a moment and then gave in. She realized how weak she looked ut this was the only person who had eer gotten her to that point. Looking at it now, she still hated herself for becoming that way.

"Okay when?" she asked. Giving out a sign as she crossed her arms.

"Tonight please, my place at 7:30."[/SIZE][/FONT][/COLOR]
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It was nightime in Altlanta, cars driving late at night going home to their families and the city lights flurished and lit up the sky. Lovers walking the sidewalks listening to music coming from one of the night clubs all around the city, there was one that looked like the empire state building. Very wide like a mantion and tall as well, inside there were dancers flickering their glow-sticks and anything else that glowed. The lights went on and off as it showed the many dancers their, this was an 18 and under club where the teens got to dance and meet eachother during the weekends. A man got up on the tallest podium so everyone could hear and see him.

"Ladies and GEntalmen...may I introduce the marvelous dancing duo...Jim and Kaytee" he shouted as the others screamed and hollered their names. Back stage Jim and Kaytee were getting ready to get out.

"Its been a while since we've been here Kaytee...lets make this night a good one" Jim stated as Kaytee put her shoes on and smiled. They both went out into the dancing floor and gave a marvelous performance that night. Afte the club closed Jim and Kaytee walked home together, they lived next to eachother in the same neighborhood.

"Getting payed $50 and hour to dance was the best" she stated, Jim smiled as they continued to walk on home.

*Sorry its short, g2 head back to class*
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Greeley, Colorado. The Central Campus of the University of Northern Colorado... twilight.

[i]"Tadaima, Ri-chan!"[/i] (Ri-chan, I'm home!)
[i]"Okaerinasai, Hana!"[/i] (Welcome home, Hana!)

Hana Shinichirou plopped down at the desk in her dorm room and pulled out a botany text, doodling in the margins. Her glasses slipped slowly down her nose, and she shoved them back upwards without a second thought.

"Ne, Hana, you have something in a package." Maria (Ri), her roommate, picked up a long, slender box and shook it gently. "No ticking or anything... wonder what's inside!" She tossed it to Hana, who caught it deftly and sniffed at it.

"Guess I'd better open it... if it's a bomb, at least we won't have to go to class tomorrow," she joked softly. Pulling off the top of the box, she found a note written on rice paper and a bouquet. Noting her friend's silence, Ri moved quickly across the room and scooped the flowers from the box. "Pretty. You have a boyfriend I didn't know about, Hana?"
"[i]Baka![/i] (Silly!) You know I don't..." Hana read the note and thought for a moment. "Now who would send me a message like this?" It simply read:

'[i]I know you'll understand,[/i] soshina. The atrium.'

Ri inhaled the scent of the flowers, a dreamy expression on her face. "[i]Soshina[/i] means 'little gift', right? Ooooh! You have a secret admirer, Hana-chan!"
"Don't be silly. Let me take a look at those..." Hana studied the bouquet carefully.

"One bellflower: constancy, gratitude, I wish to speak to you.
A sprig of bayberry: Instruction, discipline.
A sprig of bittersweet: Truth, platonic love.
Seven small branches of fir: Time
One fleur-de-lis: Message.
One plum-blossom: Keep your promises.
One primrose: Believe me.
One snowdrop: friendship in trouble.
Some escholtzia: Do not refuse me.

"What does this mean?" Hana puzzled for a second, then snapped her fingers. "Got it. They said: I wish to speak to you on matters of instruction/discipline and truth at seven. Keep your promises and believe me, for I bear a message of friendship in trouble. Do not refuse me." She tugged gently on her braid and thought for a second. "Ne, Ri, what time is it?"

"5:45. Why?"
"Good, I have plenty of time. I'm heading to the atrium to study... I'll see you later, kay?"
"Mm. [i]Ja, ne![/i]"

Hana left her dorm, unlocked her bike from the post in front of the house, and sped toward the West Campus atrium... someone's waiting.
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[SIZE=1][B]Kevin looked out over the mountain again, before walking away to his motorbike.

"You shouldn't hide yourself..." The old man muttered from behind. "I do know... like I explained, Leo is also my sign." He added. Kevin's temper began to grow inside him. People judged what he should do, they didn't know him well enough. He kicked the engine on his bike hard, the screws and parts of the bike fell off on the ground.

"Don't ever tell me what to do... You don't know..." Kevin snapped, walking off. No one knew him, no one had the right to judge him. No one knew why he did hide himself, no one but Kevin. He started to walk down the mountain, on the road he came up. He could still see the old man stood there in the corner of his eye. He was watching Kevin. "Look, what the hell do you wan-" Kevin said turning around. He stopped suddenly, to see, nothing there. The wind blew hard against Kevin, and he began to walk again.

Back at his house, Kevin was lay flat on his back, looking up at the ceiling.

"What do you want from me...?" He mumbled to himself. "Zodiac Master or not... what do you want?" He muttered again closing his eyes. "I can't do nothing... my powers aren't so far beyond a humans..." Kevin sigehd heavily.[/SIZE][/B]
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[size=1]Greg spat on the cold streets of New York city, it was pooring down rain and everyone seemed to be in a hurry as they dashed through the rain to get to their car, wanting to get home and sit next to a nice warm fire. Greg on the other hand, was having a good old time strumming some beats on his guitar on his own stoop, smack dab in the middle of the large city. Rain would blow onto to him every few moments or so, but he enjoyed, he reminded himself of rain for some reason, you just can't control the way it acts, unless it involves a good looking girl.

"Yeah she's the one! The only one!" Greg sang as he began to strum harder, preparing for that last line of his song. "Shes the Jewish Nun!" He laughed slightly as he leaned back against the cold wall and layed his guitar next to him. He was always coming up with the craziest of songs, "My cat has cancer", "Lepricon with a drinking problem", and of course "Jewish nun". His nabors didn't always agree on what he sang about, but he couldn't help it.

"Don't you think it's a bit late to be singin' that?" Greg heard a someone mumble from the street. He glanced over to see a scruffy looking man leaning against the side of a building, the roof barely protecting him from the rain. Greg raised an eyebrow, usually it was people he knew who would make coments like that. Without being asked, The man suddenly walkd over and sat right next to Greg and grinned at him; he looked about 50 or so... maybe older.
"Greg Sanders... you have a wonderful gift... yet you waste it by playing this darned instrument.
Greg's ears pricked up when he mentioned "Special Gift" did this guy know about his fire abilitys? Before Greg could say anything, the man continued.
"I am the same as you, you are a saggitarus, like myself... I also have the fire power you have, but you are much stronger. It is time for you and the others to begin your training." He then looked at Greg strait in the eye.

"I guess I'm in for a long story..."[/size]
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[size=1][color=#999999][i]Laughter came within the halls of the old Lee mansion. Children ran in the courtyard, played with animals, and talked amongst each other, while the elders of the Han family sat in the den and talked about a certain matter that was brought up the day that Alandra was born.

Footsteps creaked through the hallway as a figure stepped towards the den, the elders could hear them and they knew who it was. They were too soft to be a child's or even a male figures and the sound of the footsteps sounded as if they were meant to glide across water. And now, the figure was seen at the doorway into the den. The eldest spoke to her.[/i]

"Young-Eun, deuruhwa (Come in). Keun halmuneega mo malhagoo shipda (Eldest grandmother wants to say something)."

"Neh? Mohndeyo? (Yes, what is it?)"

[i]The child's parents turned to her and offered her a seat. She refused. To her, it was impolite to sit while the elders spoke with each other. She looked to everyone and they had something on their mind. She was wondering what it was. Her mother looked to her and spoke.[/i]

"Young-Eunah, Lani. We spoke with keun halmunee and we thought it was time we told you of something."

"Mama? Mooseun malhegoo eetsu (What are you talking about?)?"

"Kangaji, eeriwaba. Halmunee hantero waba. (Puppy, come here. Come over to Grandma.) "

[i]The girl walked over to her grandmother and sat next to her. She looked to her and thought that she was going to say that she was dying, but she did not know what to think of. It was a strange sight, seeing all of her elders sit in one room and not argue.[/i]

"Grandma, what is it?"

"Kangaji, you know that you have a great power, matji (correct?)? But you do not know the whole story."

"Huh? Story?" [i]That was when she knew what they were talking about.[/i] "Oh, the Legend of the Masters of the Zodiac. I know. I was chosen to become a master. Kugjjunghajima (Don't worry.)."

[i]Her father looked to her and wondered what in the world was she talkinga bout. They all wondered what she was talking about. But, in truth, they knew what she was talking about.[/i]

"Alandra, what are you talking about? Are you saying that you know?"

"Yeah. I had a kkoom (dream) that another person, just like me, had the power of Cancer. She told me everything."

[i]Alandra's great uncle was about to protest, but the matriarch of the Lee family sat him down. He calmed himself and they all looked to her. They smiled and she stood. She turned and bowed to them in respect and walked away.

The children ran up to her and smiled, she smiled back. It wasn't until she came to the garage that she ran back to her and changed into her black suit. She smirked and jumped on her black Hayabusa 1300. The garage door opened and she raced down, not knowing where she was going.[/i][/size][/color]
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[color=hotpink][size=1]Chastity sat in a chair as her hair was quickly rearranged, hair-sprayed in all directions, somewhat resembling a huge sunburst. These people were masters of their art, having the ability to transform hair into anything imaginable. They reminded her of those clowns who could manipulate balloons into any animal or shape you could think of. She smiled to herself as her show make-up was being refreshed. Girls were running to and fro, half naked, as they changed into new outfits for their thirty seconds of fame on the runway. Chastity sat in a small white towel, waiting for her outfit to be brought to her. It was a strange red-orange dress, that looked as though it had been ripped to shreds at the skirt. It was amazing what these designers could put out that people would actually wear. She smiled, standing up and stretching.

"Chastity, you're on in about a minute," someone called from her left.

"Be ready in a sec," she said, slipping out of the towel and into the complicated dress. It was complete with some clear stilletto heels and a huge orange chunky bead necklace to compensate for the lowcut of the top of the dress. It was chifon, her favorite material of all.

"Let's get this show on the road," she said to the girl going on right in front of her. About ten seconds later, she was strutting into the bright lights of the runway, swaying her hips, chin up, glaring seductively up at nothing in particular. She stopped at the edge, turned, posed, smiled slightly, scanned the crowd, and turned back, back towards the darkened room behind the curtains where it would start all over again.

As she got to the backroom, she stepped behind a small curtain and removed the dress carefully, handing it off the a lady who was there ready to recieve it. When she handed it off and reached around, looking for her towel, she found herself looking into the eyes of an older woman, adorned in green, her long white hair flowing down past her waist, much like Chastity's did on any other day when it wasn't secured with at least a hundred different types of hair products into a sunburst. She smiled sweetly at Chastity.

"Hon, we need to talk," she said, handing Chastity her towel. Chastity quickly covered herself, looking at the woman, puzzled.[/color][/size]
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Hana sat down in the Starbucks at the atrium, sipping a mocha frappuccino and pondering. She didn't know who on earth would send her such an odd message, and frankly, she was more than a little nervous. As her teachers and friends walked by, she nodded to each, keeping her mind focused on the text in front of her.

"Hana Shinichirou? Please, come with me." A hand rested gently on her shoulder.
"Mm. You're the one who sent me that message? I ought to smack you... Ri thinks I'm here to meet a guy..." She stood and pushed her wrought-iron chair back into its place, turning to meet the eyes of a woman who looked familiar.
"Maria was always one for romance," the woman laughed, leading Hana out the door and to a small path under a tree. "Unfortunately, you'll have next to no time for romance now... or for your flowers, I'm afraid. You're in for the experience of a lifetime, if you play your cards right."
"Wait. First of all, who are you, how did you know I'd be here, and how did you know I'd be able to decipher your message? Which, by the way, was rather ingenious... and quite attractive."
"You are who you are, I am who I am, and I knew because I've been watching you for a very long time." The woman smiled conspiratorially. "And between us, my name is..."
Hana leaned closer and half-smiled, expecting what was coming next and finishing the line with the woman. "Irrelevent. Yeah, I watch Trigun."
"Good girl. Now, I came to see you because I need your help, as do eleven others. You, my dear, are going to help save the world."
"Yeah. Right. And pigs will fly."
"I'm deadly serious, young one. You are one of the chosen, the Zodiac Masters."
"And why am I one?"
"Your ability with plants, Hana. Little flower." The woman smiled gently. "It's quite obvious."
"O...kay." Hana shrugged a little. "So how will I help save the world?"
"I've told you about all I can. Just remember to talk to Greg. He might be able to help you." She turned away, then faced Hana for a brief moment. "And you might want to withdraw from the University. Tell Ri... you've found a man." The woman disappeared into the night, laughing softly.
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[SIZE=1]OOC: This post (the first part) is just a little something to tell you what we'll be up against, but we don't fight evil for alongtime, you don't have to post anything to do with the first part of my post:

[B]Deep in the underground, but far away from the burning core of earth, a crystal cave contained the greatest evil ever to threaten earth. In the crystal cave, a large, dark crystal stood at the very back, like ice. Leonx (pronounced as you see it, Leon-x), once the greatest threat to earth was frozen within the crystal. He was frozen as if he was trying to dive out of some crazy world, as if he was jumping at you. Leonx was very tall, he had grey pale skin, white eyes, short black hair. He looked very strong, and he was. Though the thing that made him look none-human, was the grey horns that seemed to look like those of a Ram's. The cave was silent, as it had been for thousands of years. But suddenly, footsteps began to echo through the cave.

It was said to be impossible for anyone to get this far underground, but someone did. A young man came right up to the crystal, and looked Leonx in the eye. The young man had golden hair, down his back, blue eyes also. He wore some kind of armour over his chest, like a knights, along with black pants over black boots. The young man smiled cockily. He crouched down a little, lowered his head putting a shadow over his eyes, and lifted his hand over his shoulder. The whole cave lit up, and a dim red light shone around the mans hand. He suddenly slashed his hand across the crystal, not cracking all of it, but cracking a little bit of it, the part near Leonx's hand. The young man backed up, as the crystal melted around a small part of Leonx's hand. Suddenly, Leonx clenched his grey hand tightly, now one part of his body was free, he was back again. A vein shot through his hand and up arm, and the whole crystal began to crack. The young man's smile grew bigger, as pieces of crystal flew all over the cave, and there stood Leonx once more. His eyes closed, and his hands clenched.

"Who brought me back? I was locked away by those Zodiac Masters... who managed to break their spell?" Leonx panted, opening his eyes. He looked down at the young man, who was now bowing.

"I did. My name is Jade, just Jade. I know about the Masters, but let me tell you what power I have is nothing to do with them. There are others with power like mine." The young man replied. Leonx nodded. He crossed his arms over his chest, and in an instant, a long black cloack appeared over him, and a helmet which shown his mouth and eyes and at the top his horns.

"You may friend... have just earned the postion of my best warrior. As for me... Leonx is BACK!"


Kevin sighed heavily again still looking up.

"I guess I have to find the others..." Kevin mumbled to himself, getting up and leaping out of the window once more. "Where do I start looking...?"[/B][/SIZE]
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The spring evening in Miami reminded Alex of when she went to visit her cousins in New York. They never really believed her storied of how cool it got in Florida until they came down. She laughed at them for a week straight when they only had shorts and t shorts to wear for their visit. SHe never allowed them to live it down.

She stared at her watch as she let the memory roll into the back of her brain. [I]Six- thirty.[/I] She moved her hand back to her side and walked slowly to her car about a block away. SHe couldn't help but hate herself for agreeing to meet with him.

"That jerk," she exhaled as kept moving. Now stuffing her hands in her pocket. She shook her head as their memories began to play in her head. As she kept mumbling to herself she hadn't noticed the leg that was strecthed out and which over she almost tripped.

"Hey!" she said stumbling and regaining her footing to turn around and see an older woman sitting on the ground. "Would you watch that, you almost tripped me!"

The older woman looked up at Alex. She eyes seemed to have an bright amber color that filled Alexs eyes with wonder.

"Who are you?" Alex asked looking on at the lady.

"You..you are the one I seek. You, Aries."

"I am an Aries yes, but I don't know you lady."

The older woman smiled once more and then stood up. "Yes, I understand I may be mistaken," she smiled and then walked over to Alex. She no longer looked as homly as she did before but a sort of regalness embraced her. "I am sorry to have tripped you," she continued then looked at Alex's leg. "May I check it?"

Alex found a bench nearby and she sat down. Alex although a bit chilled still wore her shorts.

"I cannot believe you aren't cold in this weather my child?"

The lady felt Alex's leg and soon withdrew her hand. "My child you are burning up. Do you not feel it?"

Alex looked into the woman's eyes, "Actually no, and I personally do not wish to speak about it." She got up and soon began to walk away.

The lady smiled. "Stop, for I know why you are that way."

"Yeah and I'm the pope," Alex said and then turned away to go on to her car.[/SIZE][/FONT][/COLOR]
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[color=firebrick] Why does my college have to be smack middle in [i]Harlem[/i]? Danny muttered silently to himself as he tried to walk more quickly with his messenger back slung over his shoulder. His hair was ruffled and his eyes looked haggard, his whole body a bit edgy after staying up researching and getting two hours of sleep. He was already late to class, but Danny didn't particularly care.

First years were supposed to stay in dorms, but Danny positively abhorred his roommate and secretly rented a beat up apartment in the dangerous city. A bright red car was parked illegally at a corner. 'Damn, that car still hasn't moved.' Danny remembered seeing the car the other night as he was walking to his apartment. He shrugged and kept on his way. 'I should just pay someone to take a recorder to class everyday so I don't have to go.' Danny thought. He regretted leaving the last extra class blank so the college could choose for him. Out of all the topics, he landed with Astrology. He [b]hated[/b] Astrology. Danny ran his finger through his hair and sighed. Here comes the college.


The monotonous voice of the teacher droned on about ancient predictions by the stars as Danny twidled with his pen. He had put his glasses on in case there was note-taking, but it didn't seem the teacher was going to stop reviewing what they had already learned a week ago. He couldn't believe there were some kids who were actually interested in the topic. They had finished Chinese Zodiac signs and were about to move onto Horoscope Signs. Danny had caught whiff of the hints of a giant self-astrology project and he was about to commit suicide. He didn't even know what sign he was. [/color]
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[size=1][color=#999999][i]Something told Alandra to go to a house in which a boy, by the name of Kevin, possessed the power of Leo. It was strange how she knew things before they even happened. It wasn't connected to her power either. She always thought it was just something she could always do. Perhaps this Kevin could answer some things for her.

She arrived at the house. She could see a pair of eyes looking out of the window. Alandra took her helmet off and parked her bike. She leaped off of the bike elegantly and walked to the house. She stood there for a moment before knocking. When she did, footsteps were heard inside.[/i]

"Kevin, I presume, is your name?" [i]Without invitation, Alandra entered the house and made herself at home.[/i]

[i]Kevin was baffled by this girl who intruded his house and knew his name.[/i] "Uh...."

"Don't worry. Your secret's safe with me."

"What secret? What are you talking about?" [i]Now things were getting a bit out of hand. How could she now such things? Who was this girl? Was she a threat?[/i]

[i]Alandra sighed and turned to him. She held out her hands palm up. Kevin waited to see what would happen and something did. Right before his eyes, two balls of water had appeared in the palms of Alandra's.[/i]

"You are Leo, possessor of Fire. I am Cancer, possessor of Water. Don't ask me how I knew your name. I just did."[/size][/color]
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[SIZE=1]OOC: I thought you where Aries Sweetreyes...? :cool: Kevin's no boy by the way, he's an adult, hehe, but I don't mind ;)
Maladjusted doesn't know the star sign, hehe :p

IC: [B]Kevin grinned and crossed his arms over his chest.

"So, you're one of the others? Well I don't mind you finding me. Maybe you could help find the others, since that's what we're suppossed to be doing first." Kevin replied. "I guess I should complament(sp?) you on knowing so much about me. Well you're welcome to know as much as you went I guess, as long as you don't ask questions about this," Kevin added, taping the blue knights helmet he wore. "It's a very long story." He added. "Oh, I didn't catch your name." Kevin laughed.

"I never told you, Alandra, and as you already know I am Cancer, possessor of water." The girl replied. Kevin walked passed her, then turned back round.

"So are you helping the search or not?" Kevin asked, in a cheerful tone. Finally, someone who knew him for what he truly was and not the son of a famous wrestler.

"Well I was hoping you could answer a few questions." Alandra replied.

"I would, but right now I know as little as you do, in fact I never even knew I was a Zodiac warrior thing or whatever, until that guy shown up... I'm holding him responiable for my bike too." Kevin replied with a heavy sigh. "Someone better tell me everything though, I don't even know if I'm human anymore..." Kevin muttered.[/SIZE][/B]
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It was a hot 91 degrees day down in Atlanta, people skated on the boardwalk and others shopped there as well. Jim strolled down the boardwalk with a short sleeve shirt and long jenes with sandles, the beach people had fun surfing and making sandcastles and tanning as well. Jim was drinking a lemonade soda and carring his bookbag over one of his shoulders, he had just gotten out of school and had a lot of homework to do tomight. Jim was a bit excited about one of his assignments from his astrology class, they had just learned about the different constilations and their signs.

"Ok, I'm a Virgo...thats pretty cool. Hmmm, would that explain the powers i have over the earth? Wonder if anyone else has that type of power" Jim got excited as he continued to ponder the matter in his head. He had arrived to his house, but Jim's father was not home, he woked late at night since he's a lawyer. It was about 7 at night now and Jim just started his homework on astrology, then he got a mysterious letter on his computer, but it didn't say who it was from..Jim opened the letter anyways.

From: ^(%T*)

"My boy, you are not the only one with special powers. There are others like you, and soon you will be approached by some of them. Follow them and help them however you can, for it may be our last chance at salvation. Good luck Virgo"

Jim was amazed, he didn't know anyone else really was like him...now Jim was very happy to know this. But was very suspicious on who sent him the e-mail.
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TY vicky...heheh I forgot.. its wont happen again and that info is changed!


Before Alex got too far the lady used a lighter and wilded it to wrap around Alex. Seeing th flame approach her and move around her Alex became extremely nervous but yet felt no heat. She turned to the woman and saw her hand going in a cirular motion.

"What are you doing?" Alex said but soon she began to play with the flame also. She was able to play with it and did not get burned. "How -how is this happening?"

"You have the power of fire, you cannot be harmed by it. It is your element, your power your life energy."

"My what-"

"Try it." The lady said stopping the flame in front of Alex. "Send it back to me.Just think it and do it, you'll see you're just like me."

Alex was skeptical of the lady but tried it anyway. Placing the flame in her hand she began to concentrate on it. Little by little it moved but then the flame soon sped towards the lady.

"Oh my goodness," The flame stopped in front of the now smiling lday.

"Don't worry child, it cannot hurt me. See you are like me but you are still new to this power."

"How can I control it? Will you help me?"

The lady extinguished the flame and then tossed Alex the lighter.

"Use this to help, and do not concentrate too hard on the flame, It is an extension of you and you need not to force it or it will get out of control."

The lady turned around to leave Alex.

"Where are you going will you not help me?"

She turned back to Alex, but her body began to darken as though she was now becoming a shadow.

"This is where it ends for me, there are others he will explain, Kevin Kilin. Find him!"

With that the lady disappeared and Alex was left alone once again on the street. Her phone soon began to ring and she looked at the time.

"Helo," she answered.

"Did you forget or you didn't want to come?"

She glanced at her watch, it was already 10 minutes after the appointed time.

"Perdoneme." She said. " I was running a little late and I'll be right over, I just had a bit of trouble with my car."

"Twenty minutes Alex." He started. " I mean it, BE HERE!!"[/FONT][/SIZE][/COLOR]
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OOC: Im lost.

IC: Kea made it home, and toweled her head. She went up to her room, and took a quick shower. She got out, and sighed. [i]Life is good.[/i] She slipped into a fluffy purple robe, and plopped into her swivel computer chair. She booted up, and logged into her email account. [i]One email, huh? I guess Mark's gonna take is sweet time about emailing me.[/i] She opened it, and it said:

To: magicpicesprincess

'Hello, Pices. You are needed, along with the rest of the Zodiac Masters.'

Here Kea paused. [i]More? Like me? Yeah, right.[/i]

'If you do not help, we could all be doomed. Good luck, Pices.'

Kea deleted it. "Nice try, Tyler." She said. "Nice try of a joke."
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[color=hotpink][size=1]Chastity smiled politely at the older woman, looking around for signs of any other person. Suddenly, and very oddly, the two of them were alone.

"Can I help you?" Chastity asked, not sure of what to say.

"Yes, you can. I'm here to discuss something of importance with you."

Chastity's mind began to race as she thought of all the different possibilities and meanings of that last sentence: Was she being fired? Was someone offering her a new job? Was she getting kicked out of her apartment? Did something happen to her kitten? She took a deep breath and calmed herself.

"Honey, I promise it's not any of those things that we need to speak about," the old woman answered, as though she was reading Chastity's mind. Immediately, Chastity began to panic. Was it...good it be...no, no one knew about THAT...but maybe this woman did...

"Yes, it's about your powers," the old woman said, smiling.

Chastity, very much alarmed, looked around to make sure no one else was around. The old woman let out a laugh. "There's no one around, dear. What do you take me for, a fool?" The woman laughed a bit more, reveling in Chastity's panic.

"What do you know about my powers," Chastity whispered through her teeth.

"I know that you have the powers to control the earth, that you have an unlikely green thumb, that any plant life you are near is the most magnificent of any ever seen. I know about your [i]dance.[/i]" Chastity just looked at her. The old woman continued. "Yes, I'm here with something to tell you, a message of sorts. I know this is going to be confusing, but I can only remain here for a short while longer. There are eleven others like you, each with their respective powers that they inherited from the past. I was one of the original."

At this Chastity broke in. "Original what?"

"One of the original Zodiac Warriors. I was the same as you, a lovely young Taurus with amazing skills in earthly powers. And now the need for those powers has arisen and it is up to you to find these other warriors."

"Well, couldn't they be anywhere in the world?" Chastity was sweating now, despite her lack of clothing.

"Luckily for you, there is one nearby. His name is Daniel, but he goes by the name of Danny. He attends college close to Harlem. You will find him, I promise."

Chastity just stared. "Oh, here's your new outfit," the old woman said, smiling, handing her a new dress to put on. Suddenly Chastity looked around and the backstage area was it's regular hustle and bustle. "Chastity, you've got five minutes, come here so we can do your hair!" someone yelled to her. She turned to look and when she turned back to speak to the old woman, she was gone. Chastity looked around startled. She made her way over to the chair where her stylist began working his wonders.

"Danny...I have to find Danny," she said to herself.[/color][/size]
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OOC: Still slightly lost? Cooly! Jim is in Atlanta! That?s my home town! LOL She gets a NEW outfit.

IC: Kea deleted the message, and swivled to face her room. She went to her closet, and rummaged through it. ?Ah-ha!? She grabbed a small box from the back of her closet, and went to the bathroom. The mirror was slightly fogged up, so she turned on the fan.

Kea opened the box, and pulled out its contents ? a short pleated skirt, a matching tank, a special swim-suit, some socks, a small spray bottle, and a packet of hair dye. She flipped over the packet, and her eyes flew back and forth, reading. ?Right.? She filled the small spray bottle with warm water, then poured the dye in with it. She put on the lid, and shook it up. The water turned a dark red with silver sparkles.

Kea put an old towel around her shoulders, and sprayed the dye across her hair in straight lines, from the crown to her bangs. When she was finished, her hair was blue with dark red streaks through it. [I]It won?t wash out unless I wash it five times? good.[/I]

Kea put the bottle down, and took out her hair dryer from under the sink. [I]I?m glad I let Devi convince me to get this.[/I] She plugged it in, and dried her hair. She then put away the hair dryer, and removed the towel from her shoulders. She slipped out of the robe, and slipped into her swim-suit ? it was a black one-piece with a lace-up back and halter neck.

She stretched, then slipped the skirt on. It zipped up the side, and came to just below her navel. Kea slipped the tank on over the top half of the suit, and sat down on the toilet. She pulled on her socks, and picked up the discarded clothing items.

On the way out of the bathroom, the 18-year-old dumped them in her laundry bucket, and went over to her bed. She crouched down, and found her black boots, shoved behind all her other junk. She sat on the bed, and shoved her feet into her boots, lacing them up.

She heard her cell phone ring, and dove for her purse. She grabbed the phone, and said, ?Hello? Oh, hey Jess!? She nodded. ?Okay. I just finished getting ready. See yah!? She clicked the phone off.

Kea looked around the room, and saw nothing else she would need. [I] Jess has my towels.[/I] She got up, and made her way out of her apartment. She locked the door, and started walking towards Wild Bills.

OOC: Anyone besides me know where that is?
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"I'm here Ricardo. What do you want?"

She pushed slowly by the man as he opened the door to let her in. She really didn't want to come especially after seeing the things she could now do. She wanted to go and explore her powers more. See the extent she can make them weild to her command.

"Well nice to see you to," he replied. Closing the door and offering her a seat and a bit to drink if she wanted it.

She took a sit but no drink, at this point alcohol was the last thing she needed. She wanted to stay clearminded when Ricardo started talking his usual BS to her.

"Okay, so how have you been?" He asked sipping a bit of wine and sitting down on the sofa next to her.

She got more comfortable but irritated as well, hoping this wasn't a sorry attempt for him to make up. She shot that down quickly though.

"I've been fine since I found out you're a cheating dog."

Ricardo almost spat out his wine but was able to maintain his composure.

"Still the fireball aren't we Alex?"

"Always," she said smiling a bit. "But what do you want Ricardo, if this is a sorry attempt to say sorry then Im sorry I'll be going." She stood up and headed towards the door.

"Wait a minute," he said jumping in her way and stopping her from moving out of the apartment.

"Well then speak," she said more agressive this time feeling her blood begin to heat up.

"Okay, okay, I'll admit it." He started backing slowly away from the woman. " I wanted to see you because I feel bad about what I did to you. I am sorry Alex and I want you to be with me again."

"Why would I do that Ricardo?" She looked at him blankly expecting a reply from him.

He held his head down and did not answer.

"Like I though, there is no reason for me to come back," she side stepped him and reached for the door.

"Don't leave Alex," he said grabbing her arm.

"Ricardo let go of me," she answered trying to pull away from him, but he did not let go.

"You can't leave me Alex, not after all we've been through." His voice changed a little bit and Alex began to get a bit nervous as she tried to remove her hand from his grip.

"Ricardo let me go." She pleaded again. Trying to make her way to the door.

"No Alex you won't leave me again." He moved her away from the door and pushed her back to the chair. "Now you will stay there until I say leave."

Alex a bit nervous of the situation stays on the sofa as Ricardo once again sits near her.

"See baby, I only want you here with me." His voice changed back to normal but Alex was beginning to get upset.

"Now will you think about us getting back together?" He placed his hand on Alex lower thigh and felt how warm she had become, he quickly pulled his hand back. "Ow Alex, you are hot, are you okay baby, do you need to go to the hospital?"

"No, I'm fine," she began to grow angry with him as he sat next to her. "But touch me like that again and I will hurt you. Now I am leaving and you won't stop me."

She stood up once again but her grabbed her, his hands pulled back quickly sensing the heat had moved into her hands.

"Damn," he yelled. What is going on with you.

Not only was his hand feeling burned but the room was beginning to grow much warmer.

"Are you doing this?" He asked her fanning himself as a few sweat beads form on his forehead.

"What if I am?"She asked smuggly. "Now Im leaving Ricardo, come after me again and I swear it'll get alot hotter."

She rushed for the door. leaving Ricardo looking stupid within the room. She quickly ran down the stairs and outside into the cool night air. While she walked to her car it began to rain. Bits of steam began to come off her body as her temperature and temper began to cool. She know knew another extent to how her body could work. She smiled and unlocked her car.[/FONT][/SIZE][/COLOR]
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[color=firebrick] College professors never really cared about what their students did during class, unless it had some negative impact on the whole class. Danny had dozed off in the corner of the large room, his body sprawled out on his seat. He awoke slowly as various people pushed at his stretched legs and gave a glare and some peers stared and chuckled at him. 'So much for learning,' Danny thought. Danny slung his bag over his shoulder and stalked out of the room, pushing through a circle of girls chatting about 'Some Chasity woman,' Danny recalled. He scoffed and walked away.


Danny hated walking home from college, especially when someone asked you to buy some drugs every other minute. He felt like flinging something at something, hard. Out of the corner of his eye he saw the bright red car still parked at the corner. Danny gripped his bad tightly and walked more quickly, eying the car as if it was his death. 'Oh damn.' Danny muttered to himself. The car's engine had started and it was slowly following the young man. 'Like it can be anymore obvious...' Danny thought as he started to jog away. [i]Screech![/i]

Maybe it would be better if he started [b]running.[/b]

The car chased after his madly, narrowly dodging fire hydrants and other cars as it sped up, inevitably close to Danny. 'Not now, not now.' Danny screamed at himself, trying to run faster and faster and the car followed along, now right beside the young man. Danny could practically feel the eyes glued to him and he sped along the sidewalk with unheard speed. The apartment! Danny rushed up the stairs, dropping his bad as he did so, trying to lock the door before the man behind him caught up. No one was watching, it [i]was[/i] pretty dark...

Danny kicked over a pail with some water, swinging his left arm heavily around to multiply the amount of water and shoot it at the unsuspecting man in the stomach. The dirty water turned crystaline blue, creating a thin line. 'This should be enough,' Danny pushed at the water, watching the man fall to his feet. Only to come up with the water balled in his hands. The man carelessly threw the ball of water behind him and grinned.

"Quite a power you've got there, my fellow Cancer." The man's voice sounded light and happy. Danny gave a unbelieving face and he backed up a bit.

"Who- who the hell [b]are[/b] you?!" Danny asked with utmost authority.

"Jeremy Walter. Otherwise know as the Cancer of the Masters of the Zodiac." Jeremy said casually as he slowly made his way towards Danny.

"Master of the what? You [i]believe[/i] that junk? What the- get away from me!"

"Ah, a young one. You've much to learn."

"I don't need to learn anything!"

Jeremy winked.

"Ah, let's see...discovered powers at the age of 12, smart enough to keep it to himself... neglected child yadda yadda yadda." The look on Danny's face was priceless.

"And you, kid, are one of the original descendants of the Masters of the Zodiac," Jeremy's voice turned serious, "soon enough your powers will be needed to help protect this place."

"Screw you." Jeremy laughed and turned away.

Danny was not too surprised when he saw that the man had disappeared.[/color]
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[SIZE=1][B]Kevin looked down at his hands calmly, then back at Alandra.

"Anyway, we're wasting a lot of time here. The old guy, the Leo Master person told me we could easily find the other warriors by concentrating hard... maybe you already know how too, but we can pin point their exsact location and find the nearst one." Kevin said to her.

"I could give you a ride." She replied.

"That'd be a good idea, I broke my bike. Anyway... we should try to find the rest of the Masters, so... I'll try now..." Kevin answered clenching his fist. He opened his eyes suddenly, and rubbed his eyes catching his hand on the edge of his mask twice. "Ah..." He groaned. Alandra looked at him strangly... "I-I... can't concentrate..." He muttered. Kevin spun around, and saw his father coming out of his main room at the top of the stairs. They didn't look alike, Kevin and his father. Kevin grabbed Alandra's arm. "Quick..." He whispered pulling her outside. "Everytime he's near I get a horrible feeling inside, let's hope he doesn't come out here... he must be the one who breaks my concentration."[/SIZE][/B]
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[size=1][color=#999999][i]Something made Alandra felt anger and fear, coming from near her. She couldn't pinpoint on who it was, but it seemed that it came from around the house. She shook it off and ignored it. She tapped Kevin's shoulder and pointed to her bike. He nodded and walked with her to her bike.

Alandra swung her leg over the bike and readied the bike. Kevin hopped on as well. He looked back at the figure in the house and then looked to the road. Alandra looked back and felt a sudden fierce emotion, she didn't know what it was, but it wasn't her own. She ignored it and started her bike up.[/i]

"Hold on tight. And try to concentrate, since I need to concentrate on keeping us both alive."

[i]Alandra sped down the mountainous area and flipped open a cover and pushed a button. It caused the bik to go at a faster speed. Soon, the two were in the city area. Alandra rode down to an area where she was well known and a place where people feared her, as well.[/i][/size][/color]
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Kea started humming as she walked towards Wild Bills. The song was ?Outrageous? by Britney Spears. She had NO clue why it came to her just then, but it did. She shrugged. It was getting dark, and she shifted her weight. She ran into someone- literally. She hit the pavement, with an oomph and said, ?Ow?? She looked up, and jumped up and said, ?Oh! I am so sorry, ma?am!? The lady shook her aoff, and said, ?I?m alright, Pices, just as tough as you are.? Kea blinked in confusion.

The lady sighed. ?You don?t get it do you?? Kea shook her head. ?No, I don?t.? The lady smiled. ?Well, how about if I say your Pices, the water Zodiac Master? Or the Neptune Zodiac Master?? Kea blinked again. [I] Okaaaaaaaay? I can understand Tyler sending me an email? but he would NEVER bribe an old lady to trick me![/I] ?Okay, what the hell are you talking about??

The lady smiled. ?How do I know about your powers, you mean. Well, I am one of the Original Zodiac Masters, and a Pices, like you.? Her face turned serious. ?You need to find the other Masters. There is one in this area, his name is Jim. He is a Virgo, so watch out.?

Kea blinked, and opened her mouth to say something ? but the lady had disappeared. Kea shook her head, and continued down the street towards Wild Bills. [I] Jim? ?Zodiac Masters??? Man this is weird?[/I]
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