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Birthday Girl


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[font=arial][size=2][color=purple]Skye glanced around. She heard the bell ring, and grabbed her book bag. She made it to the hallway just as other students burst from the classrooms. She was swept up, and made it to her best friend, Dea. Dea grinned. ?You ready to party on the skate floor, chicka?? Skye grinned back. ?You bet your math text I am!?

A firm hand gripped her shoulder. Skye started, afraid it was Trevor, the local bully ? then relaxed as she looked into her brothers, T.J.s, face. He hugged her. ?Hey, birthday girl!? She giggled. ?Aren?t you supposed to be taking your driving test??

Okay, this RPG is basically dedicated to me and my family. :: points at siggy:: ^^ You may join, if you like. I need a CIS(Character Info Sheet) from everyone who wishes to participate. Be YOU!

Name: (First and last, If you?re a sib of mine, make it the same last as me)
Appearance: (Descr. Are fine, pics are okay, too)
Personality: (Be truthful!)
Bio: (A short thing about your relationship wih me.^^)

Okay, here is mine!

Name: Skye Rennolds(Yes, it is spelled right!)
Age: 12(13 tommorrow!)
Gender: Female
Appearance: 5?6?, 132 lbs., chesnut hair(dark brown with gold sun-streaks) three inches below my shoulders, hazel eyes, tan skin, long limbs, wears dark brown pants(soft), shirt with scrunched up bottom, loose torso, loose arms, tight wrists, black tennis shoes, large silver hoop earrings, kitty socks
Personality: A mix of things. Bubbly, funny, cute, sweet, stubborn, very intuitive, empathetic, the type that can make someone smile no matter [I]what[/I] mood they are in.
Bio: I was 2 when my parents were killed. I never really knew them, and we were adopted when I was 5, TJ was 8, and Rem was 9. I couldnt remeber much of my past life, so he never told me, until I was 9. I got along well with Ray, but never could call him Dad after I found out. My friends have always stuck beside me, and I know they would all do anything for me. I appreciate it.

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::deep breath:: [COLOR=Magenta][B]HAPPY BIRTHDAY LOVE!!!!![/B][/COLOR]

Oh, hey, does my bio include being your lover, or just a friend? :D I'll just say close friend until ya say otherwise ^^.

Right, here's... *gulp* me...

[COLOR=Navy]Name: Jacob

Age: 13 ((heh heh, for part of the year, we'll be the same age!!))

Gender: Male

Appearance: (wish I had a pic...) about 5'9'' 1/2, blue eyes, and brown hair about,maybe, half an inch past the top of my ears. I'm kind of skinny, but not, like, disgustingly so... alright, I almost always wear jeans, and, well, whatever's in my closet... OK, a lot of long-sleeve, dark colored shirts, and a few hoodies... heh. I got a blue cap that says "Alaska" if the teacher's will let me wear it ^^.

Personality: Right... uhhh... er, odd? Yes, that works well... OK, I just don't care much about a lot of things, if that means anything to you. But I do tend to be very, uhhh, excitable... depends on what kind of sense of humor you have.

Bio: Right, I met Steph about a year ago maybe, but only realized how much a liked her a few months ago. I'm always thinking about her when nothing else requires immediate attention (and that's true!), and love to have fun with her... she's is very funny sometimes.[/COLOR]
Hey Steph, how many of your family members are here anyway? <.<-->.> lol, j/k
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Happy Birthday sis!

Name: TJ Rennolds
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Appearance: [IMG]http://www.myimgs.com/data/THova/TJ.jpg[/IMG]
Personality: I'm pretty goofy and am some times short tempered. I'm fun-loving and very protective of friends and family.
Bio: I turned 16 a month ago and I'm bout to take my driver's test. Wish me luck. I'm going to catch up to my younger sister, Skye, to wish her a happy Birthday before I take my test. She's more important than a driver's permit to me. I make sure nothing happens to either of my sisters and I look up to my older sister, Rem.

Sorry it took so long. My CPU's still actin up.
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Happy birthday, little sis ^_^

Name: Rem Rennolds
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Appearance: 5’7", refuses to tell her weight. Dark brown eyes, brown hair, glasses. I prefer to wear t-shirts, my bright red hoodie, and jeans, with my hair braided. (Too bad I don't have a current pic)
Personality: Quiet, introspective, but ready to laugh and smile. I love my little sister and brother. ^_^
Bio: The eldest child, stressing over college prep, even though I've been accepted to a good school. Two months to go til my eighteenth birthday and high school graduation. My little sister and brother mean the world to me, and I'd do anything to make them smile.
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[color=purple][size=1]Life would be boring without any problems along the way. I don't know if I'm just cranky from not getting enough rest, :sleep: but I'm here to ruin your birthday. :devil: It's nothing personal...(or is it?)[/size]

[b]Name:[/b] Alice White

[b]Age:[/b] 14

[b]Gender:[/b] Female

[b]Appearance:[/b] Beth, with her pale skin, waist length dyed black hair, (which was originally white-blond), and black rings around her light blue eyes, looks like a stereotypical goth girl. But that's exactly what she's trying to look like. She usually wears a dark purple tanktop, black and purple striped armwarmers, a long black skirt with black tights, and black buckle-up platform boots.

[b]Personality:[/b] Quiet but not shy, rude to almost everyone but her few close friends, sarcastic, seems to have a grudge against Skye.

[b]Bio:[/b] Alice is a girl with average looks and a pretty good family life, so most people wonder why she chose to hang out with the goths of the school. She soon became close friends with the goths and rarely ever talks to anyone, except for Skye, who she seems to torment at every chance she gets.[/color]
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Nice! Damn, why do all the hott guys have o be related to me... ^^ Hey, Silent Angel, that actually puts a great twist in my plot! Origonally, I would kick you out, but thats awsome! ^^ She hates me, she really hates me! *happy voice* LOL Okay, where ar ehte rest... Thnx guys, for wishing me the Happy B-day!
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[b][i][font=Book Antiqua][color=indigo] Meh heh heh...um yeah right...so um here's goes...[/color][/font][/i][/b]

[b][i][font=Book Antiqua][color=#4b0082]Name: Dea Moser*coughcurent crushes'slastnamecough*[/color][/font][/i][/b]

[b][i][font=Book Antiqua][color=#4b0082]Age:13(just so I'm your age Steph lol)[/color][/font][/i][/b]

[b][i][font=Book Antiqua][color=#4b0082]Gender: Female[/color][/font][/i][/b]

[b][i][font=Book Antiqua][color=#4b0082]Apperance: She's a blonde(yep that's right I'm a blonde*holds up blonde sign*) but her shoulder length hair is constaintly tied back. Her eyes are a hazl/green color and are framed by tink glasses*she swaers the days she can fit contacts into her eyes that she will burn her glasses at stake*. As for clothes she fits the prep revoultio or America's top Secret Plan for making little girls into sluts by sopping in the boys department and stealing shirts out of her big bros's closets.She pulls this all off of course, with her black and white shoes and anklet that she wears just to be misterious. Add a cool watch and presto! You got Dea![/color][/font][/i][/b]

[b][i][font=Book Antiqua][color=#4b0082]Personality: For lack of better words; Tomboy extrodanare. You don't wanna mess with her...*you think Matt would have learned this afte ri kicked him int he ballls but noooo had to go and stab me with that pen, the idiot.* But what do you expect when she's had 2 big brothers beatin up on her all her life? She's also what some would call the class clown and she has deffiantly earned the nickname "Crazy Girl". She's pretty perverted too, but she cares 'bout people.[/color][/font][/i][/b]

[b][i][font=Book Antiqua][color=#4b0082]Bio: Dea met Skyle 'bout roughly a year ago and they've been best buds ever since. When they're together you migh a0 wanna run for cover or b)get some sort od downers to shut them up. Either way it's all good! Caution: Craxyness will ensue[/color][/font][/i][/b]

[b][i][font=Book Antiqua][color=#4b0082]Ther it's all good[/color][/font][/i][/b]
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[COLOR=Blue][I][B]Happy Birthday Skye

Name: Jason Namos

Age: 13

Gender: Male

Appearence: Thin lensed glasses that are constantly pushed up on his nose and hide deep brown eyes. Black hair falling halfway into his eyes. A thin, pointed chin and an elegant smile when he does. Usually wears a white T-shirt, black pants, and sometimes a hat. His shoes never match the rest of his outfit. The back of his shirt has a cracked heart design on it.

Personality: Generally quite unless spoken to and loves to keep his nose in a book. He's played football in the past but isn't very aggressive.Violence isn't in his nature, same with speaking to women with getting nervious or res in the face. Funny when he wants to be, but in general has no friends besides those who have come to him first.

Bio: He has spoken to Skye enough to know when her birthday is and is good enough friends with her that she isn't bothering her when he hangs around. Behind her back though he admires her but doesn't have the courage to ask her out. The closest he's ever come is being the first one to start up the conversation. Some of her other friends he feels uncomfortable around, but he doesn't mind them.[/B][/I][/COLOR]
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Okay, I want to start this, but I need like, onemore person! We have:

Silent Angel/Alice(My Worst Enemy!)
Chichiri's Girl/Dea

Lessee... thats 2... and 4... and 7. We have 7 ppl, ppl! I want... ah, nevermind! I will start this eather after someone signs up, or later. ^^ Whichever comes first. This is starting today/tomm morning. Hurry up, all of you in my family! If you can, PM the others in my family for me!
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Never thought that I would have to join an RPG to become somebody's father...

[SIZE=1][COLOR=DarkGreen]Name: Ray Conrad (Read the bio for clarification)

Age: 45

Gender: Male

Appearance: He stand at about 5'11" tall. He has very broad shoulders and is big boned. In high school he was one of the kids that the coaches always asked: "Why don't you play football?" And he would always answer "Because I hate football you ***." He keeps his hair fairly long, not wanting to keep it in short because it keeps his ears warm in the winter. Speaking of his hair, it usually stays a dark brown, and always on the verge of red. His eyes remain a constant hazel. He also sports a thin goatee and mustache. He wears glasses as well.

Personality: He can be a very sarcastic a**hole. Grand aye? But he can also be the coolest person you can know. He isn't afraid to use his mouth to degrade somebody to the point of suicide, and yet, he can be the most gentleist of people.

Bio: When he was younger he was a smartass. His mouth got him into trouble big time one day. In this event he told somebody, "Piss off, I'm Irish." This didn't go over well and he ended up with very sore private areas. He came to find out that he would be unable to have children because of it. Yay for him right? Wrong. He was the type that actually wanted children.

So, when he graduated in college, majoring in English Teaching, he adopted a family of children that had lost their parents.

The oldest of the children Rem, was always a bit of a problem. She was able to remember her parents the greatest. Only time made them get along better.

Now he is middle aged, and starting to go gray. He's had the children for about ten years now and they act like a normal family. Though questions are still asked when their names are mentioned. Ray simply answers: "It's their family name, what right do I have to take it away?"

Now he prepares to send Rem off to college, and Skye's birthday, as well as his lesson plan. Wish him luck.[/COLOR][/SIZE]
Good.. no? Yes?
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[font=Arial][color=black]If I fill this out, you better not stalk me... To many people already do...[/color][/font]

[font=Arial][color=black]Name: Jason Wilson
Age: 15[/color][/font]
[font=Arial][color=black]Gender: Male
Appearance: 5'10-ish, 175, blonde hair thats short and never combed, Eyes that switch between green and blue(not kidding, they really do), little gotee growing,also blond,, tanned skin, scars from cuts all over arms and legs(not self inflicted),muscular upper body(takes to much time to work out the legs), tends to were dark colored shirts under a gray hooded-pullover( He never takes it off no matter what the temp.), Baggy denim cargo pants, black shoes.
Personality: Quiet and would rather listen to people talk them jump into a conversation, But always ends up in the conversation. People can't get enough of his insane and crazy comments. Likes to sit alone and stare at the sky, night or day. Also loves to laugh at just about everything
Bio: Has lived next door to Skye for several years and she and him have become very good friends. Jason goes to the same High School as TJ and Rem[/color][/font]
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ok here i go. Happy belated birthday from your bodyguard/ luva

Name: Kiruna Etsune
Age: 15
Gender: male
Appearance: middle sized, skinny, brown as dirt hair with blond highlights, true hazel eyes, dirty white skin, 5'5", Long limbs, somewhat built, wears black zipoff pants, and a a black shirt with dragon emblem on the front and back, white ankle socks and white and black basketball shoes.

Personality: uhhh.... Funny, with a splash of stubborness and temper. if you cross me or skye, prepare to fight me and lose. Quiet somewhat, but i luvvv to party!^_^(YEAH!)

BIO: ok, i was one of the shyest guys in school, until i met skye after a fight i was in with a guy who was obviously bigger than me. We talked and we instantly became friends. i told her that i would protect her no matter what. Unbeknowest (is that how u spell it?) to her , i have an attraction to her colorful personality. talking to another person (Hey you! what are you lookin at? is skye somethin to gawk at? how about u take it up with me!)
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