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Bloodlust {Rated: R Content may be disturbing for the immature}


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A tall man stepped into the airport terminal. It was 9 p.m. EST time, and already dark out. He looked around at all the people that were greeting loved ones, business partners, and friends. He could smell the fear radiating off of the ones that had cheated on their husbands or wives while they were away, and he could taste the hormones as others lusted for their friends.

He looked at one woman who had gotten off the plane alone, and had no one to greet her. On her neck the man could see a vein pulsating with blood. His mouth began to water as he watched it. With nothing else to do at the moment, he followed her discretely out of the airport terminal and into a parking garage. It all seemed to perfect for him.

As he followed her out, he began to notice other things about her. Such as her elegant form, her tentalizing curves, and wavy hair. His mouth began to water more and more as he watch her from afar. When he saw her reach a car and begin to enter it he could contain himself no more. He sprang forward with all his might, clearing many cars to catch up to the woman. He silently landed behind her and grabbed her neck, then slung her into the car. He climbed into the small compact car behind her and closed the door, blotting out any screams she was most definately giving.

He looked at her in the darkness of the car, and of the night, seeing and feeling the warmth coming off of her. The woman was crying loudly, and screaming for help. The man suddenly worried that somebody might hear her grabbed her by the throat and squeezed the breath out of her. The lack of air caused her to pass out, giving the man plenty of time to do whatever he wished to her.

For the next few hours nothing but silence came from the car, and anybody that passed would never have suspected what was happening. Never would have known that the man was raping the woman, and biting into her neck to partake in her blood.

At two o'clock a.m. airport security investigated the car, its parking liscence had expired. The officer got his ticket pad ready and walked up to the car to put up the fine. He looked at the windshield and saw blood spattered all over the windshield. His stomach started to turn over as he went to the driver's side door to open it. He looked inside and instantly had to turn away so he could throw up what was left of his dinner.

He looked back into the car and had to take deep breaths so he would not throw up again. What he saw as a woman was naked, and very obviously dead. He stood up on unsteady feet and walked to his cruiser to get on his radio.

He picked up his radio mike and took a deep breath before speaking, "Call the police, an ambulance, and whatever else. I've found a woman that is very dead in her car."

By three the police were there, scouring the whole parking garage for clues. The detective first on the scene became the man in charge. He was a middle-aged man named Logan Channing. He was quickly briefed on all that had been found, and the status of the woman.

Her name was Nina Cartwright, 25, and unmarried. Her parents lived in upstate New York. They would have to be contacted. Logan figured it would be he who did it. He hated it when that was his job.

"Alright, take the body to the morgue for an autopsy. Have them contact me the minute they got something." Logan said, then turned to look out at the city before him. "Going to be another glorious day in New York City."

Well, believe it or not this is a vampire story. Modern times, in a modern setting, with everything else modernish.

If you made it past the beginning story then congratulations. You can be in this RPG.

The jist of it is as follows: Kill the bad/good guys depending on which side you are on.

Here are some ground rules though. Starting out, there shall be only a maximum of three vampires. The man as was mentioned first. Nina Channing, whom shall become one herself within a day or so. And one other person. The two that are unnamed you can name anything you want.

Everyone that is not a vampire, if you are willing to allow your character to become one, state that in your character sheet, you shall see where. I will take as many good guys that sign up. But only three vamps.

Here are the sign up sheets:


Willing to become a vampire? (A simple yes or no will suffice. If you are signing up for a vampire then this part is void.) *EDIT* Also, if a character says: No, it means that if you try to make them a vampire, either one of you shall die.

Age: (Not important in the long run, vampires are required for it. I will not allow your age to be unknown, or to be in the thousands if you are the first mentioned vampire. Also, if human, you will keep it above 21, ABSOLUTELY NO EXCEPTIONS)


Description: (Keep it modern)

Weapons: (Good guys only, you vamps are... well.. vamps.)

Biography: (keep it realistic.)[/COLOR]

Another thing. You vampires are limited you know. You of course cannot be in sunlight. You are allergic to garlic and silver. And you cannot be a half vampire, half human. That is ********.

Non-vampires. At first you will not know that they are vampires. It may take a little time. Also, most of the good guys will be police officers. It makes it simple. I may allow two vampire hunters at the most. Again, no half and half on the species.

I shall assume the role of Logan Channing, and post his character sheet later tonight on this post.

Have fun, and game on. (If you have any question feel free to ask me via email, PM, or IM on one of my messengers.)

My Character, and SilpheedPilot, good job.

Name: Logan Channing

Willing to become a vampire? Yes

Age: 36

Gender: Male

Description: Logan, being a detective, is above the black uniform. Being allowed to wear whatever he wishes when on duty. Mostly he wears a pair of nice slacks, button up shirt, and a coat of some kind to cover up his shoulder holstered weapon.
His black hair is starting to grey at the temples ever so slightly. He is 6' even and is slender.

Weapons: Standard issued Glock 9mm under his right shoulder, and his left has a .22 pistol.

Biography: When Logan joined the police force he had seen to many police movies. He thought he would automatically get to see the action, the car chases, and the shoot outs, and always come out on top above the other cops and get laid by a busty woman. It all came to a Earth-shattering halt when he was told to be a meter reader.

He trudged through the crappy assignments of normal Rookies and eventually got partnered with somebody doing actual cop stuff.

As the years passed he went up the ranks in the police force. Finally getting his first murder case when he was 30. It seemed like a God-sent. Then he saw the body. It was more than the movies ever showed, and he lost his appetite quickly, as well as his lunch.

After that he was able to handle himself quite well, and was even able to catch most of the criminals he was sent after. Soon, he was a detective. Finally with some leverage in the force.

Now he is looking for leads in the Cartwright case.
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I'm here, and ready! By the way...Thanks for the whole age thing, anyone under 21 seems irrelevant to RPGs of this magnitude or something along those lines.

[B]Name:[/B] Steven Paul

[B]Willing to become a vampire?:[/B] No

[B]Age:[/B] 32

[B]Gender:[/B] Male

[B]Description:[/B] Being a cop sorely limits his attire, which means you'd usually find Steven in the normal black Police uniform, with the black boots, black...everything. His hair is fairly short, brown, and spiked up with some gel or styling goo, his eyes are dark blue. Steven stands about 6'1'' and takes on a fairly built body. When out of uniform, he is prone to wearing loose jeans, and t-shirts with different logos on them. Steven tops it all off with a brown leather jacket.

[B]Weapons:[/B] The Police standard issue 9mm, but has his own P99 with an extended magazine, holstered under his arm in a clam shell holster when off duty, or out of uniform, topping it off with a Mark 23 Special Operations Pistol, also know as a SOCOM, which is fitted with a laser sighting and also an extended magazine, it being the best pistol he has and most expensive he rarely uses it and has it holstered under his other arm. All are loaded with Silver Bullets. Read why in Bio.

[B]Biography:[/B] Steven's father was a Policeman for the NYPD, and died in the line of duty one night when 5 perps decided it was time to hit a Mall and take everyone hostage. Steven's father was on-duty in the mall and was shot in the head with an automatic weapon when the perps saw him, they then took the Mall hostage and ransacked the stores. They were untimately gunned down when the S.W.A.T. team stormed the place with flashbangs flaring, and guns ablazing. Steven was 22 when that incident happened, and was the wavering reason for him to join the police force. He has been a cop, pig, 5-0, po po and just about everything else there is to call a policeman. Steven's methods are brutal, but he keeps them to a dull 'beating' so he doesn't cause unrest in civilization. If it was up to him, he'd kill every just about every criminal he came in contact with.

One such outing lead him to believe there was something other than humans running about...When Steven was out on patrol, one dark night. The rain fell in a soft drizzle and every corner of every slums was crowded by drug dealers and hookers to boot. Steven got reports of suspicious activity in the area, about a white man in a long raincoat in the Red-Light district, Steven thought nothing of it and decided to let the other police on duty check it out, but when he drove by the disturbing image of a man seemingly kissing a womans neck followed by a spray of blood he stopped his car and got out. Steven opened his door and aimed his gun at the offender on the sidewalk, he turned and used the woman as a sheild. Steven ordered the man to let her go and get down on the ground, but the man refused and continued standing there, lapping up the blood spraying from her neck.

"Let her go, or I'll shoot!" Steven yelled, pointing his gun to the offenders head. The woman was fading fast and if she didn't get help soon she was going to die. Steven reached inside his squad car and yanked on the radio, he called for back up and paramedics. This was going to be some situation. Steven waited, with his gun aimed trying to talk the man away and trying to keep the woman with him. When her eyes suddenly rolled into the back of her head, it was all over and the man offender dropped the body and was greeted with a hail of bullets. None which had any effect. Steven continued firing until he ran dry, then he reached for another magazine and reloaded his weapon, when he looked up the man was gone. Steven waited for back up and told them the story, the body was taken for an autopsy and vanished a few days later, the case was unsolved, but deep down Steven knew what it was and feared it. To know what roamed around the New York streets other than those who pulled a trigger was terrifying. But, does knowing the unkwown make you insane? or smart? Its all in the eyes of the beholder.

[Note: Just PM if anything is exsessive]
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[size=1][color=#999999][B]Name:[/B] Alexandra Lee DeMoore- her name was Alex, but now she is known as Vaijin.

[B]Willing to become a vampire?[/B] No and never will be.

[B]Age:[/B] 27

[B]Gender:[/B] Female

[B]Description:[/B] Standing at 5'5", Alex has layered, dark brown hair with light brown streaks that comes down to her shoulders, which she keeps up in a ponytail at most times. She wears black flared pant, black lace spaghetti strap top, black gloves that resemble baseball gloves that have extending, poisoned neko-tes attached it, and over that she wears a knee long silk black jacket. She also wears black boots. If you've noticed, Alex never wears any other color than black. Alex is also half white, half korean, but she looks more korean than she does white.

[B]Weapons:[/B] Alex never really like guns, but she keeps two modified Desert Eagle .50 in holsters near her breasts. She also has [URL=http://www.cbswords.com/images/samurai3000ninja.jpg]twin blades[/URL], two silver dual fans, and shurikens in the shape of moon star with retracting blades that extend. She also carries silver bullets in her Eagles.

[B]Biography:[/B] Never knowing that Vampires were real, Alex only believed them to be scary stories that brothers told to their siblings so that they could stay quiet, but it's always interested her to learn more about the darkness, Vampires, lycanthropes, and such like that. It was only after her father's death that she stopped living in a world of fantasy.

She was only 9 when this had happened. Her father was going after a psychopathic killer who stole 5 armed cars, 10 banks, 3 jewelries, and killed more than 100 people. He wanted to stop the man from killing anyone else. He didn't want to be a hero, he was already one in his daughter's eyes. People told him to keep a distance from the killer, to stay away, but he couldn't. Not until the man was put up for Manslaughter. If he had listened to everyone, then he would have been alive to save his own family.

Throughout Alex's life, after the incident, she was alone. It changed her. Perhaps in good ways and bad. It changed her to learn to fight and defend herself, it changed her to stop trusting others, and it changed her to keep a distance from everyone, even the remaining people in her family. But, it was bad for her because it drove her to move away from her home, it caused her to stop believing, it caused her to become the person she most feared she would become, a fictional character by the name of D.

You see, D is a character from Vampire Hunter D. He is a dhampire, half human, half vampire, he has the advantages of being a vampire, and his left hand has a life of its own. His dhampire blood tortures his own mind about his purpose and life. It seems as though this is what is happening to Alex. D's mind is the reason why he travels, why he kills, and why he avoids contact with others. Although Alex does not travel, have a left hand that has a mind of its own, and has dhampir blood, her mind is tormented by the image of a broken family and to find her own place int he world, and that is why she hunts and kills, that is why she stays away from people, becuase people can't be trusted, no one can.

A year after her father's death, a family friend had come to adopt the children, they only found Alex. She didn't take her own life into her own hands.

At the age of 11, she stoppped speaking to others, but to her Sensei, Okibura-sama, who taught her Ninjitsu. How to be swift, strong, agile, stealthy, and in tune with your mind, body, and soul. He taught her that whatever life she chose, that was the path that she would take. "Take the path, you know is not right. That path can lead you to understand many things within." It was a strange thing he had said, but he was right. For, at the age of 16, Alex led a life of her own and made a new name for herself, Vaijin..

As the killings of innocent women and men go on, so does the killings that Alex leads.[/size][/color]
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Name: William Bradford
Willing To Become A Vampire?: No
Age: 30
Gender: Male
Weapons: Sawn-off Pump Action Shotgun, Magnum Revolver, and a small army knife

Description: 6?2, light green eyes, slight muscular build, short black hair. Wears a pair of faded blue jeans, a white T-shirt, and a brown trench coat to conceal his weapons. Also wears dark blue sunglasses.

Biography: William was a cop for six years until one night on a patrol he stumbled upon a woman running and screaming for help in a dark ally. He had attempted to calm her down when suddenly he saw a man appear in front of them, and was menacingly walking toward them. Like any cop, He pulled out his gun and yelled ?freeze!? but then the man suddenly ran toward William with inhuman speed and in an instant he felt a sharp pain in his wrist and dropped his gun.

He realized that the attacker had latched onto his hand, or claws, into his wrist. William had managed to get a good look at him and saw that he had pale skin, red eyes, and fangs. When the attacker let him go he grabbed his wrist trying to stop the bleeding. The attacker then took William?s own gun and shot him in the leg, causing him to fall to the ground. He watched as the attacker began to assault the woman. Just as he fell unconscious due to the blood loss he saw the attacker bite her in the neck.

When William came to he woke up in a jail cell. He soon learned that he had been charged for rape and murder from the incident before. He tried to tell them that it wasn?t him but someone else, and claimed that the attacker was some sort of vampire. Nobody believed him and the crime was pieced together that William was insane during the crime and he received his wounds when the woman attempted to defend herself.

The evidence against him was his gun lined with his own fingerprints, a sharp piece of glass that the woman had used to defend herself, explaining the wound he had on his wrist, and his own army knife that was used to mutilate the woman after she was dead. William was charged for 15 years of prison.

After a few months in prison, he learned a bunch of inmates were planning to attempt a break out by starting a riot and he decided to use this opportunity to escape. He was able to escape, along with two weapons he stole.

After a few days he had managed to get some clothing and his car that was impounded, which still had the radio to listen to police transmissions. Now an armed fugitive on the run, he is travelling the city trying to find this ?vampire? that framed him of the murder and prove his innocence, laying low during the day and searching for any unusual activity during the night.
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Name: Madeira Gutierrez (Deera)

Willing to become a vampire?: Yes

Age: 23

Gender: Female

Description: A comfortable pair of jeans and a black leather jacket are a girl's best friends. Her bright red and deep green t-shirts highlight olive skin and deep brown-black eyes, and ruby or emerald clips hold back black hair with deep red highlights.


Biography: Deera has been fascinated by vampires since she was a child. The night-hunt is something she'd give her life to participate in... although things aren't such that she's quite ready to go outside at night yet. Fear of vampires is a large part of her upbringing.

Deera's occupation is bar maid, and she hates it. Getting her bottom pinched every day, drunk customers, and a boss who is extremely perverted have contributed to her hatred of the human race. She also hates coming home each night smelling of cigarette smoke and alcohol poured down her dress.

Ask Dee for her biggest dream? "A prince, to take me away from this ****." Vampires? "Heh, I'd love to be one, or even just meet one. Too bad they don't really exist."
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[COLOR=MediumTurquoise]Name: Lilia Tomoe Sethen

Age: 800

Gender: Female

Description: see attatchment

Weapons: teeth?

Biography: A relatively old vampiress that gives off the air of one fresh and young. ...possible by her vast knowledge of ancient alchemy. Her wide eyed grin catches many people off guard, but they are far more disturbed by the sudden transition she can make to that of a cold hearted murderer. As soon as she's alone with a victem, her fangs protrude from her glossed lips and there is much bloodletting. And screaming.

She also likes sex, not necessarily something you could tell from the picture, but it's true. Often she'll seduce her victems and either drain them or change them, all depends on other mood and how much latent power the humans have. She has danced the dances, sung the songs, and drunk the wine. All in all, she likes her life and very much enjoys what she does.[/COLOR]
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[B]Name:[/B] Tarique Chadwick

[B]Willing to become a vampire?[/B] sigh...yes, I suppose

[B]Age:[/B] 26

[B]Gender:[/B] Female

[B]Description:[/B] [url]http://www.animeshrine.com/gallery.php?series=angelsanctuary&image=26[/url]

[B]Weapons:[/B] Baseball bat, hunting knife, anything else that is close at hand, like random pieces of pipe, tree branches...etc... She likes golf clubs too, and also uses on regular occassion her paintball gun.

[B]Biography:[/B] Intelligent and witty, Tarique is in hopes of becoming a crime scene reporter. She handles blood and "messes" quite well, keeping her cool even when some cops lose their lunches. She's noted for looking at the world with a detached tone, keeping her emotions down low on the job. Completely a fact-hunter, she loves to scout the evidential terrain, and interrupt any important proceedings so that her questions might be answered.

Working on an internship in the police force, Tarique is like the assistant crime reporter, releasing only what the department wants her too, in return for her being able to wander about the scene noting down her facts and having her questions answered. Her high hopes are actually to go to D.C. and write pieces on politics, but for the moment, bloody mutilations have spurred her curiosity and interest. She looks at everything from a factual point of view, which can sometimes get irritating in emotional situations.

However, the police and the force got used to her prodding and poking, and in general she's accepted, or merely tolerated by some. She's a familiar face by now. However, a little twist came up. Nina Cartwright was a friend of hers. Tarique went along with the other detectives, and Logan, when the call came in. She didn't even flinch when she saw the body, but instead went looking and examining the blood spattered on the glass of the windows, the state of the body... Until one of the detectives declared that it was Nina. Tarique almost didn't register the name, but then froze. Nina had been one of her best friends, but they had grown a little apart in recent years. However, they had still written occassionally to one another, updating each other on life.

Tarique quickly left the scene, much to the surprise of some, and went directly to the head of the department. She asked to be the head reporter on this case, and the head, a little curious, agreed. Thus, Tarique is on her own hunt, determined to find the killer and bring him/her to justice. She, however, has no idea what kind of thing the killer is...but she's about to find out. She hangs out around Logan Channing alot, as he is the lead detective on the case, and seems to have a nose for these kinds of things...
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[b][size=1]Sweet! Vampire RPG's rule.

Name: Arguyle Morton (the first vampire)

Age: 634

Gender: Male

Description: Tall, pale skin. Short blood-red/black hair. Dressed in black silk suit, ruby cuff links and black leather wing-tipped shoes.

Weapons: Vampiric abilities.

Biography: (I don't know if I like the idea of my character being a rapist, but I guess I'll go with it.) Born in 1340 and made in 1364, he appears to be that age of 24. He has a cold manner and has no problem whatsoever killing. His victims are usually young women, but he doesn't normally change them. He must see something special for them to meet his requirements. His likes include, as Raiha so eloquently put it, sex. Blood and rock n' roll. [/color]

OOC: Could you please be a little more specific about the Vampire abilities, please? [/b][/size]
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Vampiric abilities. Good question.

In truth, I don't really know. The abilities of vampires varies between story teller.

[B]Bram Stoker [/B] had his with the ability to turn into a bat, climb walls like a bug, and I believe turn into a wolf.
[B]Anne Rice[/B].. I'm really unsure of, I have yet to read any of her books.
[B]Laurell K. Hamilton[/B], of what I have read, just gives them the power to seduce people quite well.
[B]Other authors [/B] are just.. weird.

The only thing that I have seen in common with all Vampiric story tellers is that they have superhuman strength, they can hypmotize a person, and can create other vampires.

If you can think of anything else be my guest to use them, I find it hard to say try to keep it in the norm since Vampires don't really exist. But just don't let it get stupid, if you do, I will kill you.... o_O

All in all the sign ups look good. There are a few things in which I would prefer to be changed, but I will let it slide.. even though I'm twitching about it.

Alright, if anyone else signs up before tomorrow evening, you may not have vampire(s) kill your family off, making you want to hunt down vampires. It just sounds really stupid. *Twitch* No more vampire hunters, no more contact with vampires until I say. I liked to see some naivity.

I'm going to bed before I twitch myself to death.
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Name: Karama Shuichi

Age: unknown to the public, but private documents reveil he is 23

willing to be come a vampire: hell yeah!!!!!!!!!!

gender: male

decription: he's an albino, meaning he's milk white, and extrodinarrilly pale. Yet, he is painstakingly oblivious to his abnormality. He always wears red and black, as he likes those colors. He has his hair long, down to his ankles. he sticks out in a crowd like a sore thumb.

Weapons: he uses his ancient kusari gama and a blade whip, as well as senbon.

Biography: he's a helper to those who are weak, but he is not exactly a saint either.......
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Can I Daddy?


Name: Jessamie Vixen Tylers (Called Vixen)

Willing to become a vampire?: Is

Age: 732

Gender: Female

Description: [url=http://www.animeshrine.com/gallery.php?series=elhazard&image=64]he one on the right[/url]

Biography: As a young teen, back in the middle age, she was very quiet, but seemingly expressive. About the time she turned 16, she was attacked, oddly enough, but never screamed, not once. She was to shocked to do so.

Being a vampire in this day and age has changed her. She is now less secluded, and is very used to stealing young boys lives, and using them as she pleases. Vixen took on the modern last name of Tylers when she was 451, and discarded her real last name, Mayn. She had a daughter, named Kei, but Kei died of some odd blood disease when she was 2.

Ever watchful, Vixen has heard of the murder of the young woman, and appluades her killer.
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Sign-ups are now officially closed. I regret that I must do this, but I believe it will be for the betterment of the RPG. This will be the first time I've refused players.

[B]SilpheedPilot[/B] - [COLOR=Green]Accepted[/COLOR]
[B]Arika[/B] - [COLOR=Green]Accepted[/COLOR]
[B]The (Sic) Shape[/B] - [COLOR=Green]Accepted[/COLOR]
[B]Balinese[/B] - [COLOR=Green]Accepted[/COLOR]
[B]Raiha[/B] - [COLOR=Green]Accepted[/COLOR]
[B]Cyriel[/B] - [COLOR=Green]Accepted[/COLOR]
[B]sublime2004[/B] - [COLOR=Green]Accepted[/COLOR]
[B]Inuyasha Fandom[/B] - [COLOR=Red]Rejected[/COLOR]
[B]callmegoddess04[/B] - [COLOR=Green]Accepted[/COLOR]

Congratulations on those that made it. Those that didn't, I'll give you an explanation as to why. Simply put, your post was a rushed job, and given very little thought. Also, I specifically said not to give an "Unknown" Age. So you did not follow the rules, and the sign up was just poo.

This will be started within the hour.
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