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[color=gray]An avater is the small picture in the top right of your post ^_~
This is more bannerish.

Anyways... You used a cool picture and the white text is cool.
Its just the text with the white edge and the transparent center that doesnt look right. Keep it at one of the two fonts, filled or empty.
The border isnt placed really right and it could use a black one aswell. The blocks in the upper right corner are a nice touch.

For a pain banner this is really nice. But to use it here, you should resize it a bit ^_^[/color]
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[QUOTE]Hey, I'm new at this, and I don't have photoshop, so don't laugh or make sarcastic remarks, but here is my avatar. Remember, this is my first time effort.

CC and suggestions are my only request! Thanks! The avatar is from Gundam...
Attached Images home-made.bmp (240.0 KB, 16 views) [/QUOTE]

Um, I really hope you werent suggesting that you made the background also. If you were, then I suggest deleting this thread before anyone else see's it. If you werent then I would suggest a better font, perhaps try drawing the font with the pencil tool if you're using paint or whatever.
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(So harsh... *-_-*)

Well, I didn't create the backgrounds, nor any of the image effects either.

Just to clarify. And could you recomment any sites where I could find better fonts instead of just dogging my work? Thanks!

I used a font that some people from the site recommended to me, but i guess it didn't work... Maybe I need to use it under a higher font size.
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Im not just "dogging" your work, I woud've posted a link to a few sites but I think theres a rule somewhere saying not to. Either way, finding decent fonts isnt hard, just use google.

Also, you should try some of the basic fonts such as arial, verdana, times new roman. They work just as well and people often seem to over look them.
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