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DewPrism - Threads of Fate (Swearing and Mature References)


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[color=teal][i]Reth stared at the temporal rift from atop the inn's roof. He sighed as he resheathed Rubius on his back.[/i]

[b]Reth:[/b]How am I gonna crack you? I've still gotta find those old ateliers. I'll get you Valen. Dad asked me to pay you back for Uncle Ruecian.

[i]He jumped down, knowing Minthe was probably going to insist he have an honor guard as the child of the man who sealed Valen with her mother. He shook his head and dashed into the forest, hoping Rena was still there. He needed her help, and he hated admitting it.[/i]


[b]Rini:[/b]Daddy, Reth's run off to Carona Forest again.

[i]Rue stopped sharpening the Arc Edge and stared off into the distance. His eyes became wistful as he remembered his adventuring days with Mint and Prima Doll.[/i]

[b]Rue:[/b]He'll be fine, he's your brother.

[i]Rini giggled as she remembered the time her brother had first met that Amazon, Amara. He'd come home from that encounter in a sling on her back, his "wounds" a result of an attempt to eat some Amazon "cooking".[/i]


[i]Reth stood on top of the hill next to the magician's atelier. Rena had taken up residence in it for obvious reasons: its ties to magic.[/i]

[b]Reth:[/b]Rena, I need your help!

[i]A catlike girl exited the building, a feral grin on her face.[/i]

[b]Rena:[/b]So the proud treasure hunter finally asks for help?

[b]Reth:[/b]Oh, Rena, you know you're the only person I'll EVER ask help from.

[b]Rena:[/b]I know. That's why I commented on it....[/color]
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[COLOR=MediumTurquoise][i]Rena threw back her head and roared with laughter, a horrible sound for the uninitiated. The sound was a cross between a bray and a chuckle, shot with half human half cat sounds.[/i]

"I suppose we're going to save people now."

"...I suppose you're right."

"And why am I coming along master thief?"

"Incase we need someone that can break open doors and drag things around."

[i]Rena pouted, she knew she was more than just brute strength.... ...and so did he... ...but she didn't like the teasing. Witha proud toss of her head, she dropped down to all fours, her spine crackling slightly and her features became far more catlike within seconds.

Reth looked away. No matter how many times he had seen her morph between the humanoid and the feral states, it still creeped his flesh, made it rise up. She grinned happily at him and whined through clenched teeth. Her new shape didn't permit any sort of words to pass from her mouth. He patted her head, barely having to reach down.[/i]

"But if we need seals broken or made, we'll have you for that too."

[i]She purred with pleasure and rubbed against him, her tail whisking gracefully. [/i][/COLOR]
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[COLOR=Navy]Chi fluttered on her wings. Her feet had gotten tired from the walking and her wings needed the exercise. She fluttered to a large, thick branch on a tree and sat. She swung her legs back and forth. Chi had never known that their forest was so big because the fairy children weren't allowed to leave the boundaries around the village because it was too dangerous. Chi looked down and saw a centaur pass beneath her. She stayed quiet.

Chi sighed and looked around, she wondered how long it would take to get out of the forest. She swung her backpack around so she was holding it and opened it. Her mother had helped her pack food items and handy things. Half the bag was neccessities and the other half were Chi's personal belongings that she had decided to bring along. She pulled out a loaf of bread and tore some off before packing it back in. She had to ration her food supplies because she wouldn't know how long it would take to find a town where she could replenish her supplies.

Chi reached into her bag and produced a rolled piece of parchment. It was sealed and Chi hadn't know it was in her bag. She recognised the wax seal as one of Mechal's, her passed on friend. She realised he must have done something from the other side. She smiled and thanked him silently before producing her dagger and sliding it under the seal and cutting off so she could keep it. She unrolled it and frowned and the blank parchment. Then she remembered that Mechal had taught her about the spells that would only reveal writting if the write words were said. Mechal told her that whenever he did a spell, he used the word, "Kaze", and to cover it again he used the word, "Owari".

Chi stared at the paper and whispered the word, "Kaze". Sudddenly ink started to draw itself all over the parchment until it was a map. And a golden key appeared. Chi picked it up. Instructions wrote themselves out. It said to use the key to draw a circle around the part she wanted to see and it would be like a hologram of it. The compass on the page moved like a real compass and the map changed if she moved out of the area. At the moment the map showed the forest. Chi thanked him and threaded the golden key onto the chain that was around her neck, with the small glass sphere. She held slung the bag back onto her back and fluttered her wings. She held the map out and tried to find her way out of the forest.[/COLOR]

[B]OOC:[/B] Note that Chi will never say the words loudly around other people because the words are secret. If someone learns the words they can access the map. But they don't have the key. But what Chi doesn't know is that Mechal put a spell on the parchment so if someone else says the words it will produce a fake map or it won't appear at all, because it's connected to Chi's voice only. Even if someone pretends it has to be the exact same sound signal.
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[font=gothic][color=darkslategray][i]Mikhail grinned across the table, the woman on the other side returning a more toothy smile. They gripped hands, set elbows, and went at it. The crowd cheered, the two strained...Mikhail was not a large man, so the idea of an arm wrestle with an Amazon was more ridiculous than usual. Still, he did have certain advantages when it came to heightened respiration rates, thus more ATP, thus more energy in his elbow...but he wasn't using them this time. He felt it would be demeaning, and since the content was only for the last round of the night, and he'd had plenty, he wasn't too concerned...Even if he couldn't really focus. He was fairly sure she could though, so he peeled back his lips and ran his tongue salaciously over his upper teeth. Startled, she lost concentration, and he slammed her hand down. There was a moment's cheering, and more than a few groans from those who'd wagered against him. Then quite a bit of silence.

Mikhail was about to vacate his seat, and the building, rather hurriedly, when a strong hand clapped onto his shoulder. He winced, as he had a fair idea who it was.[/i]

Tarjarian: Attempting to subvert my soldiers again Mikhail?

[i]Though the tone was ostensibly friendly, Tarjarian, a seargent he had become acquainted with over his stay here, and not exactly amicably, regarded Mikhail as an amusing nuisance more than anything else. It wouldn't have been the first time she'd had a small chat with him about devilling her guardswomen, or being overly esoteric, or simply indulging in a level of social repartee beyond most of them. The number of them that had walked away shaking their heads in confusion probably did it. If he'd been like every other male lout, and simply propositioned them, she could have just thumped him and that would have been the end of it. The fact that he hadn't, coupled with the fact she had been there when he'd shown up at a training session open to the public that had involved hand to hand combat, stopped her doing so. Besides, Mikhail was fairly confident she liked him more than she let on. If nothing else, he was justifying the existance of her position. He always got on, however well, with seargents. It was the officers he didn't like.[/i]

Mikhail: Wouldn't dream of deliquescing away Tarjarian. Merely awaiting a well earned refreshment, at the express bequest of your most fine soldier here.

[i]He turned slightly more to face her. The firelight that played over him did an interesting job of giving his skin an appearance somewhere between bronze and tarnished silver, and shadowing his face enough that his grin wasn't too visible, provided he kept his mouth shut. She stared at him a minute, did he notice her gaze playing over his slightly open shirt, before turning to her warrior. She looked uncomfortable, but held her ground. Tarjarian sighed, and covered her eyes.[/i]

Tarjarian: Get back to the barracks.

[i]Most of the crowd decided to follow a version of the command, and dispersed. Mikhail stood up and stretched languoursly.[/i]

Mikhail: Well, I'll absent myself shall I? I don't think anyone will be needing me here further, though be assured my services are at the command of all at any time.

[i]In response, he received a slug to the stomach. Truly told, he absorbed most of the blow, but decided to fall down anyway. Tarja frowned as he landed facedown on her feet, moaning somewhat theatrically she though. She tried to move, but couldn't dislodge him; eventually he rolled away, onto his back, and looked up at her, his laconic expression unchanged.[/i]

Mikhail: Charming as always. If the guards wish me to avail myself as an ...instructional device, then I'd best do so, no doubt. I'm sure pummeling me several times would be most benefical to all concerned.

[i]Tarjarian was convinced he was baiting her. If nothing else, he was baiting her by being innocuous and forcing her to work out whether he was actually baiting her or not. And she'd bet he knew exactly what he was doing as well. Opting, as many others in her command had, for the easy way out, she executed a military spin and....fell over. The bastard had done a marvellous job, while he'd been moaning like a gutted fish given voice (well, he wasn't making pop-pop-pop sounds, was he?), of slipping a bit of strong twined leather around her ankles. Leaving her on her back, surprised, with him somehow restored to his chair, one leg cocked over the arm rest, looking perfectly at ease.[/i]

Mikhail: I also know how to untie, or even cut if we want to be crude, leather threaded together, should the situation arise.

[i]She growled at him, and snapped the stuff, unmindful of the strange looks she was getting. She stood up, the anger in her face tempered by the gleam in her eyes that grudingly acknowleged it had been a good trick. Mikhail saw it, and one corner of his mouth twitched upwards in triumph. Without further word he rose, gave a monk's bow; hands in a heaven and earth position, eyes upwards, and left. She nailed him to the wall with her eyes as he walked away, stopping only to give a sardonic response to some rake's comment on the way out. She didn't bother to try and pick it up. At least that might disappoint him.

Outside, Mikhail's smile turned more bitter, and he gave a self-deprecating, sardonic laugh, more at himself than anything else. It was getting to the point where this facade had stopped seeming simply an amusing diversion, and was indeed starting to be simply a habit. Mikhail tended to avoid that; if it became too ingrained it was hard to get out of; already the subtle idiosyncracies, in word and action, that came with the role were jumping into his head unprompted. Still, if he ended up getting stuck in anything, it would probably be this...Maybe just a little less of a prankster.

Besides, he still had big enough spikes coming off his arms to back him up if they happened to misfire.[/font][/color][/i]
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Amara guffawed loudly as she watched the young male topple the overzealous Tarjarian with a trick worthy of the most sneaky of practical jokers. Almost choking on her drink in the process she had sat back to watch the sergent banter with the monk with a wide an amused smile. Of course she had been doing this most of the night, greatly amused by the monk's antics around her soliders. Watching Mikhail leave the tavern with his usual sardonic wit Amara toasted the gentleman's back and downed what little remained in her glass. Standing from her position, seated upon a bar stool not far from the door, she stretched languidly and nodded her thanks to the bartender who bowed her head graciously in return.

The tavern was almost completely vacated by now, the only occupants that of the staff and a few 'regular' customers who had to be persuaded quite forcefully to leave. Tarjarian still sat at one of the empty tables finishing the remnants of her drink while gazing, unseeingly into space. Amara stood before the table, her arms folded across her chest, and raised an eyebrow in amusement as she watched the young officer.

"Interesting way of showing your authority, being toppled by a male." The amusement in Amara's voice tainted the repremand, but Tarjarian flushed in embarassment none the less. Standing hastily from her chair she saluted the captian breifly, stuttering a response.

"I-I appologise ma'am..uh..Amara..captain..uh..I can explain.." Waving her hand nonchalantly, Amara cut off Tarjarian's stumbling appology. The sergent looked mutely at the wooden floor, almost like a child who had disappointed their mother. Walking around the table Amara embraced Tarjarian in a shoulder hug, chuckling slightly as she coddled her friend.

"Think nothing of it, I've seen his type and strong they are. Maybe we could learn a thing or two from this strange male in our midst." Clapping Tarjarian on the shoulder she made for the door, leaving the sergent staring after her in a most bewildered fashion. Amara could almost hear her thoughts. [I]Learn? From a male?[/I] The idea was almost too absurd, even to her own ears, however, just because a warrior is a man does not mean that they are worthless.

Leaving the tavern Amara cast her eyes over the darkened night hoping to catch a glimpse of the man known as Mikhail. Truly a more interesting character she had never come across...well unless you counted that Reth child. Chuckling at the memory she walked out into the brisk night air, stopping only to turn and gaze up at the temple of marble, glowing in the moonlight that stood watch over the city. Placing her hand over her heart she bowed in respect and prayer to She that would watch over them all.
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[color=indigo]Ametite viewed the burned Geos Village and laughed menacingly. [i]I knew this would happen eventually,[/i] she thought. [i]My little curse worked.[/i] She skimmed over the village, checking to see that everyone in the village was destroyed in the fire. As she looked around, singed corpses lay everywhere, and dilapidated homes and buildings were piled on top, still engulfed in flame. Ametite, knowing that her wish came true, smiled for the first time in a long while, knowing that she finally got her revenge. But a frightening sight astounded her when she was about to leave to explore the rest of the world...

A boy. Ametite saw a little boy, and he looked mad. He was quite chubby and was holding a couple of javelinlike spears, one pointed straight at the harpy. "I'm Tuyora, and my father's an excellent hunter," he declared bravely. "I bet it was you who destroyed the village, just as an old prophecy went."
"What old prophecy?" Ametite asked with a smirk on her face.
"The one my father told me. 'We must destroy every last half-bird or they will destroy us. When one survives our fury, it will bring us bad luck. Unless we stop it, it will call upon its friends from afar and destroy humanity.'"
"So you're trying to kill me?" Ametite teased. But Tuyora said nothing, his grip on the spear firm and strong. Then, without warning, he threw it, aiming for Ametite's chest. Seeming to read his move, Ametite dodged it by leaning to her left. Then the other spear came at her, and she swatted it back with her wing. It was painful yet effective. The boy, having grown extremely furious, stared straight at the half-bird and muttered something that sounded like "I'm not afraid of you" in a somewhat nervous tone. Ametite landed next to him, putting her hand on his shoulder, giving him slight chills. Tuyora felt like he was being touched by a devil. He felt her digging her claws into his arm, leaving a purple area on his skin that looked sort of like a snakebite. He kept his furious feelings, getting ready to aim a punch. Ametite smiled. But before Tuyora could extend his arm and pound with his fist, he got a dizzy spell and fainted. Eventually his skin turned blue as he was suffocated to death.

"Stubborn little boy," Ametite muttered as she walked away, sad that she had to kill the boy so quickly. She would have loved to let him suffer more. As she took flight, she started to think about the prophecy Tuyora told her but brushed it off, seeing it as complete nonsense. Inside, she had a soft spot for humanity...

Ametite flew back to the nest in the forest that she called home. She started to look around for suplies that she could take with her on her journey beyond the forest. As she was looking around, she saw a fairy for the first time. Within moments, the fairy spotted her too. She was holding a map of some sort, but she rolled it up when she saw Ametite. "Hello there!" she greeted happily. "Are you trying to get out of the forest too?"
"Yes, I am as a matter of fact," Ametite answered. "Who are you anyways?"
"I'm Chi. And you are..."
"Ametite. What's that you're holding?"
"Oh, it's... nothing important."
"Can I see it?"
"No! It's just a blank piece of paper anyways, see?" Chi unrolled the paper to reveal a blank sheet. Ametite was confused.
"That's weird. I could have sworn there was a map there... I must be seeing things. Well, I guess I could be going now..."
"Oh, it's good to have company."
"Really? Well... are you sure? I don't know if I can trust you."
"Oh, you can. Nothing to worry about. Now let's get out of here."
"It will be easier if we fly," Ametite suggested. Chi nodded. And with that, they both flew up into the air, Chi having a bit of difficulty. "Sorry," she said, "My wings are kind of tired. But you can be a lookout!" Ametite nodded and flew up higher as Chi landed, keeping an eye out for her and the way out of the forest. [i]I never thought,[/i] she thought, [i]that anyone would be brave enough to try and be my friend. Chi is pretty nice, nicer than a lot of other people I know...[/i] Ametite always had a good side, and it was first fully expressed when Chi said hello to her. She smiled and flew on, directing Chi to the edge of the forest.[/color]
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Guest Edge Mstr Ninja
As Harou was strolling out of the forest he smelt a burning smell. He could smell flesh and wood burning, so he assumed it was a villiage that was burning. "No big deal happens all the time" Harou said to himself quitely. In the distance he heard the sound og beating wings. Fairly large they were to be emitting such a loud sound. He also heard some talking but thought nothing of it, for if they were friendly he had nothing to fear. Even if they were out to kill him he still had nothing to fear because he could easily dispatch of them.

Harou decided to just keep moving and not any faster than he was already going. He knew at this pace they would eventually catch up to him then maybe he could have some company for awhile. Harou enjoyed company. He didn't care if it wasn't all the way to Corona, for all he cared it could be to the next town.

Suddenly a noise came from a tree above and Harou knew this wasn't who he was waiting to catch up with him. He looked up and saw a half-beast coming down from above weilding a sharp blade. Obviously this was an atempt on his life but this creature would have to be a lot faster than this. It's speed was pathetic for a half-leopard. Harou strafed to the left and punched the creature in its head.

"Explosion!" Harou yelled.

With that the creatures head blew to many pieces. Harou felt bad that he had to end anothers life. For all he knew it may have had a family, but it was justified in his mind because it was self defense and it had to be done. Still in the back of his mind the thought subtly told him "Did you really have to end the creatures life? You could've just knocked it out."

"No! If I did that it would continue to persue me and it also may have slaughtered the people heading my way." Harou thought loudly in his head. The thought he did wrong went away. Harou went out of the forest and sat on a rock. He started to meditate. He thought that he must get rid of the innocence inside of him. Harou started to do so and heard the sound of wings and feet approaching him. Still meditating he waited......
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