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The Chaos War


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All was right in the land of Daerthe, no crimes were commited, all the gods were respectfully followed by their Acolytes. No war had taken place for a human lifetime, that is until the Lord of Chaos emerged from the Abyss to rain destruction with his fiendish allys.
The legion of Chaos will stop at nothing until they cleave the head of every hero in Daerthe, Their chaotic king will at last be able to grow to his full power and open the portals of the nine hells to the world and create hell on earth.
A small group of Adventurers are all that stands between Victory and Defeat. When magic is chaotic and Balors rule what will the fate of the world be?

Rules: You cannot be invincble, have magic that is too powerful, unbreakable or magic weapons/armour and absolutely no guns.

Here is how the character's are created

Name: (Self explanatory)
Age: (see above)

Race: You can select a race out of humans (who have average skill but no weaknesses), Dwarfs (They are resistant to both magic and poisons but take a serious hit to intelligence), elf (more skilled shot with a bow or crossbow but are weaker in melee combat), Midgit (Skilled as theifs but are far weaker than Dwarfs and humans), Gnome ( More skilled as a mage or alchemist but are weaker in battle).

class: Swordsman (good melee warriors but a weak against magic), Archer( Skilled with bows and can hit a knight in between his eyebrow from a mile away), Mage (Basic offensive spellcasters who are weak in melee), Cleric (Can cast healing spells and fight well in close quarters but cannot use swords or daggers), Theif (Adept at breaking into places, pick pocketing and setting traps), Ranger (Skilled in fighting with two weapons at the same time and communicating with animals), Druid (A mix between a cleric and a Ranger that can use blades well).

Magic: If you are a mage, cleric or druid then fill this out, You may select five spells

Weapons: What type of weapon you use.


Bio: (About your character)
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Guest Chimaira
Name- Chimaira
Age ?????
Gender- male
class- swordsman
Weapon- Runite long sword
Appearence- tall, well built, blonde, scar across left side of face, has multipul scars all across his body
Bio- this warrior has fought through many battles his presence remains unknown to many a kingdom, no background other than having to fight since he could wield a sword, has witnessed many deaths (lots caused by himself) so has no feelings about other races, feels all but no emotions except for his family and a few friends, will kill anyone if he is given a chance, wanders the world alone looking for something to be his own.
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Name - Richard Starwind
Age - 25
Gender - Male
Race - Human
Class - Ranger
Weapon - Dragon Sword *2
Appearance - Medium Build, shortish black hair, Tallish ,Brest plate, Arm guards, leather gloves, crimson cloak, iron boots
Bio - An old imperial warrior of a kingdom destroyed in the invasion, he now wonders the world as a mercenary taking any worthy job, he dosn't care about who he works for, and has worked for all of the major races, he has many old friends, so he is the man to come by for information, he is very intelligent and plans tactical attacks on his enemy, making him an invaluable ally , he had a tragic life when he was young, but that remains a mystery, some say this is why he bacame an imperial guard
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Name: Danillo Braegan
Gender: male
Race: Elf
Class: Druid
Weapon: two ornamental scimitars

Magic: Battle Oath (Heals allies and may place them in a beserk state), Rocky skin(Increases the defense of the target but making it weaker to water attacks), Silent Lake(Places all in a large area under a magical silence(Including allies)), Angry Blow(Basic lightning attack that does not effect thunder or rock type foes) and Voice of Earth (Swallows foes up in earth temporarely removing them from battle(Does not effect flying foes)).

Appearence:Moderatly short with silver eyes, white hair, a heavy scar across his cheek, crimson leggings, cape and tunic which is worn over a suit of black leather armour.
Bio: Danillo is a young man who was heir of the first kingdom that the chaos legion invaded, had to flee his home and tried to rescue his bretheren but when he found out what the fiends were doing to his people, he swore revenge and gathered a company of hardy adventurers that would drive the fiends back to the abyss.
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Name: Kayeka
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Race: Elf
Class: Archer
Weapon: Elven Longbow
Appearence: Tall, Long hair (blonde),
Bio: Although young, kayeka has served in many wars against the enemy. He is one of the finest elven archers known throughout the land. Although his face doesn't show it, his past is sorrowful. He shows intelligence and is capable of outwitting his enemies. He weilds the bow of an ancient elven lord, who was his late grandfather.
He is fast and can move through small spaces
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[size=1][color=darkslateblue]A few things. First, QuakeChamp, I suggest that you work on the overall quality of your sign-up. Not only is your character completely flat and uninteresting, your spelling and grammar could really use some work. Please put more thought and effort into your posts, especially those in the Recruitment Forum. An RPG is nothing without good, solid characters, and right now, you aren't contributing to that.

Most of you could stand to flesh out your own bios, as well. The more indepth you are about your character, the more interesting he/she and thus the story will be. Please keep this in mind.

Also, please read OB's rules, as well as the sticky at the top of this forum. You'll find that one liners and simple questions like Chimaira's can and should be kept to PM's. It keeps the threads from cluttering and makes it easier to read through. They are considered spam otherwise and are not allowed.

Please, work on these changes so I don't have to speak to any of you again. If you have any comments or questions, please PM either myself or one of the other Arena mods and we'll do our best to help you out.

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Name: Galdor Helyanwë (the elvish form of Shiro Uzuki)

Age: 19

Gender: Male

Race: Elf

Class: Ranger

Weapons: An Eleven longbow and Twin Blades(if okay,if not then just the twin blades.)
http://www.weaponmasters.com/index.html?ID=d6d6eae8f18e16d486eda4e26486061f&FDX=&FMAX=&SORT=&ITEM=WM-2177&LOCATION=PHOTOS(those are what the blades look like.)

Appearence: He has long flowing greenish silver hair and deep green eyes.He wears his bow and quiver on his back.When not in battle, he wears blueish green breeches and dark green boots.He also weras a light slver shirt with designs in gold scattered across it.When going to battle, he dones light chain mail and mithril gauntlets and leggings, so his sspeed does not suffer. He also wears a light breastplate.

Bio: Glador was the son of an elvish hero whose name is not spoken. His father was a great bow and swordsman. This is were Galdor got his skill from.Galdor loved his dad very much,but more so his caring mother.His father began teaching him combat at age nine. He toke up blades quickly, and bows gave him little trouble. That is when his father gave him his longbow. Galdor cherished the bow and learned to shoot up to three arrows at one time. When Galdor learned that,his fathered passed on his blades. Galdor was an enamor of his fathers blades and cherished them more than his bow. When word spread of the usealing of the Lord of Chaos, Galdors father wanted to take war to him before he could attack. The elves disowned him because of this, because they didn't like to start wars, only fight if one is brought on them. After this, Galdor set out to find his father and find a way to destroy this Lord of Choas.

I hope this is okay.
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[COLOR=DarkRed][SIZE=2][FONT=Century Gothic][B]Name:[/B] Chyme Repaer

[B]Age:[/B] 16

[B]Race:[/B] Half-Elf

[B]Class:[/B] Druid

[B]Weapon[/B]: Double edged Spear and Long dagger

[B]Magic:[/B] Star's wind(heals allies a little and removes status effects) Shattered will(decreases strength and makes them more prone to statuses) Wind Thrust ( a gust of wind knocks enemy off feet, little effect against rock, makes fire enemies grow) Hero's call( raises strength and defence for a short time) Brimstone Inferno( a rain of brimstone hails apon the enemy no effect on water)

[B]Appearance:[/B] Tall with a more human build. Has Short Black hair with Navy blue eyes. Wears an Bracer on his left arm. Has a leather glove with metal plating on his right and a shoulder guard on his right shoulder. Has a small light breast plate that stops at his abs. Metal plated leather boots with plating abot the ankles to the knees. Wears a black hooded cloak.

Bio: As a child he lived with his mother and learned magic an archery but he was not well liked by the local children who made fun of his human father. Eventually the conflicts started getting rough and turned to violence. Most of the time he would come out as victor because of a more human build making him stronger than the other children and equally as fast. Eventually his mother decided for him to go live with his father till things settled down. While living with his father he learned how to use a spear and various other weapons.He learned very quickly and had great skill but this made him very cocky. He is quick to lash out for a fight and gets ahead of himself quite often. Could be a better fighter just needs to practice and keep calm. [/FONT][/SIZE][/COLOR]
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Weapon:=Soul Calibur and Nirvana
Appearance:=Q. Tall With No Need For Armour Coz I Am just so damn strong Naturally i am extremely fast and agile[/QUOTE]
i'd appreciate it if you all gave yourself a biography and in your case a more detailed appearence. The Soul Calibur was a magical weapon so you cannot have it.

I will start this RPG in the Adventure Forum by the end of the week ok.
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Weapon:=rune long sword (left hand) and a rune battle-axe(right hand)
Appearance:=Quite tall and thin (but not lanky) looks really scruffy and laid back
long brown hair (really messed up grows like a bush)
only wears jeans and a T-Shirt
extremely fast and agile(due to being an elf)
bio:=after 5 years of living in a town Chaveri finally gets bored of obeying the rules and laws,deciding to return to a living as a mercenary ranger he takes out his trusty sword and battle-axe and sets off to the wilderness...
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