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[color=purple][font=arial][size=2] OOC: Okay! Thats it! Sign ups are still open, but I'm starting this! The ppl in are:

Dragon Wariior/Pippin(outskirts)
Undefeated/Michael(Dyran Leader)

Okay, that?s who we have. The spots for Sensitives are still open.

IC: It?s the year 5013, and fashion statements have to be the [I]last[/I] thing on anybody?s mind. Wearing flip-flops on the street could result in serious burns, sometimes even deadly, to your feet, as the ground burns with heat and seeming anxiety.

Anxiety? For what?

It was nearing the time of Raid, which, for the past thirty years, has been a time of peril. For the past thirty years, bombs have dropped like rain, killing those within a 5-mile radius. The only safe place was underground.

No, there was one other place. A place called Haven.

Haven was a grove of tree?s magically protected in the middle of the desert, covered by an illusion. Only a chosen few and those lucky enough can find it.

For 30 yrs, people have gotten into the habit of diving underground when Raid came. For 30 yrs, the tradition of celebrating about Jesus and the Crone was cast away in an attempt to preserve humanity, as were race, culture, and any religion.

For 30 yrs, teens grew into grown ups, grown ups to old folk, old folk died, and babies grew to teens. For 30 yrs, these people were killed one by one by Dyran, the enemy government of Lacunas. For 30 yrs, all hide in their basements and root cellars, hiding anywhere they could, some still getting caught by the poison gas and impact from the bombs. Now, they wait, wondering who will die, and who will live to pray they will live after next Raid. All hold their breath, and wait for the bombing to begin.

Only, none does.

All is silent, no bombs explode, no poison gas seeps into unprotected spots to kill the occupants, and nothing pollutes the air. The temperature drops from 102 degrees to a bearable 95. Everyone waits for a day and a night, and still nothing happens. People come out of hiding, crowding the streets on awestruck groups, all packed together. A murmur or relief and awe sweeps through the streets of Lunar.

All but nine teens, 3 at the YMCA fields, 3 at the third floor library, and 3 at the outskirts of town. The trio at the outskirts are a group of two girls and one boy. They control elements. The group at the Y are all boys, and they are telekinetic. The three at the library, all girls, are alters. They can alter matter?s many forms. All can use telepathy, though none know that anyone other than the others in their group have these powers. The powers they are unaware of are the ability to change into an animal and ?talk? with the animal they ?borrow? the form of. Last but not least, they can teleport.

The trios all stare, wide eyed, at one another, their thoughts circulating. ::This isn?t right.:: ::Something?s gone wrong.:: ::Way weird.::Nine others hear these thoughts, Sensatives. Nine others now feel the dread of doubt. Twelve yr old twins, a mother, three junior high students, and three teachers. They all have the potential to do what the nine teens can.

They must contact the government of Lunar, Yranmill. They must try to help. They must find out what Dyran has in mind, and why they delay.


Shay looks to Kilani, who looks back at her. Then she looks at Pippin. Shay?s green eyes never waver, and she says firmly, ?We have to do something. This is wrong. I know, its what we?ve all wanted, but why so suddenly??

OOC: Play![/size][/color][/font]
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[size=1][color=#999999][i]Kilani looks to the the space in front of her as she flips her custom made shuriken. Her thoughts are nowhere and yet she feels as though someone calls her name...and someone does. It was Shay.[/i]

"Kilani, did you hear me?"

[i]Groaning, Kilani looked to Shay and held her shuriken tightly.[/i] "Yeah. I heard you loud and clear."

"Then we have to do something. I mean, even though we wanted this...."

[i]Kilani now was annoyed by Shay's perseverance to do something that she thought could not be done.[/i] "Even though, we wanted this...what more can we do? Stop trying to chase after a dream that left us long ago. It's no use."

[i]Shay retaliated and suddenly the two began to argue. Pippin sat still listening to their quarrel, he then closed his fists and had enough. He stood up and shouted at the top of his lungs. The two girls looked to the boy. Kilani sat back and meditated. Shay apologized for their behavior.[/i]

"It's just that...we need to do something."

"What can we do?"[/size][/color]
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[color=purple][size=2][font=arial]Shay sat back, and sighed. "pip, Kil, what ARE we going to do? I mean, we can't ignore it, like nothing happen. I think they're up to something." Kilani rolled her eyes. "You always do." Shay opened ehr mouth for a smart retort and bit it back as Pippin gave her a 'look'.

Shay looked around, emerald orbs gazing out, scanning the land. She fiddled with her necklace absentley, until her fingers became tangled in it. She tugged, and finally managed to get them free.

She looked back to her friends. She and Kilani were best buds, though they fought with one another so often. Pippin was the peace maker. Kilani was a fighter, but calm. Shay was also a fighter, but more determined and stubborn about it.

OOC: EDIT- Oh, and for those of you who HATE to hunt... the sign ups are [url=http://www.otakuboards.com/showthread.php?t=37944]here.[/url][/color][/size][/font]
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OOC: oh goody!

IC: Isaac sat on a dusty bench, watching Kayin and John messing around in the YMCA. He didn't know what was so appeasing about this... controlled excersize. For most of his life, at least most of what he remembered, he had been in the bleak wilderness. Perhaps this is what warped his sense of 'fun' and so on. He didn't understand people.

But the thought slowly came to his mind... [I]nothing's happening[/I]. This was indeed strange, as there were bombings and raid almost 24/7 around here... but there was just... silence.

Isaac stood up, his blue eyes hinting at something odd. He walked out of the 'door' (it was now a big gap in the wall) and scanned the immediate surrondings with his eyes. Nothing seemed unusual... and the ground. It was... cooling off. It no longer felt scortching on his half-bare feet. A wind was coming in from the East, where most people came in from other places. He sniffed the air. All seemed normal... except, there was something strange about this one's smell. No.. three idividual smells, all with an odd quality to them. He knew that quality... it was the same he, John, and Kayin had. Then they were unique, like they were.

"Isaac, what's up?" John asked, coming out of the YMCA.

"Something isn't right." Isaac replied in a low, slightly scratchy voice.
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[FONT=Comic Sans MS](OOC: quick note: Aya is in [COLOR=DarkRed]red[/COLOR], and Rem is in [COLOR=Blue]blue [/COLOR]. i'll provide translations, as sometimes my characters want to speak Spanish or Japanese. [i]¿Qué puede usted hacer?[/i] [What can you do?])

Chiana Remia Kitsune sat in her small room, toying with a book in her hand. She wasn't really in the mood to read, and her mind was buzzing with questions. She closed her eyes, laid back, and called out. [COLOR=Blue][i]Aya? ¿Dónde está usted?[/i] [Aya? Where are you?][/COLOR]

[COLOR=DarkRed][i]La derecha aquí. ¿Cuál es él, Rem?[/i] [Right here. What is it, Rem?][/COLOR] a slightly annoyed voice muttered in her head. Ayane Hitomi, her elder sister, was intent on a trid game and wasn't paying much attention.

[COLOR=Blue][i]Did you hear those voices?[/i][/COLOR]
[COLOR=DarkRed][i]Of course I did. Why?[/i][/COLOR]
[COLOR=Blue][i]Shouldn't we go find them?[/i][/COLOR]
[COLOR=DarkRed][i]Cierre para arriba y déjeme van de nuevo a mi juego. No es probablemente nuestro negocio.[/i] [Shut up and let me go back to my game. It's probably not our business.][/COLOR]
[COLOR=Blue][i]Usted es un tirón verdadero a veces, Aya.[/i] [You're a real jerk sometimes, Aya.][/COLOR]
[COLOR=DarkRed][i]Muérdame.[/i] [Bite me.][/COLOR]

Rem sighed at her sister's uncaring thoughts, then opened her mind again.
[COLOR=Blue][i]Can you still hear me? Please say something if you can...[/i][/COLOR][/FONT]
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[color=purple][font=arial][size=2]Shay snapped her head around. Her eyes widened. "pippin, Kilani, I just heard someone besides you!" Kilani rolled her eyes. "Probably just your imagination."

Shay narrowed ehr eyes at Kilani, thensighed, leaning back. It came again. [/color][color=black][i]Can anyone hear me?[/color][/i][color=purple] SHay snapped up again. She sent out,[/color][color=black][i] I can hear you! Who are you?[/color][/i][color=purple] Shay looked at Kilani, whose eyes had whidened. "I just heard that! In response to..." Pippin and SHay nodded, exchanging looks.[/color][/font][/size]
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[i]I can hear you! Who are you?[/i]

[COLOR=Blue][i]My name is Rem. My sister and I heard you... but why?[/color][/i] Rem half-relaxed, then jumped when her sister cut in.

[COLOR=DarkRed][i]REM! ¿Qué usted está haciendo? ¿Qué le he dicho sobre hablar con la gente que no conocemos?[/i] [What are you doing? What have I told you about talking to people we don't know?][/COLOR]
[COLOR=Blue][i]Quizá pueden ayudar nos, a Aya. ¡Ser corteses![/i] [Maybe they can help us, Aya. Be polite!][/COLOR]
Aya concentrated for a brief moment, and was satisfied when the voices she had heard faded from her mind. The shield had apparently closed off Rem as well, because Aya could hear soft sniffles from the upstairs room.

[COLOR=DarkRed][i]No more, Rem. I don't know what or who they are, but they may be trouble, and we can't afford trouble.[/i][/COLOR]
[COLOR=Blue][i]I don't care. I'm going to find them, and you're coming.[/i][/COLOR] Rem walked downstairs, grabbed her sister by the arm, and left in search of the 'trail' the psychic call had left. First stop, the YMCA.
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"Huh? Isaac, what do you mean something isn't right? In this day and age nothing is ever right. How could it get any worse...no, I too sense something is very wrong..." Kayin said after trying to figure what he had meant. "I don't know what it is but something is wrong here..."

"Well I suppose we'll just have to wait and find out what it is, right? But it seems like more of a 'who it is' rather than a 'what it is' type of problem..." John said looking over to the "door" along with Isaac.

"I believe it is a 'who it is' situation, guys...They have a smell similar to our own...They are different like we are..." Isaac contemplated.
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Isaac was about to go back inside, ignoring his senses (wich wasn't a smart move in the first place) when he heard an echo of a voice... but it wasn't normal. It was... a psychic voice. It was faint, and he couldn't catch the real words. He turned to John and Kayin, a questioning look in his eye.

"Ya... I heard it."

"Me too..." They all stood a moment longer. Then they all amde the decision at the same time...

"Let's go!" Isaac bent low to the ground, his face a meer foot above the slowly cooling surface, and he ran. The other's kept up, but barely. That's the advantage of a life in the waste-land.

Half way to their un-knowing destination, two girls passed by, going the opposite direction. A ping of something hit all three boys. They stopped and truned, to see that the two girls had done the same.
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[COLOR=DarkOrchid]"I see it coming." Dal said as he walked down the beaten path. He could feel he was alone. He never felt alone. This was new for him. He had to do it though. "Maybe I can stop it." He considered, but he wasn't sure if he could. He has a problem if he misses. He will cause more distruction, but if he stops it then many lives will be saved. He had to make to the platform though. "I'll do it." He concentrated on it. He would destroy it as it loomed over him and over them. He will save them.[/COLOR]
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[COLOR=Red]Laura tossed down the book. It was a copy of a 19th century novel, Bram Stoker's Dracula. One of the few pieces of literature from that time still remaining. It was her third time reading it, and she was starting to get tired of it.

"We should find a new library," she called out to one of her friends, Mara.

"Why? So you can read a different copy of that book?" Mara asked back sarcastically.

"Bite me." Laura snapped. She looked at the shelves and started reading the spines of the books. Modern literature was so boring. The old text from the years before the Raids was so much better. More imagination was at work. She read a book that seemed to tell about the Raids before they even happened.

[I]People must have all been psychic then, [/I] she thought.

"Not likely," Mara mumbled.

"True, if they were they would have stopped the Raids from happening." Laura said.[/COLOR]
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Vaxla: You two obviously don't read enough twentieth century novels. I've read several books where people knew something would happen and couldn't stop it. Also, even if people did know somehow, most would have thought they were imagining things.

Laura: Could you for once let me say one thing without correcting me?

Vaxla: Nope.

Laura: Well, I just want to find a place with more books from that time.

Vaxla: I've got some you might be interested in, but I don't think now's the time. Something's going on, or else we'd be hiding underground right now. We should be figureing out what's happening.
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[size=1][color=#999999][i]Kilani looked to Shay and Pippin. She sat back and relaxed and toyed with her shuriken. Shay looked to Pippin and Kilani, who closed her eyes and tried to create the most wonderful weapon there ever was, but her thoughts were broken by her senses.

She sat up abruptly and looked to the two that were with her. Something told her a fight was to happen.[/i]

"Someone's going to fight."

"What? Where? With who?"

"YMCA. Some kids planned to fight each other and one of the kids has a gun."


[i]Shay and Pippin's eyes widened and they looked to each other. Kilani then stood up and cracked her neck. She walked past her friends and was about to leave, when she felt a hand on her shoulder. It was Pippin's. He looked to Kilani and and didn't want her to leave without him. It was hard to keep track of where her friends were, so she gave upon trying to leave without them a long time ago.

Kilani nodded and the three friends left towrads the YMCA.[/size][/color][/i]
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[COLOR=DarkOrchid]"It will stop it." Dal said slowly as his temples pounded with the pain of this massive amount of power he was useing. "This Raid will stop here. No missiles will strike this ground. No one can see them yet, but they are there." The explosion rocked to earth. The clouds parted as one of Dal's Meteors struck it's target. He felt the releif of letting go the control. "Now I must find Haven. I must teach and they must learn. Truth in these words I speak."[/COLOR]
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Guest Midnight Rush
OOC: Sorry I forgot I was in this. I sort of scanned through th previous posts, so I'll be ambiguous....

IC: Micheal stood on the bridge of his marvelous airship, the Mors Ventus (Dead Wind), staring into the sunset.

[I]The child is able to strike targets going at supersonic velocities.... THat is interesting. I must test the child a little more.[/I] he thought. "Captain!"

"Yes sorr?" The captain responded instantly.

"FIre a full barrage where the missile was intercepted."

"Aye aye sorr."

"No. Stop."


"Make it 5. And be sure to bring me the full reports, send a team in to collect the dead. I want them tested for certain things."

"As good as done sorr!" The captain saluted and went off.
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[COLOR=DarkOrchid]"These words I speak are true." Dal said to himself as he continued down the path fighting off the heat of the world. "I am royaly screwed." He peered past the clouds beyond the point in which normal people could see. He saw with his mind three, four, no.. FIVE more missiles. Raid wouldn't give up. "How can I defeat it this time. It is impossible without help."

He again saw the missiles with his mind he examinded them more closely. Heprobed and felt it up with his mind as a pervert would with a hot girl, but instead of getting aroused this was so he could understand and withstand the strike. He would be destroyed if he couldn't do this. He would teach others to do this as well. he was a teacher by choice and his future students (he could see nine of them) would become teachers of this as well unless this is able to be stopped before they would need to. He was young, but a lifespan of someone like him was short.

"They will destroy and then come for my remains." Dal said to himself again. That was when the first name came to him.The names always came like this. A quick burst and he saw minutes, maybe hours, of future and possibilities. The name began with an S. He also saw massive streams of blood and destruction. Limbs of friends and enemes alike floating in a hell-spring. Then a body fell to the center. His own. Then he saw what looked like a flower opening and inside of it was a key. Gold and lovely. Then the missiles struck. Bubbles of the heat that would help to destroy this planet was released and flowed towards him.[/COLOR]
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Guest Midnight Rush
OOC: You guys are gonna make me next I can feel it.....

IC: Micheal watched the visual screen carefully. The male figure was still alive after taking 5 direct hits...
"Curious... very curious."
"Shall I dispatch the team, sorr?" The captain asked.
"No. That won't be needed." Michael said calmly.
"Aye aye sorr!" The captain saluted and started leaving.
"Captain! Put her down 5 miles from the point of impact."
"Aye aye sorr, I assume you will be wanted to disembark for a period?"
"Assuming again will cost you your life. You are correct, however."

After the Mors Ventus landed, Michael left the ship on foot, trekking carefully towards this mysterious village. He saw the smoke rising from the impact fires of the missiles, and wondered [I]What are these people? Did WD-249 really give them these awesome powers? One of those missiles is enough to remove world class citites from the map, and he survived five! What the hell is going on here? This reminds me of All God's Village, the one great grandfather told of in his diary. I wonder...[/I]
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[COLOR=DarkOrchid]They will never find me. These words I speak are true." Dal said. He had noticed that the aircraft that had fired the raid missiles had landed. Someone was coming out of it as well. He saw this with his mind. "They will be too worried because of their selfishness and selfcenteredness." He spoke. Then his mind flaired with the same pain again. He pushed with his power to grasp the meteor and drag it out of orbit then send it towards it's target. "Always plenty forever. Been that way since the Mars incident." He spoke his words of truth again. Now a meteor had another target. The ship itself.[/COLOR]
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[color=orange][size=1] OOC: Okay, I'm way too lazy to read through all the posts, so I'll just take it from the last library girl's post and hope I'm somewhat in this...

Mara gazed tiredly at Vaxla at Laura.

"How about," she suggested, staring at her nails nonchalantly, "we [b]not[/b] find a new place to read, and instead go out and have some fun?"

She hopped off the tabe she had been sitting on, due to the dirty glare that had been directed towards her from a libraian.

Laura shook her head, patting the book in her lap.

"I need to read this." she stated simply.

Mara and Vaxla shook their heads, exasperated.

"How about you just check the stupid thing out, huh?" Vaxla suggested leaning against a nearby bookshelf.

Mara shot her a reproachful look, brushing her own curly raven hair to the side.

"If she wants to read, let her read!"

Suddenly, all three girls stopped.

"What was that?" Vaxla asked.

Mara shook her head.

"I don't know." Laura replied.[/color][/size]
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Guest Midnight Rush
The meteor fell from heaven, traveling at super sonic velocities towards the Mors Ventus. Long before it entered the atmosphere, the captain saw it on the radar. He prepared countermeaures and waited. At 500m distance, interception missiles fired, blowing the meteor into two large chunks and many smaller ones.
This worried the captain, he wasnt sure what to do. The computer told him that the first chunk, the larger, was blown off trajectory, thus sparing the ship. The other half, however, was falling directly toward the broad side of the ship. It was now only 200m from the ship, adn the captain was terrified.
"Sir! Fire on the incoming UFO!" A lieutenant shouted. THe captian stood frozen with terror, and said nothing.
Survival instincts kicked in inside the lieutenant, whose name was Ami, and she fired her side arm into the captains head, killing him instantly. Ami rushed forward and took the gunners controls, firing anti-missile shells into the incoming target. By 50m, it was reduced to a cloud of dust, causing nominal damage.
"Mr. James!" Ami said politely over the radio.
"Uh, who is this?" Michael said.
"Ami Nakamura, first lieutenant of the Mors Ventus."
"Ahh yes, your the girl with the cute face... what is it Ami?"
"Well sir,..." And she proceeded to retell the whole event.
"Well Ami, I am very disappointed." He said coldly.
"H-h-h-h-ho-ow-ww? Sir?" She said fearfully.
"I am sad that I didn't make you captain in the first place. I am impressed with your initiative. I will see you and the other crew members within two hours, Captain Nakamura." He said with a slight warmth.
"Thankyou sir!"
Michael continued and finally reached the village. He saw a library, and he purposed to enter. His gun was in his left hand, locked and loaded, and he was prepared to use it.
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[color=purple][font=arial][size=2]OOC: I wish Dragon Warrior would post? can someone bug him?

IC: Shay took of at a run, Kilani and Pippin alongside her. Her long tan legs took in the strides with ease, and she slid to a stop when she reached the library. Her eyes went wide.

?What is he doing?! Someone could get killed!? Shay said to Kilani and Pippin.

Kilani answered by rushing forward and karate chopping the guys wrist. His hand snapped down, and the gun hit ground, spinning away.

Shay ran up, and grabbed his arms, throwing her whole wiehgt against him. She felt Kilani help, and the tackled him to the floor. Shay kept the struggling guy still. Suddenly his arm snapped up, hitting Shay in the face. Shay fell back, and the guy flipped up, kicking her in the face, and punching Kilani.

Shay flew back, her nose bleeding. Pippin looked shocked, Kilani was kneeling on the ground, holding her stomach, and the man darted for his gun. Three girls shot out of the door, and saw them.

Shay screamed as a bullet went through her shoulder. Her hand flew to the found, and she clenched her teeth. [I]That? HURT![/I] she screamed with her mind, and the man reeled backwards. Shay held up her free hand, her eyes wild. Somewhere, she heard Kil and Pip scream at her, ?No! Don?t!? But she did. A ball of darkness formed in her outstretched palm. It grew, and Pippin threw himself flat, as did Kil. She dragged two of the girls with her, the third getting the message. The dark ball shot at the man, engulfing him. In the path of the ball, everything was incinerated.

Shay blacked out.[/color][/font][/size]
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OOC: OK, me confused, so I'll just jump in then...

IC: Isaac heard a gunshot, quickly followed by a scream... a mental scream? It must be them... the ones he had smelled earlier. He turned toward John and Kayin, and they both nodded.

The three headed towards the sound, Isaac ahead of the others, resembling a wolf in his stride. It wasn't long until they reached the source... right outside the library. The three boys looked around, taking in the scene. Two girls and a boy stood at one end, one with an outstretched hand, a path of burns and smoke going all the way to what might be a corpse. At the library entrance, three more girls were standing, a look of surprise on their faces.

"What the hell just happened?" Isaac said in his scratchy voice, still bent low to the ground, as if expecting someone to pounce.
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Guest Midnight Rush
"Not bad for children... you've melted the insignia off of my gun." Michael said.

"Is this a party or what?" He looked around at the gathering people. "Who the hell are you people?"

"What the hell happened here?" Isaac repeated.

"Your awfully brave to demand of me, little boy." Michael sneered.

"I'm not going to ask you again." Isaac said, gowing in anger.

Michael walked over to him, staring right into his eyes. "I will give you and your friends 10 seconds to run like hell. Then I will start shooting."

Isaac punched Michael's face very hard, but Michael just started counting:

"10. 9. 8. 7. 6."

On six most of the others had vanished, but Shay's unconscious body lay behind Michael, and Isaac stood defiantly.

"5. 4. 3. 2. 1. Time's up." He said and raised the gun to Isaac's face.

Isaac jumped sideways, taking the shot in the shoudler. Isaac was paralyzed by pain, and bit his tongue hard not to cry out.

"I won't kill you boy. At least not yet."

"You won't be killing anyone!" A voice shouted.

Michael turned around, it was the boy he had seen on the visual screen! "So its the meteor boy. I was impressed by that, you know. But unfortunately, you weren't able to kill my ship. Almost, but not. Let me explain something to you. No one here needs die,I know that you know where they are hiding. Tell me and I'll spare all of you."

"Tell you what?"

"Tell me where it is that my influence cannot change! Tell me the location of this mystical "Haven" or whatever the hell they call it and I won't shoot your God damned head off!"

"Never." Dal said, lunging forward, hoping to wrest the gun from Michael's hand before it could fire.

Michael quickly changed the setting on his gun and fired into Dal's stomach. Dal looked down and saw that he didn't have a wound, "Thank God! It didn't hit me."

Dal looked up, and Michael was gone.

Back aboard the Mors Ventus, Michael was talking to Ami, "Captain, here is the frequency codes for a specific GPS signal. I want constant notification of its location. Constant."

"Yes sir." She said.

OOC: Dal does not know he has a homing device in his body. No one else does either!!!! Remember that!!
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[FONT=Comic Sans MS][I]That...HURT![/I] The thought rang through Rem's mind, causing her to stumble. She closed her eyes for a second and reached out to find the owner of that voice, hoping to calm them. Instead, she found Aya.

[COLOR=DarkRed]Rem? Are you all right?[/COLOR]

[COLOR=Blue]Yeah... yeah, I'm okay. But whoever screamed most definitely isn't. Don't you think we should help them?[/COLOR]

[COLOR=DarkRed]Yes. I see it your way, Rem. We'll help them... but if things get bad, [i]tonzura koite[/i]. You get me?[/COLOR]

[COLOR=Blue]I gotcha. Let's go.[/COLOR]

The pair ran toward the source of the psychic scream, holding hands like little kids. For the first time in their twelve years of existence, they were truly frightened. The fear sped their run, and they ended up at the library in record time.[/FONT]
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OCC: Sorry this is so short

[COLOR=DarkOrchid]IC: "Perhaps I have underestimated the enemy." Dal said running towards his destination. He had no time left to attempt another attack on the ship. Raid would have to wait. The most important thing to him right now is that he get's there. They must be taught. The nine shall be taught and they also shall learn the pain of loss. A pain Dal once knew too well.[/COLOR]
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