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The Lost Princess


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[FONT=Century Gothic][COLOR=Blue]In a galaxy far away, not yet touched by human hands, there lies a planet. A planet whose green grass shines brighter than any other. A planet where the sky is free of polution, and towers fill the sky lines, connected by tubes. This is a planet of a very highly civiliezed society, with technology that far sarpasses that of earth. When you talk to someone on the phone, they are acutally right there next to you, you can touch them, hug them, or if your in the mood, slap them. Computers take the visual form of people for better communication. A planet that is not only rich in its environment, but in wealth as well.

This planet was run by a Royal Family known as the Trentes. The Trentes where a pacisific people, who spread pacifism throughout the galaxy. They where greatly loved by all on their planet, but hated by those of others. One day, the Trentes had two children, twins in fact, the older, a boy named Kevin, the younger, a girl named Karen. These two grew up on their parents philosphies and became advocators for pacifism throughout the galaxy.

This was all to the great discomfort of their uncle, who always believed that the kingdom would be his. He detested the laws of pacifism, and thought that wars where the only way to accomplish change. The day the King and Queen died, was a great morning for the entire planet. The uncle thought that it was now his chance, but the kingdom was given to the twins at their ages of 12. For two years, the two reigned peacefully, spreading their beliefs throughout.

The uncle had been gathering allies, mostly wealthy men, who where mad at the kids for giving their wealth to those in need, supported the uncle. The space pirates in space, despising the planet's wealth also took the uncle's side.

The battle broke out on an beutiful summer day. The uncle's men attacked the castle, using the city as a shield. The Pirates attacked from above, destroying vital satilties.

Karen, (the sister), realizing this, gave Kevin an affectionate good bye, and headed with a ship she developed herself, into space. The battle was fierce, and with a damaged engine, and shield failing, Karen was knocked uncouncious and sent into subspace.

Karen awoke in the middle of nowhere, clear on the other side of the galaxy. She sent out a signal, hoping and praying that someone other than the Pirates would hear it. The Pirates bands where strong, and existed throughout the entire galaxy.

Luckily for her, a member of the Federation ( a elite fleet combining 150 planets, but they know of no planets beyond the "Southern Line") picked her and her ship up. There technology is fourth rate compared to Karen's. Does she even have a hope of making it back? Can Karen make it back home in time to save her brother, or will she get caught up in the battle not only against time, but all space as well?
Sign ups:[/B]
[I]Kevin, their uncle[/I], or:
[I]Member of the Federation[/I]: you are on the ship that picked Karen up. You are trying to get her back to her planet and are basically the good guys.
[I]Space Pirate: [/I] You are basically the bad guys and are out to destroy Karen before she can make it back home.
[I]Outlaw:[/I] You really don't have a side, but just want to be in the action.
[I]Wealthy landowner:[/I] You are on the planet helping the Uncle.
[I]Citizen[/I]: You are on the planet, helping Kevin.

I will be playing Karen, and there is already a spot saved for one Pirate. I would like three of each group of people. I will confirm your appointments before we start.

[I][U]Age[/U][/I]: (make it reasonable)
[U][I]Side[/I][/U]: (If your with Kevin and Karen, good....Uncle...bad)
[U][I]Organization[/I][/U]: (Pirate, Outlaw, Federation, etc.)
[U][I]Apperence[/I][/U]: (We're in the future here people, so be creative)
[U][I]Weapons[/I][/U]: (be realistic, nothing that is so powerfull it can destroy everything, and if your a member of the Federation, you're weapons can't be as advanced as Karen's and the Pirates)
[U][I]Ships Appearence[/I][/U]: (Applies to Pirates and Outlaws only)
[U][I]Bio:[/I][/U] A brief bio about your character
[U][I]Personality:[/I][/U] How your character will react to others.

I will post mine once someone else has responded. If you have any questions, feel free to PM me. And remember Have fun!:)
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[FONT=Century Gothic][color=purple][size=2][ [I][U]Name[/U][/I]: Sayree Swift(Ri)
[U][I]Side[/I][/U]: Good
[U][I]Organization[/I][/U]: Outlaws
[U][I]Apperence[/I][/U]: [url=http://www.animeshrine.com/gallery.php?series=burnup&image=13 ] Ri[/url]
[url=http://www.animeshrine.com/gallery.php?series=burnup&image=1] Minus the hat[/url]
[url=http://www.animeshrine.com/gallery.php?series=burnup&image=20] The one in front[/url]
[url=http://www.animeshrine.com/gallery.php?series=burnup&image=11] The blonde chick[/url]
[U][I]Weapons[/I][/U]: The guns she holds in the pics, her hands and feet, and a katana
[U][I]Ships Appearence[/I][/U]: [url=http://www.projectbag.com/cowboy_bebop/pics/ships/bebop01.jpg]Small, I know?[/url]
[U][I]Bio:[/I][/U] Practically a outlaw her whole life, Ri isn?t much of a bad person. She is caring, and protective, and stubborn as a rock. Get in her way, or hurt someone she cares about? and your dead. You just might not know it for a while, though. She grew up on spaceships with her father, who recently passed away, and knows the Blackband(her ship) like the back of her hand. She knows everything about working it, and is takes good care of it.
Ri?s mother was a renegade pirate who was captured by Ri?s father. She suicided when Ri was about three months old, because Jarren (Ri?s father0 would not release her. Jarren?s best friend, who had a daughter of her own, raised Ri. Ri and Jessemee are now best friends, and pilot the ship together.
[U][I]Personality:[/I][/U] A sweet and caring person, she is stubborn and very optimistic. She has a short temper and huge sense of humor, along with her love of space.[/font][/color][/size]
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[color=darkolivegreen][b][font=tahoma]Name: Otto Kall
Age: 18
Side: Bad
Organization: Pirate
Apperence: See Attatchments Otto1 and Otto2
Weapons: Stainless steel staff. Sometimes he'll fist fight.
Ships Appearence: See Attatchment Ottos Ship
Bio: Otto came from a large family who's name is deep in the history of space piracy. He's been stealing and cheating his way through life since the day he was able to learn how to do so. It's the only way he was ever taught! He has strong family connections in the world of piracy and gets his way...most of the time.
Personality: Otto is...how should I put this...a "smooth criminal". He's a stealer, liar cheater, and...gentleman. Yes, Otto is very kind to the ladies. Unless of course they have something valuable (jewelry, money, etc.) that he wants. He may use a little force. And, he knows how to have a helluva party.[/color][/b][/font]
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[COLOR=Blue][FONT=Century Gothic]Name: Karen Trente
Age: 14
Side: Good
Organization: Princess of the planet.
Apperence: See the attachments below. Blue hair, blueish/greenish tint eyes. Around 5'6" in height. Good figure and physic.
Ships Apperence: See attachment called Ship2. Basically take this picture and make it slimer. There is a door on the side, and the front is basically where Karen sits. There is a etching of a dragon on both sides of the ship, facing the engines with those being dark orange/red. The ship itself is entirely blue except for that part. The dragons are black.
Weapons: A black 7" capfire. (gun in pic), her hands and fist, and her mind.
Bio: Karen is the princess of the planet mentioned above. At the age of 12 her parents died, and she ruled the kingdom with her twin brother Kevin. It was when she turned 14 that their uncle tried to overtrow them.
Karen has lead an intellegent life up to now. She is considered a genius in almost all aspects. She helps invent different new products of the planet, to keep it clean, and selling these inventions to other planets has made her a great profit for the planet. She built her ship (the Blue Dragon) and it's computer (Grant) by herself. (Grant is the computer system of the Blue Dragon, and in visual form looks like any other person. He is acutally based on a friend of Karen's). Karen is also a suprub fighter, even though she believes in pacifism. Without her parents knowing, she trained under a retired Outlaw, who taught her the ropes of space, and being able to fight not only up there, but on land as well.
During the space battle, Karen was knocked unconscience, and thrown to the other side of the galaxy. IT is there that she is picked up by a federation ship. Now she must figure out how to fix her ship, gets any parts that she might need, all without the Feds figuring out her technology.
Personality: Karen is fun and sweet, and usually quite intergetic. She can be hard to stop when she has an idea on her mind. She is also pretty stubborn, but a friend to all that cross her path. She usually doesn't like to fight, but will to protect her newfound friends, and the ones she loves.
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[B]Name:[/B] Ariadne

[B]Age:[/B] 17

[B]Side:[/B] Bad

[B]Organization:[/B] Pirate

[B]Appearance:[/B] see attachment

[B]Weapons:[/B] Slender, dual blades that have magnetic etchings that frazzle computers and electronics, and can also electrically shock a human. Mostly she fights hand to hand - she doesn't like guns so much, but she'll use them if she has to.

[B]Ships Appearance:[/B] A slender black craft which seems to be invisible in space - the only way you can see it is by its outline in the stars.

[B]Bio:[/B] Raised in a rich family, Ariadne was absolutely unaware that she was adopted. She found out when she was twelve, and ever since then slowly drifted away from her loving family, despite their efforts to draw her back into their loving embrace. She just found herself bored with everything...the aristocratic manners, the parties and social gatherings... Everything was dull and uninteresting, things she had seen hundreds of times. Also, she felt this inner feeling that she didn't belong, and so withdrew from them.

Growing older, she became aware of the secret underhand dealings in politics, and soon was entranced by the spiderweb of deceit. Ariadne, with her quick mind, was able to subtly enmesh herself, and quickly became known because of her ruthlessness and brilliant strategies, even though she was only 16. She somehow found out secrets that had been supposedly dead and buried, and used all advantages she gained to the fullest. However, some time after her 17th birthday, she discovered a high-ranking official having an affair with an important noblewoman. The official found out she knew, and desperate to protect his position, had Ariadne kidnapped by pirates.

The pirates, after brutally raping and beating her, left her untied because they thought she was too weak to do anything. It was their last mistake. Ariadne, in the night, rose and slew them all, torturing the last one horrendously. She dumped their bodies out in space, and then took their ship, the black vessel that she now commands. Months passed, and Ariadne didn't return, knowing full well that she would never be able to go back. She now covers space, wandering with no purpose. However, she was hired as a mercenary assassin to kill the princess, and hunts her now.

[B]Personality:[/B] Her real nature is hidden always by the bright smile on her face. Seemingly friendly and cheerful, her real nature is cold, frosty, and hard, unfeeling and definitely unforgiving. There is no end to her patience, and she will wait as long as she must to get what she wants. She will manipulate ruthlessly those who are less intelligent than she, with her innocent and brightly charming ways. However, if she makes a promise, she will keep it till death, and holds honor to be above all else, which is almost hypocritical.
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[size=1][color=darkblue]Sorry it took me so long to sign up Duo! It seems I have been busier that I thought I would be. ^^;;

[b]Name: [/b] Cyd
[b]Age: [/b] 20
[b]Side: [/b] Bad
[b]Organization: [/b] Space Pirate
[b]Appearance: [/b] See attachment
[b]Weapons: [/b] Mostly Cyd uses hand-to-hand combat, that being her best fighting skill. Cyd also has two handguns and two daggers that she sometimes tips in poison for a more critical damage.
[b]Ship's Appearance: [/b] [url]http://www.3dgate.com/news_and_opinions/000710/images/figure02.jpg[/url]
[b]Bio: [/b] Cyd had been abandoned at birth on the planet ruled by the Trente's. She was found and put in the orphanage, Cyd grew up as a problem child and the people at the orphanage could no longer control her. Cyd had loathed all of the caretakers and all the kids at the orphanage, so one day, decided to run away and be free.
At the age of seven, she was roaming around freely on the planet, trying to stay alive and support herself. She grew up getting into fights all the time and having to steal to survive. After awhile she started to enjoy those things and trained herself to get better.
When Cyd was thirteen, she managed to get a job at a space ship repair shop, getting very little pay for her hard work as one of the mechanics. Her boss was the one who got all the money, natually, but she felt she deserved more than she earned. Cyd still highly enjoyed the job and was lucky enough to have it so she could make money. One day a ship came in that she absolutly had to have. She fell in love with it the first minute she set eyes on it. The ship had minor damage and knew she could fix it up quickly.
One day her boss enraged her so much she murdered him at night at stole the ship. She had liked getting revenge and did not care for doing the wrong deed. Every man or woman for his or her self is what she always thought of it. And at that she became what she had always wanted to be.. a Space Pirate, and she was a wonderful one at that. Taking on tough and very valuable stealings, fighting all her fights wonderfully, and always managing to get out of tight chases with the Federation.
When she heard of the happenings with her home planet, she couldn't help but get interested and reported to work from the Trentes uncle right away.
[b]Personality: [/b] Cyd is very cold. She has never really let anyone get close to her emotionaly and always gives everyone the cold shoulder. She has a very short temper fuse and she explodes when it goes off. She has never had patience with stupid or annoying people. Don't let that fool you, Cyd knows how to have a good time and can be loud and fun when she wants to be, only she normally doesn't care for other people besides herself to be around when she is having fun. Also don't let Cyd's cold outside always fool you, she can be very deep and loyal when you get on her good side.[/color][/size]
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Name: Edel Hawke
Side: Good
Organiztion: Outlaw
Description: [URL=http://www.animeshrine.com/gallery.php?series=gundamwing&image=9]the one in black[/URL]
Weapons: Twin modified blaster pistols. Light to carry, but they pack a punch. Lightsaber that he uses in close combat.
Ship: [URL=http://www.decipher.com/jediknights/cardlists/scumandvillainy/large/65Routrider.html]Errant Knight[/URL]

Bio: Edel is a kinght in training from the planet Mysker. The Mysker knights are a fabled group of men and woman who dedicated their lives to the safekeeping of the galaxy and aiding those in need. The myskerians were one day targeted by a large congregation of space pirates who had found the Myskerians too annoying and disrupting their businesses, so they all banded together and annihalated their small continent on the planet. Edel and his family were off planet at the time, and from that point on, Edel's father trained his son rigorously in the warriors art. A quick learner, Edel practiced constantly, and now, after leaving his family, he has vowed to make the name of the Myskerian Knight one that shall be forever bring fear to all those who do evil. He an apt fighter, a good shot and pilot, and is close to untouchable while weilding his sword. He now roams the space lanes, upholding the honor of his father and his sacred people.

Personality: Edel can seem like quite an easy going, with a quick smile forming on his lips at the most simplest of things. He is confident of his abilities, but never endangers others. He is willing to risk his life to aid others, and it is this that gives him an aura of trustworthiness. He is buond by his honor and is a man of his word. His only flaw is that many times, he is too quik to act, and not think things true. This is especially true when in the company Pirates, as he loathes them as utterly contemptible beings. He can withstand them only if he knows that revealing his position is more likely to get him and others killed.
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[left][font=Comic Sans MS][size=1][color=seagreen]Name: Jossie
Age: 20
Side: bad
Organization: Pirate
Apperence: See Pic
Weapons: Laser gun (I guess)
Ships Appearence: Also see pic
Bio: Ever since she was born she had been abused, causing her to be bitter and rebellious. When she was 10, Space Pirates had attacked her home and killed her parents. Ever since then, Jossie had been grateful towards the Pirates for freeing her from her parents and devoted herself to being one, no matter what they had to do.
Personality: Selfish and Wild. She always discards common sense and does crazy/idiotic things. Sometimes her pride can get in the way of things...[/color][/size][/font]
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[FONT=Century Gothic][COLOR=Blue]Great sign ups everyone! I hope this story goes well. I'm going to wait to start it until we get at least ONE member of the federation, or another outlaw. If not, we just might have to make federation members controlable characters until we can get someone. I'm going to hold off for another couple of days, but whenever we get tired of waiting, let's just go for it sis!

Here is a list of charcters and their fractions so far:

Sayree Swift (Ri)---callmegoddess04
Edel Hawke---dMage

Otto Kall---erinzyger

We have enough Pirates, so please sign up as either an Outlaw, Fed, or one of the people back on the planet (the list is above).

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[COLOR=SlateGray][size=1]~ Sign Up ~

[b]Name:[/b] Felicia Lei Elcritian

[b]Age:[/b] 20

[b]Side:[/b] Good

[b]Organization:[/b] Federation

[b]Apperence:[/b] Felicia's hair has been cut fairly short, a boy cut so she looks rather boyish. But because her hair is somewhat shaggy it still allows her to look like it's a normal cut from afar. Her hair has been dyed pink, and her eyes are a color of dull green. Her skin is a pale, dull, light brown, that almost seems gray/white. On the side of her arms, she has two wires coming out of upper part of her shoulders with two more underneath the first largest ones. They are a murky gray that are hooked from her arms and go into her back underneath her skin; they look like wired wings. She also has a tattoo on her hand that reads; 36013. She wears a white glove over that hand, her right, coviering it.

Dressed in a white, long sleeved, shirt, with a black tie linking under the collar. Also has a pocket on the left hand side, over the right breast chest area. On the front; it buttons with ripples over lapping like crashing waves. Felicia wears on her lower half a vomit green skirt, that has two straps, lined with metal, that loops around her arms. She wears white stockings that are slightly transparent. Wears ankle boots that are 2.5 inches past her ankles with chains from one side of the heel to the other; on each. She wears a vomit green suited coat that rushes down to her feet and trails on the floor. Never really wearing it, but has it hanging on her stiff shoulders. On the front panels it has her badges, on the other it holds two ID cards. One simply stating her; Name, Ranking, Squadron, and Serial number.

[b]Weapons:[/b] Two 9 X Nijii Hand Guns

[i][b]-[/b] A type of guns developed 20 years ago, belonging to higher federation officers. They are similar to normal hand guns, but they have other features that are considered obsolete since the newer models came out. Non the less, these old things are kept in perfect condition and are the only things Felicia is willing to use.
They are sleek and black, the cowling is covered with a silver mantel pieces. (It has the number 360 engraved into the mantel piece) Each can hold a total of 10 shots before needing to be reloaded. The cowling stretches out 5 inches from the chamber[/i]

[b]Ships Appearance:[/b] N/A

[b]Personality:[/b] Rather quite, compassionate, and yet she's still seems a bit aloof. But because she's highly intelligent and smart she knows; what to do and went to keep her moth shut. Very obedient, she'll try to fallow all orders to her abilities...Even if it gets in the way of those she cares for. Seemingly though, in battles or fights she tries not to let very many die but this is still unconfirmed if true or false.

[b]Bio:[/b] As a child, Felicia had always been somewhat close to Karen and Kevin family. Reason being her father had been working with the plants defenses and assigned one of the highest officers. As a result, Felicia had been dragged around the plant by her parents. Her mother had been a traveling maid for the Royal Family and when needed a replacement for any research specialist. She had only met those of the Royal Family a few times, less then 4, but mainly only the Uncle. He was the one who her parents had worked closest too. And he was the one who she admired the most.

Eventually the more her parents worked, and the more she grew and time went on. Felicia learned more about the Royal Family, and about the Uncle. But at the age of 15 her father's and mother's health began to fail. Thus she promised to them that she'd look after them the best she could until their days of rest, and do what ever she could to help the Royal Family. After they died, when she was 17, Felicia enrolled to take up her fathers place in the federation. Once that was accomplished nearly three years after Karen had gone missing. Putting in a great deal of time her request to be on the squadron that would be setting out to search for her, Felicia was allowed to join in hopes of keeping her promise true and helping/protecting the Family as best she could.
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