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Anime you might be obsessed with Vegeta if..

Lady Macaiodh

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this is a page from the website "the Veggie Cafe"...

here is a collection of warning signs that you might be obsessed w/ Vegeta.

1) wallscroll, cells, fanart, etc. all featuring the Prince plaster your walls.
2) you've hit someone w/in the last 24 hours for making fun of Vegeta.
3) you sing the Veggie tails song, on principle.
4) even though you never wear it, there's a pink shirt hanging in your closet.
5) you spend math class wondering why Vegeta's hair turned from brown to black when he got to earth.
6) your friends know that calling Vegeta a pansy is the best way to piss you off.
7) after they do call Vegeta a pansy to piss you off, you lunge across the room & beat them profusely with a text-book.
8) underwear reminds you of your family.
9) whenever you see the world "vegetable", you cover up the ble and smile.
10) you cried 7 times when frieza killed Vegeta, & you've only seen it twice.
11) you cried tears of joy when the dragon brought him back.
12) you introduce yourself by saying: "i am (insert name here), a saiya-jin from the planet Vegeta. but they cut off my tail, damn earthlings."
13) your fan fictions are about Vegeta & the women who love him.
14) you refer to the radditz saga as the boring part without Vegeta.
15) you read this list and think "they missed a few."
16) you insist on calling goku kakkarot.
17) you imagine, write fanfic, & draw pictures of bulma coming to a horrible, bloody end.
18) you and your friends build a shrine to Vegeta. :)
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LOL thanks canadian vegeta..

[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by Vegitto4 [/i]

why do you think i am appalled about it. [/B][/QUOTE]

he's appalled b/c he wants my body... nuthin' wrong with that!

hey there's nothing wrong w/ being jealous of vegeta! he could get more women than you do!

oh my god...i am laughing so hard right now..
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Warning Signs That You DBZ Obsessed
With Vegeta:You actually read her list all the way through and found many things missing such as
20.You have all the nostanlgia
21.You check the boards several times a day incase there is any Vegeta news
With Gokou:
1.You force you beau to die his hair neon blonde, spike it, and get him those color changing contacts
2.Whenever someone says Go! the letters KU cross your mind
3.You spend you entir Saturday wondering where the hell the name Gokou came from, and decideing you wouldn't want it any other way.
4.You've actually read this list to number 4
5.There is a shrine to Gokou sectretly hidden in your closet, and next to it is a small shrine titled "Death to chichi" with a headless, bleeding barbie, stuck with pins
With Gohan:
1.Well, no one is obssesed or should i say, STUPID enough to demostrate their lovies for my wovey-wittle-half-breed-hottie when there is crazed, rabid, Gohan loving ME running around these boards
With Chi-chi:
1.When you've got a pervy-bunny nude picture of Chi-chi hanging on the back of your door
2.You can't drink milk without thinking about Chi-Chi
3.You actually UNDERSTOOD number 3 (pm for the reason)
4.DBXXX comics can be found under you bed (this goes for LM too!! with vegeta though, not Chichi)
5.You've got a thing for rough-tempered asian women in tight-clothing
With Goten:
1.You never wear Bra's because of Bura and Goten's affection for her
2.You've got a half-*** crush on Gokou too
3.Spiky hair turns you on
With Trunks:
Oh god, i won't even try, ill get too many PM's saying i left stuff out!!!

I dont wanna go on, my fingers hurt, but.. maybe ill post more later, maybe!! So which trunks fan wants to send me a Gohan pick to get e to post Trunks lover's signs? hehehe *evil*:devil:
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[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by CanadianVegita [/i]
[B]This is about Vegita not Trunks Vegita. Trunks was not very smart in the Cell saga. He is actually the cause for the whole Cell coming and killing people. Even though it would have happened eventually but hey whatever. Vegita could have taken care of them all. [/B][/QUOTE]

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