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RPG X-Men: Humans .VS. Mutants


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[SIZE=1][CENTER]You all know the story-line, hopefully. And we'll all start in the same spot, near the mountains and forest where the group decided to lay low until they figured out where to go next, and also while they fix the Jet. Sign-up's are still open for a short time.[/CENTER]

[B]Gazelle, or Jason was the only person who had been sent out to gather some wood for the fire. The Jet got hit hard when they landed, so no one could really fly it in its current state. The only thing Gazelle was shocked about was the fact Magneto had joined them, when he [I]wanted[/I] the war in the first place. The sun had set, and the moon was high in the sky tonight. Gazelle walked around the trees, searching for wood he could carry. Gazelle knew the day Humans would finally begin to murder mutants would come, but he wasn't exspecting it so soon... everything broke down because of one man, Charles Xavier.

"I can't carry all this..." Gazelle muttered when coming to a huge log and a small pile of sticks and twigs scattered around. A huge grin spread across his face. Gazelle clenched his fist tightly, and the gold armour he wore began to exspan and stretch. His chest and his whole cody grew much more stronger and bigger, then his skin turned into a blue fur. Gazelle laughed lightly to himself, and a larger grin spread across his face. "Muuuuch better..." He laughed. Gazelle grabbed the biggest log and threw it on his shoulder, then waked around picking up from more sticks.


Gazelle threw the logs and sticks he gathered on the ground near the X-Men and the other mutants. He smied happily, and still in his mutant form he walked away from them resting on a tree.

"Hmm... where'd Storm go? And Wolverine...?" Gazelle asked.

"Inside the Jet, trying to fix." A voice said. Gazelle looked to the side, and saw only Magneto. "Good job you brought all this wood, at the rate they're working we'll be here all week." Magneto laughed.

"Well atleast some of us are working." Gazelle snarled. "Don't push it, even though we're helping each other it doesn't mean [I]I[/I] trust you." Gazelle added turning his back.

"Don't treat me like the enemy. We're all on the same side now." Magneto replied, walking away. Gazelle looked down.

"But are we on the right one...?" He asked himself. Gazelle sighed heavily, and clenched his fist hard. He crossed his hands over his head, then forced them down, reducing his body size, and features back to normal. He looked back at Magneto's lot and the X-Men talking, snorted, and walked into the shadows.[/SIZE][/B]
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[COLOR=DarkRed]?Storm, can I help fix the jet?? Joey yelled from the stairs to the jet.

?No, you wouldn?t know how to work it.? Storm yelled back.

?Can I fix the wing? The tip?s shredded.? Joey started to walk inside the jet.

?Fine, just don?t make a mess.? Storm replied pushing the toolbox over.

Joey grabbed some tools and headed back out. ?Okay.? She jumped onto the wing and pulled out a wire clipper. She cut a few dangling and fried wires. ?Uhg, what happened to this? Looks like something set it one fire? Or at least burned it.? She cut some of the spare wire and started to reconnect the wires. ?This is going to take forever.? She sighed as she looked at the entire wing. ?Huh, what?s this?? She picked up a stone. ?OUCH!? She yelled as she dropped it onto the ground. ?That?s burning hot!? She shook her hand and tried to stay calm. ?The frickin? hurt! Must stay calm and not fry it?? her eyebrows twitched and she started to glow. ?Must stay calm? Must stay calm? OH HELL WITH IT!? She used her powers to shatter it. ?I feel better.? She got back to her work, not aware of the eyes looking at her.[/COLOR]
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[color=purple][font=arial][size=2] Destiny hummed to herself as she fixed lunch. She dropped ice into the glasses set out, and grabbed soft drinks, and water, and poured them in the glasses. She listened to the ice crackle as the liquids ran over them. She set them aside, and went about her work.

Next Destiny started a soup. It was the middle of the summer, and burning up. She made cucumber soup(for those who requested it), iced tea, and hamburgers. She was tossing the burgers expertly when Kurt teleported in. She barley caught the one in the air. Kurt winced. ?Sorry, Destiny. How long?? Destiny set the burger on the plate with the others. ?Finished setting up already? Okay.?

The girl grabbed a tray, set the drinks on it, and grabbed the burger plate. Kurt put an arm around her waist, and they teleported out. There was a table set up outside in the shade, with things to decorate burgers with ? catsup, musterd, mayonnaise, relish, ect.

Destiny set down the things on the table, and Kurt went back and got the soup. They finished, and Elementalist called, ?Lunch!? to the crew in the plane.[/color][/font][/size]
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Jim sat down on one of the pilot seats of the jet resting a laptop on his legs typing, he spent most of his time trying to recconect the main navigation system in the computers aong with the communication links. It was a little stuffy in the jet when the sun hit the window, it actually looked like an oven when the heat flew in the air.

"So maybe this gorup should go with the stationary pack back there" Jim talked to himself as he looked at the wire plans on the laptop, once he finished he took a long cord into his hands and phased into the power suppy area with his torso was inside and the other area out. He conected some wires after about 15 minutes and the phased out of the power supply area and pressed a button on top of the consul. The lights flickered on and off a couple of times until it remained on for a while, the computer screens lit up and was operational again. Jim sat in front of the supply area with his laptop to save his information on how to fix the navigation, now he only had the communication to deal with. Jim heard some buzzing noise inside the unit and then saw smoke come out from the sides, suddenly it blew out of the box and all the wires were taken apart again. Jim's face was ashy black from the smoke and his hair covered in black as well. Jim coughed a bit and then heard Destiny say it was lunch time, Jim closed his laptop and went down the stairs of the jet brushing his hair.
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[size=1][color=#999999][i]Alexandra listened to the singing birds and the whistling wind as she stood in the garden, her "spot". She reached over and held a red rose in her hand. She smiled and felt its soft petals and leaned to smell the sweet scent, but turned her attention to the call of Destiny. She sighed and let the rose alone in its place.

As she walked towards the table, the others mutants looked to her. She gave them a half-smile and walked off again, ignoring the others' questions. Destiny looked to her and wondered if she wanted any food, and yet she knew not to ask. Alexandra arrived to another garden area. She extended her nails as she heard someone prance around unnoticingly.

With her fast reflexes, Alexandra quickly turned to the person and held them at nail point. They dared not move against her for she was faster and her reflexes faster. She retracted them once she knew it was Destiny.[/i]

"Leave me alone."

"Don't you want food?"

"No. I'm not hungry."

"Come on, Alex. Come eat with us. You'll be happy."

"I'm happy when I'm alone. So don't bother me."

[i]Alexandra turned away and began to let the aroma around her take her away. Nature had its way of letting her become her own person in her own haven. She then sat down and she noticed that a rose was dying. So, she took it in her hands and closed her eyes, when she had opened them, it was alive and the rose was a beautiful peppermint. It was a grand power that she had. The ability to create or destroy any inanimate object or whatever she seemed to want to destroy. The things she could not destroy were humans, other mutants, powers, large buildings, large weapons, animals, or insects. Whatever was dear to nature, she could not destroy but let live.[/size][/color][/i]
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[SIZE=1][B]Gazelle sighed heavily, and breathed out smoke in the cold night air. He had heard Destiny's call for them to come and eat, but to be truthful, Gazelle wasn't hungry. He began his trip through the forest again, looking up at the sky every so often. He flicked his eyes to the side, feeling as if someone was following him.

"Didn't your mother ever tell you not to mess with a mutant?" Gazelle said looking around for whoever was there. Gazelle almost jumped out of his skin when a skinny man lept out of the trees. The man was tall, kind of skinny, long blonde hair and pants, but no shirt.

"No. I am a mutant." The man answered. Gazelle raised his eyebrow.

"Have you considered joining the X-Men?" Gazelle asked smiling. "Magneto's on our team now. We could use all the help we could get."

"I will... if you do one thing..." The man said walking into the moonlight more. "I have the same power as you, but I think I can grow stronger than you. So basically all I'm asking is for you to charge up to your strongest, and I'll join the X-Men." The man said.

"Why?" Gazelle asked.

"I want to see how well the X-Men have been trained. Surpass me, I'll join you." The man said clenching his fist tighly. "Ready?" He asked. Gazelle nodded.

"I was born ready." He laughed. Once again, Gazelle pulled his arms from above his head, and his whole body began to grow huge muscles. His eyes went white, and Gazelle growled a little. His armour exspanded, and Gazelle's skin turned into a blue fur. He pulled his arms over his head again, still struggling to move with the extreme force on his body now. Gazelle pulled his arms down with extreme force, roaring loudly. His body seemed to jump at this stage, making him look like a much stronger version of his mutantion. He panted, and looked at the man. Gazelle glared. The man has silver fur, and was much bigger. His fur was spiker.

"You failed." The man said in a calm voice.

"Prove it!" Gazelle shouted. The man sniggered, and suddenly, his silver fur on his massive body turned blue, like Gazelle's.

"You see, what you saw was another version of your transformation, the next stage to our mutantion, a more powerful stage. I have got to that, you however, are still in the lower form." The man laughed, walking off. Gazelle growled lightly...[/SIZE][/B]
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Sora had been attracted to the spot by the voices she heard. She hid behind some of the trees when she heard one of the men roaring, and when she peeked out from behind the tree, she saw two men transforming, rippling as fur sprouted from thickening muscles. She held her breath as they faced each other, speaking quietly. Then, one of the men walked off. The one that Sora knew to be named Gazelle seemed to shrink back into a human-looking form, in which he stood quietly for a minute.

That is, until she shifted a little, and he swiftly turned, his eyes narrowed, his form showing that he was entirely ready to rip the intruder apart. He didn't relax when he saw it was her, but he shifted so that he wasn't so evidently hostile.

She swallowed, "Sorry, I didn't mean to interrupt - " He shook his head, stopping her shaky words. Finally, Gazelle sighed, and looked gruffly at her. She swallowed again, her palms sweaty from nervousness and a slight fear. The knowledge of knowing that he could transform at any moment and snap her like a twig didn't help comfort her. As having been with Magneto for only a week or two, and with the X-men for only a few days, she still wasn't used to being at such a close proximity with other mutants.

"Do - do you want me to leave?" Her voice was still shaky, and could barely be heard.
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[COLOR=DarkRed]Wolverine, who had been in the jet the entire time, finally decides to leave and stretch his legs after eating Destiny’s wonderful meal.

“I’m going out for some fresh, someone else can fix the weapons system.”

He walks out on the ramp and sniffs the air to find out where everyone is. He smells Gazelle, Sora, and someone else he has never smelled before over in the woods. He decides to investigate and heads in there direction. On the way to the to them he spot a beehive in a tall tree.

“I think I might need some dessert”, and releases his claws. He jabs one claw in each side of the tree and begins to climb. When he reaches the hive he chops it down and leaps off himself. When he reaches the ground he realized the hive had broken open and released a swarm of bees. Wolverine, as fast as he is, couldn’t move escape from being engulfed by the bees and was stung many times. Wolverine didn’t even flinch from the stings, but he did become swollen. He finally makes it over to where Sora and Gazelle was and Gazelle begins to snicker at the overblown Wolverine.

“I had a accident with a hive, so what? We all don’t have animal fur to protect us like you”, and Wolverine closes his eyes and concentrates on his healing factor. He glances over at Sora with one eye and notices how nervous she is. “Am I interrupting something?” Wolverine says with a grin. While waiting for a response he notices the footprints of someone else and wonders whom Gazelle and Sora was talking to before he had arrived. He wonders to himself, could one of them be a traitor.
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Jim finished his round of gathering the fire wood when he heard Wolverine's request:

?I?m going out for some fresh, someone else can fix the weapons system.? He said as he walking into the woods, Jim immideatly got his tools and headd inside the jet. It took him a while to get the information off his laptop but later Jim was able to get sme of the weapons up and running, but not the really powerful ones though. Once Jim took a break from work it had gotten a little darker outside and everyone was hard to see from inside the jet so he turned on the scanner. There were a lot of little dots by the camp, three in the woods and one walking far away from the three wood dots.

"Maybe Gazelle or Wolverine just wants to be akone for a while. Thats understandable since none of them can hardle stand Magnito that much. Oh well, back to work" Jim stated as he went back to the computer consul next to the pilot seats of the jet. After another hour or so he got the weapons system to 76% accomplished, but afterwards Jim got a bit tireed and decided to stop his work for the night. Before he left he made a final check of the systems that were working. "Ok lets see: Engines are partally functional, weapons are ok, radar and sheilds are up and running, and communication is at its full" Jim said to himself as he put all the data into the main computer and his laptop. Before he left the Jet he heard some noises comming from the speakers, he sat at the pilots seat to get a better reception. There was a voice calling for the jet on the speaker, but Jim couldn't tell who it was from.

"Maybe Wolverine would know" Jim said as he headed out into the woods with a flashlight and tried to find him and the others. A lot of the other X-Men have gone somewhere and Destiny and Kurt were somewhere around the jet, he knew they would be safe together. With that thought in his mind Jim headed towards the woods.
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[SIZE=1][B]Gazelle sighed heavily once more, and just turned his back.

"No, none of you interupted anything." He finally said. "Sorry, but I'm saying out in the woods tonight, I'll be back in the morning." Gazelle mumbled walking off. "Someone come and get me in the morning when we're leaving." Gazelle added looking at Sora and Wolverine.

"Well I suggest you stay here, none of us want to go on a man hunt looking for you tomorrow. Besides, it might be too dangerous staying over night." Wolverine explained.

"Don't worry... I'll just be near the end of the forest training." Gazelle replied.

"That's a bad idea aswell. You scare the whole X-Men when you do things like this you know." Wolverine laughed folding his arms over his chest. Gazelle closed his eyes and laughed lighly too.

"Fine, fine. I'll stay." Gazelle replied walking past the two. "Oh and by the way, watch out if you go further into the woods." He added.

"Why?" Stuttered Sora.

"I think there's another group of mutants. I just saw some guy before, with the exsact same mutantion as mine." Gazelle said seriously.[/SIZE][/B]
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[color=purple][size=2][font=arial]Destiny ate with Kurt, joking over things. She shook her head, laughing. ?Really?? She looked around. ?Hey, did you notice that everyone seems to have disappeared?? Kurt looked around. ?Yes, actually. Logan, Sora, and Gazelle have gone.? Destiny nodded. ?Alexandra is gone, too, but I?m leaving her alone.? She remembered being snapped at.

Destiny sighed, and smiled at Kurt. She said, ?I?m going to go work on the jet.? She walked off, leaving Kurt to finish up, and clean up. She went to the underside of the jet, and looked up. One of the wheels was badly broken. She looked down, and had the earth move up. She reached the wheel, and started melting the metal with the heat radiating from her hands.

Destiny worked on the wheel for a half hour, until Kurt brought her some lemonade. Destiny was kneeling on the earth formation, and whiped sweat from her forehead. ?Danke.[Thank you.]? She told him. Kurt smiled. ?Ihr willkommen.[Your welcome].? Destiny downed the cup of lemonade, and went back to work. Kurt stayed there, and talked with her.

Kurt. ? Wie haben Sie mit Ihrem Freund getan? [How have you been doing with your friend?]?

Destiny was upset. ?Es... ist hart. Sie haßt mich noch. [It... is hard. She still hates me.]?

Kurt shook his head. ? Ich bin, Schicksal traurig.[I am sorry, Destiny.]?

OOC: They are talking in German. Destiny also knows Spanish, so that may pop up somewhere. Spanish is what her parents spoke, and she learned German from Kurt.[/size][/font][/color]
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