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Blaze, the Last Knight


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[SIZE=1][COLOR=DarkRed]One hundred years ago, six new High Priests entered the Church of Elements, and changed the world forever. They tore apart the land, living for their own purposes and goals instead of for the people. One of their first acts was to destroy the Order of Knights. They sent their new army against the honorable, loyal warriors, and the Knights were slain.
All of them but one. The one was Blaze, the Last Knight. Struck by a spell supposed to kill him, Blaze was instead trapped in suspended animation. He has at last awoken, into a world he never wished to know.
The Six Dark Priests have rended the world, destroying the lush and peaceful landscape and replacing it with a global desert, a land were life is not plenteful, and hate is. Villages scatter the land, living where there is water and some source of food.
Blaze, disgusted with the new world, strikes up a campaign. Slowly he makes his way towards the capitol city, home of the Great Cathedral, home of the Dark Priests. It is his goal to kill them, returning the world to its former status.
The Priests, thought, have found ways to tie themselves to the pure Elements, and maintain a great power. Immortality. They have not aged beyond their lives at the end of Blaze's time.
But he does not care. He will destroy them. He will bring about peace.
He will die for his cause.[/COLOR][/SIZE]

Sound good? Then sign up.
I need the Six High Priests of Elements (Fire, Water, Earth, Wind, Shadow, and Light), Outcasts, and other people.

The Sign Up Sheet:

Name: Don't have to be real names (like Blaze, for example)
Gender: One or the other
Type: Outcast, Thief, Warrior, Priest, or High Priest
Physical Description:
Element: Choose from...Fire, Water, Earth, Wind, Shadow, Light, Storm, Ice, and Thunder. Thunder falls under Light, Ice under Water, and Storm under Wind

My Guy:

Name: Blaze, the Last Knight
Gender: Male
Age: Unknown, seems around 20-ish
Type: Last Knight
Weapon: Sword of Flame
Physical Description: Blaze is tall, lean, and tough. His body is laced with scars. His hair is short, spiky, and bright crimson, with eerie golden eyes. He wears slightly tarnished red armor, not medieval Knight style, more anime style. Under that, wears a red t-shirt and denim-style pants. Never seen without his sword.
Element: Fire
Personality: Blaze is solitary and quiet, with a strong sense of honor and purpose. He is alone in the world, and doesn't care. He is very harsh and honest, almost cruel. He doesn't like to talk.
Bio: Blaze is the last member of the Knights, proud warriors following the Church of Elements. However, the order was crushed by the new High Priests, who struck a deal with the devil, so to speak, gaining infinite power, but loosing all sense of honor of kindness. That was 100 years ago.
Blaze was put into suspended animation by the powerful spell that was supposed to kill him. He has awoken into the crushed, horrific world, and is scared and infuriated by the current state of affairs. He has made it his mission to crush the Church and bring about a new era of peace, and re-instate the Knights.

Your turn.

By the way, this will be starting on April 11th, a Sunday.
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Ah hell... might as well... hey, that rhymed...

Name: Itsure "Shadow"

Gender: male

Age: 23

Type: Outcast

Weapon: Naginata (much like a halberd)

Description: 6'1'' with black hair, blue eyes, and a nimble, but by no means weak, build. His eyes are determined and often dark. He wears a grey shirt underneath a black, tunic-like shirt, and slightly baggy, dark colored pants. He is sometimes barefoot, and wears padded boots when he's not.

Element: Shadow (duh...)

Personality: Perhaps not a very strong 'sense of purpose', but he is very determined. Itsure is often critical of others, though he may not show it. He is good at fitting in, but stands out rather baddly when he acts like himself, wich is a suspicous, critical, slightly paranoid, amd silent outcast.

Bio: Itsure hails from the far East, and was never very comfortable around others. Though he had nearly mastered the art of naginata-jutsu, westerners didn't accept him as who he was. Despite constant criticism, witch he gave back with a vengeance, Itsure did his best to fit in. It worked... for a while. As the society began to change under the new high-preists, it seemed there wasn't much room for someone like himself. He became an outcast of society, and hated it. But that didn't stop him from having a little... fun. He had always been good with tactics, so Itsure attacked random people who crossed any road he happened to be traveling, witch was often quite a few people. This leads to how he earned his nick-name as 'Shadow'. The rest, as they say, is history.
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[SIZE=1][COLOR=SlateGray][b]Name:[/b] Kenmei

[b]Gender:[/b] Female

[b]Age:[/b] 21

[b]Type:[/b] Priest

[b]Weapon:[/b] Crescent Javelin
- A type of spear used for charging or defense. Has an inward carved blade, spiraling to the right.

[b]Physical Description:[/b] 5"4," 102 lbs., long murky dull blue/gray hair; that reaches mid way to the back of her knees, held within a brad. She has long shaggy bangs which are a light murky gray. Her eyes are a dull serene green, tinted with a few darker shades. Her skin is a bit pale, but her cheeks are a soft shade of rosy pink. Kenmei's eyes seem to light up when she smiles. (has a scar over the right knee)

She usually is dressed in whites or pastel colors.
- Wears; A pastel colored long sleeve tunic, with a collar. On top of the collar, close to the collar bone, she wears a band of black and white. (symbolizing her priesthood) Around the lower part of the tunic she wears a faded, pastel, pink, bow/belt that keeps the laps together. Also wears a longer skirt that goes mid way to her knees which is lined with metal on the underneath side. To ensure it dose not move when fighting. Wears tall white boots that almost go up to her knees.

[b]Element:[/b] Light

[b]Personality:[/b] Kenmei is; somewhat shy and very honest. A great deal of intelligence she's smart enough to know when to use it and try not to hurt those around her. Kenmei has a very gentle and polite personality, not too much confidence though. She seems to have problems with guilt eating away at her mind.

[b]Bio:[/b] Being born under the ruling of the High Priest, her parents having great faith within them. Which is why Kenmei has not quite grown to fully dislike the new rules and orders of the world. Yet the place she once lived in, she had often times been involved with those who disliked all things that were blocking out that of the "older era." (When the High Priest or the Ruling Church had not much power.) Being with those people, their rebellion grew on her. As did their hatred for those of the ruling Church.

Currently living...Kenmei has been studying holy magic, or rather magic in general. Working as a priest she no longer feels that those who are part of or serve the Ruling Church are need, thus she rebels and has a few grudges against them. But she's been biting her time for over 2 years. Now, no longer knowing exactly how to accomplish her goal of helping to bring the fall of the Church. Traveling over the world helping those in need, she hopes to find and/or develop a new plan.
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Name: Illyrim
Gender:fe male
Type: Warrior
Weapon: niya sword
Physical Description: Small and lean. her hair is tied up in a knot. She wears a purple dresh over a black shirt.
Element: Ice
Personality: punky, hard as rock. She is solitary and prefers actions over words.
Bio: Orphan, raised by the prists of stanson . Left to live in the widernec when he began to see how things are at the church the truth.
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[size=1][color=darkslateblue]Unborn Lord Xion, please flesh out the story a little more. A few lines doesn't cut it. It doesn't have to be epic, but some more details and some background info would be nice.

Also, Spuffy, you might want to put a little more effort into your posts. Sign-ups are especially important as characters are the driving force in an RPG. The more thought-out and dynamic your characters are, the more interesting the RPG will become. The quality of your posts are just as important, so please make sure you use proper grammar and spelling, as well.

Please read over OB rules and Harlequin's sticky - both will help to explain things and clear up any confusion. If you still have questions after that, don't be afraid to PM one of the Arena Mods - that's what we're here for.

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[font=Comic Sans MS][size=1][color=seagreen]Name: Fiona
Gender: Female
Age: 15
Weapon: none
Physical Description: 6"6, 110 lbs, and has long brown hair, usually hidden by a ragged brown cloak/hood. short black shirt, dark red belt, dark navy T-shirt. Brown eyes and black boots. Theres a large scar on her back for being caught stealing once.
Element: Earth[/color][/size][/font]
[font=Comic Sans MS][size=1][color=seagreen]Personality: Really stealthy, doesn't like to talk much, but isn't really stiff.
Bio: She grew up not knowing any other way of living other than stealing what she needed. Her family lived in a very small village with barely enough to survive. She started stealing when she was 10, so that her family could eat, but was once caught stealing a loaf of bread and was beaten for it. Ever since she's been more careful not to be seen and she's been a lot quieter. She'll help people who need it but doesn't care much of the worries about the High Priets' rule.[/color][/size][/font]
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Name: Jim Mishima
Gender: Male
Age: 16
Type: Preist
Physical Description: [url]http://www.mindeclipse.com/cels/pics/OS04bg.jpg[/url]
Weapon: [url]http://www.knucks3dstuff.com/images/wizardstaff.jpg[/url]
Element: Wind

Personality: Jim is very wuiet and does not talk to people a lot, though he does like to talk about important thing like life ans such. He basically takes orders from teh other Preist's in the Churches since they are at a higher ank than him.

Bio: Jim's father was a faithful person to the churches and they let Jim study to become a preist, after all the commotion aout how the Immortal preist destroyed those knights back then everyone started to hate the chirch and despise it. Jim was only tought to become a high Preist and fight the rebellion with the others. Jim's magic has come a long way from what it once did, now afte about 10 years he's learned all he needs to know and does not listen to anyone but the other preist. His magic is used for corruption and chaos throughout the land, Jim is highly sceptical on why they are doing this, but knw if he questions the church they will probably kill him. Jim is too scared to do anything without help, so he just stays and lets his powers be used for evil throughout the land that was once beautiful....once.

*Hope this is alright, just PM me if I need to change anything please. ~Thanks*
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