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The Spring Break Blues


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My school is on Spring Break right now. What do you do to have fun when your parents a complete stiff workaholics, one of your best friends is sick, your other best friend is away at her grandparents house, your older sister is always with her friends (who aren't really outdoorsly challenged) and you're always home alone? What do you do? Thanx in advance for any suggestions!
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Well, if you are old enough, you could ask your parents for some money. You could take the city bus to catch a movie, or hang out at the mall.

Another thing that you can do is turn your favorite radio station up really loud in the house and dance to that.

You could also do some reading. There are quite a few good books out there.

You may also enjoy spending several hours on the computer doing stuff. Like posting here and what not.

You could also draw or start a new hobby. When I was bored two summers ago, I was in the same situation as you. I taught myself how to make websites. Web design is pretty fun, and it is time consuming.

If you are like me, you enjoy a few sports. If you have a soccer ball, a tennis racket, and tennis ball, or a basket ball, you can play with those. You don't have a tennis court or a basketball court? So what, You can just dribble the ball back and forth. You can also, use your tennis racket and ball the same way you do for racket ball. It is fun. What I am trying to say is, make up some games that'll keep you busy.

If your friends are not available, look for someone in your neighborhood to play with. They don't necessarily have to be your age, or go to your school. If you have a little kid for a neighbor, play with them. That way, you both can be happy, and have some fun.

I hope that those suggestions helped.
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[SIZE=1][COLOR=darkred]Hmm. . I worked in all of my spring breaks. . Most people would travel to Florida or Mexico. . or wherever. . but me? I got to stay home, go to work, and try to hammer out as much money as I could (especially when I was in college).. So, don't let it bum you out that you have to stay at home. . just get online or play some video games. . watch a few movies that perhaps you have never seen before. .

I don't know where you live, or what there is to do around your location. . so, I can't really give you much more advice then what I have already given. [/SIZE][/COLOR]
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[COLOR=Gray][FONT=Courier New]Oh, I just spend the whole day on the computer, eating lots of snacks, and getting in some good nothing time.

There's never enough time to do all the nothing you want in this world...take advantage of that sparce frame where you can sit back and contemplait life.

I actually like being alone, so I don't mind it when the rest of the household is out and about...hm...[/FONT][/COLOR]
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I agree with those who said to do nothing. When you get out of school times like those are far and few inbetween. Enjoy it now!

Suggestions for what to do on spring break (depending on your age, some may not apply) to fight off boredom....

-Read all the books you have been putting off.
-Go through your closets and under your bed for hidden treasures! You never know what you will find!
-Write to your family, grandparents love to get letters. Especially ones that weren't expected!
-Play with your pets. When we get busy with school they get forgotten. You know they would love the attention!
-Get a job. A little spending money is always nice!
-Catch up on school projects. Do you have any assignments hanging out that could be finished durning break?
-Marathon your favorite anime. Sit infront of the tv with snacks and watch every single episode of your favorite anime in a row!
-Invite a friend over. Best way to beat boredom is having someone else to entertain you!
-Get outside for some fresh air! Perhaps dolJce up around your house!
-Take a nap. Take lots and lots of naps.
-Post on message boards and/or look for bizarre stuff on the internet.
-Get out of town. Go on a mini vacation and see the sites of a different city!
-Play video games until your fingers fall off.
-Try making something in the kitchen to suprise your work-a-holic parents when they come home!
-Try some arts and crafts! Teach yourself how to sew, paint, draw or whatever! Just be creative!
-Enjoy every single moment of doing nothing. When you grow up, you will wish for these days.

Well, there is my little list of things to do. I miss spring break, summer vacation, and all those other times I didn't have to go to school. Once you get into the "adult" world there is no summer vacation or spring break. Yes, there is vacation time, but it isn't the same. Bummer.

Hope you find stuff to do on your vacation!! :)
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My Spring Break sucked just as bad as yours I went home with nothing to do. I visited my home town hanging out with my little brother and my dad while my mom went with my aunt to Miami, Florida. I just stayed there and was bored out of my mind.

My best friend got to go to Cancun with his grandparents and go 6,000 Paso's I was fired up mad, but happily since he is only 14 like me he did not get to hang around the MTV area since you must have an I.D. since there are adult drinks up there, and they have to get your permission to place you on t.v.
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