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Project Thickogan: Cap'n Krunchy (Funny Animation)

Dragon Warrior

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Okay, people. I am trying out a new way to make animations with my cheap animation shop. You tell me if you like it.

Pros: Looks badass and lots more can probably be done.

Cons: The file will be even larger than other animations I make, even if they're shorter.

You decide. Here's some facts on this particular movie... (NOTE: Right click and copy and paste the animation URL to watch)

[b]Title:[/b] Cap'n Krunchy
[b]Rated:[/b] G
[b]Genre:[/b] Comedy
[b]Description:[/b] Evil genious Darth George does a Cap'n Krunchy commercial so he can recruit minions for his diabolical plans.

[URL=http://www.geocities.com/disasterpt/CapnKrunchy.gif]VIEW THIS FILM![/URL][/center]
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[color=gray]Oh man that was lame o-o;; In a good way though.

Why was it so short? I wanted cptn Krunchy to say: George... I am your dinner...
Eh yes... weh?
Anyways. If you wouldve made it smaller it could be a banner. But I guesse you already have one which you use for your secret plans to take over Otaku[b]Boards[/b] from out a secret base you will name the Game Making Forum, which is very sneaky of yours... Blegh? :<

-Another intelligent post by the one and only Boo.[/color]
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Uhhh... yeah... secret plans... *shifts eyes*

Anyways, I didn't wanna make it banner size since I could have more going on in the scene. The font could be bigger so it's easier to read. Besides, you're right. I already have a very important banner taking over my sig. It was short since with Thickogan (like I said before), even if it's short, it's gonna be as big as a longer movie in my regular animation style.
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[color=blue][size=1]Nice job, DW. Not as good as DC (because Mo isn't here!! WHAA!), but still, a very funny lil' animation.

I agree with Boo, though. It was too short.. FOR MY TASTE! Don't worry, I don't really mind. As long as it's funny and has that ol' Gavynn flare, I'm happy to watch it!

One more thing... It was hard to see Darth George's face. Either he was too dark.. or I need to ajust something on my computer screen. Eh. Keep up wit teh nice animations! *Tail wags*[/color][/size]
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