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Manga Action Sequence (Manga)


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This scene is almost over (it starts two pages before the first page) There are only 2 pages left to go... We tried very hard to present a fast, powerful, and exciting scene... I'm not sure how well it work, over all I'm pretty pleased.

Any Comments?






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[color=#30415d]This piece is very good. I've always admired the work that you've graced these forums with (heh), and this is no different. Great drawings, great use of colors and space, great onomonopias; it's all very professionally done. The only thing that I can see to critique is that there isn't very much dialogue in the panels. You do a great job of portraying the action, but lack deep story credability when few of your pages actually have people talking. It becomes very hard to develope characters and keep the story rolling that way.

On that note, I think I'll move this to Manga Workshop, because as it suggests in the forum description, you are looking to get feedback on your own manga creation. :)[/color]
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[color=gray]Great stuff you have here.
I believe I said almost the same when you last posted some of your work on OB ^_^;;
The only thing I miss in the first few pages is the text. Other than that, this is just great and nothing less than that.
Great air, great sounds (lol), great characters, great ground, great guns, great everything XD
^I really gotta stop saying that, before I learn it to myself...[/color]
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[color=darkblue]I actually first read this is manga format, lol. Confusing much. ^^;

This is indeed a great piece of work. The coloring and effects are all done exceptionally well. The only problem I have with it is that there isn't much in the dialouge department. It might be better if you did add some, but then again, I have no idea what type of tone you're going for, so eh.

A model piece. Keep it up. ^_~[/color]
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WOW!!! :eek: That was simply incredible. :love: Excellent 'pacing', varied panel size, and gorgeous art. I don't think it needs any more dialogue. It takes real skill to be able to tell an action story using pure visuals. Remember when Marvel tried to do 'silent month' a while back? Most of the issues sucked. But this was great!

If this is the kind of stuff that's found here, I ought to start hanging out in the Manga forum more often...
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Guest gendou ikari
I just read the whole series and wow.... I have three words to describe that comic. HOLY FRICKIN CRAP. Nice work! Nice work!
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