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The Kingdom Wars

Chocobo Gene

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For 30 years, the wars on Terra Nova waged, and it showed no change, and the violence spred to the furthest corners of the planet, and now, the enemy kingdom of Granga, has started a major assault on the alliance forces, and now they are pinned, and there is little they can do but watch.
But, one day, in the book of Ararania, they say when all is lost, a band of heros will come and stop the evil that spreads and return the land to a state of calm, and therefore, peace will be restored, forever.

Rules - No Invincibility, No excesivly powerful magic, No Unbreakable weapons/magic, and also each player is allowed one of the following weapons as a side weapon to there existing aresnal (Dagger, Pistol or grenades), Any one can have at least 2 spells

This is how characters are created

Class:- Classes are as follows -
Warrior - Good fighting, but less powerful magic wise

Summoner - The ability to summon a monster to the field (any player who uses this must start with only 2 summons, and name them and there element, and special attack)(more can be acquired in story), also have strong magic, you also get an extra spell to use at beginning

White Mage - Can cure party members with strong White Magic, and use Support Spells [ Must start and name 4 spells, collect more in story]

Black Mage - Can attack the enemy with devastating magic [ Same as White Mage]

Red Mage - Can use all types of magic, but effects are not as strong as White/ Black Mages [See Black/White mage]

Dark Knight - Good Attack and defence, but are slow and sluggish, but are very strong, and have weakish magic

Thief - Weak, and magic isn't spectacular, but they can steall rare and valuable items from enemies

Gunner- Uses weapons like guns, there magic is mediocre, and they have a hundred percent hit accuracy, they are relativly strong

Ranger - Only type that can talk to animals and use them as spies, they have relativly good magic, and can use two weapons

Magic - List your magics here, and effect (This includes summons)

Sub-Weapon - Place it here

Main Weapon - Name your main weapon

Shield - Name your shield

Bio - A few ideas of characters past, and what there apperance is, including armour (No armour clad persons, only a few bits of armour)
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Name - Gene Starwind

Age - 38

Gender - Male

Class - Gunner

Magic - Fire, Cure

Sub-Weapon - Dagger

Main Weapon - Dragon Pistol

Shield - Ancients Shield

Bio - A man who is shrouded in mystery, he was said to be the imperial guard commander for the largest empire at one time, before the war began, and that he left to become a mercenary, and protect the people. He has been recognised across the land as a great sniper, and his one of a kind gun and shield are legendery.
He has survived countless batles, and through this he has gained a scar cross his left eye, down to the check.
He wears a long black cloak down to his ankles, a black uniform, with golden buttons, and black trousers, and boots to match, he weras a brest plate across the left of his body, stell leg and arm guards, A black holster on a black belt on his right side, and a hood across his head.
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Name:= Chaveri
Class:=Black Mage
Magic:=flare(weak version) Auto Reflect(reflects magic doing double damage to opponents always on so doesnt need to be cast)
Main Weapon:=Brotherhood
Side Weapon:=Dagger
Shield:=not used
Bio:=after 5 years of living in a town Chaveri finally gets bored of obeying the rules and laws,deciding to return to a living as a mercenary ranger he takes out his trusty sword and battle-axe and sets off to the wilderness...
Quite tall really scruffy refuses to wear armour
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Name: Vincent
magic: Silence, Gaurd break

Main Weapon: Imperail Blade

side: Pistol

Sheild: none

Bio: Vincent once a member of a clan of Pirates that sailed the shores of Terra Nova. Vincent lost all of his crew due to an violent sea battle between him and the Granga armada. Vincent soon taking aboard a prision ship that was headed towards
Granga. Vincent before beeing thrown into the prision broke free and jumped off the Ship into the ocean. Once washed ashore Vincent vowed to let his crews spirts to be avenged or be haunted by them.
Wears a long red pirate captian coat with yellow trmings at the shoulder, black pants, brown boots, has neck length black hair.
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Name: Jowy Atredies
Gender: Male
Class: Summoner
Magic: Dancing Flames( Creates a small fire that surrounds an opponent dealing damage over time though rather light), Enchant(Increases the damge of a weapon or a summon), Magic Missle ( Fires a stinging missle at the opponent dealing physical damage).
- Summons-
1)Name: Dalamos
Element: Earth
Special Attack: Voice of Earth. Swallows an opponent in earth then spits them out into the air.

2) Name: Nocturne
Element: Darkness
Special Attack: Twinkling Blade (also known as the Spider Slay rune). Nocturne charges into battle and rains multiple blows on the foe then knocks the foe into the air and slices through at a great speed.

Main Weapon: Staff topped with a crystal ball which is the source of his magic.

Secondary Weapon: A long thin dagger with a black hilt made of Obsidian.

Sheild: No sheild.

Bio: A young man, barely out of his teens from a small town in the mountains of Terra Nova, He took the test of the summoner at the tender age of 16 making him one of the youngest to pass the test in history,not much is known about his past because Jowy rarely speaks of it.
He wears a blue tunic and black leggings with brownish-blonde hair in a ponytail.
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