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Is hazing immoral  

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What are your thoughts about hazing? Have you ever been hazed? What did they make you do?

I play football and hazing is just part of the game for me. If you can't take the hazing then I feel you don't deserve to be on the team. Last years seniors gave us hell at football camp, I'm not allowed to tell what they did but trust me it was hell, literally. This year its our turn to pass the torch on to the next generation and we aren't going to let it be given to the unworthy.

Hazing is not bad and should be allowed. I mean hazing has gotten a bad wrap with these sexual abuse cases and stuff. Its just clean fun for most schools. The coaches at my school know about it and doesn't let it get out of hand. Its away of testing mental and physical strength that can't be tested out on the field. It is also a way of weeding out the weak who really shouldn't be out on the field.
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[color=indigo][size=1][font=comic sans ms]Well, let's look at it this way: why in the Hell should the new kids on the football team have to prove anything to you? Can they play football well? Then they should be on the team. It's not difficult, and it's not your decision to make.

Hazing is a pointless, sadistic ritual that you'd think we would have outgrown by now. Every time a hazing incident makes the news, it's always disgusting. Girls getting feces dumped on them, boys getting sodemized with broom sticks, beatings...it's bullying, plain and simple.

There are two great ironies that I find go along with the concept of hazing. First, the hazing rituals don't improve the skills that are evenn eeded to participate in whatever activity is in question. That whole 'weed out the weak' argument is a bunch of crap to disguise the fact that you're picking on new kids for absolutly no reason.

Second, hazing works under the asumption that the new kids have to 'prove something' to you, the hazer. You're just trying to make yourself feel like you're better than them, but the fact is, if you're such a thug you have to do this to get your kicks, you're little better than a schoolyard bully.

I hope that tortuering younger players earns you the respect of your cruel cohorts, because you're sure not going to find any from anywhere else. Bottom line: hazing is cruel and pointless, and you're a cretin if you do it.[/color][/size][/font]
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Hazing is completely wrong. Hazing is just another way for seniors who play a sport to have a party, get drunk, and do things that isn't legal. At Hazings that I have heard about on the news, liquor was given to minors and kids did things that they didn't want to do. A high school is being investigated right now to see if what happens at hazings is legal. At these hazings young kids get drunk, girls get raped, they do drugs and other stuff that if parents and the police found out about, they would all go to jail. You say that sexual abuse and rape that goes on at these parties isn't a big deal? Well, it is! Hazing tests mental and physical stength? Do you mean that kids who get drunk are physically and mentally tougher then normal football players? I don't think so. Also, I believe that you are a hypocrite(sp?). You asked "what did they make you do?" then in your next sentence you said "I'm not allowed to tell what they did but trust me it was hell" You want other people to himulate(sp?) themselves while you won't say? Is that right? Is that fair? Hazing is wrong, and all high schools should ban it. My high school has been champions for 3 years in a row, and they don't have hazing parties. To get ready for a game they do what all teams should do, they train there butts off.
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[color=#707875]I've never understood hazing. Thank god it doesn't really exist in schools over here.

I'm sure that it [i]does [/i]exist in some parts of the country...but it's definitely not some kind of pasttime or anything. I never experienced it, or saw someone else experiencing it, while I was in school.

I simply don't understand it. Get stuff poured all over you, just to "prove" that you're worthy of getting into some ridiculous team?

Ugh, the stupidity. lol[/color]
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[size=1][color=darkred]I have never heard of hazing before. However, from what I have read here, it is a disgusting, useless, sadistic activity. Weed out the weak? Hhmm. Weed out the smart ones more likely. If you can play whatever sport it is, if you play it well and if you are tough enough out on the field, then you have nothing else to prove. You're just going to continue the vicious cycle because like all of the other stupid, ignorant asskissing ******** before you, you are a crony. "What happens on camp, stays at camp". Now I think about it I have heard stuff like this before. It isn't funny, it isn't cool, it is absolutely useless. You humiliate some person, and then they turn around and do it to the next one. Where does it end? Why did it begin? If you can give me some useful explanation for the reason for hazing, aside from tradition or that lame Weed out the weak, then how can you face yourself.

The more of your stuff I read Hell's Fire, the less I like you. You obviously live a very different life to me, but from my end it seems a lot worse. You are an arrogant, rich snob who takes it all for granted, but now I think you're cruel too.

Hurray, you're doing oh so well. Go give that new guy the beating of his life, shove a broomstick up his arse, break his arm. Go on. Be a [i]real[/i] man.

Yeah, right.[/size][/color]
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Guest Midnight Rush
[QUOTE=dposse]Hazing is completely wrong. Hazing is just another way for seniors who play a sport to have a party, get drunk, and do things that isn't legal. At Hazings that I have heard about on the news, liquor was given to minors and kids did things that they didn't want to do. A high school is being investigated right now

thats the whole point... geeezz.... any excuse for drunk-ey parties is welcome. think about it... you're awfully high and mighty young man...
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Guest cloricus
Nope, just does not happen here in Australia. At least not in QLD, NSW, ACT and WA as I have asked a large cross section of people from these areas since the last thread on this topic so I guess it is just an odd over seas thing...

I know there are some initiation things for geeks on the net; they just happen to every one and you are just not accepted into the whole world if you don't go through them. A lot of them make you sick and spew up with other not so good effects but that?s nothing like hazing I guess.
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[font=gothic][color=darkslategray]Yeah, Australians tend not to really care enough to bother with hazing. Hell, most of the time it's the younger generation giving the older hell. Except for in the Navy...but we won't talk about that.

About the closest thing I've ever run into was at my old karate class, and that was just throwing you against people you couldn't beat until you howled. But they kind of had to do that, so it doesn't really count.[/font][/color]
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I never did understand why hazing was so popular. I am not sure if it is one of those "this is the way it's been and I went through it too." sort of things or what. To me it seems like if you are on a team, you should support your fellow teammates, not bring them down by pouring paint and smearing them with fecal matter. I don't know about you guys, but I would find it very hard to respect anyone who was willing to do that to me.

I think it is stupid. If you really are a part of the group, you should be supported not disrespected like that. I would much rather be apart of a team that looks out for each other than breaks your spirit.

As for the party/drinking hazing. That is just wrong. Why force someone to drink enough to kill them. I know my friends wouldn't want me dead. If someone is making you do something that could kill you, are they really worth it? I really don't think so.
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That's basically what you're saying, right?


Apparently, from reading earlier posts, hazing is a uniquely American passtime. I'm almost ashamed. No wait...I'm ACTUALLY ASHAMED!! You people are sick sado-masochists.(I have no idea what sado-masochist means....but is seems to fit)


The future leaders of our nation, folks!


If a 35 year old man said that in a court of law after doing what you do, he'd be given three decades in prison without question. But, since you "have your whole lives in front of you", you get let off with a slap on the wrist. BULLS**T!!

Is hazing a big deal? You bet your a** it is. People who get hazed grow up to be serial killers. Not all of them...not even most of them...But wouldn't it be great to stare down the barrel of a gun being held by the kid you buttf**ked with a baseball bat in your senior year?

Yeah, didn't think so...[/b][/size][/color]
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[COLOR=Gray][FONT=Courier New]What I wish to say has already been stated in a number of ways.

How can any one possibly see any benefites from hazing? If you're planning on weeding out the weak, wouldn't it be a better idea to see what they suck at in a situation where [i]it actually has some degree of relevence[/i]?
If the new guy doesn't want to get covered in ****, does that mean he's going to be a total shitface on the field? I don't see the connection between the two points.

The idea here seems to be "OKAY! Let's find all the players who are smart and self-respecting enough to not allow themselves to be abused in more ways than you can count on all your fingers and toes and get rid of them! Yay!!!" Wow. Great "team" you've got left over after that there load of bull excretement... o.O

What really disgusts me is that the teachers are aware of and have [i]approved these actions[/i].
That's the kind of thing you get kicked off/out of things for around these parts.

And it doesn't only apply to sports, as Cloricus stated. However, I doubt the chess or scrabble club would be anywhere near as anything about it. (Though every group has its dumb fucks who manage to ruin it for everybody. >:^O )[/FONT][/COLOR]
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[color=darkviolet]First, Sublime's question-What is a sado-Masochist? A sado-masochist is a person who derives pleasure from either giving or receiving pain.

Now the topic-I never participated in school sports while in high school so I didn't get a chance to experiance such a grand occasion as getting fecal matter dumped on my head.

However, I can't see how anyone in their right mind could think that hazing would be productive towards the whole team's moral I figure it would be deemed counter productive since after a few repeat incidents the victims would become so terrified of what treatment they may recieve at the hands of their fellow teammates they would pretty much fail to function in a helpful manner.

Why should a person have to prove him or herself to get a spot on a school team? They passed the try-outs and made the final cut so why should a few hard heads have to determine one more test? Have we really become such a barbaric society that school children deem themselves worthyto dole out punishment to new commers? If that's the case I fear for our children's futures.[/color]
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