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Gaming Favorite anime/Manga Video-Game

Guest Tim

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I decided that most peope play videogames so I shold see which one is the best anime/manga game. Alot of them arent too good, but a few take your breath away. I have played alot of them, online at home, in the store, at other peoples house, etc. I will list All of the anime/manga games in my next post.

I think my favorite is DBZ/gt Any and Chrono trigger,Also Zone of enders is a great game series.
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Guest ScirosDarkblade
Golden Sun and Golden Sun: The Lost Age for GBA, no doubt about it. Those games are just awesome, and they are anime-ish. Pokemon wasn't too bad, either. Xenosaga is the worst anime-styled game I've played, no doubt about it. It was just soooo slow-paced and poorly designed it made me want to go on a killing spree. I hated the characters. The only thing I liked was the music.
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Guest gendou ikari
Zone Of The Enders,definatley.Since I enjoyed the anime/movie so much it makes perfectley logical since for me to say that Zone Of The Enders is my favorite anime based game. I also played an imported Gamecube fighter based on Naruto, and it was pretty fun,you got to play as Rock Lee, Zabuza, Sakura, Kakashi, ect... Here are my ratings in terms of anime based games.

1=crap 10=THE BEST

Z.O.E (Zone Of the Enders) -10
DBZ budouki-6.0 (I regret playing that)
Gundam Encounters In Space-8.5
Chrono Trigger-9.5
Gundam Journey to Jaburo-1 (I hated that game)
Battle Arena Toshinden- 9.0 (The old Gameboy fighter, anyone remember?)
Xeno Saga-1( dear lord that game SUCKED)
Xeno Gears-2(at least this version didnt make me puke)
Final Fantasy7-9.5

well... thats it for me.
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:D Neither of you mentioned [I]my[/I] favorite anime game! :D

[I]Lunar 2: Eternal Blue Complete[/I] for PSone was my favorite. It was a long game with a relatively long epiloge after you finish it, good gameplay, good voice overs...as in the acting (lots too!) because the dubbing was a little off, and a cool storyline.

And I do [B]not[/B] believe that Xenosaga is as bad as you're saying, sure the graphics were, but the storyline was relatively unique and complex, and it had a... "different" battle system. Episode II: Beyond Good and Evil comes out this August, I don't care what you say, I'm buying it! *lol*

Oh my god! I almost forgot about Guilty Gear!!! Well, [I]Guilty Gear XX[/I] (aka [I]"Guilty Gear X2"[/I]) for the PS2 was an awsome game! It's an all-anime fighting game that is worth checking out! There are enough unlockables in that game that by the time you got them all unlocked, it's like a totally different game! That's why some say that "It's a sequel to itself". The all rock/metal soundtrack kicks *** too!
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I love the Lunar games they had the most complex story to them. I believe they need to make a game off of Gundam Wing or evangelion( make it like Zeon vs. EFF) but more reallistic and stuff.

Evangelion is the best anime ever.
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Guest gendou ikari
They have also made an Evangelion game. It is called Evangelion 2 and is available for import on the ps2, there is also an N64 Evangelion game, downloadable, via ROMS.
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I'm going to have to ask that you guys put a little more quality into your posts. Not only are you just making one sentence posts, but you're also straying a bit off-topic. You've all mentioned what anime/anime-style games you like, but I would also appreciate you including some [i]reasoning[/i] behind your choices. Thanks.
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I would say Suikoden 2 but I'm not sure if it is anime based or manga based because it has an anime and manga like look to it..
I disagree with you gendou, FF8 would have gotten a far lower score if it was me that was giving it the score.May I also add that not all anime based games are good (Take DBZ Ultimate Battle 22 for example). I don't think I have played any manga based games so I cannot have a say on them.
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[color=darkslateblue]I like the .hack series, personally. The anime, manga, and game all tie in well and connect to each other, and that's something I like to see in games based on an anime/manga series.[/color]
[color=#483d8b]I enjoy .hack's storyline, and though I can't say the games are the best I've ever played (I find going around to get Virus Cores extremely tedious), I'm motivated to play them by the storyline. I have yet to complete .hack//QUARANTINE, the final installment in the line of PS2 games, but I've seen all of .hack//SIGN and have read up to volume two of .hack//Legend of the Twilight, and I'm basically just madly in love with the .hack story.[/color]
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[QUOTE]I like the .hack series, personally. The anime, manga, and game all tie in well and connect to each other, and that's something I like to see in games based on an anime/manga series.[/QUOTE]

1-I'd die before playing it again
10- I'd play it through at least 5 times before I die

Heres how it stacks fer me:
.HACK// - 9.5 (Confusing camera Angles, monsters sometimes overbearing in starting quests)
ZoE- 10 (Da' BOMB! I played through at least twice each[includin GBA ver], and beat all of the extras so far, and I'm playing it again! never gets old)
XenoSaga- 3 (too long, I'm not the type of person to sit through hour long cutsenes,and i dunno, thr only RPG i never really liked [except for some on the SNES])
FinalFantasy(if you consider it Anime)-10 (I loved this series completely, it had great gameplay, a greater storyline, revolutionare graphics[especially 7 and 10] and all in all, i loved it)
YuGiOh-4 (always gets overly repetitive)

hmm, im at a loss for thoughts, so, I'll add more if I can ever thing of them.
My top pick would have to be....bumbumbum...:Final Fantasy
I'm a FF gamer for life, and death, and I dunnno, it just appeals to me the most
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[COLOR=DarkRed][FONT=Times New Roman]FF is not an "anime" game

When people talk about "Anime" games, they tend to base it off the Anime, like the DBZ games for example, those are Anime games

In my personal experience, games spawned from the anime usually are mediocre at best, take the DBZ games for example, I hate all of them, even Boudakai 2 (which many people hail, and this is coming from a beat em up fanatic)

I have not played the .hack// games yet, though I am looking forward to it

The YGO card games on the GBA are ok if you have someone to play against, it gets boring if you just repeatedly play against the CPU

Gungrave is pretty good but is extremely short, you can complete it within an hour, looking forward to the second one though

Victory boxers, based on my favourite anime of all time, Hajime No Ippo, is absolutely rubbish

There are many more games for me to list, but I have nothing good to say for the majority of them[/FONT][/COLOR]
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