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Tamer Leo's School For Outcasts


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[SIZE=1][B]In the year 1980, it was said that a deadly virus broke out infecting new born children. Not many where infected at that time, but ten yeras later, Over a million young children caught this virus, 75% lived. They seemed normal. Each child grew up having a normal life, and even those born later who where said to have the virus where fine. Until they got older. The children who where infected ten years after the virus began to act un-normal. Then, it was clear. They became half animal half human. The goverment at first decided to capture all strange child or adults, and then they where known Outcasts, none humans, animel humans.

After many years, it was still impossible to capture all of them, so it was then declared that a school for "Animal Humans" or "Outcasts" wouold be built. The much older Outcasts would be the teachers, and until the pupils got to the age of 20 they could leave, but until then they would live there, only able to go home for 2 weeks in summer. This controlled the fear of humans, and for once it made all different children feel safe. Tamer Leo agreed to be the headmaster of this school, and then the strange happenings began as the students arrived for their first year at Tamer Leo's School For Outcasts[/B]

[U]All the information you'll need:[/U]
This is a bit like X-Men and Harry Potter mixed, and you should have the idea by now:

Too keep the RPG fair and under control, I'll be a teacher. There's some information about the teachers too. You call them by their code-name, which is normally what animal they are crossed with. Anyone who wants to be a teacher must PM me, but you have to be one of the below.

Self Defense - Where students learn to control their animal powers and not abuse them. They basically run around training. (Whenever a student has this it's a double lesson) - Taught by Kevin Falcon (just Falco).

Wildlife Studies - Even though the students are half animal already, they also learn about others. - Taught by Arnold Parjest (Panther), Robert Jevik (A dog, his code-name is Dogman)

History and Geography - They learn about the history of animals and humans, also merged in with Geography - Taught by Dragoon(Snake, but just called Dragoon), Aaron Demof (Cheetar) and Tamer Leo (Lion, everyone calls him Tamer Leo).

Art - Basic painting and drawing - Taught by Tamer Leo

Maths - Basic adding and Maths work - Taught by Dragoon, Robert Jevik and Kerry Perstan (Cat)

English - Basic writing and English work - Taught by Robert Jevik, Nile Longstiff (Tiger), and Kerry Perstan

Battle Grounds - Where the real training begins, more fighting enemies than the self Defense studies and a lot tougher. - Taught by Tamer Leo and Kevin Falcon.

Social Education - Basically teaching you how to be a good person - Taught by Mardoom (another snake persn, brother of Dragoon) and Todd Smith (Rhino)

Sciences - Basic Science - Taught by Rock (Bear), Kerry Perstan and Max Mcdaddif (Wolf)

Everyone has to be over 13, and the classes have different names, though each student has their own room:

Wildfebeasts - 12-14 year old pupils
Predators - 15-17 year old pupils
Dinosaurs - 18-20

[B]Time Tables:[/B]


English - Robert Jevik ~~~ Break ~~~ Self Defense ~~~ Self Defense ~~~ Lunch ~~~ Maths - Dragoon ~~~ Art - Tamer Leo ~~~

Art - Tamer Leo ~~~ Break ~~~ Hist/Geo - Kerry Prestan ~~~ Maths - Dragoon ~~~ Lunch ~~~ Wildlife Studies - Arnold Demof ~~~ Science - Max Mcdaddif

Day off.

Sciences - Max Mcdaddif ~~~ Break ~~~ Hist-Geo - Kerry Perstan ~~~ Wildlife Studies - Arnold Demof ~~~ Lunch ~~~ English - Robert Jevik ~~~ Maths - Dragoon

Battle grounds - Kevin Falcon ~~~Break~~~ English - Robert Jevik ~~~ Social Education - Mardoom ~~~ Sciences - Max Mcdaddif ~~~ Lunch ~~~ Rest of the day off.


English - Nile Longstiff ~~~Break~~~ Science - Rock ~~~ Battle grounds - Tamer Leo ~~~Lunch~~~ Self Defense ~~~ Self Defense ~~~

Day Off

Art - Tamer Leo ~~~ Break ~~~ English - Nile Longstiff ~~~ Social Education - Todd Smith ~~~ Lunch ~~~ Wildlife Studies - Robert Jevik ~~~ Hist/Geo - Aaron Demof

English - Nile Longstiff ~~~Break~~~ Maths - Dragoon ~~~ Science - Rock~~~ Lunch ~~~ Art - Tamer Leo ~~~ Wildlife Studies - Robert Jevik

Science - Rock ~~~Break~~~ English - Nile Longstiff ~~~ Social Education - Todd Smith ~~~Lunch~~~ Rest of the day off


Day off

English - Kerry Prestan ~~~ Break ~~~ Self Defense ~~~ Self Defense ~~~ Lunch ~~~ Art - Tamer Leo ~~~ Maths - Kerry Prestan ~~~ Social Education - Dragoon

Battle grounds - Kevin Falcon ~~~ Break ~~~ Art - Tamer Leo ~~~ Wildlife Studies - Robert Jevik ~~~ Lunch ~~~ Hist/Geo - Aaron Demof ~~~ English - Kerry Prestan

Art - Tamer Leo ~~~ Break ~~~ Science - Rock ~~~ English - Kerry Prestan ~~ Lunch ~~~ Social Education - Dragoon ~~~ Hist/Geo - Aaron Demof

Hist/Geo - Aaron Demof ~~~ Break ~~~ English - Kerry Prestan ~~~Wildlife Studies - Robert Jevik ~~~Lunch ~~~ Rest of the day off.

So that's the time tables. No one can be Over 20 (unless they asked me to be a teacher), and no can be younger than 12. Now, you each have your own room, and the place is like a huge mansion. The back is full of fields, rivers, woods and all over places. The bottom floors of the Mansion is the teachers domane, no one can go down there unless a teacher brings them, and at the very end is the Head Masters off, Tamer Leo. The sign-up's:

[B]Code-Name:[/B] A nickname
[B]Age:[/B] 12-20
[B]Class:[/B] To your age
[B]*Teachers only* Subjects:[/B]
[B]Animal:[/B] What animal are you crossed with?
[B]Appearance:[/B] What you look like
[B]Short Bio:
Techniques:[/B] What powers/Techniques they have

Simple, no?

[B]Name:[/B] Kevin Falcon

[B]Code-Name:[/B] Falco

[B]Age:[/B] 25

[B]Class:[/B] N/A

[B]Personality:[/B] Even though he looks tough and mean, Falco is more carefree, though in training he's harsh and tough. He normally catches the trouble makers, and sometimes he let's them off. Though on the second time he's very mean, and people have learnt to fear him on the second strike. Falco will never let anything happen to the students, and having no family from the start he was used to being alone. Tamer Leo and Dragoon are one of his best friends, giving him the postion of Battle leader. He's a very good leader, and isn't afraid to put himself on the line.

[B]*Teachers only* Subjects:[/B] Self Defense and Battle Grounds, he's a master fighter. Head of Battle.

[B]Animal:[/B] WhNo one is sure what kind of birds by the size of his wings, but most people believe a Falcon, Owl or Eagle.


[B]Short Bio:[/B] His parents abandoned him as a child. He was one of the earily Outcasts, and having wings wasn't easy. He lived alone for all his life, stealing food and meeting new friends. He met Tamer Leo when he was fighting off robbers, and the two became friends. Then came Dragoon, the next friend. They all fought against the "bad guys" togethers, Falco proving to be the best fighter. They promised to never let their friendship break, not matter what. Falco wasn't alone anymore, but inside he felt cold and alone. Then, when Tamer Leo informed the two of his new job, Falco left.

He was afraid once more. Having the chance to teach seemed too normal, he was afraid of it. Tamer Leo told Falco to come to his senses, and convinced Falco to join the school. He offered Falco the chance to be Battle leader, and Falco excepted. It was the first year he was well known, and the students respected him. Falco had saved the school twice, with the help of the other teachers. Now he wanted the world of Outcasts to be known, and he would start being teaching the new students as he did with the last.

[B]Techniques:[/B] His wings are so strong they are like metal, un breakable. He can glide through the air without making a sound, and can hover. He has a good strong back and arms too, good for pushing and holding things up.

There you have it, now join the adventure![/SIZE]
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[color=darkorange] I swear, I was on the verge of choosing a chipmunk (or a beaver)
[b]Name[/b]: Tammin Flip
[b]Code-Name[/b]: Scruff
[b]Age[/b]: 15
[b]Class[/b]: Predator (since no one else likes to be young whiper snappers!!!)
[b]Personality[/b]: Like an otter, Scruff is one playful carefree guy who can get himself into alot of trouble when he is bored. Scruff is almost always smiling and goofing off no matter what, he's like a ten year old in a teenagers shoes. He likes to show off sometimes when good looking girls are around, but that usually just scares them off. He has a short attention spand and usually doesn't listen to something unless it is interesting in his point of view. He is very laid back and usually is a last minute Homework kind of guy. He is very caring though, always wanting to cheer people up when they are down.
[b]Animal[/b]: Otter
[b]Appearance[/b]: They don't call him Scruff for no reason. He is almost completely covered and chocolate brown, shaggy fur that goes from head to toe. He is probably one of the most "Complete" outcasts there are. Though he is shaped like a human and [i]usually[/i] walks like one, Scruff still has many other otter features. His eyes are yellow and human like, but his nose is black like an otters. He even has three whiskers on each side of his face. He has short, blond hair and his eyes are a mix of human and otter. He wears a lime green T-shirt and a blue un-buttoned shirt over that. he wears bagy tan pants, and tennis shoes, which Scruff find to be very uncomfortable. He has a long, sleek otter rudder (tail) and his toes and fingers are webbed like an otters topped off with small claws. He stands at about 5'6
[b]Short Bio[/b]: To Scruff, his life has been a bit wild, but not as wild as he himself. Scruff's mother was an outcast, but she had very small features that could easily be hidden when she was out in public. Eventually, she met Scruff's father and they got married, soon giving birth to Scruff... who had bigger features than his mother. Completely covered in fur, Scruff was always concidered a weird guy when growing up. He didn't have very many friends, but he honostly didn't care all that much. His mother always told him that as long as he liked who he was it was fine. And scruff thought being part otter was the coolest thing ever.

Unfortunatly, Scruff's father wasn't very happy and he divorced, not wanting anything to do with Scruff or his mother. Though he was heart broken by this, Scruff kept his chin up and eventually erased his father from his head, usually telling himself that he never had father. After many years, Scruff's mum heard the news about Tamer Leo's school for outcasts. Though, Scruff was too young to go then, they waited a few years and now he is off to school.
[b]Techniques[/b]: having most abilities that an otter would have. Scruff is able to swim at very high speeds, much faster than any olympic swimmer. He also has good hearing and a keen sense of smell. he is also able to stay under water for a long amount of time. he is also very flexible like an otter. Able to do flips and twists. [/color]
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Name: Paul Detson

Code-Name: Sonic (No, he's not a hedge hog...)

Age: 16

Class: Predators

Personality: Paul is very nice and social. He likes to talk to people--alot. Sometimes this gets him in trouble. Especially in very boring classes. He is usually nice to everyone he meets, but sometimes simply finds something that makes him dislike people for some reason.

Animal: Bat

Appearance: Paul has a generally human form, but he is lightly covered in dark brown fur. He has two leathery wings protruding from his back. His ears are more pointed and he has very bad eyesight--although he never wears glasses.

Short Bio: After Paul had been affected by the virus, he had lain on his "deathbed" for a month before the transformation began. His eyesight began to dim significantly, and he seemed to grow hair at an accelerated rate. Once his wings began to sprout, his parents realized what had happened. They had home schooled him until this school opened.

Techniques: Paul is able to fly using the over-large wings that had grown. He can also use his sonar to locate things as opposed to actual sight. His echo-location is undetectable by human ears, but he can also make the sonic waves audible, this typically causes pain to normal humans.
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[color=DarkOliveGreen]Sounds like fun!

Name: Kyle Aremin

Code-Name: Gecko ((lol))

Age: 15

Class: Predator

Personality: Kyle is generaly a happy kid, but likes to be 'mysterious' around other students, usualy just to make them wonder. He's cooperative with most of the teachers, but will stick firmly with his personal beliefs if someone goes against them. For some reason he enjoys speaking in the Japanese style of 'subject/object/verb' instead of 'subject/verb/object' that's used in english.

Animal: some kind of lizard (usualy thought to be a gecko)

Appearance: Kyle is 5'10'' with dark brown hair, and yellow eyes that almost glow like that of a lizards. He doesn't have a tail, but small patches of lizard skin blend with his human skin in various places on his body. The tips of his hands have nearly micro-scopic hairs (like a gecko's ) that stick to what they touch. This doesn't provide enough to climb walles, but does give quite a bit of extra grip. He wears a black t-shirt, jeans, and a grey jacket.

Bio: Kyle was known to have the disease almost right when he was born, though neither his mother nor father had it. He was expected to die, just like many others, but the doctors allowed him to live a normal life as long as he could. When he turned ten, and was already living longer than expected, he began to show symptoms of the transformation. His parents had never allowed him to go to school, as nobody knew if the disease was contagious, but now they had heard of the school for outcasts. His parents were hesitant about sending him, but decided it was for the best.

As the school would not accept anyone younger than twelve, they had to wait two years. He has now been at the school for three years. He took an interest in the fighting classes, though all students were required to take them, but thought that they taught the wrong kind of fighting. Kyle believes that they should be teaching some form of martial arts, and the philosophies that go with them. Upon failing to convince Falco to teach a martial art, he found a book on Akido and taught himself the basics.

Techniques: Basic Akido, very very flexable and extra grip from hands.[/color]
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(I had to change her name)

Name: Mya Chase

Code-Name: Fangs

Age: 15

Class: Predators

Personality:Shes a very happy person mostly. When shes unhappy she hides her emotions.Mya is a very quiet and shy person who doesn't talk much unless its needed. She tends to be very snippy with people if they irritate her. She mostly keeps to herself. She loves music and anything associated with art.

Animal: Arctic fox

Appearance:Mya is 5'4" She has white hair that turns brown in the summer,Fangs and Grey eyes that turn yellow at night, and her hands that are covered in white fur up to her elbow,The fur turns brown in the summer. She also has claws and a white fox like tail.Her ears are also slightly covered in fur, her feet are shaped human but the bottom of her feet have a paw like texture.Besides those few features she looks pretty much like a human.She wears blue jeans and light blue shirt. She has a silver Choker.

Short Bio: Mya is the second oldest child in her family. Her older brother had small fox like features he hide form their parents and every one around him. Once he told her what had been happening to him warned her that it might happen to her to. She though he was lieing at first until he showed her his fangs which where starting to grow out at the time. Soon after that her brother went off to collage trusting her to keep his secret for as long as she could. About a year later she was baby sitting her little sister when she noticed she was getting silverish hairs.

Then her parents walked in she told her parents she decided to dye her hair and got in trouble for it. After about a month passed it was obvious something was worng with her. She started getting fur on her arms and ears. When she walked out side at night people mistakened her for a big cat or dog.Then she started growing claws and fangs.Teachers and students at her school started to stare and back away every time she came in a class. Her Brother,Hearing about this while going through his own issues with his appearance. Remembered he had heared some thing about the school for on the news and told his father about it. Her parents researched it and about three weeks later signed her up for the school.

Techniques:She has the ability to walk on Ice and stay in very cold conditions, she has a sharp bark she uses to warncertain people if dangers around. She uses her claws and fangs if she has to in combat. Mya is also very agile.
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Name:Wyatt Vern
Age: 20
Class: Dinosaur
Personality:Arrogant(he doesn't like people getting in the way)short tempered9gets angry easily)
Animal:Komodo Dragon
Appearance:[IMG]http://www.felixmcli.org/sc2/raphael-1p.JPG[/IMG] but without rapier[IMG]http://www.wizards.com/dnd/images/chainmail/set_3/Half-Dragon_Mage_xlg.jpg[/IMG] Except dark green and as no wings
Short Bio:He was staying with his cousins Dragoon and Mardoom when they all caught the disease but it was nearly exactly ten years later, when they were together again, when they changed.While his cousins changed into snakes he changed into a Komodo Dragon , he gained the abilities and atrributes of a Komodo dragon.

Not very shortly after his cousins joined they asked him to join after a year his cousins had already became teacher but he had to continue as a student.He had finished school half way through 1999 but refused to go home after he had realised his potential.He is doing a few extra years until he perfects his human form.

Techniques:change appearance (except his tail isn't invisible when in human form it's not there)Improved strength

I'm new here so if somethings wrong don't go sick at me.

Oh yeh could someone help me with Komodo traits I don't know much about them.

I should be the best at abilities except for the teachers so no noobs of the school being more experienced than me.
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[B]OOC:[/B] I hope you don't mind me joining a little late, I've been getting it ready for a couple of days because I haven't had time to post.

[COLOR=Navy][B]Name:[/B] Sara Kusanagi
[B]Code-Name:[/B] Ohkami(Gee, wonder where I've seen that?)
[B]Age:[/B] 16
[B]Class:[/B] Predator
[B]Personality:[/B] Sara is kind if you get to know her, but she has a strong outer barrier that only lets a few select people in. She's more of a lone wolf unless she finds one of her pack. Sara doesn't like to be around big noisy groups as it hurts her ears because they're sensitive to sounds. People usually don't talk to her because of her cold attitude but she has a reason for blocking everyone out, but no one cares to find out, except for the teachers, because she told them.
[B]Animal:[/B] Wolf
[B]Appearance:[/B] In her human form, she has long, chocolate brown hair and her ears are positioned near the top of her head and are furry and pointy(like Inuyasha's), she has piercing brown eyes that are always alert. She usually wears an attire of blue and white. Her wolf form looks like [URL=http://users.nlamerica.com/graywolf/Wolves/wolf.jpg]THIS[/URL]
[B]Short Bio:[/B] Sara never knew what was wrong with her during her childhood. It all began when she was still a baby, as the other regular babies were toothing, she was growing fangs. As others learned to walk, Sara ran swiftly on fours. As others learned to talk, Sara began to howl. As she grew older, she started to learn the things that regular babies had learned years ago. She never thought it was strange the she had claws, fangs and pointy, furry ears at the top of her head. Her parents noticed it and called her a freak, abandoning her in a forest at the fragile age of 5.

Sara learned to fend for herself, she met up with a pack of wolves that stayed in the forest and they took to her with kindness. Sara liked them and stayed with them as she grew, they would enjoy their hunts together and their pack songs. But soon the hunters began to come into the forest, shooting the wolves for furs to keep them warm during the cold winter. Sara realised that she had to go into the village and stop the hunters before they killed all of the wolves that were her friends and family.

Sara snuck into the village and stole some food for the wolves and took some of the guns. Sara made many trips during the nights, taking supplies and guns, but one night, she walked into a trap, they caught her trying to take more supplies. They realised that she was a human from her nakedness because she was in the forest for so long, she growled at them and called for her pack brothers and pack sisters, telling them to flee as they had captured her. They sent back the call, saying they were leaving, and wishing her luck. Sara hadn't talked for many years so they clothed her and put her on tutoring, getting her to remember english. When they were satisfied, they sent her off to "The School of Freaks" as they liked to call it, Sara heard the people talking about it, saying there were other freaks like her there. Sara enrolled, not wanting to be an outcast and she told the teachers how she was abandoned at 5 by her parents. They accepted her and decided to leave her as a lonsome cross, because it was hard on her, being abandoned by the people she sought love from. None of the students know, so they don't understand, they just presume that she's anti-social and is too stuck up to talk to them.
[B]Techniques:[/B] Sara's learned the power to fully transform into a wolf morph, where her fangs are fully grown and her ears, eyes and nose are sensitive to anything. She can run very fast and is agile. No one has been able to sneak up on her because of her hearing, and she can usually see when people are hiding her. She can withstand cold temperatures from relatives like the Arctic Wolves. In her human form, she's still fast and most of the same as her wolf morph, but she's a bit slower, can't take as cold a temperature and her claws and fangs are shorter.[/COLOR]

[B]OOC2:[/B] I hope it's ok. I might change some things if I see they're wrong, but I gotta go now.
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[size=1][color=#999999][B]Name:[/B] Mardoom

[B]Code-Name:[/B] Mardoom

[B]Age:[/B] 24

[B]Class:[/B] N/A

[B]Personality:[/B] Mardoom is a bit more calm and collective than her brother. She has a mysterious smile and a devious look in her eye, but she is one the kindest people that anyone could ever meet. Mardoom is one of the Outcasts that do not like to show their true feelings and emotions. She keeps them hidden deep inside and lets them loose until the battle. Anger, sorrow, joy, it didn't matter because all she needed to think of was the love her brother gave to her and the protection he provided.

[B]*Teachers only* Subjects:[/B] Social Education

[B]Animal:[/B] Snake

[B]Appearance:[/B] Mardoom is able to completely transform from her snake form to her human form and vice-versa. See attachment for human form, but her eyes are silver and the dress she is wearing has snakes all around her. She also has a double snake arm band tattoo and a cobra and eastern dragon tattoo on her shoulders. Her snake form has a pale, shimmering lavender skin with silverish gray, silver eyes, and venomous fangs. She is easily mistaken for the mythical basilisk, sometimes a python, other times no one knows what she truly is.

[B]Short Bio:[/B] Before Mardoom was a teacher for Tamer Leo's School for the Outcasts, she had lived with her brother Dragoon, another snake anthrope. Their life was a peaceful one, living at home with her brother and her cousin, tending to the animals that she kept. Her brother was wild, fiery, aggressive, while she was cool, calm, and less tempered than he. She also knew Tamer Leo and Falco before anyone else had. She and her brother knew them from the beginning, when they were young. It was a rare sight when you would see Dragoon or Falco without the other. Some said they were joined at the hips, Mardoom had always said Dragoon and Falco were her two annoying brothers.

Ever since Mardoom was young, she had always been an independent woman. She relied on no one other than her brother, Falco, and Tamer Leo. She took care of everything, even if her brother needed to help. She knew that her brother needed nothing to worry about, since she and her brother lived alone. She swore to him that she would never end up like her mother, an abusive, cold, and hearltess alcoholic. She swore she would never hurt the ones she loved.

[B]Techniques (Human):[/B] She is able to speak the language of reptiles. She also has night vision, is very flexible, and can inject venom when she pierces her victim with her nails.

[B]Techniques (Animal):[/B] It is said that snakes are blind and can only smell and taste with their tongues, but Mardoom is able to see well and is able to travel through the night without sound. She is one of the few that possess the ability to camoflauge themselves and strike at their opponent silently. She is also able to swim through large bodies of water for a long period of time. She cannot feel heat or ice and she has no temperature. She is also able to dig through the earth and use that to her advantage. In her snake form, she is also a very formidable opponent for she can change her color to what background she is in and she is also able to stun, kill, or even hypnotize her enemy.[/size][/color]
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This sounds like alot of fun!!!

Name: Kana Pferd
Codename: Filly
Age: 15
Class: Predator
Personality: Kana is a silent girl and llikes to be alone. She likes to read and can be very intelagent. She is outgoing but tends to be shy.
Animal: Horse
Appearance: Kana has slightly dark skin and has a lighter birthmark on her forhead that is normally covered by her short dark brown hair.
Short Bio: Kana is from Germany and her parents home schooled her because she would talk to animals instead if her classmates. She never has any type meat and would never try.
Techniques: Kana has very good hearing and smell. She however doesn't have good eyesight. She is very fast and can talk to animals (real animals).

Pferd is German for horse in case you're interested.
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Name: Uriko Takimonari
Codename: Scratch
Age: 15
Class: Predator
Personality: Very frindly,and makes alot of friends in just one hour.
Animal: Cat
Appearance: Short hair,and always wears a jacket two sizes to big.
Short Bio: Uriko has a strange ability.She can toggle between human and animal form.She found this out when she was in the mall,she just turned into her cat form.She was very happy,but she had found out she was an Outcast.
Techniques: When in animal form,has catlike reflexes.Martial arts.
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OOC: can i still sign-up?

Name: Juno Davis
Code-Name: Winger
Age: 14
Class: Wildfebeast
Personality: Fun-loving,perky,hyperactive,and a bit crazy.
Animal: Vampire Bat
Appearance: [IMG]http://www.otakuboards.com/attachment.php?attachmentid=18903&stc=1[/IMG]
Short Bio: Juno was always was perky and never let anything get in her way.though poeple were scared of her andmade fun af her she didn't let that hurt her.Her parents left her in an oparnage but, she was adopted by Kevin Falcon(if that's okay).She respected him greatly and always hopped to be like him when she got older.
Techniques: She can fly and is very good with airal attacks.
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Guest Pirate Sharp
[B]Name:[/B] Hali Sharp
[B]Code-Name:[/B] Razorblade
[B]Age:[/B] 16
[B]Class:[/B] Predators
[B]Personality:[/B] A fairly friendly and outgoing girl, Hali doesn't really seem to mind her "uniqueness". She can, however, get very bad mood swings. One moment, she could be bouncy, then the next - she wants to rip your throat apart.
[B]Animal:[/B] Lynx
[B]Appearance:[/B] 5'4" (She's short), 120lbs. A thin, sleek body. Hali has long legs, but a small torso, making her a short girl. Her eyes are a deep blue colour, and she has straight light brown hair that just reaches past her shoulders. As for her more abnormal qualities, Hali doesn't have regular ears. Instead, her ears are that of a lynx. They stick up quite high and far our, and little tuffs of hair are at the tips. Her nails are extremely long, making them look like claws. She also has a long cat-tail that just brushes the ground, but she tries to hide it in a pant leg. Her clothes consist of baggy camo-pants, a red tanktop with a black jacket over it when the weather is chilly, and a black beanie cap that she refuses to take off. (Used to hide her ears.)
[B]Short Bio:[/B] Raised in a torn household, Hali had spent most of her life going between her mother's and father's houses. At the age of ten, her father died in a car accident, leaving Hali alone with her now depressed and a bit insane mother. When Hali.. changed, her mother wasted no time in sending the child as far away as possible.

Hali, having never had many friends in her life, has developed a little different in the way she looks at things. She seems to be split completely down the center when it comes to ideas. On the one hand, she thinks everyone deserves a chance. But on the other, she also believes that most people are cruel. This in mind, she's never been able to hold any sort of relationship with anyone for very long, turning her to never let her real feelings show.
[B]Techniques: [/B]Having a streamline body, Hali can move very quickly and seems to fit into the smallest of places. She has slightly better hearing than most normal people, and she has a feline's natural ability to charm. However, she does have a weakness for being petted or held onto.
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