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Tamer Leo's School For Outcasts


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[SIZE=1]So, basically you all know the story. Since there are only Predators and a Dinosaur play(s), I copied the two time tables. You should save it in a word doc. or something and you can look at it there:

English - Nile Longstiff ~~~Break~~~ Science - Rock ~~~ Battle grounds - Tamer Leo ~~~Lunch~~~ Self Defense ~~~ Self Defense ~~~

Day Off

Art - Tamer Leo ~~~ Break ~~~ English - Nile Longstiff ~~~ Social Education - Todd Smith ~~~ Lunch ~~~ Wildlife Studies - Robert Jevik ~~~ Hist/Geo - Aaron Demof

English - Nile Longstiff ~~~Break~~~ Maths - Dragoon ~~~ Science - Rock~~~ Lunch ~~~ Art - Tamer Leo ~~~ Wildlife Studies - Robert Jevik

Science - Rock ~~~Break~~~ English - Nile Longstiff ~~~ Social Education - Todd Smith ~~~Lunch~~~ Rest of the day off

Day off

English - Kerry Prestan ~~~ Break ~~~ Self Defense ~~~ Self Defense ~~~ Lunch ~~~ Art - Tamer Leo ~~~ Maths - Kerry Prestan ~~~ Social Education - Mardoom

Battle grounds - Kevin Falcon ~~~ Break ~~~ Art - Tamer Leo ~~~ Wildlife Studies - Robert Jevik ~~~ Lunch ~~~ Hist/Geo - Aaron Demof ~~~ English - Kerry Prestan

Art - Tamer Leo ~~~ Break ~~~ Science - Rock ~~~ English - Kerry Prestan ~~ Lunch ~~~ Social Education - Mardoom ~~~ Hist/Geo - Aaron Demof

Hist/Geo - Aaron Demof ~~~ Break ~~~ English - Kerry Prestan ~~~Wildlife Studies - Robert Jevik ~~~Lunch ~~~ Rest of the day off.

In my first post I'll describe the teachers for you all. Here is their names and code-names (which you call them by, and there is also what animal they are too) :

Kevin Falcon: Falco - Bird
Arnold Parjest: Panther - Panther
Robert Jevik: Dogman - Dog
Dragoon: Dragoon - Snake
Aaron Demof: Cheetar - Cheetar
Tamer Leo: Tamer Leo - Lion
Kerry Perstan: Cat - Cat
Nile Longstiff: Tiger - Tiger
Mardoom: Mardoom - Snake
Rock: Rock - Bear
Max Mcdaddif: Wolf - Wolf
Todd Smith: Rhino

Okay, you'll all start off by coming to the school in any form of transport. Other students who have been before might tell rumors to you about the teachers, and so on. So in my first post, all the teachers come out to greet you, then you'll all be lead to the dinning rooms of each Class (Predator or Dinosaur, depends who you are). Then you'll be given directions to your room, and you have an hour to explore around the school until the first lesson (Dinosaurs are off on Monday). Simple. Okay, here we go!

[B]The staff room was a little quiet than normal. Dragoon stared through the window. Dragoon's skin was black and grey, he had a long slimmy snake tail, his eyes where slit like a snakes and his hair was black and messy. Rock was the largest, and one of the strongest. He looked just normal, long brown hair, normal blue eyes, but bear claws on his hands. All the teachers wore normal clothes, if they wore any at all. Wolf wore nothing but white pants, the rest of his body was covered in black fur, not to mention his fluffy wolf tail. Panther dressed the same too, black pants, a Panthers tail, panther ears and spikety, messy hair. He was the strangest of the teachers. Cheetar was normal, except for his tail, and he just wore jeans and a shirt. Dogman was the scariest. He was covered in brown fur with sharp dog ears, a dog tail, dog hands and feet, brown pants and a dog's snout. Cat just had cat ears and a tail, nothing much. The staff where sat around the staff room, people like Panther ontop of the bookcase. Kevin Falcon, or Falco as most people called him was by far the most lonely of the teachers. He stood in the corner, his bird wings over his body like a shield or armour. His eyes where closed, and nothing could be seen below his forehead except his eyes. The red clothe he had across his nose and mouth made him even stranger. No one had seen his real, true face, except Tamer Leo. Tamer Leo saved Falco when they where caught in a gun shoot out, Falco was almost crushed when Leo saved him, tearing Falco's mask in the process. Suddenly, Tiger walked in, slamming the door behind. His body was cver in stripes, he had tiger ears and ginger hair, fangs aswell.

"Tamer Leo's coming in a sec'." Tiger told them. No one responded. The room was still silent. "Falco, Tamer Leo wants you on the roof, you get to say hi to the students first." Tiger added laying back in the armchair beside Rock. "He-yo? Earth to Falco?" Tiger growled. Falco opened his eyes slowly. His breath was slow and shallow, Falco just nodded slightly.

"Fried rice and Falco dun't fly!" Cheetar laughed. Everyone stared at him, Dragoon muttered something about idiots. "Errr...." Cheetar shrugged, not knowing what to say. "I was... thinking about food?" Everyone still stared, Panther snorted and turned away.

"Tell Tamer Leo and Mardoom when they come that I've wished them good luck, hopefully everything will go smoothly and stuff won't get out of hand." Falco muttered.

"You worry too much." Mumbled Dragoon who was still staring out of the window. "Mardoom and Tamer Leo are good enough to handle anything, so you don't have to wish them anything. Nor do any of us need wishing good luck." Dragoon snapped at him. He wasn't one to mess with, but Dragoon was alright most of the time, when he was in a bad mood he was snappy, but when he's in a good mood he's alright. Falco didn't dare answer back. He just walked through the door, folding his wings in as he went. He closed the door behind him, and began to walk down the corridor which was lit up with small lights on the wall. He then saw Tamer Leo. A tall man, who had long blone hair down to his knees, fangs, and sweet, kind look on his face. His hair stuck up a little at the back and was spikey, not to mention his long sideburns. He wore some sort of army outfit, a Generals jacket with badges and symbols on, black pants and leather boots. His hands where cover in some blonde fur, and he had sharp gold nails.

"Ah, Falco. Rhino will be outside, to greet to students with you. I asked Mardoom, so maybe she will do it. Oh, and keep an eye out, we didn't manage to get all the students to tell us what method of transport they would us. I think most of them will either walk, get a taxi or even fly." Tamer Leo explained. Falco smiled, you could see it under his mask. Leo put his hand on Falco's shoulder, smiling back showing his fangs. "Good luck pal." He said.

"Same to you." Falco replied. He jumped in the air a little, and began to hover, his wings moving slightly. Falco nodded, and flew off, up the stairs and right in front of the front door. On his left where two rooms; The Predators dinning room and the Wildfebeast, on the right was two rooms also, the Wildfebeast's dinning room and the libary. The stairs behind Falco lead to the classrooms (except Battle Grounds and Self Defense which was always outside, but there where classrooms for those two subjects where the teachers went sometimes), and on the third floor (1st floor teachers place and just above the dinning rooms and main corridor, 2nd floor classrooms) was the bed rooms. Falco pushed the large oak doors open and flew outside. The sun was high in the sky, shinning brightly on him. Rhino was already outside, not the tallest, but one of the toughest and strongest. He had a large horn on his head, not to mention spikes down his back. He had Rhino skin on his chest, like armour with shoulder wings. He also had armoured shins on his hands and feet. He could transform, not into a Rhino, but he could cover his whole body in thick Rhino skin.

"Hey," Rhino said running over. "The students will be here shortly, have you seen Mardoom?" Rhino asked.

"No." Falco replied. The two just stood there after that, waiting.[/SIZE][/B]
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[size=1][color=royalblue]Tam pushed apart the tall grass he was marching through, maybe he should have gone left instead at that fork in the road. Tam brushed away some sweat with the back of his paw that was forming on his furry forehead. He really hoped they had some kind of pool at this place. Tam sat down for a quick breather, letting go of the two suit cases he was carrying, he had told his mom he had wanted to go to the school on his own when they got a bit closer, but he was now starting to think she should have just drivin' him there. Tam's ears suddenly twitched as he heard something a short distance away, his ears pricked and he stoof on tip toes trying to see anything over the tall grass that was as big as him. It sounded like two men.

Picking up his stuff, Tam jogged through the grass, getting a few scratches from not watching out for thorns, he finally saw a large building rise from the ground and the voices had gone quite. Tam pushed through one last clump of grass and tripped over a rock, falling face first onto black pavement.
"Ouch..." He grumbled as he pushed himself up from the ground, rubbing his sore nose a bit. He then heard someone laughing at him. Tam put a paw over his eyes to block the sun as he looked up on the roof of the building. Standing there was a man with wings and gray skinned man standing next to him, laughing at Tam's clumsyness.

"Have a nice trip?" The Gray skinned guy asked with a chuckle. Tam smirked and a shook his head a bit, tossing his blond hair and fur around wildly.

"I'm looking for that Leo guys school for Outcast's, such as myself. Judging from the winged one, i'm guessing I didn't take a wrong turn." Tam yelled up to them, taking a seat on one of his suitcases that was laying on its side. The guy with wings seemed to narrow his eyes and glare at Tam for few moments, but it soon passed.

"New student, eh?" The Rhino man said (the horn gave it away). "Well, Scruff. You're the first to arrive. You just wait there until the others come." He called down to him. Scruff? Must be a nick name to all the new students. [/size][/color]
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"Hey what's ya name kid?"A voice said from behind Tam.
Tam turned around to see Wyvern stood over him "Tam sir"Tam answered thinking Wyvern was a teacher.
"Me teacher, no I'm not that pathetic."Wyvern wispered to Tam.
Tam sniggered.

"well what can I call you?"Tam asked.
"Me, just call me Wyvern."Answered Wyvern.

Wyvern walked into the school and found Tamer Leo.
"Umm I know it's my day off but I just thought I'd come in and help with stuff, what can I do?"Wyvern asked.
"Well you can welcome all the new students."Leo answered.
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Uriko ran down the sidewalk in her cat form."Ugh,stupid bus took off without me! "As she got to a huge gate she walked up to it slowly."Wow" the gates opend by themselves.

Uriko walked in and looked around she saw Tam and walked up to him."Hey,im new here and...."she looked at some teachers."I was wondering do you know what to do?"

She turned intoi human form and took of a back pack.
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[size=1][color=#999999][i]Walking towards Rhino, Wyvern, Falco, and Tamer Leo was Mardoom. She was one of the two female teachers at SFC, School for Outcasts. She smiled as she saw two of the new students that stood there. Mardoom came to the other teachers and stood beside Rhino. The two students looked to her and blinked their eyes as they saw nothing strange about her. She heard the otter's thoughts and chuckled.[/i]

"Scruff, is that your name? Do you have a question for me or should I answer it for you?"

[i]Scruff looked to Mardoom and wondered what she was talking about.[/i] "Excuse me? My question? But I never asked one."

"Mardoom is able to hear other's thoughts. She is a bit psychic, she has other abilties as well." [i]Tamer Leo had replied.[/i]

[i]Smiling to Scruff, Mardoom had answered Tam's question.[/i] "I have small features that cannot be seen. For example, my eyes. I can shift them from human to snake without anyone knowing. I can also speak the language of snakes, which is a rare ability, for most Outcasts cannot speak the language of their animal. Ah, did I mention poison lingers in my blood and I am able to secrete venom into my nails and I am able to either stun, kill, or even tranquilize my victims?" [i]The two students shook their heads in amazement and fear.[/i] "Well, then. Now you know. And, welcome."[/size][/color]
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Oh yeh gotta welcome the new kids.Wyvern thought to himself.

"So what's ya name?"Wyvern asked as he looked at the new girl.
"Who me?, my name is Uriku."She answered.
"You can call me Wyvern."Wyvern replied.

Wyvern walked towards the staff room and knocked on the door, then opened it.
"Dragoon."He said.
Dragoon walked over to him.
"Yes Wyvern."He replied.
"Ummm could I lend some money?"Wyvern asked him.
"How much."Dragoon replied.
"About $20."He answered.
"why?"Asked Dragoon.
"Does it matter, I'll pay you back."He answered.
Draggoon gave him some money and then he left the staff room.
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[COLOR=Red]Juno flew through the air as fast as she could go. [I]Oh, I can't be late.If I am I'll be in sooooo much trouble!!![/I] The school came in to veiw. Juno dived down slowly bringing her black wings closer to her body. As the ground grew closer she pullled out of her dive and let herself fall slowly to the ground. Once her feet hit the ground she ran threw the gate and smiled. Juno looked around and saw two students standing near some of the teachers. She quickly ran over.
"Hi!"Juno said happily.
"Hi".The female student replied first.
"Who are you".One of the teachers asked.
"I'm Juno but my codename's Winger.Nice to meet you"!Juno smilled reveiling a pair of very sharp fangs. Juno looked up on the roof and noticed a man with a large set of wings standing on the roof. She spread her wings and flew up to him. Once landed Juno looked up into his face and smilled brightly.
"Told you I wouldn't be late"!She said.[/COLOR]
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Kyle had decided to walk, besides, that's what legs are for. He could see the school in the distance, and assumed it was the right place by all the odd people standing around. Someone noticed him as he came closer, Mordoom walked up to him.

"I assume you're another student?" Kyle's yellow eyes came up to the teacher's face.

"Yes. Konichiwa." Kyle smiled at Mordoom.

"Cut with the japanese kid. Welcome to your new school. I'm Mordoom." Kyle bowed and walked to the other students, looking them over. He wondered if he looked as strange to them, though he had to admit, the cat like one was kind of cute.
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Uriko saw Kyle looking at her.She was biting on a tooth pick but thats not really something odd hell be stareing at.She walks toward him Kyle kinda took a step back.She said "Hi!"she waves her arms but since it was 2 sizes too big the sleeve was the only thing waving.

She ran toard him saying "Hey im Uriko,and you are ?"she was the wuite energetic type
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[COLOR=Navy]Sara ran through the forest, a flash of grey and white amongst the green foliage. Sara had only been around for two previous years, when not at school she stayed in the forests, the only home she remembered. The pack returned after the hunting crisis was over and Sara stayed in wolf form when she was around them.

Sara sniffed the air with caution, they could never be too careful, there were always predators and hunters lingering in the forests. She didn't smell anything so she continued, she knew her way to the school well because she just had to follow her own scent there. She broke out of the forest and saw several students entering the doors of the school. She walked forwards and walked in through the doors. The teachers always met the students in the same place so Sara went to the area. When she walked in, a few new students were scared and shocked. The old students saw her and just looked at her.

Sara looked at them and began her change back to human form. The new students were amazed because not many were able to fully transform.

Sara saw the students staring at her because she still looked part wolf. She growled and showed them her fangs, they looked away quickly and Sara smirked, new kids were always the same. She left the area and went in search of Tamer Leo to find out what she had to do because the older students were usually assigned to do things to help out the newer students. Even though Sara didn't like to get contact with people, she knew it was a duty. Sara had friends, there were a few students that were let into her barrier and they're the only people besides the teachers that she usually talks to, sometimes she talks to other students too, but not very often.[/COLOR]

[B]OOC:[/B] Not too good but I needed to post. I start school tomorrow so I might not post a lot.
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[COLOR=DarkOliveGreen]Kyle had officialy had enough for one day. He looked around the room they were in, yellow eyes darting back and forth. The other new students were all doing something similar, and Kyle's gazed landed on Uriko. This eventualy led Kyle to thinking what kind of girls would be around here... a possibly scary thought.

A winged teacher, Falco, walked in and stood in front of the students. "Alright new students, I guess I should show you all to your dorms..."

Kyle rubbed a patch of rough lizard skin near his elbow and followed.[/COLOR]
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Uriko was figedty in her human form.She was litterly disspearing and appearsing around Kyle."Your a lizard ?"

"Im a cat,isn't that cool,huh,huh,huh ?"She noticed her dorm was next to Kyles she said "Can i come in your dorm,i would like to get to know you a little bit more'she said all perky.
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[FONT=System][COLOR=DarkOliveGreen]Kyle was a little surprised, and looked over at Uriko, only to find she was already on his other side. "Will you..."

"Yes?" Uriko said before he could finish.

Kyle was caught off guard again and fumbled for words. Before anything came to mind, Uriko asked again, "So can I? Hmm?" Kyle rubbed the back of his head, a little dazed from the cat girl's rapid talking.

"Um... sure..."

"OK!" Uriko nearly skipped into Kyle's room and looked around. As Kyle stepped in, they both whistled at the same time. " Roomy..." Uriko sat down in a little chair near the door and Kyle put his small bag on the floor.

There was one of those akward silences where both people wonder what the other is about to say, though neither is going to say anything. Finally Uriko said, "So where ya from?"

Kyle sat down on the edge of the bed and said, "Right inside town, just a few miles from here."

Uriko already had anotehr question ready, "So what exactly are you?"

Kyle was confused only for a moment, "Some kind of lizard... like a gecko or something. So... where are [i]you[/i] from?"[/COLOR][/FONT]
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Mya ran down a long paved path leading to the school. The car broke down a while back. After a while of listening to her family fighting and her father saying" wait we'll get it started in a sec" She decided to walk to the school. She just didn't think it would be as far away as it was." I can't believe I'm late" She said to herself as she came towards the rather large building. She looked for a door bell and didn't see one so she knocked.
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[SIZE=1]OOC: Guys, I'll only be able to post a little once a day, I got the headache again which s really painful and right now I have to stay at home until my glasses are sorted (eyes = headaches, headaches = dizzy-nes, dizzy-ness = sick, sick = limited computer time).


[B]Falco flew down the stairs gracefully after showing a few lost students to their rooms. Tamer Leo ran past, and shouted for Falco to get the door. Falco landed right in front of the large oak doors, and opened it.

"Can I help you?" Falco asked the girl stood outside.

"Is this Tamer Leo's school?" The girl asked. It was pretty simple; Falco gave it away.

"Yeah, you're in the right place. Name's Falco, I'm the head of battle, you are...?" Falco replied calmly, holding the door open for the new girl to walk in.

"Mya." She replied. Falco nodded and pointed upwards.

"I can't lead you to your room right now, but if you go up those stairs onto the third floor you should see a long line of rooms and corridors, those are rooms. Go to the very last corridor, right at the back, and count along from the first door and the left to three. A little confusing, but you'll get it. Just look for the corridor where all the teens are running around, then it's the third door and the left." Falco explained. Mya nodded, and ran up the stairs. Suddenly, Dogman came running down the stairs, grunting and cursing. "What happened?" Falco asked. Dogman pulled a bit of silly string out of his ear.

"[I]Someone[/I] brought some silly string and decided to spray is all over the 2nd floor!" Dogman growled. "Whoever made up that [I]Every students has an hour to explore on the first day back[/I] is a stupid twat!" Dogman snapped.

"That was me." Falco mumbled.

"...Oh..." Dogman laughed slightly. "You better go and deal with it, I have the Wildfebeast for English next but you have a free lesson." Dogman added storming off. Falco glided up the stairs to the third floor, and caught four kids having a fight with the silly string.

"I admire you giving this floor a little colour." Falco said. The students whizzed round, and dropped the cans. "But Tamer Leo wouldn't like it. Pick it all up, and I'll forget the whole thing happened. Don't do it again." Falco told them. Clearly they where Predators, and maybe one Wildfebeast. They nodded and Falco flew off.[/SIZE][/B]

Since we have one Wildfebeast, here's the timetable:

English - Robert Jevik ~~~ Break ~~~ Self Defense ~~~ Self Defense ~~~ Lunch ~~~ Maths - Dragoon ~~~ Art - Tamer Leo ~~~

Art - Tamer Leo ~~~ Break ~~~ Hist/Geo - Kerry Prestan ~~~ Maths - Dragoon ~~~ Lunch ~~~ Wildlife Studies - Arnold Demof ~~~ Science - Max Mcdaddif

Day off.

Sciences - Max Mcdaddif ~~~ Break ~~~ Hist-Geo - Kerry Perstan ~~~ Wildlife Studies - Arnold Demof ~~~ Lunch ~~~ English - Robert Jevik ~~~ Maths - Dragoon

Battle grounds - Kevin Falcon ~~~Break~~~ English - Robert Jevik ~~~ Social Education - Mardoom ~~~ Sciences - Max Mcdaddif ~~~ Lunch ~~~ Rest of the day off.[/SIZE]
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[COLOR=Red]Juno looked around the loud room of her fellow Wildfebeasts and frowned. She leaned back in the chair and stared at the ceiling. A door slammed and the room became very quite. Juno put her chair back on all fours and looked at the teacher. [I]Dogman[/I], she thought as he started to give out books telling the students not to chew them,sread them,or do any damage to them what so ever.sShe tuned out.Falco had already told her all the rules of all the teachers.Juno looked out the window she was sitting next.[/COLOR]
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[color=darkorange]Paul flew as fast as he could towards the school, firing out his echo-location as he went. Finally, he saw, even through his dim eyesight, a large building looming ahead. [i]That must be it![/i] he thought, starting to land, [i] But where is everyone else?[/i] he turned around quickly, looking for any sign of another student, or even a teacher.[i]Crap. Crap, crap, crap, crap, crap. I'm late.[/i]

He quickly came up to the door, knocked on it and waited, his toe tapping anxiously. After about five minutes, he knocked again. Finally, someone came to the door.

"Hold yer horses.....I'm comin!" someone opened the door, and Paul stared for a moment. The man he saw before him was tall, not to mention covered in thick, brown fur. "Oh, you're here for the school...."

"Y-yes," Paul stammered, he had never seen anyone else like him.

"Well, my name's Rock, you can call me Bear, and you should probably drop your stuff off at your room. Just...." he pointed to a stairway to his left, "Go up to the fourth floor, you can have the room at the end of the hall. After that, you've got.....10 minutes to explore the school before your first class."

"Okay...." Paul said, hoisting his bag onto his shoulder and heading towards the stairway. He went up the stairs to his room, dumping his stuff on the floor and grabbing his schedule.

"Crap.....I can't read it....." he went into the hall, looking for someone with normal eyesight. After a couple minutes of looking around, he bumped into Tiger.

"Whoops...sorry," Paul said, "Err....I have crappy eyesight, can you tell me what class I have first?"

"Sure....Ah! You first have English, with me, Tiger, and then..." he proceeded to tell Paul his entire schedule. He had him repeat a couple times until he memorized it.

"No problem. See you in a few minutes."

Paul went down the stairs, heading toward the room theat Tiger had directed him to for English. He went in and sat down, even though he was a few minutes early.[/color]
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Mya repeated the directions in her head to make sure she got it right. After a couple of minutes of searching she finally found the room. She walked in the room. It was filled with teens laughing and carrying on. The only different in her old school was looks. She didn?t think much of it . But, she did think it was nice to be around others such as herself for once. She noticed some other students walk in the room.
Mya started walking around the room. The rest of the students where talking and seem to be getting along well.

She droped some thing dropped out of her bag and turned around to pick it up and ran directly in to some one. ?Sorry, my fault.? She looked up at the guy standing in front of her. ?No problem.? She looked up at the guy and noticed he was covered in fur. ? I?m Scruff? She shook his hand. ? I?m Mya but most people call me Fangs.? She picked up what she droped and stood back up.
Just then the door to the room opened one of the students walked in side the room. Mya guessed that it was a teacher from the way the room got all quiet but she wasn't really sure.
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[size=1][color=#999999][i]Mardoom walked into the school and began walking up the stairs. She walked up and saw 4 kids throwing silly string at each other. She sighed and walked up to them. Mardoom had changed her color so that she blended with the background. One of the students had walked right into her and she had changed back.[/i]

"Boo." [i]The student turned around quickly and began to stumble backwards. Mardoom walked forward a bit and stared at the students.[/i] "I assume someone told you to clean this up?" [i]They nodded at this question.[/i] "Well, then. You'd better do as you're told. If Tamer Leo finds this floor like this...well. Let's just say it's not going to be pretty. You kids have fun [i]cleaning[/i] up."

[i]Sighing, Mardoom walked back down and walked to the Staff Room. She entered and saw her brother sitting and relaxing on the couch. He looked up at the door and saw his sister. His eyes followed her as she walked to the refreshments. She grabbed a glass and filled it with water and turned to sit on the couch that sat adjacent to where her brother sat.[/i]

"Kids these days. They cause more trouble than I did. At least they fear us, am I right?"

"Hmm. I suppose. It's not good to scare them. That's the older students jobs." [i]Dragoon smirked at his own remark.[/i] "Anyways, when do you teach?"

[i]Mardoom began to think, she then realized her schedule.[/i] "I start on Tuesday with the Dinosaurs. Dinosaurs are so much easier than the younger ones. But, then again, they have so much competition in them." [i]Looking at the clock, Mardoom placed her glass on the table next to her and stood.[/i] "We'd better get going. Falco and Tamer Leo might need us."

[i]Dragoon hesitated before his sister walked out the door. He sighed and followed her. Mardoom could hear the flapping of large wings. She knew it to be Falco and followed the sound. Dragoon and Mardoom had found Falco.[/size][/color][/i]
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[COLOR=Navy]Sara had found Tamer Leo, he welcomed her back for another year and just asked her to point the new students to the correct dorms if they needed help, other than that she could just go to her room. Sara nodded and left. Several new students asked her where the various dorms were so Sara just pointed the way and headed to her familiar room that she had been in last year.

Sara looked around and saw it was the same as she left it because they knew she was coming back. Sara sat on the bed and sighed, she had brought a bag with her that had some stuff that she owned in it. Sara dumped the bag at the foot of her bed and unzipped it. She started to unpack and put things in the various drawers and cupboards. Finally she zipped the empty bag and stashed it under the bed. She looked at her familiar room and decided to walk around for a bit.

Sara put her hands in her jacket pockets and walked around the building. Her ears twitched and some familiar and different sounds. She sighed and decided it was too enclosed and loud from all of the new students coming in. Sara made for one of the doors and brushed outside. A cool wind brushed by and her long hair and furry ears followed the path of the gust. She took a deep breath and thought about what this year had in store for her.

[I]'Maybe I'll finally learn to open up this year.'[/I] Sara thought as she looked out into the distance.[/COLOR]
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Uriko silently replied "Japan....not like anyone else from Japan is a wild animal"she still talked quite fast."As you noticed im a cat".Uriko sat next to Kyle and put her arm over his shoulder."We'll be best freinds ".Uriko got excited and started puncing of walls.

"This is the way i always am"she bounced and landed on Kyle.They faced eachother "Konichiwa?".Uriko got up and sat down as Kyle stod up and looked at her.Uriko said "Well....i better go".Uriko started for the the door but Kyle grabbed her arm,"No i-"
OOC:Its one of those things that the other person finishes
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OOC: heh heh, I get it...

IC: "I... ummm..." Kyle looked a little nervous, but it was too late to finish as a teacher came from room to room telling everyone to get to their first class. Uriko looked back at him "You what?"

Kyle lost his nerve and changed his mind, "Er... nevermind." They both walked out and found their class... English. Most of the students were already there, and the teacher stood at the front of the classroom.

As the two of them came in, the teacher motioned for them to take a seat.
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[SIZE=1][B]Falco noticed Mardoom and Dragoon coming up to him and he smiled under his mask.

"Looks like we got the first lesson off." Falco laughed. Dragoon nodded, and for the first time all day he smiled. "Where's Tamer Leo?" Falco asked.

"We where just going to find him." Mardoom replied. Falco nodded.

"Yeah, we should all keep a look out this time. I mean, we're talking childish adults here, and you'll never guess who's back, Mike..." Dragoon mumbled. Falco sighed heavily. Mike was a dog cross, a German Shepard, very bad kid. He was 19, and always got into trouble, no matter how bad the punishment the kid was always messing around. Last year Falco nearly got his wings cut off and Tamer Leo went crazy at Mike. "Oh and guess what? It happens to be the Dinosaurs day off..." Dragoon added.

"Well you guys keep a look out, I need to go outside I have the Wildfebeast for Self Defense after break." Falco told them flying off. He heard crashing and laughing in the Dinosaurs dinner room, and straight away Dragoon and Mardoom went to have a look. Falco shook his head and flew out of the window.


Falco was sat on the rof of the school, looking down at the river and pond right next to the woods. It was a great chance for these children to have a normal education, only problem was lots of people would come to the school and threaten the students, last year there where even sightings of hunters. Last year was chaos, in fact. The rumors, the students messing about, the amount of things going wrong... That's why everyone wished each other good luck. That wasn't all that made him angry, it was the rumors some kids spread. Saying that most of the teachers where really FBI guys acting as Outcasts, and the rumor about Falco's face without his cloth over his mouth, nose and white eyes. Scars, cuts, no, it wasn't true. Tamer Leo was only such a good friend to Falco because he understood him. No family, no friends since Falco was a boy, and then Dragoon and Tamer Leo became his best friends in the world, then... the school.

Falco still stared out at the fields and forests, and sighed heavily to himself.[/SIZE][/B]
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The boy walked in the room and looked kinda frightened by the silence. Suddenly every thing got back to normal and the students we're talking again. Hum, must of just been a really tall student. Mya though and turned to Scruff. " So did you know your classes yet?" "yah." Mya looked at him. " So what are you doing here?" " I just wanted to check out what the other students were like before class starts." Scruff looks out the door and notices students going to their classes. Mya nods her head."That makes sense." She looks at the door. " Their starting classes now. I'll see you later " Scruff hurries out the room."later"

Mya stands by the door. I could of sworn I got a letter with my classes in it last week. She dug through her bag. Mya reached inside a back pocket and pulled out a letter. "This must be it." She closed her bag and read the small paper in the envelope. Mya stood by the door. That?s when another student walked in and notified the others that if they already know what classes they have they are to report to their classes. A couple of people left including Mya but, there was still a lot of people in the class. Mya walked up to a near by teacher heading to his class" Um, excuse me which direction is English."

She adjusted the strap on her bag. " You have me for English. Its Just that way, Maybe you should put your stuff in your room first." He pointed the way to the Predators rooms and went to the class. After finding her room she threw her stuff on the bed and ran to the classroom. She still had a couple of minutes before the bell rang but she didn't what to be late twice in one day. She took a seat at the back of the class. It was still kinda empty because the teachers had just notified the students and wanted to give them time to find their classes.
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[color=royalblue]Scruff stood just outside the the main door that lead into the school, he took in the sceenary and almost did a back flip when he noticed the lake near the woods. He took in the fresh hair and and shook the shaggy fur on his head. As he did this he noticed someone standing on the roof. It was one of the teachers, Scruff had been givin a list that told of who the teachers were, but he had forgotten which was which. This guy had two large wings expanding from his back and he had half of his face covered with a mask. A bell suddenly rang and Scruff's ear twitched slightly. It took him a few moments to realize that this was the "You're late and better get your butt to class" bell. Without a second thought, Scruff scrambled back inside a ran off to his class, he had stopped by all his classes earlier to make sure he could find them later, but not even he could get there on time.

The door to the English class was already closed and the hallways were deserted, they had extended the bell so kids could find there classes, but Scruff was a naturally late person. He through open the door and tripped over his own tail, crashing to the floor in his haste. It was at times like this that scruff was truly thankful that he was covered in fur, fore if he was "normal" his face would be as red as a cherry from hearing the laughter from the other kids who were on time. Scruff looked up at the teacher who was part tiger. He mustered up his best grin and pushed himself up from the ground, that was the second time he had fallen in one day.

"Mr. Flip, would you like to take seat?" Tiger asked with a raised eyebrow. Scruff's smile faded a little as he scooted over into a desk in the front row, closest to the door. Snickers and giggle ran throughout the room. "Anyways..." Scruff say it coming, the welcoming speach, "Welcome to Tamer Leo's School for outcasts, well, us teachers don't really like the word "outcast"..."

[i]Yep. Here it goes.[/i]

"I prefer, gifted beings. Now, I will be your English teacher from now until you are either graduated or expelled." He seemed to look right at Scruff when he said that. "Now, upon arriving this school, i'm sure most of you were suddenly givin a Nick name, or you already had one to beggin with. This will be your "Code Name", I think it will best if you are called by that name, unless your in trouble. Now, to start off the class, let's share our names to the class starting with who got here last." He nodded to Scruff who gave him the same grin. he opened his mouth to speak, but Tiger stopped him and motioned for him to stand up. Scruff would have rolled his eyes, but he didn't want this teacher to hate him.

Scruff stood and waved to all the other kids in the class. "The name is Scruff, and if anyone calls me a beaver than you have a problem." [/color]
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