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Rival Schools


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The year is 1999,and the place Tokyo, and Kyoto,Japan.A couple of days ago a rash of missing students had sprung across the country.5 schools have been struck badly,with school attacks of kidnappings of teachers and students.Now its up to three students from the 5 schools to set out on a adventure and try and solve the mystery,and what school is behind this evil scam.One thing.......not all achools can figure it out.The goverment has givin the students teh right to attack others who look suspicous or have info.So let the investagtion begin.Good Luck....

Ok thisis the list of schools to pick from,and a short descrpition

Taiyo High School:the goody two shoes school
Pacific High School:This is a wealthy student back round school,much of these students are from America.
Gedo High School:A school for gansgters and outcasts across Japan
Gorin High School:This school is ful of athletic students,much of wich will have a 90% chance of getting into the Olympics and winning a medal
Justice High School:This school is very weird...there to themsleves.Could they be responsible?They even use thier students as some teachers too!

Note:Only three investagtors to a school and three teachers to a school.
PS:NO KILLING.Just severly injure your oppenet,and you don't have to be a char from the game.
Heres my sign-up
Name:Kokyo Makihari
School:Justice High
Short Bio:Kokyo is a very well known student in Justice High.Shes President of Student Council.And captain of the Martial Arts team.And a student-tacher for health.
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Name: Sakura Kusagano
Age: 16
Sex: Female
Height: 5'4"
weight: 128 lbs.
Hair color: Brown, short
Eye: Brown
Fighting style: Freestyle off-shoot of Anastuken Karate (Ryu's style)
High School: Taiyo High?
Attire: Schoolgirl outfit with red fistguards and a white headband

Bio: Sakura was just your average girl until she was walking home from school and saw a street fight between a normal martial artist and a fighter named Ryu (yes THE Ryu.) so mesmerized was she that she decided to become a street fighter herself.

A year later Sakura fought Ryu, who taught her some basics before he left. Determined to become more like her Idol Sakura fights on!

Speical Moves:

Haoushou: A small, yet powerful projectile that fades after a while.
Shouoken: A devastating dash into an uppercut that hits 6 times
Shunpu Renkyaku: A quick 3 hit roundhouse kick, followed by a powerful sidekick
Oukakyaku: A devastating dive kick done in mid air
Sakura Otoshi: Jumping into the air Sakura bashes the opponent 3 consecutive times with a large amount of power.

Super moves:

Shinkuu Haouken: A much larger 4 hit projectile that shrinks as it travels.
Haruichiban: Several low hitting and powerful sweeps followed by a large side kick make this a devastating attack.
Midarezakura: Several Shouoken's are combined into one 9 hit monstor attack. (Sakura's strongest)
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Name: Dwane Harris
Sex: Mal3e
Height: 5"11
Weight: 160 lbs.
Hair Color: Dark brown down to his shoulder in cornrolls.
Eye Color: Brown
Fighting Style: Boxing mixed with some street fighting skills.
School:Gedo High School
Clothes: Baggy blue jeans with a white T-shirt and black Air Force Ones.

Bio: Dwane came to Japan with his mother when they moved from the US. He was so bad hat no other High School would accept him except Gedo which has nothing but badass gangstas and outcasts. He learned to box at a young aage because his father was a prize fighter.
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Name:Maya Kurata


School:Taiyo High




Short Bio:Maya is the representative of her class. Though she comes from a wealthy family, she wanted to go to a pretty regular school. She keeps good grades in school and is also a really decent fighter. When she is in a bad mood, she`ll pick a fight with pretty much anyone. Besides that, she is quiet and keeps to herself.

Description:See attachment
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Name: Iota Ikajuki

Age: 19

School: Justice High School

Positon: Student

Height: 6'0"

Weight: 187 lbs

Bio: Iota was transfered from school to school until he finally found JHS. This was the first place he ever felt he belonged. He spends half his time either studying or reading stories of fantasy, mystery, or science fiction. The other half of his time is spent either trying to pick up girls who just find him annoying or running a Mysteries Club at school. As for fighting he was the captain of both the Olympic and WWE style wrestling teams.
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OOC:Welcome students from near and far,you academic year is about to start.Grab your books,bags becuase you start tomorrow!

P.S:If you want a "relationship" with a char just PM me ok?Oh yes,sign-up are open until all slots are ful.Renember we need TEACHERS!
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Name : Asim Karizama .

Gender : Male .

Age : 17 .

School : Justice high / Dark side student council .

Position : Student .

Height : 6 ft 5 .

Weight : 175 lbs .

Appearance : He is quite tall . He has dark sliver eyes , and black hair . His built is athletic , and muscular . He wears a pair of black trousers , with a white T-shirt that has the design of a black dragon on it , and he wears a loose black jacket over it . He also wears black sneekers , and black fist guards .

Short Bio : Appeared in Justice high just before the chaos began , he is a strange man that likes to be alone , and dislikes rowdiness . He is a very calm , and silent person . No one knows much of him , but he is known to be quite intelligent .
He is a member of the martial arts team , and is a member of some sort of secret society . Also he has a black racing motorcycle .
Girls easily fall into his arms .

Fighting : He masters Karate , Jujitsu , and Aikido . He combines them with his Ki blast moves . Very powerful .

Let me know , if there is something you want me to change .
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[quote name='Shiguru']OC: WHy did you sign on as a student but use the picture of the Nurse from the series? This confuses me. Also, I apologize if I went a little overboard with Sakura back there.[/quote]
Becuase i wanted my char to look like Kyoko.I know my Rival Schools and one thing i hate is when someone corrects me in it
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