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[font=times new roman][color=red][size=3]WARNING: This will contain violence, language, and possibly adult scenes.[/color][/size][color=orange][size=2]

[center][img] http://img.imagetown.net/7442511.jpg[/img]

[I]So pledged the Glimmer Child. She lives for her country, and is her Monarchs Arrow. As a herald, a sister, a friend. And she does not hesitate to ask. So is the bond that the Messengers share.[/I][/center]

Fyka had her eyes closed, and her breathing was even. She reached for her center, grabbing it, and ?wrapped? it around ?herself?. The auras of blue, gold, and magenta swirled about her as se ?wrapped? her ?cloak? about her. She felt Mel give her a little mental push, but she didn?t move. She smiled inwardly, and outwardly as he shoved, and still she didn?t budge.

Mel sighed. : All right, little cat. You did well. : He smiled as she properly came out of trance, and looked up at him, ocean eyes hopeful. ?You pass.? He said. Fyka beamed, and slowly got up. She managed not to have a headache. Mel gave her a hug, and gently shoved her. ?Go get to your next class, little cat. Desiree is looking for you.? : Mel, she?s marvelous! : Mel heaved a mental sigh. : This I know, ashke. This I know?:

A couple hours later, Fyka emerged from the large building that held the classes. She hummed softly to herself as she made her way to the Field. She called her bond, Lydrian. : Lydrian! : A mental whinny answered. A beautiful black mare galloped up to the fence, tossing her head. She was sturdy, but graceful.


Somewhere in the depths of the sea, a danger lurks. He is black, evil, and vile. His fur has scales, glinting as the water-altered sun shimmers to the watery depths. His eyes shimmer like orbs of onyx, and his tail twitches as he anticipates the coming of a Glimmer Child.

The tale of the Glimmer Child is a old one, and one rarely heard. She was said to have been born under the full moon of the Midsummer storm. Her eyes were like pearls, her hair that of spun silver. Her skin was like milk under the gaze of the moon, and she was lithe, sinuous. Her name was Tandra.

Glimmer Children had the powers of communication. Communication with plants, animals, and elements. Each generation looked different. The demon thought she was dead. Her line, gone. Because the new Glimmer Child had not shown her powers. Now he knew he was wrong. She was out there somewhere. He could feel her power raising.

[center]He would have to kill her.[/center]

Mel (Fyka?s teacher)
Fyka (me)
Desiree (Imi)
Chava (FirePheonix727)
Micha (Fyka?s sister)
Damien (shadowofdeath)
Masen (Fyka?s brother)

You can create a character, if you want, or play one of these. I will take the best sign up for them. Those :: points up:: Are just to give you material.

Age: (Be reasonable)
Appearance: (Please be detailed)
Powers: (2 max/Fire starting, Fetching, Empathy((rare)), Mage Gift, Animal Bonding, Fore-Sight, Healing, Bardic Gift, ect.)
Short Bio: (Just a paragraph)
Bond: (Unless you have Animal Bonding(I only want one person besides me to have that) you have the regular bond. It can be any animal, and you can communicate with it. A Animal Bonder can have three max, but can communicate with all animals)

Whoo! Long one! Quite a read, eh? LMAO I will post my sign up after I get a couple replies. Mage Gift isn?t rare, but it isnt? often found, same with animal bonding and Healing. If you need an explinations on how each gift works, PM me. I will do this in parts, and make a new adventure for each one. If you want a place reserved, you must PM me!!!Any way, sign away![/color][/font][/size]
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[COLOR=DarkOliveGreen]Yipee! Love your RPs love!

Name: Chava
Age: 15
Gender: male
Appearance: 5'10'' with a flexible, durable build. He has dirty blonde (brown) hair that comes down past his ears and curls a bit at the end. His eyes are a deep blue and always curious or thoughtful. His skin is a mid-light tan with the occasional burn or scratch. His face is kind of boyish, but well on it's way to 'young-man' status. He doesn't have the best eye-sight, so he sometimes wears glasses that are just big enough for his eyes. He wears a light-blue, baggy shirt with a long, brown vest over it, darker blue pants that are slightly too long for him. He geos barefoot sometimes, but usually wears small padded boots.
Powers: Fore-sight
Persona: He is friendly and often very outward towards people, unless he doesn't know them very well or they seem suspicious and/or shifty. He takes criticism well, but isn't good at giving it out. When he's bored, he can find entertainment in many things (a blade of grass for instance). He is half-way determined, but will sometime give up if the odds are completely overwhelming.
Short Bio: He grew up in a semi-rural town, without much excitement. His life started to go astray when his father died of an unknown disease, and he started traveling a bit more. He became fascinated with the world around him, and quickly learned to last on his own, though the need to do so wasn't common. He met Fyka during one of his little trips, and not having many girls in his hometown, was rather awkward around her. He asked a newly made friend of his what was going on, and he said he was probably falling for her. Chava assumed he was right and tried thereafter to tell Fyka, without success for quite a while. When he finally got aroud to it, he admitted to loving her and promised her and himself that he would stay here instead of returning to his hometown. He still writes to his mother.
Family: Mother- Sena Father (dead)- Forrin
Bond: Zenrei, an orange, white, and brown fox of quite a tall stature, though still not big by human standards.[/COLOR]
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Appearance::[IMG]http://www.actiontattoos.com/castlevania/circle-hugh.gif[/IMG] He about six foot tall.
Powers:Fire control and elemental bondage.
Personality:First of all he's cocky and arrogant, he thinks he doesn't need anyone to help him which also means he's full of pride and if you get in his way he'll probaly kill you., that leads to his spitefulness in other words he won't hesitate to break someones finger if they swear at him and if he sees someone dying he'll laugh or even kick them.He really confident in himself he thinks he can take on an army.
Short Bio:Oloian never speeks of his past, it is believed he doesn't even remember.All he's ever said is "I was treated like dirt, but look how I turned out".He his surrounded by mystery even empathes have been unable to unlock his past, only he knows it but maybe some day he'll tell someone.Actually his past isn't a complete mystery but most of what is known is mere-gossip, people say he was part of an incredible army thousands of years ago but it isn't true.People only say that because on of the greatest soldiers in that army looked exactly like him, there is so many rumours about him even he is beginning to believe some.There is other rumours about him that have been spread from town to town, city to city one them is that he is the demon who sets out to the destroy the glimmer child, one is that he is merely the demon's scout you searches for the glimmer child but the one that is most believed is that he is the demon's son who wishes to follow in his fathers foot steps.The most probable on is that he a scout, by what Oloian himself has said, because he did actually say he's looking for the glimmer child but what could be his intensions.

I've tried.
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Name: Desiree
Age: 22
Gender: Female
Appearance: Long flowing blue hair down to her waste and a fringe that covers half of her face, bright green eyes that seem to glow in the moonlight. Very pale skin, she is about 5'6'' tall. A very serious face, she usually has a frown fixed firmly as her expression. She has a large crimson scar across her chest that she tries to hide and she becomes very embaressed or angry if someone sees it and questions her. She tries to keep it hidden.
She wears a black tank top and semi-baggy black pants, she has a black cape and long gloves that have the fingers missing. She looks very scary when she is angry but is thought of as quite an attractive woman.
Powers: Empathy and Fire starting
Persona: She is very serious and down to Earth, always pointing out what should be done and what needs to be done, rather than what people want doing. She is very focused in battle and can get annoyed very easily (especially by young children) Even though she is serious most of the time and very cold towards strangers, she is jovial with friends and is a good ally to have. She is able to talk to people and they know they can trust her to tell her their problems. She only let's a few people see her kind natured, friendly side.
Short Bio: When she was younger, her family were killed before her eyes, she never really got to know them and was taken in by the local church. She never did believe in God and was scolded by the priests because of it. When she was old enough to make her own way, she left the Church and trained to be a teacher. She had a very lonely life untill she started teaching, even though she still likes to keep to herself. She can talk to others about their problems because she has had so many of her own. Her past memories still haunt her and she has regular nightmares.
Family: Deceased
Bond: Wolf
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[color=orange][size=2][font=times new roman]Nice, Imi! Just to let you all know, this is a mid-evil type, but they do have running water, and are trying to develop a different mode of transportationt han horses. In the country they all live in(Casande) one of the laws is this, since those who become students at the Collegium are from all over. 'There is no 'one, true god'.' Most there swear by the Lord and the Lady. Very nice! Come on, people! ::holds folding chair threateningly:: Chop chop![/color][/size][/font]
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[font=Times New Roman][color=#ffa500][font=Century Gothic][color=darkred][b]Name:[/b] Damien
[b]Age:[/b] 16
[b]Gender:[/b] Male
[b]Appearance:[/b] (see attachment) His shirt is buttoned up to alittle below the neck and his Jacket isnt as long and flowing its more tight fitting as is his shirt. His pants are white with a blue stripe that flares out at the bottom of the leg making it entire blue. Damien Stands at about 6'1" 160 lbs. He has an arcane looking crimson upside down capitol a tatoo below his left eye.[/color][/font][/color][/font]
[font=Times New Roman][color=#ffa500][font=Century Gothic][color=darkred][b]Powers: [/b]Warriors Soul and Air/Wind Manipulation (Hope those are ok)[/color][/font][/color][/font]
[font=Times New Roman][color=#ffa500][font=Century Gothic][color=darkred][b]Persona:[/b] Cocky, layed back and somewhat pessimistic. He isnt quiet or loud but somewhere in between though it can vary. He likes to stay mysterious and is somewhat distant like he is in a constant day dream though he is a flirt. He can be really stubborn about somethings when he cares but has a soft spot for Fyka. He seems to have a bad boy streak in him some where from the way he dresses and sometimes way he acts
[b]Short Bio:[/b] He was born to an average family and had a fairly normal childhood. During this period he met Fyka, Micha and Masen. They became pretty good friends. As he go older he found himself becomming more attracted to Fyka's personality. He kept the feelings to himself not wanting to risk the friendship. He still has feelings for Fyka but its something he hasnt ever told anyone except his bond.
[b]Family:[/b] Father- Rift Mother- Angela Brother- Fayt
[b]Bond:[/b] Thrice, a dark black Hawk slightly larger than most.[/color][/font][/color][/font]

[font=Century Gothic][color=#8b0000]I hope this is ok goddess if not let me know and I will edit.[/color][/font]
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[color=orange][size=2][font=times new roman]Good job! Positions still open are:

Mel (Fyka's teacher)
Micha (Fyka's sister)
Masen (Micha's twin/Fyka's brother)

[u]Name:[/u] Fyka Celene Moren
[u]Age:[/u] 15
[u]Gender:[/u] Female
[u]Appearance:[/u] Fyka stands 5?7?, weighing 145 lbs. She has finely toned muscles, and tan skin. Her hair is waist length, ebony with crimson streaks, and in loose springs at the ends. It is often held back with a headband. Her eyes are a deep blue. She has full lips, and slanted eyes. She wears a form fitting pair of dark doe skin pants, tucked into calf boots, a white peasant shirt, and a form fitting leather vest over it. Sometimes she wears a black brrom skirt with crimson embroidery, another white peasant shirt, and a black vest with crimson embroidery as well as soft leather boots.
[u]Powers:[/u] Mage Gift, Bardic Gift, Animal Bonding (known)
[u]Persona:[/u] Fyka is friendly, intuitive, and assertive. She is always first on a job, and first to say hello to someone new. She has a sharp temper, and becomes calm and level when angry.
[u]Short Bio:[/u] Fyka is the youngest in her family. Masen and Micha are twins, born before her by three years. Fyka was Chosen when she was 12, at the usual age, and met Damien when she was 14. Her parents are proud of her, and encourage her tutalige. Her mother (her mothers mother and so on) was the last Glimmer Child, thoug her gifts never came up, so she was unknown. Fyka has a slight crush on Damien, but never said anything. She is very close to Chava, and has a strong feeling for her teachers.
[u]Family:[/u] [b]Mother[/b] ? Nyara [b]Father[/b] ? Dannen [b]Siblings[/b] ? Micha and Masen (twins)
[u]Bond:[/u] [b]Ebony:[/b] A coal black mare with golden eyes and a bright personality, [b]Lunei:[/b] a large peregrine falcon with a sharp personality but loving.

Okay, that?s my character. As I said, Fyka as all the gifts, but I doubt they will all show up.[/color][/font][/size]
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[COLOR=Pink][SIZE=2][FONT=Comic Sans MS]Name: Micha
Age: 18
Gender: Female
Appearance: She stands 5'8 and weighs 120 pounds. She has a light build with a light tan. She has black mid-lenght hair that is kept in a neat braid. She has hazel coloured eyes. She wears a plain white shirt and a long blue skirt that comes to her ankles with a white apron. She wears a pair of sandles on her feet and the only jewelry she wears is a plain linked bracelet, that was given to her by her parents.
Powers: Healing
Persona: Mich is very soft spoken and gentle. She hates fighting or any type of conflict. She mostly kepts to herself and observes others.
Short Bio: She is one minute older than her twin Masen. She is the oldest of the three children in the house. She was always one of the best healer in Casande. She works in a infirmary. Micha is very knowdgeable in the ways to use and make differnt herbs as well. She is very prective of her family and hold them dear to her. She has a close bond to her twin. She is very supportive of Fyka and gives her as much support as she can
Family: Mother ? Nyara Father ? Dannen Siblings ?Masen (twin) and Fyka
Bond: A grey Squirrel named Aquene

I hope this is okay. Let me know if anything needs changed.[/FONT][/SIZE][/COLOR]
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[color=orange][size=2][font=times new roman]Very good, chicka! {{hugz}} Thank you so much! If I can get someone to play Mel and Masen than we can start! Sign ups are still open after those spots are filled, though, so no worries![/color][/size][/font]
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Whew, I was going to reply to this yesterday but I had to go. Good thing my character is still available.

[B]Name:[/B] Masen Shea Moren
[B]Appearance:[/B] Masen stands at six feet even, (the only distinguishable feature to set the twins apart besides the length of their hair) and weighs 169 pounds. He has tan skin and a muscular build. His eyes are a beautiful shade of hazel underneath short, whispy, messy black hair. Strands of it falls infront of his face attractively. He wears a plain, loose fitting white shirt and blue work pants that are a little to large for him. He wears work-worn black boots and wears a linked braclet on his left wrist, whilst his twin wears it on her right, that was given to them by their parents.
[B]Powers:[/B] Pyrokineses (Fire starting) and Empathy
[B]Persona:[/B] Almost the opposite of his twin and more like his younger sister, Masen is very outgoing and friendly. Always the optimist and the joker. He is always trying to get his twin to be more open, but as Masen says, "Sometimes you just can't work miracles!" And when he says it he says it to Micha herself and usually gets a good punch or kick.
[B]Biography:[/B] Born one minute after his twin, Micha, Masen is the second oldest or second youngest child in the Moren family. And being the middle child sucks, even if you are only one minute younger then the oldest. He has always been able to relate to many people emotionally, a gift his mother says is very rare and special, though he does not know it is actually a power yet, only something he can do very well. He has known about his fire starting powers for a while, to the horror of his family. Always setting this or that on fire when his emotions get riled up or such. Masen is very protective of his sisters because he he really is big brother because of his height and build. He holds a special bond with his twin, Micha, and whenever she is hurt or in trouble he seems to feel it along with her. He holds his family before him and if either of his sisters is in trouble he will go through any kind of pain to help them, along with his friends.
[B]Family:[/B] Mother ? Nyara Father ? Dannen Siblings ? Micha (twin) and Fyka
[B]Bond:[/B] A black panther named Shadow with large, vibrant yellow eyes and a dry sense of humor. Masen's ideal buddy.

Hope this is ok![/COLOR][/SIZE]
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Name: Mel Smithenns
Appearance:Mel might still be young,but she looks liek a professional teacher,her long black silky hair is very to have a hand run through it.She has hazel eyes,wich change to green in the summer time. Mel is very beautiful,but she is not aware of this.
Powers: Healing,Fire starting.
Persona: Mel is very serious most of the time.Even when you tick her off,she'll smile and say "Yes.Of course i am.."etc.She will always take blame even though she didn't do the crime.But her nobilty,and intellegence has brought her along a way.
Biography: Mel decided to teach younger children the way of a silder.She is happy with her job and loves being around young ones.Though,she is still considered a young adult still. Mel started teaching at the young age of 17.Her love for other people,had succesfully brought brilliant students to be tutored by her.Now,one of her most wonderful students had just finished her tutalige,Mel is quite happy in Fyka knowing she will go far.shes also finding her attracted to Fykas older brother,Masen.
Family:Father-Mark Smithenns, Mother-dead,no siblings
Bond:A tiger named Tigra.
OOC:Callmegoddes,chika,PM me back with any problems.K?
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Name: Damo
Age: Unknown
Gender: Male
Appearance: A tall slender 6'4 man whose built like a rock. Damo appears to be in his mid twenties. His deap blue eyes seem to tell a story, his hair is dark brown just long enough to where it hangs in his eyes just a bit.
Powers: Damo has no powers, but his speed and skill with his blades and bow that poses the power of lightning(His bow) and wind(His sabre and scimitar)
Persona: Damo is a kind man, who only gets angry when somebody threatens one of the Glimmer Children. Damo is sort of a womenizer and a corney comedian (who cracks only himself up most of the time) While being a practical joker most of the time when danger threatens the Glimmer Children he becomes stone serious and anyone threatening the children feel his wrath quickly.
Bio: Damo's past is unknown to everyone but himself and one other. What is known is he comes from a line of warriors destined to protect the Glimmer Children, being without children of his own Damo knows the time of the Akatsu is quickly growing to an end.
Family: Uknown even to him
Bodn: A unique bond with the children.
(I thought this might be a helpful character to have, if its not please PM me and I'll change it immediateally)
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[color=orange][size=2][font=times new roman]Actually, sunofexiles, Mel is a man. LMAO Nicely done. Actually, Drizzt, there is only one Glimmer Child. Thats Fyka. Unfortunately, it should be Micha. He shouldn't know directly that she's the Glimmer Child, but its nice for her to have a protector. Thanks to you all! BTW, I love it, Daisuke! ^.~[/color][/font][/size]
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Name: Liliana
Age: 18
Gender: Female
Appearance: Stands at 5 6'0. Brown colored skin and looks very much like an amazon. Has long black hair wore in braids with large wooden beads at the end. Has hazel colored eyes.
Powers:Animal Bonding and Healing
Persona:More so of a loner and keeps to herself. Will flirt at times but is very defensive on a man who comes on too strongly.
Biography: Raised in a country far away, where her kind are dark-skinned and rely on the land, Liliana has always kept to herself. As the middle chile in a group of 13. She has always kept to herself. Her parents believed it was due to her being born under a new moon. But it was that as the outcast she grew to be able to bond more so with nature and some animals more than the people in her family. At the age of 5 she found an abandoned cheetah cub who she immediately took care of. She found herself soon able to talk to the animal. Her parents didnt understand and sent her to the chief elder and his counsel. After a long session. They saw the gift within Liliana and sent her to extend her touch with nature. For over ten years she traveld amoung different villages learning medicial uses for many herb in the countries and being an animal lover she found it easy to help animals as well as humans. At the age of 17 she found an adult falcon with a broken wing, who immediately became her next companion. Not wishing to stop her knowledge of healing she kept traveling. HShe left her homelands and crossed the sea where, she seeks more knowledge and has gained so much, but who knows what she'll find when she meets the Glimmer Child!
Family:All in another country! Too many brothers and sisters to think about
Bonds: Leko: A cheetah who she has as her companion. Timi: A falcon. also a messenger for her... No other animal needed at this time![/FONT][/COLOR]

Thanks for the info I have changed my post accordingly..
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[color=orange][size=2][font=times new roman]Nicely done! I feel honored that you like my RPG, sweets! BTW, this is on another world entirely, so there is no Africa, America, exct. Just thought I should tell yall.[/color][/font][/size]
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Don't mind me saying so, but I think you should start this soon, Goddess, before people begin to lose intrest in it. I think everyone who wanted to sign-up has, so I don't see any point in waiting anymore (I am very anxious to start ^.^)[/COLOR][/SIZE]
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