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Sign Up Suikoden 2: The Bonds of Friendship.


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[SIZE=1][SIZE=1][SIZE=1]This game is based on Suikoden 2 but if you have never played it I can fill you in on the plot.

The Story-

It is a month after the peace treaty between Highland and the City State of Jowston. The Highland Unicorn brigade, which is located in the mountains to the north of their hometown, has been attacked but not by the City State army as belived but by Forces in the Highland army. The Unicorn Brigade is practilly massacred except for The few people that escape via river ( These are the people that signup) who eventually washup in the river outside of the town called Ryube. They are found by a Mercenary captian and some of his men, who take them prisoner and take them to their fortress until they escape and head back to Ryube.
I will post more about the Plot of this adventure later[/SIZE]

LV.1 CLAY GUARDIAN Raises defense of a character.
LV.2 REVENGE EARTH Allows a character to have a higher counter rate
LV.3 CANOPY DEFENSE 100% Magic repulsion,.
LV.4 EARTHQUAKE A earthquake happens. Does not affect fliers

LV.1 WIND OF SLEEP A breeze carrys sleeping herbs in the area
LV.2 HEALING WIND A magical wind heals an ally.
LV.3 THE SHREDDING Summon two tornados to attack
LV.4 STORM WARNING deflects spells at the caster.

LV.1 FLAMING ARROWS Flaming bolts surround the foe dealing light damage
LV.2 FIRE WALL A wall of Fire appears, severly burning foes.
LV.3 DANCING FLAMES A bolt of fire falls from the sky and erupts above causing the flames to rain upon the foe.
LV.4 EXPLOSION Fire emerges from the ground than begins to explode.

LV.1 ANGRY BLOW Lightning strikes a foe.
LV.2 THUNDER RUNNER Lightning runs up the characters weapon allowing Lightning damage to be done.
LV.3 BOLT OF WRATH Thunder explodes from the sky damaging all foes in a small area.
LV.4 THOR SHOT Lightning blasts from the hands of the caster dealing damage to all foes in the path of the bolt

LV.1 KINDNESS DROP Heal an ally to full.
LV.2 PROTECT MIST Deflects magic- Only lasts a short time.
LV.3 KINDNESS RAIN Heal all allies
LV.4 SILENT LAKE Stops magic from being cast for a short time

LV.1 SCOLDING Holy magic erupts in the body of one foe effectivly destroying Undead.
LV.2 YELL Heals unconciuos allies.
LV.3 CHARM ARROW A bolt of Holy magic erupts in the middle of the group of foes.
LV.4 SCREAM Gods magic flowes through the caster healing all allies

LV.1 FINGER OF DEATH Destroy a foe automaticully. May not work on more powerful foes.
LV.2 STEALER OF SOULS Drain the soul of a foe to heal yourself.
LV.3 FINAL BELL A bolt of negative energy appears stealing the life force of any in the way
LV.4 BLACK SHADOW A ball of darness emerges and blasts the foes.

LV.1 REVENGE EARTH Allows a character to have a higher counter rate
LV.2 CANOPY DEFENSE Allows a character to repel magic for a short while.
LV.3 EARTHQUAKE Creates an earthquake.
LV.4 GUARDIAN EARTH Makes all allies skin as tough as steel.

LV.1 HEALING WIND see Wind magic-
LV.2 THE SHREDDING See wind magic-
LV.3 STORM WARNING See wind magic-
LV.4 SHINING WIND An abnormal wind heals allies and wounds foes.

LV.1 FIRE WALL See Fire magic-
LV.2 DANCING FLAMES See fire magic
LV.3 EXPLOSION See Fire Magic
LV.4 FINAL FLAME Molten lava falls from the skyes dmaging all foes.

LV.1 PROTECT MIST See Water magic
LV.2 KINDNESS RAIN See Water Magic
LV.3 SILENT LAKE See Water Magic
LV.4 MOTHER OCEAN Raises an ally and fully heals them.

BLUE GATE RUNE (One person only)
LV.1 OPEN GATE Summons a magical wolf to attack.
LV.2 KING'S ROAD Summons a herd of cenetaurs
LV.3 PALE PALACE Summons a host of skeletons to attack
LV.4 EMPTY WORLD Summons a Balor that goes beserk and attacks everyone.

BLACK SWORD RUNE ( One person only)
LV.1 FLASH JUDGEMENT A black sword tears a foe to pieces
LV.2 TWINKLING BLADE Black light emerges and rains dark energy on foes.
LV.3 PIERCING ONE A black knight begins to attack all foes beserkly.
LV.4 HUNGRY FRIEND Interdimensional blades appear somewhere and severly wounds all foes in the area of effect.

LV.1 READY! Teleport an enemy away- If fails teleport an ally somewhere
LV.2 SET! Summons odd objects to fall upon foes- If fails than on allies
LV.3 GO! Teleport all enemys in the area away- If fails all allies to somewhere.

BRIGHT SHIELD RUNE ( Can only go to one person)
LV.1 GREAT BLESSING A bright light shines upon the party and heals them
LV.2 SHINING LIGHT A bright light shines and deal holy damage to foes
LV.3 BATTLE OATH HEal allies with holy light- May make them go beserk.
LV.4 FORGIVER SIGN Heals all allies to full

SOUL EATER RUNE (Can only go to one person)
LV.1 FINGER OF DEATH Obliterate on foe- may not affect strong foes
LV.2 BLACK SHADOW See Darkness magic
LV.3 HELL obliterate all foes in the area.- May not affect stronger foes.
LV.4 JUDGEMENT Dark energy emerges and deal an amazing amount of damage to a foe.

LV.1 THUNDER RUNNER See lightning rune
LV.2 BOLT OF WRATH See lightning rune
LV.3 THOR SHOT See lightning rune
LV.4 THUNDER STORM A thunder storm begins, causing lightning to hit all foes

LV.1 SHINING PUPIL White light appears and blinds foes.
LV.2 MOONLIT FOREST Holy light appears and damages and blinds foes.[/SIZE]

Non Magic Runes-

Unicorn Rune - Attack a few foes with a running attack with a Polearm ( Except Staves/ Staffs)
Pixie rune- attack with a staff- Hurls staff at a foe ( The staff returns)
Viper Rune - Powerful attack with a one handed sword
Gale Rune - Speed is increased
Titan Rune - Powerful attack with a two handed sword
Gozz Rune - Attacks with an axe against a few foes
Great Hawk Rune - Attack all enemies with a Bow
Kite Rune - Throw throwing weapons at all foes in vision.
FireSealing Rune - Fire magic does not affect you but Water deals double
Lion Rune - unarmed attack against one foe.
Violence Rune - Become Beserk if injured
Wizard Rune - Magic attack is upped, Magic defense is lowered
Warrior Rune - Increase attack, Lowers defense
White Tiger Rune- Martial Arts attacks- The character rains blows on the foe than fires a fireball at a foe.
To create a character just put this

Rune: ( One rune to your head, one to left hand, one to right hand)( A character cannot have more than one rune that is only for one person)[/SIZE]

You can be either a Human, Winger ( Posseses a tail, clawed feet and wings), Elf ( Tall thin, Excellent Archers, Good eyesight and usually wear their hair long), Kobolds( Dog like creatures, Furry, Not very smart sometimes, Quite good with a sword) or A dwarf ( Short, Rude, Weild Axes and hammers usually, Have long beards)

Rules- No guns, No unbreakable weapons, No constatly using powerful spells, Quality Signups also.
Reservation List

Cloud Strife
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[font=Century Gothic][size=2][color=darkred]Name: Fayt Lunier[/color][/size][/font]
[font=Century Gothic][size=2][color=darkred]Age: 19[/color][/size][/font]
[font=Century Gothic][size=2][color=darkred]Gender: Male[/color][/size][/font]
[font=Century Gothic][size=2][color=darkred]Bio: He was born to a family who were extremly girfted in two handed swords. Fayt was no exception to this and soon became the best of his family surpassing his father. His father then handed down to him their families greatest heirlooms givin to him by his father, the Black Sword Rune, their families sword and armor. He then left to join the Unicorn Brigade. He has proven a valuable asset to the Brigade time and time again. He escaped the attack on the Unicorn brigade by using a fallen tree as a float[/color][/size][/font]
[font=Century Gothic][size=2][color=darkred]Appearence: see attachment[/color][/size][/font]
[font=Century Gothic][size=2][color=darkred]Weapon: Sword seen in pic[/color][/size][/font]
[font=Century Gothic][size=2][color=darkred]Rune: Head: Black Sword Rune. [/color][/size][/font]
[font=Century Gothic][size=2][color=darkred]Right: Titan Rune[/color][/size][/font]
[font=Century Gothic][size=2][color=darkred]Left: Darkness Rune[/color][/size][/font]
[font=Century Gothic][size=2][color=darkred]Race: Human[/color] [/size][/font]
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Name: Riou Genaku
Age: 17
Bio:He is the adopted son of the great warrior Genkaku, and step brother to a girl named Nanami. He joined the Unicorn Brigade of the Highland Army, where his skill in martial arts taught to him by Genkaku made him a formidable fighter.Riou recived the Bright Sheild rune from a man whose life he saved from a group of Bandits, The man died after he gave the Bright Sheild rune to Riou leaving Riou with questions that had no awnsers. After the Highland Army massacred the Unicorn Brigade and blamed it on Jowston's Army, he escaped by leaping into a river that washed through Tenzan Pass.

Race: Human
Gender: Male
Appearence: [IMG]http://www.suikosource.com/images/chars/r/riou01.gif[/IMG]
Weapons: Tonfa
Head- Wizard Rune
Left Hand- White Saint Rune
Right Hand- Bright Sheild Rune

Now my second character

Name: Nanami Genaku
Age: 18
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Bio: Nanami is the Adopted sister of the Hero and adopted daughter of Genkaku. She is an adept user of the three-piece-rod and her agility in battle is rarely bested.Nanami is also adept at martial arts and in hand to hand fighting.
Following Genkaku's death, she tried hard to re-establish his dojo, but this did not work, which resulted in her brothers decision to join the military.
Appearence: [IMG]http://www.suikosource.com/images/chars/n/nanami01.gif[/IMG]

Weapon: Three peice rod.

Head- White Tiger Rune
L Hand- Rage rune.
R Hand- Gale Rune
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Name: Davgeon Stalkingwolf/Silvergleaming
Bio:He was raised as a really powerful arhcer.he is a hunter, he hunts for evil then kills them .He became an assassin after a while.After that he found a ancient temple when he went in he found a rune it was the soul eater rune, he uses it to help him on his mssions.
Weapon:Long bow(500 arrows)
Rune:head:Soul eater Left:Warrior Right:Grewat hawk
Race: Elf
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Name: Cougar
Age: 36
Gender: Male
Bio: Incredibly bad tempered, Cougar is skilled in stealth and quick kills.Though getting on in years, Cougar will not accept old age as a sign of weakness. He is usualy called on for stealth jobs, and has never failed. Though incredibly violent to others, he does have great respect for his brigade, though would rather die then show it. When the Brigade was attacked, he fled into the river to survive and gain revenge on his fallen comrades.
Appearence: Pic (yeah, i got it from one of the Suikodens))
Weapon: Katana
Rune: Head: Gale Rune
Left: Viper Rune
Right: Fury Rune
Race: Human

((How's that? This sounds like fun))
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