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RPG Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry


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The first years in the back of Hogwarts stared anxiously at their surroundings. The great hall was alive with the dull roar of the students, and candles floated above the four house tables, illuminating the large room.

The headmaster, Albus Dumbledore, stood up slowly, waving his hand, signaling the students to be silent.

"This year my speech will not be as long as the past year, when we graciously welcomed back our Defence Against The Dark Arts Teacher, Professor Remus Lupin." The man stood up, beaming from ear to ear, then sat back down humbly as the room erupted into applause and whistling.

"So, as there are no new teachers to present to you, lets start the sorting so we can have some of our delicious food!"

A woman in a bright green cloak and brown hair pulled into a tight bun walked forward, holding a list. A short man walked behind her, holding a stool with an old hat ontop of it. The woman thanked the man, revealing his name to the first years as Professor Flitwick. Then she herself told the new students her name was Professor McGonagall, and there was some murmur as the students recognized her name from their acceptance letter.

She cleared her throat strictly, and their was instant hush from the first years. "Now," she began, looking at her papers, "when I call your name you will come forward and sit on the stool, then place the hat on your head."

"Uchiyama, Zeos."

A boy with brown hair and blue eyes gave his fellow first years a smirk and walked forwards, placing the ratty hat over his silver bangs. Nothing happened for a while, but, making Zeos and the others jump, it shouted, "[b]Slytherin![/b]. He looked rather pleased with himself as he strode over to the farthest table, being welcomed and congratulated by his fellow slytherins.

"Trepas, Maura."

A girl with easily noticeable purple hair and green eyes walked quietly over to the stool. Almost instantly, the Sorting Hat screamed, "[b]Hufflepuff![/b] She smiled shyly and walked over to the Hufflepuff table where her fellow mates grinned at her.

"Tristan, Alex."

Another girl with green eyes walked forwards, smiling happily. She slipped the hat over her long brown hair, and in a few minutes it decided, "[b]Gryffindor![/B] Alex looked pleased with herself as the Gryffindor table exploded with applause and shouting.

"Sanders, Kevin."

Many students giggled as a boy with bright yellow hair stepped over to the stool. It took the hat quite a while, but soon, "[b]Hufflepuff![/b] He smiled and walked over and sat next to Maura, being told that the Hufflepuff colors would go well with his hair.

"Lasher, Eillot."

A boy with curly black hair and dark blue eyes put on the hat slowly, a bit nervous. It only touched his head for a second before it screamed, "[b]Ravenclaw![/b]
The first Ravenclaw bounded over to his table, smiling as he was pat on the back and welcomed.

"Kagimi, Imi."

A girl with long blue hair stepped forwards, scowling at the other students. The hat was inches above her head before it shouted, "[b]Slytherin![/b]" She allowed herself a smug smile and sat down next to an older boy who looked like her brother.

"Corvisa, Hayley"

Another girl walked forwards, her long brown hair trailing behind her. The Sorting Hat took quite a while before she too was announced a [b]Slytherin[/b]. She looked a little dissapointed at first, but smiled as she realized all the applause from the table was for her.

"Aubergrine, Kate."

The third girl in a row, and second to last, put the hat on her head and closed her grey-blue eyes in anticipation. "[b]Ravenclaw![/b]" The suddeness of the shout made the Kate jump off her seat, to the enjoyment of all the tables except Ravenclaw, who were busy applauding.

"Antionette, Michelle."

There were gasps from almost every boy in the room. A girl with long, silvery blonde hair and large, deep blue eyes stepped forwards nervously. There were moans of disapproval as she set the hat on her head, which in turn fell over her eyes and the visible part of her hair. The longest time passed before it pronounced her as the second [b]Gryffindor[/b], and all the boys of Gryffindor stood up, shouting "We got the veela!"

"Hush, all of you." McGonagall told the boys sternly, rolling up the parchment and returning to the teacher table.

"And now," Dumbledore said in his wheezy, tired voice, "we eat!"

Delicious food appeared out of nowhere, and everyone dug in ravenously, talking and laughing.

BTW, I will need some people to be the leader for each house, to make the class times and things. The first one to post for their house will have that responsibility, unless they don't want it. If no one wants it I will do it for the house. Make sure to post if you want it or not if you are the first one or after someone who doesn't wan't it.[/COLOR][/SIZE]
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Hayley found herself trying to befriend a fellow Slytherin."Hey,the names Hayley whats yours?"she had a string English accent.the boy,which Hayley had recalled name was Zeos replied plainly "Zeos..".Hayley had already taken interest in thr boy.She looked at the Professors at thier table saying aloud "Filthy ,old, savages teaching me?I think this is an outrage.."Hayley then took a sip of her soup.Zeos looked at her and shook his head he seemed to be snickering.Hayley looked at him "What,is there somethign in my hair?"she quickly ran her fingers through her silky hair.He shook his head again,he certianly wasn't the one of many words.Then the second course appeared before thier eyes.

She looked at the table wich sat the children of Gryffindor childen,"Look at them stuff thier faces....i wish i can sqeeze them so hard thier small eyeballs pop!".Hayley didn't know why,but she took great hate in the Gryffindor children.She looked at what was on her plate,duck."So,why are you here..aren't you supposed to be a dughter of the Corvisa pair?The most well known witch and wizard couple?Well besides..what was thier name..."Zeon said.

"Potter..."Hayley said as she stuck a fork into her duck quite jerkingly.harry Potter was long gone from this school,and Hayley never met him...she hated him.Zeon pushed back a little as she kept on jabbing her fork in and out of the duck.Then,Prof. Dumbledore held his hand up."Hopefully you all have had a well meal..now take to your quaters and have a good nights sleep..tomorrow is full of classes.."he wheezed alot witch Hayley found,"Un called for...".Hayley walked with Zeon out to a hallyway,along with many other students,only to find moving staircases.Hayley stared with a unpleasnt face "This is un called for!".One of the students in teh backround yelleld out "Ah,put a pipe in it!".Hayley simply said "Hmpf!"and held a fat,and rude cat very close to her."Ok come Elizabeth..lets try and make it out here alive.."

OOC:I would take teh roll of Slytherin leader..but im simply not good with makign times for cclasses..so somone else can do it.Thank you for your co-operation.Ans sorry teh post is short...
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[SIZE=1][COLOR=DarkSlateBlue]Zeos sulked as he walked towards the Slytherin common rooms. He didn't want to make a stink, but Slytherin wasn't his first choice for his House. His mother had been in Ravenclaw. Besides, he had heard many dark rumors about the house, and that it turned out many anti-Mudbloods...who he hated.
He quickly shot a glance to the girl walking near him...Haley, he thought her name was. She immediately started grating on his nerves, and he didn't really appreciate her interrupting his meal with talk of exploding eye balls.
He looked to the other new Slytherin.
[I]Ami? No. Emi? No. Imi? Yeah, that's it![/I]
She was busy talking to some older guy, probably her brother. They did, after all, look alike.
Zeos, being the ever-curious one, tried listening in.
"...and then I said to her, watch what you're doing! You're getting frog-spleen on my robes!" said the older guy.
"Did you let that mudblood have it?" asked Imi.
"Naw, it wouldn't have looked good for Slytherin if I had, would it? I just complained to Snape and got those stupid Hufflepuffs docked 10 points!"
"Brilliant, Issac! Give the clumsy mudblood hers!"
Zeos had enough. He snuck up behind the two, and leaned next to Imi's ear.
In a soft, venom-filled voice, he hissed, "I would appriciate it if you refrained from using the term 'Mudblood', Imi."
Imi jumped, startled by Zeos's sudden appearance.
"Leave my sister alone, silver!" barked Issac.
Zeos shot the elder Slytherin a death-glare.
"I will when she stops insulting people based on their background, Issac," snarled the new student.
"I suggest you stop now," Issac spat back. He slipped his wand out. "Unless you want to break out in plums."
Zeos snarled, but slowed down, letting the two walk further ahead.
[I]I'll wait...then maybe I can take him down. Teach those Bloodists to speak ill of others...[/I] [/COLOR]


I guess I understand why Zeos is in Slytherin, though I don't know if I agree. However, it will make for some interesting confrontations. Also, I hope sunofexiles and Imi don't mind me treating their characters this way. And if neither other wants to become House Leader, I will, I guess.

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[color=orange][size=1]OCC: I won't take leader, i'm not organized enough.

IC: Kevin stuffed his face with all kinds of food, he had never been soooo hungry in his whole life... well, at least the part he could remembered. "I must take after my father," he thought out loud. Everyone siting around him made a funny look and someone said that was random. Maura gave a smile with a questioning look. "Wew, My mum wuz in Gwiffindow-" Kevin muffled, his cheeks packed with food he swallowed, "And so is my sis." He pointed over to a girl with short, black hair who sat at the table across from them. "And my Dad was in Hufflepuff... Peachy!" He went back to eating his plate while the others smiled. After they went back to their food, Kevin looked up and down the line of Hufflepuffs, wanting to see if he could guess the people on the quiditch team. He glanced down at the Hufflepuff shield that had magically appeared on his robes when he had been sorted. It does match my hair...

Eventually, Dumbledor dismissed dinner and everyone began to shuffle off to where they would be staying for the next year. Head boys and girls screeched out to the first years like a newly hatched dragon, forming them into a small cluster to be taken to the dorm. Kevin quickly scurried over to his sister, who was in her fifth year. She made an ear to ear grin and pounced on him, nearly knocking him of his feet, a bunch of Griffindors girls looked over and giggled, one included the silver haired girl, but she just smiled. While lauren squeezed the life out of him Kevin smiled at the girls and gave a wink to all of them. With a few more giggles they all shuffled away when the Head Boy squawked at them. [/color][/size]
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"This is going to be a very intresting 7 years," Kate thought as she slowly ate her food.
She looked up and down the table at the people she would be going to school with for the year. She stopped at the first first year to get sorted into Ravenclaw, Elliot.
"Hm...." she thought, "he got sorted almost immideately but then other kids took more time."
She stared at him as she thought, not paying any attention to anything. He noticed her staring and waved his hand as if to snap her out of her trance like state. She blinked and shook her head a little.
"Sorry," she mutterd blushing.
"It's quite alright," he said grinning.
She stared at her food and continued to eat.
"Oh my god. Why did I have to choose now to just zone out and start to think?" she thought to herself.

Dumbledore stood up and announced the end of dinner.
"Thank god," thought Kate, "It's about time."
She abruptly stood up and followed the stream of ravenclaws to their dorms.

ooc: What classes is everyone supposed to have? I can't quite remember ^^;;
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[COLOR=DarkOrchid]Imi was talking with her brother...well, scheming, it seemed. She looked over at that boy with silver hair...Zeos. He would be a problem.
Her brother whispered to her quietly, "A muggle lover is as good as a mudblood..." he said, dropping a massive hint. Imi smirked and took out her wand, running it between her fingers.
"I hope they have a duelling club this year." she smirked, looking at Zeos, who looked back and frowned.
Isaac snickered, "You'll show him...no one messes with the Kagami?s!"
Imi nodded and noticed another new Slytherin...Hayley she believed her name to be. She walked over and stuck out her hand confidently.
"The names Imi Kagami, it seems we're going to have to state our position of superiority as the new Slytherins..." she smirked.
Hayley replied with an evil grin, "It?s a pleasure to meet you, I think we will become great friends." she shook Imi's hand, "The names Hayley, Hayley Corvisa."
Imi nodded, as did Hayley and they parted ways.
"See you next lesson!" Imi shouted back and Hayley gave a half hearted wave in reply.
Imi stuck her hands in her pockets and began to walk out of the hall towards her new common room. A Gryffindor kid was in her way, a year two maybe. As she walked by he stopped and talked to his friend.
"Ahem..." Imi cleared her throat to get his attention.
He ignored her...
"Bad move, kitty cat!" she hissed, her voice like poison.
The Gryffindor turned around, "Listen, firsty, I don't want ay trouble from yo-" he was cut off by a swift jab in the stomach. Imi smirked as her brother pulled back his hand and the boy crumpled to the floor.
"Shall we go, sister?" Isaac asked and Imi started to walk with him, starting a conversation about 'worthless Mudbloods'.[/COLOR]
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[size=1][color=orange]Kevin watched as the Slytherin boy punched a Gryffindor is the stomach, blowing the wind from him the second year fell to his knees as the the Slytherins snickered. Kevin clenched his fist and was about to run up and beat the puncher over the head, but he was stopped by an older Hufflepuff, who grabbed him my colar of his robes. It was the Head boy, he gave Kevin a warning glare and then started to move the Hufflepuffs out of the Great Hall.
I guess it's best to stay out of trouble for at least the [i]first[/i] day of school. Kevin thought to himself, getting a better look at the Slytherin boy and girl, just in case he ever had a run in with them he would know who they were.

The first years in the front, all of Hufflepuff house was hearded up a number of stair cases that Kevin soon learned could move. They eventually came to a stop in front of a stone statue of a badger. There were alot of statues around this school that were the house animals, but this badger's claws were yellow.
"If I were a first year, I would be sure to remember the password." The Head Boy announced with a dull tone in his voice. "Ridge-back." The statue seemed to come alive as it nodded and stepped aside, revealing a large door way that lead into the common room. It was full of large yellow and black arm chairs and desks here and there. The first year boys were taken up the right flank stair case while girls were to the left. Inside Kevin's common room were four beds. It was good to see that most of everyones stuff was unpacked from the giant trunks sitting at the foot of the beds. Kevin found his and let Twilight out of his cage, the bird imidiatly flew out of the cracked window.

Kevin looked at his new roomies with a large smile, he would have stayed up with them and get to know them, but he was tired and fell asleep as soon as he hit the sheets.[/size][/color]
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OOC: I don'y want to be the leader either.I'm not organized and I don't make a good leader.

Maura shighed she was the first in her family to be in Hufflepuff. Her father had been in Gryffindor; her mother in Slytherin. They had been an unlikely combination and dated in secert. She smiled though and sat down on the black sheets and glanced at the yellow drapes around all of the beds. She tugged at her green hair and opened her trunk at the end of her bed. It was covered with stickers from other countries. As she opened it a small animal ran out.
"NO!! Okibi come back!!" Maura jumped off her bed and chased the calco kitten under her bed. She reached under the bed but pulled it out quickly for the cat had scrathed her hand.
"Oh. Come on Okibi I didn't know you were in there. I thought I had left you at home. Please come out."
Maura had gotten the attention of some of the other girls in the dorm. She looked under the bed and saw her little kitten shaking under the bed. Maura reached back undere the bed a little slower than before. A few minutes later Maura was sitting back on her bed with the little kitten on her lap purring.
"You know what okibi your one bad little boy. I hope this cut isn't infected."She whispered into the cat's ear.[I]Though it's nothing compared to the cuts dad comes home with.[/I] Maura closed the drapes around her bed and laid down. Falling asleap before she got under the covers. Okibi curled up near her head.
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[color=#009966][i]Alex finished eating just as Professor Dumbledore dismissed everyone. The Gryffindor Head Boy stood up and ordered everyone to follow him to the dorms. Just as Alex stood up, she noticed that the table was, once again, clean and bare, all of the food having been taken to some unknown place beneath the castle. She clutched her sketch pad and hurried to catch up to the rest of the group.

She found herself standing beside the other first year girl, Michelle. She remembered that many people referred to her as "the Veela." Alex had no idea what a veela was, but she stored it somewhere in the back of her mind to think about later. Right now they were approaching the staircases. The Head Boy stopped and waited for the one that would take them to the appropriate landing, and then he instructed everyone to quickly hurry so they wouldn't be separated. When the last person stepped off the staircase, it moved to another part of the hall.

Alex was so distracted that she didn't realize that the Slytherins and the Gryffindors were on the same landing, but heading in different directions. She saw a boy not far in front of her fall to the ground, revealing two grinning Slytherins who had been standing in front of them. They went on with the rest of their house without a second glance. Alex shot a scathing glare at them, but otherwise her face revealed no other emotion. The second year boy was being helped to his feet.[/i]

Alex: "What snobs! Are all other Slytherins like that?" [i]she asked Michelle.[/i]

Michelle: "No, not all of them. A good thing, too."

[i]The Head Boy stopped at a large portrait of a lady, then turned and addressed the students.[/i]

Head Boy: "This is where we will be staying. Do not forget the password; it is your key to getting in here. [i]'Spotted Salamander'," he said to the lady in the portrait. She nodded slightly, and then she disappeared, revealing a small doorway.

They followed the Head Boy into the common room. A warm and cheerful fire had been lit in the fireplace, and the chairs were luxurious and inviting. He pointed right, to a staircase that led upwards. [/i]

Head Boy: "Girls, this is your dorm. Boys, yours is on the left. Remember the rule: No one is allowed outside the dorms after dark. Good night."

[i]Michelle, Alex, and the rest of the Gryffindor girls went upstairs, and Alex was surprised to find all of her belongings already unpacked. Her owl Steel was perched on her bedpost, waiting for her. Alex stroked his black feathers gently, then sat on her bed and immediately began sketching, trying to draw everything that she had seen tonight.[/i][/color]
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[COLOR=DarkOrchid]Imi walked confidently, shoving other people out the way as she went. She'd already made quite a few enemies, not that she actually cared! School would be whole lot more interesting this way...
Isaac stopped in front of a wall. They had lagged behind the rest of their house when they were sorting out that Gryffindor.
"Um...brother? Why have we stopped here?" Imi asked curiously, Isaac was one of the few people she respected.
Isaac grinned and muttered, "Snake eyes" and the wall opened up. Imi stared inside as Isaac walked in. He looked back, "Well? You coming or what?" he asked, taking out a cigarette and lighting it.
"Um...you know, Isaac, mother hates it when you smoke..." Imi said, walking inside the common room.
"Yeah, well mum ain't here." Isaac stated, taking a drag from his cigarette.
Imi frowned "But..." she started, Isaac glared at her over his glasses, "Just get to your dorm, little brat!" he said, jerking his thumb at the stairs on the right. "Get" he said, walking up some stairs on the left.
Imi pulled tongues at her brother, 'Jerk' she thought, trudging up the stairs to her new dorm.

She noticed all her things neatly sorted and a bird cage hanging on an ornate stand next to her bed. She smiled slightly.
'Ah, Katsuro, I can always talk to you.' she thought to herself and opened the door to the cage. A black owl flew out silently and landed on her arm, nibbling her collar. She laughed softly and got ready for bed, folding her robes neatly. Katsuro cooed and flew out the window.
"Bring back a present!" Imi called softly, she would give one of the Gryffindors a surprise in the morning...
She get into bed and was about to draw the curtains when she noticed the girl from before, Hayley. 'Good' she thought, 'At least someone I know is in here' she turned over and was about to go to sleep when she heard the screech of her owl. Katsuro landed on her pillow, dropping a dead mouse next to her head.
She smirked and thought of a plan 'Time to show that mudblood lover a lesson.' she thought.
She pulled on her dressing gown and slippers and walked into the common room. She quietly sneaked up the stairs to the boys dormitories and soon found that Zeos boy's room. It was easy because Isaac had calved, "Lover of Mudbloods" onto the door, by tomorrow [I]all[/I] of Slytherin would be onto him.
She opened the door quietly to be greeted by the boy's soft snores, she found Zeos, his bangs seemed to glow in the moon light.
Imi took the mouse from her pocket and laid it right next to the boy?s head, making sure that some blood dripped onto his silver bangs.
'Pity to spoil them' she thought 'they do look...good?' she shook her head and walked out, closing the door behind her.
'Sleep tight, muggle lover.' she thought and went back to bed.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=DarkSlateBlue]OOC: I hope I got the Slytherin entrance right![/COLOR]
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Michelle sighed and sat on her bed, no intentions of sleeping as of yet. Her bed was located next to Alex, and she couldn't help but notice her drawing something on her sketch pad.

"You are a good drawer," She started, Alex looked a bit suprised, but smiled anyways.

"Oh, thank you," she slapped herself in the head, forgetting her name.

"Michelle," Michelle finished, laughing, her light French accent causing her to elongate the 'i' making it sound like "Meechelle."

"Oh, sorry. Listen, I don't want to sound intruding or anything, but I noticed many of the guys calling you a veela. Do you know what that is?" Michelle sighed,

"Well, a veela is a sort of French 'creature' with hair and eyes like my own that have the power to sort of take control of men and make them do as they wish because of their beauty. I am not one, though." She added, uncertainly. Alex nodded, making sure to make this into a mental note for herself.

"So, what houses were your parents, or parent, in?" Alex asked, changing the subject as she noticed the uneasiness in Michelle's voice.

"Oh, well, both of my parents are muggles." She told her simply, shrugging. She remembered the two Slytherins punching the Gryffindor, and her face flushed with anger. If she was anywhere near those Slytherins, she would have made her opinion known.

"You ok?" Alex asked suddenly, causing Michelle to jump.

"Oh, yeah, just wondering where my Owl was," she half lied and half spoke the truth.

OOC: Ok, I am going to let everyone become familiar with everyone before I hand out the class schedules, whoever wants to help can PM me.[/COLOR][/SIZE]
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[color=orange][size=2][font=times new roman]Samantha walked down the corridor, her hair bouncing on her back. She had it down, with a black headband holding it back. Her green eyes sparkled. Her robe?s swished about her ankles, boot heels cliking pleasantly on the floor.

Sam came to the Fat Lady, and smiled. ?Evening, my lady.? The Fat Lady smiled back. ?And to you, Samantha.? Samantha brushed her hair back over her shoulder, and said, ?Spotted Salamander.? The portrait swung open, and she climbed in. Sam found the common room empty. ?Of course.? She thought. ?Everyone?s gone to bed.? She made her way up to the girls dormitory, and saw the new girls.

?Well, hello! You must be Michelle and Alex. I?m Samantha.? She gave them a friendly smile. Going over to her bed next to the window, she pulled her head band off, and brushed her hair into a tight braid. She quickly changed, and sat down on her bed.

Samantha told them, ?If you need to know anything or want to talk about anything, I?m always here.? Giving them one last smile, she blew out her candle, and pulled the curtains on her bed.

Sam didn?t go to sleep for quite some time, though.

The Gryffindor girl lay there, thinking about nothing in particular. She stayed awake, knowing that even after everyone was asleep, one of the girls would be up, wanting to confess homesickness.[/color][/font][/size]
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[SIZE=1][COLOR=DarkSlateBlue][I]Zeos was running, scared, terrified of what was behind him. He turned around, blue eyes bright with terror, and saw that the hideous, wizened creatures were still lurching after him. Their long, sharp fangs glittered with blood.
"Ahh!" he screamed.
Quickly, he jumped out the door, running down the back steps into the garden. He found the car sitting there, just as it had been earlier. Had he been in his right mind, he would've noticed how ludicrous this was. He jumped in, slamming the door.
He turned and saw the Vampires crawling through the garden. One hissed fiercly and ran to the car. Zeos tried making the power windows rise, but the power wasn't on.
The Vampire stuck it's twisted, snarling face in and shrieked inhumanly. Blood dripped from its fangs, falling on his bangs. He shrunk back, but it was too late. Just as the beast was about to kill him...[/I]


Zeos lurched awake. Cold sweat made his clothes and blankets stick to him. He was sitting up, breathing heavily. He sighed, the nightmare returning again. He sighed, and ran a hand through his hair. He felt something wet. Pulling his hand back, he saw red staining it.
[I]Holy *****![/I]
Panic flooded him, and he almost cried out. Then he looked around and saw the door. It was open a crack.
"Imi..." he hissed. "Or Isaac." He sighed again. "******** bloodists. Figures they'd do something like this. Baka de na!" he swore, using Japanese lest the teachers be listening in (he ignored the previous curse).
He stood up and walked to the door, switching on the lights. There were no other first years to bother with the lights, since only three entered Slytherin and the others were girls.
He opened the door, swinging it wide. It slammed on the wall. Zeos could plainly see "Lover of Mudbloods" etched on it.
[I]Bloodist pricks![/I]
"Who did this!" he snarled, pointing to his bangs.
The common room was still quite full, being fairly early. Zeos was tired from eating so much, his downfall in this situation. Several Slytherin's look at him.
"Look! Mudblood's got blood in his hair!" laughed someone.
It was Isaac.
Zeos shot him a glare, and gripped his wand behind his back.
"So you did this?" he hissed.
"No, but I did carve the new sign on your door, Mudblood-lover," Isaac spat back.
"I dyed your bangs...again, anyway," said Imi. She was standing on the girls' stair-case.
"They were natural *****," snarled Zeos. "Unlike your hair."
"You dare insult my sister!" barked Isaac.
"I'll insult anyone who crosses me or my people!" roared Zeos...making a major mistake.
Silence hung in Slytherin common room. Zeos had let slip his mixed blood, letting all hear it.
"So, you're not only a Mudblood-lover, but also a Mudblood?" asked Isaac. A disgusting smirk had crossed his face.
"So what if I am?" growled Zeos. Blood had flushed his face.
"Then we make your life hell," said another Slytherin. Laughing and affirmative noises could be heard.
"You can try," said Zeos.
Before they could respond, the silver-haired boy turned and re-entered his room, slamming the door and locking it. Not that they couldn't get in anyway, but it would provide some warning.
[I]Tomorrow, I have to speak with Dumbledore. I have to get out of Slytherin.[/I] [/COLOR]


OOC: For the record, that dream isn't meant to be prophetic or anything. I had that same dream. And DaisukeAngel, I don't care whether you let Zeos change houses or not. I'm just setting up conflict. It's your call.[/SIZE]
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Kate followed the other Ravenclaws up several flights of stairs and down a corridor. The group stopped abruptly infront of a suit of armor.
"Okay first years," said the Head Girl, "please remember the password so you dont have to wait out in the corridor for someone to come and rescue you."
Several of the older kids laughed, remembering years past and different mishaps.
"Minty Bat Claw," said the Head girl and the suit of armor came to life and stepped to the side, letting them in.

Kate climbed into the common room, looking around absorbing her surroundings. There were big overstuffed blue armchairs all around the room. On the farside of the room was a fireplace and on either side of the fireplace were doors leading up to the dorms. Kate headed up to her room.

Kate sat on her bed with her cat in her lap. She had finished un-packing and was in her pajamas.
"We're going to like it here girl," she said, stroking the cats back as in purred it happily. She picked up the cat and put it down on the bed next to her as she got up and went to her trunk. She took out a book, the cover said Hogwarts: A history. She hopped back onto her bed opend it to a chapter on Ravenclaw, eventhough she read it many many times before, she started to read.

The clock struck eleven. Kate was sound asleep with the book in her hand.
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Maura awoke with her hand in pain. She sat up and noticed that all of the girls in the dorm where alseep yet the sun was peeking over that lake that all the first years had crossed when they arrived at Hogwarts. Maura got dressed quickly and crept slowly towards the door trying not to wake the other girls. She walked down the stairs and into the common room looking around. She saw the boy that had sat next to her at the table in the great hall. She walked up to him.
"Hi." He jumped a little startled but said hi back. He stared at her as she sat down in one of the chairs across from him.
"What?" Maura asked him.
"You die your to"? He asked.
"Huh"? Maura said and pulled a piece of her hair down infront of her face and noticed that it had turned a bright pink.
"I understand I mean who would want pink hair."
"No it... well alright people are bound to find out soon". Maura thought about the Hufflepuff colors, thinking about the shade of yellow.There was a pop and Maura's hair changed to the same shade of yellow as on the Hufflepuff banner with strips of black in random places.
"Wow how did you do that"?
"I'm a Metamorphmangus",seeing his questioning look,"it mean I can change my appearance at will."
"Cool wish I could."
"It isn't that great.I rather be normal.Truly it's a bother. ihave to fill out forms and tons of paper work."
"Same reason you need to register when your an animgus. By the why my names Maura Trepas".
"Mine's Kevin Sanders".
Maura smiled and looked down seeing Okibi jump up int her lap. She petted him behind his ears.His purring grew louder.
"That your cat?" Kevin asked.
"Ya why?"
"Nothing. What's her name?"
"Okibi and his a boy".
"Oh sorry.What's his name mean?"
"It's okay.His name means blazing fire".
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[size=1][color=orange]Kevin smiled at the cat and reached over to scratch it behind the ear. Before his hand even got close, the cat's paw swaped at Kevin's flesh with small claws extended. Kevin retracted his hand and laughed lightly as the little cat's ears twitched and the tip of his tail curled in and out. Kevin leaned back into the large yellow arm chair and closed his eyes. He always seemed to be the first to wake up, weather it was at home or at school.

"Owl over here." Kevin said through a yawn. Maura bent over to see around his arm chair, her eyes scanning the room for something. Kevin watched her with one eye opened. "Sorry, I meant that I have an owl. As you can see... Cats don't really like me." Maura stiffiled a laugh and Kevin smiled and then jumped to his feet, rolling his neck around as it popped a few times. He had heard a door open from up stairs, everyone was probably starting to wake up. So that the first years could get to learn where everything was, they had the official first day off. They would get their schedules tomarrow morning during breakfast before classes started.

"Where are you off to?" Maura asked standing up. Okibi leaped from her lap and scampered up the steps that lead to the girls dormitories.
"Breakfast, I must have an eating disorter or something." Kevin laughed as he headed for the hole that lead out of the Hufflepuff house, "Wanna come with?" He asked pointed toward the exit. Maura nodded and they both left as more people began to rise from their beds.

They entered the great hall and noticed that quite a few people were already up and munching on eggs, toast, and other breakfast foods. Kevin glanced at the Slytherin table, keeping a smile on his face, he didn't want any of them thinking he might cause some trouble with them. One of the Slytherin's raised an eyebrow at him. Kevin waved as if the person was his best friend. [/size][/color]
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Maura didn't eat much she mostly kept her eyes on a brown haired boy at the Slytherin table who sat far away from the other Slytherins. They were all pointing and lafting at him. Maura felt a little sorry for him and walked over to him.
"Hey". She said softly.
"What here to make fun of the mudblood in Slytherin!" He snarled at her.
"Sorry I didn't know. They making fun of you? You don't really belong in Slytherin do you?" Maura said a little token back.
" Oh. I'm sorry., it's just that one of them put a dead rat in my bed".
Maura lafted.
"Sorry, but it's a little funny. I know what could fix your intruder problem. I can lend you my cat for a bit. He'll attack anbody strange. But don't worry get to know him and he won't hurt you too much."
"Thanks I'll think about it."
"Hope they go better on you. If you need a break tell me."
Maura walked back to the Hufflepuff table and sat back down across from Kevin.
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[COLOR=DarkSlateBlue][SIZE=1]Zeos frowned and poked at his food. He wasn't hungry. Having mouse blood smeared on your hair can do that to you.

[I]That Hufflepuff seemed nice. What was her name...Maura? I think that's right. Maybe I should take her up on her offer.[/I]

He sighed heavily. Life sucks when you're a Mudblood in Slytherin.

Out of nowhere, an object coursed through the air...landing right in Zeos's scrambled eggs. He looked down at it, and found it was a piece of scone, crafted to look like a mouse, smeared with red jelly.

Zeos glared at Imi, who tried looking innocent.

[I]I oughta get her...but first, I really should speak to the headmaster...after classes, anyway.[/I]

Zeos sighed again, and picked up the mouse-scone. He flashed Imi a snarl-grin, and bit the 'head' off, chewing on it in an exaggerated fashion.

"Tastes like rat...probably since you touched it!" he snarled.

"I'll see you in classes, Mudblood," she hissed, too low for the teachers to hear.

"I guess...if you don't get expelled," Zeos said, smirking.

Imi snorted, and started talking with Haley.

[I]Figures they'd pal around.[/I]

Zeos sighed for the third time during breakfast, and picked at his food again.[/SIZE][/COLOR]
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Hayley sat at the end of the table with her fellow stuck up fellow witches.She ran her fingers through her hair luaghing,then she looked at Zeos.She was kind of mad the way her fellow Slytherins were treating him.She got up and made her way toward him,then she sat next to him."Hello again..."she said almost cheerfully.Imi whispered to Zeos "Stupid Mudblood..".Hayleys jaw dropped "Takes one to know one!"she snarled rigth back at Imi.Zeos looked at hayley weirdly,she was probally the first one to stick up for him.Though Hayley and mi started to bicker back in forth
Imi:"Mudblood lover!"
Hayley:"Disgrace to teh witches!"
Imi:"You ought to have muggle blood in ya!"
Hayley:"If i did..you'll be my sister!"
Imi gorweled and Hayley simply said her favorite qoute "That was uncalled for!!she then sipped her orange juice slowly keeping an eye on Imi.When she finished she put a hand on Zeos's shoulder "Hey,its ok..teh rest not be the nicest bunch..but i'll stick up for ya!"
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[COLOR=DarkOrchid]Imi laughed and whispered something to Isaac who in turned smirked. He looked at Hayley and Zeos and waved sarcastically and smiled.
"Having fun, you two?" he asked, smiling. Imi giggled and some other Slytherins snickered.
A year 5 boy looked up from his porridge and sneered, "Before you know it, they'll be starting a club...Muggle Lovers United." lots of the Slytherins laughed and jeered but were hushed by Professor Snape. The snickered to themselves continuing with their meals.
Hayley huffed and looked at Zeos, who returned her gave with a worried look.
"This could get really difficult, for the both of us, you realise that?"
Hayley nodded, "Those Bloodlists....they'll get what?s coming to them, especially that girl and her brother." she looked at her friend. "Don't worry, Dumbledoor will sort them out." she said, trying to sound reassuring.
"I'm not too sure," Zeos replied, "The Kagami's are known as one of the most powerful Pure blood families, this school would have too much trouble if those two," he jabbed a thumb at Imi and Isaac, " got chucked out." he sighed, something he was doing a lot lately, and tried to continues with his breakfast.
Hayley shrugged and ate her toast, "Everything will work out okay" she said hopefully.

Imi looked over to them, 'We'll see, Mudblood, we'll see' she smirked and continued to joke with her brother.[/COLOR]
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Maura finshed her meal and started to walk back to the common room. She was going to grab Okibi and one of her school books and sit by the lake. Maura looked around and noticed that the area she was at didn't look familar, but she kept walking. She soon came to a large picture of a fruit. Out of the corner of her eye she saw a scrap of paper under a silver knight. Maura looked around quickly and bent over to pick it up.[I] For future mischeif makers-to enter the kitcen tickle the pear and pull the knob.- FW&GW.[/I] Maura looked from the note to the picture. She reached up but stopped. [I]What if its a trap? It could lead right to Finch's office. I'll try later.[/I] Maura retraced he steps and found that she had taken a wrong turn, she went down the right way and spoke the password. The yellow clawed badger lept aside and Maura stepped through the hole and went up to the girls dormitory and saw that okibi was asleep on her trunk. She moved Okibi to the bed and looked through the trunk. She saw the album that her dad gave her so that she would remember her home if she got homesick. She reach in and grabbed it. On the cover a dragon was craved into the thick dragon hide. She looked back inside and saw her potions book. Smiling she grabed it also and put it onto of the album. Potions had always been her faviorite subject and her best skill. Maura heared that the potions teacher Prof. Snape was mean and hard. He also favored his house and the Defence Against Dark Arts class. He was turned down for the job each year though. Maura stood up with her books in hand and placed them carefully into her dragon hide backback that her father got for her as a gift for gitting into Hogwarts. She put the bag over her shoulders and grabbed Okibi. She placed him under her robes, afird that she might get trouble for bringing her cat out of the Hufflepuff house. She walked up the stairs that lead to the Great Hall and walked out the huge wooden doors. Wet dew filled the air as Maura walked to the lake. It simmered in the day and looked much more inviting than it had the prevouis night when they crossed it. maura sat down near a tree and leaned against its trunk. Okibi fussed under her robes and she let him out.
"Okibi stay close I don't want to get in trouble."
The cat climbed the tree and laid down on one of the branches and fell asleep. Maura opened the album and smiled as her father looked up at her and waved. His burns shone bright in the sun. As she turned the pages drgons flew through the pictures fighting with each other but, never harming. Maura stopped on a picture of her mother and father standing together at there gradution. The slytherins in the background snarled at her. Though her face glowed with much pride. Her father had been caption of the Gryffindor Quidditch team and Maura hoped to be caption of the Hufflepuff team or a least the seeker which her mother had been for Slytherin. She turned the page and saw a picture of a dragon family. The mother was feeding the babies: the father keeping a watchful eye in the skys and all around, protecting his family from harm. Maura's eyes filled with tears, for that had been her family before the split up. Maura missed the union of her mother and father and how they seemed so perfect for each other. Maura stared at the picture through teary eyes.
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?Whoooooo? , a brown barn owl glides down from the blue sky as the sun rises spreading its orange rays around Hogwarts. ?Come? ere Koral!? Elliot raises his right forearm up, allowing the owl to land on. ?That?s a good girl. Now let?s get back to the dorm and get ready for class.?

Elliot increases his pace as he take a glance at his watch, an antique heirloom in the lasher family , Elliot murmurs to himself ? Whoa! Time sure moves fast at Hogwarts?. And why must I wear this watch ?I don?t!? Just as Elliot takes a turn around the corridor, someone ran into him. ?Hey watch it! Can?t you walk slowly! I!.. I??Koral flapped her wings a couple of times to regain balance on Elliot?s shoulder .Elliot then notices that the person had fell back on fours from the impact. The person was the girl who stared at him on their first day at Hogwarts. Her books scattered around her, as well as loose notes. She groan to herself, ? owww.?

?I ?m so sorry! Are you all right there? Are you hurt?? Elliot got down on his knees, ?Here. Let me help you.? Elliot brought the books and notes together, held them in one arm and stood up. ?Need a hand?? He extended his other hand which the girl gladly took. ? I am fine. Don?t worry? The girl answered as she dust her cloak. Elliot continues to stare at her, thinking, ?Wasn?t she the girl who kept staring at me like as if I was a weirdo? If I remembered her name is Kate, what was her last name? Hm.. I wonder why she was staring at me like that??. Maybe?she?? Kate closed the gap between them, ? Excuse me?? Elliot suddenly snapped out of his thoughts. ? Can I have my books back?? ,she asked avoiding his eyes. ? huh?... Oh! I?m sorry. Please forgive my impolite staring at you like that. Here!? He handed the books to her.

? Before I forget. Let me introduce myself. My name is Elliot Lasher. Please to meet you.? Elliot reached his right hand out in a handshake manner. Just then Koral gave out a loud hoot like as if to say ? don?t forget to introduce me too!?. ?Oh . This is my owl , Koral.? Elliot looks back at Kate who is some what not really looking at him. Avoided his eyes most of the time. His hand still extended out, waiting.
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After of few moments Maura had closed the book and had started to looked through [I]Magical Drafts and Potions[/I]. She went through the pages aborbing the procedures, ingredents, and temprutures the potions required. Okibi was now laying in her lap scanning the area. A few times he was getting ready to ponce at something, but Maura put her hand down on the boncey kitten without looking up from the book. Her eye's never left the crisp, new pages of the book. Once in a while she looked up to see if any teacher were around, yet there were none so her haed went back down into the book. Maura closed the book suddlenly causing Okibi to jump and hiss at her.
"Oh hush. Listen I'm going to write letter to mum and dad. Then well find the Owerly. You can stay in common room." Maura added after he hissed again.
Maura placed the books back into her backpack and picked up Okibi. Maura ran towards the school and slide down the banister to the badger. Okibi hissed at her as they slide.
The badger moved aside and Maura stumbled in. Some first years looked at her and went back to what they where doing. Maura went into the girls dormintory and dropped Okibi on her bed. She put her books back and grabbed two seats of parchment and a quill with ink and set went back down to the common room. Looking around Maura spotted a bare table with nobody around it and walked over and sat down. She spread out the parchment and started to write :
You wanted to now what house I got sorted into well I got sorted into Hufflepuff. Yep first one in the family unless I have a distant family member that was in Hufflepuff. Oh well. I hope next year I get on the Quidditch team. I hope you don't get ot hurt playing with those dragons.
Maura looked at the letter and smiled. She copied it with a few changes and addressed it to her mom. Maura sighed and closed them both. She grapped the letters and went throuh the door and headed up the stairs. She stopped and looked down. [I]Oh great my foots caught in the step.Darn it![/I]Maura leaned against the side railing and started to try to pull her foot out of the step.
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Kate blinked and came back to her senses. "Oh, i'm sorry!" she said as she shook his hand, "I've been kinda scatterbrained lately. It always takes me a while to get used to a new schedule."
She smiled.
"I'm sorry for staring at you during dinner last night, I just zoned out," she said as her cheeks flushed pink.
"No problem," said Elliot, smiling back.
"So this is Koral? She's very pretty. I would have brought an owl, but I brought my cat, Callie." she said.
Koral hooted softly. Kate reached out to stroke her back and clucked softly under her breath. Elliot looked at her strangely. For the second time in several minutes, Kate came back to her senses.
"I did it again didn't I?" she said, laughing nervously.
"Yeah," he said, laughing as well. And he kept on laughing. And laughing. And laughing.
"Um.... Are you okay?" she asked concerned.
Elliot put up his finger, telling her to wait a moment as his laughter died off.
"Sorry," he said, "I just have laughing fits and...well..."
"I see," said Kate smiling, "Do you want to go back to the dorms?"
"Sure, lets go," he said as he started down the hall.
"Hey! Wait!" said Kate as she rushed to catch up to him.
They headed to the dorms together talking and laughing.
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?Did you hear? Isaac Kagami from Slytherin has a younger sister in Hogwarts!? ,exclaimed a year two Ravenclaw to her friend sitting opposite her in the common room by the fire place. ?Are you serious?? answered the other. ?Oh I am SERious. I just saw them ganging up on another first year slytherin named Zeos Uchiyama ? and something about him and mudblood lovers.? She continued, ?Isaac even punched Zeos in the stomach!!? ?Oh my lord? so what did he do next?? the other girl questioned her friend.

?Not another addition to the chaos in Hogwarts...? Elliot sighed to himself after overhearing the conversation, ?when will this ever end?? Kate had caught up with him in the common room, ?Never. I suppose...? Kate added .smiling, face flushed from trying to catch up with him. ?And I ?m inclined to believe that they will never stop their nonsense too?? Elliot combed his untamed curly black hair back with his hand, revealing his dark blue eyes to the light from the nearby window. ?His eyes? They?re blue! But since when... I always thought they were black.? Kate thought to herself.

Elliot continues trying to eavesdrop on the senior?s conversation, brows knitted in concentration, as he inches nearer to them, along the stairs that lead up to the bedrooms dorms.?First years!? shouted a Ravenclaw perfect, which startled Kate and Elliot, ?Please remember that any misbehaving of any sorts in class or out of class, will cause points deduction from our house. SO please behave.? The perfect reminded them, ?If we can accumulate more points in each term. I am sure we can win the title for the house of the year!?

A cold touch to the shoulder sent an electric shock up Elliot?s spine. Elliot slowly turns around to see who the hand belongs to. ?K.C!? Elliot gasped, looking at black headed, shoulder length hair, young girl with honey brown eyes. ?What are you doing here?! Weren?t you supposed to go back to Singapore with your parents??
??WAS? suppose to. Elle. And now I?m here with you!? said K.C as she hugged him in response. Elliot?s cheeks flushed red like a tomato immediately.
So... whose in charge of the class timetable for Ravenclaw here. Do feel free to PM me anytime.....
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