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[FONT=Comic Sans MS][B][CENTER]The Parasitic Infection[/CENTER][/B]

A colony parasite has been growing in the depth of the planet Earth unknown too human. They have been feeding and growing upon the land. A few of these parasites have found their way closer to the earth surface. Many of these find their way into a toxic waste dump. The toxin began a mutation in the once harmless parasites. They now can think and act n their own. They are now free to breach the ground they have been under. Now able to breath the air and coming into the sun. They enter the world of the humans. Disgusted by how the Humans have treat the land they want to stop the humans from doing anymore damage to the planet. The parasites, which resemble worms, have found that they have the newfound ability to take over the human?s body and destroy the soul of the humans. They attack themselves to the spinal cord and take control of the human. They soon have taken over the half the world population.

A Soul healer, Aura Summoner, Spell master, a dark knight, soul collector, and light shocker have been thought out to help save the human race from extinction. Not knowing whom to trust or has been effected.

Soul Healer- has the ability to remove parasites from others so she can put the soul back in.
Aura Summoner- can call forth-strong spirits that get stronger in time.
Priestess- chant magic spells.
Dark Knight- Blind people for a little while
Soul Collector- can absorb souls to become stronger.
Light Shocker- can paralyze enemies for a few minutes.

The soul healer, aura summoner, and priestess are female. While the other three are male. I want good adequate post, proper spelling and grammar.

I want to thank Cysword6 for helping me to create this.

Sign ups:
Age: (18-45)
Appearance: (pics are fine and if describe please give detail)
Bio: (Please I don?t want everyone to have his or her family infected or is dead.)
Class: (soul healer, Aura Summoner, Priestess, Dark knight, Soul collector, Light Shocker)
Ability: (Is already picked out for the character.)

My Character:
Name: Shiri Zhi
Age: 20
Appearance: [url]http://www.psycko-manga.com/gallery/babe/60-2.htm[/url]
Personality: Shiri is a very strong willed person and highly intelligent. She doesn?t speak loud but in a soft voice and always is well mannered.
Bio: She and Reis have been friends form childhood. She went away for a couple of years to train at her grandfather?s temple. She trained at the temple at the temple to help people?s souls. When she returned from her trip she was happy to see Reis once again. When she noticed those people souls had been missing she became worried. She set out to find what is happening with Reis.
Class: Soul healer
Ability: remove parasites from others so she can put the soul back in.
Specialty: To see into people souls.
Weapon: A long ivory staff that is the length of her body with an opal orb on top of it.

Soul healer- Kittychanann (Me)
Aura Summoner- Oceanborn
Spell Master-
Dark knight- cysword6
Soul Collector- Unborn Lord Xion
Light shocker-silvercyclone[/FONT]
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Name: Reis Tarizama
Age: 21
Appearance: Wears black armor and has short black hair. His eyes are almost always expressionless and are grey colored. He has tannish skin and is 5'9.
Personality: Reis has learned not to trust anyone but his friend Shiri. He will do anything for a true friend though including sacrificing his life.
Bio: When Shiri left he was heart broken and thought that she had left forever. After that, he began to train defending people form bullies and practicing with his blade. Now that she is back he will try to help protect the human race.
Class: Dark Knight
Ability: Can blind people for a short while
Specialty: Can hide from anyone's eyesight
Weapon: He carries three swords. He carries the light sword on his right hip, the dark sword on his left hip and the chaos sword on his back.
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[COLOR=DarkSlateBlue][SIZE=1]The Soul Collector is here

Name: Ryutaro Takeshi
Age: 26
Appearance: see attachment, but with a black coat.
Personality: Ryutaro is confident, cold, and calculating. He's brilliant and sharp-mined, never missing a step, and always a step ahead. He does whatever he wants, not bound by morality or law. His whims become reality, and he never sticks to one side. His side is victory, and all fear his name.
Bio: Ryutaro began training in martial arts at an early age, becoming especially proficient with a sword. When he was ten, his powers emerged. He accidentally used it once, nearly taking a fellow student's soul. He left the school shortly after, but first forged his sword. He lived on the streets, avoiding people to keep from harming them...until he came across another of his kind. He saw how they helped the people, saving them from parasites, and decided to help. But his loyalties are not strong...and may even be false...
Class: Soul Collector
Ability: Can drain souls to become stronger (my mistake :sweat: )
Specialty: Can see into minds (a counterpart to Soul Healer, as it were)
Weapon: A hand-crafted katana with a black-and-gold hilt and a black-tinted blade.

That good?[/SIZE][/COLOR]
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*I'll give it a shot*

Name: Jim Mishima
Age: 19
Gender: Male

Appearance: [url]http://www.radicalbender.com/images/abm/hack_Tsukasa2.jpg[/url]

Personality: Jim is a very enthusiastic person, willing to help out anyone who needs it at any time of the day. Jim enjoys life and thinks it shouldn't be waisted inside or doing work, life should be exciting and fun. He doesn't like to fight much, but does when either his friends and family are in troubel. Or if some stranger is in trouble at that.

Bio: Jim has studies spells and chants from his family for a long time, about the time he was about 5 or 7. His family has a long line of Spellcasters in their history and Jim intends on being of one of them soon. He has trained in the harshest heat conditions, to the oldests wheathers, the brightests of days and the darkest of nights. Somehow he has surpassed his family alot during his training and has become powerful. Jim studies other magic as well during his spare time. But since he lives in an area where there is no trouble, his magic is put on hold. Jim is eager to use it in battle, but for now he just uses it to help around his town and heal the injured. Secretly at night he practice some dark magic when it is forbidden in his family, but he donly does it once a month.

Class: Priestess
Ability: Able to chant magic spells
Specialty: Can make a barrier without using a spell to chant.
Weapon: A large staff, head high to Jim and has a red orb in the center of it, the top of the staff has a gery-ish color. And the base a grey-ish black coat of paint.

*Alright, I'm finished. Hope its alright*
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So shall it be. The Aura Summoner has arrived.

Name: Tonoko
[U]Age[/U] : 19
[U]Appearance[/U]: Short black hair, an asian, red leather. (... not the last clue why I made her that way... But I let be.) Calm black eyes (Call that 'deadly calm')
[U]Personality[/U]: Usually pretty quiet... Intelligent, but keeps her thoughts on her mind.
[U]Bio[/U]: Unknown. She never tells of her past. Apparently, she comes from an almost unknown clan of Summoners that don't just rely on ghosts (Soul Dagger training)
[U]Class[/U]: Aura Summoner
[U]Ability[/U]: Can call forth strong spirits that get stronger in time.
[U]Speciality[/U]: Speak with spirits (communicate either with the souls that haven't been returned or are deceased or with the spirits she has called upon), form soul dagger (see weapon description), manipulate spirit dagger (like kinesis, works only at the dagger as it is her main weapon - except the spirits)
[U]Weapon[/U]: Soul Dagger. A ghostly-looking blade which she can form and manipulate with at will (she also seems to have been trained with it pretty well)

OOC: He did ^_^ Thanx. Yeah, a few changes on the names (Soul Dagger), nothing in general.
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[COLOR=DarkOrange][FONT=Comic Sans MS]Okay very nice so far people. Oceanborn I think cysword6 PM you about the spirits. The only thing is see wrong is, Mage15 the Priestess is female not male. If you change that than it will be okay. Come on people sign up. Holds T-square threatingly. [/FONT] [/COLOR]
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Name: Endow Rikiri
Age: 24
Appearance: Attached picture (yup, thats Jin)
Personality: Bull headed, he's loyal to his friends almost to a fault. Usually cheerful, he's a happy guy most of the time, though he gets angry really fast. Enough pride to choke an elephant.
Bio: An orphan, he never knew his parents. He was abandoned in a village where an elderly couple took care of him. He fights the parasites for his "family", and tends to get a bit overzealous in his fights.
Class: Light Shocker
Ability: Paralyze enemies for a short period
Specialty: Make an incredibily (sp?) bright flash that blinds everyone within range for a short time.
Weapon: Gauntlets

((If I should change anything, PM me please))
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[COLOR=DarkOrange][FONT=Comic Sans MS]Okay these are the people so far. All of you very nice. Please I still need a Prietess. So sign up peopel chop chop. *Holds T`Square threatingly.

Soul healer- Kittychanann (Me)
Aura Summoner- Oceanborn
Spell master-
Dark knight- cysword6
Soul Collector- Unborn Lord Xion
Light shocker- silvercyclone[/FONT][/COLOR]
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[COLOR=DarkOrange][FONT=Comic Sans MS]We will start once we find a prietess or if Mage15 decides he want to be a spell master. So come on people the prietess is still open. If you have any question you can PM me or cysword6 and we can answer them if its about your character . I fit is something that prtants to all just post it here.[/FONT][/COLOR]
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