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Dragon Warrior

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[size=4][b]Navaret?s Rings[/b][/size][/center]

[I]Some say as the dark tides hit you see the last blink of light before darkness completely covers. A beautiful ending, yet so grim. I guess what I?m trying to say is a great thing turned the world cold. Yes, I speak of the rings. They were crafted by an old alchemist named Navaret long before Denrohedge was named what it is today. The first one ever forged was to be Navaret?s. If it worked, he?d make more for those deserving. As it turned out, many people were worthy of the item until the day came, long after Navaret?s departure, that they were always presented to a child when they turned the age of sixteen. For women, it was considered a step into their new life, while for men it was the beginning of manhood.

Wait? what do the rings do? I thought you knew! When one finally possesses a ring (after an official ceremony, of course), they place it on their finger and after mumbling a few ancient words, their soul splits in two. As the soul splits, the caster does as well until he or she ends up becoming another being. Yes, that means the ring splits you into two people: the normal you and the warrior you. If you are in any danger or something similar, the warrior side to your ring comes in handy. But beware not to remove the ring from your finger while you have been split into two, for as you may recall, your soul has been split as well. Taking the ring off disconnects your soul from its other half, therefore killing you. A dangerous thing indeed.

This is where the conflict arises. Now we shall enter the present.[/I]

[I]This is where the dark comes along. Over the years, the rings have secured a proper way of protection for Denrohedge?s citizens, but at the same time caused conflict when casters use them disrespectfully. The Council of Denrohedge (main leaders of the world) are aware of such a crisis, but find no source to stop it aside from cutting the rings off from everyone. This may a terrible choice, though, but what else is there to do?

Just as these dangers didn?t seem like they could get any worse, evil struck with its dark purpose once again. Ringers baring a new weapon step forward and call themselves the Ring Hunters. They are humans like us, but have developed a special ring that allows them to use more than one ring at a time and not having to have it appraised in a holy ceremony. For anyone who doesn?t possess a special ring like this are forced to only use the ring they were given. But there is danger for the Ring Hunters. Their unique rings may allow them to use multiple rings, but it also splits their souls into even more of a fraction than before. It?s even more hazardous. But with a life guided by pure evil steered through hell from a dark purpose, their risks are taken easily and without concern. That?s what makes them so powerful.

As of late, they are not able to be defeated nor caught and have officially been taking out the strongest opponents they can for the strongest rings. Denrohedge is nearing a great defeat and all of its inhabitants lie in the balance.[/I]

[size=3][b]What Must Be Done?[/b][/size]
[I]It has been decided by many and unofficially by the Council to send out warriors from every city across Denrohedge to hunt down the beings. They are strongest, bravest, or most likely the complete insane. The journey will be full of peril since monsters roam the lands. But as a wise man once said:[/I]

[size=3][indent]?There are far more greater dangers than monsters that lie ahead.?[/indent][/size]

[I]Of course he spoke of the Ring Hunters.[/I]

[size=3][b]Think You Can Take It?[/b][/size]
Yes, it is time now to see if you really wanna go on this adventure. There will be five of us (including myself) that will mostly start in different places, but eventually meet up with one another since we?re from different cities. I will be picking out the best four signups so make yours worth it! No hard feelings for those who don?t make it, but I am looking for good roleplayers and people who, in fact, know how to write at least. That and you understand the idea of the story =/

Anyways, as said above, I look for in a signup:

-Good Character Buildup
-Good grammar/spelling
-Doesn?t rant on about stuff XD (Hey, we all know it gets boring if you do!)
-If you?re a guy, be a guy. If you?re a girl, be a girl. I?m not sexist, but usually people who play the opposite gender suck at it ^_^
-Doesn?t get things mixed up.

Yeah, that?s all so let?s whoop out our sign ups.

[b]Name:[/b] Be creative. Note the types of names I use such as Navaret and Denrohedge. Last names required. Makes it more medieval than anything, so please no Japanese.
[b]Gender:[/b] Male/Female/Freak =P (on second thought, don?t put freak XD)
[b]Age:[/b] Everyone must be 20 or above. But still try not to be exactly 20. Remember, the younger you are, the less experienced at the ring you are. ;)
[b]Look:[/b] Pictures will be acceptable as long as they?re custom made. The reason why is I usually get people posting Final Fantasy characters and their clothing doesn?t seem to match the idea of the worlds I make. For Denrohedge, it?s usually nothing special in clothing-wise unless you have a hat or mask or something. In our characters? cases, it may just be regular shirt and pants (medieval style, of course) or robes. As for appearance, I think you guys can handle it. :^D
[b]Personality:[/b] I?ll just say one quick thing: Let?s not all try being macho or ?I?m the rebel-like guy who is a jerk to everyone, but ends up kicking a$z,? ya know? So cliché, c?mon! XD
[b]Ring Type:[/b] This is the fun part where you can usually go hog wild. Your ring type determines what your Second Form can do. If it?s a Sword Ring, your Second Form is a swordsman. Get it? If you possess a White Ring, your Second Form casts White Magic. Here?s a quick list of things you can have for a ring. If you think of another that?s not on the list, but you want, consult with me and I?ll see if it?s acceptable.

-Sword Ring- User is a swordsman
-Axe Ring- User is an Axe Wielder
-Fist Ring- User is exceptionally powerful in martial arts
-Black Ring- User casts Black Magic (curses and hexes)
-White Ring- User casts White Magic (Healing Magic)
-Magi Ring- User possesses ability to harness the four elements: Fire, Water, Wind, Earth (weak magic)
-Pyro Ring- User casts powerful fire magic
-Gust Ring- User casts powerful wind magic
-Aqua Ring- User casts powerful water magic
-Earth Ring- User casts powerful earth magic
-Wing Ring- User can fly
-Morph Ring- User can become different things (Not available to us)
-Light Ring- User can create light
-Dark Ring- User can cast shadows
-Nimble Ring- User is agile and quick
-Power Ring- User is strong
-Cloak Ring- User has the ability of invisibility
-Summoner?s Ring- User has the ability to summon monsters (Not available to us)
-Navaret?s Ring- How the power of all magic rings (Not available to anyone)
[b]Information:[/b] Any extra information. Here is where things really count. Tell us about your character and maybe their past. Try to be original. We all like original :^)

[size=3][b]My SignUp[/b][/size]
Alrighty? here?s an example of how it should look and be like.

[b]Name:[/b] Navaret Dirsk (I know! My name is Navaret. I mean, wtf?!)
[b]Gender:[/b] Male
[b]Age:[/b] 23
[b]Look:[/b] Normal villager clothes of his town Gotherin. He wears his normal brown shirt and black pants with the dark brown robe. Being a blacksmith, he tends to have a blacksmith?s apron on whether he?s at work, going to work, or coming home from work. He can look a bit dirty from that as well. His dark blonde hair usually shows signs of his messy job. His house is next to a stream so he cleans off there. If he?s not messy, he?s usually not at work that day, but that was rare. Naturally he?s grown some heavy muscle from his hard job. Gotta be strong for this kind of work.
[b]Personality:[/b] Before his wife?s passing, he was usually charming and fun to be around. Like anyone, he had his moments of depression since a blacksmith?s life wasn?t always glamour and gold, especially in Gotherin. Once he met his wife, he never seemed sad and therefore he wed her quickly. After her departure, he never seems too happy. He?ll give a smile to be courteous or a wave to a neighbor. Life is not the same anymore. But he?s still kind. He just shows his hurt for her through a constant frown. As a year passed, he got over it more and became less pesky. He was, after all, very young and time did strange things to people. He needed to move on and so he did. He?s now slightly less cheerful than he was before he met his wife, but more than he was after her passing. He was back--just not as much.
[b]Ring Type:[/b] Sword Ring
[b]Information:[/b] He?s pretty much had a normal life of a person in Denrohedge. He lived a life on a farm with his family until they moved to Gotherin. There, he was trained to be a blacksmith by one of his father?s friends and best customers of their old farm. There was no farming in Gotherin so his father made a living by helping build homes. His mother took care of the family at home. Soon, Navaret was old enough to live by himself (when he got the ring, marking his new age of manhood), so his parents left him a year later to make a new farm not too far North. Navaret stayed happily in the house in Gotherin until he became an official world-class blacksmith and made a profit off his work.

Then he met Lendess. She too possessed the sword ring and was a blacksmith. She was a traveling one, though, so he had never seen her before until she arrived in Gotherin for her first time. Upon meeting her, he talked with her until they grew into a friendship and eventually a relationship. Navaret was only 21 when he wed her, but she was only 20. It wasn?t more than a year later that a crazy man with an eye patch and two missing fingers on his left hand had killed her. He attacked insanely with the power of his ring, being a Black Ring and casting the dark arts on them. For a crazy old man, he was powerful and left Lendess no choice, but to fight back. The moment she released her Second Form, the old man fought her and took her ring away from her finger, killing her instantly. He ran off laughing as if a victory was won for the world. Navaret didn?t move. He wasn?t sure what to do in such a situation.

As said before, he went through depression. His parents never heard about Lendess? death or even Lendess at all. A pity too. She was everything to him. Now he continues to work as a blacksmith in Gotherin. His life wouldn?t seem to be any brighter until one day, he was informed that people of each village must set out and stop the Ring Hunters?

Good luck with the sign ups and enjoy :^D
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[color=darkblue][quote]I?m not sexist, but usually people who play the opposite gender suck at it ^_^
*Flushes DW down the loo*

[b]Name[/b]: Keladry Mindelan "Kel"
[b]Gender[/b]: Female
[b]Age[/b]: 23
[b]Look[/b]: *attachment* (also has green pants and black boots/looks a bit older)
[b]Personality[/b]: She is a very kind and sweet person, though she can get angry very easily when she wants too. Kel is a fairly quick thinker and is able to stay calm when in a bad situation. She isn't too serious about things because she always looks to the bright side and never thinks of the worst. She is able to hide her emotions by keeping a strait, solid face. So, if she's ticked off and is actually planing to beat the snot out of you once you turn around, you wouldn't have guessed it. Kel sees her self as a protector, she'll help anyone who needs it.
[b]Ring Type[/b]: Nimble Ring - A Silver ring with a pattern of gold wrapping around it's outside (looks celtic). Is the middle of a swirling gold area is a Light green stone.
[b]Information[/b]: Ever sense she was a young child, Kel had always wanted to be a warrior or knight to protect Denrohedge from what ever would threaten it. She told her parents this when she was a young child and they were a bit surprised because not very many girls wanted to be fighters. When Kel turned 10, she went to a training camp where young people like herself would learn how to fight like warriors until they recieved there rings.

Kel was one of the few girls, so most of the boys there would give her a ruff time and try to convince her to give up. Though, she kept her face straight while cursing inside her own head. Even though she was knocked around, Kel became very strong and was eventually excepted by most boys once they realized she could keep up with them. When Kel recieved her Nimble Ring she headed back to her town and became one of the guards there. It wans't very exciting, but she would get to fight off a Ring Hunter or two every once in a while.

Recently, a message came to the town that all fighter were to go after the Ring Hunters (Who had grown in population) and finish them once and for all. Kel started packing right away.

EDIT: Changed my bio and age because they were bugging me.

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Guest ScirosDarkblade
Hey this actually looks like some effort went into it. I'd be more than happy to join, but I will be out of town for a week starting Saturday so if you let me in just keep that in mind.

Name: Sciros "Darkblade" (not a last name but rather a title, but serves the same purpose)
Gender: Male
Age: 33
Look: NOT HUMAN (so if this is a problem, PM me and we'll work something out or I can do a different char). I refer you to [URL=http://www.sciros.net/Images/myartwork/sciros1.jpg]a picture of Sciros[/URL].
Personality: Goofy and light-hearted when he can afford to be, Sciros is deadly serious otherwise. He used to be a military commander for an entire kindgom, so he is not used to taking orders and tries to take the initiative whenever he has the opportunity. But he is not an idiot, and if going his own way won't work then he will not.
Ring Type: Staff Ring (Sciros carries a quarterstaff made of a special light and durable alloy).
Information: It has been two years since Sciros escaped the sacking of his own city. The traitorous commander now rules it, and has financed a large-scale manhunt for Sciros, who has crossed the Northern mountains on his way to a land where he would be a stranger. On his travels he perfected his martial arts skills as well as survival abilities. (That's all I'm gonna bother with; the rest is way too world-specific to use for this.)
Sciros has well above average strength and endurance, and is surprisingly agile given his size (330 lbs. at 6' 9"). (He's not superhero-strong or anything, just so you know, but I'd say he can bench oh, about 720 lbs (it's not beyond human; look it up).)
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[color=#009966][b]Name:[/b] Arith Mondar

[b]Gender:[/b] Female

[b]Age:[/b] 21

[b]Look:[/b] Arith wears a[/color] [color=#000080][b]dark blue[/b] [/color][color=black][color=#009966]sleeveless silk dress that ends a few inches above her knees, and it has a Mandarin collar-thing. Nothing too fancy, but it's practical. Since she's always outside wandering or running errands, she wears a dark green hooded cloak. She has reddish-gold hair tied in a loose braid, and she has dark green eyes. [/color][/color]

[color=#009966][b]Personality:[/b] She gets bored easily. And she's claustrophobic. But other than that, she's quick to learn, and loves to spend her free time outside of the village (obviously because of her claustrophobia). But because she tends to avoid people, many people call her antisocial, and some who don't know her very well tend to think that she is a snob.

[b]Ring Type:[/b] Cloak Ring

[b]Information:[/b] Arith has a relatively large family: a mother, a father, 3 older brothers, an older sister, two little brothers, a little sister, and a little dog. (Heh. No wonder she freaks out around large groups.) Her father's a merchant, her oldest two brothers are city guards, and her mother and other siblings help around the house. She also loves maps. Alot. Which is why her family sends her on all the errands to and from different villages, and also why she was given the cloak ring when she turned 20. If she ever came across any trouble on the road---such as Ring Hunters, she could easily avoid it. She's currently trying to start a delivery service.[/color]
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[COLOR=DarkRed]Name: Rannos Qyiron

Gender: Male

Age: 35

Look: Rannos is tall, with large, sinewy musceles that stand out from his body. He is unclean and unkept, his entire body reeking of urine. He wears a long, black cloak that conceals him most of the time; helping him to avoid the people that he constantly believes are after him. He has a blood red tunic under it tied at the waist with a heavy rope.

Personality: Rannos is very paranoid. He believes that, ever sice he was imprisoned for the murder of his village's priest, people are going to imprison him again. He is constantly looking over his shoulder. Because of his paranoia, Rannos finds it nearly impossible to speak with people. Often times, actually, it is they who don't want to speak with him. He is generally silent, only speaking when it is necessary, and never much at that.

Ring Type: [i] Black Ring[/i]

Information: Framed. That was what he had always said. He said it to his town's guards, he siad it to his loved ones. He even screamed it in his cell as he pounded against its walls. He was accused of commiting the only murder that the small village of Varatnuu had ever seen. After his ceremony to split his soul, Varatnuu's priest had been found inside of his home; Rannos's hunting knife in his back. They had imprisoned him for it; since they could find no other person who could have killed him. They had planned to keep him locked up for his entire life, but they found a better use for him. Since the Council of Denrohedge had ordered all of the ringers to kill the Ring Hunters, theyt agreed to give him full pardon if he would join this "quest". Needless to say, he agreed.[/COLOR]
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[SIZE=1][FONT=Verdana]This looks like an interesting little RPG DW and I'll be more than happy to make a a crack at joining it. My time is pretty limited so I'll just do the basics and come back and edit it.

[B]Name:[/B] Denithell Mirith

[B]Gender:[/B] Male

[B]Age:[/B] Mid 50s

[B]Look:[/B] As a man and a traveller his age Denithell has a rather worn and aged look to him, his height of 6'2 and his dark piercing blue eyes represent the only physical evidence of strength. His long whitening hair and beard only further thoughts of weakness about him, although to test such a theory would be a mistake. He dresses in long slate grey colored robes to blend in to a crowd during the day and to avoid the contact of those he'd rather not meet during his travels at night.

[B]Personality:[/B] Quiet and reserved, Denithell speaks rarely and only if it is required of him, this restrain often leads to him being regared to as cold and unfeeling. However to Denithell his own silence allow him endless contemplation on what another has said. Once past his seemingly cold exterior, one will find Denithell to be a compassionate soul with a love for nature and all it's beauties, those who go so far as to make his friendship will find him to be a loyal and worthy companion.

[B]Ring Type:[/B] Light Ring

[B]Information:[/B] Little in known about the man known as Denithell Mirith, an aged traveller his legacy lies only from his childhood up until his Coming of Age and finally the revieving of the Ring of Light. (Will continue from here).

I'll finish this once I have a good idea on what to write.[/FONT] [/SIZE]
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Guest ScirosDarkblade
Since everyone has to be human, Sciros will not be joining the party. Instead one of his former allies will be:

Name: Deks

Gender: Male

Age: 25

Appearance: Deks is 5' 10" and weighs about 160 lbs. He wears a complete "outfit." It is bluish-white, with dark blue and white trimming. The pants are somewhat tight on top and flared on the bottom, and the top is a sort of tunic with slits on the sides (so it's not a skirt-bottom like Link's in LoZ). The tunic is long-sleeved but the sleeves are usually rolled up. Deks wears studded white leather bracers and gloves. He also wears a half-cape (it only covers his left side, but it reaches almost to the ground and covers both half his back and half his front. He has long black hair. (I have not drawn a picture of him that I'm satisfied with yet, so you'll have to make due with this description alone; sorry).

Ring: Escrima Ring (well maybe you can come up with a better name, since "escrima" is a bit too local to Earth) - Deks carries a pair of escrima sticks with him that are made of a special durable alloy. They are hollow and have lead ball bearings inside to give weight to strikes. I suppose Deks's ring is only a slight modification of the Fist Ring, seeing as Deks employs a very Nightwing-ish fighting style.

History: Deks was raised since early childhood by an order of Dark Clerics. More warlike than pious, these clerics trained Deks to be one of their most lethal defenders. But when Deks was 17, the order was assaulted by a force of creatures which Deks had never before seen. He was the only one to escape alive, thanks in part to his combat skills and in part to blind luck. Since then he wandered aimlessly in search of a path in his life, working odd jobs here and there before meeting and allying with a warrior by the name of "Darkblade." But the alliance lasted only 15 months, and the warrior left the region. Now Deks sells his services as a fiend hunter to pass the days.

Personality: Because of the way he was raised, Deks is rather self-righteous and overly confident. He doesn't have much of a sense of humor. Even after his rather humbling time with "Darkblade," he has not lost tendency to always try and "lead the way," often to rather grim situations. Still, his poor strategic ability can mostly be attributed to lack of experience. And despite his abrasive personality, Deks is loyal to the end and has on more than one occasion risked his life against horrific odds in order to protect those close to him.
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[size=1][color=SlateGray][B]Name : [/B]Cleon Numair

[B]Gender :[/B] Male

[B]Age :[/B] 25

[B]Look :[/B]

[I]Cleon Numair Normal Form: [/I]
As a young man of 25, from all of his hard work his muscles seem hard packed. When the wind blows through his blonde hair, his light blue eyes scan the surroundings. When he is working he always carries a small blade on his right side, a little above his knee. Standing 6?0, his weight being at 180 pounds. Although none of his weight is fat.

[I]Cleon Numair in his Ring Form: [/I]
A large broad double bladed axe located on his back, the handle pointing skywards. Reaching over his back, Cleon, his massive muscles seem to bulge as he grips the axe. Weighing over 220 pounds, none being fat. Swinging his 60 pound axe as if it weighed as much as a feather. Standing there, with his axe handle in his right hand, broad shoulders bulging his shirt. He looked down on both his sides. Seeing around three small axes on his left and around 4 on his right. This small axes weigh around 10 pounds, excellent for throwing. His blue eyes searched the surroundings, eager to do something, blonde hair waving in the wind.

[B]Personality : [/B]

Cleon is a very friendly person. Growing up his parents taught him to respect others, although never to trust them thoroughly. When he was around 15 his parents had told him what had happen to there house after trusting a stranger to stay the night. The stranger stole all there gold. The gold that they needed to survive.

His manners is extraordinary due to his raising. Seeing women he always stops and bows or nods his head. When other?s is talking he listens. For he does not talk much, instead he thinks a lot of things through, this his Dad had told him.

[B]Ring Type :[/B] Axe Ring

[I]Axe Ring :[/I] The golden ring he was given. This ring means much to Cleon, for his pride and his family. Located on his right hand on his index finger. The ring seemed to grow along with Cleon. Through all his hard work he never took off the ring. Instead he wiped it clean of dirt, water, dust, etc.

[B]History :[/B]

Cleon?s past has been hard. Since he was around 12 years of age he worked for what he had to use. Working from morning to almost midnight, his muscles soon became hard. His Dad and Mother always was there for him. When he got the Axe Ring both of his parents were glad for them.

Around the house he used the Ring so that he could help out his Dad and Mom. Both were supremely happy for him. When he told them that it was in him to journey, they accepted and prepared food for him. Also they gave him gold, at first he did not accept but they pushed until he did accept. Hugging them both he stepped out into the afternoon and began his journey at 23. Now he has been journeying for a couple of years, so he does not stay in one place long.
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