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[size=1]The machinery grinds in the deep...

Millions of years ago, the human race was far superior to what it is now. Technologically. We had developed ways to fly without massive amounts of pollution. Vehicles that ran on water and air. Space travel as a luxury. Other planet inhabitation was a normal thing. We had colonies on the moon. Mars. Even some moons of Jupiter. Plans were being drawn up for space travel engines that broke the light barrier. We were so close to achieving a perfect world where everything is in harmony with everything.
But they messed up... No one would admit it. They called it a random accident. But the fact is, they messed up. During one of the first tests to construct a Matter Reversal Machine (a fools idea of an immortality machine), an explosion occurred. It was not random, like they claimed. Someone injected the core with the wrong kind of Unitonium Isotope. A feedback loop started that went all the way to the SlipStream reactor. The reactor exploded, taking seven eighths of the population with it.
Radioactive material flew into the atmosphere and spread all across the world through the jet streams, disintegrating the inhabitants. No one was able to atone for the death, for they were dead aswell.
But some survived. They retreated to an underground facility that was safe from the death above. There they sat, almost a million people crammed into a space that was supposed to be for but two hundred and fifty thousand. Disease ran rampant, leaving only the strong and resilient. The survivors began working on ways to extract air from the surface without bringing the radioactivity with it. After several failed attempts, a process was conceived. And once again, the human race flourished.
Scientists created ways to gain surpluses of food from singular plants through genetic splicing and advanced pollination techniques. Meat was eliminated from their diet through force, not choice. False light was made using phosphorus materials inside of bulbs and such. For almost ten thousand years the humans lived in their underground sanctuary, sure that they could outlast the radioactivity above.
The inability to monitor the world above led to their destruction. Three thousand years, almost to the day, a meteor struck the earth wiping all life from it and destroying the radioactivity aswell. The sanctuary, now call Nerion, began to crumble. The escape routes sealed themselves with molten rock. The ceilings cracked and bowed.
The humans guessed that something terrible happened above and therefore they had to stop it from happening again. They built a machine. It controlled the enviroments of the planet while making sure nothing ever destroyed into it again. And when evolution was on the right track again, cryogenically frozen human beings would be launched to the surface to begin another age.

---| Present Day |---
The control system has been warding off imminent threats for millions of years. Diseases. Objects from the heavens. And even destroying people to help aid in the survival of this world.
But it's failing.
Over the last hundred years or so, it's been breaking down. The hole in the O-Zone. AIDS and other diseases. Crime. Pollution. The overall condition of this world...
Deep in the Sahara desert, an excavation team has unknowingly unearthed one of the entrances to the long buried human city, Nerion. They have said nothing and plan on going down themselves first.
You are that team. Go, and discover your past.
--|---Sign Ups ---|--

[b]Age:[/b] (Older than twenty five please)


[b]Specialty:[/b] Mass Excavation (Large Items), Minute Excavation (Small Items), Security (Weaponry Expert), Survival Specialist, Exploration Expert

[b]Bio:[/b] (Make it good, but not the longest thing you've ever written. Just basically tell why you chose to join the team and a little of your past experiences.)[/size]
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Sounds sexy XD (Why's everything sexy to me?)
[b]Name:[/b] Arcamedes London (Ark for short)

Age: 29

Gender: Male

Specialty: Archaeologist

Bio: "Fascinating!" Yes, that was the word that would be chosen for such an escapade. Ark has always been rather interested in ancient cities and tombs, but then again, what archaeologist isn't? That's not fair, I take that back. There are some that aren't, but you could say that Dr. London is the best in his class--and the most curious of the subject. His round glasses cause him to appear smart. And why not? He is smart! His long, blonde hair that lengthens down to the middle of his neck may throw you off a bit, but who doesn't know Dr. London? Naturally, though, with such a smart man comes clumsiness and fear. He can get scared of what he doesn't expect and yet he expects the unexpected. Odd fellow.

Naturally, he was contacted on the project in search of treasures. His mind was needed and he would obey his duty. 'Twas an honor! Of course, he did feel uneasy. He wasn't quite sure why, though. Yes, definately a new experience and a excitement-filled journey. Fascinating!

EDIT: There you are, Corey. Enjoy :)
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[COLOR=MediumTurquoise]Name: Cosunse Mercolubra

Age: 28

Gender: Female

Specialty: Survival Specialist

Bio: A survivalist by nature, Cosunse is the type that can have fun with a pack of water, food, and a knife. Maybe a gun. She's joined the team to ensure the survival [haha] of her comrades, and also just for a new challenge. Sure it's easy keeping herself alive, but keeping a team of experts and egotists? Drama! Excitement!

New horizons and adventures excite her. In more ways than one. Cosunse lives for the challenge of bracing herself against the elements. And this time, she'll either rise to the occasion or it'll be "Die all, Die merrily."[/COLOR]
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[size=1][color=#999999][B]Name:[/B] Valence Ariyan Phadian

[B]Age:[/B] 26

[B]Gender:[/B] Female

[B]Specialty:[/B] Mass Excavation/ Exploration Expert

[B]Bio:[/B] Intruiged by the escapades of the world, fascinated by the beauty all around, Valence knew that there were more than just deserts and mountains all around, but perhaps hidden items that should enter the world and bring new knowledge. She's witty, smart, perhaps a bit young, but she is one of the best explorers money can't buy.

Throughout her years, Valence has done nothing but explore and hunt for "treasure", as some would say. She had found more than the state's worth of finding items for the museums and the like. Choosing to arrive on this new challenge, Valence knew that she would have to team with cocky, perhaps arrogant, and maybe even tempered teammates, but if it's a challenge that uprises, than it's a challenge that she'll take. As her mother always said, "Sitting is not an option, nor is standing around. You've got to walk a mile, just to find what you're looking for."[/size][/color]
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[color=orange][size=2][font=times new roman][b]Name:[/b] Desiree Chaston

[b]Age:[/b] 27

[b]Gender:[/b] Female

[b]Specialty:[/b] Security

[b]Bio:[/b] Desiree joined the team for two reasons: she loves anything unknown, and she is very curious. Des is very good with weapons, and, of course, loves mysteries. Things that haunt, things that kill, and anything secret. Those are her main motives. Still, she is very friendly.

Desiree?s desire for mystery sprouted when she was a teen, and her father left them for dead. She read to many horror books, and something like this was to good to pass up. Her mother was a palentologist, but lost her job when Desiree was 17. Des had a job at a local food-stop, and her mom got another job. Between jobs and school, Desiree had hardly any time.

Somewhere, she found time to study weapons, and took lessons with someone. She fights pretty well with her hands and feet, but specializes in knife fighting and guns.

EDIT: I hope thats better. ^__^[/color][/font][/size]
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[size=1]Mmmm... Everyone seems to be in so far, but that could change if more people sign up.

DW: Thanks for editing.
[EDIT]Rai: You're so damn sexy. (hahaha)[/EDIT]
Arika: I love your bio. It's one of the best ones I've read in a long time.
Goddess: Just a little [i]too[/i] short.
Annie: Anything for a lady with Hellsing in her wardrobe.[/size]
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Name: Carlos Santiago

Age: 27

Gender: Male

Speciality:Minute Excavation, Security

Bio: Carlos at a young age enjoyed the digging and the retrival of small artifacts. He even assisted his father much of the time. They never did many of the digs that unearthed large trowths of items but, he didn't care. He enjoyed taking the time to uncover one object at a time. Having his eyes enjoy each item as another layer or dirt was removed and bringing the item into better focus, until once again they are the whole object, or even pieces of an object.

When Carlos turned 16 though. He became very tired of seeing his and his fathers accompliments being stolen away from them by thiefs or other acherologists who managed to get into the site before them. Having seen much security items he began experimenting with many of them making perimeter devices for not only their camp but also their dig sites. He also had on hand, weapons ( not to complicated) for their protection but more so dealt with equiment setup.He became ruthless and tougher over the years and well known for the techniques he used. No wonder he's been contacted to join this team as well...

Picture to be added later!

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[color=darkslategray][size=1][font=Lucida Sans Unicode][b]Name[/b]- Odysseus Crudele

[b]Age[/b]- 31

[b]Gender[/b]- Male

[b]Appearance[/b]- [url=http://www.psycko-manga.com/gallery/guy/8-5.htm]Clicky[/url]

[b]Specialty[/b]- Survival Specialist and Mass Excavationist

[b]Bio[/b]- It was not an option for Odysseus to become a survival specialist. His father was in the special forces of national defense, getting killed on acount of his drunken stasis, resulting in no insurance income for his wife and newborn son. His mother worked in a nuclear plant for their only means of income. At a very young age, his only parent, died from an unknown cancer. Doctors had believed it had something to do with the exposure to nuclear substances the woman had to work around. Odysseus was sent away to an orphanage, but quickly ran away.

For many years to come, Odysseus lived amongst the turmoil of a crime-ridden city. He fought his way to live and for food. In his late teens, he was prosicuted for a murder and sentanced to working for a greedy Egyptologist escavate an ancient burial. After seven years of exhausting labor and brutal heat, the Egyptologist decided to terminate Odysseus' hard earned money salary. This money was being saved ever so hopefully in a release. Odysseus, blinded with insanity and rage and broken hopes, killed this b.astard of a man, taking back his money and escaped. He was finally free, and remained so for the next eight.

Recently, an opportunity aroused Odysseus. The opportunity to escape from this hellhole of a city and life. The opportunity to wipe his slate clean and start anew. Without a thought of hesitation, he gladly accepted.

"For a chance to blow s.hit up and reap the benifits...hell, I'll give my left nut for that."

Blunt, yes. Crude, yes.

I'm pleased to give you, Odysseus Crudele.

Pleasure is all mine.[/color][/size][/font]
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Guest Midnight Rush
Name- Alexander Sonata

Age: 32

Gender: Male

Specialty: Security

Bio: Alexander loved travelling, he had seen all of the world that was left to see. He had done all that there was to do. The world had nothing left to offer him, and he was thirsting for the adventure he had enjoyed.

For a while he tried to create adventure, he would do the setting fires to put them out sort of thing, and that didn't give him the rush the old exploration had given him.

He tried settling down, and all this accomplisehed was that he fell in love. Alexander married the girl, and they tried to raise a family. On the day after the first son's birth, Alexander's father led a mob against his son, and left all of them for dead.

His father had hated him for many reasons, and when his Sonata's mother died visiting him in a remote part of the world, the old man went berserk. Alexander was terribly wounded, his son and wife were dead.

He somehow recovered from his wounds, but instead of seeking revenge, he went for the security job with the excavation team. His expertise with firearms and proficiency in the martial arts helped secure him the position, as did his nothing to lose outlook.

All that is before him is what he views as the Earth's last frontier...
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[size=1][b]Name:[/b] Lorn Sommers

[b]Age:[/b] 34

[b]Gender:[/b] Male

[b]Specialty:[/b] Exploration

[b]Bio:[/b] How did Lorn grow up? Very quickly. His father, though maintaining a seat on the board of a major electronics company, constantly battled skin cancer. He was in the hospital every few weeks for radiation therapy and testing. Every time they thought they had it, they didn't. Everytime they thought they had finally gotten all of the damn disease, it came back.

His father was never in the best of health, and his trophy wife never cared. She would show up at the hospitals and stand by his side reading a magazine until someone came in. Then she would politely pretend to be worried for her husband, bu secretly she was getting the telephone number of the young doctor reading her 'husbands' chart.

Lorn's way through college was paid before he left the wonb. He went to Harvard, for law, but dropped out two terms in because his father died suddenly, but not completely unexpectedly. The cancer had sunken into his bones. From his bones it had went to his spinal cord and shut down his autonomic functions.

Lorn had attended the funeral and fled to Europe to get away from his uncaring 'family'. He stayed there for several years, attending a local community college and getting his degree in none other than excavation. He led several small digs before finding it was easier to fund them himself with his 'college money' than pleading for funding from snoody European ********. He paid the way for this one on a chance he might actually find something that was worth a little merit.
I know that was a little long, but it's been brooding in my head for a while and I had ot get it out.
? This is a truely tough decision on who gets in and who doesn't. I really only want to have six people in, which means cutting two... Everyone that signed up is of outstanding RPing merit, which is why this is so difficult. I spent quite a while dwelling on it and, I really don't like the decision I've made, because it's going to hurt people I do like.

[list]Excavation Team Saha02[/list]
? Lorn Sommers ([i]KnightOfTheRose[/i])
? Valence Ariyan Phadian ([i]Arika[/i])
? Alexander Sonata ([i]Undefeated[/i])
? Odysseus Crudele ([i]Annie[/i])
? Cosunse Mercolubra ([i]Raiha[/i])
? Carlos Santiago ([i]sweetreyes[/i])

I do feel bad about cutting you DragonWarrior and callmegoddess04.
If you want justification, I'll gladly provide it over PM's.

The RPG wil start within the next two hours or so.[/size]
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